Written by James Treanor

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Angel of Mine: Chapter 3

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I awoke from my peaceful sleep. I could hear the birds outside singing, as a nice cool breeze blew in through my open window. It wasn't cold, but the breeze felt pleasant as it came over my body. I opened my eyes, expecting to see Adam laying beside me. I looked around. Where was Adam? He was nowhere to be seen. I got up as if looking for something, and on my bedside table there was a note. I knew Adam would never leave without some kind of indication or sign. We used to give each other notes all the time. I opened it, and read it. I could imagine his sexy voice in my mind as I read it. It said:

Dear James,
Sorry to leave you, but I had to go home. Otherwise my mom would find out that I went out in the middle of the night, and I'd probably never be allowed to stay with you again. I'll be over at your house at around 11:30 am, and maybe we can spend the day together. By the way, I had a great time last night. :) See ya soon!
Love you always ...Adam

I looked at the clock, and it said 10:30 am. Huh? That's funny. I don't remember putting my boxers back on after last night. Yet there I was, in my boxers. Weird. I grabbed some clothes and I went to the door, and unlocked it, and headed towards the bathroom. I took a piss, and then started the shower. I took off my boxers, and stepped in. The water was magnificent. There was just something about today, that made me feel so good. The main reason, that I had a boyfriend, that loved me just as much as I loved him.

Today wasn't too hot or cold. It was just the right temperature for a guy to go out. The water was nice and cool against my skin. I washed my hair, and soaped up. I could feel my dick start to rise. I couldn't blame it, it was just such an arousing situation. I couldn't resist but begin to stroke it. I enclosed my right hand around my circumsized meat, and began to stroke it at a steady pace. I thought about last night, and how hot Adam and I were. My dick was now leaking pre-cum, which was washed away quickly by the water coming from the shower. I stared stroking faster, and faster. My breathing became short gasps for air. I imagined it was Adam's beautiful hands wrapped around my shaft, pumping away at it. I imagined him kneeling in front of me wating for me to cum. My arm was now stroking so fast that it hurt, but I didn't want to stop until I was finished. I then felt my balls draw up close to my body, my climax building up from deep within my balls. I then thought of my dick, inside of Adam's cute little ass. I bet it would be really tight, I thought to myself. I gripped my hand hard around my cock, trying to imitate what it would feel like if it was shoved into Adam's ass. With that thought, I came hard. "Mmmmm…Uhhh" I moaned out loud. I then remembered that there were other people in the house, and immediately closed my mouth, to try and muffle my cries of pleasure. I moaned as each spurt of cum came from my dick. My knees felt weak, and I practically collapsed, and sat down, as the water washed me off.

When I gathered my strength again, I got up, turned off the tap, and dried myself. Today I was wearing a pair of jeans, and a plain black T-shirt. I dried my hair, and made sure that it was in it's right position. Combed from the center, to the right and to the left. The weather today was a bit warmer than usual. It wasn't too hot, and I thought that it was just perfect. The sun was giving off warm rays of sunshine, and the air was giving off a cool breeze. It was just such a beautiful day.

I ran down the stairs to the kitchen, where my dad was sitting there waiting for me. Crap. Time for trouble.

"James?" he said in a stern voice.

"Yes sir?"

"We have rules in this house, correct?" he asked.

"Yes sir."

"Your mother told me you were over an hour late yesterday, and you didn't call home to let her know where you were."

"Adam and I were doing a proj…" I started.

"I don't care" he said sharply. "Next time, you call home or else, there'll be trouble. Understand?"

"Yes sir" I answered.

I walked out of the kitchen speechless. Another one of dads marvellous conversations. My dad and I never got along very well. He was hardly ever home, and when he was, life was like hell for me. He was always so strict. Well, look's like I'll skip breakfast today. I'd rather miss a meal, than have to be in the same room as my dad. Just then I heard the phone ring. I heard my dad pick it up, and a few seconds later he said,

"James…phone." I ran into the kitchen, and my dad handed me the phone. "Hello?" I said.

"Hey James, how's it going" said Stacy.

"I..I'm fi..fine" I stuttered remembering how she had caught me and Adam together yesterday.

