Written by James Treanor

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Angel of Mine: Chapter 9

"What were you doing?" asked a voice, soft and unsure.

My heart skipped a beat as Adam jerked and stood up, making me almost fall to the ground. But I quickly regained my ground and got up quickly and looked at direction where the voice had come from.

"MAX!" I excalimed in a surprised tone. I think I scared him with that tone, because he flinched at the sound of my voice.

"Um...sorry, I shouldn't even be here," he said and began walking away at a fast pace.

I was tempted to let him leave and just leave us alone, and after looking at Adam, our faces both showing signs of no knowing what to do, told me to go after him. So I did, and went after him hoping to get a few words in with him, having absolutely no idea what I was going to say though. I caught up with him. He was walking pretty fast back toward the school, but I stopped him in the middle of the oval.

"Dude! Wait up!" I called to him.

"H..h..hey, how can I help you?" he asked nervously.

"Why'd you walk off like that?" I asked, especially careful not to sound like I was accusing him or anything. Before he could answer, "Why don't ya stick around?" I asked him hoping he would succumb to my best puppy dog eyes. The middle of the school oval isn't exactly the most ideal place to talk about whatever it was we were gonna talk about.

"O..Okay..." he replied nervously, as we began to walk back to where Adam and I were before. Jesus! What a mess! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna say to Max? He might not take it too bad though. I mean, is it so bad that I was laying my head on Adam's lap? It's not like we were making out or anything, although I would have liked to. We walked back, and I saw Adam pacing back and forth not knowing what to do with himself. And Max wasn't any better, keeping his head down, lost in his own thoughts. It was kinda cute.

"Hey Max...buddy..." said Adam, putting on a smile, although it didn't make Max feel any better. I thought it'd be best to just get all this out into the open, and sort it out as soon as possible, without making a mess of it. "Look about before..." I started. "What?" he said, "I didn't see anything." Adam and I were taken back by his comment. We knew he saw something. "You didn't?" asked Adam in a relieved tone. Somehow I could tell that Adam could live with Max's comment, or he was just relieved for now.

"Look Max...I know your just..."

"I DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING!" he shouted, before running off, never once making any eye contact.

"Max..." But it was too late for any of us to stop him. "Great! Now we're messing up his head," I said turning back to Adam. "Don't worry about it baby, he'll talk when he's ready," he assured me giving me a peck on the cheek. I had a case of de ja vu, just like the time when Stacy had caught us both pashing. I can still remember that so clearly, it was magical. Ever since Adam and I had gotten together, I think we hold the highest record for getting caught in the act. We really gotta get a room or something before we 'out' ourselves to the whole world. And besides the poor kid already had enough troubles of his own with these bullies and all...he doesn't need two gay guys messing up his head, creating more trouble for him. And it was our fault! But Adam was right...there was no point in talking to him if he keeps denying it. I'd have to wait until he was ready to talk to me himself. I was his guardian angel anyway, who else could he trust?

I went through the rest of the day without thinking about it much. As school got out, Adam came over after school, and we decided to just kick up our heels and relax with watching a DVD. Just chillin' out for a change of scenery. We were watching the newest DVD I had got, 'The Mummy'. We could've been doing homework or somethign else, besides watching tv, and I still would've been happy. Just so long as Adam was beside me, I'd be happy no matter what. It wasn't too long before we were making out on the couch.

Adam's soft lips pressed themselves against mine, and I felt my breath leave me all at once, making me gasp in a desperate attempt to get it back. Our saliva mixed and swirled as our tongues pushed passed one another. Adam swung his legs up onto the couch and laid his head in my lap, like we had done earlier. I leaned over to kiss him more deeply. He felt so good to touch. He was so soft, his hair was like silk, his skin was like liquid...and if I ever broke the kiss and looked into his gorgeous face, I was pulled back in only to kiss him again. It was endless. I reached a hand down to massage his hard cock through his pants and he arched his back a little to greet me! I felt it jump and twitch excitedly as I groped him lovingly. I couldn't bare to go on for another minute without seeing his cute face below me, and peeked a little with one of my eyes. When I looked down, I saw his eyes already open!

"Dude! Are you watching the movie?!?!" I giggled.

"Sorry man! This is my favorite part! The Mummy comes back to life now!" Adam and I smiled at each other, and I leaned in to go back to work, while we both watched the screen and kissed at the same time. I swear, I could taste his smile, and it was delicious.

