Written by James Treanor

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Angel of Mine: Chapter 5

"BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!" a loud noise woke me up. "Argh!" I shouted, as I fumbled around, looking for the source of the sound. I knew it was the alarm clock, but it was still dark, and I couldn't find it. Instead of turning it off, I found the main switch, and pulled the plug, draining the alarm clock of it's power. The annoying sound finally stopped. Too late now, I was wide awake. Adam got up, as I turned on the beside lamp. "Dude you awake?" he asked sleepily. I was still angry. I looked at the clock, 6:00am. I was already sitting up, "What do you think?" I asked in an angry tone. "Did you set the alarm?" I asked toning down a bit. "Yeah" he answered while rubbing his eyes. "What the hell for? It's still dark, and it's SUNDAY!" I shouted. "Shhhhh...you don't wanna wake your mom" he advised. "I wanna show you something" he whispered. I laughed. "Yeah, like there's anything of yours I haven't already seen" I said as Adam laughed too. "Well, I bet ya this is something you've never seen" he said. I looked at him surprised, as he just smiled at me. "Get dressed" he told me. I did as he said.

I followed Adam as he lead me to the balcony of the house, which was at the front on the second floor. I sat down on the ground, and Adam beside me. "What the hell are we doing here?" I asked, still annoyed that I had to wake up this early. "Just wait" he said as he put a finger to my lips. I was shivering, because it was cold. Adam, saw me shivering, and put his arms around me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. I turned my head, to catch him in a lip-lock. I held it there. Then suddenly, almost as if it were magic, light began to show as the sun began to rise. Darkness had been turned into light. It moved slowly from the horizon, brilliant colours of orange, yellow, pink and purple filled the skies. The coldness I had felt, had now been replaced by a warmth, from the sun and my lover. Adam and I stared at its beauty and splendour. "Is this what you wanted to show me?" I asked as I leaned my head on his shoulder. "Mmmmhmmm" he answered. "It's so beautiful" I said with a sigh. "I know. Ever seen the sunrise?" he asked. "Nope, never. It's so nice of you to show me" I told him. "It's these simple things, that make life worth living" he told me. "I know what you mean...you don't really appreciate those simple things in life, until their gone."

Adam and I went back into the house, which was now slowly being illuminated by the rays of the sunlight. It wasn't all that bright, cause there were clouds in the sky. I was still really tired. I jumped back into bed, and Adam followed suite. I closed my eyes, as I fell asleep in his arms.

The next time I opened my eyes, sunlight had completely filled the room. I felt the warm rays on my face. Adam was leaning over me. The sun was directly behind his head, and he smiled at me. He looked like an angel. "Time to get up sleepy-head" he said softly. I took my pillow and hit him in the head. He giggled, and tooke the pillow, and stuffed it on my face. "Alright! I'm awake, I'm awake!" I surrendered. "Good, get up" he told me. I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed. "Time for some morning music" I said to myself. I turned on the CD player. I looked around for my Backstreet Boys CD. "Ah, here it is" I said as I put it in, and started playing 'Everybody.' "Do you know, that some people think that all gay guys like the Backstreet Boys" Adam managed to say inspite of the loud music. "You don't have to be gay to like 'em" I shouted over the music. "Yeah I know" he said. "Dude, I gotta go home now. My mom's been alone at home, and I wanna spend some time with her" he said. I stopped the music. "Awww, do you have to go?" I held his hands in mine, and gave him the best puppy-dog look I could. "Maybe just a little while longer" he said as he leaned his head close to me, and kissed. His saliva mixed with mine and I pulled his head even closer, thrusting my tongue harder into his mouth as our cocks collided through the cotton of our shorts. We gasped with pleasure at the same time, and carried on kissing as I savoured the moment. His saliva was sooo sweet.

