A Somerset Farm and Unit One Collaboration

Attack and Response

          This story is fiction, and any resemblance to people places or things is purely coincidental.  Persons under the age of consent, or living in areas where this type of material is illegal (and I ain't talking about a big sick bird either) should leave this story immediately.

Chapter One

Slaughter, The Beginning

By; Jamie Haze and GhostRyder15

Day One

It was the Sixth of June; it was the dark of the moon and a Kenworth hauling hogs . . . . . . . Oops sorry, too much early 70's music.  But it was the Sixth of June, 03:10 in the morning to be exact and there was a new moon.  The AN/SPS 48 Surface Search Radar that had been newly installed on the Eastern Fort at the entrance channel to the 'Pincher's' wasn't operational yet.  The lone lookout that evening wasn't paying attention to his duties and that's why he died.   The Cuban 'Armada Eśpecial' had silently climbed the cliff face on the eastern side of the fort.  His approach had taken over two hours to make, but he was actually ahead of the schedule that was planned for him by his 'Tenenti.'   The sentry on watch wore a pair of white shorts, a blue T-Shirt with white piping on the collar and sleeves and a white windbreaker made of very light material.   The Cuban watched the boy through the NVG's (Night Vision Goggles) he wore, the boy, maybe fourteen or fifteen seemed to be daydreaming, his right hand rubbing the prominent bulge in his shorts.  Like any teenager, he thought more about his hard cock than he did about watching the empty approaches to 'Dagger Cay.'   As the Cuban watched, the dark-haired teen unzipped the fly of his shorts and pulled out his cock.   This caused the Cuban to almost break out laughing, thinking of all the times he had done the same thing when he was but a little older than this boy.  Thinking of all the times he could have been the prey of someone just like himself caused him to sober.  He watched as the boy stroked his five inches of hard teenage flesh, his hand moving at a furious pace, his breathing becoming ragged, his climax rapidly approaching.  When the boy's first pulse of cum shot from the end of his penis, the Cuban rushed up behind him and grabbed him around the throat with his left arm, while his right hand shoved six inches of tempered steel into the boys' right kidney.  After twisting the knife, the Cuban pulled it out of the shocked boy and at the same time his left arm moved from the boys' throat and grasped the boys' forehead with his left hand.   While the boy, who was already dead but hadn't realized it, yet, struggled to scream, the Cuban cut his throat from ear to ear.  After two or three minutes, the fact that his body was dead finally caught up with the boys' brain and he went completely limp.  The man gently laid the boys body on the coral block floor of the Eastern Castle tower, as an act of kindness the Cuban didn't even realize he was doing, he pushed the dead boys' dick back in his shorts and zipped him up.  This boy, this teenage enemy, deserved at least the chance to be remembered by his friends and loved ones as the first causality, not the boy who died while beating off.

          The Cuban went to the southern parapet, standing alongside a large brass muzzle loading cannon he removed an infra-red flashlight from his LBE harness.  Pointing the light in the direction he thought was correct, he started pressing the on/off switch, after sending two separate groups of flashes, he waited.  Less than thirty seconds after his last flash, he saw a single long flash through his NVG's a thousand, maybe fifteen hundred meters off the entrance to the sheltered bay of Dagger Cay.  Silently, the Cuban moved to the northern parapet and unstrapped his HK-93 assault rifle, one of the best and most accurate rifles the Cuban Military owned.   Not making the same mistake that had killed the boy; the Cuban maintained a close scrutiny of the channel below and what he was able to see of the bay, while periodically sweeping the other approaches to the lookout tower.

          Twenty minutes later, he heard the soft burble of large high performance marine engines as they made their way through the channel that lead to the bay.   His part of the mission over, the Armada Eśpecial made his way to the base of the eastern cliff of the island where a Zodiac power boat waited to take him back to the ship.  Half way back to the ship he heard automatic gunfire and multiple explosions, secretly, he was glad that he wasn't involved in the slaughter of more innocents.

          While the Cuban was moving to his retrieval point, the two small Bell Jet Ranger helicopters that had been provided to the Cuban Navy specifically for this mission flew into the maelstroms of death and destruction occurring on the island paradise.

          As the four boats, gifts from the former Soviet Union, entered the bay, they maintained their in line route of advance.  When the First building on their right came into view, the 12.43 mm heavy machineguns opened up as they headed towards the main landing.  As they passed down the starboard side of the Sea Song, one of the boat crew from each of the boats fired an 84 mm Carl Gustav rocket launcher at the huge white ship.  Red and yellow flames blossomed along his side as the rockets burst with the actinic fury of high explosive.  As quickly as the man could fire, his loader would prep and load the next rocket.  The once pristine white side of the ship was already blackening from the explosions and subsequent fires they caused.  As the first two boats passed the bow of the besieged ship, the Sea Songs' starboard 20 mm Gatling gun was unmasked and opened up on them, sinking both.   The third boat was hit but managed to turn and head for the pincers and move back to the ship (the SS John I Leonard out of Panama) that had delivered them.  The last boat captain seeing the destruction of two of his brethren and the crippling of the third, ordered his rocketeer to silence the high speed gun.  As soon as he was reloaded, the gunner took careful aim and launched his last rocket; the explosion that occurred upon the missiles' impact was a magnitude greater than any of the previous hits.  The great ship seemed to roll to port from the sympathetic detonation of the Gatling gun's ready service ammunition stores.  The remaining boat did a 180 degree turn and headed back the way it had come, its mission accomplished.

          The first explosion from the rockets that were fired at the Sea Song woke J.C. from a very erotic dream, involving him, John Boy, Doug, Buck and the Twins.  Sitting up in bed he tried to understand what the thunder like sounds and the red and yellow lightening coming through his bedroom windows were all about.  Suddenly, as he watched, the armored 'Hurricane Shutters' started closing, after the attack the previous year by a disgruntled competitor of Anton Falconberg's, he had ordered the regular shutters replaced with these new and heavier ones.  These 'New' shutters were the same thickness and constructed of the same layered materials as the armor from the front of America's premier Main Battle Tank, the M1 Abrams.  With these shutters and the three foot reinforced concrete walls of the main house, J.C. knew he was safe from the death, destruction and terror happening outside.  Reaching over to John Boy, he shook him awake.  John boy, not knowing that there was a war going on, on the other side of the shuttered windows reached over for JC's cock.  JC gently removed his lover's hand and said; "John, you have to wake up, something is wrong outside and we must move down stairs quickly.  John was awake now, his eyes wide and his body shaking from fear of the unknown.  JC pulled his lover from their bed and moved to the walk in closet, once inside the closet he hit the hidden release to the arms locker door camouflaged as the back wall. When it opened, he quickly pulled two MP5 sub-machinegun's from the rack, and two LBE harness's containing six 32 round 9 mm box magazines with a Ka-Bar knife in its' scabbard taped to the left strap.  Grabbing another magazine, he slammed it into the guns' magazine well, chambered the first round and put the safety on, he then passed the second MP5, another LBE harness and magazine to John Boy.  After laying the gun and the LBE on the floor, he quickly grabbed a set of 'Tiger Striped' camouflage trousers and shirt for both of them, and then they quickly dressed.  He pulled out a pair of black Nike cross trainers for him and a pair Adidas for John. and both of the boys put them on, not even taking the time to pull on socks. 