Once his favorite scene was over, he began rubbing my stiff member and turned his head to gently chew at my balls through my pants. I held his head down with my hands and stared up at the ceiling, trying to keep my heart from floating away. Adam and I had experienced each other many times, and every time was more beautiful, more erotic, than the last. Nothing could ruin this wonderful afternoon. No one in my life could have given me a fraction of the joy and love that Adam did. He was awesome! Our little afternoon activities left us a little exhausted as we relaxed and let the movie run to the end.

"You know your favourite part?" I asked.


"Well, I thought your favourite part would be something on me?" I said.

He laughed his head off, and so did I. He took a cushion and hit me with it, before tackling me down on the couch our faces only inches apart. Even his breath was intoxicating, and so erotic. "It is," he answered as he massaged my cock through my pants, kissing me erotically and passionately. We must've been at it for at least 15 minutes, not that I was counting. Our hands roamed over each other's bodies, and I squeezed those bubble cheeks of his ass. His fingers ran through my hair, and he began kissing his way down my neck making me gasp for air. I let up, just so he could take off my t-shirt.

"Mmmm..." was I all I could say.

I lay back down, and again he began nibbling on my neck. "Oh...Adam..." I gasped. He began to lick his way down my chest, leaving a glistening trail of saliva. Then he teased me my nibbling on my nipples. I ran my fingers through his hair, and pushed him further down, and he tickled me. Just then we heard the front door open.

"SHIT!" I whispered, and put on my shirt. We quickly straightened ourselves and sat upright on the couch. Adam threw me a cushion, and we both covered our hard-ons. This is exactly what I meant. We are always so close! We either get caught...or we'd be sooo close to getting caught. We had to find someplace where we could make out freely without the hassles of this heterosexual world. Some kind of safe haven. My mom walked in, "Hi boys." We both said hi, as Mikey ran into the room making himself comfortable between Adam and I.

"Can I watch too? What're you guys watching?" asked Mikey, in that curious little boy tone.

"The Mummy," I replied.

"Mummy?" he asked questioningly. "Mummy's in the kitchen."

Adam and I giggled a bit at his remark. "No kiddo, the name of the movie is called 'The Mummy'" Adam informed him. Mikey nodded his head, and asked again, "Can I watch?" I don't think my parents would have let him watch it, but what the hell. We started the movie again, and as Mikey stared intently at the tv screen, Adam and I pashed. Around 15 minutes later, mom walked in. "James! Don't let your brother watch this! He'll have nightmares!" she exclaimed. She took the remote out of my hand and switched it off, much to Mikey's disappointment. "Awww! Please mom!" Mikey pleaded, putting on his cute puppy dog face of his. Hehehe...I taught him that. Tricks of the trade. But despite Mikey's efforts, mom simply wouldn't have it, and he pouted.

"I'm very disappointed in you James. You should know better than to let your brother watch these kind of things," she said. She wasn't really angry, but I knew what she meant. I apologized. "Y'know James, if he's going to have trouble sleeping tonight, he'll be sleeping in your room." Great...there's the consequence of my actions. Let's hope Mikey doesn't get scared. We didn't even get up the part where the Mummy came back to life...so it can't have been that scary. Well...at least I didn't think so.

Adam said he had to be going. "Awww...do you have to?" I asked with pleading eyes. He giggled, "You know, I can't resist you. But I've gotta get home." "I know...call me tonight? I'm going to miss you." He kissed me softly on the lips, "I'll call you," he smiled. I simply can't get enough of the boy. And to think, he was mine. Mine! He was the most beautiful person on the whole of this Earth. God sent me an Angel.

I tried to get some homework done later that evening...key word, TRIED. But I couldn't seem to keep my mind on work. Images of my boyfriend kept flashing into my mind everytime I looked into the book. I couldn't figure out whether it was because of the love I have for Adam, or the hate I have for homework. I can't even get through 5 minutes without thoughts of him filling my head. Am I cheesy or what?

"James! Phone call!" my mom yelled up the stairs.

I probably expected it to be Adam but wondered why he didn't call the phone in my room.


"Um...hey James...it's Max..." he said without losing it too much.

"Max! Hey dude! How can I help ya?" I asked cheerfully.

"Ya mind if I come over? I need to talk to ya," he said in a more confident tone. I think my cheerful tone put his mind at ease or something.

"Kewl...ya know where I live?"

"Yeah, just give me 15...I'll be there soon!" he said and hung up.

He probably wanted to talk to me about what he saw this afternoon. I knew he was probably alright with it, cuz he sounded calm enough. Probably just to straighten things out or something. No big deal. In the 15 minutes I had, I tidied up my room a bit and sorta put things in their place, not that I was looking to impress anyone or anything. 5 minutes later, the doorbell rang. 'What? That was fast!' I thought to myself before running downstairs to get the door.

