Written by James Treanor

Hey guys and gals! I know it's been a while since whenver it was when I last wrote...but I've been busy. I've got more time to write now since school's started again, and so I'll be continuing this series. So more for you to read. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Angel of Mine: Chapter 7

Well! That was certainly a surprise...well, not so much a surprise, but it was unexpected. "I thought you and Stacy were in love already?" I said. "We are, but I think she thinks we're just going out as friends, but I want more to be just friends. I really like her, and I want us to be an item...a real item. Y'know...boyfriend and girlfriend," he said with a hint of nervousness in his voice. "Hehehe...is that all?!" I laughed a little bit. "Hey! Don't laugh at me!" he said giggling a bit himself, his face turning bright red. "Well! So what's the big deal?" I asked, motioning my hands for him to continue. "(Cough)...well, ah...it's like this, I've fallen in love with her since the first time we met...and I'm still kinda nervous around her...hehehe...this must sound really stupid to you."

"No...no...it doesn't sound stupid at all...in fact, it makes perfect sense," I said.

"Really? Cuz...I dunno...I just had to tell someone."

I put my hand on his shoulder, and smiled warmly at him. "Well, I'm glad you told me. So you figured out what you're gonna do yet?"

"Well...not really. I was thinking, like...maybe you could tell her?" he asked with a kinda hopeful look on his face.

"Oh...well, I don't think I could...I mean...look. Why don't I try and find out if she likes you back, and you can take it from there huh?"

"Really?! Oh...yeah! That'd be great!" Robbie said jumping to his feet.

"Yeah, sure," I smiled at his reaction.

"Kewl...thanks! Ok...I'd better get going," Robbie said with a big grin plastered on his face.

"Ok, sure thing...I'll see you later.

"Yeah, sure. I'll see you tomorrow then."

I showed him out the door, and he said goodbye to my dad.

As soon as he was gone I rushed over onto my bed, and reached for the phone that was beside it. I called Adam, and told him everything that Robbie had told me. Adam said that there was no big surprise there, and I thought that they were already an item. But Robbie said that he fell in love with her since the day they first laid eyes on each other. I shared all the gossip with my boyfriend, but made him swear not to tell another living soul. No secrets, right? "You wanna come and have a sleep-over?" he asked mischieviously. "Mmmmm...let me think about it..." I said teasingly. "Aw, come on!" he whined. I swear, I love him so much, just hearing him say that made me want to fly over there! But I had to tease him a little. "I dunno...I only saw you a couple of hours ago," I said, still trying to tease him. "Pleeeeease! I need you" he said dreamily. That was it! "Ok!" I gave in. "Alright! I win! Hurry over!"

"Mom, I'm going to stay over at Adam's house tonight, is that alright?" I asked her nicely.

"Um...sure. Just be home tomorrow by 5...you gotta help me prepare for Sunday," she said.


"Mikey's birthday party..."

"Oh that! Of course...hehe..." I said. "Bye mom!"

"See ya honey," she smiled.

Just as I got my over night bag all ready and was about to walk out the door, I hear little footsteps run down the steps, and as I turn around, my little brother Mikey is hugging my leg.

"Why are you always going?" he whined.

"Hey little monster!" I called him and ruffled his hair.

"Why are you always leaving?" he said in a pouty voice, sticking out the bottom lip.

"Aw...sorry little fella. I'll be back tomorrow...I promise."

He smiled at me, and I got on one knee. "C'mon, give your big bro a hug!" And he hugged me tightly. I then whispered into his ear, "And besides, I wouldn't want you to see your birthday present."

He broke the hug, and looked at me mouth wide open, as well as eyes. Seeing him light up like that made me giggle. "Really?! What'd you get me?! What'd you get me?!" he said jumping around. "Now if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise right?" He kinda stopped jumping and gave me his best 'I don't like you' look. "But I know you'll love it! But you have to wait...2 more sleeps okay?" Childrens language. "Okay," he smiled, "Bye!" "See ya little guy!" and I ran off to Adam's house.