          Once dressed, the boys got into the LBE harnesses and stuck  9mm Glock's in the waistband of their trousers after chambering a round.  Grabbing the MP5, he and John slipped out of his room after making sure the hallway outside his door was deserted; being young didn't mean they were stupid.  The boys moved quietly, staying alongside the inner wall of the hallway, not taking any chance that whoever was attacking the island didn't have ordnance capable of penetrating the outside wall.  Reaching the top of the 'Grand Staircase' they crouched down and listened, trying to hear if anyone was climbing the stairs.  When all they heard was moaning and a soft, encouraging voice they stood up and moved to the top of the stairway.  Pointing the MP5 in front of him, safety off, and ready to fire, JC reached the top while John covered his back.  Looking down, he saw Billie lying on his back, with Dieter trying to stop the bleeding from the wounds in Billie's right arm and shoulder.  As he was about to descend the stairs he heard movement behind him.  As he twirled around throwing himself to the floor, he realized it was Will, one of Buck's fathers' executives who was in charge of physical security for Trenton Enterprises.  John had already saw who it was and was lowering his gun when JC and Will recognized the other at the same time and trained their weapons away from each other.  Like J.C. and John Boy, Will was carrying an MP5 and had an LBE similarly equipped.  Unlike J.C. and John he was only wearing boxers and a black T-Shirt with a picture of the rock band Metallica on the front and a pair of slip on casuals with no socks on his feet. 

          Moving alongside J.C., he gently pushed the boy behind him and motioned that he and John were to stay back as he moved to the top of the stairs.  The lobby was a shambles, it looked as if the heavy teak main entry doors had been blasted off their hinges by a rocket or RPG before the shutters dropped in place.  Looking down at Dieter and Billie he called out softly; "Dieter!  It's me, John and J.C., we're coming down."

          Dieter jumped a little when he heard his name called out, but relaxed when he recognized Will's voice.  Will signaled J.C. and John to follow him down the stairs as he moved down to the lobby of the hotel, turned home.   Once on the main floor J.C. and Will quickly checked to insure the building was secure and they then returned to the lobby.  As far as Will could see, Dieter had stopped the flow of blood from Billie's wounds and his face was starting to cloud up; "Fuck, fuck, fuck!  Who the fuck are these guys and why the fuck are they attacking us?"

          Will shook his head; "Don't know Dieter, but we need to get a call out for some help.  I tried my room phone and then my cell phone, both were dead.  We got anything else that we can use to call for help with?'

          Dieter nodded his head, then shivered and rose to his feet; "We just upgraded 'Snoopy' to allow us to use it as a secure communication device.  I'll call the 'Oak's' and get a hold of Bucks' dormitory security station; they should be able to help."

          Will, followed Dieter to the computer room and watched while he brought the secure communication system on line, while John and J.C. watched over the lobby and Billie up.  Dieter picked up the handset and listened while the connection was made; "Good evening this is Hans, how may I help you?"

          Dieter said one word; "Wait."

          Handing the phone to Will, he took the MP5 and moved over to his husband Billie while Will started talking; "Hans?  This is Will, we have a 'Case Zulu' here, Billie's down in the lobby, I don't know how many are down outside the residence.  Please lock the 'Dorm' down and get me Joe, we're secure for the moment, but I don't know what we're up against.  Standby, I'm putting you on the speaker."

          Will pressed the speaker button on the conventional looking phone and then replaced the receiver; "Hans, can you hear me?"

          J.C. recognized Hans' German accent as he replied; "Yessir."  In the background, he could hear shouting and a high pitched beeping sound; the beeping was the more or less covert emergency alarm for the dorm.  When the residents and staff heard it, they knew something was going down and that they needed to arm themselves and get to their emergency response stations.

          Hans returned to the phone; "Sir, the dorm is secure and Buck is calling Trenton Manor now, Joe and Buck's father are over there.  They'll be locked down tight in a matter of minutes, is there anything we can do for you?"

          Will let out a sigh of relief; "Thanks Hans, that's one worry off my shoulders.  Get hold of Bucky, Joe, Bill Henderson and John Wilcott; bring them in on a conference call if you would please?"

          Will, J.C., John Boy and Dieter all heard Hans' response; "Certainly Sir, right away."

          Less than a minute later Bucky came on the phone; "What's going on Will, are you gu . . . . . . . "

          A large explosion shook the building, causing dust to fill the air.  "What the fuck is going on down there?" Yelled Bucky, accompanied by worried questions from Bill and John in the background.

          In a much calmer voice, Joe asked; "What's your status Will, any casualties?"

          Will cleared his throat and spit out a honker made up of spit and dust before replying; "Billie's down, he was wounded in the arm and shoulder, I think he'll be okay, Dieter was able to stop the bleeding.  He's the only one I have any direct knowledge about, J.C. and I were upstairs sleeping when the attack started, Dieter or Billie secured the house, but I'm really starting to worry about the boys and the Islanders now."

          "Joe broke in and said; "Wait one, we're calling up a Snoopy visual of the Island, we'll be able to tell you what's going on shortly."

          "Okay." Joe said.  "Here it comes, turn on your monitor and you should have the overheads too."  Everyone went quiet as they studied the real time satellite images being beamed to them from the 'Snoopy' satellite in geo-synchronous orbit (22,500 miles up).  Someone on the mainland let out a gasp; "Jesus Christ, it looks like D-Day down there.  They even have what looks like a God damn `Liberty Ship' sitting off the coast.  What in the name of all that's holy is going on down here?"

          Joe said; "There's the cause of that last explosion, looks like one of our guys were able to take out one of their aircraft.  From the looks of it, it appears to be a Bell Jet Ranger."  Just then there were some smaller secondary explosions from the downed helicopter, which lit up the area in front of the hotel.

          The light from the explosions illuminated ten or so men who had been approaching the hotel's front door.  The men went down when the secondary explosions occurred, when the pyrotechnics stopped only six of them could be seen getting up.

          Joe broke in; "Will, you guys grab Billie and get in the command bunker, don't open the door for anyone after you close it.  Close the console down and move fast.  Do it now . . . move."

          Will hit the switch hidden beneath control panel that locked the system out, the console became unusable until re-activated from the 'Bunker.'  The Bunker had been the area where the Hotels' vault was before the island had been attacked by a business competitor of Anton Falconberg's the previous year.  After the attack, it was decided that the buildings physical security needed to be seriously upgraded.  The two foot thick, high density, reinforced  concrete walls were supplemented with ten inches of the same type of armor used for the 'Hurricane Shutters.'  The door to the secondary command post was eighteen inches thick, made of laminated one inch thick titanium front and back sheaths, with a sixteen inch thick inner core of depleted uranium and ceramic armor.  It would literally take a small nuclear device to breach the door once it was closed and locked from the inside.  The bunker was a self contained shelter/command and control center, once the door was closed, anyone inside could remain in place for up to thirty days.  The 'Bunker' had food and water for fifty people and the supplied air system worked in conjunction with CO2 scrubbers to keep the air breathable.