I felt so good turning on Adam and put my hand down his shorts while slowly licking his abdomen. I felt his dick pulsate beneath my fingers. I began wanking him harshly, his balls banging against my fist. "Oh yes, more, more" he breathed quickly. His warm cock felt so good, but I knew where I wanted it. I carried on licking down to his belly button and lower as I retrieved my hand, and gripped the elastic of his shorts, pulling them down quickly. He groaned as his fully erect shaft flew up like a python that had been held captive under a blanket, it was the most amazing sight Ihad ever seen. "Fuck, your dick is huge," I said as he grinned sexily at me, but he couldn't speak. I ran my hand through his pubic hairs, enjoying the feel of them, and then played with his balls. I then looked directly at his cock. It was like a mountain waiting to be climbed. My fingers touched the soft skin of his dick as and my mouth watered in anticipation. I wrapped my lips around it sucking, and moved my head rapidly up and down. His feet wriggled as the supreme pleasure hit him. "Wait!!" he managed to shout and I lifted my head. I pulled the rest of his shorts off and massaged the insides of his thighs. "Your turn," he grinned and got up. We kissed again as he turned me around lowering me onto the bed. He wasted no time in ripping off my shorts. He stared at my cock. "I want your cock in my mouth." His tongue licked from my balls to the sensitive head, it was the most amazing feeling. I groaned as he buried the point of his tongue as far as he could in my cum-hole. Then I felt the roughness of his tongue as he sucked my cock harshly. I grabbed the back of his head, my fingers in his gold locks. "You taste so fucking good," he said. "Give me your legs," I ordered and as he did I moved his cock over my face as his was still above mine. I grabbed his cheeks of iron,squeezing the flesh and thrusting his cock into my mouth deep-throating it. I had really gotten good at this, I thought to myself. His head flew up, he gasped and then sucked at my dick hungrily. Our pleasure was so immense we couldn't get enough of it and pulled our backs closer so our hot sweaty bodies were sliding against each other as we worked each others cocks with our heads and tongues simultaneously. He groaned as he shot a load in my mouth and I came in his soon after. I drank it like it was cool refreshing water, even though it was morelike warm nectar. I just sucked more and more. He removed my cock from his mouth and licked every inch of cum off it and I did the same. I spun him around so his face was looking at me again. Our warm balls felt great against each others thighs. We just grinned at each other and I moved my mouth to his again, sliding our lips together as our tongues moved together and further into our mouths. They kept moving, the taste of our cum mixing. But, we were so aroused our hard-ons hadn't gone away, so we thrust them onto each others thighs moving our lower bodies up and down, grinding our cocks into each other. We both stopped kissing and knelt as we both reached climax, sprayingcum everywhere. We collapsed on top of each other exhausted. "That...was...intense" I puffed out. Adam turned to me, "I gotta go now." "Okay, I'll see you in school tomorrow?" "Yeah" he said. He got dressed, before kissing me on the lips, and leaving. "I love you Adam" I whispered as he left.

Monday morning. I opened my eyes. Something was wrong. The sun was too bright. I looked over at my alarm clock. It was blank. "OH SHIT!" I said aloud. I quickly got up and picked up my watch. 9:30am. "SHIT!" I said again, as I fumbled to get dressed. I forgot to plug the alarm clock back in. I got dressed, and ran downstairs. I put on my shoes, and picked up my bag, and ran out the door. It was quite warm, and by the time I reached school, I was sweating like a pig. I had to report to the main office because I was late. They don't even listen to your excuses. The fact is if your late, you get detention. It's as simple as that. After I got my detention slip, I just go back to class. I only missed my first class. I went to Math class, and there was Adam inside already waiting for me. I took my seat next to him.

"Where've you been? You missed first class" he whispered.

"I know...you know yesterday when I unplugged the alarm clock? I forgot to plug it back in" I whispered back.

"Whups! That ain't no good" Adam informed me.

"You're telling me. I got detention after school" I told him.

"Bummer dude" he said. "You want me to wait for you?"

"Nah, don't worry about it. I don't want you to wait around with nothing to do" I said.

"Okay" he said. He sure gave up easily.

During our lunch break, Adam and I were in the cafeteria eating our lunch, when Robbie and Stacy came to join us.

