Angel Heart: Liam and Matt
Cameron McGinn

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Liam sat staring at the computer screen in anticipation. It had been at least two minutes since he had sent the message to Matt. Two minutes of agony waiting for a reply. He desperately needed to got to the toilet, but he couldn't tear himself away from his seat

"Come on..." he whispered hopefully.


Matt sat staring at the computer screen in shock. He really hadn't expected this.He didn't know how to respond. Liam had just asked him out to the movies:

"Uh, Matt... do you want to go to the movies with me sometime?" he had asked.

Matt had always been brought up to be cautious of internet relationships. You could just never tell if the person you were talking to is who they say they are. He'd seen a picture of Liam before. He opened it again.....

Liam had short blonde hair which gave him a more youthful look than the 16 years he claimed to be. His eyes were bright green, which was the only reason Matt could see them. In the picture he sent, Liam was wearing a light grey shirt which made him all the more good looking to Matt. Liam was a little bit over 5'6", but his personality was much bigger. He was in a word: Gorgeous.

Matt, on the other hand was not so good looking, at least in his eyes. he was 17, 5'9", with dark brown/greying hair, hazel eyes, a small nose and cheeks that puffed up when he smiled. He wasn't ugly, by any stretch, but he himself thought he wasn't good looking, and thay was why Liam's question came as a shock.

He realized that he had been staring at the computer for about four minutes and decided he should answer. He clicked on the reply button. He typed a single word, and then clicked Send.


Liam felt as though his bladder was about to explode when he heard the tell tale "Uh-oh!" sound that ICQ makes when a message has been received. The sound was hardly out when he double clicked on the flashing letter to actually get the message. When he saw Matt's reply, he nearly wet himself. he got up and flew to the toilet and barely had his pants down when the flow started. he had never felt such a good feeling, not even when he jerked-off. He was in there a full two minutes before he was done. He walked slowly back to the computer. He read Matt's message again and clicked on reply. He replied with a single word.



Matt stood in front of the Movie Theatre and shivered as a breath of cold wind blew across his face. He'd been standing there for twenty minutes with no sign of Liam. He coudn't comlain though, because he was early anyway. He coulsdn't wait for Liam to turn up, and he hoped that was soon.

And then he saw him. Exactly as his picture showed him. He was even better in the flesh. He was wearing a beige and black shirt and a beige pair of cargo pants that fit him so perfectly that Matt was left with no illusions as to the size of Liams 'package'. Liam saw Matt standing there ans smiled, then turned and leaned over to tell his father that he'd ring him when he was ready to be picked up. His benind over had the secondary effect of allowing Matt to see his gorgeous ass which was perfectly hugged by his pants. Seeing him, Matt felt very underdressed in his grey tracksuit pants and blue T-shirt, but Liam thought this simple combination suited Matt more than anything.

Liam stood where he was until his father had driven away, then he walked over to where Matt was standing, staring at this gorgeous specimen of boyhood who stood before him.

"Liam?" asked Matt, ecstatic that he had finally met the guy of his dreams.

"Yeah. Wow, you're even better looking in person, Matt." Liam said, wide-eyed.

Matt Blushed.


"Oh shit!" Exclaimed Liam as he and Matt walked into the movies.

"What?" asked Matt, concerned.

"That lady over there. She's my next door neighbour." he said, pointing to a young woman who had her arms around some guy who was presumably her boyfriend. Matt just laughed.

"She's my Aunt."


"Yep. Come on." Matt said striding confidently over to the woman.

"Hey, Lisa. Whats up?"

"Hey Matt. Long time no see." Lisa exclaimed giving Matt a big hug.

Matt couldn't answer becuase he was so busy trying to get out of Lisa's grip. When he finally did, he turned and took a hold of Liam's hand.

"This is Liam, he and I are here to see a movie together."

"Us too. We're going to see 'Snow Falling On Cedars'. I hear its really good."

"We're not sure what we're gonna see," said Liam, finally finding his voice.

"Well, ours is going in now. See you later." Lisa said as she and her date moved off.

"Yeah. Bye."


Liam and Matt ended up seeing some boring movie about the "comedic lives od the Boston Police force". The movie was over rated. It starred people who neither of them had ever seen before, and were never likely to again. Thats all either one could remember.

Once the movie was finished, which didn't seem to come soon enough for either Liam or Matt, yet at the same time came to fast, both the booys walked out of the theatre and went get something to eat from the nearest cafe.

They sat talking for about an hour, then Liam looked at his watch.

"Oh, man, I'd beter go ring my dad, otherwise, he'll go apeshit when he picks me up."

He went and rang his dad and Matt stayed at the table reflecting on the whole night. He was glad that he and Liam had met, and hoped that things could develop further between the two of them. He really liked Liam alot, and had never met anyone as good looking as him before. He still couldn't understand why Liam had wanted to go out with him in the first place, and he wanted to get to the botom of that one sooner, rather than later.

Liam came over to Matt and said "Look, I'd better go meet dad. He's at my aunts just around the corner, so I'm to meet him there. I'll see you later, ok?"

"Yeah sure." Matt said, and smiled as Liam walked away and put a great wiggle on for him.


Later that night, Matt was having trouble getting to sleep. He couldn't get his mind off Liam, and his gorgeous face and ass. He felt the stirring in his groin and knew that he wouldn't be able get to sleep now unless he took care of it. He threw his sheet down and pulled his pyjamas down below his knees. He grasped his ccck in his hand, and slowly moved his hand up and down his length. In his mind, it was Liam who was doing this to him, making him feel more loved and wanted than he had ever felt in his life. He could feel himself getting close to his climax as he thought about how much he'd love for Liam to really be here doing this for him. He felt the pressure building up in his groin and he imagined that Liam was moving his hand up and down faster and faster, trying to bring the one he loved to the place that would let him know how much matt loved him. Matt reached his climax, and could not think of anything for at least ten seconds. When he was finished, he pulled up his pyjamas and his sheet and drifted off into a deep sleep.

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