Written by James Treanor

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Angel of Mine: Chapter 4

The next couple of weeks passed quite quickly. Everything seems to be happening in such a blur. It's kind of like my life flashing before my eyes, only that's it been two weeks. Everything between the day Adam and I found out that we were gay, and today has just happened so fast.

At school, Robbie had fitted in just fine. He was instantly popular with the girls as well as the guys. From what I heard from friends at school, Stacy had even started going out with him. Like on real dates!! I've never seen a more happy or cuter couple...accept me and Adam of course! I couldn't believe how quickly Robbie had been with the girls. He wasted no time at all. My dad had gone on another business trip, and wouldn't be back for a week, so that's one less thing to worry about. So now all the excitement in my life, had calmed down a bit. I felt that my life had been a bit of a rush lately. Now it was just me and Adam, and we could take things nice and slow. We could just take our time now. On Tuesday after school Adam and I were at my house.

"Adam? You know that day we first kissed?" I asked him.

"How could I forget? I completely swept you off your feet" he said.

"Yeah..you did. Well...not exactly. You also stole the breath from me" I paused and remember that blissful moment of my life. "Anyway. Well..it's like this...how should I put this?" I stopped to think. "Jimmy, whatever it is, just tell me" he said putting a hand on my shoulder. "No one's ever called me Jimmy since fifth grade. I told everyone I was too old to be called Jimmy, and wanted to be called James" I said. "I know, but you don't mind me calling you Jimmy, do you?" he asked me. "I guess I don't. I actually like it" I admitted. "Just like the good old days huh?" he winked at me. "Yeah." "So what's on your mind?" asked Adam. "Well, this has been bothering me since we met. When we kissed....well it's not the way I wanted it." Adam looked at me surprised. "Don't get me wrong, the kiss was great. It's just that, I wanted it to happen differently. I wanted it to be a perfect moment, at the perfect place. I already got the perfect guy" I explained. "I didn't expect Stacy to come in when she did" I continued. "I get ya. So how do you wanna do this?" he said getting interested. "Well....maybe we could go out on a date?" I suggested. His eyes widened, and a smile broke across his face. "Sounds good to me. Any suggestions?" he asked. "Well, you see, my mom and brother are going to a friends house on Saturday night. They won't be back till late. I'm supposed to go but I'll say I'm sick, and want to stay home. I'll tell them that you would keep me company, and then we can have...a romantic candlelit dinner" I suggested. "You sure know how to set the atmosphere. You're so sweet and romantic" he said as he reached out and stroked my face. The soft touch of his hands just excited me. I looked into his eyes. "Adam, you truly are an Angel. A gift from God himself" I said. "Do you know how painful I've been for the past couple of years. Seeing you everyday, talking to you everyday, but never to really have you. It got to the stage where it actually hurt me. I loved you. That's why I took that chance the day we kissed" said Adam. I could tell he had put a lot of feeling and thought into what he had just said. He smiled, and tears began to fill his eyes. "Don't cry Adam" I said to him. I leaned in and hugged him. He wrapped his hands around me. "These are tears of joy, not sadness" he said to me. He then kissed me. His soft red lips on mine. I held it there, I didn't want it to end too soon. Our tongues were sliding to and from each others mouths. We broke the kiss. With our hands still wrapped around each other, our foreheads pushed together. I felt his warm breath on my lips. I looked down at his lips. "I love you" he whispered. Seeing those beautiful lips mouth those words, I had to kiss him again. "I love you, and always will" I whispered back.

The rest of the school week went by quickly. All I could think about was this Saturday. What was I gonna wear? What the hell are we gonna do for food? How in the world are two 15 year old boys supposed to know how to cook? I wanted it to be romantic. I had decided to order some take-away from a really expensive place. Really classy. I had saved up money and thought that this would be the perfect moment to spend it on. Adam was worth all the money I had, in fact, all the money in the world! Whenever he held me in his arms, I could feel the love coming from him. It was almost like he was wearing a cologne of love, and this cologne of love was meant just for me, and me only.

Saturday came. I decided not to say I was sick. I wanted Adam to spend the night. If I told my mom that I was sick, I don't think she would have let Adam spend the night if I told her I was sick. It was early morning, about 10.30am. My mom came into my room and woke me up.

