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Another Day In Paradise
Chapter The Fourth: And now the end is near....
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Maxfield and Tibor walked out into the yard where the smokers went to hide from the teachers and take an illicit puff. It was as close to private as you could get. Teachers rarely came out during classes to see if people were hiding. The yard passed itself off as an unofficial sanctuary for students in need of an unauthorised break.

"So, Tibor, what's the deal?"

"Well, obviously I noticed you sort of checking me out earlier."

"Yeah, well, sorry about that. At least you didn't seem to mind. I half expected for you to kick my ass. That's the normal response," said Maxfield with the voice of experience.

"It doesn't really bother me -- I know who I am and who you are doesn't change that. But, before you get excited, I'm not like that and you're wasting your time drooling after me."

"So you dragged me out here to let me down gently?"

"Naw, I've got a boyfriend for you. I want to fix you up if you're interested." Maxfield began to retort with an indignant reply but was cut off by Tibor almost immediately. "I can see by your reaction that I've put you out by the suggestion. I was just trying to help. Sorry."

"I don't need your help or your pity," stated Maxfield adamantly.

"That's not what I was offering -- the pity I mean. I was offering help because you're obviously an outsider around here."

"Why me? What am I to you?"

"Never mind," muttered Tibor.

"No, really, I want to know. Maybe you think I'm desperate. Well, I'm not. If I want something I am perfectly capable of getting it."

"No, that's not it. Not at all. Why are you making this so damn complicated? Why don't we just forget, and I'll go away?" suggested Tibor, his voice tinged with frustration. "Alright. Look, I just thought you could use a friend. And, I guess there was some pity involved. I feel sorry for you. I thought it would cheer Bam up, too."

"Ah! Now I know who you wanted to fix me up with."

"Fuck. I wasn't intending to say that. It slipped out." Tibor ran his hands through his hair. He was uncomfortable. He played the scenario out in his mind, but he didn't think this was the reaction he'd get.

Maxfield didn't know what to say but knew he had to diffuse this before it went further. "I'm a loner. I'm not worth knowing. There's nothing to be gained by being friends with me. Why don't you just pretend you never met me, move on with your life and be happy? I don't need pity or anything. I'm strong inside. Really strong. You have no idea what I'm like so don't try and pretend you have a clue."

"Too bad, Bam's a nice guy."

"So the fuck what? Bam isn't me. Whether or not he's nice has nothing to do with whether or not I'm nice. Nice is overrated."

Tibor didn't know what to do. This was all backfiring on him. "I know you're putting on an act. You can't be like this. Nobody's like this. It isn't normal. People want and need companionship."

"That's bullshit, Tibor. Come with me: let's go for a short walk if you don't mind. I think I can solve this." Tibor reluctantly got up and followed Maxfield. They walked off campus, and being mid-period nobody was around so it wasn't difficult to leave unseen. They continued on to the park with nary a word between them. This park, being used primarily by school students was only busy after school and at weekends; during the week you could spend hours without being spotted. True to form, the park was deserted.

A gentle breeze disturbed the leaves, but save for Tibor and Maxfield, nobody was there to observe it. They walked for a bit through the park before coming to a construction site. Tibor realised it was the same site that Deigo's body was found in. Things looked a bit different because the construction site had been cleaned up slightly. Tibor supposed since there was a death they were cleaning it up to prevent any future mishaps.

"What are we doing here, dude? I don't want to be here, man. It's a fucked up place. A friend of mine died here. Let's go somewhere else, please," pleaded Tibor a sense of panic rising in his voice.

"Come on, I just want to show you something. It'll take just a minute. It's very important because it's the only way I can make sure you understand about me. You do want to understand, don't you?"

Tibor thought about turning around, but Maxfield was already in through the fencing without waiting for an answer. Maxfield glanced about, furtively and after feeling certain nobody was around, motioned Tibor to come in. Tibor followed reluctantly, torn between revulsion at where they were and the desire to see what Maxfield wanted to show him.

"Well, Tibor, this is it."

"This is what?" asked Tibor, confusion showing on his features.

"Sit down, cross-legged if you please. I want you to show you something."

Tibor furrowed his brow at the odd request, but nonetheless he sat down, crossing his legs as instructed; he was nervous, still being unsettled by this whole place and the chain of events that led him here. "Yeah, okay, now please tell me so we can get out of here."

"Okay, gimme about ten seconds." Maxfield turned his back to Tibor, and rummaged around in his deep pockets a moment. Tibor was impatient and was considering getting up to see what Maxfield was doing. He started to move, but his crossed legs made it difficult to rise.

Maxfield, hearing the movement, suddenly whipped around, a large switchblade in hand, lunged forward, and quickly drew it across Tibor's neck as Tibor's face showed an expression of horrible shock. Tibor tried to scream, but with his throat slit no sound came, only a gurgle of blood. A questioning, pleading look appeared on Tibor's face as he began to slump forward.

"Tibor -- I killed Diego. Now you're dead too. Bam's next. I told you I was strong."

Tibor would have asked why if he could have, but he slipped into unconsciousness and then was still. Maxfield walked nonchalantly away and back towards school. He liked killing people.