          Will followed the two men and the boys through the door and hit the 'Close' switch.  Just as the door completed the closure sequence, a huge explosion rocked the building.

          As they entered the control room, they all heard Joe yelling; "Will, Will, answer me God damn it, Will, are you there?"

          Dieter got to the communications console first; "We're here Joe calm down, we got the bunker secured, give me a second to get the monitor on down here."

          Dieter said; "John, how about setting things up while I check on Billie please?  Will give me a hand please?"

          John just nodded as he moved to the console and started setting up the 'Snoopy' overheads.  Once the images were being received, he zoomed in on the front door of the house.  As he watched, an explosion occurred at the door to the bunker, about a quarter second later, flame and smoke could be seen venting through a hole in the shutters over the main entrance.

          After he helped Dieter with Billie, Will went over to John and talked into the systems' built in microphone; "Looks like they're trying to dig us out."  A second explosion occurred, shaking the room, but causing no apparent damage.

          "I know you guys are up in Jersey, but have you been able to get anyone to come and help us?" asked Will.

          Bucky answered for the people at Trenton Manor; "The U.S. Coast Guard out of Miami Beach has been notified of the attack and we've requested they send a cutter.  We emphasized that American Citizens are being attacked, they're in the process of recalling the crews of two of their Cutters , but the soonest they can get there is four hours."  The speaker was mostly quiet with only voices discussing alternatives.  Bucky came back on the line; "Okay guys, we contacted Billie's father and told him what's going on, he's contacting his islands Maritime Self Defense Force and their going to send all five of their armed vessels to Dagger Cay"


          Once again an explosion occurred, followed by three more closely spaced explosions.  The structure shook, but the walls and door were not breached.  After the last explosion occurred, nothing further was heard. 

          As Will moved to Dieter and Billie, J.C. watched the monitor; "Madre de Dios." He screamed as he turned and ran for the stairs leading to the bunker door.  Will knew that something had happened that had caused the young Columbian to lose control.  Without thinking, Will and John Boy grabbed JC as he tried for the door.

          "Let me go, I can't let them kill them, they're killing the boys, they're killing them, I've got to stop them." 

          Dieter took a quick look at the screen; "Oh fuck, those dirty fucking bastards."   Getting control of himself, he ran to the medical cabinet and got a syringe and a vial of midazolam.  Filling the syringe with 3 cc's of the sedative, he injected J.C. using one of the veins in his right elbow. Thirty seconds later, the boy stopped struggling and was asleep.

          Gently laying the boy on the floor, John Boy spooned up to his lover and held him tightly in his arms while the two men went back to the console and watched as the attackers, one at a time shoot each boy that they had captured in the head.  As the executioner went down the line of boys and Islanders, shooting them after appearing to talk to them, he suddenly crumpled to the ground.  Several other attackers fell, the rest of the attackers grabbed the live captives and used them as shields as they retreated to the ocean beach where they had come ashore.  As they went to embark the boats they used for their landing, more of the attackers fell to the beach or into the surf.  The Islanders and the Boys of Dagger Cay were resisting, resisting Hell they were pushing the murdering mother fuckers back into the sea.  The attackers must have called for help; the remaining attack boat arrived about 500 meters off the beach and started suppressive fire with their 12.43 mm heavy machine guns.  While the suppressive fire slowed down the fire from the good guys, it didn't stop it.  But the slackening of incoming fire allowed the attackers to get their prisoners into the boats and retreat towards the Mother Ship (No, this is not E.T.).

          The attack was over, at least for now.  Will spoke to the people up north; "Christ, they must have murdered thirty or more of our people, I'm going out and see if I can help."

          Bucky yelled at Will; "NO YOU'RE NOT!!!!  Stay there in the bunker; see if you can contact anyone out side by radio or phone, BUT, DO NOT LEAVE THE BUNKER FOR ANY REASON!!!"  Bucky paused and Will heard his old boss George saying something.  Bucky returned and said; "George has twenty five special response team members that will be en-route to Dagger Cay in four hours, they should be on the ground with you in just under eight hours.  You and the others will stay in the bunker until I tell you otherwise.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

          Will took a deep breath and said; "Yessir, we'll wait, we don't like it, but we'll wait."

          At 12:17 local time, Eight hours and forty seven minutes after the attackers fled Dagger Cay a Boeing 737 was lined up on final for the Islands' airstrip.  As soon as the aircrafts wheels touched the concrete runway, the planes two engines were reversed and the squeal of the breaks could be heard all over the island.  The aircraft taxied over to the airstrips control/reception building and its starboard engine shut down while the port engine continued turning.  A truck with a stairway attached to the back drove up to the after door which was already open.  As soon as the stairs were in place black clad armed and armored men ran down the stairs and set up a perimeter around the aircraft.  Jaime Ortega Bouchard, one of the supervisors at the power/desalinization plant walked to the after part of the plane, he waited outside the perimeter for the team's supervisor to de-plane. 

          The last three people off the plane were  George, Joe and a man with a painted  red cross inside a white circle on his Kevlar helmet, all three were dressed the same as the security people.  George had taken it upon himself to supervise the men he sent down, and Joe wanted to make sure his partner was really okay.  After talking with the island supervisor and hearing that forty there men, women and children had been found murdered, they went to the big house (NO, it's not a prison).  After they crawled through the hole that the attackers had finally been able to make in the main door security shutters, Joe went to the Grand Staircase and pressed a hidden button behind the balustrade at the bottom of the stairs.  After pressing it, a door in the side of the balustrade popped open, Joe reached in and pulled out a telephone handset.  After punching in a four digit number he listened for a few seconds before saying; "It's me Dieter, George and I are in the lobby . . . . .  The area is secure, you guys can come out now."  The guy with the red cross on his helmet spoke for the first time; "Hold off having them come out I want to check the background levels here first."   Will told Dieter to hold off opening the door until the doctor checked the area for radioactive contamination from the depleted uranium armor.  Setting the case that he had carried to the house on the floor, he opened it and pulled a GM (Geiger/Mueller) instrument body equipped with an attached P-11 pancake probe from it.  After running the probe around depressions, holes and cracks in the outer inch of the armored door and then on the floor, the doctor took a 47 mm cloth disk and smeared the floor and several places on the door.  After each smear, he held the sample paper close to the detector, checking for removable contamination.  After completing his survey he said; "Okay, they didn't use anything strong enough to cause the depleted uranium to spall and go airborne.  Go ahead and tell them they can come out now."

          Seconds later, the door started moving, twenty five seconds later Will ran over to Joe and grabbed him in a bear hug, after kissing him soundly on the lips he said; "Damn am I glad to see you."  The doctor moved past Joe and Will and entered the Bunker descending to the lower area where Billie and J.C. were still unconscious and being watched over by Dieter and John Boy .

          Will turned to George and shook his hand; "Thanks George, thanks for coming down.  I'm going to find out who did this and stuff a grenade up his ass after I pull the pin.  They shot them down in cold blood, we were forced to watch them do it over the Snoopy link, and we couldn't do a damn thing about it.  J.C. Lost it and was going to leave the bunker, Dieter and I sedated him otherwise he would have opened the bunker door and gone down shooting.

