Written by James Treanor

Hey all! You know how sometimes movies such as Star Wars come back to video again, saying they're digitally remastered and all that? Well, some of you have already read this story. But I've changed bits of it from Chapter 6 onwards. It's back! It's better, and you'd better all love it! This was my first attempt at a story, but now I'm more experienced I guess. I've got another story out, and it's called 'My Angel Sean' under the same catagory as this if you wanna read it. Anyways, I hope I can gain the respect of some fans that I might've lost. I'm continuing the story! :) You can send comments to night_ange1@hotmail.com

Angel of Mine: Chapter 1

"Hey dude! You're late again?!" I recognised the voive immediately.

"Hey Adam dude! I'm late, and you look surprised?" I said as I turned around to see my best friend smiling at me.

"Nah, I knew you'd be late, again, so I took the liberty of waiting for you. James man, when are you ever going to get here on time?" he asked me.

"When there's a good enough reason" I answered. "It's only school" I said raising an eyebrow

And with that, we got our books and headed toward our first class. I didn't know what it was, but Adam and I had grown really close. We had been together since 3rd grade. We sat next to each other as a result of seating arrangements. I was real shy back then, but he was always confident. He kind of 'took me under his wing'. We bonded straight and have been inseparable since then. We would always hang out wether it was at school or not. Somehow over the years earn we had earned ourselves the nickname of the 'blond buddies!' But during those years, I changed. Even though I had my share of girls, there was something about then that just didn't fufill my expectations. When I was 11, I found myself looking at guys. I thought that there was something wrong with me. I don't like girls...but I look at guys? Hmmm. I knew I was gay. I didn't have to bother trying to watch 'straight' porno's, and go out with girls, to try and prove myself wrong. I was gay. That was 4 years ago, and now Adam and I were 15. I found out how attracted I was becoming to Adam. I had strong feelings for him. I was really confused. Was this feeling love or friendship?

"Hey James, ya wanna come back to my place after school?" he asked me. "Wha.." I said returning back into reality. "Wanna gome back to my place after school" he asked again. "Oh..yeah sure".

We went through the day without too much hassle. I don't really pay that much attention to school. I learn, but I don't pay attention. A funny thing did happen today though. Adam did manage to accidentally turn the tap on too fast, and the water splashed onto his trousers, making it look as if he literally pissed himself. "What happened man, couldn't hold it until you got to the toilet?" I asked as I cracked up. "Come on, let's get out of here before anyone sees" he said, as we walked home. Adam only lived a couple blocks away from me.

As we walked out of the school grounds we heard a group of girls call out, "Look, it's Devon Sawa, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas!" I gave Adam my 'here we go again' look. We both just turned around, gave them a wave and a smile, doing the best Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas impersonation we could which, wasn't hard, when we look like em'. We weren't even surprised to hear those comments. It's almost as if, the comments had become a part of our everyday lives. We walked towards his house, which was a 15 minute walk from school. I lived a couple blocks from Adam's house. "I used to find that annoying, but now I really don't mind" Adam said as he turned his head to me. I said, "You know what...I think you're enjoying it" Adam laughed at my comment. "No way dude, I don't care, but you enjoy it. I know." I thought both JTT and Devon Sawa were cute and good looking. So I took a chance. "Do you think Devon Sawa's...good looking?" I asked, while looking at the ground and trying to keep calm. I raise my head up as our eyes met. I was entranced by his beautiful green eyes. His eyes held me and wouldn't let me break away. He opened his soft red lips and was about to answer when..

"Hey Adam, James wait up!" I heard the voice and looked back. Damn! I wanted to hear what Adam had to say. I saw Adam take a deep breath. There was Stacy, running to catch up to us. Stacy was another friend, wait a minute..a really good friend. When we werein 7th grade, she was actually trying to get a date with Adam. When Adam introduced her to me, we all talked. We became friends instantly. Stacy admitted that all she wanted was to go out with a good-looking guy, so she would have something to gossip about to her friends. After that we said it was alright. So we all became friends. She said that being friends, was better than going out, 'cause, if she went out with one of us, and broke up, she'd never be able to talk to us again. Never be able to 'talk' to us again?? Must be some girl thing.

