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Andy 5

Andy asked me if I'd like to ride ATV's with him. He said his dad owned one and Andy could borrow another one. Sounded good to me. I'd never ridden one. We packed some (non-carbonated) drinks and snacks and headed out into some nearby Bureau of Reclamation land. It's mostly deserted and they let you ride dirt bikes and ATV's. I won't bore you with the details. It was fun, and easy to learn. Just a little noisy.

What they don't tell you is that the vibration gets to you after a while. You tend to ignore it for the first 45 minutes or so. But evil lurks within! From being vibrated, you are gradually filling, filling, filling with cum, 'till it suddenly intrudes on your awareness: desperate!

I think Andy has a wicked streak, buried beneath that cuteness. By the time we pulled off to take a piss at this primitive Forest Service sort of campground, it was impossible to pee. I had to stand there suffering until my bone went down enough that I could contract my pee muscles and make squirt after little squirt to take the edge off. Eventually, I could actually go, weakly. Eventually, I was done, after thinking I was, a half a dozen times. More pee just kept demanding to be peed.

By then, Andy had a blanket spread on the ground.

"What's this, then?" I asked. My bladder was gradually returning to normal, but the cum pressure was ridiculous.

"You're gonna fuck me."

"Really?" I squeaked, "Here?"

"I has my reasons, boyfriend. I has my reasons."

"Umm, isn't there some... like... prep that needs done?" I asked.

"Did a bunch at home. I'll do the rest in there," he said, nodding at the restroom. "Be right back." He waggled his ass at me and headed to the can, with something in his hand. I took the opportunity to snoop in the pack he had left open on the blanket. Yup, Andy was definitely a Boy Scout. Be Prepared, the motto goes: condoms, lube, a slim little vibra-dildo. Tissues. An empty box for a single-use enema.

"Gimme them Goodies," he commanded, returning. We both knew what Andy meant by Goodies.

"Do we really need condoms?" I asked. "Aren't we both virgins? We are, aren't we?" I asked. He was pretty skillful: raw talent or... ?

"We are, indeed," said Andy, "But if I need to suck you to finish you off... I'm not into butt juice. Especially my own. This way you can just pull off the rubber and feed your beast to me. And all your yummy cream."

Sounded good to me! Really good. My cream was making me crazy. I sat down on the blanket for about 10 seconds and leaped back to my feet. "We're moving this fucking blanket to someplace softer and less poke-y. How about under that pine tree?"

"Okay," he chirped, "Whatever you say. Big Boy."

"Oh, God!" I sorta groaned. We moved 'the fucking blanket,' and it felt nice and soft on the thick mat of pine needles.

He flopped down. "Come 'ere and kiss me," he said. "I want you."

My turn to chirp: "Okay!" I did and I did.

And we did, and it made us both hard beyond reason. Who would ever guess that kissing somebody would be so fucking erotic? You see it all the time on TV, but it doesn't do justice to the real thing. Of course the guys are almost always kissing girls, and what's erotic about that, anyway? Besides, the guys don't have the kind of lips Andy does, ones that give you a boner just looking at them. And the manga boy body. And their hand cupping your bulge, making you throb and moan.

I pulled his pants off and devoured his succulence. He was oozing up a storm. Mmmm, my favorite flavor: Andy Candy. He pulled his dick away from me and went after my pants with fervor. Soon, all we had on were teeshirts, and it was cool enough to want to leave those on. I just loved the contrast: the tough, boyish tee-shirt and his voluptuous cock and balls beneath. Tough and innocent; tender and wanton. He handed me the lube and threw a lip lock on my love muscle. I couldn't reach his, but just looking at it was getting me too close. Pretty soon, it was my turn to take my dick away from Andy. I went back down on him, this time with a finger full of lube. But when I touched his hole, it was already lubed pretty well. Turns out he'd used the disposable enema and then put some lube in, while he was at the restroom: Go-o-o-d boy! Go-o-o-d boyfriend!

My finger slid right in, and the feel of him around my finger made me mad with excitement. My balls were crunched up 'till they burned. Time for two fingers. Two fingers sideways. Three fingers. Three fingers slowly, gently. Three fingers very cautiously. The anticipation was practically crippling; the caution was... well, it pays off in the end (so to speak). I took his lovely dick back into my mouth, making myself so hard I could have fucked a brick. I could hear him opening the condom package.

