Written by James Treanor

Hey guys and gals! I know you think you've already read this...but you're wrong. Some of you are fortunate enough to have the original copy of this, and this is kinda like the re-write. This is an updated version, which kinda changes the storyline a little. But this one is actually the one that follows the series. Well, I'll see you guys at the bottom of the page. Engoy! :-)

Angel of Mine: Chapter 6

I could hear a voice. I opened my eyes. "James...can you hear me? James, dude...how do you feel?" asked Adam, sounding very concerned. "You've been out, for almost an hour now" he told me. I looked around, and found that I was in Adam's room. All I could focus on was Adam. Then I realized how much my head was hurting, and so was my stomach. "Do you know what happened?" I asked weakly. My head felt like it was throbbing. "Yeah...I'm going to get those assholes" Adam said, sounding very angry. "That kid that helped you here, told me what happened" said Adam. I was on Adam's bed. "I feel like shit" I said. Adam had raised his hand and was running it through my hair. "Yeah, you're lucky you only got a few bruises on your face" said Adam. "I got kicked in the stomach, and it's hurting like hell" I told him. "I'll get you an ice-pack...just wait" said Adam, before rushing out of the room. He came back in a couple of seconds later with an ice-pack, and placed it gently on my face. "Ah!" I whinced in pain. "Ooops...so sorry dude...it'll help the swelling go down" apologized Adam. I held my breath, as Adam put it on my face. The pain was excruciating. I let out my breath, once it was on, and I held it there myself. Adam then began to rub my stomach ever so gently. "James...I'm so sorry, I should've waited for you after school" apologized Adam again. I looked up to his face, and saw his eyes were full of tears. "Adam, don't cry....it wasn't your fault" I said, as I raised my left hand to his face, and wiped away the tears. "But..(sob)..I feel like it was my fault..(sob)" said Adam. "It wasn't your fault" I tried to asssure him. Adam's mood changed immediately. "Those assholes....those fucking assholes!" he shouted. "Adam...calm down" "Calm down?! Look what they did to you" said Adam, as he got up and started pacing the floor back and forth. "For goodness sakes James, what the hell did you think you were doing? There were four of them. You may be older than them, but trying to go up against four kids is simply ridiculous!" Adam scolded me. I looked away to the side. I didn't want to face him. "I was trying to help someone" I said weakly, as tears welled up in my eyes. Everything was a blur now. I swallowed hard. "Did you really think you could've gotten away from them....without getting hurt?" asked Adam. "You're not my father" I said. "I'm not your father, but I care about you" said Adam. "I thought I stood a better chance against them, than Max" I said to Adam. Adam paused. I think he understood my situation. I finally closed my eyes, and let the tears come down. Adam came and sat on the bed. "I'm sorry" he apologized, "I guess you did stand a better chance than that kid. It's just that, Max told me he came back for you, and found you lying there on the ground. They must've done a real good one on ya, to leave you lying on the floor. That really pisses me off" said Adam. "Yeah, one of them got me good, right in the head...knocked me right out" I said. Adam raised his hand to my face. "You know...when I saw you at the door like that, I was so mad at who had done this to you. I'm going to get them for what they did" I wasn't going to stop Adam. I wanted to get back at them, just as much as he did. "We'll get our chance" I said to Adam. "We?" "Yes, 'we'...you don't think I'm going to let them get away with this do you?" I said. Adam smiled. I tried to smile back, but my lip hurt. Adam kissed me on the forehead.

"Shit! What's the time?" I asked panicked.

"It's 6:03pm" answered Adam.

"My mom's going to kill me!" I said. "Relax, you've got a 'legitimate' excuse right? You saw a kid in trouble, you helped the kid, you got hurt, and you've got the bruises to prove it" said Adam. I couldn't help but giggle. "I'll call your mom for ya, and tell her what happened...you're probably not up to talking to her right now, right?" "Yeah, could you call her now, and tell her?" I asked. "Sure. Back in a sec" he said, as he rushed out of the room again. I got up, and walked over the bathroom. I looked in the mirror. I had a bruise just under my right eye, and one on the right side of my cheek. "Dad's going to kill me" I muttered to myself. It wasn't really that bad. "James. Your mom wants to talk to you" said Adam. I took the phone from his hands. "Mom?"