"Hey Stace" I said.

"What's up?" Adam asked.

"I missed what page we have to read for the english homework" she said.

Adam put down his bag, and turned around. He bent down showing his cute little ass, as he looked inside his bag. I couldn't help but look. I turned around to Stacy, and she had this wierd 'what's going on' expression on her face. Uh oh. "Page 67 to 73" said Adam.

"Okay, thanks guys. Bye Adam," she said. "Bye James" said Stacy with a wink. Did she just see me look at Adam's ass? That cute..lovely tight ass. She was smiling proudly as she started to walk in the opposite direction. Good, she's leaving.

"Wait" said Adam. 'Oh no', I thought."Do you think I look like Jonathan Taylor Thomas?"

"Not so much the hairstyle, but yeah, especially your lips" answered Stacy.

"What about James? Do you think he looks like Devon Sawa?" Adam asked.

"James, well...yeah he does...What's with all the questions?" asked Stacy as her suspicion began to arouse.

"Just one more question Stace, what do ya think of Devon Sawa?" asked Adam.

"Mega-babe! Well, see you guys on Monday okay?"

"Yeah, see ya"


Adam gave me his cute smile, as he picked up his bag and started walking. It was that smile where his perfect white teeth would just show through his soft lips, and those cute dimples showed on each side of his face. I followed. Was he trying to answer my qestion? Did Adam think I was a 'mega-babe.' Maybe he was too shy to say it himself so he asked Stacy instead. Nah, I was probably just being paranoid.

How could Adam ask Stacy if I looked like Devon Sawa, and he like JTT with such confidence? He just asked without thinking twice about it. As I said before, he was always really confident. Never shy. Always the outgoing person. That's one of the many qualities I like about him.

After we reached Adam's house he offered me a Sprite. I took his offer. We went into the kitchen, and he reached into the fridge, and took out a Sprite, and threw it to me. I opened it and gulped half the can, in 10 seconds. It had been quite a hot day, and I was thirsty. He got himself a can, and drank it. He walked over to the phone, and pressed the button on the answering machine.

It was a message from his mom. "Adam honey? Look, I'm going to have to work a bit later tonight. I'll be home at about 7 'o' clock. So have something to eat when you get home, and do your homework okay? Bye."

Adam and I were alone most of the time anyway. But something was making me feel wierd. Stacy must've seen me look at Adam's ass. Now I had to be careful when I look at Adam, in case somebody thinks I was staring at him for some apparent reason. I had to watch my step. When we finished our drinks he said, "Come on, let's go to my room and listen to some CD's." "Sounds good to me" I answered. We both made it up the stairs, Adam leading the way. I couldn't take my eyes off this beautiful teen-god, that was in front of my eyes, and....his ass looks so good as he walks up the stairs. Almost as if it's calling to me.

We went inside his room, and he put on a Backstreet Boys CD on. Man I loved the Backstreet Boys. Especially that cute Nick Carter. We listened to 'Everybody' while he sat next to his CD player, and I just lay on my back on his bed. I loved the smell of his bed. I had my hands behind my back, and my legs hanging over the foot of the bed. "James?" "Yeah dude?" I answered. "I..uh..can I talk to you about something?" he asked me softly. "Sure, ask me anything" I told him. "Well just say there's this...girl I like.." I quickly sat up on the bed, and looked at him. "Girl?" I cut him off. That's it for me. He's as straight as the next guy. "Just listen," he continued. "I've liked this person for a long time, and I'm not sure what to do." Adam has a crush on some girl. I don't understand why this girl hadn't already fallen for him anyway. "Well, who is she?" I asked. "Um...Just..some girl" he answered nervously. He obviously didn't want me to know who it was. Here I am, talking to my best friend about some girl he likes, when I was in love with him!

"Well Adam, what can I do to help?" I asked half-heartedly.

"Let's just say you were this girl, and I was trying to get you to kiss me" he said.

