A Somerset Farm and Unit One Collaboration


Attack and Response

          This story is fiction, and resemblance to people places or things is purely coincidental.  Persons under the age of consent, or living in areas where this type of material is illegal (and I ain't talking about a big sick bird either) you should leave this story immediately.

Chapter 4

Going to War

By; Jamie Haze and GhostRyder15

02:40, Day Four

          Six hours later, five boys, three parents, four other adults and six bodyguards walked out of the main hospital entrance.  Marc and Jacky had been wheeled there by two of the hospital orderlies  Marc had his left arm in a sling because of a pulled muscle in his shoulder and Jacky was on crutches due to a severely sprained left ankle.  The two boys had undergone X-Rays, MRI's and Catscans during their time in the hospital.  Jacky was unhappy because his dad chewed his ass out for taking a chance like he did.  That was just before Bill Hoffman hugged him and told him how proud he was that he saved Marc's life.

          Marc was feeling lower than whale shit, not only could he have died pulling that damn fool stunt, he could have taken Jacky with him.  His father hadn't said much to him and that made him feel even worse.  Now he had to go back to the Bateman place and face all of his buddies and the Unit One People.   For whatever reason, Marc found himself seated between Jap and Jacky in the backseat of one of the Ford Crewcab's on the way back to the Bateman's place.  Thinking over what had happened when he endangered not only his own life, but Jacky's too, he became more depressed.  Not even realizing it, tears started flowing from his eyes.  Suddenly he felt a finger wiping the tears from his cheek, looking to his left he saw Jap looking at him with a sad expression on his face. 

          Speaking softly Jap said; "I'm going to tell you what a really good man told me not too long ago, and I want you to listen to what I say, okay?"  Marc looked into Jap's eyes and nodded his head yes.  Jap continued speaking softly; "Last summer I killed three really bad men, three men that in all likelihood would have killed my boyfriend and others that I love if I hadn't stopped them.  I got kinda depressed over it, but I didn't know that.  Things started building up and everything started to piss me off, then one day I said something really stupid to General Stanton and got my ass chewed out by the Gunny."  Jap paused for a minute before continuing; "I let it get to me and basically had a breakdown, I mean I was in a killer depression, all I could think of was how useless I was and how everyone would be better off if I were dead.  A bunch of people came together and pulled me back from the edge.  I was so close to offing myself that I didn't care about anyone or anything, least of all myself.  I'm seeing the beginning of that same thing in you."

          Jap took a deep breath before continuing; "Look at me Marc."  Marc turned and once again looked into Jap's eyes; "I'm going to tell you the same thing the Gunny told me.  You fucked up, you got hammered, so get over it and drive on."

          Saying that Jap pulled Marc to him and kissed him gently on the lips, a kiss like his mother or father might give him to ease the pain.  When Jap pulled away, Jacky pulled him gently to him and repeated the kiss that Jap had given him.  These two boys were confusing the fuck out of him, he almost got one killed and he almost killed the others boyfriend.  Yet here they were, trying to make him feel better, trying to ease the pain he felt, a pain that he had never felt before.  He looked back at Jap; "Why, I mean why are you guys being so nice to me after what I did?"

          Jap chuckled; "Well I guess it's because no one else will.  Naw, that's not it, I just know what you feel like now and I got a pretty good idea what you were thinking about when you jumped outta the plane today.  At the time it was a pretty neat idea, you just didn't think it all the way through before you did it.  So get over it dickhead, both of us forgive ya, fuck everyone else."

          Marc looked at Jap, then at Jacky, took a deep breath and said; "Okay, your right.  I'll just say this one time, I'm sorry and I promise I'll start to think about things before I do them, okay?"

          Both Jap and Jacky smiled and nodded yes.

          Marc, with a shy smile on his face asked; "Ahhh, could, I, I mean would you guys allow me to take some pictures of you two, I mean the two of you with out any clothes on."  Marc saw them kind of stiffen up at his request so he hurriedly continued; "I don't mean fucking or nothing, I just mean like in and around the pool and stuff.  I have these two walls at home that I put special pictures of people I think a lot of on it.  My brother, Doug, Buck, Dillon Kelly, I think you guys would really look good up there.  Besides, every time I looked at them, I'd remember how I fucked up and how you guys forgave me.  Please?"

          Jap looked at Jacky who nodded slightly and then turned to Marc and put his fist up to Marcs nose; "Okay, just make sure we don't end up in that teenage pussy magazine like Doug and Paul did.  Marc looked at Jap with a startled expression on his face and blushed; "I, aaaa, I wouldn't . . . . I mean what makes you . . . . ."  

          "HA, you think we're so far out in the boonies that we didn't know about that?"  Jap asked.

          Marc, still blushing, gave the two boys a shy smile before saying in almost a whisper; "I promise, the only place these pictures will go is on the Bunk House wall, and maybe in my room at the Oaks."

          Jacky nodded his head in agreement and Jap said; "We'll hold you to that promise 'camera boy'."

          The rest of the trip back to the house was completed in silence, the three boys thinking over what had been said and Marc especially thinking about how he was going to make it up to everyone.    Pulling into the parking lot they found all of the New Jersey boys waiting for them.  Getting out of the pickup, Marc saw Doug and Buck leading the pack toward him; all of the boys had unhappy expressions on their faces.  Evan was just about to jump in Marcs face when Jap moved to his side and looked up at the taller boy and said; "So Marc, when do you want to start taking pictures of me and Jacky?"

          Evan got a surprised look on his face; "That may be awhile Jap, we figure that by the time he gets out of the whole body cast we're going to put him in he won't even want to touch a camera."

          Using his crutches, Jacky hobbled to the other side of Marc and looked down at Evan; "Naw, you guys don't want to do anything like that to our friend.  He knows he fucked up and has apologized, no biggy, we forgave him.  Now all he has to do is make sure he keeps his head outta his ass and thinks things through before he fucks up again."


          Marc looked at Jacky, blushed a bright red and smiled at the big teenager before saying; "You got it big guy."  Before Jacky could move, Marc grabbed hold of his head with his good hand and kissed him softly on the lips, breaking the kiss he said; "I never said thank you for saving my life, or how sorry I am for getting you hurt.  You ever need anything, all you got to do is ask and I mean it, really I do."

          Several Squaddies had surrounded the group and when some of the Jersey Boys started mooing, they joined in.  Naturally, Jap, Jacky and Marc turned red, which didn't stop them from shooting the surrounding guys the bird.  For the next two day's it seemed that Marc was next to, between or behind Jap and Jacky.  He photographed them on the range, eating in the dining facility, skinny dipping in the pool, even taking a shower.

          Over the same two day's, the Jersey adults and the Unit One adults made arraignments and set up plans and the logistics train for the Unit to move to a secluded airstrip in Holmes County near Blountstown in the Panhandle of Florida.  The airstrip that was originally known as the Army Aircorps Martindale Auxiliary Landing Field, then Martindale Air Force Base; had a 10,000 foot runway and had been used by the Air Force through the late 1960's.  During 1969, then President Nixon closed it down along with several other bases in states that didn't vote the way he thought they should have during the 1968 Presidential Elections.  Just prior to its closure, the runway had been upgraded to be able to handle B52's and when they were added to the inventory, the C5A's that were in the early stages of production and testing.  Evan had commissioned the use of a Boeing C17 from one of his aviation sub-units in Europe to transport the large armored truck the brothers had obtained.  Bucky also arranged to have his Boeing 757 to be on hand to fly the Unit One people to Florida.  Originally, he was going to use his Lear Bombardier, but as he had done before the trip to Washington State, he changed his mind.  With all of the vehicles and equipment being moved, it was safer and more comfortable to have the '757' for transporting the men and boys.  The Vehicles and equipment would be loaded and flown down to the airstrip that the Trenton Corporation had purchased through one of their off-shore companies.  The Unit would follow a couple hours later.  The strip was in the middle of 54,873 acres of scrub pine and brush and hadn't been used in twenty years.  Bucky had hired a construction company in Macon Georgia to clear an area close to the airstrip of brush and to move ten five wide trailers there and set them up.  The trailers would be used for berthing, messing facilities and administrative and planning areas.  As Martindale AFB had been set up as a dispersal facility, there were already large parking areas built for aircraft up to and including the C5A Galaxy.  A large Pole Barn was quickly assembled adjacent to the closest parking ramp near the five wide trailers to house the 'War Wagon' as the large armored semi-tractor trailer was called.  The armored semi-tractor trailer was obtained from the government at a surplus sale several months before.  The rig had been used for ten years by the D.O.E. for transporting nuclear weapons, SNM (Special Nuclear Material) and other sensitive material over American roads and the Interstate Defense Highway System (better known as the Instertate).  The tractor as well as the trailer were armored and were proof against any small arms available to non military organizations.  The SST (Safe Secure Transport) as it was called by the government was the perfect vehicle for transporting the Unit's firearms and basic issue of ammunition.  The trailer was also set up for weapons maintenance and repair, which was perfect for anytime the Unit operated away from home. 

          While the plan the combined group came up with was being 'tweaked', James called for a meeting of all the Unit One members and their parents.  James and Matt explained to everyone what had happened on Dagger Cay and what the Unit had been asked to do in aid of the kidnapped cadets.  When the attackers had left the island, they had taken thirty cadets and islander children with them, some of the island children were as young as six years old.  While the Unit had a membership of ninety seven Squaddies, only sixty eight were allowed by their parents to go.  There were twelve fathers who volunteered to accompany their kids, including one brother, Tommy Martin.  The Unit members that weren't going were all unhappy.  Matt and James agreed that the members were too young and for the most part too new to the Unit for this kind of action. 

Day Six

At noon of the third day after they arrived, the Jersey Group, minus Marc and Eric Slate, climbed in the Boeing 737 and headed east to New Jersey to ensure their OpOrders (Operational Orders) would be carried out as planned.  Just before boarding, Evan decided he should stay also, in case there was a problem with anything his corporation was providing.  Naturally, Billy, Hans and Herman stayed also.

