Another Day 7 - The Sunset

This story falls under the "High school" section and may involve sex between minors.
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It was unreal. Feeling him inside of me, being so close we were almost one person. I could see every shade of blue in his eyes, I could see the freckles dotted across his nose. I wanted more, more time, more of him. We moved slowly - not sluggishly, but savoringly. It's like there was know concept of time. Just the moment, that carried on for what seemed like for ever. The sweat that built up was the only thing that suggested how long we had been going. I felt his muscle's ripple under his smooth ski-


Quickly, I snapped back to reality.

"Yes, sir." I said quickly. Shit. Must have dozed off - AP Math often has that effect on me.

"What's her name?" Mr. Clarke said in a bored tone. That was his standard line for guys who drifted off in his class. This time, however, he was a little too close to the money. At least I still had him on the gender thing.

I held back the blush and quickly thought of something to say.

"Sorry, sir." I sighed, pumping my voice with as much sarcasm as I could muster. "I was just taken away by the sheer scope of the beauty of Mathematics."

He rolled his eyes. Some people in class - all those still awake enough to be aware of what I said - laughed. Mr Clarke turned back to the board and began rattling off about some cubic graph again. Snore.

Suddenly the door opened. Jared walked in.

"Sorry, Sir," Jared closed the door. He was in sports kit, and quite sweaty. "Soccer practice. You know how I like.... uh....playing with balls." He winked at Mr. Clarke. Some people in the class giggled.

"Just. Sit. Down."

Mr. Clarke was fairly easy going about politically incorrect subject - such as sex, gender, racism... etc. So, naturally, Jared, with his dirty mind, tended to go a bit crazy in Mr.Clarke's class. Sometimes Mr. Clarke would join him, and class would degenerate into a volley of sexual innuendo. But that only normally happened in regular Math classes. In AP, he went into serious mode, and ignored everything. And, as Jared had figured out, the one thing that bugged him was any mention of anything that was vaguely homosexual. Apparently it had something to do with the fact that it was "Un-Christian". As if racism and regular, hetero sex weren't.

Mr.Clarke was a bit of a fundamentalist - Anti-Abortion, No Premarital Sex, The Bible is the only book, Darwin is Satan, yada-yada-yada. That sort of thing. And like all fundamentalists, he came with inner hypocryte included.

His intense homophobia didn't make me hate him. Sure, I get pissed off when he's on a rant. But at other times, he's okay. And I get the feeling that it's probably a symptom of his repressed homosexuality anyway, so I get the feeling his problems are bigger than mine anyway.

Especially when Jared starts his routine. I was hoping he'd get up to something with Robert. They do stuff like holding hands and, if they're bold enough, rubbing each other's necks. It drives Mr. Clarke crazy. He gets a little too angry and red in the face whenever they do it, which definitely says something to me.

Jared, oddly enough, decided to sit down next to me today. I usually sit alone - out of preference. It's a class equipped for 20 people, and there were 6 of us. He usually sits way in the back, with Robert, who I remembered wasn't here today. So I guess Jared was mine for next 2 hours. Great. Seems a bit needy, that he HAD to sit next to someone. But hey, I wasn't complaining. Not too much, anyway.

His scent drifted over to me, sweat mixed with deodorant. The scent was musky and strong - very male. Weird how I still got horny at the though of him. It felt a bit like betraying Eric, but he'd probably understand. Hell, considering how hot Jared is, Eric'd probably get horny with me. As long as I didn't do anything, it wasn't really a problem.

And, anyway, Jared ignored me when I was single, why should he notice me now? It was actually a pointless thought in the first place. I..... um.... adjusted myself and got comfortable as I possibly could in the cheap, plastic school chair.

"Hey," He whispered to me. "Did I...uh... miss much?"

"Hey." I whispered back, letting myself sink back into a half-doze, so I didn't have to act like a hormone-filled idiot while talking to him. "No, not much. Other than mind-numbing boredom." I passed him my book.

"Dude..." He sighed. "I'm so-o-o-o not amped for this.... We can only leave at six. So that's like..... two hours. Damn."

I almost laughed. For someone in AP Maths, it took him quite a while to realize four till six was two hours.

"At least you got the first hour off. I gave up trying to give a shit two hours ago."

He laughed at that. A bit too loudly.


