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The first day of the new school year is always a bit frantic. You never know who or what will be waiting for you. Who will you meet today? What would have happened at the end of the day? Will I survive my first attempt at Highschool?

Hey, my name is Rocky McGregor and I'm seventeen years old. I never thought I would be that nervous for my first day at highschool, but there I was, not daring to go any further than the frontgate. My legs quite simply refused to walk. That's until my very best friend, Neill, came up behind me and pushed me forward so that I had to jump of shock and there the bastard was, laughing at little o'l me. Neill and I had been through some pretty rough stuff in our time. Neill was quite tall for his age, with black hair and a very strong jawline. His blue eyes natrually sparkled and he was the only boy our age, in our neighbourhood that had an eight pack. Yeah, that's right! Neill was on the soccer team so stomach crunches and pulling weights was part of his daily way of life. There was also a secret that none of us wanted anyone to know.

Three years ago, over the Christmas period, Neill and I had gotten very close. It was just before Highschool would start when his father had past away and he had a very hard time in getting over that. I stood by him as much as I could, afterall we were best friends. But this one night, two days after his father's funaral, Neill had asked me to sleep over. As we did this numerous times, nothing was made of it, but when we went to sleep, Neill said that he had to speak to me. I could see that he was nervous, and that freaked me out, because I didn't know him like that. For me, I accociated Neill with being outgoing, happy and always full of crap. This was a whole new other side to my best friend.

"Rocky, I...I like had a dream last night."

"Yeah, me too. Everyone gets them."

"No, but what I mean was about me and you."

"So? You know how many times I had dreamt that we did something together? Lots, buddy. Why are you so weird today?"

This was obviously hard for Neill, as he sighed as layed on the bed. I got the feeling that I somehow hurt him, and I didn't want that.

"Okay, so you had a dream about the two of us. What were we doing?"

The moment I asked that, he turned away and told me to get some sleep. I didn't know what was going on now, but I valued our friendship, so I did as I was told. I was half asleep when he turned around to face me.

"Hey, Rocky. Ever dreamt of having sex?"

As soon as he asked that I was wide awake and sat up in the bed.

"Dreamt of having sex?"

"Yeah, like a usual dream, but in the dream, you're having sex."

"How can I dream of that when I never had any sex?"

"Please, Rocky! It's called a wet dream. My dad kinda explained it to me before his death. It's like there is this stuff in your balls and it gets like so much for the poor balls to handle, and then they have to come out by means of you having a really nice dream, usually you dream of having sex with someone, even though you haven't done it in real life. Then the stuff kinda like shoots out of your wanker and lets you feel all good over your body. Ever felt that?"

"No, but everytime I see Tiffany County, my wanker get really hard and stiff, does that count for anything?"

"Hell yeah, that's it! All you need to do then, is like make the stuff in your balls come out."

"Do you do that?"

Neill came real close to me and then whispered in my ear.

"One of my cousins showed me. It's like really cool. You just get naked like this," and there he was, taking off his pj's and then he was naked in bed with me. I felt a little unconfortible, but I trusted Neill, he was my best friend.

"You see you take your hand and then you touch your wanker like this," he said, grasping his wanker dramatically with a big movement.

"So you touch your wanker, big deal," I said.

"Look, you idiot!" he countered.

As I looked at his dick that was in his hand I noticed how his foreskin was slowly moving up and down with his movements. Then his dick started to grow and get really stiff like mine was. He groaned as his dick went on growing. It became so big that I started to wonder if he hadn't broken it perhaps; it was so big and thick!

"Jeepers! What have you done, Neill?"

"Nothing, this is not called a wanker anymore but it's now an erection. Go on, feel it."

At first I thought there was no way I was touching his dick, but the sheer size and smoothness of it, made me curious as fuck. I slowly put my hand at the base of his dick and held it tight. Neill groaned again and started to kinda hump his dick upwards into my hand.

"Rocky, do me a favour."


"You know like I did with my hand on my wanker? Now you try it."

I was actually scared. Scared not only because this was the first time that I was doing this, or seeing an erect cock other than my own for that matter, but something inside me told me to slip my hand further up his wanker.

I did.

To this day I can still hear his moans as I stroked his wanker faster and faster. He crunched that fucking sexy stomach muscles as he panted and panted until he groaned one last time before I just saw this flash of white shoot past me and landing on my face. Another one of this slimy stuff flied past me and landed on my chest. Then more of it just dribbled out of his wanker. I thought for sure that Neill was lying when he told me of the stuff that came out, but here it was. On my cheek, on my chest and on my hand. Neill was so overcome with emotion with feeling a hand on his dick beside his own for the very first time that for once, we didn't know what the hell to say to eachother.

Finally Neill looked at me.

"That's what I dreamt you and I did, Rocky."

As soon as he said it, I wanted to have a dream like that too. I desperately wanted to have one of these wet dreams so that I could feel what's it like to have sex. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. Looking back now, I didn't know at the time that I was craving to have a wet dream so that I could have sex with Neill!

Then it finally happened.

In my dream Neill and I were playing soccer when the ball accidently hit Neill in the balls. I went over to see if something was wrong, and in my dream, I asked him to pull his pants off. Like a dream normally is, you don't remember that much detail, but the next thing Neill was naked infront of me. I once again touched his big wanker, and it being a dream, it looked a lot bigger! I pulled his wanker up and down as Neill fondled my rock hard wanker aswell. Suddenly I felt this huge emotion of swelling on my wanker and with a scream I woke up. I looked around me for any sign of Neill, but then I realised it was all a dream. Something wasn't right though, it was all wet around my wanker. As I pulled my pants and undies off, I saw the same white stuff that had come out of Neill's dick that night, running down my legs! Then I suddenly realised what this all meant.

I finally had the dream!

I was so happy that I could scream! The next day I told Neill about it and he was very happy to hear that I liked it very much. All we wanted to do was find a place where we could practice the stuff that we did in our dreams for real. We never got a chance though, as Neill's family was always around to make sure that he and his mother was doing okay after his father's death.

And there we were. Our first day of highschool with the start of a whole new chapter in our lives. Everything was changing, as we finally figured out what it meant when two boys wanted and dreamed of having sex with eachother.

I meant that we were gay.

Now we were starting highschool.

Good timing, hey?

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