If you're not supposed to, don't read this, esp. if it's illegal for you to. None of this is real, and if it resembles something real, sorry. The characters engage in consensual unprotected sex, but that doesn't mean unprotected sex is ever the right thing to do without checks. Hope it is enjoyable, my email is at the bottom of the page.

This is continuing where we left off of Part 2, so reread that to get in the mood...


By twelve, the girls and Daniel had left, and the other three were setting up sleeping arrangements. Andrew went into the bathroom to piss. As he came out, he saw that neither Justin nor Zach were visible. He assumed they were hiding, and set about searching for them. Before long, he heard heavy breathing and ducked into Zach's sister's room. There, the two hot guys were passionately making out, and Justin's hands were rubbing all over Zach's back and ass.

Andrew smiled to himself, and said, "Hey, looks like you two are having fun!" The two guilty ones turned sheepishly around, but grinned when they saw his expression.

"Care to join?" asked Zach, grabbing his bulge very suggestively.

Andrew groaned, and then responded, his voice stressed with excitement. "Hell yeah!" They ran back to Zach's room, Andrew getting his ass hit by the two several times. They walked in and locked the door.

Andrew opened his eyes. The clock by his head read "02:05." A dream... Shit! Then he realized that the entire thing wasn't quite a dream, he was getting pillows thrown at him by Justin and Zach. They were sitting on the bed, laughing their asses off. He sat up, covering his boner with a "careless" throw of the sheets. "Stop it you fucking idiots!" he shouted, throwing a pillow back at them.

They just continued laughing, and he soon was laughing with them, wishing the dream had been reality. Justin's shirt was off, and his chest was moving up and down with his heavy breaths. Andrew stared at him closely, and smiled when he saw the light hair between Justin's pecs, and the trail down to his boxers. Zach was completely clothed, but still was achingly hot. Finally, however, Andrew was able to get his boner to go down, and he tackled Justin, and they struggled for a couple of moments until Zach pulled them apart.

It was at moments like these that Andrew felt sure that the other guys were gay too. Sometimes he was sure that they were making a move on him, but they were only just unable to communicate the lust they had for each other. When Justin struggled with him, Andrew was sure that Justin's body was pressing just a bit closer then necessary, and Zach almost definitely had a boner as he pulled the two apart, grabbing them as close to the pecs as possible, seeming to rub Andrew's nipples.

But he could never be sure, and he could think of no way to find out except by saying, "I'm gay." So, he went on with the night, playing cards and betting with dimes until they grew too tired to stay awake, and fell asleep at 2:30.

Andrew woke up at 3:45, only half an hour later. He saw that Justin was already awake, messing around on Zach's computer. Andrew, very quietly, sneaked up behind him. The dim screen showed KaZaa's search screen, where the words "porn" were typed into the screen. Andrew smiled as he saw what Justin was doing, and grinned to himself when he saw that the search wasn't limited to women.

A file downloaded quickly on Zach's fast connection, and Justin rubbed his cock as he watched a guy getting gang-banged. Justin soon decided that he needed more than just light rubbing, and after looking around and, stupidly, not noticing Andrew, took his cock out of his pants and began rubbing, Andrew's boxers in hand.

Andrew moaned to himself as he watched, enjoying the sight of Justin's strong arm rubbing the six and a half inch cock, his brown pubes cushioning the sound of Justin's fist smacking into his crotch.

Soon, Justin came, his cum hitting his navel twice before lightly pooling around his cock head. He mopped up the milky jiz with Andrew's boxers and then went into the bathroom to rinse them off.

Andrew didn't say anything, not with Zach asleep. How could he? It was just too awkward.

While Justin was in the bathroom, pissing and cleaning off, Andrew looked at Zach's hot body, lying still in sleep, the covers thrown off the bed and his chest slighlty exposed. He noticed a slighty eye movement. He looked closer. Zach's eye flicked again. Andrew smiled. Zach was definately awake. Scanning further down, Andrew noticed a slight bulge in Zach's sheets. Yes! he though, then lay down, pretending not to notice.

With an eye on the bathroom door, Andrew began rubbing his cock, making slight moaning noises to let Zach know what was happening. He noticed in the corner of his eye Zach watching him. Then he heard Justin flush the toilet, and he covered up.