          Marc, Eric Slate, Hans, Herman, Billy and Evan along with several of the Unit One people, stood by the AirOps Shack while the Boeing 737 started its takeoff roll, within seconds the nose of the plane lifted off the runway, shortly followed by the rest of the aircraft.  When the plane had reached an altitude of about one thousand feet AGL it started a gentle bank towards the north.  Within a couple of minutes, the aircraft had finished its turn and was climbing to its cruise altitude heading east.

          Marc looked at Jap and Jacky and said; "Thanks for backing me up when I asked to stay here.  I can't really do anything with the other guys until my shoulder heals and I really wanted to see how you guys do things.  Besides, Eric here needs to practice some with the Barrett if he wants to get to be as good as you guys.  Anyway thanks."

          Jap and Jacky smiled at Marc and nodded; "Well we may as well get started, I'll get Burt and Gargon and 'Little Ed' and we'll pop some caps."  Jap said as he headed to the HUMVEE that had brought them to the AirOps Shack.  The other two boys and one boy/man climbed in to the vehicle and they headed back to the house followed closely by Hans, Herman and Evan in another HUMVEE, followed in the drag position by James, Matt and the other adults.  After parking in the garage, Jap took control; "Jacky, you just sit tight in the Hummer, Eric you come with me to the arms room and Marc, if you would please, go get us some cold Cokes from the kitchen."

          The three nodded to Jap and he placed his hand on Eric's shoulder and propelled him toward the elevator.  When they reached the arms' room they found the door open and Keener Webb inside working on an M-60.  Keener looked up as the two entered and said; "Hi guys, you all gonna do some shooting?"

          Jap smiled at the young Staff Sergeant and nodded; "Yepper, I figured we'd let Eric here practice on 'Bert' and set Marc up with 'Little Ed.'  I think 'Bert' or 'Gargon' would be to much recoil for his body to absorb what with his bum left shoulder."

          Webb nodded his head in agreement; "Your probably right, don't forget 'Little Ed' has a kick to him also.  How about one of the accuratized AR10's, they're the same caliber as 'Ed' but with a lot less recoil and their still good out to a thousand meters?"

          Jap thought for a second or two before replying; "You're right, I think I'll take one along and if 'Ed' seems to be causing him problems, I'll switch him over to the 10.  Even if he does okay with 'Ed' I can get some time in on the 10, it's been awhile since I fired one."

          After the armorer and Jap had decided on the weapon's mix, they loaded a four wheel dolly with the rifles and ammunition and Jap and Eric moved the cart on to the elevator and then into the garage.  As they were loading the HUMVEE, Marc returned with the Cokes and handed them out, being early June; it was still relatively cool, with temperature only in the low to mid eighties.  Once everything was loaded in the HUMVEE, Jap drove to the range where Gunny Mcnaughten was working with six of the Squaddies on their accuracy.  Like most boys, the Squaddies had to be reminded to aim, not 'spray and pray' when they were shooting.  Getting out of the vehicle, Jap walked over to the Gunny and saluted; "If it's okay with you sir, I'm going to work with Eric and Marc to see if I can't get them hitting closer to the center of the target?"

          The Gunny smiled at Jap; "No problem, in fact, I'll move this crew to the other end of the range so we won't bother each other.  If you need anything, just give me a yell."

          Nodding, Jap turned and with the help of Eric started setting up the firing line.  Marc was going to fire 'Little Ed,' a Springfield Armory M1A rifle chambered for the 7.62 by 59 mm cartridge (Winchester .308).  The rifle was equipped with a Leopold Gold Ring three to nine variable telescopic sight and fitted with a bi-pod.  Jap had set up the rifle on one of the shooting benches to ease the strain that Marc would have put on his left shoulder if he had tried to fire from the prone position.  Jacky was going to work with Eric and Jap was going to mentor Marc, Keener Webb had joined the boys and was going to act as the Range Officer and Safety Observer.  Keener being the Range Officer gave the safety briefing and went over the peculiarities of the M1A and then told everyone to get in position.  When everyone donned shooting glasses and hearing protection and was ready, Keener went through the required commands and the one boy and one man commenced firing.  Jacky had Eric firing at the 1,500 meter target while Jap was working Marc on the 100 meter target.  After Marc had fired ten rounds from "Little Ed,' he put the rifle on safe and sat back from it.  Turning to Jap he said in a low voice; "I hate to say this Jap, but this sum bitch is kicking the shit out of me.  It seems like my left shoulder is taking all the recoil."

          Jap sighed and nodded his head; "I was kinda worried about that, Keener said it might be too much recoil for your bum shoulder."  Jap turned and went to the HUMVEE that had been used to transport the guys and firearms to the range and opened the tailgate, reaching in he pulled the AR10 he'd left in the vehicle and grabbed an ammo can with filled AR10 magazines.  Returning to the shooting bench, he replaced 'Little Ed' with the AR10, Marc never having seen a Ten, let alone fired one just sat there looking at the futuristic looking rifle.  When Jap was finished taking down 'Little Ed' and putting him in the back of the HUMVEE he returned to the shooting bench to find Marc still staring at the new rifle. 

          Breaking into Marc's reverie, he said; "He is kind of impressive, the 'Ten' kinda reminds me of those space guns used in the 'Star War's' movies.  It's got the same optics 'Little Ed' has and the overall weight is a little less, even though he weights in less, there's less recoil when you touch off a round."  Jap went on and explained the functioning of the large black rifle to Marc who for once listened with rapt attention.

          When Marc was ready, he snugged the rifle into his right shoulder and sighted on the target, Jap could see that he was still nervous, the beating he had taken from the M1A was still there.  Taking several breaths and letting them out, he finally started to squeeze the trigger, when the rifle fired it was a complete surprise to him.  Looking through the optics, he exhaled all the pent up breath he still had in his lungs.  Turning his head towards Jap he smiled; "Jesus Jap, I hardly felt the recoil, and I hit a quarter inch from dead center.  Why haven't I heard about this rifle before, I mean shit man, it's almost like firing the 15."

          Jap smiled back; "It's probably the bad press the M16 got when it was originally put in the field.  If the government specifications had been the same as Stoners', there wouldn't have been any problems.  Besides not chroming the bore and chamber of the rifle, the ammunition was all fucked up.  My dad told me that unless the issue 16's were kept perfectly clean, they'd jam after only a couple of magazines were fired.  If you look on the right side of the action, you'll see the "forward assist" plunger, by pushing on it, you can chamber a round that was hung up without fucking around trying to eject it.  Overall, the AR10 is an outstanding rifle that's accurate and dependable.  The only reason I don't use one is that my dad started me on the M1A when I was ten years old and I feel comfortable with it."

          Marc nodded his head before speaking; "Well I know one thing for sure, as soon as I can talk to Bucky, Doug and Evan, we're gonna get a bunch of these.  Damn, I can't believe how nice this is to shoot."

          Marc fired out the other 19 rounds in the magazine at the 100 meter target then shifted to 1,000 meter target.  For the rest of that day, and the next two, he continued practicing until he was consistently hitting in the black at a thousand meters. 

          The night before the Unit was to fly to Florida, Jap and Jacky got a call from Marc just before taps.  Marc seemed kind of hesitant, almost as if he was unsure what to say; "Umm, could you, I mean you and Jacky come down to our room for a few minutes, umm, we want at talk to you?"

          Jap not knowing what was going on agreed to meet them in a few minutes, after telling Jacky about the call, they both pulled on a pair of shorts and went down to Marc and Eric's room.  Jap lightly knocked on the door and in just a few seconds it was opened by Eric; "Come on in guys, thanks for coming so quickly."  Entering the room, they saw Marc sitting on the bed, the only thing he was wearing was a necklace of small blue beads that matched the color of his eyes.  When they were inside and the door was closed, Eric gestured for them to sit on the bottom rack across from him and Marc.  For a couple of minutes, nothing was said until Jacky asked; "Aaa you guys wanted to talk to us?"

          Marc looked up and gave the two boys a nervous smile; "Well yes, I mean me an Eric, well actually it was my idea, I mean, well you see . . . . "

          Eric broke in to say; "What camera boy here wants to know is, well, would you guys get it on with us?"

          Marc blushed, Jap and Jacky blushed and Marc continued; "Listen guys, we know you're a couple and, well we really would like to, a, you know have, maybe . . ."

          "What numbnuts here is trying to say, will you guys have sex with us?" Eric asked.

          Now it was Jap and Jacky's turn to blush, neither one of them had had sex with anyone else, not that they hadn't thought about it.  Both of the boys knew that they could have had sex with anyone in the Unit if they really wanted to, but both of the boys also felt like it would be cheating on the other to do so.  Jacky turned to face Jap and looked in his eyes for what seemed like forever, Jap sighed and nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders.  Jacky turned to face the boys sitting across from them; "We, aaah we have talked about getting it on with some of the other guys in the Unit, but we kind of figured it woulda caused trouble.  Uhm, but you guys are from outside of the Unit and, well we figure that there wouldn't be any real problem if, that is if you really want ta get it on, well I guess we could.  But only if we keep it amongst ourselves, we don't want everyone and their brother to know.  It would, you know complicate things around here."

          Marc smiled at Jacky and nodded his head; "We got no problem with that, besides it would be better if it didn't get back to our guys either."  Looking at Jap he asked; "So umm, what do you do?"

          Jap not sure exactly what Marc was talking about said; "Hunh?"

          Marc smiled at the little redhead; "You know do you two just fuck or suck, or what, me I like the top or bottom, Eric here likes to be on the bottom most of the time?"

          Jap and Jacky blushed before Jap said; "Well Jacky is the guy on top most of the time, but I don't really mind being the 'Fuckor' instead of the 'Fuckee' once in a while."

          Marc stood up and started towards Jap; "Well all righty then, if its okay, me and Jap will start off with each other and Jacky can top Eric here."