"Hey," greeted Max showing me that perfect smile and those pearly whites. I loved the way he had his hair, spiked up at the front. The hair contrasted with his greyish/blue eyes really well. He was cute, I'd have to give him that.

"Dude! That was quick!" I said.

"Yeah, I live just down the road."

"You wanna talk here, or in my room?" I asked him, and let him in.

"Somewhere private if you don't mind," he said looking me in the eye. I showed him the way to my room, and closed the door behind us.

"You wanna drink or anything?" I offered.

"Nah thanks, I'm good," he smiled. God, was he cute!

"Wow! Kewl room! You a big fan of Star Wars huh?" he asked, looking around the walls of posters.

"Yep, long time dedicated fan...you?"

"Nah...well, I like the movies...but you're probably one of those who know everything about it right?"

I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. He grinned back, before walking to the next wall to examine the posters I had up. "What do you think of Natalie Portman?" he asked, turning his head slightly, mouth open waiting for my answer. "She's alright I guess...not my type though," I lied. He kinda smirked at my comment. I couldn't tell whether he had a reason for coming over, or maybe he just wanted to hang out. Probably the latter. "Where are my manners...sit wherever you want dude."

He sat on my bed, and I sat on the chair in front of the computer which was next to the bed. I started up the computer and made small chat with Max. I couldn't tell whether he had a reason for coming over, or maybe he just wanted to hang out. Probably the latter. It was fun to have him around, something different. "You wanna surf the net or something?" I asked. "Sure," he answered eagerly, and so we did. He took up a chair next to me, and were both pretty close to each other staring at the monitor. We were looking around for the various movies that were playing, seeing if there were any good ones we could go see. "Y'know...I hear 'Hannibal' is a pretty good movie," he suggested. "Hmmm...where did you hear this from? I believe even I'm not allowed to go see that movie," I questioned him, rubbing my chin. He playfully punched my arm, "My friend's older brother saw it...said it was gross!" "Yeah, I heard the same thing...apparently, some guy eat's his own brain!!" I exclaimed. "Aaaw! That's sick!" We both had a good laugh over it, before he looked over at me and asked in almost a whisper, "Let's see it..." The way the computer screen illumitated his flawles face was so amazing. He had no flaws whatsoever. Absolutely beautiful. No doubt a heartbreaker. "I dunno..." I teased. "Come on! It'd be fun!" he said pleading like a little kid. The effect was so strong, that even I gave in, "Alright!! We'll try this Friday night...I'll see if I can think of a way to get us in."

"Can I still take you up on that drink?" he asked, "And can I use your phone? I just gotta call home and let them know where I'm at."

"Sure!" I said, and went downstairs to get us a Sprite and just hung around giving him some privacy to make his phone call. When I got back, Max was busy on the computer.

"Whatch'ya doin'?" I asked throwing him the drink.

"Nothing," he replied smiling, "just surfing around."

"Find anything interesting?"


Before I could ask him what he had found he said, "About this Friday, you're payin'!" he said laughing. I playfully punched him back on the shoulder, "Fuck you!" We giggled uncontrollably, and I tried to mussle up his hair. "HEY! Not the hair!!" he said, and as he waved his arms around trying to get my hands away from his head, he tackled me onto the bed. All the while, we were laughing our heads off uncontrollably. I had him pinned down, hands above his head, with me sitting on his crotch. "Ok, ok!! You get the tickets, and I'll get drinks and popcorn!" he said in his defense. "That's better!" I told him. I swear, I could've felt him getting hard. The panting figure under me was staring intently at me, and for a moment we didn't move. His t-shirt was now stretched tightly against his soft body. What a turn on.

I was about to get off him before I got too hard myself, when Max did the most unexpected thing! He KISSED me. He leaned his head up, and kissed me on the lips. I hadn't even gotten the chance to release his hands yet, that was how quick he was. "MAX!" He relaxed his head back down onto the bed, smiling devilishly at me. I licked my lips without even knowing I was doing it, almost as if I wanted to savour the very taste of this forebidden fruit. The hardness I felt under my ass was definitely real! "You want to release me now?" he asked. For a second I was afraid to, but I did. As soon as I did, his hands grabbed my head, and pulled me down for another kiss. I tried to resist at first, but his hands kept me there and for some reason, my eyes slowly closed as I relaxed and began to concentrate on the kiss. My world, once again spinning like never before. When he felt that I wasn't resisting him anymore, he released my head, but I didn't pull away. I felt his hands roam over my back, and felt him squeeze the globes of my ass.

