Another Day 1 - The Invitation

This story falls under the "High school" section and may involve sex between minors.
The minors in this story are purely fictional, and in no way is this story
based on real underage illegal sex.

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Another day, filled with all the crap, misery and boredom that goes with it.

Sorry, depressing I know, but school always gets me in a very black mood.

See, I'm kind of smart, and by kind of smart I mean I get A's without even trying.

This, coupled with my crap social life, leads to me feeling very depressed when
it's school again. I feel like I'm wasting my time.

I'm kind of a nerd, in the extent that it's possible to be a nerd at my school.
I'm smart, so that's a big tick towards qualifying for nerd status, I like
computer games, another tick, although due to a crap computer, I don't really
play anymore.

I'm fit though, thus breaking the traditional Hollywood stereotype. Not Athletic,
 as I don't really enjoy most sports and my hand eye coordination has room for
improvement. I do karate and I play squash, not well, but still. So while I'm not
your big muscled rugby/football player, I do manage to keep in shape, and though
I can't say for sure, but I think I'm fairly good-looking, if not exactly amazing.

I'm about average height, just under 6 foot, medium build, brown eyes, light coppery
brown hair that is curly and usually a mess at the end of the day. I'm pretty average
looking, I don't see myself as anything special. I'm not really a popular, like I've
said I'm kind of a nerd. I'm really introverted, so I don't make new friends easily
and going to a small private school really doesn't help. I also tend to avoid the
pathetic politics of the popular crowd, a bunch of All-Sports-Star-Jocks and Paris
Hilton-wannabes who annoy the crap out of me.

My friends, who I suppose you could call computer Nerds, mostly surfers and people
who don't play the 'Jock' sports(Or do, but hate the Jock crowd as much as I do),
with a few genuine nerds dotted here and there, spend most of their time Lanning,
(Connecting their computers and playing together, if you were wondering) As my
computer is a wreck, I don't really join them.

My other friends, the other two of the top three in my grade, are girls, Angela and Sue.
Angela's a all round good at everything type of student, while Sue is Chinese, and
being so, is naturally good at most things, excluding languages, although she does
 pretty well for a foreigner. Plus she's a prodigy at piano. Her real name isn't
really Sue, but that's the only part of it we can pronounce, so Sue it is. They're not
much fun, not in the usual sense, and are more likely to spend a weekend studying than
partying. But in school, they're still my friends, and fun in their own way.

Anyway, can't tell you much more about my self or my life, just a few random details.
 I play guitar and piano, though I'm not particularly gifted. I own a surfboard, though
 I have barely surfed. I used to live inland, in the city. When we moved down here to
the coast, I had dreams about surfing, becoming a really good surfer, so I bought all
the stuff. But, as it turned out, it was a little too much work, for not enough fun.
I still surf, or try to, every now and then. Trust me, it's a lot harder than it looks.

Okay, back to the school day. I'd been back at school for a while, and it was beginning
 to annoy me, no matter how high spirited I tried to be. But today was no ordinary day.
It was Advanced Mathematics Class, something which I thoroughly dislike. The top math
students were pressed into taking it, and it had a way of chewing up time which you'd
rather spend at home. For example, today was an extra special Saturday morning class.
All of us would rather be somewhere else at this moment in time, and most of us actually
were. This led to a very small class, much to our teacher's displeasure. There was me,
Angela, Sue, a girl named Caitlin, who I've always hated, a guy from my accounting class
called Brandon, and Jared.

Jared was an oddity in Advanced Math. He was primarily a soccer Jock, but somehow he
managed to just scrape into the first string math class and therefore qualified for
Advanced Math as well. He always just passed, so it was fairly understandable. He
had the looks to become a very successful male-model - blond hair, blue eyes,
sculpted features, etc. He was very, although I hate to use the word, yummy.
I could spend hours looking at him, given the chance. But my rational mind has long
since stopped things like that. Life, for me, was one big careful manoeuvre.
Everything about him made girls swoon over him. Me too, truth be told, although
in a quiet and private way. He was part of the popular crowd. Obviously. I may have even
resented him a bit, for everything he had, and that I did not.