          Marc had broken the ice and suddenly Jap and Jacky were madly ripping their clothes off, in a matter of seconds Jap felt Marc embracing him and forcing his tongue into Jap's mouth.  While Jacky was going to be the 'top' to Eric's 'bottom' it was Eric who took the younger boy and orchestrated their love making.  Jacky and Jap were both introduced to the Jersey Gangs favorite; "Strawberry Douche."  At first it surprised them, and then they were told about how it would make everything nicer for extended lovemaking.  This was something that the two boyfriends had never even thought of and after they got over their surprise they enjoyed the whole process.  After having the enema administered to them and taking a quick shower, all four returned to their room, Eric gently pushed Jacky onto his back on the lower rack while Marc and Jap hurried to the other one.  Marc kneeling along side the bed looked at Jap and smiled at him, reaching out he gently took the redheads dick in his right had and slowly stroked it.  With his left hand, he gently fondled the small nipples on Jap's chest.  Jap laid his head back on the pillow and sighed, Marc leaned forward and took Jap's six inch dick into his mouth and slowly slid his lips down to its base, pressing his nose into Jap's sparse red pubic hair.  As he was sliding back up to the head of Jap's dick he heard Jacky moan and whine; "Fuck, not again"

          Jap started chuckling; "Just like clockwork, every time we try something new he blows his wad almost before he gets his pants off.  Don't worry; just lick it a little and he'll stay hard."

          The night passed quickly, every once in awhile the guys would change partners, by the time reveille sounded, the four were about worn out.   Groaning they made their way to the shower room and showered, hoping that there would be time for a nap on the plane they were being transported to Florida on. 

Day Eight

          At noon, the C17 Globemaster lll landed and taxied to the main loading ramp, the big aircraft was painted in several different shades of gray and black, but had no insignia on its wings or sides.  The only identifier it had was a tail number on the vertical stabilizer; LM299601.  As soon as the four Pratt & Whitney PW2040 engines were shut down, the loading ramp at the rear of the large aircraft was lowered, A few minutes later, the five man crew trouped off the aircraft and stood waiting to be met.  Matt and George Babcock drove to the aircraft and got out of the F250, walking over to the men Matt said; "Good afternoon, I'm Matt Bateman, you guys are right on time."

           The pilot stepped forward and came to attention; "Good day Mr. Bateman, I am GŁnter Hissen (pronounced His-Sin), these are my crewman; Georg Mietner, my co-pilot, Johan Fels, my backup pilot, James Freeburg, flight engineer and backup co-pilot and Kurt Vondenmeer, my loadmaster.  It is a pleasure to meet you sir, I, and my crew are at your disposal."

          Matt listened closely to GŁnter as he spoke, the man's English was perfect, spoken with a British accent and just a hint of his native German language that creped in while he was talking.  As the crew members were identified, Matt shook each of their hands and bid them welcome.  All of them were neatly dressed in non-descript flight suits, and all of them looked very tired.  Matt turned back to GŁnter and asked; "We were told you were coming, but we weren't advised about where you were coming from, how long was your flight?"

          "We left yesterday morning at 09:00 Munich Local, but we had to stop in Newfoundland because of a 'Caution' light for the primary hydraulic system.  It turned out to be contaminated fluid and we had to drain, flush, refill the system and bleed the lines before we could lift off again, that added six hours to our transit time." GŁnter replied.  "The whole flight was only fifteen hours, but with the system maintenance and pre-flight checks, we have been going for close to twenty eight hours now.

          Matt nodded his head; "Okay, you take your crew and crash in the bunk room." turning to Connor Beck he said; "Connor show these gentlemen where they can crash."  Turning back to GŁnter; "Both of the loadmasters for our 130's are qualified on the 17, you guys get some rest and we'll call you when we're done."

          GŁnter shook his head; "I'm sorry sir but we can not do that, we must stay with the aircraft."

          Before GŁnter could get spun up, Matt turned and yelled; "Hey Evan, come on over here please."  Luckily, Evan and Billy had remained at the Bateman place accompanied by Hans and Herman to ensure everything would go smoothly with the flight.

          A young light blonde haired boy turned from the group of other boys he had been chatting with and started trotting towards Matt.  Stopping in front of Matt and the German aviators, he asked; "What can I do for you Matt, is there something wrong with the plane?

          Matt smiled down at Evan; "No, the plane is perfect for what we need, the problem is with the crew."

          Evan turned to GŁnter and was about to jump in his face when Matt said; "Hold on Evan, these guys have done a great job, I just can't convince them to get to get some sleep.  They've been going for twenty eight hours straight and I want them to crash for a while, our loadmasters from the 130's are both certified on the 17 and can handle loading it.  GŁnter doesn't like the idea of anyone touching his plane, but dammit look at him; he's about ready to fall asleep on his feet."

          Evan turned back and looked at the Germans and studied each of them, he turned to GŁnter and ordered him; "You and your flight crew will stand down and get some sleep while Mr. Bateman's people load your aircraft, you can inspect it when you are called.  You will get some sleep and you will not leave the quarters they assign you until you are called for, do you understand these orders?"

          GŁnter looked at the boy who couldn't be over thirteen and was about to laugh in his face when two very large bald headed, twenty something men walked up to the boy and asked; "Is there a problem Mr. Falconberg, do you require our assistance?"

          Hearing the name 'Falconberg,' GŁnter came to attention and visibly paled, realizing that the boy he was about to laugh at was his employer and the head of the 'Falconberg Empire.'  Looking down at his diminutive employer, GŁnter spoke haltingly; "Ya Master, I am sorry to have caused any problems."

          Evan looked up at the big German; "Please don't ever be sorry for doing your job, I appreciate the fact that you care about safeguarding your aircraft.  But I also want you to get some rest so you can continue doing your job in the same manner, so go get some rest and believe me when I say; the people who will load your aircraft are experts.

          Matt gestured Connor Beck to him; "Connor, show these gentlemen where the bunk room is and provide them with anything they need."  Turning back to GŁnter he said; "if you and crew are hungry, Connor will arrange for anything you want."

          GŁnter nodded; "Thank you sir, we appreciate your consideration." 

          Jeff smiled at the German pilot and spoke for the first time; "Sir, if you and your people will follow me, I'll get you settled in."  Turning back to Matt he saluted Matt before saying; "By your leave sir?"

          Matt smiled at the Squaddie, returned the salute and replied; "Thank you Connor, carry on."

          As the C17's crew were being fed and watered then put to bed, the unit under the direction of GhostRyder One Six and One Seven's flight crew started loading the 17.  The C17 was equipped with a hydraulically operated system to lift the forward end of the aircraft so that drive on cargo would have a straight shot to the front of the plane.  This system eliminated the hump created by the cargo ramp and made it considerably easier to load.  The rest of the Unit loaded their personal and snivel gear onto the C130's along with any last minute items thought to be necessities.  The Unit personnel were being flown to the Florida airhead in a Boeing 757, the thinking being that it would allow them to arrive rested and ready to start the workup for the job they had ahead of them.

          It took over six hours to completely load and inspect the three large aircraft; Jeff Shields woke the Germans forty five minutes before the ETC (Estimated Time of Completion) of the loading.   The flight crew all took a quick shower and dressed in clean flight suits, grabbed a cup of coffee that Jeff had left on the table of the ready room and headed to their aircraft to see how big a mess the Americans had made of the load they were to transport.  Much to their surprise, the two load masters could find only very minor things to complain about, in all actuality, the things they found wrong would not have endangered the load or the aircraft.  While they had slept, the large aircraft had been refueled, the trash dumped, the flight deck swept down and the cockpit windows washed.  The Germans were impressed by the level of effort someone, or several someone's had put forth to ensure the aircraft was ready to fly.  GŁnter and his co-pilot made their walk around of the aircraft, each moving in the opposite direction from the other to ensure that they would find any problems the other may have missed.  When the pilot and co-pilot started their pre-startup checks in the cockpit, they found a single rose on each of their seats with a note written on a yellow 'Stickie.'

                   Dear Sir;

                   >From the members of Unit One, thank you for your professionalism

                   and the dedication you have exhibited in helping us do our job.

                   Joshua Allen Peterson   JAP


          After reading the short note, GŁnter turned to Georg Mietner his co-plot and shook his head, a small smile forming on his face; "Kinder, I think this is the little red headed der Bub."  Shaking his head, GŁnter and Georg sat in the left and right seats respectively and strapped in.  The pre-flight run up took twenty minutes or so, when it was completed, Georg keyed his mic and requested permission to taxi the 17 to the end of the runway in preparation for take off; "Bateman International, this Dagger Air 9601 requesting directions for liftoff, over"

          A mature, gravely voice responded almost immediately; "Ahh roger 9601, you are cleared to taxi to the east end of runway one nine, the wind is 22 from 270, the barometer is 29.90 and local time is 18:46, Gott es mit dieck, auwenerzane."

          "Bitte Shane."  Saying that, GŁnter and Georg both pressed both sets of brakes down while GŁnter advanced the throttles for all four engines to seventy percent of full military power.  After checking his readouts to insure all engines were operating with in the green GŁnter signaled Georg to release his brakes and the aircraft started moving.   Georg spoke into his chin mic; "9601 rolling, 18:51."

          As this was not a combat launch or a takeoff over inhabited areas, GŁnter used over 2,000 meters of the 3,300 meter runway before lifting the nose off the tarmac. At 18:52:33 the BIA tower heard; "Rotating."  That was the time the giant transport plane broke contact with the ground and started its' climb to cruising altitude.  With in twenty minutes of the C17s' liftoff, GhostRyder 16 and 17 were both off the ground and following the same route the jet transport was taking.

          At 20:45, a red white and blue 'Trenton Air' Boeing 757 landed at BIA, after taxing up to the readyroom/reception building, it shut down its' engines and the process of fueling was started.  Matt went aboard the jet and conferred with the pilot, ensuring the aircraft was ready to leave when it was loaded and all the passengers had boarded.  Everyone who was making the flight had packed a medium size duffle bag containing civilian clothes and their personal 'snivel gear,' stuff like novels, gedunks, (snacks and candy) etc.   When the refueling had been completed, the eighty seven men and boys of Unit One and the six men and boys of the Jersey contingent boarded the aircraft and strapped in for the six and a half hour flight to Florida.  At 00:03 the Boeing 757 was airborne.