When Justin came out of the bathroom, Andrew was pretending to be asleep. Zach, however, took the initiative, as Andrew had hoped he might. Zach sat up as Justin walked in. "Hey Justin, you're gay?" he asked. A little blunt, thought Andrew, but it works.

It did work. Justin smiled sheepishly in response, and said, "Yeah..." you saw me on the computer?"

"We both did," Andrew said, sitting up as well. "And I think we both want some of that." he said, pointing at Justin's crotch.

"Hell yeah!" said Zach, and they both got up. Or tried to, as Justin tackled Andrew to the ground and licked his face. Andrew moaned. They began making out, and soon Andrew felt a heavier weight as Zach lay on top of Justin and began kissing his neck, grinding into him. Justin was doing the same to Andrew, and Andrew could feel Justin's big cock against his.

Their shirts came off, and Andrew moved down to lick Justin's nipples. Justin really liked that, since he moaned and rubbed Andrew's head against himself. Andrew licked Justin's armpits, enjoying the closeness. Zach had moved behind Andrew, and was doing the same to him from behind.

Andrew moved down to Justin's waistline, licking the hair and pulling down his boxers. Justin's cock sprang up, its full length still slightly sticky. Andrew licked it inexpertly, then licked Justin's balls. Zach was taking the same initiative, pulling off Andrew's boxers and licking first his ass crack with the slight hair, and then turning upside down to lick Andrew's cock and belly button.

Andrew then tried to suck down Justin's dick, but it was awkward. He finally managed to get some of it down, and backed off, enjoying the taste of his good friend. His own cock was being rapidly taken, and he was shivering in enjoyment. Justin seemed to realize that Andrew wasn't able to take care of him without help, and Justin began pushing his cock down Andrew's throat, slowly at first, and then with growing speed as Andrew seemed to get used to it.

Zach seemed to realize that Andrew was about to come, for he backed off and began rimming Andrew again. Even this was ecstasy, and Justin saw this. "Zach, stop for a sec. I wanna fuck him before he comes." Zach seemed to agree, and they both pulled off.

Andrew smiled. "Hell yeah, man! I really want to feel you in me." he said, his cock hard against his chest.

Zach grinned. "Andrew, you ever tried fucking yourself? Yous sure as hell haven't been fucked by anyone else before, but..."

"Yeah man, with my finger," Andrew said, remembering the time with relish. "But I'm not sure how I'll do with you guys."

They seemed to take that as a request for a double fuck. Zach licked Andrew's hole again, forcing his tongue inside and making sure there was enough spit to lubricate. He then pulled down his own boxers, revealing a 7 inch cock. Andrew smiled. Zach pushed against Andrew's ass, and soon was inside, although Andrew was moaning. Zach pulled out slowly, and then fucked Andrew for a little while, enjoying the feeling.

Then Zach pulled out, and turned upside down again, sliding under Andrew. He pushed his cock in again, Andrew's legs pulled close to his stomach. Andrew moaned as Justin licked at his ass, licking cock and hole, lubricating for his own entry. Justin kneeled then, and pushed his cock into Andrew's ass. The three moaned together as Justin slowly fucked Andrew, and then Andrew's cock exploded against his stomach and Zach's. Andrew's convulsions as he came were enough for the other two; they came together, their cocks filling Andrew's ass with sperm.

He just smiled happily. When the cocks were less hard, they pulled out, and cleaned up.

A couple of minutes later, Andrew decided he needed to say something. "Did you guys enjoy it? Like are you really gay? Do you want to do this kind of thing again? 'Cause I know I did, am, and would, and I'm hoping you guys feel the same way."

They grinned at him. "Hell yeah!" said Justin, grinning at Zach. Zach nodded his consent. "Some time we have to try this with someone else."

The next morning, they woke late, only a little before twelve noon. They grinned a lot, and left with plans to get together again soon.

The end for quite a while. I hope you enjoyed it. I certaintly enjoyed writing it. If you want me to write more with these characters, I will, but you have to let me know. Comments, questions, etcetera, email me at dragons_and_dragons@hotmail.com . I plan on writing something else, but comments would greatly increase my urge to write...