          Will was clearly close to losing it himself, Joe put his arms around him again and pulled him back into a hug before saying; "Its okay, we're going to find out who did this to us, and then we're going to get them.  Bucky, John and Bill all agree, whoever did this is going to die, it's a done deal.  I've got some feelers out in the SpecOps community for men who don't mind doing some wet work, I should be hearing from them anytime now."

          Will took a huge breath, shuddered and seemed to settle down; "Thanks, but where ever they are, whoever we get to help us, I'm going to be with them when we go after them."

          It took two days to find all the dead and wounded, in the end the death count was up to seventy men, women and children.  Most of the men and boys were from the Sea Song and the Maritime Academy, the four women were from among the residents of the island workers, seven of the men were also from the island.  Considering the damage done to the Sea Song, the death count onboard the beautiful ship was only three and there were only seven people injured.  Everyone wanted a piece of the action when it was time to go after the murderers. 

Day Two

Fifteen hours after arriving on the island, Joe received a telephone call.  After speaking with Will, Dieter, George and Billie, who was back on his feet, Joe boarded the 737 at 04:00 and flew to Miami.

          In Miami, he made several phone calls and started several balls rolling, he hoped, that all the preparations would come together at the same time.  Four hours after arriving in Miami, he boarded a United Airlines 747 'Redeye' to Spokane (pronounced 'Spo-Can') Washington, via Salt Lake City.  Ten and a half hours after boarding his flight from Miami, Joe landed at the Spokane International Airport at 17:45.  As he headed for the baggage claim area  he saw two very large men standing to the side of the walkway, one had a hand printed sign with his name on it.

          Joe walked up to the man with the sign; "I'm Joe Barnes , who sent you guys?"

          The sign holder said; "Good afternoon sir, I'm Jason Drew and my associate is Mark Hastings.   Mr. Bertinelli told us to meet you and provide you with transportation and anything else you need.   We were also told to stick to you like glue and make sure nothing got in your way."

          Joe nodded, and pulled out his cell phone and hit 01 on the speed dial.  After five seconds or so he asked; "George, did you send a 'Jason Drew' and a 'Mark Hastings' to meet me at the airport in Spokane?" . . . . .   'Okay, thanks a lot . . . . Yeah  . . . . . . Okay, I'll talk to you later, thanks."

          Turning back to Jason Drew he said; "Okay, I need to get to someplace called Denton City, its south of here near where the Yakima River flows in to the Columbia River.  What's the easiest way to get there?"

          "If we drive, about three, maybe four hours or so, if you want fast, we'll hire a helicopter, whatever you want." Jason replied.

          "I need fast, let's go see the helicopter people." Joe said.

          An hour and fifteen minutes later, 19:15 hours local time, the helicopter carrying Joe and his two 'Personal Assistants' (read; Big Guys carrying Big Guns) were circling a small aviation facility at the bottom of a small mountain that was listed as 'Battle Mountain,' listed as being 1,024 meters in height on the Jepp charts.   Will listened over the helicopters intercom system as the Co-Pilot called the facility's control tower; "Ahh Bateman International, this is Hillman Air, Sierra Hotel Seven Niner Niner One requesting landing instructions, over." 

          The Co-Pilot had just broadcast his request for landing instructions for the third time when he heard; "Niner One, you are cleared to land on the 'Atech,'  after landing, please remain inside your aircraft and shut down your engines.  The wind is from 30 at 17 and the barometer is at 29.23, local time is 19:15 hours, Over."

          "Ahh roger your last, we are descending from angels four to the 'Atech,' Niner One out."  The Sykorski S76 Executive helicopter descended towards the large black 'H' painted in the center of a larger white circle.  Within minutes of receiving permission to land, the sleek helicopter landed at the exact center of the 'Circle H' and the flight crew shut the engines down.   After the vibration, jet whine and noise from the rotors, it seemed like it was unnaturally quiet in the helicopter's cabin. 

          The pilot turned to Joe and said; "Mr. Barnes, this looks like your ground transportation coming now."

          The three men in the cabin all tried to look out the side windows and there was a minor battle for prominence of position.  Joe and Mark Hastings won the initial scramble.  What they saw were two HUMVEE's painted in the typical U.S. Military desert camouflage pattern that they had all seen before.  Joe spotted the mounting point for an automatic weapon on the roofs of both vehicles; both of them had the 'padded' look of the armored HUMVEE's the Army and Marine Corps were using in Iraq.  As they approached the aircraft, the first vehicle split off and moved to the west of the helicopter and stopped about seventy five feet from the helicopter, the front of the vehicle facing them, while the second one  stopped just short of the rotors on the east side.  The four doors of the western HUMVEE opened and four men got out and stood behind the open doors of the vehicle, Joe thought they were probably armed with M16's.  His two 'PA's' started grabbing for hardware under their coats; "Calm down guys, keep your piece's holstered, they're just being cautious."

          The doors of the other vehicle opened, the man who got out on the front passenger side, opened the rear door and held out his hand to the person getting out of the back seat while the driver watched the helicopter.  The driver waited on the far side, obviously looking for any kind of hostile action from the helicopter.

          Once again Joe spoke; "Everyone remain calm, they're just being very, very cautious, so let's all just stay loose.  Jason, Mark, you guys sit tight while I talk to these guys, everything will be just fine."

          Jason was about to argue when Joe said; "The tall redheaded guy with the big nose is a friend of mine, just relax and stay put.  I'll talk, they'll listen and then we'll all go have a drink."

          Joe had Mark open the sliding cabin door and climbed down and walked over to the three men.  Holding his hand out to be shook by the tall redhead, he had it batted away and was grabbed in a bear hug; "Joseph Gregory Barnes, what in the fuck are you doing here.  God, what's it been, three years?  Four years?  Jesus guy, I just thought of you a couple of days ago, where you been hiding, you still working for the 'Company?"  Turning to the two men standing alongside him and then the driver he said ; "James, Gunny, Keener, this guy pulled my ass out of a very deep hole, a hole I might add that someone, actually several someone's, were trying to fill while I was still at the bottom."

          Before Joe could say anything Matt said; "Listen Joe, how about sending your helicopter back to where it came from.  We got about forty five Marines and a SEAL Boat Crew we're expecting to visit us soon."

          Joe looked a little confused but said; "Ahh, no problem, but I've got two Personal Assistants with me, I hope you don't mind if they come along, they were kind of stuck on me by my boss."

          "That's okay." said Matt.  "But we need to expedite the chopper's lift off."

          While Joe went back to the helicopter and told his two 'PA's' to climb out and then told the pilot to head back to Spokane and that he would call them if they were needed.

