Another Day 9 - The Talk

This story falls under the "High school" section and may involve sex between minors.
The minors in this story are purely fictional, and in no way is this story
based on real underage illegal sex.

This story will involve sex between two or more males(eventually), and if this offends you, or if,
 by the laws of your country, you should not be reading this, then you should leave
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I sat there, nervous as hell. It was all I could do to stop myself from pacing. I had cleaned my room, pretty much twice over, while I was waiting. When I started looking in obscure corners for specks of dust, I knew it was bad.

I forced myself to sit down and read - a nice, calming book. When I realized I had been rereading the same line for 5 minutes and not taking it in at all, I decided just to sit.

Eric sent me a message on my phone - he said he'd come over today at five, and we could "talk", whatever that meant. The way he phrased it though. It just felt like something heavy was hanging in the air.

So, of course, I was having a silent panic attack the whole day. When I got home from school, on a Friday afternoon, I went a bit insane. I had cleaned my room, for crying out loud. I was five minutes away from getting up and organizing my school bag, when I heard a knock on the door.

I all but shot up and ripped the door out of it's bearings.

"Eric." I made my voice as calm as I could, but it still came out a it high and panicked. He had told me on the Wednesday, so my fertile imagination had had plenty of time to conjure up possibilities - He already had a boyfriend and I was his cheating partner, or I was the one he was cheating on, or he had given me an STD, or he was breaking up with me because I was boring, or he was moving away and didn't want to do long distance, or he was dying, or or or or or.......

"Um, we need to talk." He wouldn't look me in the eye again, and he kept this odd space between us. Our "relationship" was like three weeks in - surely you couldn't go from roaring passion to old married couple syndrome that quickly.
What the hell was going on?

"Yes. Do you want to come inside?"

"Um, no." He looked up at me, pleadingly. "Can we just talk outside?"

"Okay..." I said hesitantly. No one was in hearing range - it seemed fine. But, again, why?

We sat down on the top of the stairs. The sun was bright, and a light breeze ruffled past us. I looked at him expectantly. He took a while to say something.

"I..." He swallowed. "I've decided to go straight."


"You heard me."

"I didn't believe you. WHY?" I felt a black hole open up, and my voice jumped between disbelief, anger and something that was almost a sob.

"It's just... well... about a week ago, right, this girl who I used to be in school with messaged me asking if it was true that I'm gay now. I mean, we never talked in our whole lives, so I was like 'what the fuck?' Apparently her brother is spreading it around... how the hell he found out is beyond me. I've.... been wondering lately, and all this too much. I can't handle it anymore."

"I..." I just shook my head. What the hell was he saying. He kept on talking, clearly forgetting that this wasn't just his problem.

"I'm never going to be comfortable with gay PDA, and I'll always have to hide, which I hate. I won't be able to keep it a secret forever though, so that means people will know all about my personal life when it's none of their business, meaning that I'll never truly be able just to live without being judged, and I'm so sick of the stereotypes."

"You've been wondering lately?" Anger became my dominant emotion. I mad my face very blank, although I'm sure the blood rushed to my cheeks. "So what THE FUCK was this?"

"I.... I just needed to get it out of my system, and I did."

"So I'm like some disease, or something, that you had to fuck to 'get out of you system'?"

"No, it's not like that... it's just.... you were just... a phase." His face fell. Obviously, he'd seen whatever expression was now boiling on my face - because I sure as hell didn't know what it was. His father. It all made sense. "Needed to get it out of his system", "just a phase" - that was definitely homophobic parental advice. Weak! My mind screamed. This guy, who had made me feel so safe, like he could take on anything that faced him, was ready to turn on me because of a couple of daddy issues.

"Go. Get the fuck away from me." I made the words short and clipped, so I didn't have to end up shouting. "I never want to see you again." I held back a sob that for anything I wasn't going to let him see.

He got up and went down the stairs, not looking back. I just sat there and watched him go.


Note from Author:  Depressing, huh? Sorry though, had to happen. It was in God's plan. And by that I mean my plan. ;-) Something similar, if not exactly as... real, happened to me, and it feels good to get it down on paper and out of my way like that. Thanx, to fans, always a pleasure. And check out my blog: Rainbows and Deathsteeds