"(Sigh) Look, just come home after dinner alright? We'll talk then" she said. "Ok, I'll be home at about 8:00pm" I told her. Then she hung up. My mom sounded really tired. I gave the phone back to Adam. I looked in the mirror again, and Adam came up from behind me. "So you kinda saved that kid, Max, from a beating huh?" he asked me. I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess you could say that." "Wow...you're a hero" said Adam. "I never thought of it that way" I said. "Well, you are to me" said Adam, as he put his hands around me. He gently rubbed my stomach, tickling me, and making me giggle uncontrollably. "Does it still hurt?" asked Adam. Surprisingly, the pain had died down considerably. "Hey, it doesn't hurt as much now!" I said in a surprised tone. "Really?" asked Adam. "Yeah...you must have healing hands" I said. "Aren't you lucky to have me?" asked Adam smiling about the fact that I was alright now.

That night in bed, after my mom and I had a talk about what happened. I told her the truth, and she said she believed me, and told me that I did the right thing. I felt like a hero. I came in, and risked my life to save someone elses. Ok, maybe I didn't risk my life, but I did something right, and it felt good. Dad was coming back tomorrow, and I don't know how he would react. I lay there in bed, and fell asleep. I was exhausted, and I mean really, really tired. Just before I went to sleep, I remembered to pug my alarm clock back in.

I arrived at school that morning, and as I was putting my books in my locker, Stacy came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder.

"G'morning James" she gretted me with a friendly smile. She saw the bruises on my face, and asked, "What happened to you?"

"Nothing much, I just got beaten up by four guys yesterday" I answered.

"You're kidding me...what did they want?" she asked.

"Well, they were going to beat up this other kid, Max, I met him at detention. He had been in a fight, and that's why he was at detention. That same guy, and his 'gang' were waiting for him after detention, and they were going to beat the shit out of him" I told her.

"Why do you look like you took the beating?" she asked me.

"Well, I interrupted. I fought them, and Max got away. Believe me, I stood a better chance against them than Max did" I tried to convinve her.

"Does it hurt?" she asked, as she raised her hand to my face.

"Nah...I was actually knocked out after the fight" I told her. I had to add that part in.


"Yeah...they knocked me out, and I was left there on the ground. Max helped me to Adam's house after that" I told her.

"Well...in that case, you definitely stood a better chance than this Max person" she said.

"And guess what? I broke one of the guys nose" I said proudly.

"Good for you!" smiled Stacy. She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, "Don't get involved in anything like that again."

"Yeah, I know, but Max seemed like he needed my help" I told her.

"Well, he had better appreciate your help, or else I'll give him a beating" said Stacy.

By lunch time, thank to Stacy and her big gossipping mouth, almost the whole year level knew about me putting a fight against four other guys. I was like...famous. Everywhere I went, I was greeted with 'good job dude' or 'give me five.' Adam and I were at the cafeteria eating, when Stacy and Robbie came and ate with us.

"Hey James...looks like your quite the hero" said Robbie.

"Yeah...didn't feel like a hero while I was taking the beating" I laughed. Adam didn't seem too impressed at that comment. "Well...I don't really wanna talk about it, if you don't mind" I said. I didn't want to get another scolding from Adam. Even my mom said less than he did. But I didn't care, it just showed me how much he cared for me.

"Oh, yeah...sure thing dude" said Robbie.

We were just chatting as usual, when we heard a voice ask, "Can I eat with you guys?" We all looked to see who it was.