          As Joe was briefing the flight crew, his two 'PA's' walked over to the three men and introduced themselves to the two men who weren't doing anything.  The tall redhead was on a portable radio talking to someone.  The Driver got behind the wheel of the eastern HUMVEE and backed it up another fifty feet from the helicopter.  As Joe, his two 'PA's" and the three men walked over to the HUMVEE, the helicopter's jet turbines started to spool up, by the time they reached the vehicle, its' rotors had started turning.  Two minutes later, the helicopter was airborne and heading back the way they had come.  As they watched the helicopter flying north, by northeast, a Ford F250 Crewcab pickup drove up to the waiting group.  The passenger door opened and a small redheaded kid got out of the pickup.  Walking up to Matt and his Brother, he saluted; "Sir, we sent the FRT (Fast Reaction Team) back to the house, Jacky and I'll drive these gentlemen back in the Ford."

          Matt smiled down at the boy and nodded; "Jap, I want you to take good care Mr. Barnes and his associates, I owe him a big one."

          Jap smiled at Matt and nodded.  Turning to Joe he said; "Gentlemen, please come with me and we'll have you back to the house in no time."

          As Jap saluted and had his salute returned by the men in Matt's entourage, Joe smiled at the military bearing displayed by the boy who couldn't be over thirteen years old.  When the boy headed to the truck, Joe and his bodyguards followed, Joe turned to them and said one word; "Relax."

          Jap opened the rear cab door and after the men were seated, he closed the door and got into the front.

          As they were driving away, the second thing Joe noticed was the barrels of the rifles the two boys were equipped with.  The first thing was the driver of the vehicle; he looked to be about eighteen or nineteen, with black hair and tanned face and from what he could see, seemed to be very well built.  Just to break the tension, Joe asked; "M108's?"

          The boy called Jap turned in his seat, gave Joe a dazzling smile and said; "No sir, they're 107's, we used to use the single shot models, the 99's, then we were re-equipped by SEAL 7 out of the Bremerton Ship Yard on the coast.

          Mark Hastings's was curious now; "What kind of a rifle is that and what do you use it for?"

          Jacky spoke before Jap could reply; "Jap, remember Jasper last year, this guy is just asking so be nice."


          Jap smiled at the driver before replying; "It' a .50 caliber rifle, it's used for long distance shooting."

          Mark looked puzzled; "What, 200, 300 yards, we saw you come out of the arroyo back there, that had to be six or seven hundred yards."

          Jap smiled at Mark again; "Actually sir we were out at 1343 meters from the helicopter, then a little closer when you walked back to the HUMVEE."  Jap thought for a second; "At least that's what our range finders said."

          Mark looked at his partner before saying; "Well at least we were out of range."  He then got a confused look on his face as Joe, Jacky and Jap started laughing, Jacky took his foot off the gas and slowed the truck down because he was afraid he'd loose control from laughing so hard.

          Jap stopped laughing, but couldn't keep a straight face as he said; "If you say so sir."

          Mark got a perplexed expression on his face and said; "What?  What'd I say?"

          Joe finally got himself under control as they rounded the corner of the building and Jacky parked the pickup in the lot.  He decided not to say anything about Marks 'Out of range comment,' but he really hoped he'd get a chance to see how well the young man and the boy could shoot.  He did ask; "Who's the 'Alpha' and who's the 'Bravo' of your teams?"

          Jacky pointed to Jap, Jap held his hand out and wobbled it, signifying that the title for being the 'Alpha' was up for grabs.  Jacky smiled at the boy and pointed at him again.

          Joe just nodded and followed them into the house as the HUMVEE's were being parked.  As they entered the kitchen of the building, Joe was surprised to see a Marine three star General wearing MarCams sitting at the table with a Navy Lieutenant Commander and an Army Bull Colonel.

          To his surprise, the General spoke to the redhead; "What have we got here Jap, infiltrators?"

          Jap and Jacky stood to attention,  the butts of their rifles on the floor holding them next to their right sides by the barrels as Jap answered; "No sir, friend's of Matt's, they were the one's on the S76 that landed at the field."

          The general stood and stuck his had out to Joe who was the first one into the kitchen behind Jap; "Good evening, I'm Phil Stanton, this is Paul Ketchum, U.S. Navy and Kevin Dalton, U.S. Army.  You men must be from out of town?"

          Joe nodded and said; "Good afternoon sir, I'm Joe Barnes and these are my Personal Assistants; Jason Drew and Mark Hastings."  He hesitated for a second or two before continuing; "I just flew in from Miami, I have to discuss some urgent personal matters with Matt and his brother."

          The General was about to say something when the 1MC blared out; "All GhostRyder Stations, this is GhostRyder Control, six unknown inbounds approaching GhostRyder Base bearing 225 degrees true."

          Jap and Jacky turned around and said; "By your leave sir!"  As they ran towards the front door, their rifles at port arms.  Just as they got to the door, they were met by four boys of various sizes and ages, each of the boys were armed with what were probably AR10's or 15's.  As Joe watched, two of the boys handed Jap and Jacky Miles Gear harnesses and what appeared to be a Ghilley blanket, then all six of them headed out the door.

          The General smiled at their retreating backs, the Colonel and the Lieutenant Commander both got up and headed out of the kitchen and down the hallway in the opposite direction from the one the boys had taken.  Turning to the three confused looking newcomers, he asked; "Coffee, a beer or maybe something stronger. 

          Joe shrugged his shoulders: "I don't know what's going on, but a beer would go down real nice about now."  His two 'PA's' asked for coffee, once they all had something to drink they sat down at table.

          The General looked at Joe as the obvious leader of the three and said; "Sorry about the confusion, but you walked into a joint Navy/Marine Corps exercise involving forty five Marines and an eight man Navy SEAL Boat Crew.  I'd appreciate it if you three would put these arm bands on."  The General handed them three red cloth armbands that he had taken out of a briefcase that was on the kitchen countertop.  "Oh yes, one more thing."  This time he looked at Mark and Jason.  "Please hand me your firearms, all of them."

          Both Mark and Jason were about to protest, actually, they were going to tell the General to go fuck himself when Joe said; "Jason, Mark, do as he asks, do it now."

          Jason and Mark looked at each other and grumbled as they un-holstered their Sig-Sauer P226's and set them in the middle of the table, then they reached down and pulled an S&W .38 Special five shot hammerless revolver from their ankle holsters and added them to the two automatics on the table.

          Joe looked at them and asked; "Is that it, nothing else?"

          Looking sheepish the two 'PA's" stood and reached under their jackets and each pulled out another P226 from its holster in the small of their backs and set them on the table also.

          The General dumped the magazines and pulled the slide back, locking them in the open position on all four of the automatics, ejecting the chambered rounds.  He then swung out the cylinders of the two wheel guns and dumped the rounds from them.  Two at a time, he placed the firearms on the countertop behind his briefcase, out of view from any casual observer, the magazines and loose rounds for the revolvers and the four automatics, he left in the middle of the table.

                   Looking at the three men he said; "Sometime within the next thirty minutes, a group of armed men may make its way to this point, their weapons will be equipped with Miles gear and they'll be shooting blanks.  I don't want anyone to get excited and possibly pop off some live rounds."  