Day Nine

          After the aircraft reached its' cruise altitude, Evan and Billy unstrapped and moved through the cabin, talking to men and boys, thanking them once again for their help.  When they finally made it back to the front of the cabin, Billy went into the galley and got cokes for him and Evan.  Sitting alongside his younger lover he thought for a minute before saying; "I think I'm going to see if anyone else wants something to drink, this damn air conditioning dries me out quicker than the Mohave Desert."

          Standing up, he moved to the galley once more and found a service cart that had been loaded up with soda pop and beer as well as small bags of chips and other snacks.  After figuring out how to unlatch the securing mechanism that held the cart immobile, he moved it in to the isle and started to hand out drinks and snacks.  Evan saw his boyfriend smiling at the guys as he handed them there drinks and snacks and couldn't help smiling at how far Billy had come out of his shell since his adoptive grandfather had rescued him from Evan's stepfather.   Getting out of his seat he squeezed past the cart and started to hand out the snacks and drinks to the people in the portside seats.  Billy saw what his lover was doing and concentrated on the starboard side people.  Within fifteen minutes, they had passed out snacks and drinks to everyone who wanted them.  When the cart had been returned to the galley and secured in its' stowage location, Evan and Billy returned to their seats and strapped in.  Billy put his arm around Evans' shoulder and pulled him as close to him as possible, together they fell asleep. 

          About three hours into the flight, Mitch Babcock woke from the light sleep he had fallen into, naturally at the age of fourteen, he awoke with a hardon.  Moving as quietly as he could, he made his way to one of the aft restrooms,  Pulling out his dick he stood over the toilet pressing downward on his cock so he wouldn't piss all over the wall of the small facility.

          As he concentrated on trying to pee, he heard the door open and recognized his boyfriends voice as he asked; "Hi sailor, new in town?"  Then he felt Justin Stanton's hand gently grip his cock and slowly begin to stroke it; "Damn Justin, I won't ever be able to take a piss if you keep doing that."

          Justin chuckled; "And the problem is?"

          Mitch Turned to face Justin, placing his hands on Justin's shoulders and applying gentle downward pressure he said; "Nothing, as long as you don't mind helping me out."

          Justin had no problems helping out, grasping Mitch's butt with both hands, he swallowed his lovers cock and proceeded to bob slowly up and down, quickly driving Mitch over the edge. 

          As Mitch was returning his lovers favor, back in the main cabin Jap and Jacky were holding a very serious conversation.  "I don't know if I can do it again."  Jap softly sighed.  "I mean I don't know if I can go through what I went through before and it really scares me.  I feel like I'm letting everyone down, but the thought of killing again is really getting me down, I just don't know if I can do it."

          Jacky pulled Jap to him and held his head gently to his chest, while softly stroking his hair, Jacky spoke to his friend and lover; "I understand, I understand, we'll work it out, nobody's going to force you to do anything you can't do, I promise you that Lover, I promise you."  Jacky held him close and soon he could tell that his boyfriend was asleep, Jacky continued to gently stroke his hair and hold him while trying to think of someway to help him.  Soon both boys were asleep, both dreaming of the other.

          Six hours after becoming airborne, the large Boeing jet started its descent from 38,000 feet, the aircraft made a straight in approach to Martindale Field.  As the '757' dropped through 10,000 feet AGL, the pilot hit the 'Fasten Seat Belts' signs throughout the cabin and said over the announcing system; "Good morning and welcome to Florida, please raise all seatbacks to the full upright position and insure that all tables are locked into their secured position.  Right now, the local time is 06:30 and the outside temperature is a pleasant 78 degrees under partly cloudy skies, the wind is fifteen, gusting to twenty knots coming from the south, southeast and it should be a pretty nice day, but ya'll can expect some heavy rain tonight after 20:00.  We should be on the ground in twelve to fifteen minutes; we do request that ya'll remain seated until the aircraft comes to a complete stop.  Once again good morning and we're glad all ya'll flew with us."

          As the plane slowed during the approach, it started shuddering and shaking as the flight crew dirtied up the airframe; extending the flaps, dropping the landing gear and adjusting the ailerons.  The hydraulic systems whined and the various actuating systems caused things to go bump in the night (actually the morning) putting even the seasoned flyers nerves on edge.  The large jet engines on the '757' were being adjusted constantly during the approach which caused everyone to be just a little more anxious.  David Allyn, who was sitting in the seat next to Justyn Case, clenched his lovers' hand with enough force to cause Justyn physical pain.  "Hey David, ease up you're crushing my hand, come on luv, relax we'll be on the ground in just a few minutes."

          David looked at his boyfriend; "Yeah, I know, but in how many pieces?"

          Justyn looked at David and smiled; "One piece, ten pieces, who cares as long as we're down?"

          Justyn's statement made David open his eyes and look into his lovers'; "You know, that last comment you made didn't help my sense of well being any."  As he said that, the aircrafts' wheels made contact with Mother Earth; with a gentle thump and the screeching of rubber against the runway's concrete surface the big jet was once again on the ground.  In one piece.

          David let out a sigh of relief, finally relaxing his death grip on Justyn's hand and the seats armrest.   Before Justyn could move, David reached over and grasped his head in both hands and drew him into a passionate kiss that lasted for what seemed like an eternity but in all actuality was only a few seconds.  When they broke the kiss, David said; "I really love you mon petite chou chou, I don't know what I'd do with out you."

          Justyn blushed; "You know, you're gonna have to stop with that French shit, I keep telling you I only know two languages; English and bad English."

          David chuckled as they stood up to retrieve their carry on luggage from the overhead storage bins after the aircraft finally came to a stop and the jet engines spooled down.  It took almost ten minutes for the flight crew to secure the aircraft and get the forward personnel door opened.  A set of stairs on wheels had been moved to the cabins' door and the men and boys started to deplane, as they exited the '757' they saw two big MCI coaches waiting for them.  The boys and men, tired from the flight lined up and started climbing into the motor coaches, all of them looking forward to getting something to eat and then crashing for a short rest.  James, Matt, Jesse Stevens and the other Unit One adults gathered around Bucky Trenton, Joe and Will, to discuss what had been going on since they had last seen them in Washington State.  Bucky saw that James was really tired and decided to hold off his briefing until he could rest up.

          The coaches dropped the boys and men in front of ten trailers arranged in the shape of an upside down 'U' so that they all fronted on a courtyard.  The left and right trailers were set up for the boys by being divided into two man rooms, while the two trailers at the top of the 'U' were set up for the adults.  The men all had single occupancy rooms, while the rest of the trailers were designated for planning, briefing, and electronic support (communications, computers and Snoopy).  While the boys were getting something to eat, they heard the roar of the engines of the C17 reversing thrust as it made its landing.  Tyler English turned to his boyfriend, Justin Tannonligua and asked; "Hey, how come the 17 is just now getting here, I thought it woulda landed hour's ago?"

          Justin shrugged; "I got no idea, maybe they had to stop some where to fix something, other than that I can't think of why it's just now arriving." 

          After finishing their breakfast, they decided to walk over to where GhostRyder16 and 17 were parked to check out their LAV.  When they got there, they found 'Two Five' had been unloaded and parked next to a large 'Pole Barn' that was about fifty meters from the aircraft parking ramp.  As they walked up to the vehicle, one of the side hatches opened and a short thin man in dark blue coveralls climbed out.  He had his back to them as they walked up to him obviously lost in thought.  Tyler wondered what he was doing in 'their' vehicle, so he was a little pissed when he asked; "Hi, is there something you need, what were you doing in our LAV?"

          The man started, and then turned around to see who was talking to him.  Seeing his face up close, the boys realized he was a lot older than they had first thought, somewhere in his thirties maybe, practically ancient.  He looked at the two boys before saying; "Ummm, uh, I was just checking the interior to see if it had been modified to support the base ring for the Bushmaster yet.  That and how I'm going to set up the cable runs for topside and interior firing stations.  Umm, should you boys be hanging around here, I mean this equipment can be dangerous and, well you know, it's not a toy to be played around?"

          Tyler and Justin looked at each other and shrugged, Justin turned back to the man; "Gee sir, we didn't know, we'll leave, and thanks for telling us what you're doing."

          As the boys turned and started walking towards the main Admin trailer, Jerald Rogers watched them depart thinking to himself; "I wish my two boys were as polite as they are, I just hope they stay out of trouble while we're down here in the middle of no-where.  Gee whiz, that's all I need right now, is them raising hell back at the motel and getting me fired because of it."  Turning back to GhostRyder Two Five he continued his inspection, dismissing the two boys and his two sons from his thoughts.

          Justin and Tyler entered the Admin Trailer and walked over to George Babcock who was talking to Evan Falconberg about the weapons and armaments his organization was providing.  Evans two bodyguards, Hans and Herman were standing behind him, slowly scanning the interior of the trailer, constantly on the look out for any threat to their 'Master' as they called him.  When Sergeant Babcock finished he turned to the two boys and asked; "What's up guys?"

          Tyler took the lead and spoke for the both of them; "Well. . . .  We went over to check on Two Five and some old guy told us we shouldn't be there, instead of getting into a pissing contest with him we thought it best to come to you."

          George smiled and thought to himself; "Thank God it was Justin and Tyler, if Jap had been involved all Hell would have been out for lunch."  Still smiling, George said; "Okay guys, lets you and me go over and straighten this guy out."