"Hey Robbie, Stacy" Adam and I greeted them as they sat down.

"What's up" Robbie asked.

I looked at Adam, and gave him a wicked smile. Adam kicked me from under the table. "Nothing much" answered Adam.

"So it looks like you guys are...a couple now?" I asked.

"Well no...not" started Robbie. "Of course we are" finished Stacy with a cheerful smile. She seemed proud to have Robbie as a boyfriend.

"Great, you guys make a perfect couple" said Adam. Robbie blushed. "Excuse me guys, I gotta go to the bathroom" said Robbie as he started to leave. "I'll see you guys later" said Stacy before running after Robbie. Adam looked at me and asked, "Did he leave because of something I said?" "I don't know" I replied. "I didn't mean anything bad" he started. "I know...Robbie's just a bit embarassed that's all" I tried to assure Adam. But he seemed convinced that he did do something wrong.

School ended, and Adam said goodbye as I reported to the teacher in charge of detention. Or the detention class. There was another kid also in for detention. One good thing was the teacher in charge was my sixth grade teacher, Mr Walters. He wasn't strict at all, he was an easy going guy. About mid-forties, overweight, and bald. He was kind of a gentle giant. "Mr. Treanor...what are you doing in detention?" he asked politely. "I came to school late this morning" I replied. "Tsk tsk. And Max Powers, what're you in for?" he asked a blond haired kid, who seemed to be 13 or so. His hair was lighter than mine, but was styled in the same way, parted from the center, and also like me, hung down to the ears. He had a beautiful face and, "I got into a fight." Oh...his voice was so...so...it just sounded so (dare I say it?) sexy. It had a kind of rasp to it. "Well, you boys make yourself comfortable. This detention doesn't finish till 4:30pm" said Mr Walters. "Yes sir" I answered, and then the kid answered as well.

I sat down, and the kid sat right next to me. Of all the places around the room, he had to sit next to me. We had the whole room to ourselves, and he had to sit right next to me. Oh well. He was kind of cute. He kind of looked like a smaller version of Robbie. "Boys, I've got some marking to do...I'll check up on you every 15 or so minutes, so don't do anything accept work okay?" he asked us. "Yep sure thing" answered the kid. The teacher left the room, as I got my books out and started on some damn algebra. I'd been failin math for quite some time now. But I didn't care. "So, what's your name?" asked the kid. "James" I answered sticking my hand out to greet his. "I'm Max" he said with a smile. "Nice to meet you Max" I said. "So you came to school late huh?" he asked. "Yeah, I unplugged my alarm clock yesterday, and I forgot to plug it back it" I laughed. He started to laugh too. "You idiot, why the hell was it unplugged in the first place?" he asked. "Well...I...accidentally unplugged it" I managed to sputter out. He looked at me funny, and then began to laugh. I couldn't help but laugh at him. I had to stop him from asking anymore questions. "So why were you fighting?" I asked. His laughing stopped, and he turned back to his textbook. "It's none of your business" he said coldly. "I was only ask..." I started. "Look, just leave me alone" he said. I looked at him, and could see his teary eyes. This kid was ready to explode. I decided to back off. "Look, I'm sorry...I was..." "PISS OFF! Okay? Just leave me alone" he shouted. He grabbed his books, and moved to the other sde of the room so that he was directly opposite me. I sat there shocked from what had just happened. I swear I could hear him crying very faintly. The kid was obviously depressed or something. Damn!! What had I done? I decided to just leave him alone. This would probably be the first and last time I see him anyway.

When detention was over Max ran out of the classroom, probably never to be seen again. I just walked out, and packed my bags, and began walking to Adam's house. I couldn't wait to get there. I wondered what he was doing now without me. Probably thinking about me, I smiled to myself. About half way to Adam's house, there was a park. As I was walking past something caught my attention. I saw 4 kids, pushing Max around. I presumed they were the same age as Max. I didn't know if I should step in, or what. I started to walk in their direction, and I head what they were saying.

