Another Day 6 - The Morning

This story falls under the "High school" section and may involve sex between minors.
The minors in this story are purely fictional, and in no way is this story
based on real underage illegal sex.

This story will involve sex between two or more males(eventually), and if this offends you, or if,
 by the laws of your country, you should not be reading this, then you should leave
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I lay there, just looking at him and feeling him. I ran my fingers gently over his smooth chest, marveling at the warmth and firmness. I watched the way his chest rose and fell with each sleeping breath. He snored every now and then. It was all I could do not to burst out in giggles. He was cute, even when he snored.

We had gone up to my room last night, after dinner, and, well, you know. Although it sounds cliche, it really was everything I thought it would be, and more. I can't believe that this had finally happened to me. I felt breathless every time I though about it. It was like I was terrified this beautiful dream would end. I didn't want it to. Ever.

Even this moment, just looking at him, feeling him, smelling him, just being with him-

My phone started ringing. He jerked awake.

"WHAT???" He looked around dazedly.

I laughed. He grinned sheepishly and began to chuckle. I quickly hopped out of bed and ran to my phone, seeing it was my mom, I answered it.

"Hey mom."

"Wow. You're awake. I don't suppose you want to come with me to a Erin's party, do you?"


"That blond girl from Shan and Dan's school. It's going to be a whole big thing. Jumping castles....." she then used some bait ".....and CAKE."

"Uh..." I coughed nervously, "Not really my thing, mom...."

"Fine," she said, sniffing back mock-tears, "I'll just go on my own, share some small talk with the mundane first-time mommies without a drop of alcohol to get me through. Sigh... what's a girl to do?"

"Have less children? Invest in a TV, maybe?" I laughed.

"Shut up. By the way, what happened to your friend...... Eric, was it? Did he leave last night?"

"Yeah, um...." I quickly prepared myself to lie, "Yeah, he left very late. His sister picked him up." It seemed possible.

"Oh," she went quiet for a moment, "I like him. Nice boy. Non-idiotic. You really could use more friends like that."

"Bye mom." I glanced neurotically over at Eric quickly. He was down on the bed again, his head buried in the pillows. "Enjoy your wild party. Bring me some cake."

"Bye." She said grimly, and put down the phone.

I put my phone down on my desk and walked over to him. I poked him in the ribs, laughing. He groaned and shoved his head deeper into the pillows.

"Oh, come on!" I sighed, "Wake up! How come you were such a morning person the first time we woke up together?"

He pulled his head out of the pillows, and propped himself up on his elbow.

"Well, because.... I wasn't so physically EXHAUSTED that night. If you remember clearly, you held out on me, tiger." He winked.

"I don't really remember clearly, I think we established that." I smiled and sat down next to him, pecking him quickly on the lips. "I just kinda took your word for it."

"Plus," he carried on, smiling a bit now, "I had to be charming. I was still trying to get in your pants at that point." I punched him on the shoulder, and he collapsed back into the pillows, laughing.

"But hold on," A thought had suddenly struck me, "You were drinking the night before.... You said that I had drunk 'nearly twice as much as you', remember? How come you weren't hung over? Or even the tiniest bit impaired?"

"I," He paused for a fraction of a second, "don't get hung-over."

"Liar." I said, in shock, standing up. I wasn't sure what I felt. Betrayal? Amusement? Happiness?

"Okay, fine. I wasn't drinking. I just..." He blushed.

I gasped in horror. He probably didn't realize I was joking, but I was going to enjoy this. I realized what had happened, and I had already moved on to amusement.

"You seduced me! You let me get drunk while you stayed bone-dry!"

"Jay, I'm sorry! I didn't.... I wasn't - "

"You got me drunk and took advantage of me!" I burst out laughing and collapsed back on the bed.

"What the?...... You're not mad?" He looked confused.

After I had managed to stop laughing, I grabbed him and pulled him into a fierce kiss.

"No," I said, staring into his eyes, feeling that flutter in my stomach all over again. "No, I'm incredibly happy that you did. Do you have any idea, for me, how it feels to be wanted, to be desired like that?"  I kissed him again. "It's one of the most beautiful violations that have ever happened to me." I paused a moment,  thinking that one through. "Actually, I think it's the only beautiful violation, but moving on...." I smiled and kissed him again.

"Yeah," he sighed softly pushed me up again, staring into my eyes, and I looked right back into his. I loved looking into his eyes. They were so.... complicated. They could seem so happy, but underneath there always seemed to be a tinge of sadness. It broke my heart. Every time I noticed it, I just wanted to hold him, and kiss him, and love him - until it went away. 

Or until he left.

"I have to go," he rolled me over, got out of bed, and quickly began to dress.

"But, why?" I really didn't want him to go.  "It's a public holiday. No school. Even yours."

"Yeah, I know, but the 'rents are getting back today. Caitlin and I are driving down to the airport at 12 to fetch them, so if I don't leave now I'll be late, and I don't want her to be pissed off enough to mention anything to them."

I pouted. He sighed and walked up to the bed, and sat down next to me.

"I'm really sorry. I would have loved to spend today with you." He paused. "But I really have to go."

He kissed me, and went to open the door.

"I'll make it up to you later, I promise." He smiled, and I smiled back, grudgingly. You couldn't help smiling back when Eric smiled at you. He stepped out, closed the door and was gone. I sighed and fell back into my bed. I wasn't in the mood for much, now that he was gone.


Note from Author: Hey readers. Sorry I took so long..... AGAIN. I've been back at school, and it definitely stifle my creativity a bit, as well as eating up my time. We'll, here it is, after how many months. Sorry it's so short, but it's partly necessary. And I decided I couldn't include a sex scene (Sorry about that, but I have my reasons) Once again, any comments, email them along.