When I got to the house, I greeted Adam's mom formally. "Good evening Mrs. Hunter" I said with big grin on my face. Even she looked a little surprised, but replied by saying, "Good evening James." I must've looked real goofy, with such a grin on my face. I smelled something cooking in the kitchen, and it smelled delicious. "What's cooking Mrs. Hunter? Smells real good" I said. "Why thank you James. We're having roast chicken for dinner, care to join us?" she asked. "Can't wait" I exclaimed. Adam was practically pulling me up the stairs, as I was talking to his mom.

"Dude, don't you think that was a bit rude?" I asked. "What did I do?" he asked innocently. "You pulled me away while I was talking to your mom" I explained. "Oh, don't worry about that. She's not your type" he said as he pushed me onto he bed. "You are though" I said. Adam was kissing me, and was grinding his hips into me at the same time. My pants were quite confining, making a buldge appear. Never once did we stop kissing. I could feel Adam's hands run up and down my sides, and touching my face. I let my hands roam from his back, feeling him down to those tight buttocks. I was getting more and more aroused, as both our hard-ons rubbed against each other. Oh, how I wish we didn't have our pants on!

"Kids! Dinner!" we heard from downstairs. Adam started to get off me, but I wouldn't let him. "We've got the whole night" he said. "I know…but LOOK!" I said as I pointed down to my crotch, where there was this huge buldge. "What? I like that piece of meat too" laughed Adam. I gave him a punch in the arm. "What am I gonna do?" I asked pointing down. "I dunno. Think of Stacy" said Adam. We both cracked up laughing. We went downstairs and enjoyed the most delicious roast chicken meal of our entire life. I could have done without the vegetables though. But being the most well-mannered guest, I ate everything that was on my plate, and complimented the chef. I offered to clean up the dishes, but Mrs. Hunter, told me and Adam to just go and have fun. Wow, just go and have fun. (evil grin) If only she knew how much fun we would have.

Adam and I were in his room just fooling about when his mom came in. "Boys, I'm going to sleep now. I've got to go to work early. I'm not going to ask you to go to sleep, cause I know you won't...but don't stay up too late," she said. Adam and I laughed. "Ok mom" said Adam. "Sure thing Mrs. Hunter. Goodnight" I said. "Good night boys" she said, before leaving the room. The second she closed the door, I'm tackled to the floor by Adam. He kisses me. "Adam (kiss) calm down (kiss)" I giggled. "Can't (kiss) help (kiss) it" he said, before getting off me. Adam and I were in our boxers now, just about ready to go to bed. Ready to go to bed. Not yet. I was supposed to sleep in a sleeping bag, but since good 'ol Adam has a double bed……I'll be sleeping next to him, or on top.

I was on his bed, as Adam fumbled around with his stereo. He walked over to the door and locked it. I couldn't help but look at his beautiful body as he moved. He had no hair what-so-ever on his body. Neither did I, but he looked so damn sexy. Adam saw me looking at him, and flashed me a smile, making me melt right there. "You look so sexy" I said. "Uh-uh, you are…more than me" he said. "I don't think so" I said. Adam was about to jump on top of me, but I moved so he was on the bed. I go on top of him instead. Looking down at Adam there really turned me on. I could tell he was turned on too. "Feels like you're happy to see me" I said. "Yeah, and the fact that I've waited so long for this" he giggled. "But something's not right" said Adam. "What?" I asked. Before another word could be said, he caught me off-guard, and before I knew it, he was on top of me, pinning my arms down. "James…how many times do I have to tell you? I like this position better" he said. No I knew why he liked that position better. When I was on top of him, the view was magnificent. He enjoyed having total control over me. But….I enjoyed it too. "Okay, you win" I surrendered.

We kissed, softly and passionately. This was it. No more interruptions. I caressed Adam's soft cheeks, as our tongues jumped about in each other's mouths. Too take this heaven away would just kill me. I loved the way our bodies were grinding into each other. The way it mad me…..so HOT! After what seemed like eternity, we broke the kiss. I could feel chills down my spine as he broke the kiss. I propped myself up on my elbows. Then Adam slowly began to kiss his way down my neck, kissing me erotically. I shivered at his touch. He noticed me shiver, and blew gently on my chest, making me shiver in estacy. Adam let out a giggle. Then he continued to kiss down my body, brushing his hands over my nipple, which were already hard. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed what life had to offer…love, lust…..Adam.