"You fucking asshole. I had better not see your face around school again. We don't need wierdo's like you" said, what I guessed to be the leader.

The other three, were just surrounding Max, fists ready to do all the talking. I had to do something. If I didn't, they would beat the crap out of Max. I know Max wasn't very nice to me before, but I couldn't just walk past and not do anything. I don't care whether Max would hate me or thank me for this, but it was my decision to do something to help him. But what the hell was I going to do. There were four of them, and only me. I could only hope that me being older would intimidate them.

"HEY!" I shouted. "Leave him alone" I said. Max turned to see who was here. He saw me, and I looked into his eyes, and could tell that he wanted my help. His eyes said it all. Max was scared, and I could see it on his face. I had to help him.

"Who the fuck are you!?" shouted the leader.

"I said leave him alone" I repeated in a stern voive, hoping that it would get them to stop.

"You're looking for trouble mate!" said the leader. "Get out of here, this is none of your business" he advised me.

"Well, that's my friend there, and I'm making it my business" I said. My heart was pounding at 100mph. Oh shit...what had I gotten myself into? Two of the gang members grabbed Max, and stopped him from going anywhere. The leader, and another one, came up to me. "You can't fight four of us...you don't have the balls" he said to me.

"At least I don' t have to think with them" I said. Great come back, huh?

The leader swung a fist at my face. My quick reaction made me duck, as I gave him a good one in the stomach and the to the face. He fell to the ground, unable to breath, as I had completely knocked the wind from him. I had studied martial arts a couple of years back, but never actually used it in a real combat situation. I couldn't believe I had punched him. Then all three of the others came and surrounded me. SHIT. I looked around for an escape route. I could see Max, completely lost as in what to do. Then he started to run away. That little shit!! I tried to save his ass from a beating, and now he was running away.

I made the first move as I kicked one of them in the stomach, but then I felt a punch at my stomach. I gave a good elbow to the nose of guy who punched me, and then I felt a fist hit me on the face. I heard someone shout, "ARGH! My nose!! He broke my fucking nose!!" The force was so hard, I spun to the other direction, as I fell to the ground. Everything was spinning, I couldn't make out where everything was. All I could see was green, and blue, the sky and ground. I was clutching my face, as I shook my head trying to focus on something...anything so I might be able to do something to get away. I realised how much my face hurt...and how hard it was for me to breath. I was on my side, when I saw a pair of sneakers in front of me. I looked up, and saw the leader again. His lip was bleeding from the punch I gave him.

"You fucking bastard!! I told you to fuck off!!" he shouted in anger. I was on my hands and knees, trying to get up, when he kicked me hard in the stomach completely knocking the air out of me.

"UGH!" I shouted as I stumbed back onto the floor clutching my stomach, trying to breath again. For a moment I couldn't breath. I coughed, gasping in hair, as if I was suffocating. I tried to get my breath back. I was in pain, and I was so angry. Why did I ever help that goddamn kid? "Fuck you!" said the leader. Then I heard running footsteps, which told me they were gone. I watched them as they left. I was glad that I had broke that guys nose. I would hate to think that all my injuries were for nothing.
I couldn't move, I was completely paryalized. I couldn't move my body. I was aching all over. I lay there...waiting for something to happen, wating for someone. I then completely blacked out. I opened my eyes, and I felt someone helping me up. I had trouble keeping my eyes open. It was already starting to get dark. That puch to the face must've really been bad. I could see that it was Max who had come back to help me. He lifted me to my feet. I heard him say something to me, but the state I was in, I couldn't make out a word. All I heard was mumbling, and it echoed in my ears. I had my arm around his shoulder, as he helped me walk. I was staggering around guiding Max, so that he could take me to Adam's house. I couldn't talk. My face hurt, and I could feel my lip was cut. Everything was spinning...almost as if it were in slow motion, but going black every now and then. I'm surprised we made it to Adam's house, and Max knocked the door. The door opened and there was Adam. His face was the last thing I saw before everything went black again...

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