"Michelle...sure sit down" answered Stacy. It was Michelle

Michelle chose the seat next to mine. "So James, I heard you got into a fight yesterday" she said. "Yeah" I said, trying to avoid the subject. I looked at Adam who sat opposite me. He just smiled at me, and shrugged his shoulders, as if saying 'it's okay.' I guess he didn't care if we talked about it now.

"Are you hurt?" she asked sounding concerned.

"Yeah, a few bruises here and there, nothing major" I said putting on a brave face. I heard Adam snigger, and choke on his coke. I gave him a light kick under the table.

"Oh, you poor thing" said Michelle. She raised her hand and placed it on my bruised face, just as Stacy had done. "I'm glad it's not too bad" she said. "I'd hate to see anything happen to your beautiful face" she said looking deep into my eyes. What was she doing? If I didn't know better, I'd say she was hitting onto me. "Yeah...well" I said blushing. Adam didn't look to happy seeing Michelle with her hands on me. "Ahem!" I coughed. Michelle, realising that she still had her hand on my face, took it down. I looked around the table to see everyone watching. "Sorry" she said softly. "Don't worry" I said. She was really lost for words now, and so was I. "I should be going...I gotta meet someone" she said. "Okay, bye" I said. She smiled back.


"Dude, she's all over you" exclaimed Adam.

"Like I didn't notice" I said sarcarstically. I wiped the sweat from my forehead, "God, this is really scary."

"You can do something for me....tell her: Look, but don't touch" Adam said softly. I burst out laughing, and Stacy and Robbie wondered why. "What's so funny?" they asked. "Oh, nothing...it's just that we think that Michelle is trying to hit on James" said Adam. "No way...she's just being friendly....really friendly" I said modestly. "Take my word for it dude, she's all over you" giggled Adam. I gave him a light punch in the arm. "Hey!" retaliated Adam, and then gave me a punch to the stomach. It wasn't a hard punch, but because of that kick I sustained yesterday, I clutched my stomach in pain. "Shit! Adam it still hurts" I shouted. Adam seeing me clutching my stomach, immediately put a hand on my back, and one on my chest helping me back up. "I'm sorry, so sorry....you okay?" Adam reacted quickly. Robbie and Stacy were now staring at us, Robbie looking very surprised. "Ah...um...you okay James?" said Adam trying to cover up. "Yeah, it's just that I'm still a little sore from yesterday" I told him. "Um...Adam? Why...how come.....ah, never mind" stuttered Robbie. Stacy tried to divert Robbie's attention away from us, as they left the table. "Shit, I'm so sorry, that was too close" said Adam as he relaxed. I could see he was as nervous as hell. "You're telling me....what're you trying to do....that hurt!" I said to Adam. "Oh, yeah, I kinda forgot about that" he explained. "You forgot? You were the one who was most concerned in the first place" I answered. "I know...it's just that seeing you with a smile on your face, makes me feel so happy, and I kinda forgot about all the pain and stuff" explained Adam. I loved him...he was so sweet. "I'd kiss you right here if there weren't so many people around" I whispered.

At the end of the day as I was packing my books into my bag, I saw Max walking toward me. "Hey" he greeted me. "Hi" I said. "You okay?" he asked. "Yeah, I'm alright" I answered. "You mind if I walk with you?" he asked. "Sure, if you want" I said. I told Adam that Max and I had some things to sort out, and so he walked home first.

Max and I left a little later. I don't know where Max lived, but he was walking in the same direction as me. "James...I'd just like to say thanks, for saving my ass yesterday" said Max, with a feeling of gratitude. I smiled, "No problem. Who were those jerks anyway? Were they the ones who you got into a fight with yesterday?" I asked him. "Yeah, but yesterday I only got into a fight with the leader of the group...Steve. Ya'know...the guy with the big mouth" said Max. "Yeah...I remember" I said getting angry. "I'm really glad you came...I was so scared when Steve and his gang had me. I thought I was gone for good! When you came, I felt so....so, as if I had been given a second chance in life. I know it sounds stupid, but I'm really thankful" said Max. I looked at him, and saw that his eyes were telling the truth. He really did mean it. "Like I said...I'm glad that I could help. I guess you had a guardian angel looking over you huh?" I smiled to him. "Yeah...I guess your right" he smiled back. Whoah! Look at those perfect white teeth! They even kind of sparkled. "Your alright" I said to him. "I'll see you later then" he said as he began to walk back in the direction that we just came from. "See ya" I answered back.