                   Taking a few seconds to gather his thoughts, the General continued speaking; "James and Matt Bateman have put together the best para-military group I have ever seen.  In the last two years, elements of the Marine Corps, the Army and the Navy have attacked this place seventeen times.  Out of the seventeen times the Unit has lost one engagement and had a second one called a draw.  That's where both the aggressors, which happened to be two A-Teams and two Boat Crews, and the Unit One defenders were reduced to zero effective combatants."


          "James' and Matt's team, have become one of our military's best training aides ever."  The General chuckled as he continued; "The only reason the Air Force aren't using them, is they haven't found out about them yet.  So if and when the aggressor forces make it this far, please stay seated, close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears, if it becomes necessary to move from this room, please follow my instructions."

          Joe stared at the General for a second or two before asking; "Are Matt's troops really that good?"

          The General smiled; "If I were young again, just a 'shave tale,' and I had platoon like Unit One, I'd be in hog heaven.  I personally would go against any group, two, or even three times their number and be certain of destroying them in place.  You met Jap earlier, he's the Unit's Alpha Sniper, the boy with him, who happens to be his boyfriend, is the Bravo Sniper."  Thinking back to one of the exercises he smiled; "I had several of my people who wanted to draft those two kids into the Corps.  Unfortunately, Jap's only thirteen, and his partner is only fifteen so there was no way they were going to be able to get them.

          When the General mentioned the fact that Jap and Jacky were boyfriends, Joe's two 'PA's' got a funny look on their faces.  Neither one of them said anything, but you could almost see and hear the gears grinding in their head's.

          Five minutes after the General had asked for the 'PA's' guns, two boys in MarCam with slung M16's ran in to the room, seeing the three strangers they halted and stood to attention looking at the General, the one on the right said; "Sir!  Mr. Bateman's respects." The one on the left said; "Sir, we need you and your guests to move to the NCA (Non-Combatant Area)."  The one on the right said; "Right now!"

          The boys, no the identical twins had caused Joe, Mark and Jason to twist their heads back and forth like the spectators of a tennis match.  The general being used to this tactic was unfazed by them and stood up; "Carry on." Was all he said to the twins, he turned to the three men sitting at the table and said; "This area is about to get noisy, please follow me."


          Joe immediately got to his feet and gestured for Mark and Jason to follow, the General moved through the door that led to a large game room/lounge.  When all four of them were in the room, the General pulled a sliding door closed behind them.  "Have a seat." He told them.  The General moved to the doorway leading into the hall and slid the triple wide door shut and returned to the three men.  After sitting down he said; "This whole thing should be over shor . . . . . . . "

          Before he could finish his sentence, there were two large explosions in the hallway outside in the passageway which caused the sliding doors to shake and shudder.  Before the sounds of the explosions were over, the sounds of several rapid firing rifles were heard along with a short burst from a smaller caliber weapon, then lots more rifle fire.  After about twenty seconds, all firing ceased, the only sounds to be heard were the shrill beeping noises that came from the hallway.

          The General smiled; "As I was saying, this should be over shortly."

          The two 'PA's' sat nervously while glancing furtively at both doors, while the General and Joe chatted quietly.  Ten minutes after the gunfire ceased, the 1MC blared again, a very young sounding voice said; "Secure from drill, secure from drill, safe all weapons, clear all actions and unload all firearms.  Restore all casualties restore all gear. Now secure from drill, the after action de-brief will be held in the Cavern in one hour, all participants are to attend."  Within thirty seconds of the announcement, the shrill beeping stopped and was replaced with the excited chatter of several men and boys.

           The General slid open both the hallway and kitchen doors, he turned to Mark and Jason and said; "You may get your guns, but please don't load them, I assure you that no one will trouble you while you're in this house."

          Joe nodded his head and the two men acting as his 'PA's' went into the kitchen and retrieved their firearms, magazines and loose ammunition.

          While the two 'PA's' were re-holstering their firearms, Matt entered the lounge, grinned at Joe, but spoke to the General; "Damn Phil, your guys are getting better, they almost made it to the 'Arms Room."

          Phil Stanton returned Matt's smile; "Almost?"

          Matt feeling good about the exercise said; "Almost.  One Marine and one SEAL made it all the way to the third deck before Bobby's reserve force took them out.  It looks like it's seventeen for the good guys; Us.  One for the bad guys, that would be you and one draw."  Matt laughed; "Not bad for a bunch of teenagers, hunh?"

          Joe just stared at Matt, he was about to ask what exactly was going on when Matt beat him to it; "Listen, you guys must be hungry, let's all go down to the UDF (Unit Dining Facility) and grab a quick bite and I'll fill you in on the Unit?"

          Joe nodded and signaled the 'PA's' to follow them as Matt led them in to the hallway and then down a stairway.   They seemed to be heading deep into the bowels of the earth, finally after descending four long flights of stairs they bottomed out at a door with a sign on it that said; "Cavern Level, Non-Combatant Area!!  All firearms to be unloaded, actions open and on safe before entering."

          Matt opened the door and Joe, Mark and Jason followed him into the large open room, Joe could see why it was called the 'Cavern Level.'  Matt walked over to a double wide door that had a big sign over it reading "U.D.F." and opened it, gesturing his three guests through it.  Joe was struck by the number of people in the room, there must have been well over a hundred boys and men seated at the tables throughout the room, with more entering it from the serving line with trays loaded with food.  Matt walked over and got in line, grabbed a tray, silverware and a plate then started moving down the line seemingly spooning food on his plate at random.  Joe and his two men quickly followed suite, when everyone had what they wanted, the four men found a table that only had two people sitting at it, the redhead and his 'boyfriend' who had driven them to the house.

          When they arrived at the table, Matt asked the boy's if they minded if they joined them.  "Preesssse."  The older boy said through a mouthful of food, pointing to the empty chairs at the table.  The men sat down and started getting around the food they had loaded their plates with.

          Matt, after swallowing his first bite of food, turned to the kid everyone seemed to call Jap and asked; "So, how'd you guys do today, what's your body count up to now?"

          The diminutive redhead frowned, swallowed his food and said; "I only got nine, Jacky dropped thirteen that puts him one up on me."

          Jacky smiled and said; "Bout fucking time too, he's been ahead of me for the last four evolutions.  Actually, I got lucky today, Jap was on line three and they took out GhostRyder Two Five and that gave the troops coming down that line cover that they normally wouldn't have had.  The ones coming down seven were dead meat, they had to move across 600 meters of open ground, absolutely no cover, that's where I got my numbers at."

          Matt chuckled and asked the two boys about their numbers again.  Jap swallowed the mouthful of food and answered; "Today's nine put me up 133, Jacky's now at 134.  I'm gonna talk to Justin and Phil Martin about coming out of their hide's so early, Justin got taken out in the first five minutes of contact.  Phil lasted another five minutes, UNTIL THAT ASSHOLE SEAL GOT HIM FROM BEHIND!!"  Jap yelled at one of the men sitting at the table across from him.

          The SEAL shot Jap the bird; "Fuck you red, your buddy got me just after I took out the LAV from the rear."

          "Yeah, and three more of us while he was at it." Said one of the other men at the table; "By the way, where the fuck were you shooting from, even after we went 'ineffective' we couldn't spot you?"