I moaned into his mouth, and felt his tongue pushing its way through my lips, and my mouth opened to let him gain access. I wanted to stop, but I also didn't...if that makes any sense. Our tongues were soon gliding and colliding with each other, occasionally making those erotic slurping noises when you kiss. Our saliva mixed with each other, turning us on more and more. Our crotches were now grinding into each other, making us feel so good...yet the need for release was so much greater. He leaned up, and without breaking our kiss accept for that split second when we took off our shirts. The feeling of our bare chests against each other was incredible. His skin was so smooth, and he was so young. We turned onto our sides, which quickly turned to him being on top. My hands roamed over his back, and he was enjoying every touch I was giving to him, as I was enjoying his.

He broke the kiss after what must've been 15 minutes of hard passionate kissing, and began making his way down my neck. I suddenly felt some pain on the lower part of my neck, which I muffled with a soft cry. It was as if Max was trying to bite into me or something. But the pain was quickly gone, as he made his way down furtner, stopping at each nipple to suckle on them. I ran my hands through his hair, which by now had hardly any remnants of gel. He was beautiful...

He lowered himself to my lap and rubbed his smooth face across my cloth covered dickhead. He pushed harder and harder as I ran my hands through his hair over and over again. He undid his own pants and pulled them down to his knees as I undid my own, then he quickly returned back to my crotch. His hair grazed my flattened stomach and caused my muscles to tense and contract beneath him. I could feel his tongue explore my slit and sensitive head as his hands caused a slight sexual friction around my thighs and balls. He sucked me down as far as he could go and used his hand to cover the rest! He began bobbing erotically on my stiff cock while using his hand to jack me off at the same time! I groaned from the intensity. My mind pushed the semen from me and before I knew it I was cumming gallons into Max's waiting mouth! He moaned as he slurped and swallowed as much as he could. The feeling was pure bliss! I looked down at my young lover and took a second or two to appreciate his features. He was so beautiful! He then leaned over and rested his soft frictionless face on my thigh while rubbing my balls affectionately. I was still hard as a rock, and he played with it tenderly.

Max got up slowly and rolled over onto his stomach. His fragile body was just so brittle that it made you horny just to touch it. I looked down at his cute butt and cupped the juicy cheeks in my hands. I kneaded the tender flesh while he moaned loudly. Then, for the first time, I dived in and gently bit down on the globes of his ass. I licked up and down his crack and used my hands to rub the backs of his boyish thighs. He began whining and whimpering like crazy and was pushing his ass back hard on my face reveling in the new sensation! I reached under him and grabbed his balls, rolling his testicles between my fingers as I continued down his crack to his ass hole! He reached behind him and pulled the tight cheeks apart to give me full view, and I devoured him with my tongue poking at the taut anus. He fell over, rolled onto his back, and pulled his legs up past his chest! He was so young, warm, and flexible...so ready for the sexual pleasure I was giving him. His tendons and ligaments bent and stretched in unimaginable ways as I returned to sucking at his puckered hole.

Hearing him moan and groan in that sexy voice of his had me so hard that it hurt. Then, when he couldn't take any more teasing, I pressed my throbbing cock inside of him and enjoyed the blazing heat of his hole! I leaned over to kiss him as I slowly fucked my young lover. I was surprised that I was able to last as long as I did with his tongue thrashing wildly in my mouth and his erect penis pressed against my stomach, but after one orgasm I was able to hold out.

I felt him ready to squirt, so I pushed my stomach against his hard-on, trapping his velvet cock between the two of us! Our bellies rubbed his sensitive dick on both sides and sent him over the edge! He came in hot spurts that made a sound when it squeezed its way between or bodies! The semen made for a lubricant that continued to increase the pleasure that his cock was experiencing as we kept a sensual rhythm! He was basically screaming at this point, and I had to kiss him to keep anyone else from hearing. He was hugging me hard enough to break my neck! He wrapped his slender legs around me and pulled me deeper into his hot ass! His insides gripped me like a vice and his orgasm sent a rhythmic pulse through his body that shot through me too! I came again and this time it was twice as much!

We continued to hump each other until the orgasm had left us, then I just laid next to him. Our orgasms had left us drained of our life, and the best thing to do was to just rest now. What had I done? I had just cheated on my boyfriend. Max then snuggled against me, our bodies creating greater heat than any blanket could give us. He took my arm, and wrapped it around him and said, "Don't let me go." I could hear the sadness in his voice.

"I won't."

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