I went to Adam's house. "So, what did you two talk about?" asked Adam as he handed me a coke. "Oh, he just wanted to thank me for what I did to save his ass" I opened the can, and started gulping it down. Man, my sugar cravings were off the chart today. I finished the whole thing in 20 seconds, and did the biggest burp ever! "Gross! You're disgusting" laughed Adam. I took Adam by the hand, and went up to his bedroom. As we entered the room, I pushed him onto the bed. I locked the door behind me, and pounced on top of Adam like a cat. "I want you" I said erotically. Adam lifted his head off the bed, and licked slowly over my lips. "I need you" he said with an evil smile. He quickly pushed me off him, and reversed our positions, so that he was now on top of me. "As I said before...I like this position better" he said. I giggled. Adam leaned his head down and kissed me long and hard, as I had my hands on his shirt desperately trying to get it off. It wasn't easy when you had your eyes closed. I managed to get hold of his shirt, and began lifting it up. Adam didn't want to stop, so I left his shirt on...for now anyway. We explored each others mouths as we ran our hands all over each others bodies. Feeling Adam's hands on me made me shiver in ecstasy. I was in heaven. I could feel Adam's hard member pressing into mine. I let my hands wonder down to his butt, and squeezed.

I let my hand slide down Adam's shaft then to his balls and began massaging them. Adam started to feel my cock through my pants, groping it and sliding his hand on it, making me harder and harder. I kissed Adam on the lips and then went down kissing him every two inches or so on his chest , unbuttoning his shirt as I went down kissing, then paused when I got to Adam's belly button, where right in front of me was Adam's hard cock hidden behind his jeans and boxers. I undid the jeans button, then got the zipper down and slid the pants off, and felt precum oozing out of his cock. Adam's dick was now tenting his boxers. I was so aroused that I had Adam's boxers down in no time. Adam wouldn't let me suck him unless I was naked. So he ripped my shirt off, and took off my pants and boxers in almost a second. He was so fast...I knew he was horny. With Adam's hard cock right in front of me and without any clothes to hide it, it was full of precum on the end. I let my tongue out and licked the precum from his cock. His cock tasted so good to me, and I started licking the head of the cock, all around and under. I could tell that by now that Adam had forgotten everything that went on outside of this room. He was moaning in pleasure now. I bet that the only thing he had on his mind was the blowjob he was getting and loving. I wrapped my lips around Adam's cock and got it slowly in. I loved the feel of my lovers cock sliding on my lips and the the taste of the precum that Adam was leaking in my mouth. I then started to go up and down on the hard shaft. Adam's hips had started moving in a fucking motion into my mouth. I was so overwhelmed with pleasure and desire, the hot cock fucking my mouth was so good, I couldn't wait to taste Jon's load and the groans and moans of my young lover were driving me crazy with excitement. Then I heard Adam shout, "Here it comes!" and a few seconds later I received the first cum shot, which was so strong that I thought he was going to choke! I swallow the sweet sticky liquid, tasting it, and loving it. Adam's cock shot a second time and then shot loads after loads of cum filling my mouth with his boy juice.

"Oh....James....that was incredible" said Adam, a little short of breath.

"Yeah, I loved that" was all I could say. Adam then got down between my legs, and said, "My turn."