"It's okay" she said laughing, "I said I was okay with you and Adam." "Oh, what can I do for you then?" I asked her feeling more confident. "You and Adam are invited to a pool party. My house tonight at 8.00pm. My parents are going out to dinner, and then to a hotel. It's their anniversary. They won't be home till late tomorrow. I've got the whole house to myself, so I decided to have a pool party. So you comin'?" "I'd love to…" I said noticing my dad was listening very intently. I turned to my dad, his back was to me. "Sir…can I go to a pool party tonight at Stacy's?" "What time?" he asked. "8.00pm" I answered. "You're home by 12.30. No later, understand?" he said. "Yes sir" I answered as a smile spread over my face. I turned back to the phone, "Yeah, I'm there!" I told her. "Great! And do me a favor and ask Adam for me. I've got a lot of other people to invite, and then I've got some major shopping to do" she told me. "Sure thing. I'll see you tonight" I said enthusiastically. "Bye."

I hung up the phone, and jumped into the air. "Yessssss!" I shouted. "Remember, you're home by half past twelve" my dad reminded me. "Yes sir" I said trying to contain my feelings of excitement. Just then the door bell rang. "DING DONG".

I ran to the door, and opened it. "Hey dude!" said Adam. "Hey, what's up?" I asked him as I pulled him into the house. Adam was wearing a lighter pair of blue jeans than mine, and a green jumper. He looked so sexy, I had to stop myself from running over to him and kissing him. That green jumper really brought out his emerald eyes. They were so beautiful.

I wanted to just stare him in the eyes, when my dad interrupted that moment. "James. Who is it?" he asked. "It's just Adam" I shouted to him. "Mornin' Mr. Treanor!" shouted Adam. "Morning Adam" said my dad. I knew then, that we were free from my dad, and we went upstairs to my room. I was practically holding his hands as I pulled him behind me. We got inside my room, and I closed and locked my door. I turned on the radio on my stereo. Once again Adam caught me off-guard, and as soon as I turned around, I was greeted with his lucious lips. I wanted to hold our kiss there forever. These long kisses were new to me. Sure, I had kissed girls, but never held it this long before. It wasn't that hard, as long as I remembered to breathe through my nose, I could hold the kiss for hours. We broke the kiss, and I pushed him onto the bed. "I love it when you do that" I giggled. "I love doing it" he said as we both cracked up laughing. I lay on to of him, with my body on his. "You know, we're invited to a pool party at Stacy's tonight at 8:00pm. I told her we were going" I told Adam. "COOL! That'll be cool dude!" he said sounding like a little kid. "I know" I said laughing at his reaction.

At that moment, a song came on that I loved. It was called "When You Say Nothing At All" by Ronan Keating. It was a song from the movie 'Knotting Hill' and I absolutely loved it. Adam stroked my hair, as I made myself comfortable with my head on his chest. "Let's just lay here, I like this song" I said to him. "Okay James. Anything for you" he answered. He continued to stroke my hair as I closed my eyes and listened to the song.

"It's amazing how you can speak right to my heart,
Without saying a word, you can light up the dark,
Try as I may, I can never explain,
What I hear, when you don't say a thing.

The smile on your face, let's me know that you need me,
There's a truth in your eyes, saying you'll never leave me,
The touch of your hands says you'll catch me wherever I fall.

You say it best…when you say nothing at all."

I loved the way that song made me feel. It was almost as if every love song I heard was about me and Adam. I lay there an listened to the song, and almost fell asleep, when all too soon, the song ended. I looked up at him, to see him smiling down on me. "You look so cute like that. When you're looking up at me, those blue eyes, make you look like a cute little lost puppy" he said. The comment made me blush. "I don't know wether to feel flattered or insulted" I laughed. "Believe me, it's a good thing."

Just then there was a knock at the door. Adam jumped up, and almost threw me onto the floor. "Sorry" he whispered in a panicked state. "It's okay" I said as I ran up to unlock the door. Just before I did, I looked over at Adam, who had managed to look busy by running through a couple of my CD's. I unlocked, and opened the door. It was my 5 year old brother. "James, dad told me to tell you to 'turn down the music' " he said trying to imitate our dad. I know. There's such a big age difference between me and my brother. Well, he's my brother, and there' nothing I can do about it. "Sure thing kiddo" I said to him. He turned around to walk away, when he stopped and turned around to me again. "James?" he said as he looked up to me. "Yeah? What is it?" I asked with a smile. "Where're ya going ta-night?" he asked. "I'm going to a friends house" I lied. "Mom said ya have ta take me…cause she and dad are going out, and can't get me a babysitter" he said pleased with himself. "You're kidding right?" I asked. "Uh-uh" he said shaking his head. "MOM!" I shouted. Adam followed me out of the room and into my parents bedroom, followed by my brother. "Mom, do I have to take Mikey with me tonight?" I asked with eyes wide open. Mikey stepped into the room, looking contently from face to face. "I'm sorry James. I can't get a babysitter at such short notice, and I have to be at this business meeting" she said. "But…" I started. "No buts about it son" said my dad as he walked into the room. "Look, just keep an eye on him, and you can still have fun. Just check up on him every 10 minutes" said my mom. With my dad there, all I could say was, "Okay." Adam and I went back into my room. Mikey came in and jumped onto my bed.