"James, time to wake up" she said. She opened the door and came in. My mom had to work during the weekdays, and never got the chance to do the grocery shopping until the weekend. I usually went with her on Saturday mornings, but she would let me sleep in sometimes. "Huh? What time is it?" I asked still half asleep. "It's half past ten. Come on." "Hey mom? Is it alright if I skip tonight?" I asked. "Why...is there anything wrong?" she asked concerned. "Nah, it's just that Adam and I had this sleep-over planned for this weekend, and I wanted to stay here tonight. You and Mikey can still go of course" I said. "Ummm...okay. But don't tell your father" she told me. "No problem" I answered with a big smile. She started out the room when I stopped her, "Mom?" "Yes?" she asked. "Thanks" I said to her. She smiled and then said, "Come on, let's go." The moment she left the room, Mikey ran in. "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" he shouted while jumping up and down. He jumped on top of me while still in bed, knocking the wind completely out of me. "You little monster!" I said to him. I got up, and wrestled him to the ground and tickled him. He laughed and giggled, trying to stop me from tickling him. "James..hahaha...stop!" he said. I stopped, and lifted him to his feet. "Next time, remember to knock before coming in" I told him. "Why?" he asked. "Because..." "Because why?" he asked. Man, he'll never let go of it. "Ah forget it," I said to him, "come on, let's go!"

Don't you just hate it, when everywhere you go, there's that little kid that just keeps on annoying you. You wanna get rid of him, but he's you're little brother. While we were in the car, I had to put up with one of my brothers 'Wiggles' tapes. I honestly can't see why kids like em' so much. My mom ended up doing all the grocery shopping, while I had to take my little brother to the department store just so that he could look at all the toys. We were at Toys R Us walking around and looking at the toys once again. "James, will you get me that for my birthday?" he blurts while pointing at a $50.00 lightsabre from the new Star Wars movie. This kid was sure straight forward. He just says the first thing that enters his mind. "Where am I gonna get that kind of cash?" I asked surprised as I looked at the price tag. "Pleeeeease?" he whined. I could tell that if I said no, he would start pouting. That's the last thing I needed at the moment. I could tell from the look on his face, that he just wasn't going to take no for an answer. I had better not make any false promises, or else he'll get me into trouble. "I'll see what I can do" I smiled. He smiled back. "I'm not promising anything" I said. He just kept on smiling, proud of himself knowing that he'd get that blasted toy, sooner or later. If I didn't get it for him, either mom or dad would.

I remembered to buy candles for tonights dinner. My mom asked me what they were for. Lucky for me I had come up with an excuse earlier. I just told her that they may come in handy, during a blackout or something. She looked at me strange, but let it go. My brother and I had McDonalds for lunch before heading home. After I got through the front door, the phone began to ring. I had bags of groceries in both my hands. I ran into the kitchen, threw down the bags, and picked up the phone.

"Hello" I said. "Jimmy? Hey about tonight.." he started. "You're still coming right" I asked cutting him off. "Of course. I wouldn't miss our first date for anything" he assured me. "Okay...so what's up?" I asked. "Oh yeah, what do I wear?" he asked. "Oh shit, I didn't even think about that. Ummm...let's not make it too formal. Let's say....jeans and a long-sleeved shirt?" I suggested. "Okay, that's fine. What color shirt?" he asked. "Surprise me" I told him. "I'll bring over a video, so we can watch it together after dinner or something" he said to me. "Sure...oh yeah, you can also stay over for the night as well" I answered. "Cool, I can't wait till tonight. I'll see you at 7pm...I love you" he said. "I love you" I whispered.

At 5:30pm, mom and Mikey left. Mikey was kind of dissappointed when he found out that I wasn't going with him. "I want you to go" he whined. "Come on kiddo, it's only for a couple of hours. You'll go have dinner, then you'll come back home. Don't worry. I'll still be here" I assured him. "You promise?" he said looking up into my eyes. "Of course" I said. Then they left. Man, that kid is so funny. He made me promise to be at home, when he came home. He's just so funny that I giggled to myself at the thought. After they had left, I ordered the food, and told them to get it here by 6:45pm. I then went and had a shower. I washed myself thoroughly. I wanted to present myself in the best possible way for Adam. I wore a pair of blue jeans, and a white long-sleeved shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. Something didn't look quite right. Ahh, that's it. I tucked my shirt in. That's more like it. Then I went to the dining room, and set the table. Made sure that the candles were there, and lit them. They burned silently, their light flickering in the wind. I sat there in the dimly lit room. It was the most beautiful atmosphere I could imagine possible in our house.