He began by tentatively kissing my cock on the tip slightly tasting the mild flavor of his precum. I gasped in pleasure as I felt his tongue on my sensitive member. Then he licked it, getting more taste of my hot cock. Adam was right...feeling was incredible. I responded by thrusting my hips up into Adam, so it looked like I was fucking his hot mouth. By now I was gasping, moaning and groaning, "Oh that feels sooo good, keep going...please don't stop." That was all Adam needed to hear before he took my whole hard cock into his mouth and began sucking and swirling his tongue around my cockhead. It didn't take long for me to begin making faster fucking motions into Adam's mouth and before either of us realized it, I had the whole of my hard cock buried to the hilt, my pubic hair brushing Adam's nose. Just feeling the heat of Adam's mouth was incredible. This was almost all too much for me, and I thought I was going to cum too soon. I tried my best to hold it back. But, who could hold off against such an arousing situatioin. Being sucked by your lover, and being so horny. There was hardly any time to warn Adam before I shot my load into his waiting mouth. "Oh God, I'm going to cum......OH, OH, OH, OH, Oh, oh" I moaned as I blasted my boy nectar down Adam's throat. Adam swallowed every bit of it. I was spent, and all I could do was lie there. As my cock began to subside and go limp, Adam licked the cockhead clean, tasting my cum, and by the look on his face, I could tell he was enjoying it. We lay in bed, without saying a word. Right now, all that mattered to me, in the whole wide world...was the person beside me. Nothing mattered at all. "I'll always love you" Adam said. "I'll always love you too. Promise me you'll never leave me" I said to him. "What? Don't you trust me?" Adam asked. "I trust you...I just wanted to hear the words" I admitted. Adam smiled, "Ok, I'll never leave you. I'd rather die, than live without you." I snuggled up to Adam, enjoying the feeling of warmth. I then remembered the time. Looking at my wrist-watch, I saw that it was 5:00pm.

"Dude, I'd better go. The 'King' should be home today, and I don't wanna get any shit from him" I told Adam, referring to my dad.

"Awww" whined Adam.

"Hey, would you rather me be grounded for a month?" I asked.

"I guess not. I wish your dad wasn't so...ya'know....so strict" said Adam. I had started to put my clothes back on. "Yeah, I wish that too" I admitted. I really didn't understand why my dad was so strict. Sometimes I thought my dad was complete crazy. I really disliked all his family rules. He was hardly ever around. Damn! Father's Day was coming up, and as usual, I would be expected to buy him a lovely present. The problem was, I never knew what to give him. What do you give to a man you hated so much? What do you give to a man whom controlled your life, and probably would until you died....or until he died. Adam, had put on his pants now and walked me to the door. Before he opened the front door, he stopped and kissed me. I ran my hands down his chest and stomach, like it was a natural reaction. I loved the feeling of his beautiful....bare...naked skin..... "Dude!" Adam called. I realised that Adam had already broken the kiss, and that I was still standing there with my hands reached out...touching nothing. "What're you doing?" he asked laughing. I giggled. "I'll see you tomorrow" I said, as I opened the front door. I began walking out, when I suddenly felt a pair of hands grab my ass hard. "Jesus! You trying to get us caught?" I asked a little panicked. "Sorry...seeing your cute little ass just makes me wanna touch it" Adam giggled. "Well, you'd better control yourself, or you'll get my 'cute little ass' kicked" I warned him with a smile. "Later dude" Adam said, before closing the door.

I thought about Father's Day again, but not about my dad. Adam's father had died of cancer, when he was only 6 years old. Father's Day was always hard for him. Every year I would see that unhappy look on his face, and it would just break my heart. I always prayed at night, for God to look after him. I used to think that during Father's Day, it would give me an excuse to get closer to Adam. I went with him and his mom, as well as the rest of the family, when they went to visit Adam's fathers grave. I don't know why I went, but I guess it was because I was a good friend. I was glad to be there. Whenever he was sad or upset, I would be able to put a hand around him, and tell him it was alright. I was there when he needed me most, and he was there for me when I needed him most.

Upon arriving home, I saw a person standing in front of my doorway. As I got closer to my house, I found that it was Robbie. He was doing small paces in front of the door, looking as if he was going to knock on the door, but then chickened out.