          Jacky smiled at the Sailor; "425 Meters north east of you guys, there's a rise there and we set up our hide just below the military crest of it.  Jap was on the south side, but you guys were masked from him being on the south side of that little gully, otherwise he woulda took you out first."

          Matt laughed at both groups and said; "Calm down now guys, we'll go over this at the de-brief, finish your food Jap, Jacky, you'll get your chance to talk about it later."

          Everyone calmed down and finished there meal, Joe looked at Matt and said; "I need to get with you and James, I got a problem I was going to ask you to help me with, but now I don't think it'll work."

          As Matt was about to ask about the problem, the 1MC stared to blare again; "All evolution participants please assemble in the Cavern, that is, all evolution participants please assemble in the Cavern."

          Matt stood up and looked at Joe; "You guys can attend the de-brief or head back up stairs and wait in the lounge, your choice but I have to be present for the de-briefing."

          Joe nodded and said; "I think I'll attend the de-brief, I'd like to see what went on during the exercise."

          Matt said; "Fine, but I won't even try to make a guesstament on how long it will last.  Any time you want to bailout, go ahead and I'll catch up with you after it's over."

          Joe and his 'PA's' followed Matt into the Cavern and found seats towards the back of the large room and sat through the entire two and a half hour de-briefing.  Joe was really impressed by the way the after action critique was held.  He was even more impressed by the thirty minute Q&A session at the end.  Close to fifty percent of the questions came from the Unit One members, and every single one of the questions were clear, concise, and pertinent.  Joe was extremely impressed by what he had seen of the Unit, unfortunately he couldn't see how they could help him and the people of Dagger Cay.  After the meeting was over, Matt and his brother James, who was in a wheelchair being pushed by a tall good-looking blonde teenager walked over to him.

          Joe stood up and said; "Wow, these kids of yours are out-fucking-standing.  Where'd you find them from?"

          Matt smiled at him; "Actually they found us, oh we put a few posters around town and set up a web site, but most of them came to us.  You'd be surprised at how many kids are tired of the groups like the Boy Scouts and the different church groups, most of which are very homophobic.  We just gave them a new group they could join, a group that would let them be their own selves."

          Joe nodded his head, not really understanding what the Unit was all about, but that it worked and worked well.  He looked at both Matt and James and asked; "Can we go somewhere private and talk, what I have to say is not for public consumption.?"

          James took the lead; "No problem, you guys head upstairs while my 'Nana' here takes me up on the elevator, we'll meet you in the first floor conference room."

          Joe nodded his head and followed Matt to the stairway, as they started to climb the stairs Joe asked; "Is James okay, when I first met him I could see he was having problems with his left side, did he have a stroke or something?"

          Matt paused in his climb, then continued up the stairs; "No, he was in an automobile accident a year ago this May.  He lost his left leg above the knee and his left arm above the elbow.  He was in a coma for over two and a half months and got his new 'leg' last fall; he didn't get his arm until the end of October.  Actually he's still classified as being in the 'recovery phase' by his physical therapists, or as he calls them his 'Physical Terrorists."

          All four men laughed at the last statement as they entered the first floor hallway and moved to the conference room.  Matt picked up the phone from a side table and punched in three numbers and said; "Will Gunnery Sergeant MacCarver, Staff Sergeants Webb and Babcock and Gunny Mcnaughten please come to the conference room on the first deck."

          James saw Joe's negative reaction to Matt's announcement over the 1MC and said; "The Gunny, MacCarver, Webb and Babcock are our staff, I won't do anything without them, especially the type of thing I think you want our help with."

          While they were waiting for the Marines to arrive, the telephone rang, Jesse picked it up and said; "Bateman Brothers, how may I help you?"  As Jesse was listening to the what the caller was saying he turned and looked at Joe.   Jesse said; "Sir, if you can hold for a minute, I'll see if he's available?"  Placing his hand over the mouthpiece he turned to Joe and said in a soft voice; "Mr. Barnes, there's a Mr. Trenton on the line who would like to speak to you, are you available?"

          Joe chuckled; "For him, I'm available 24/7, he's the guy who sent me out here.  Is that phone a speaker phone?"

          Jess nodded and spoke to Bucky Trenton; "Sir, Mr. Barnes requested that the speaker phone be turned on, yes sir thank you."  Jesse hit the speaker button and hung up the handset, a gravely sounding voice was heard by everyone in the room; "Joe, you okay."

          Joe smiled; "Yessir, `Oakwood,' ('Oakwood' was their code word for 'everything's okay') we're just waiting on a few more people to show up.

          The tension in Bucky Trenton's voice disappeared; "Good, I just wanted to check in with you to make sure things were going okay.   If you don't mind, my staff and I would like to listen in?"

          Just then the door to the conference room opened and five Marines dressed in MarCam walked in, four of which took seats at the conference table, General Stanton sat in a chair against the wall.  Before anyone could say anything Phil Stanton spoke; "I'm here to insure my men won't get in any trouble, I'll remain quiet unless someone asks me a question or I don't like what I hear." Matt, James and Joe nodded in acquiescence.   After Matt introduced George Babcock and Jeff MacCarver to Joe, he turned to Joe and said; "First off there's no problem with Mr. Trenton listening in, secondly, we're all kind of intrigued about you showing up on our doorstep so suddenly.  I mean it has been close to four years Joe."

          Joe Nodded and said; "I work for 'Trenton International Corporations,' as the CEO of his corporations' physical security unit.  Three days ago a small island cluster owned by a friend of Mr. Trenton was attacked and seventy men, women and children were mur . . . . . "

          As Joe was talking, a young voice broke in; "Seventy one Joe, we found Ace this morning, it looks like he was killed by the fire coming in as those fucking assholes were running away. He . . . . He still had a rifle in his . . . ."

          Another voice that sounded like Bucky Trenton's, gravely, yet younger said; "Easy Doug, easy." Then the sound of sobbing and the voice of the elder Trenton telling 'Buck to take care of Doug'.  Bucky came back on the line; "I'm sorry about that gentlemen, but Doug's taking the loss of so many of his people badly. Go ahead with your briefing Joe."

          Joe continued and described how many of the boys from the Maritime Academy were murdered, execution style as they knelt in a line with their hands tied behind them and blindfolded.   One of the boys, a new arrival to Dagger Key was only twelve years old.

          Joe stopped talking for a few seconds before continuing, actually he was talking to the people back in New Jersey; "I came here looking for help, I made a mistake Boss.  I was under the impression that the Unit was made up of hard core x-military; unfortunately all of them are mere boys.  The same age as the cadets at Dagger Key.  I can't, no, scratch that, I WON'T ask more boys to go somewhere and possibly be killed; I just can't do it Bucky."

          Bucky spoke for the first time in ten minutes; "You're right Joe, Mr. Bateman, Mr. Bateman, please accept my apology for bothering you.  Joe, keep looking . . . . . . ."

          James was looking at Matt while Joe was telling the story, when Bucky started to tell them that he'd try to locate another group, James spoke; "Mr. Trenton, last summer, one of our boys was kidnapped by a local criminal.  The entire Unit went in and got him back safely with only three causalities.  Those causalities were three of the bad guys.  So please Joe, Mr. Trenton, don't refer to the Unit members as mere boys."