          With George in the lead, they left the trailer and walked over to the Pole Barn where Two Five and Two Six were parked alongside of the 'War Wagon.'  All the doors and hatches on Two Five were closed, but they saw that the side personnel door on Two Six was open.  Moving to the open door, George stuck his head in and asked the Tech Weenie who was crawling around and inspecting the interior of the LAV if he could talk to him.  Gerald, who was really nervous and introverted, once again started at the sound of George's voice and straightened up fast from his kneeling position; crashing his head on the overhead of LAV's interior.  Falling back to his knees, George heard him say: "Oh darn!" He hissed through clenched teeth; "That really smarts."  It took a couple of minutes before the stars and globes of light faded from in front of his eyes, and while still holding his head, he turned to see who had startled him.  Gerald who was easily intimated found a rather large man dressed in MarCams looking at him through the open side hatch of the LAV.

          Still wincing from the bump on his head, which was rapidly growing to the size of a goose egg, he asked; "Umm, are, aaah, are you talking to me?"

          George having witnessed the Tech Weenie bounce his head off the overhead and hearing his 'Oh Darn' smiled at the thin nervous looking Tech Rep; "Yes sir, if you could spare a moment I'd like to talk to you, if you would please?"

          Gerald nodded his head and climbed out of Two Six and stood looking up at George Babcock, swaying slightly from side to side and still rubbing his head.  Gerald wasn't a very big person, at five foot six and a half inches tall and a hundred and twenty eight pounds he wasn't much taller than a lot of Unit One's thirteen and fourteen year olds.  In fact, Kyle, his oldest boy who was fifteen, was already an inch taller and five or six pounds heaver.  Looking at George, he stood still waiting for the large man dressed in Marine camouflage clothing to start yelling at him or make some derogatory remark just like all the other military people he had had to work with over the years had done.   He was used to it by now; the fact that he was small seemed to make people feel that it was okay to demean or belittle him, but being used to it didn't make him like it any more.  What really surprised him though was the way the big Sergeant spoke to him, not in a loud belligerent or boisterous voice, but in a soft gentle tone.

          Looking at the I.D. badge clipped to Gerald's left breast pocket George started the conversation by holding out his right hand and saying; "Mr. Morton, I'm Staff Sergeant Babcock, and these two guys with me are Tyler English and Justin Tannonligua, they're the crew of GhostRyder Two Five, the other LAV."

          Gerald looked surprised at him and didn't really know how to respond to it, so he just stood there looking at the big Sergeant.  George was staring back, realizing that the little guy was scared, like a puppy that was waiting to be beaten by his cruel master.  The poor guy seemed to shrink before his very eyes.  "Listen, umm Mr. Morton, why don't we go over to the dispensary and have the Doc take a look at your head, you took a pretty good hit there?"

          George turned to Tyler and Justin and ordered; "You two run and find Jesse or the Doc, the last time I saw either of them, they were with James in the Admin Trailer."  George gently steered the shaken Tech Rep towards the trailer where Doctor Davidson had set up his dispensary, keeping the man from wobbling too badly, all the time talking to him softly, encouraging him, telling him everything was going to be alright.  Entering the trailer, George sat the man down and got him a half filled paper cup of water from the water cooler.  Just as Gerald was finishing the water, the door opened and a tall distinguished man entered, followed closely by a blond headed teenager and the two boys Sergeant Babcock had said were the crew for one of the LAV's.  The man followed closely by the blond boy moved quickly to each side of Gerald and the man started feeling the top of his head where the goose egg was rising.  While he was doing this, the boy had pulled out a mini-mag light and was shinning it in his eyes, first the left one then the right.  He turned to the man and said; "Doc, both are equal and reactive."  Jesse then fitted a blood pressure cuff around his left arm and pumped it up, sticking the earpieces of a stethoscope in his ears the boy placed the mic portion in the crook of Gerald's arm and opened the valve on the cuff, as the cuff slowly deflated, a saurian hiss was heard throughout the room.  When the cuff was deflated, Jesse turned to the doctor and said; "BP is 112 over 72, pulse is 61 and strong."

          "Fine."  The doctor said; "How about getting me some hydrogen peroxide, four by fours, cotton aplicators and some Neosporin please."  Just as the sergeant had done, the Doctor looked at Gerald's I.D. Badge before speaking to him; "Mr. Morton, you have a lump on your head and a slight cut, I'm going to clean it up and apply a topical anti-biotic to it, you won't require any stitches though.  I do want you to stay here and lay down for a few hours, I don't believe you have a concussion, but I don't want to take a chance.  Jesse, my assistant will stay with you to make sure everything is alright."

          Gerald was about to argue that he had to finish his inspection and his two sons were by themselves at the motel where they were staying.  "Doctor, I must complete my inspection and get back to the Motel, my two boys are waiting for me and I don't want to leave them there by their selves any longer than I have too."

          The Doctor frowned; "Mr. Morton, please think about what would happen if you were driving back to Blountstown and you passed out or were suddenly struck by vertigo.  At the very least you'd probably run off the road and be further injured; the worst case scenario would be you colliding with another truck or automobile and injuring not only yourself, but the occupants of the other vehicle.  Tell us where you're staying and I'll send some of our people to get your boys and bring them back here to spend the rest of the day and night."

          Gerald thought about what Doctor Davidson had just said and knew he couldn't take a chance hurting himself or someone else.  "You're right sir; we're staying at the Blountstown Inn, in room 233.  Kyle, who's fourteen and Gerald fifteen will either be in the room, in the Inn's arcade, or across the street at the theater." 

          Doctor Davidson turned to George Babcock, Tyler and Justin and asked; "How about you and the boys grabbing a HUMVEE and pick up his boys?"

          George thought about it for a moment before answering; "No problem Doc."  Turning to Gerald; "How about writing out a quick note to your boys telling them what's going on so's they won't be frightened when we find them?"

          After Gerald wrote the note telling the boys he was okay, but couldn't drive, he lay back on the bed and started to wonder about the people in Unit.  Having worked with the military for close to eighteen years, he thought he knew all about their likes, dislikes and their general attitudes, especially their attitudes about civilians in general and company Tech Reps in particular.  These guys just didn't fit the mold that he was used to encountering; "Hmmm, interesting." He thought to himself.

          While Gerald was trying to think things through and come up with an answer that would fit his world view, George and the boys were heading towards the Blountstown Inn in one of the Unit HUMVEE's, all of them dressed in street clothes.  Even though the HUMVEE was painted in MarCam camouflage, it didn't seem to attract undue attention, mainly due to the fact that about every fourth vehicle seemed to be painted in one form or another of camouflage paint.  Thirty minutes after leaving GhostRyder Base Forward, they entered Blountstown, a few minutes later they were waiting for traffic to ease up enough to make the left turn into the 'Inn's' parking lot.  Pulling into the Blountstown Inn parking lot, George parked the big rig near the front of the motel.  Getting out of the rig he sent Tyler and Justin into the motel to see if they could find the boys while he went to room 233 to see if they were there.  Knocking on the door he heard someone moving around in the room, then he heard through the door; "Yeah, whadaya wan?"

          "I'm George Babcock; I need to talk to Kyle or Gerald Morton."

          The door opened a little and he saw a teenager who looked to be about fourteen peering through the opening the security chain allowed. "I'm Kyle, what da ya want?"

          George smiled at the boy; "First of all I want you to read this note from your father, he banged his head while he was working and our doctor doesn't want him driving for awhile.  He's okay, just a little out of it and dizzy, but he's worried about you and your brother being by yourself."

          Kyle took the note and quickly read it, looking back at George he asked: "What's the safe word?"

          George smiled at the boy thinking to himself that Gerald had taught his kids right, never trust a stranger unless he had the safe word that they had set up.  George nodded and said in a soft voice; "Snoqualmie Pass Charlie."

          Kyle closed the door and undid the security chain and opened the door letting George enter the room.  After closing the door he turned back to George and asked; "Are you sure he's okay, I mean you weren't kidding me about him being okay were you?"

          George nodded at the boy who was standing before him in just a pair of Tartan patterned boxers, and white socks; "I wouldn't lie to you son, he's fine just like I said.  The Doc just wants to make sure he didn't suffer a concussion when he smacked his head on the overhead of the crew compartment of one of our Light Armored Vehicles (LAV's)."   George stopped talking for a few seconds before continuing; "He's really worried about you and your brother, that's why I came to get you, two of my guys are looking for Gerald down in the motels' arcade right now.  How about you getting dressed and giving us a hand, oh yeah, throw a change of clothing in to a bag for you and your brother, you'll both be spending the night out at the airstrip with your dad."

          For the first time Kyle realized that he was standing in front of a stranger in just his boxers.  Quickly he turned and grabbed a pair of kaki colored cargo shorts, turned his back to George and pulled them on.  After buttoning and zipping up, he pulled on a plain blue, pocket T-Shirt, he turned back to George blushing furiously; "Sorry about that Mr. Babcock, I was kinda shook up about Dad and wasn't thinking straight."

          George chuckled; "Don't worry about it, I have two sons myself and understand completely.  Just relax, your dad's fine, we just want to make sure he stays that way.  When you're finished packing, we'll go down to our vehicle and wait for my guys and your brother, by the way, do you know where he is?"

          "Ahh yeah, he said he was going down to the arcade off of the motel lobby, he doesn't usually go anywhere with out letting me know, and I do the same.  Dad made us promise him we'd look out for each other when he wasn't around, so we always tell each other if we're gonna do something else."

          George nodded; "Good idea, you guys seem to know what you're doing, I like that."

          Kyle had his duffle bag packed and the boy and the man left the room, Kyle made sure the door was locked before they started down the stairs.  On the way down, George saw Tyler and Justin on either side of a slightly taller blonde boy heading towards the HUMVEE.  "Hey Gerry, Gerry, up here!"  Yelled Kyle.

          Gerry stopped and turned toward the sound of his younger brothers' voice, Tyler and Justin took another couple of paces before they realized their charge had stopped.  Turning they saw Sergeant Babcock descending the stairs behind a dark haired boy who they assumed was Kyle Morton and moved back to stand by Gerry to wait for them to arrive.  Justin and Tyler had tried to assure Gerry that his father was okay, but the boy still seemed to be worried, maybe now that his younger brother was here, he'd lighten up.

          Gerry ran over to his brother and hugged him, crying into his shoulder; "Daddy's hurt, daddy's hurt, oh Kyle daddy's hurt."

