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Andrew was bored.

He hadn't had a lot of time with his friends lately, and hadn't even seen a hot guy or thought of a good idea to which he wanted to jack off. His computer was broken, so he was more or less at a loss of what to do.

He sat in his room, the door shut, his naked body glistening very slightly with sweat, rubbing his cock against the treasure trail that worked its way up to his belly button. Luckily for him, the phone rang as he got tired of jacking off; he was too bored. (Yes, it can happen, the very thing has happened to me.)

When he picked up the phone, calming his voice down to seem normal, Zach was on the other line.

"Hey man, you doing anything tonight?" he asked, his sexy voice sounding strangely suggestive to Andrew's horny mind.

"Nothing, you wanna do something?" Andrew answered, feeling his dick grow again. He had been sure Zach had said he couldn't do anything, but perhaps he had heard wrong.

"Yeah, I'm having some people over; Daniel and his girlfriend, maybe Justin, you know..." Zach said. Daniel's girlfriend was fairly hot, if you like that kind of thing, but Justin and Zach together for a couple of hours - it would be worth quite a bit.

"Sure, I'll be over there in like 20 minutes, ok?" Andrew asked, running as he spoke to get clothes.

"Sounds good to me man," was the reply, and then Andrew heard a click and the dial tone. He dressed in minutes, putting on deodorant and cologne, and then went to ask his mom for a ride. He didn't have a car of his own, unfortunately, and his mom didn't like him taking her car.

When Andrew got to Zach's house, he rang the doorbell, and then waited a couple of moments before the door was opened, with Zach, in only a bathing suit, standing at the door. "Come on man, we're out swimming. Sorry I forgot to tell you to bring a bathing suit, you can borrow one of mine. Everyone else is here, so come on." They ran to Zach's room, where Andrew was thrown a bathing suit that he changed into in the bathroom.

Any awkwardness from the previous weekend was gone, and they raced each other to the pool, where Daniel and Justin were racing while Marissa and one of her friends, Lauren, looked on.

Andrew dove in, grabbing Justin's foot. Justin turned, and jumped at him, tackling Andrew to the floor of the pool. They wrestled for a moment, and then Justin let up, out of breath. Zach was in the pool next to them, and Daniel was swimming towards them. "Hey Andrew," said Justin and Daniel, almost at the same time. Hellos were called by Marissa and Lauren as well.

As they talked for a moment in the pool, Andrew reassessed Justin's physique. Justin was strong, and had a very good chest and upper body. His nipples were surrounded by a light ring of hair, and stood out quite a bit. Andrew looked at Zach's torso, admiring much the same things, and was getting to Daniel's less impressive body when he was dunked by Justin, who had come around to the back.

After racing around for a bit, and doing some underwater wrestling, which, to Andrew at least, didn't involve nearly enough skin-on-skin. When the girls tired of the games, the group went inside, changed, and sat down to pizza.

Then, they all went into the living room, which was quite a large place, considering that Zach's parents weren't exactly poor. They turned on a movie, and Zach, to Andrew's dismay, cuddled up with Lauren. Luckily for Andrew, however, they were in such a position that Zach's lightly hairy forearm was rubbing against Andrew at every move. Neither tried to change the setup, and Andrew soon found that something similar was true of him and Justin.

By twelve, the girls and Daniel had left, and the other three were setting up sleeping arrangements. Andrew went into the bathroom to piss. As he came out, he saw that neither Justin nor Zach were visible. He assumed they were hiding, and set about searching for them. Before long, he heard heavy breathing and ducked into Zach's sister's room. There, the two hot guys were passionately making out, and Justin's hands were rubbing all over Zach's back and ass.

Andrew smiled to himself, and said, "Hey, looks like you two are having fun!" The two guilty ones turned sheepishly around, but grinned when they saw his expression.

"Care to join?" asked Zach, grabbing his bulge very suggestively.

Andrew groaned, and then responded, his voice stressed with excitement. "Hell yeah!" They ran back to Zach's room, Andrew getting his ass hit by the two several times. They walked in and locked the door.

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