"Bring me your beautiful beast," he said. "Gimme that big fat thing." I did. I could hear him breathing hard, as he unrolled the condom onto me. The tight feeling only added to my brick-worthiness. He scrambled to point his butt at me, putting his chest onto the blanket, cocking his hips to present himself for penetration. He waggled his hips and made me giggle.

My cream was so full, the urgency blanked out everything else. I needed to go inside him and give my cream. My mouth hung slack and I almost drooled as I knee-walked up to touch him with my penis tip. As I slid between his creamy manga boy buns to touch the place where I would have my first fuck.

"Would you fuck, me, Mike? Would you fuck me? Will you fuck me?" Obviously liking the sound of the words. He snuggled back toward me. "Fuck me!" he moaned, demanding.

"Oh, o-kay," I sighed, abandoning my attempt at mock reluctance. I held my steel-hard penis, touching him, the condom squeezing me, cloying, concentrating my penis sensation, the hardness-tickle. I needed to go in. Need. In. In. Need In.

"A little lower. There!" He was panting, "Ohhh! Ohhh! Right there," he said, dreamily, "Right there." I pressed a little.

"It's so biiiiiig! Oh, God! OhgodOhgod, it's so biiiiig! Oh, fuck me. Oh God, oh God, it's going in. It's iiin me a little. It's so biiiig." He started out almost yelling, ended up moaning his words, saying them inside his mouth. "It's going in... in me. I feel it going into me... Ohhh!" He was panting, pressing back against me, making me go into him.

I felt his yielding softness, as my dick began to sink into his clinging heat. "Oh. God, it's so soft, so soft," I heard myself say.

"Oh, God! ... Ohhh... It's In Me," a soft prayer of thanksgiving.

"Oh. God, I'm in you, I'm in you. It's so soft, so soft... " I moaned hard, clenched, running out of breath.

"It's so biiiig!" moaned Andy, in counterpoint, "It's so good. Oh god, it's so Good!" he moaned shakily.

"Oh, God, It's so Good!" I heard myself, "So GOOD!"

"So Good, So Good," Andy was whimpering. I liked that: sweet Andy was enjoying my dick. Our wonderful first fuck.

I finally bottomed out in him and he moaned in rapture. It's a distinctive sound, rapture: overwhelmed and worshipful and earthy and shaky, and wonderful to hear, and the heat of him, and the softness, and the sharing... and I wasn't going to last. The joy of it ached solid in the base of my shaft, ached where the exultant male joy of boner-going-deep lives. My knees scrabbled on the blanket, to get closer, to get deeper. The skin hurt and it didn't matter. The heat of him mattered, his moans, the tenderness within him mattered. The sheath of his body, the sheath of my sweet hot boy around the hardness of me, around the exquisite burning sweetness. I was going over...

"I'm going to cum!" cried Andy, for all the world to hear. He trembled and yowled, "I'm cumming! I'm cuuuu-ming! I'm cuuuuuuming!" the sound of a dream come true. I felt his first hard convulsion around my dick, I felt my boyfriend cumming around me, hot and soft, cumming from my penis in him, cum-clenching around me as I was just reaching the peak. Behind the searing blaze of my cumming penis, I felt the tender wonder of my own cream rising, gathering, now ready to explode out into the boy softness of Andy, cream drowning me, ready for sweet, sweet Andy. Helpless, riding the lightning, buried all the way, straining deeper, I felt it all come together: tender wonder, now shrill, now desperate, electric, inevitable, absolute. Shocking pleasure of cumming into him, pressed deep in the softness and the heat and the grateful sweet boy ass of him. The shocking big, solid, full completeness of coming inside my boy.

I came with a freakish piquancy, almost vibrating. I held myself deep in him and I peaked long, exquisitely. And I creamed him, and creamed him, and creamed him, until there was no more cream to give. Still in him, I was satisfied in my core, complete, empty and satisfied in a way I'd never been, ever. And I became aware that my balls ached from being pulled up so hard. I pulsed in him until I went soft and slid out, still ringing with the power of it.

He moaned his delight for a few seconds and then rolled to his feet and scrambled, naked, for the outhouse. I heard this extraordinary, huge, long fart. He was a few minutes, then he came back, all sheepish. "Did you hear that?"

"Did they hear it in New Delhi?"

"You pumped me full of air like a fucking bike tire."

"Thanks for taking me riding," I said.

"Uh, thanks for coming riding with... for riding with... for riding me," he shivered.

"That was soooo good," he said. We both said.

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