          Kyle hugged the slightly larger boy and patted him on the back; "It's okay Gerry, calm down now, he's just a little hurt and'll be okay soon.  These nice men'll take us to see him so just calm down."

          Tyler and Justin looked at George and gave him a questioning look.  George moved to the two boys and started patting Gerry on the back also; "Its okay Gerry, I talked to your dad before we came to get you and he's just a little dizzy because of the bump on his head.  He asked me to come and get you and your brother because he was worried about you.

          Gerry looked up at the man who was talking to him; a surge of fear went through him at being touched by an adult male other than his father.  He was about to pull away when George pulled his hand back and said softly; "Snoqualmie Pass Charlie."  He continued to talk to the boy; "Your dad said that was your 'secret word' and that you would trust me if I told you that.  Your dad said that you and your brother should come with me so that I could take you to him.  How bout it Gerry, do ya want to go see your dad?"

          Gerry stopped crying and stood up straight and gave George a small nervous smile; "Yes, I want my Daddy, will you please take me to my Daddy, please?"

          George smiled at the boy; "Sure Gerry, you and your brother climb in the Hummer and we'll get you to him quick as we can."  Kyle gave George a look of relief as he turned his older brother towards the HUMVEE, Gerry let out a shout of happiness when he saw what he was going to be ridding in; "EEEEEEHAW!!!  Look Kyle, we are going to ride in a Army truck, a real Army truck, wow, I got to tell daddy that we rode in a Army truck."

          Kyle smiled at the back of his brother when he got excited about the HUMVEE, Gerry really liked the few times their dad had taken them with him to a military installation near their home in Seattle.  He always wanted to look at the different vehicles his father worked on and always made sure to tell everyone that would listen that he was going to join the Army when he grew up.  Kyle frowned at the thought; Gerry was about as grown up as he was going to get, mentally.  When he was born, somebody had done something wrong during his birth and he didn't get enough oxygen to the brain for just long enough to cause damage to the portion responsible for allowing him to mature mentally.  While he was able to handle most things, he didn't have the same mental development of other fifteen year olds; actually he was closer to a ten year old in his thinking and probably wouldn't advance beyond that mental age.

          George saw the expression on Kyle's face and pretty much knew what he was thinking.  Placing his hand on Kyle's left shoulder he said; "Come on son, let's get you and your brother to your father.  And don't worry about Gerry; we'll take good care of him."

          Kyle looked into the man's eyes and saw that he was telling him the truth.  A small tear slid down his cheek as he nodded his head and turned back to his brother; "Come on Gerry, let's get into this neat Army truck and go see dad."

          The trip back to 'GhostRyder Forward' only took twenty minutes, a combination of less traffic and George's now knowing the route cut down on the drive time.  Pulling up to the main entrance, George handed the gate guard his 'Trenton International I.D. badge.  After comparing the picture the badge with George's face he waved them through.  Driving up to the Dispensary, everyone climbed out, while Kyle seemed to take the hustle and bustle in stride, Gerry was having problems.  Kyle took his hand and spoke softly to him; "Calm down Gerry, no ones going to hurt you, all these people are nice and they just want to help us."

          Gerry moved as close to his brother as he could, seeking comfort amongst all the men and boys who seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere.  When they entered the dispensary, Gerry saw his father laying on a hospital bed, releasing Kyle's hand he ran to him and said; "Oh Daddy, Daddy, are you okay, these boys said you were hurt, please tell me you aren't hurt, please."  Gerry was trying to hug his father and sobbing into his chest, trying to understand what was happening and really afraid that the man who said the 'safe words' had been lying to him.

          "Calm down son, I just bumped my head and I'm still a little dizzy, these people have taken good care of me and I'll be okay."  Gerald gestured to Kyle to come over to the bed; "You okay son, I mean you understand what happened and all, right?"

          Kyle smiled at his father; "Yeah Dad, I was just a little worried about you; Mr. Babcock said you were okay, but I feel better now that I'm here with you."  With a crooked smile Kyle asked; "What'd you do, forget to wear you 'bump hat' again?"

          Gerald gave his son a sheepish smile; "Yes, but don't rub it in, I feel foolish enough as it is."

          While Kyle and his father were talking and Gerry was hugging his dad, George went over to Doctor Davidson; "What's the story Doc?  Is Mr. Morton gonna be okay?"

          The doctor smiled at George; "Yes, I plan on keeping him here over night just to make sure though, in about six or seven hours I'll give him a sedative to make sure he gets a good night's sleep.  He'll be back to normal tomorrow and can go back to work."  He thought for few seconds; "How about getting his two boys settled for the night and then they can come over and have dinner with their dad.  I think it would be better to have them bedded down with some of our boys, you know, to take their minds off their dad."

          George walked back to Gerald's bed and spoke to Kyle; "Listen son, we're going to get you and Gerry a bed for the night, then you can come back and have dinner with your father."  Turning to Justin he said; "Take the Hummer and drive them over to Trailer four, they have some empty rooms there.  Tell the CQ what's going on and if he has any problems, have him give me a call here."

          Justin nodded,; "No problem Sergeant Babcock, Jap's got the 'duty' and he's cool."  Turning to Kyle he said: "Follow us buddy, we'll let Gerry sit up front so he can see where we're going, that ought to make him happy."

          As they were driving to the barracks trailer, a very excited Gerry, talked about the Hummer as if he was a car salesman.  "You know this has a 6.2 liter V-8 diesel engine, a twenty five gallon fuel tank and has a range of 350 miles?  It's also got the Kevlar armor that can withstand small arms fire and shrapnel fragments?"  Gerry paused for a minute, then continued; "You know, the HUMVEE comes in eleven different variants, everything from models like this to ones with a TOW missile launcher mounted on it, whatever that is."

          As Gerry babbled on about the HUMVEE, Tyler and Justin smiled to themselves, as they approached the Trailer.  Deassing the vehicle, Tyler led the way into the Trailer Four, with Kyle leading Gerry by the hand and Justin bringing up the rear.  Entering the trailer, they found the C.Q. Desk empty, Justin yelled out; "Yo Jap, where the hell you at?"

          They all heard a toilet flushing, then the sound of water running in a sink, shortly the head's door opened and Jap walked up to the desk; "Whatcha yelling for, can't a guy take a dump in peace and quiet around here?"

          "The last time you took a dump, we thought we were being attacked by the Force Recon Marines, with mortar and artillery support, so a little yelling shouldn't bother you."

          Jap looked at the taller boy for a second or two, then he reached in his right trouser pocket and pulled out his hand aiming his middle finger at Justin; "Mortar this asshole."

          All of the boys but Gerry laughed, Gerry blushed and turned to his younger brother; "Ooooooo Kyle, did you see what he did?"

          Kyle stopped laughing; "Its okay Gerry, he was just kidding around, just forget about it."

          Gerry seemed to think about it for a second then nodded his head; "Okay Kyle, if you say so, but I don't think it was very nice of him to do that."

          Jap looked at the boy in disbelief, as he was about to get in the kids face Tyler stepped in front of him and spoke softly; "Take it easy Jap, I'll fill you in later.  Right now we need a room for these two, they're gonna be spending the night, maybe longer."

          Jap looked at the taller boy and nodded; "Okay."  Turning to the poster size floor plan mounted on the wall behind the C.Q. Desk he studied it for a moment before saying; "Let's put them in fifteen, its empty, hold on for a second and I'll get them some linen."  Saying that he opened a door that had 'Linen Locker' painted on it and limped inside.

          While Jap was getting the two boys their bedding, Gerry looked at Kyle and whispered; "Is that redheaded boy going to get in trouble for making that dirty sign with his finger, huh, is he?  Why is he limping, did he hurt his foot?  Why is he getting us stuff, does he work here?"

          Kyle smiled at his brother; "He's on duty, he's kinda like a watchman, you know, making sure everything's okay and to help people like you and me get settled in.  Why he's limping, I don't know maybe Tyler does.  As to making that gesture with his finger, as long as he doesn't do it around an adult, no ones gonna say anything, he was just fooling around with the guy he gave the bird to."

          "Bird, what bird, he stuck his middle finger up, isn't that like cussing?" Gerry asked.

             Tyler, and Justin who also heard Gerry's question chuckled, then Justin said; "A 'bird's' what we call the gesture, you know the way he held his finger up in our direction.  Don't you do it unless you know the guy you're doing it to or ya might piss him off, like I said Jap was only kidding when he did it to us."

          Jap came out of the 'Linen Locker' with two set's of bedding and two large terry-cloth bath towels, he handed both sets to Kyle; "The showers and the heads are in the last section of this 'Five Wide,' just throw your towels in the bin located in the change room and then you can get clean ones here anytime between 06:00 to 23:00 daily."

          Gerry looked as Jap with a look of horror on his face; "Heads! Heads, I don't want to see any heads, whose are they, are the bodies in there too?"

          Jap looked at the kid, at first he thought Gerry was trying to make a joke, then he realized the teenager was being serious as a heart attack.  "Whoa, easy, take it easy, the `heads' is what we call the restrooms here, there ain't no real peoples heads or any bodies for that matter."

          From a look of horror, Gerry's face blushed bright red in embarrassment; "I . . . I didn't know that, I'm sorry; please don't be mad at me."

          Jap looked at the older boy; "Listen Gerry, Gerry is your name right?"  Gerry nodded his head yes; "Listen Ger, its okay, don't be embarrassed, a lot of the guys in the Unit didn't know what a 'Head' was when they first joined, so just relax, okay, no one's mad at you."

          Gerry was about to say something when the trailer's front doors opened and boys dressed in MarCam started to flow around the group at the C.Q. desk heading to the left and right of them.  The boys all seemed to be in high spirits and were all laughing and talking, none of them seemed to pay attention to the group by the desk, except one.  Jacky Hoffman walked up to the little redhead, pulled him to his body and kissed him on the forehead before saying; "Hey buddy, how's your watch going, how's the leg?"

