Another Day 4 - The Daydream

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I jumped a proverbial foot in the air. I looked to the front of the class. The teacher, and not to mention the whole class, was looking at me. Great. Caught daydreaming.

Mr. Clarke was giving me a really petulant look. He's a very hilarious guy. You knew he was faking the anger, but he did it so well. He always did it. His shout had that drawl in it that just told you he was making fun of you. If you ever took him seriously, you'd have to go and put your arms around your body and shake yourself back to sanity in some dark corner. In his History class I fell back and forth between histeria and absolute boredom. He didn't usually bother me, though. I was his top student. I had pretty much read everything he had to teach, one way or another, and I had always gotten A's in all his tests. Occasionally, I paid attention. The rest of the time, I juggled between sleeping, reading and daydreaming. He usually had some issues with it.

"Yes sir?"

"Nice of you to join us. What's her name?" this was an old favourite of his. Not one he used on me often, but I've seen enough guys fall victim to it to have a good comeback ready.

"Oh, come on sir. There doesn't need to be a girl involved. The celibate find you're class just as boring." I winked at him. He looked at me sternly and turned away, without saying a word. The whole class burst out laughing, and laughed even harder when we saw he was laughing too, his whole face red. This was cut short.

"Anyway, if we can focus please!" He rolled his eyes at me.

There was a sigh from the class as we settled down for the rest of the lesson.

I sat outside at break with Sue and Angela. I was cramming for the english text next lesson. I usually spend time with them when I need to work, or cram. Angela let us see her notes all the time. She kept beautiful notes. Sue was always studying, so I wouldn't quite say she was cramming. She was just studying more. She poured over Angela's note repeating everything in a crazed drone, squeaking every now and then about how she was "Gonna die!", and I read what she was reading calmly over her shoulder. Sue always got a bit crazy about english. I dont know why. She barely ever made mistakes. I guess it was just wierd, havig to know a foreign language on some crazy level. I was fine, though. I'm a heavy reader, and that helps me out in most of my subjects. I also have an unbelievable memory, so, for me, looking at Angela's notes was a lot like taking crib notes into the test. Oh well.....

I got bored. Sue and I had gone through the notes, and now she was going through them again. Angela had pulled some of her never ending supply of work out of her bag and was writing away happily. I told them I was gonna walk around.  I walked around the building, looking for something to do. Breaks get pretty boring at my school. I wasn't really into sports, so I couldn't really join the other boys on the field. I usually walked around, hoping to find someone interesting to talk to, or something interesting happening somewhere.

I walked past the cafeteria, and ther was Andrea, in the middle of her group of friends. She looked up at me and winked, I smiled quietly and moved past. She was too busy to talk, and I was kind of glad. I couldn't imagine what other kind of detail she would want to worm out of me. She hadn't caught up to me yet to press me about what happened yesterday.

There were only about ten minutes of break left, so I decided to go to the bathroom. I approached the door, and it was very quiet, I could tell it was empty.  Thank god. I know I'm weird, but I don't like going into the bathroom when other guys are there. Aside from the fact that it's all very akward, other guys can be real immature idiots sometimes. okay, I can be a real immature idiot sometimes too, but still...... bathrooms are just the wrong place for that.I went in, and......... well, use your imagination.......and washed my hands. I was on my way out, when someone came around the corner, headed to the bathroom.

It was Jared.

He was covered in a light layer of sweat, obviously he had just been playing soccer. His hair was neatly gelled, just tame enough to meet school regulation. The top three buttons of his shirt were undone, showing a little to much of his pecs for my mind to be able to function properly. He saw me coming up and smiled. We got close, and we did that funny handshake thing I've never quite gotten.

"Hey." He said breathlessly. He was panting heavily. He had probably come straight off the field.

"Hey..." I said, wondering wat he had to say to me.

"Where'd you go from the party? You just sorta....." He trailed off.

"Oh, I left with Andrea. We got a ride from Eric."


"Caitlin's Stepbrother....."

"Oh, right. Yeah. Heard he enjoys playing taxi."

"Well, it was nice to have a lift home." I said shortly. I didn't quite like his tone.

"Oh-" Thankfully, the bell cut him short.

"English now." I said quickly, before he had a chance to speak. "Gotta go quickly, it's the test."

"Oh, yeah. I'll be there in a few. Just need to go to the..." He went quiet.


"Yeah. See you later." He jogged off into the bathroom, almost running into the wall. Wierd.


Note from Author:
Hi, once again. I've done better at writing a new chapter in time with this one, although it is very short. Sorry 'bout that, but that's the way it's gotta be. I'm already working on the next one, and it takes place later in the day, and so far every chapter has been a time lapse, so..... Anyway, Good news for my fans! (if I have any ;-) ) I'm not gonna end the story as quickly as I thought I would. I've recently gotten some advice from someone (Thanx Ark. See? I did put you in my credits. :D) and that advice has...... um.......inspired me to carry on. I now have fuel for developing the story. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you carry on reading, because I fully intend to carry on writing. Thanx so much to everyone who has replied so far, seeing your emails kinda makes my day. :-). I'm just glad you like it.
P.S. I still get off on compliments, so............. ;-)