"Looks like we're stuck with the little brat tonight" I said to Adam.

"I'm..not a wittle brat" he said sticking his bottom lip out trying to look upset. He was so cute I couldn't help but smile, and seeing me smile, so did he.

"Get outta here kid" I said to him.

"Yay!" he shouted as he ran out of my room, knowing that it was okay with his big brother. "Where does your brother learn all those things?" Adam asked me. "What things?" I asked. "You know, sticking the bottom lip out looking upset, and that talk, ya know….that little cute kid talk?" Adam said. "He is a little kid Adam" I informed him. "I know, but he seems so smart. I bet ya he'll have no problems picking up any girls tonight" Adam laughed.

That afternoon we went to the park for a walk, where afterwards, Adam went home to get his swimming gear. I couldn't wait to see what he would wear. At 7:50pm Mikey and I walked to Stacy's house. "Now kiddo, don't do anything I wouldn't do…okay?" I said to him. He looked up to me, his face blank. He had no idea what I meant but he answered with an, "Okay." He was walking behind me. We had to across the street, and I walked half way when I realized that my brother wasn't with me. I looked back, and there he was still standing on the footpath looking at me with those eyes, as if asking me for help. He was standing there with his right hand reached out waiting for me. I smiled as I walked back towards him, and his expressions turned into a smile, as I held his hand and we crossed the road together. I loved it when the kid looked up to me like that.

We arrived at Stacy's house, and was instantly greeted with, "Come in…who's this cute little guy?" My brother was extrememly shy when it came to meeting new people. He tried to hide behind. Me. "What's wrong" Stacy asked. "He's just a little shy" I told her. I got on my knees, and said to him, "It's okay. That's my friend Stacy. You know…you've heard me talk about her." His face lightened up with a cute little smile. "I'm Mikey" he said introducing himself. "So, you're James' little brother huh?" "Uh-uh" he said nodding his head. "That's better. Now can you tell me how old you are?" she asked. "Five" answered Mikey. "And what's your birth date?" she continued. "July 15th" said Mikey. "I bet you're hungry" she said. Again he nodded his head. "Follow me then" she said as she took Mikey's hand and lead him into the kitchen. Stacey knew I had a little brother, but they have never met before. About a minute later she came back. "I gave him a light snack, so that should keep him busy for now" said Stacy. "Thanks Stace, that little kid's a ball of energy" I sighed. "He's sooooo cute!" she said. "Ya think!" "At least we know he's definitely you're brother, no mistake there" she smiled to me. I got really uncomfortable then. "So….is Adam here yet?" I asked, and then realized maybe I shouldn't have asked that question. Why did I have to remind her of me and Adam? Stupid me. "Nope, not yet" she answered. I had no clue what to say. There was a short silence. "James, this is silly. I know you feel a bit uncomfortable around me. Let's just pretend, I didn't see a thing yesterday. Okay?" she asked. I instantly felt happier now, and smiled. "Sure" I said. She gave me a hug. "Now come on. Let's start the music, and get into the pool!" she said.

We went outside, into the backyard, where there was this huge pool. And a spa. There were a couple of friends from school already there. Funny…there were only girls there. They were just mucking around, some swimming, and some just sitting and talking in the spa. Beside the pool, there was a table with drinks, and chips, and stuff. There was a portable stereo playing some tunes. I had a pair of swimming shorts. I never felt comfortable wearing speedo's. I took my T-shirt off, and sandles. I heard a couple of he girls in the spa whistle to me. I gave them a friendly smile. Stacy was already in the spa now, chatting away as girls do.

I was about to go into the pool, when I looked at Stacy. She had this huge grin on her face, and her eyes were focused on something behind me. I was about to turn around, when I suddenly felt a pair of hands push me into the pool.

"Hahahaha….I got ya dude!" I heard Adam laugh as I surfaced to the water.

I shook the water from my head. "You asshole!" I laughed. Adam was still laughing harder than ever. "Help me outta here" I said as I reached my hand out to him. He took off his T-shirt, and began to pull me out of the pool when…

"SPLASH!" I pulled Adam into the water. Now it was my turn to laugh. "Hahahahaha…Revenge is so sweet!" I laughed. Adam came to the surface, and laughed again with me. "Now we're even" I told him.