          As Gerry watched in total surprise, the boy named Jap pulled the larger, older boy to him and kissed him lightly on the lips, after breaking the kiss he said; "Same ol, same ol, the legs' a little stiff, but I ain't got no pain, how's yours doin?"  Jap had twisted his ankle earlier that day and was told to stay off it as much as possible for a couple a days.  "I was just getting these two guys set up with bedding and a room for the night.  Their dad, who's a tech rep, you know the one  working on 'Two Five and Two Six,' hurt himself while checking them out and the Doc had Sergeant Babcock bring them in from town."

          Turning to Kyle, Gerry asked; "Did you see what Jap and that man did?  They kissed and hugged right here in front of everyone, are they going to get yelled at or beat up?"

          Jap turned to the boy he figured was a brick or two shy of a full load and said; "No Gerry, no ones gonna yell at us or beat us up, we're all friends here and a lot of the other guys do the same thing.  Ya see buddy, most of us are gay and a lot of us have boyfriends so nobody thinks anything about seeing two guys hugging and kissing each other."

          Gerry thought about what Jap told him for a few minutes, not really knowing what he meant when he said gay, shrugged, looked at Kyle for a few seconds, turned back to Jap and said; "Okay."  Turning back to Kyle he asked; "When are we going to have supper, I'm hungry?"

          Kyle smiled at his older brother; "Umm, I'm not really sure; maybe one of these guys can tell us."

          Jacky spoke first; "The 'Mess Hall' opens in a few minutes, if you give me a chance to clean up, I'll take you two with me when I go get something for me and Jap."

          Justin spoke to Jacky as he was washing up; "That boy Gerry suffered brain damage when he was born, he seems like a nice kid, but he's really slow, his younger brother's got enough smarts for the both of them though.  His daddy's in the dispensary, get them some food and let them sit with him for supper, that ought to calm Gerry down for the night."

          Jacky smiled at Justin; "Okay, I got em, you and Tyler can take off, and get cleaned up, or what ever."

          Jacky stopped at the C.Q. Desk to talk with Jap for a moment; "I don't know what their serving, you got any preference for what I bring you?"

          "Naw, you know what I like, just don't overload me, I had a big lunch and I'm not that hungry."

          Smiling at his boyfriend, Jacky nodded and gestured for Kyle and Gerry to follow him, as they walked to the Mess Hall, Jacky asked; "So where are you guys from, I know your dad works for a weapons company, but I haven't heard anything else?"

          "We live in Kent Washington, a little southeast of downtown Seattle, Dad's company is in Kirkland.  We been going with him to jobs around the country ever since our mom died six years ago, Dad's been home schooling us so it's not really a problem as long as we complete the milestones set by the State.  I guess I should say as long as I complete them, Gerry has a little problem retaining stuff from books and the State makes allowances for that." Kyle explained, then thought about what he was going to say next; "It wasn't too bad when we first started  following him around, but after awhile, it kinda gets old."

          Jacky smiled at Kyle; "Yeah I know what you mean, my Dad's in the Army and we been stationed all over the world, the only problem with that is, we ain't never stayed in one place for more than two years.  Luckily, my Dad only has a little over a year before he retires, then I'll be able to finish school in Moreland and graduate with my friends."

          Entering the Mess hall, Jacky herded the two boys to the serving line, As the line was moving forward, Kyle and Gerry were whispering to each other, Gerry was getting more agitated the closer they got to serving line.  Kyle turned to Jacky and said; "Umm, look Jacky, we spent most of the money Dad gave us for food and stuff, I don't think we have enough for supper."

          Jacky chuckled; "Who said you needed money to eat, all our food and stuff is being paid for by Bucky Trenton, Doug Henderson and Evan Falconberg.  Don't sweat it Bro, its covered."  When the three boys had gotten their meals, including one for Jap and one for the boys father Jacky led them from the Mess Hall, making a quick stop at the barracks to drop off his and Japs' meals.  he then took them to the dispensary and said; "When you're finished eating and ready to get some sleep, come on back to the barracks, if you need help finding it, just find a phone and punch '0004' and ask the 'C.Q.' for me and I'll come and get you."

          After dropping Gerry and Kyle off, Jacky headed back to the barracks.  While he and Jap were eating, he explained Gerry's problem to Jap; "The way I got it from Ty, someone fucked up during his birth and he didn't get enough oxygen to the brain.  It must be a stone cold bitch for his dad and brother; I mean he's what, fifteen, sixteen years old?  Yet he only has the mental capabilities of a ten year old, his brother is about a year younger, but he has to watch him all the time."

          Jap nodded his head in understanding; "Okay, so what can we do, I mean he ain't even a part of the Unit?"

          Jacky looked at Jap for a minute or so before saying; "You get off watch in thirty minutes or so, we'll go talk to Matt and James when ya do.  Here, give me your tray and I'll run it back to the mess hall, when I get back, we'll head on over to their trailer.

          Jacky walked over to the mess hall and placed the two trays in the scullery window, by the time he got back to Trailer 4, Jap was in the process of briefing (nothing to do with underwear) his relief.  After Jap was finished, they walked over to a five wide trailer that was used by the Bateman Brothers, the Gunny, Sergeants Babcock, Webb and Gunnery Sergeant MacCarver.  After knocking on the door, they heard Keener shout; "Come on in, it's open."

          As they entered the trailer they heard James groan; "All right, what'd you do now Jap, I know Jacky's innocent so just spit it out and get it over with."

          Jap swoed up; "ME, I didn't do nothing, why da you guys always think I'm up to something?  Besides, this is Jacky's idea, not mine, so leave me alone."

          Keener turned away from the television and looked over at Jap; "Well now little buddy, all I can say is; 'If the fue shits, wear it." 

          Everyone laughed when Jap gave Keener a two fisted bird.  When everyone calmed down Jacky spoke; "We, well actually it is my idea, I, umm I kinda think we need to make the Morton Brothers members of the Unit.  Their Dads' going to be doing some heavy duty work on 'Two Five and Two Six,' I kind of think we don't really want to have him worrying about his kids while he's modifying the two LAV's, how bout you?"

          The adults all looked at each other for a few minutes before anyone said anything.  Keener was the first to break the silence; "Damn little buddy, that's about the best idea I heard in a 'coons' age."  Turning to George he asked; "How come it takes the big guy here and his little redheaded hellion of a boyfriend to come up with the idea?"

          Jap was about to swoe up again when Jacky put his hand on his shoulder; "Easy Jap, I think they like the idea."

          James looked at Matt, who shrugged, then looked at the Gunny who just nodded.  Turning back to the two boys he said; "How bout you guys finding Phil Martin and have him issue them their kit, hold it a second."  He thought for several seconds before saying; "Talk to Kyle and find out if they want to join first, we'll talk with their father and make sure he's okay with the whole idea."  Turning back to his brother: "Come on Matt, let's go see Mr. Morton and talk to him about it, I really think it will cut down on his worries if both his boys are close to him."

          The two boys and two men walked over to the dispensary, while James and Matt were talking to Gerald Morton, Jap and Jacky took the boys outside and laid the idea out for them, well actually just to Kyle.  So whatcha think Kyle, you and Gerry want to become a member of the Unit?  If you want, you can talk it over with Gerry first but I think you'd both enjoy it."

          Kyle thought about it while he stared at his older brother, he knew that as long as he was near him, Gerry would be okay.  He did worry about the boys who made up the Unit, so far no one had given them any grief, but who could tell what would happen as time went by.  Turning to Jacky he said; "I know I'd like to join, but I'm worried about Gerry, as long as I'm close to him, he's okay.  I'm also worried about the other boys in the Unit; you noticed how he reacts to some things, especially things he doesn't understand.  As long as I'm close to him he's okay, but what worries me is what happens if he gets separated from me and gets confused?"

          Jap looked at him and said; "Last year I almost lost it, I mean I was this close to saying `fuck it and blowing my brains out." Jap held his thumb and forefinger about a half an inch apart; "Every one of the guys in the Unit, plus a lot of people from outside came together to help me.  Me, Jacky, Tyler and Justin will make sure everyone knows about his, umm, his problems.  Everyone in the Unit knows how it is to be picked on and we can just about guarantee he, or you, won't have any problems.  That's a promise from me." 

          Before Kyle could say anything Jacky jumped in too; "What Jap said, that's a promise from me too."

          Kyle turned to his brother; "Did you understand what Jap and Jacky said?"

          Gerry looked unsure of himself; "Umm, they want us to join the Unit and stay out here with Daddy and do the same stuff as they do?  What happens if I make a mistake and someone yells at me, I know I'm not very smart, but when anyone yells at me it scares me?"

          Jap moved close to Gerry, took both his hands and spoke softly; "I can't stop anyone from yelling at you, but I can promise you they'll only do it once.  Go ahead; ask me how I know they'll only yell at you once."

          Gerry looked at Jap not quite understanding what he was saying, but understanding that the smaller boy was being nice to him.  Gerry took a deep breath and asked; "How do you know they'll only yell at me once?"

          Because as soon as I find out that someone yelled at you, me and Jacky and Tyler and Justin and a whole bunch of other guys will whip their asses, that's how I know."

          Gerry understood whipping ass, Kyle had been stopping people from picking on him and making fun of him for a long time.  Now this little redheaded kid just said he and a bunch of other guys would do the same thing.  Gerry looked Jap in the eyes, smiled and said; "Okay."

          Jap smiled at the boy, released his hands and slapped him on the shoulder; "Aw right Gerry my man, let's go get you guys some gear."

          The four boys walked over to a five wide trailer that had a sign over the main door that simply stated; 'Supply and Admin.'  Even though it was nearing 18:00, the trailer was still brightly lit and the door was unlocked.  When they entered the trailer, they found two boys playing cards at one of the desks; one had blond hair, while the other was a light brown.  As they entered the trailer, the boy with the blonde hair looked up from the cards he held in his hands; "Hey Jap, Jacky, what's going on?"

          Jacky smiled at the two boys; "Hey Phil, hey David, we got us a couple new members, you feel up to issuing them their kit, we can always come back tomorrow morning if you want?"