The doorbell rang, and I knew that the food was here. I paid $150.00 for it. Man, I was going to be sore for a while. I just hoped my dad didn't ask me what happened to all the cash I had for pocket money. Or else I would be strung like a cat! My grandpa sent my dad to military school when he was 12 or 13. My dad hated it a lot, and hated my grandpa for sending him there. Well, my dad got disciplined, and that's why we have to say 'sir' and all that crap. You would think that he hated military school so much, that he would just forget all that he learned there. My dad's a real work-a-holic too. Dad and grandpa never got along so well, and neither did my dad and I. If I ever have kids, I promise myself that it would be different. I promised myself that it would never be like the relationship my dad and I had.

I set the food on plates, and made it look like a dinner we would normally have when we went to a restaurant. All set. Now for a little night music. I hopped over to the CD player, and put in a CD, called 'Richard Clayderman : A little late night music'. It was all these love songs, soft and sweet, played on the piano. No words, just the smooth tunes of the piano. I sat down, inspecting that everything was alright. Everything was fine. All that was missing now was my date. I had this huge grin spread across my face. Tonight was just so perfect. So real...so right.

I heard a knock at the door. I literally jumped onto my feet and ran to answer the door. I made sure my hair was in place, before I opened the door. There was my 'Angel' standing there, wearing an identical pair of jeans, and a light blue shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. "Hey handsome" I greeted him. In his left hand he had his 'night bag', with the clothes he would sleep in (which he probably wouldn't need). In his right hand, he had a bottle of wine. "Good evening" he said in a polite manner. I acted along. "Please...do come in" I said. He smiled, as he put down the bag, and wine, and came over to me and wrapped his arms around me as I did the same. He looked around the place.

"You did all this?" he asked looking at the table I had set with the candles burning away.

"Yep...all for you" I answered.

"Damn boy! You're so sweet," he said, "and you look good enough to eat off."

"Sorry, you'll have to wait," I paused and leaned close to his ear and whispered, "cause I'm dessert."

"I brought a bottle of wine" he told me.

"Yeah I know. Do you really think we should?" I asked him.

"Why not? It's a special occassion" he smiled at me.

"Alright" I said.

Adam giggled. "Shall we eat?" I asked him. "Sure" he answered. I pulled the chair out for him, and he took a seat. I got a bottle opener from the kitchen and opened the wine. I took two wine glasses from my dad's cabinet, and poured both Adam and I a glass. I've never drank wine before, but since tonight was a special occasion, I didn't really care. I sat down, and we made a toast. "To us, our relationship" said Adam. I raised my glass to his and said, "And to eternal happiness, and may we never be apart." I drank the wine. It didn't taste too bad. I'd never been a real drinker myself. I had done my best to stay away from drugs, alcohol, and smoking. I didn't want to screw up my life by doing those things. I only drank, because it was 'our' night. Tonight it was just me and Adam, and whatever happened in the word didn't matter, cause it was just us two.

We ate and talked. I think the food was really worth it. It was a scrumptous feast...well as scrumptous as take-away food can be. There was just so many things that came up in that conversation. We talked about our first crushes, and the first girls we had ever kissed. We talked about when we were little kids, and used to not let anyone go down the slide at the playground, unless they paid us. Adam was taking me back through a journey through our childhood. He chatted about how when we were in primary school, we used to give the teachers such a hard time. We were always constantly talking. The teacher would tell us to be quiet, but it never lasted very long. I loved talking to Adam. There was nobody in the world that new me any better than he did.

"Remember our 6th grade teacher?" Adam started laughing. "Everytime he poined at someone, he would always use his middle finger" Adam and I burst out laughing. I remember that guy. Even when he demonstrated the number one with his hand, it was always the middle finger. So there he would be in front of the classroom, giving the whole class 'the finger'. The whole class would be sitting there laughing, and that poor guy didn't even know what was going on. It was amazing, all these things from our past that I thought had been long forgotten, had actually been treasured by both of us, deep in our hearts.

Our laughing had died down. The candles were almost all gone, and the wine bottle was completely empty. I think the wine had gotten to my head. I felt all hot and flustered. Even the CD had finished playing. "Make yourself comfortable in the living room, while I clean up" I said to Adam. He offered to help me, but I told him that there wasn't much to clean, and that I would be back in no time. He went into the living room, and I cleared up the plates, and threw out the candles and wine bottle. I made sure that the take-away boxes were deep in the trash, so nobody would be able to find it. Everything was just as it had been before we had done anything, and he table was clean. I walked into the living room expecting to find Adam on the couch. But he wasn't there. I heard a familiar tune.

"When I first saw you I already knew
There was something inside of you
Something I thought that I would never find
Angel of Mine."