I turned my attention to Stacy. "Stace, anybody else coming?" I asked her. "Yeah, just one more" she answered. "Another girl probably" I said to Adam. "Yeah, probably. So did you miss me?" he whispered. "I sure did" I answered. I tried to get a good look at his body. Man was he sexy. "Have you been working out?" I asked. "No" he answered. "Oh, so you're a natural." "I guess you are too then" he said.

Stacy then turned up the music. Loud techno. YUK! I hate techno. But tonight was an exception, we were having a party! "LET'S PARTY!" I shouted. We spent the next couple of hours just having fun. Playing in the water like we were 7 year olds again. Telling jokes, playing those games in the pool. We even put up a net, and played water polo! It was so cool. Just being able to relax, and have fun, was the greatest! The best thing about it all was I was there with my boyfriend. Adam and I would play our own little game, where we attempted to get each others swimming shorts off. At about 9.00 pm, a kid walked into the backyard.

"Oh, Robbie, I'm glad you could make it" shouted Stacy.

"No prob. Looks like you've been having fun" he said as he looked at each and everyone of us. "I hope I haven't missed too much" he continued. He had a nice smooth flowing voice, saying he made it through puberty very well (if he went through pubery!). Stacy was now out of the pool, and standing next to this new kid. "Hey guys, this is Robbie. He just moved here, and will be attending our school. He lives across the street. I thought maybe he should get to know a few of us so he wouldn't feel so lost at school" said Stacy. Robbie gave a smile and a friendly hi.

The girls were already all over him. There they were flirting with him. I'd have to admit, he was a very fine boy. He was about 6" with hazel eyes. He had blond hair that fell half way over his ear. I looked over to him in the spa with the girls, and our eyes met. I looked away casually.

Adam was over beside the table, stuffing his face with chips. I got up out of the pool, and walked over to him. I put my right arm onto his shoulder. "What's up?" I asked. "What's it look like?" Adam answered sarcastically. "That Robbie over there, seems to be fitting in okay" said Adam. "Yeah, I guess" I answered. Stacy got up and walked over to us. "Adam, James, I invited Robbie over, so he could meet us right? And you guys haven't even said a thing besides 'hi' to him" she said. "Well, we can't exactly get much of a word in with all the girls around trying to chat him up, can we?" I said. "Okay, I'll get the girls inside, but I want him to meet some of the guys too. You know, so you could introduce him to some of the groups at school" she said. "Okay, not a problem" said Adam.

Stacy had managed to get the girls inside, gossiping about Robbie no doubt. It kind of felt awkward us three guys alone at the pool. "Hey, Robbie right?" I asked. "Yep, James?" he answered. "Yeah" "And you're Adam?" "Right on" answered Adam. We talked for a bit. Where he came from and all that kind of stuff. We seemed to hit it right off. We were talking like we had known each other for years, in just 10 minutes.

The time came when it was 12.10pm and decided to call it a night. "We'll see you on Monday then okay?" said Adam. "Yep, sure thing" answered Robbie. We had learnt that Robbie lived just across the road from Stacy's house. Adam and I got our stuff, and went back into the house. I went into the living room, where the girls were sitting and chattering away. "Hey Dev…I mean James" said Michelle. "Whatever" I said as I walked over to the couch to find my little brother asleep on the couch. "You're brother is sooo cute" said Michelle, "like you I guess." I looked to her surprised, and she blushed. I gave her an unsure, "Thanks." I picked my brother up, and carried him to the door. "See ya Stace. Great party" I whispered to Stacy. "Yeah, your party rocks" said Adam. "Thanks guys, see ya on Monday. Bye" she said. "See ya." "Bye."

Adam walked me home with my brother in my arms. "I had fun tonight" said Adam. "Yeah, me too" I answered. We arrived at my front door. "I'll see you on Monday then" said Adam. "Okay dude." He leaned in and kissed me. A long hard kiss. His soft lips pressed against mine. Then my brothered stirred, and began to wake. We broke the kiss. "What's going on?" Mikey asked sleepily. "We're home" I informed my brother. "Did I miss the party?" he asked dissappointed. "Yeah, sorry little bro." "I'll see ya later James" said Adam. He smiled to me, and I smiled back to him. I gave him a wave, and he was off on his way. That boy was just so gorgeous. I think I'll always find him attractive. I'll never stop loving him.

I put my brother to bed, and showered. I lay in my bed remembering how Adam and I had felt the same way about each other for such a long time. I wished we had acted sooner on our feelings. But it didn't matter, because we would've ended up together anyway, and that was all that mattered to me.

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