          Phil stood up and walked over to Gerry and Kyle holding out his hand to Gerry first than to Kyle he said; "I'm Phil Martin, that guy over there is David White, welcome to the Unit."  David came over and shook the boys' hands before saying; "We can get you just about all of your stuff, but it'll take about a week for your Smokey the Bear Hat.  It don't really matter none, we all left our STB's back in Washington, so they wouldn't get messed up.  We'll give you each a booney hat, that's all the rest of us are using."

          Kyle nodded his head in understanding, while Gerry just stood there taking it all in trying to figure it all out.  Seeing the confused expression on Gerry's face, Kyle explained about the hats; "They're talking about the type hats we're going to get, one is for everyday use and the other is for special occasions.  You know like the clothes we wear everyday and the clothes we wear to church, you understand now?"

          Gerry thought about what his younger brother had told him for a few seconds, then his face brightened in understanding; "Oh yeah, I understand."

          Phil motioned for the two 'newbie's to follow him; he led the way to the back of the trailer to a room that took up almost a quarter of the entire trailer.  After unlocking the door, he gestured for the two boys to enter; "Okay guys, we're going to start with your MarCams, so the first thing you need to do is take all your clothes off."

          Gerry looked at his brother nervously, seeing Kyle taking his clothes off, he calmed down and followed suit.  Still nervous, he was a bit slower than Kyle, but soon enough he stood next to his brother completely naked, with his hands held alongside his thighs.  Phil seeing how nervous Gerry was only took a quick glance at the boys' dick and balls, then he did a double take at the size of them.  Gerry for being a slightly built individual had a set of balls the size of hens eggs, and his dick, 'WOW,' it looked to be about five inches long soft.  "Boy" He thought to himself; "I'd like to see that monster angry."  Quickly turning away from the boys he grabbed five sets of the new MarCam skivvies with twenty eight inch waist and turned back to Gerry; "Here you go buddy, put a pair of these on while I get your brother set up with some boxers."

          Kyle was smaller around the waist than Gerry so Phil got five pair of twenty six inch waist boxers in the MarCam pattern, as he turned around; he noticed that both boys were built almost the same in the dick and balls department, both brothers were uncut.  He also noticed that both of them were nicely toned, each were developing really nice six packs and had highly developed pecs, shoulders and arms.  As he turned back with the boxers, he saw that both boys also had really nice legs, well muscled and strong looking.  "Boy, it looks like both you guys pump some serious iron, I mean I don't see too many people outside of the Unit that look near as good as you two."

          Gerry smiled at the compliment, Kyle blushed and said; "Thanks, our Dad is a firm believer in exercise, ya can't tell it by looking at him with his clothes on but he's got a terrific build.  Me and Ger have been working out with him for about six years now, he got us into a 'Gold's Gym' near our place in Kent and we go there four or five time a week when we're home.  When we're on the road, he always finds us someplace to work out at, except here in Blountstown, the only Gyms here are the highschool's and a membership only one.  I'm kinda looking forward to getting back to Kent so we can workout."

          Jap smiled at the boy; "No problem dude, when they set this place up for us, they made sure we had a nicely equipped training room, both free weights and machines."

          Gerry was stunned at the amount of clothing and gear Phil kept handing them, Kyle started to object to the quantity; "Hey guys, this stuff is great, but we can't afford this, I mean my Dad isn't poor or anything, but still. . . . "

          David White who was helping in the issue spoke before any of the Squaddies could; "Don't sweat it, when you become a member of the Unit, your gear and clothing issue is paid for by the Bateman's.  No cost, nada, nothing, zilch. . . . ."

          Kyle started to chuckle; 'Okay, okay, I get what your saying, it's just that there's so much and it all looks like it's top quality."

          Jap, who was standing in the doorway with Jacky said; "You think this stuff is neat, wait till you see the firearms we use.  James and Matt figure if you're going to shoot, shoot, don't talk about it and only the best is good enough for a member of the Unit."

          Kyle laughed, Gerry smiled nervously, not really knowing what was going on, but knowing that his brother was happy made everything okay.   Gerry sat down trying to figure out how the Corcoran Jump Boots laced up; he'd always worn slip on dress shoes or cross trainers that used Velcro fastenings.  Jacky saw the trouble he was having with his boots, dragged up another chair and rested his right boot on the chair; "Gerry, take a look at how I have my boots laced up, then try to do yours' the same way."  Gerry looked at the way Jacky had his jump boots laced for a minute or so then went about lacing up his boots the same way.  After getting both boots laced up, he put on his blouse and booney hat, before saying; "Kyle, look at me, I am dressed just like the solders are at Fort Huachuca (pronounced WA-choo-ca) in Arizona, remember when Daddy took us down there?"

          Kyle looked up from lacing his boots and smiled at his older brother; "Yeah I do Ger, remember when we went to Tombstone and rode in the carriage for that tour?"  Kyle thought for a few seconds before continuing; "Remember the cowboy who drove the horse drawn carriage, especially the part when he took us to the edge of town so the horses could go pee?"

          Gerry scrunched his head down between his shoulders, placed his hand over his mouth and giggled; "Yeah, I thought they were never going to stop, it sounded like the faucet in the bath tub when you first turn it on."

          Hearing Gerry's comment, everyone in the room laughed.  Jap, the shortest person in the room looked up into Gerry's eyes and asked; "Did it make you want to take a 'Golden Shower' when you heard them taking a leak?"

          Gerry, never hearing anything about a 'Golden Shower' got a quizzical look on his face before asking; "What is a golden shower Jap?"

          Hearing Gerry's question, Japs' whole body stiffened, turning to Jacky he pushed his face into his lovers chest saying; "Oh my God, what've I done?"  Jap started crying saying in between heart felt sobs; "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." Over and over again, his body shaking and racked with sobs."  First Jacky, then Phil Martin hugged him, both of the boys rubbed his back and spoke softly to him; "It's okay Jap, I know you were only joking."  Jacky said.  Then Phil spoke softly to him; "Me too buddy, I know you'd never say anything to hurt me, come on now, calm down, it's okay now, both Jacky and I know you were just joking."

          Kyle and Gerry stood there watching the three boys, one still crying, while the other two comforted him.  Only later when Kyle found out about what happened to Jacky and Phil would he understand why Jap got so emotional about what he had just said.  Until then, he would just keep wondering about what had just happened.

          It took Jacky and Phil about ten minutes to calm the small redheaded boy down, finally Jap stopped crying and wiped his nose on the sleeve of his MarCams and using the heels of his hands, wipe the tears from his eyes.  Looking away from everyone, he gave a final sniff and said; "Sorry about that, I guess I take things two serious."

          Jacky smiled and gave his little lover a light smack on the back of his head; "No problem little buddy, we knew you were just kidding."  Jacky sobered before continuing; "Look at me Jap." When Jap was looking him in the eyes Jacky asked; "You still taking the meds Doc Davidson put you on?"

          Jap cringed before his boyfriend gaze; "Well yeah, I mean I have been, but I kinda run out."

          Jacky sighed; "Geez Jap, we been all through this before, you gotta stay on them until the Doc says otherwise."  Grabbing Japs hand, he turned to Kyle and Gerry and said; "Why don't you guys stay here, while me and Jap go over to the Sickbay, it'll only take us a few minutes and then maybe we can go pop some caps."

          Still holding Japs' hand, he literally drug him out of the trailer and over to Sickbay, entering the trailer, he asked Jessie Stevens; "Where's the Doc, numbnuts here ran out of his meds and didn't bother telling anyone."

          Jessie looked at Jap and shook his head in disgust; "Damn it Jap, we been over this before, you got to stay on the meds.  What the fuck do I have to do, make you come in here every day and watch you while you take your pill, is that what you want?"

          Jap looked at the floor and shook his head no, blushing because he knew he'd fucked up, again."  Looking up at the tall blond Corpsman he said; "Sorry Doc, I was going to come and ask for more but every time I started to, something would come up and I'd forget about it."

          Jesse took pity on Jap; "Okay, I'll give you enough for a month, but if you fuck up again, it'll be the Doc and the Bateman Brothers who'll be coming down on your skinny ass, not me."

          Jap gave the Corpsman a small smile and nodded his head in understanding.  "Um Doc . . . ."  Jap started; "Could we . . . . . Could we . . ummm, maybe keep this quiet, I mean I don't really wanna piss off the Doc or James and Matt.  God forbid the Gunny or Gunny MacCarver should find out either."

          Jesse looked at the blushing redhead; "K, tell you what I'm going to do.  You take your pill every day and make sure you come back and get more before you run out and I won't tell anyone.  All I'll do is make a notation in your health record and let it go at that. BUT!  If you fuck up again, I promise you I'll tell everyone in the Unit about it, you can figure it out your own self what'll happen then, do we got a deal?"

          Jap shuddered thinking about the amount of shit that would come his way if Jesse kept his word; "Deal, and thanks Doc.  I don't care what Jacky says about you, you're okay for a 'pecker checker.'"

          Jacky grabbed Jap by the neck and acted like he was choking him, Jesse just laughed and handed him his pill bottle with the thirty day supply of Zoloft.  Just to be on the safe side Jesse made him take one while he was watching.  With a last admonishment to Jap about what would happen if he fucked up again, he pushed him out the door.

          When they got back to the trailer, they found that Phil and David had gone back to their room to 'talk about something.'  

          Gerry was standing by the CQ Desk waiting patiently for Jap and Jacky to return, he had a vague smile on his face, which brightened when they entered the building.  Kyle was talking to the current CQ, Jacky smiled at Gerry and asked; "Where'd Phil and David go to Gerry?"

          Before Gerry or Kyle could answer the CQ, Jeff Shields, piped up with; "I think something came up and they went back to the Supply Room to talk about it."  Jeff got a shit eating grin on his face and started giggling. 


End of Chapter 4

Next, Chapter 5; Big Bullets and Newbie's

By; Jamie Haze and GhostRyder15