"Sorry sir. Please don't.." He grinned slyly "Punish me." The guys in the class burst out laughing. Angela and Sue, dear gals, blocked it out. Caitlin issued a loud "Ewwww!" that was really more to draw attention to herself than actually express disgust.

"Now if everyone could calm down," He shot a glance at me. "But not so much so that we need an alarm to wake you, JASON. And everyone please turn to page 8.5. Time for calculus."

A little piece of my soul died in agony.


"Oh, god." I said, taking a breath from kissing Eric. "I thought it would never end. Mondays suck. Now we're both gonna have to go home. This sucks. Can't you come for dinner again?"

"Sorry," He gave me a remorseful half-grin. "I need to get up early tomorrow. Big day. Interview for apprenticeship."

"Awww, can't you just fix my car instead? That'll help you learn, won't it?" I looked at him, grinning, ridiculously hoping he'd say ok. He just laughed.

"Yes, but would you pay me?" He winked at me. "I know you're broke."

"Well," I said, running my hand over the front of his pants. "Maybe we can work something out." I purred suggestively, at which point we  both broke down giggling.

Then suddenly he was kissing me, and I was kissing him back, and it felt... well, just as great as it always did. We were lying down side-by-side against on of the the dunes facing the water. The sun slowly sank down, so slowly that it left me with a feeling of timelessness. I'd come here directly from AP Math, and we hadn't done much but lie there and kiss since.

He stopped, and pushed me out at arms length. "This.. is just.... I dunno. Amazing?"

"Yeah," I agreed, "It is." I glanced up at him slyly. "It really is amazing how clean they keep this beach." I winked. He just smiled. "I know what you mean though." I conceded. "It really is amazing. I've spent a while hoping for something like this.  But I never really thought it would happen."

"Me too," He put his hand up to my face, and started gently running the tips of his fingers over my lips. I sat there, perfectly happy to just watch him. We sat like that while the sun sank in the sky, in complete silence.

Suddenly he pulled his hand away. I snapped out of the spell that he and the sun had cast on me.

"What?" I was still a bit out of it.

"We need to go. It's getting late" That didn't sound quite right. True enough, but not the real reason he wanted to go.  I looked behind me. There, walking along the beach, was an old couple. What was that about? It's not like he knew them, and they didn't seem to notice us, not really.



"Are you uncomfortable with PDA?"


"Public Displays of Affection"

"Um.... I .... a bit, yes." He looked so sad. I felt really bad for bringing it up.

"That's okay. Really, I don't mind. I'm not a public person either, really." That was a lie. I wasn't a public person - that was true - but for some reason, I did mind. It felt... right with him, regardless of who was watching. It bugged me a bit that he might not feel the same way. But with him looking at me with that wounded-deer expression, I wasn't really going to say.

We walked up the dunes to the car, and the road I could walk home on, in silence. And there was something about this silence too. It wasn't like the others - it wasn't tender, or excited or charged. It was something..... approaching awkward.

"I'm just going to walk home." I said. He didn't exactly jump to contradict me.

"Okay. Bye." And with just a quick, almost furtive, peck on the cheek, he jumped in the car, and was gone so quickly I could barely say goodbye.

I stood staring after him for a bit, then I slowly began to make my way home, which was only across two roads, after all. Before I got on the road, I stopped and turned to look back. The sun had just reached the horizon, and the sky was lit in multiple shades of pink and orange. Slowly it sank, but I didn't have time to watch the whole thing, since I'd probably get "thrashed within an inch of my life" (As my mother so tenderly put it)  if I stumbled home in the dark. Not that it was a bad neighborhood - But we did come from a much worse one, so my mom either still had lingering paranoia, or she was worried a car would hit me.

So I turned back, and hurried across the street, which was clear now, but I could see a car coming in the distance. I hurried across the other one too. I was almost desperate to get home before the sun was half sunk. I just didn't want to look at it, or acknowledge that it had sunk. There was something so.... final about it, even though it would happen again, and again and again, until the sun exploded, of course.

I got home, ran up my stairs and went into my room. I stripped to my boxers, and threw myself down on my bed. I just lay there and groaned into my pillow for a bit.

Mondays depress me.

So do sunsets.


Note from the Author:  
So I've begun to realise I'm not the most  punctual writer.  For this story, anyway. So here's the latest chapter, hope you enjoy. Oh, and I've started a blog, for anyone who maybe wants to follow that. ( Which should be a more regular way for me to express stuff. Anyway, thanks, to any fans.  I aim to please. ;-)