It was our song. I turned around, only to be greeted by the sight of Adam shirtless. He came to me, and wrapped his hands around me, making me feel safe and secure. "You're an impatient fellow aren't you?" I giggled. "Only for you" he answered. He kissed me, as I ran my hands up and down his back, feeling the muscles. We both fell onto the couch, with him on top of me. "Where'd you get the music?" I asked him. "I bought the CD single dude" he answered. "It's my way of saying thank you, for being with me, and lovine me" he said. "And for all the trouble I went through, to make tonight possible?" I asked laughing. "Yes...and that too" he smiled. I leaned my head forward to kiss him again. I felt his chest, feeling the countours of his muscles. He wasn't really muscley, but he had muscles, and was very well defined body indeed. I brushed the palm of my hands up and down, feeling his erect nipples, and his lovely six-pack. We broke the kiss, as he practically ripped the buttons from my shirt, in an effort to strip meof my clothes. "Slow down boy!" I said smiling. I couldn't believe we were doing it on the living room couch!

Soon we were both naked. He began to lick his way down my body. I moaned as he licked my nipples, and felt my body. There was something about his hands moving on my body, that made me shudder in ecstacy. He made his way down to my crotch and wasted no time, as he began sucking on my dick as soon as it came into his view. "Uh....that feels so good....Adam....don't stop" I managed to say. Adam acknowledge me by moving his head up and down faster. I began to lift my hips up off the couch in an attempt to get it further into Adam's throat. I was getting close. "I'm almost there (pant) baby...don't stop" I puffed. My moaning became louder and louder, as I felt my climax building up. Adam only kept sucking, as if his life depended on it. I was almost there now, as I held his head, and began stabbing my member into his mouth, as if I was fucking him. I screamed as I felt my hot boy juice travelling up my shaft, and into my lover's waiting mouth. There were 6 spurts of cum, and I grunted as each one came. Adam devoured it, as I collapsed on my back feeling the sensations of the powerful orgasm fade away. I couldn't say a thing. Adam came up beside me, and smiled. "That....was....awesome..." I said. "I love you" he said. "I love you too" I said looking deep into his emerald eyes. I fell into a trance. "I want to make love to you" he said. "Huh? I thought you just did" I said. "No...I actually want to make love with you" he said looking me in the eye. What did he wan to do? "You want to....to fuck?" I asked. "No...not fuck....make love" he corrected me. He kissed me again. I was laying on my back. Adam got between my legs, and told me to spread them. He then leaned down, and began to lick my asshole. WOW! This was a new sensation. I felt his tongue lick around my asshole, and then the wonderful feeling of him sticking his tongue up my asshole. I was breathing in short gasps, taking in the beautiful new sensation. After about a minute or so he stopped. "I'll need some kind of lubrication" he said to me. I got up with a smile, and began to lick his shaft, taking it in my mouth. After I thought he had enough lubrication, I layed back on my back. "How's that?" I asked him. He smiled at me and said, "That's fine." He then positioned his dick between my ass cheeks, and rested it against my asshole. My feet were lifted up, and placed on his shoulders. "I don't want to hurt you...so tell me if you want me to stop" he said. I nodded my head in approval. He then pushed gently forward. I whinced in pain, as the head of his cock entered me. "You want me to stop?" he asked concerned. "I...I'm okay" I answered. We stayed there for a minute or so, as I got used to the feeling. It was amazing...I felt Adam's cock inside of me. I could feel he shape of his cock, as it pulsed within me. "I'm fine" I told him. Adam then pushed his dick completely inside me. My asshole had a burning sensation as he entered me. I tried to keep my face from showing any expression of pain. I close my eyes, and thought of Adam making love to me. By the time I opened my eyes Adam's shaft was completely inside me. He stayed there was we both got used to the feeling. "You...you're so tight" he said. After a while, he began to move his cock in and out slowly. At first, it was an alienating feeling. As he fucked me, I got used to it. The pain had actually faded away, and I was enjoyting it immensely. I watched Adam as he pumped in and out of me. He eyes closed, and his hips moving in and out. He was biting his bottom lip, making him look soooo cute. I didn't moan or groan, only panting and breathing hard. I could hear Adam breathing hard too. He had sweat on his brow. The view of him fucking my asshole made me hard again. I began to jack my cock off, as my lover thrusted his cock into me. I could feel his cock touching my prostate as he fucked me, which only added to the pleasure. He was now grunting with every thrust, as they became fster and faster. I moaned and moaned, as I felt another orgasm building up. It hurt, but the pleasure was more powerful. Adam then gave a high-pitched scream as I felt his hot load pump from his cock and into my ass. Suddenly from nowhere, my cock exploded with a huge wad of cum, covering my chest and stomach. Adam's cock gave 6 spurts of cum, which added more lubrication to his cock, making it slide in and out easier. I could feel trickles of cum coming out from my ass. Exhausted, Adam's body collapsed on top of mine. I wrapped my arms around his convulsing body. "I love you" Adam said. Words couldn't explain what love is. Love is a feeling....an emotion, that just couldn't be expressed through words. What Adam and I had was love. Even though words wouldn't be able to explain love, it was all I had at the moment. "Words cannot express my love for you, but I love you too" I said. Love...love. Adam and I had just made love. I decided that I would never use he word 'fuck' again. I didn't like the word. From now on, I would refer to it as Adam did earlier...love.