After the class I had to wait for a while before anyone could pick me up. Meaning I was
stuck waiting at the school for an hour. On a Saturday. Great. It was a bit creepy. Everyone
else had left.

I just sat by the front gate, waiting for time to go by. I listened to music on my phone. I
stared into space. Eventually, I got up and went back inside to go to the bathroom. The schools
admin Staff was always here on Saturdays, and they left the bathroom open until 5. So I thought
I might as well. I went in and was very surprised when I saw Jared, sitting on one of benches
in the changing room area of the bathroom. That guy spent way too much time in the bathroom.
I've always been attracted to him and I've always felt a bit vulnerable in bathrooms.
The combination made him sitting there a bit intimidating.

"Hey," I said, my voice echoing strangely in the quiet bathroom, "What are you doing here?"

"Umm, I'm just staying out of the wind," he replied.
"You know....." he trailed off, staring into space.

"Oh okay." Awkward conversation over, I went to one of the toilet stalls.

On my way out, Jared called me.

"Hey, Jason, What time you getting picked up?"

"In about an hour."

"Come sit here. The wind's really crap outside."

"Okay." I accepted the invitation and threw my bag down and collapsed on the bench next to him.
I closed my eyes, and leant my head back against the wall.

"Tired?" he asked, his smile evident in his voice.

"Yeah." Kind of harsh giving him a mono-syllable response, but I was in a crap mood,
and I didn't really know him that well.

"What were you doin' last night?" he said, in a voice that strongly hinted at innuendo.

"Shut up!" I opened my eyes and punched him on the shoulder, he fell back, laughing.
"It's 9:30 in the morning. The damn crack of dawn. Should I be filled with energy?"

"I think you're getting old," he was almost laughing again, making me grin.
Okay, maybe he wasn't so bad.

"So how's life?" he asked, hoping to make conversation.

"Okay," I grumbled, "Been better."
"Oh don't sound so depressed," he gave me a meaningful look,
"There could be better things around the corner."

"I doubt it," I sighed heavily. Tiredness was still adding to my dark mood.

"Are you always this pessimistic and depressing?" He asked, smiling broadly.

"Yes." I said shortly. "Are you always so painfully optimistic and happy?"

"Yes," his smile broadened. "So, anyway, are you going to Caitlin's party tonight?"

I decided to tread carefully here. Let's not call Caitlin a bitch to somebody who
hung out in the same social-circles as her. Someone who was friends with her,
and had maybe even slept with her.

"Ummm, No, I wasn't invited." Neutral. Or the most neutral I could be.

"Come with me then."


"Oh, come on. It's not like its invitation only."

"But Caitlin hates me."

"Fuck Caitlin. She's a bitch. She hates everyone. Everyone hates her. It's a healthy cycle, see?"

At this I couldn't stop laughing. Jared started laughing too.
It took a few minutes before we could talk again.
Jared's face was red. I wiped a tear of laughter from my cheek.

"Okay. But I don't really like parties."

"You've never partied with me." He smirked cockily. So sure of himself,
so quick with words. Both qualities that I adored in him.
Oh, how I could have kissed him right there.

But no. Never impulsive, never careless. Be careful. My eternal mantra.
Even though he implied things so heavily, I couldn't be sure. So I would
have to reign myself in, not do that. The party, however, was another matter.

"Fine," I said, grinning back. "I'll go. Can you give me a ride there?"


Note from Author:
To be honest, this is my first story. There's no sex in this part. I'm just doing this
too see if I can get read,and to iron out problems in my writing style. If you do
actually bother to read this story, and you do have problems with it, Please email me
( to tell me exactly what's wrong with it. Please be specific,
I'm trying to improve here.