Uh oh, this is getting scary. "Okay" I said. "Hi, I've been around, and kinda noticed you looking at me" he said. What?! Oh, he was doing the acting thing now. He plays himself, and I play the girl. No need for me to act here. "Yeah, well..you look pretty cute" I said, trying to stop blushing. "You look pretty cute yourself" said Adam with a grin on his face. What do I say now?? I know. "What makes me so cute?" I asked. Adam hesitated a bit, and looked me in the eye. "Well, let me tell you how beautiful your face is. It's so smooth and perfect. I love the way your blue eyes look at me. Whenever I look into your eyes, I feel as if I'm looking into an endless blue sea. I want to feel your silky blond hair between my finger tips." GOD, did he know what he was doing to me. At least now I know it has to be some blond bimbo, with blue eyes. The thought of this 'blond bimbo' made me mad. "What makes you think I like you?" I asked him without any feeling. Adam didn't seem to notice and answered, "Well, why are you always staring at my ass?" Oh shit, did he know or was he still acting. Wether he was still on the topic or not I had to get out of there. I couldn' risk giving myself away. "Sorry man...I..uh..just remembered, I have to be home now." I said, as I made my way to the door. "Hey wait, what's wrong?" he said. "I turned to face him, and said, "Nothing...nothing at all. I just have to be home that's all." "Come on man, I know you. There's nobody at your house now. It's Friday. I've known you for so long, you're mom and dad are at work, and your brother, as usual is at a friends house." Why? Why? Why wouldn't he just let me leave?

I was getting impatient, and had to get out of there. I just couldn't handle what was going on in the room. Did he know I was gay or was he just teasing my brain? "Look man, I just remembered, I have to do something at home." "Like what?" he persisted with questions. "Something!" I shouted. As soon as I realised I had just yelled at my best friend, I instantly regreted it. My face felt hot and flushed. "Look, it's just something important" I said softly. With my head facing the floor I turned around, and opened the door. The door opened an inch when a hand pushed it shut preventing me from opening it. I turned around and I was instantly being kissed on the lips. It was Adam! It was 'his' sweet lips on mine. The kiss caught me by surprise and literaly stole the breath from my mouth. I was instantly weak at the knees. Adam sensed it, and moved me over to the bed. He put his hand on my chest, and pushed me so sp I was sitting on his bed. When his hand touched my chest, I felt as if a series of electrical shocks were running throughout my entire body. "Mmmmm" I moaned deep within my throat. And to think, the only thing that was between his hand and my bare chest, was the thin material of my shirt. As he pushed me down, we slowly broke our lips from that sweet embrace. I was breathing hard and so was he. I was trying to catch my breath when he said, "More important than that?" A wide smile grew on his face.

I looked into his eyes. "So who's this girl you like?" I asked. He came over and sat next to me on my right hand side. "You are" he whispered into my ear. I sat there dumbfounded. He likes me. He likes me?? Not Love? Wait a minute...did he just refer to me as a girl!? "Ad.." was all I could manage to get out before I felt his lips against my neck. He began to kiss me slowly and gently. The feeling was incredible. "Oh...Adam, that feels...so good" I said, while my breathing was in small short gasps. I couldn't move. This was the first time my young teenage body had been exposed to such erotic, and physical contact with another human being. I leaned my head back, and Adam immediately began to kiss my neck under my chin. He licked my neck, and again I shivered at the feeling. I laid down slowly, Adam not stopping at all. When I was on my back, he laid his body on top of mine. It was so...so right. I could feel all his muscles against my own. I could feel the heat coming from his body. I could feel his erect cock against mine, as he grinded his hips into me. He leaned down to kiss me again. I lifted my head, and planted the biggest kiss on his lips I had ever given anyone. It was my turn to steal the breath from his mouth. I decided to take it a step further, so I began to let my tongue out from my mouth and towards his. At first he was surprised, but then opened his mouth, and let me enter. His tongue touched mine, and it is an experience, that words just cannot describe. We must have spent what felt like hours, kissing, and exploring each others mouths. It felt great having his hot body against mine. All that could be heard were our breathing, and the occasional moan.

Then Adam's door knob began to turn. We broke the kiss when we heard it and looked. In the split second I saw the door knob begin to turn, a hundred thoughts ran through my mind. Who was at the door? What's going to happen? Does Adam love me? The last question repeated itself through my mind over and over again...

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