Between all the kissing, and hugging, somehow Adam and I made it to the shower. We washed each other off. I soaped up his body, feeling him up and down as he did the same to me. We were giggling, as we ran our hands over each other. I wanted Adam to stop, but I didn't. I was squirming around as Adam touched me. After getting dressed, we then went into my room. Adam was going to sleep on the carpet but I wanted him to sleep with me on the bed. "Hey Adam, just put your sleeping bag on the floor" I said to him. "Ok" he answered. "You're sleeping with me tonight" I told him. Adam flashed me one of those million dollar smiles. I couldn't resist the urge but to give him a quick kiss on the lips. "Caught you off-guard" I said. Adam then lunged at me, pinning me on the bed, holding my hands down. "Looks like I caught you off-guard" he said playfully. I struggled to get out from under him. "Hmmm....I like this position" he said as he kissed me long and deep on the lips. Adam, knowing he had the upper-hand began to tickle me.

"Hahaha...Adam stop..hahahaha!" I shouted as I laughed. I desperately tried to push him off me, but my efforts were hopeless. Adam had me where he wanted me.

"You can shout all you want, but no one's here to help you" Adam laughed.

He was right, there was nobody there that could help me. I was laughing so hard that my stomach hurt. I did the only possible thing I could do. Fight fire with fire. I begant to tickle him under the arms. I was then immediately able to release myself from under him. We wrestled on the bed like little kids again. Have you ever seen that movie "The Lion King?" You know how Simba and Nala, wrestled around as little cubs? Well, me and Adam were exactly like that on the bed. We were giggling and playing around. I think the wine had truly gotten to both our heads! I had never felt so energetic and hyped up before.

Our fun stopped when we heard the sound of the front door opening...then closing. Adam was once again on top of me. "Get off quick, before my mom and brother sees us" I whispered to Adam. Adam quickly got off me, and pretended to be getting into his sleeping bag. I went out of my room, to see my mom and brother. "Hi mom, how was your night?" I asked. "Oh fine...Adam up there with you?" she asked. "Yeah, he's already asleep though" I told her. Mom was carrying Mikey in her arms. "Could you put Mikey to bed?" she asked me. "Okay" I said as I began down the stairs. Mikey was sound asleep, as mom put him in my arms. I took him up to his room, and put him into bed. "Are we home yet?" he asked half asleep. "Yeah kiddo. Go to sleep okay?" I whispered. "Mmm" was his reply. I then said goodnight to mom, and quickly went back to my room. I locked the door. "What took ya?" Adam asked quietly. "I had to put Mikey to bed" I told him. I then climbed into my bed. "Come on" I said as I motioned for him to come with me. He climbed in next to me and we ended up making love again. It wasn't because we were crazy sex animals, or anything. It was because we loved each other, and wanted to show it to each other. It wasn't just a silly crush, or an act on lust, but True Love. After our love session I was resting on my right side. Adam's arm was wrapped around my waist. I could feel his warm breath on the back of my neck. I never wanted this moment to end. Since the night Adam had snuck into my room, I was experiencing another one of those perfect moments. The moment which I wanted to hold on to for the rest of time. "I love you sooo much James. Thank you for such a lovely gift" he whispered into my ear. "Adam" I said holding him close to me. "Promise me you'll never leave me" I said. "I promise you...I love you" he whispered softly into my ear. "I love you too" I said as I slowly felt sleep take over my body. I loved the feeling of Adam's body heat so close to me. He was a part of me, and I was a part of him now. Tonight we had bonded together on a whole new level of love. I then realised that I would do anything for Adam. I would even die for him.

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