I felt him slowly taking off my boxers. I lifted my hips off the bed, to allow him to slipped them off, and when my dick was exposed to the open air, it only aroused me even more. Adam ran his tongue around the head of my circumsized cock and tasted the small drop of precum that had leaked from my cock. The feeling of his hands on my cock was incredible. Bare skin on bare skin. Adam licked down the length of my shaft, around to the base of my cock, I felt his nose at my young bush. Then he licked down to my balls which he took one by one in his mouth. "Adam, that feels so good" I said. I then remembered that I shouldn't talk too loud, and quietened my moans. I could feel Adam's tongue fluttering his tongue over the my dick, that was quickly reaching the back of his throat. I couldn't hold back anymore and began fucking that hot, wet mouth my dick was buried in. Pulling back until just the tip of my helmet was still in his mouth, then plunging back into the tight, moist heat, I began moaning loudly from the pleasure. My dick was getting harder and harder (if it was possible). I wasn't far from exploding in his mouth. Without my help, Adam began moving faster and faster. "OH" I moaned as I came into Adam's mouth. Spurt after spurt of milky white cum came out of my cock, and into my lovers waiting mouth. I could feel the vibrations from Adam's throat, as I came, which only made me cum even more. I thought I would never stop. Finally, Adam stopped sucking, and let my limp cock out of his mouth. "James, I thought we were going to get caught from the loudness of your moaning" he said. "Yeah, well….that was incredible….I couldn't help but moan and groan" I said. I began to imitate the moans and groans from before. "Shhh! You'll wake my mom" he pleaded. I giggled.

"My turn" I said, as I put him on the bed, in the same position as me. I did exactly the same thing as Adam did to me. I was so hot, I was sucking Adam off in no time. I took his cock into my mouth, and sucked him for what he was worth. He moaned, but not too loud. I guess he was better at controlling his excitement than I was. I stopped, and fluttered my tongue over the head of his cock, making him crazy. I stopped torturing him, and sucked him off again. Before I knew it, I could feel his cock getting harder, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I put my hands under his cute butt, and began to stick my finger in his ass. Adam gave out a cry, and I felt him cum in my mouth. I know how good it feels when you have your cock in someone's mouth, and when you moan, you can feel it on your cock. I moaned, as Adam's cock touched the back of my throat, and he cried out a second time. He came hard, spurt after spurt, and I swallowed it eagerly, tasting it. It was beautiful.

We ended up falling in each other's arms. No matter how many times we do it, it's never the same. It's always a newer experience, and we're gaining more experience on how to have sex. But most of all, we love each other. Something I thought that I would never have.

I awoke the next morning, and there was Adam's slender body right next to mine. The covers were covering the lower half of his body, as he lay on his back. His left arm rested on his stomach, while the other was hanging above his head. The look on his face was just beautiful, and cute too! I ran my finger down his chest, and over his belly button.

"Hehehe...that tickles..." he said, as he stopped my hand from motion.

I put my head on his chest and just lay there, listening to the beating of his heart. We didn't need words to communicate. He stroked my hair gently, and I lightly blew cool air on his soft tummy, and watch it react to the air. "Hey," he whispered. "What are we going to do today?" I asked him softly, almost in a whisper. "I dunno...I could stay like this the whole day," he replied. I got up, and planted a wet kiss on his sweet lucious lips. I had him grinning like a kid. "No way! We've gotta go to the mall..." I said. "Why?" "Cuz, Mikey's birthday's coming up, and I've gotta get him a present." "Okay..."

"Oh, do you mind if Robbie and Stace come with us? I kinda promised Robbie that I'd try and see if maybe Stace feels the same way about Robbie..." I told him.

"So you're playing the messenger?" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. You can help to," I suggested.

"I'll see what I can do."

In about an hours time, we all got together and caught the bus to the mall. I was still short for the lightsabre which Mikey wanted so much, but as soon as I told the rest of the guys, they all offered to pitch in...so we pay for the thing four ways. "Hey! Thanks guys!" I replied. I mean...who could ask for better friends? In a way, they were all contributing for little 'ol Mikey. I did kinda feel guilty for not being with him. I made a mental note to spend more time with him...even if me and Adam were going out, I had to take him along. I did miss the little guy...and ever since me and Adam had gotten together, me and Mikey had spent less time together.

