Written by James Treanor

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Angel of Mine: Chapter 8

I paced around the fronch porch before looking at my watch. 5:05pm...I'm just on time, no serious problems there. What was troubling me was how I was gonna get the present into the house without Mikey noticing. I mean, if he saw the present he'd bug me about wanting to know what was inside, if it was for him, and a million other questions that came up in his head. You might not think it's that much of a big deal, but trust me, it's better if I get past him without him knowing. I opened the door and creeped in before closing the door gently behind me. Being extra careful not to make a crinkly sound that wrapping paper seems to make isn't easy. I was about to walk up the stairs when I spotted mom and Mikey in the living room just idly entertaining each other in front of the TV. My mom spotted me, but Mikey had his back to me. Just as she was about to say something, I quickly put a finger on my lips, signalling silence. I showed her the present, and she got the hint, and smiled at me. I quickly went upstairs, and stashed the present away in the closet before bolting down the stairs. Mikey quickly noticed I was here and jumped up and ran towards me at full speed!

"Hey!" I said, as I picked him up.

"When'd you get back?! I didn't hear you come in!" he said in an excited voice.

"I just got back now...hehehe. So, ready for your big party tomorrow?" I asked.

"Yeah! And I invited lots of friends! And they're all going to bring me presents!" he said, speaking at a hundred miles an hour.

"Really?! Wow! You're gonna have a great time," I said, returning the same enthusiasm.

"Yeah, and I'm going to show everyone my big brother, and how cool you are!"

"Hehehe...ok. You go watch TV, I gotta help mom with something," I said, as I put him down.

"Okay," he said.

I went into the kitchen and sat on the bench, waiting for instructions on what to do. "So, what'd you buy Mikey?" she asked. "Nothing...just something," I smiled. She smiled back, and asked me, "Take a deep breath James." "Why?" I asked. That was a wierd question! Suddenly, she threw me a packet which I caught. A packet of balloons! 100 of them!! "Oh no!" I replied. "Oh yes!" she said, and left the room with the biggest grin on her face. "MIKEY!!" I whined. I heard him in the other room answer, but he ignored me. I started blowing the balloons...one by one. Red ones, green ones, white ones, blue ones, yellow ones, orange ones.....the list goes on. I got sick of blowing them up, but I was nearing the end of the packet. I FINALLY finished, and boy! I was feeling so light-headed! I dizzily made my way to the living room and decided to relax a little bit, and lay on the sofa and watched a bit of TV. Mikey, who was sitting at the foot of the sofa, came and snuggled himself beside me. I hugged him.


"Yeah?" he answered, attention mostly at the TV.

"Y'know...I haven't been around lately, and I'm sorry," I said, meaning every word from my heart.

He turned his head and looked at me. He looked exactly the way I did when I was his age...it was wierd. Almost like looking into a mirror of time. The blonde hair, blue eyes. "You're not mad at me are you?" I asked him. He shook his head, no, and smiled at me, and I squeezed him tighter before tickling him! He laughed and begged me to stop, but I wouldn't let him go that easily. My mom then called me from the other room, and I went to help her put up streamers and everything, while she went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

So, Mikey was turning 6 years old tomorrow. I couldn't believe it. He'd been such a big part of my life, besides Adam. I still felt guilty for kinda neglecting him lately, but I've got a boyfriend and all now. But I made a promise to myself to balance it out. Mikey was going to need me, and I needed him. He was my little brother, and I'd always look out for him. After dinner, a bit of playing around and watching TV, I put Mikey to bed. Mom was going to read him his bedtime story, but he asked if I could do it that night. Mom smiled and said of course, and whispered something into his ear about him being a big boy now, and that she loved him. He kissed mom goodnight, and I went over, sat next to him and put an arm over him and read the book to him. He fell asleep in my arms, head resting on my chest. I continued reading for a little while longer just in case he wasn't fully asleep. But once I knew he was, I gently lay him down and pulled the covers over him. I kissed his forehead, and whispered, "Goodnight Mikey."

I wasn't even awake yet, as the door to my bedroom flung open and Mikey was in no time, jumping on my bed yelling, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" Usually I wouldn't be in the best of moods being woken up like that, but well..."Hey! Birthday boy!" I said, expressing the same amout of excitement as he was. I quickly tackled him down and began to tickle him ruthlessly. "Let's see...6 years old. 6 seconds of non stop tickles!!" He begged me to stop, but I counted for six long seconds before letting him up.

Mum was glad that Stacey, Robbie and Adam came. She got them to help, hehehe. There were kids screaming, and some kids who didn't want to leave their parents when they were dropped off...and it was just hectic! The kiddies played their various games, 'Pin the tail on the Donkey', pass the parcel...the usual games my mum had prepared. Us big kids, helped with food and all that stuff. I mean...the kids don't eat much anyway, but you should see the mess that they made! Chip crumbs everywhere, all over the table, floor! Oh man! We're gonna have one hell of a cleaning job. Of course during the course of all this action, Adam and I left the scene, and went into my bedroom to get a little lip action going. I could have stayed there forever just making out with him. "Dude...I believe you left me with some unfinished business?" he says with a sly grin, before planting a big wet one on me. I simply smiled, and kissed him back, passionately. Believe me, if it wasn't for that blasted knock on the door, we probably would have gone on forever.

"Whoops," says Stacy as she makes her way back out.

"STACE!!" we both shout out in unison.

"Sorry! Hehehe."

Party ended and the kids left, Thank GOD! I swear, if I had to hear another scream! Anyways, Mikey was pretty much knackered by the time everyone had left. He fell asleep watching tv on the couch, as Adam helped me and mum clean the place up. Adam kept giving me pecks here and there, and I giggled at him. Robbie had walked Stacy home. I wonder if he's going to tell her or something. "Adam. Just wait here, I gotta get something," I whispered. He nodded, and I went to get Mikey's present. I knew he'd like mine, cuz he got things like lunch boxes, cheap-ass toys from the other kids. I came quietly back to him, and placed the present in front of him, so that when he woke up, he'd see it.