          Matt spoke up; "I don't know how many we can muster, but figure on at least sixty Squadies and the two of us."

          The Gunny spoke for the first time; "Bullshit Matt, I told you the last time we had a problem that you were going to sit it out and I'd be the one going in.  Well it looks like it's my turn now."

          Keener and Babcock laughed; 'Fuck you Gunny, you're too old for this, me and George'll be doing any jumpin that's needed."  Keener ordered.

          Gunnery Sergeant MacCarver put his two cents into the pot; "Like hell you will, me and the Gunny will take care of any 'finessing' that needs to be done, you younguns can back us up."

          As the argument continued to escalate, everyone telling everyone else they were on their ass, they all heard Bucky's shout from the phone; "QUIET, all of you."

          Everyone in the conference room shut up; "Joe's right, I won't allow any more children to get hurt, we'll find the help we need elsewhere."

          Matt and James chuckled; "Fine with us, but don't get in our way, we're in, we can either do this the easy way . . . . . or the hard way, your choice." James said.


          Matt said; "Yeah, even if I didn't owe Joseph here for my life, after hearing about this, there's no way in Hell you could keep me out of it."

          The murmur of voices as the others in the room agreed with what Matt and James said grew to almost a roar and then subsided.  Sergeant MacCarver spoke; "Mr. Trenton, if these guys go, I'm going to be with them, and you really don't want to try to stop us."

          The implicit threat ran through the phone lines to the Trenton Estate in New Jersey to be heard by Bucky, his son, Doug and the guys from the 'Oaks'.

          As Bucky was about to speak, James said; "Mr. Trenton, how soon can you and your staff get out here?"

          The question stopped Bucky from speaking for almost 30 seconds; "If need be, five to six hours at the most, why?

          "Why don't you come on out, if we can't convince you, we'll bow out and let you go your own way about taking care of this problem.  You won't loose more than fifteen hours maximum, no matter what."

          Bucky thought for a few seconds then asked; "Is there an airport that can handle a Bombardier ' Challenger-800 ' near your place?"

          Matt answered; "We have a 3,300 meter runway on our property that handles our 130's with no problem, I don't see any reason it can't handle yours' landing here."

          While the Bateman's were setting up the details for Bucky Trenton and his entourage visit, Jap and Jacky were in their room down on the Cavern level.  Actually, they were lying side by side on Jacky's bunk with their dicks in each others mouth. Jap had grown an inch in height since they had become boyfriends; his dick had added an inch in length and had become thicker also.  Jap pulled off of Jacky's dick; "Jack, I really want you in me, please?"

          Jacky let his smaller lover's dick slide out of his mouth and said; "Only if you do me first, you haven't made love to me for a couple weeks now."

          Jap smiled at the big teenager; "You know, I'm the 'bottom,' but just this once, I'll make an exception."

          Jacky quickly laid on his back while Jap went over to the desk and got a bottle of Astroglide and hurried back to his boy friend.  He put a few drops on his index finger and while he was trying to clean Jacky's tonsils with his tongue, he inserted the index finger of his right hand in to Jacky's anus, slowly, gently.  Jacky wiggled his butt a little, trying to get more of Jap's finger up his butt.  Jap worked his finger for a couple of minutes and then added his socialable finger along with his index. Jacky squirmed and broke his kiss with Jap; "Enough with the fingers already, Fuck me, fuck me now." Jacky ordered.


          Jap crawled between Jacky's legs and placed them on his shoulders, Jacky had reached between them and grabbed Jap's six inches and made him knee walk forward until he felt the head of his dick on his pucker.  Jap moaned a little as he slowly pushed the head of his dick into Jacky.  Jacky let out a soft gasp as Jap entered him, Jap stopped to allow his lover a chance to become accustomed to his dick.  Jap was trying to go slow so that he wouldn't cause Jacky any pain, so he was unprepared when Jacky grabbed him by both butt cheeks and pulled him in all the way. Both Jap and Jacky gasped at the feelings both of them received from the sudden action, both loved what the other did for him.  Jap started thrusting into Jacky, slow deep thrusts and then he would withdraw until only the head of his dick was still in.  Jap and Jacky tried to see who could make love the longest; to date Jacky was leading with a stay time of twelve minutes thirty seven seconds.  Jap had been slowly pumping in and out of his lover for nearly eight minutes when he suddenly stopped; "Damn, I forgot to start the stopwatch."

          "Too late now, don't stop, keep going, I was getting close." Jacky gasped.

          Jap started thrusting again; "I . . . . . . Should . . . . . Have . . .   Stopped . . . .  For . . .  Awhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiile." He said as he thrust as deeply into Jacky as he could and shot his load.  Jap collapsed on his lover and lay there gasping, while at the same time placing small kisses all over Jacky's face, neck and shoulders.

          Jacky lay beneath his redheaded lover and returned the kisses, finally reaching up and grasping Jap by the sides of his head and pulling his face to him for a passionate kiss.  After several minutes, Jap broke the kiss, looked Jacky in the eyes and said two words; "My turn."


Day Three

          While Jap and Jacky were in the throes of passion, the adults of Unit One and the Marines were discussing the problem. Bucky Trenton, the boys from the Oaks Academy, Bill Henderson, John Wilcott, Patrick Fitsmorris and ten bodyguards winged their way west from New Jersey.  It was hard to tell the social status of one from the other, most were dressed in casual clothing, except for Vince and he wore a suite and tie.  Vince was the senior bodyguard for the California contingent and stood out from the others.  While the suit he wore looked new and was immaculately tailored, it still looked like it was full of lumps, especially from the waist up.  Sitting next to him was an elderly gentleman, with silver hair, while he slept, he reminded everyone of very large, silver haired leprechaun.  The diversity in size, coloration and age was similar of the occupants throughout the large aircraft; one of the most unusual combinations was made up of two teenage boys.  The older of the two was around five foot ten inches tall, who weighed around a hundred thirty pounds and had bright red unruly hair.  His partner was short and blonde, around one hundred and ten pounds and about five foot three inches tall.  The little one held the taller boy's hand and was trying to console him, trying to break him out of his saddened state of mind.

          The little guy spoke to the redhead in a soft gravelly voice; "Doug, you got to let this go, we're going to take these assholes down.  I got a good feeling about these 'Unit One' guys; you heard how they talked on the phone, if anyone can help us. I think it's them.

          Doug sighed; "I know Buck, but I lost seventy one people down there, they depended on me to keep them safe.  Not just the islanders, but the kids we took off the streets and promised them a new and better life.  I failed them."

          Buck shook his head; "That's pure bullshit, we had no idea anyone was out there with the ability to attack the island the way they did and you know it.  Well it's our turn now, if these guys can't help us we'll find someone who can, and that's a promise.  You know Evan has promised us all the help we need, any type of guns or ordinance or military aircraft.  Just remember, we won't get back at these mother fuckers, we're going to get ahead. Payback is going to be a stone cold bitch."

End of Chapter 1

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By; Jamie Haze and GhostRyder15

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