"But!" said Stacy.

"But?" I asked.

"There's a catch," she continued.

"But you guys are my friends...oh, what do you want me to do?" I asked.

"C'mon, we're not that bad!" said Adam, "All we want is to come to the party."

"We won't get in the way...we'll just hang around the kitchen and help your mom out or something," said Stacy.

"Yeah, that should be fine..." I smiled at them.

Once we were at the mall, we put Plan A into action. "Hey, I'm gonna look at some Cd's, you wanna join me Robbie?" asked Adam. "Sure," replied Robbie. "You guys go ahead, and buy that toy for Mikey, we'll meet you afterwards at the foodcourt," said Adam, and sent me a secret thumbs up, as Robbie and Stacy had both their backs turned. Stacy and I walked towards the shops. The place was full! Packed! "Y'know...Mikey's really lucky to have you," said Stacy with a smile. "Yeah?" "Yeah...I mean, look at all the trouble you're willing to go through for him, and you love him."

"I do," I smiled to myself. "And I'm lucky to have him. What's the story with you and Robbie?" I said changing the subject.

"Why do you ask?" she asked surprised.

"Well, sometimes when I see you two together, it's like there's more going on that just two friends going out..." I said, hoping that she'd get the hint.

"Really? Like how obvious it is that you're in love with Adam, when you look at him?" she smirked. "Shhhh!!"

"Hehehe...sorry. Well...Robbie and me are just friends...I like him and all. He's cute, sensitive, and has a personality. But I want to get to know him better...y'know, a few more dates and stuff like that before we're really serious."

"I see. You're a very sensible girl." I smiled.

"Thanks!" she smiled back, "What brought that up?"

"Oh, nothing...it's just the way he looks at you," I said.

"Really, you can tell?"

Whups! I think I just got in too deep! "Um...well...it's just me. I bet he feels the same way you do."

We bought the lightsabre, wrapping paper and a birthday card. "Aren't you a bit old for toys?" joked the lady at the counter. "It's not for me, it's for my little brother," I told her. "Oh, ain't you a sweet boy? Thank you." "Thanks, bye." I looked at the thing. The lightsabre is the one from The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan's lightsabre. It extends (hehehe), has light and sound! Kewl! I should've bought one for myself. I was almost jumping around like a little kid! "KEWL! Mikey is just going to love this! I know it!" "Hehehe...ok kiddo. Calm down. You know...you are such a kid." she smiled. "Thanks!"

We met Robbie and Adam at the foodcourt. I showed them what I bought for Mikey. I seemed to be the most enthusiastic about it. I knew Adam enjoyed seeing me in such a state of enjoyment...even if it wasn't from any sexual activity. "Y'know...you're a real nice brother," complimented Robbie, then again by Stacy, and then by Adam. "Well..." I said, as I began to blush, "...y'know..." And we all laughed. We ate there, before catching the bus. Robbie went with Stacy, as we went our separate ways.

"You mind if I wrap this thing up at your place?" I asked.

"Of course not!" he said, and kissed my cheek.

"Adam!" I whispered loudly, and checked around to see if anyone was watching. No one...thank God!

"Hehehe...sorry," he blushed.

I smiled at him and shook my head. We got back to Adam's house, and I carefully wrapped up the present. I knew that Mikey was gonna love this present...I couldn't wait to give it to him. "You're really excited aren't you?" smiles Adam as he places a kiss on my forehead. "Adam! I'm wrapping!" I whined, "How can you tell?" "Well, you look really cute when you're excited...and I can just tell." I wrote the card, and signed it. Adam was now planting kisses on my neck, and I just relaxed and let him. I looked at my watch, and "Oh shit!" 4:55pm! "I gotta run...I'm supposed to help mum...I can make it home in time," I said. I ran for the door when...

"Awww! Do you have to?" said Adam, with the cutest pleading look on his face. I walked back towards him, and kissed him slowly and passionately on the lips. I let my hand wander down to his crotch, and stroked him through his pants. Adam began to unbutton his shirt, when...

"I gotta go...see ya tomorrow!" I smiled a devlish smile and left.

"You bastard! Hehehehe..." laughed Adam.

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