Adam said he had to go, and I walked him to the door. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said before looking around, and then kissing me on the lips. I savoured the moment. He broke the kiss, and I was still standing there, eyes closed, lips still longing to touch his. He giggled, and I snapped back into reality.

"WOW!!! James?!" I heard Mikey in the other room. Adam followed me back inside, and saw Mikey pulling the wrapping paper off the box. "COOOOOOL!!! WOW!! Did you get me this?!" he asked excitedly as he ripped the bloody thing open. Adam had his arm around me. Mikey suddenly turned his attention to us, and stopped to give us a strange look. Adam quickly took his arm off me, and said, "So....how do you like it? James got it for ya!" Mikey ran to me, and gave me a big hug. "Thanks James! This is the best present." He got the lightsabre out, and turned it on. It extends...yes haha, and makes sounds as you wield it around. Adam and I had to play dead, which was pretty funny. "James, I really gotta go. I'll see ya tomorrow," he said. "Okay, I'll see you later. Luv ya." He smiled and left.

Mikey killed me a couple more times, before un-extended the thing, and hung it on his belt. He sat on my lap...and asked, "How come you said 'luv ya' to Adam?" in the sweetest little voice. "Well...it's just what you say, when you really like someone...and I really like Adam," I replied. "Oh...ok. Thanks for this James....I luv this present! It's the best I ever got!" he said again, with that angelic smile on his face.

Monday morning rolled around, and I struggled a bit in the morning not knowing what to wear. I finally settled wearing a blue pair of jeans, ones that accentuate my ass a bit, and a black t-shirt. I gave my hair a little extra attention too. Every day of the week, I fall deeper and deeper in love with Adam. My heart never seemed to get enough! Adam couldn't enter my thoughts without simply blocking out everything else! His gorgeous face invaded my imagination every second of the day, I just could not let it go. It was almost scary! His golden brown hair, his soft pink lips, his silky skin, his cute little smile...how could I have been so involved with one boy?

Everything about him seemd to intoxicate me. I couldn't wait to just get a whiff of his hair. I bet he uses some kind of strawberry scented shampoo...it just smelled so nice. I got my things ready, had a glass of orange juice and was on my way out the front door after kissing my mom goodbye. She wished me a happy day, and as soon as I was out the door there was Adam waiting for me. The suns rays shining on him, making his hair shine. He smiled the cutest smile with those perfect lips. I felt a grin spread on my face.

"Good morning," I said cheerfully.

"Hey...sleep well?" he smiled.

"Would have slept better if you were there," I replied. As we got out of my house's visual range, I gave Adam a peck on the cheek.

"Hehehe...what was that for?" he giggled.

"For being you..."

But before I could say anything more, he planted a long deep passionate kiss on me. Our tongues entertwined for a couple of seconds, which was enough to keep me smiling for the rest of the day.

"And that's for being you!"

Considering it was a Monday morning, it went by pretty quickly. Thank God I had Adam there to entertain me. He was a God. I don't know what I would do without him there. He always flashed me that killer smile of his, almost as if he didn't care whether anyone saw him or not. And I'd have to shy away, grinning to myself. Stacy kicked us both from behind, telling us to stop it.

"You guys! Tone it down a bit...before you 'out' yourselves," she said barely above a whisper.

Adam and I did tone it down, but were giggling softly for the rest of the class. Lunch finally rolled around. Robbie, Stacy, Adam and I were at our little group gathering having lunch. Adam and I shared a few minutes before Robbie and Stacy came, in which we gently rubbed our legs together without being too obvious. Stacy came and joined us, and asked, "You guys are unbelievable!"

"What?" we both said defensively in unison.

"Did you know...you two were so obvious this morning. If I hadn't stopped you two from acting the way you were, you would be in big trouble by now."

"Yeah thanks for that, we were getting a bit carried away," said Adam.

"It's just that when you're in love these things just happen. The outside world doesn't matter, and all that you can focus on is the on you love," I explained to her.

"You guys are so lucky, I swear. I'd should be so happy to find that with someone," she said.

Almost as if a sign from God Himself, Robbie sat down next to Stacy across from us. "Can you believe this crap they serve?!" he exclaimed as he picked up the gruel with a spoon and let it slowly drip onto the plate.

"Um...Robbie, you sure you want to be eating that stuff? It doesn't look too..."

"APPEALING," Adam and I finished the sentence together. We looked at each other, and burst out laughing uncontrollably. We had definitely gotten to that stage where we would finish each others sentences. I watched him giggle and it made giggle.

"Sigh...guys," Stacy said before turning to Robbie, "but you Robbie, you're normal. Please...stay that way."

"I'll stay however you want me to," smiled Robbie.

I knew that Robbie was finally getting enough courage to let Stacy know that he saw her as something more than a friend. Stacy kinda looked at him strange, but let it go. Somehow, they left of into their own little world, and once again I had Adam to myself. We decided to go for a walk around the school grounds, get some fresh air and what not. We were slowly pacing a quite area and sat down under a tree. There was no one around, not around here anyway. It was like a cut off area of the school, somewhere where no one ever goes and no one can see. Adam and I held hands as we sat there, feeling the cool breeze rustle the leaves. I closed my eyes, and still all my attention was focused on the object of my love whom was sitting right next to me. It was beautiful. We definitely gotta do this more often.

I lay down, my head on his lap. Adam stared off into space as he gently stroked my hair. I swear, I could lay like this forever. I was just about to drift off to sleep when...

"What are you doing?!"

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