"Hey! I think the door's waiting for you to knock on it" I shouted.

Robbie jumped a bit, surprised to find me behind him. "Dude, I think my heart stopped!" exclaimed Robbie. It never ceased to amaze me how easy it was to give Robbie a good scare.

"So, you gonna knock on the door or what?" I asked. "Nah, I'll just wait for you to open it" he said. "So what brings you here?" "Well, I was in the neighborhood, and I'd thought I'd give you a visit" he said. "Hey, did you know, ever since you got here, you've never been to my house?" I said. "Yeah, you're right" said Robbie, realising it was true. "Come on, I'll give you the grand tour" I said. "That'd be cool" he answered. I opened the door, and there was dad, already home from his business trip, sitting in the living room, reading the newspaper. "Son, you made it home just in time" he said looking at his watch. "Yeah...oh dad, this is Robbie, he just moved here a couple of weeks ago. Robbie, this is my dad" I said, "refer to him as Mr. Treanor" I whispered. "Nice to meet you Mr. Treanor" said Adam, as he put his hand out. They shook hands. "Um...Robbie and I are just going to hang out in my room" I said, breaking the silence. My dad gave me a nod. As we made our way upstairs, I poined out the kitchen, living room, bathroom/toilets, and the bedrooms. "And last but not least...my room" I said, as we entered my room. "Kewl dude!" said Robbie. "Don't sound too enthusiastic" I joked. "Nah, really...you're room is really nice" he said. It still seemed really strange to me how he came to my house, without any real reason. "So...really, why did you come here?" I asked. "What? I was kinda bored, and wondered if you wanted to hang out or something" he said. "Oh, well I've given you the tour...but there's really not much else to do. Unless you wanted to listen to some music" I suggested. "Music? Did someone say music? Jamesie-boy, music is my life" he said with a huge smile on his face. "Great, there's a pile of CD's...just pick anyone you like" I said to him. I saw Robbie grab my Backstreet Boys: Milennium CD. He put it in and played the song 'Larger than Life.' "Hey James, cool stereo system" he said. "Thanks, my parents bought it for my birthday" I answered. "So, you like Backstreet Boys huh?" I asked out of curiosity. "Um...yeah. Why?" he said. "Just wondering." I sat on my bed, as Robbie started running through the lyrics to the words. Man, did he have a sexy voice. And, he had an incredible singing voice too! "Dude! You can sure sing" I said. "Thanks" said Robbie blushing. "Where'd you learn to sing like that?" I asked. "I took lessons at school...well at my old school" he said. "Maybe you should join the choir at school?" I suggested. "Nah, I don't like singing at school. I just do it...kind of like a hobbie" "Ya'know, I take singing lessons from school too" I boasted. "Really?" he asked surprised. "Really" "Okay, you've heard me sing...now I wanna hear you" said Robbie with a grin. "Ok wiseguy, track no. 2 please. 'I Want It That Way'"

The music started, and I got ready to show off.

"You are my fire
The one desire
Believe when I say
I want it that way
But we are two worlds apart
Can't reach to your heart
When I say
That I want it that way"

I decided that would be enough. "Dude, you are good!" complimented Robbie. "Really? You're really good too" I returned the compliment. "Can I tell you something?" asked Robbie. "Sure" "Well, I've been here for a few weeks, and I feel guilty for not telling all you guys this from the beginning" he said softly. "How bad can it be? Like you said, you've only been here for a few weeks" I said trying to make him more comfortable. "Yeah, well...you see...me 'an Stacy have been going out right?" "Right" "Well, it only seems like that. We just spend a lot of time together...we're not actually an item" he said. "Oh, I get it...you're not actually going out, you're just good frineds. Hey, that's alright. Just tell Stace, she'll be cool with it" I said. "James, let me finish..." started Robbie. "Sorry, go on" "Well, after all the time me 'an Stace have been spending together...I thought we were just good friends. Y'know...hanging out and all. But, I have this wierd feeling. I really like her...I think I love her.."

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