Babies Having Babies

***Warning, this is a story of love, and diaper love, between two consenting young teen boys. If this is not the type of story that you would like to read, then please, by all means, do not read. If you are still with me, then I assume you wish to read it. If you do read it and are disgusted by it, don't complain to me, I warned you. This story involves gay sex between two minors, diaper play and usage (pee only)and most importantly love. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to make comments on this story, I can be reached at You can also join my story site at if you would like to read other stories by me, as well as a few other gay diaper lover stories by others. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope that you enjoy.****

“We need to talk.” Sarah said urgently to Damian, pulling him towards the gym of their middle school.

“What, what's so important?” Damian asked once they were finally safe under the bleachers in the gym. The first bell just rang and there were no classes in the gym first thing in the morning on Tuesday's.

“I'm pregnant.” She said stoically, all her tears already having dried up.

“You can't be, I used protection, you're on birth control, this can't be happening, my dad 'll kill me.” Damian said, going into panic.

“I don't know how it happened, but I am pregnant, and it's yours.”

“But, but, but........”

“I know, I don't know what to do either. My mom knows already, and she wants me to put the baby up for adoption, I just don't think I'm ready to be a mom yet either, so I think I'm going to. I just don't know though, I always wanted kids, I just didn't expect to be having one at fourteen.”

“Yeah, well I'm only twelve, my dad's so gonna kill me. It would just figure though, you help me out once to see if I'm gay or not for sure, we use every precaution we can, and you still end up pregnant.” Damian said in an exasperated voice.

“Yeah, well you may not have enjoyed it all that much, and you may in fact be gay, but you sure are a potent little guy, aren't you.” Sarah giggled.

“Oh shut up, this' no time to joke around.”

“I know, I'm just trying to lighten the mood a bit. I cried all weekend long, and I couldn't come to school yesterday because I was throwing up so much. My mom finally asked me what was wrong on Sunday, and I broke down and told her. When I told her you were the dad, I think she was more than a bit surprised, she hadn't even thought you'd started puberty yet.”

“Yeah, well, I hardly have, I have a grand total of three hairs, and I'm surprised that I even squirted any.”

“It was enough I guess. I just thought that I should tell you, since you're the dad and all, and I should probably tell you that this'll probably be my last week of school here. My mom suggested that I quit school and do home schooling, so as to save the shame of getting pregnant at my age. I'm not sure if it's for her or for me that she's worried about though. I wouldn't really care one way or the other, but if I get as sick as I was yesterday too often, it'll probably be a lot easier in the long run. I also have to go meet with the adoption agency some time this week, my mom's setting up an appointment, so that we can start finding suitable parents.”

“No, tell her I'm taking the baby. I don't know how I'll do it, but I can't let my only chance at having a child slip away. I'm gay, there's never going to be a repeat of me having sex with a girl, so this' my only chance at having a child of my own.”

“But you're only twelve, most people think you're eight, you're in no better condition than I am to raise a child. Your dad was only seventeen when you were born, and remember how he told us how hard it was on him to raise you.”

“I know, but I also know that he'll understand my decision, even if it means giving up my own childhood.” Damian said stoically, already having done so, growing up a considerable amount in only a few minutes.

That was earlier this morning, but the story starts many years before. Damian and Sarah grew up next door to each other, their dads had been best friends ever since Damian's dad had moved next door, they drank together, told stories together, and relayed their trials and tribulations over raising a young family. Sarah's mom and dad were still together at this time, but her mom never cared for Damian's dad, nor did she care all that much that her husband liked him, he was quite a bit younger, was a single dad, and many other things that were really no big deal. That was okay though, Damian's dad really did not care much for her either, he thought that she was quite the stuck up bitch.

When Sarah was six, her dad died, and while she mourned for her daddy, it was actually Damian's father who seemed to mourn the loss the most, not even his wife seemed to mourn too much. Even though Sarah's mom did not care for Damian's dad, she adored Damian. He was a small, polite, cute little guy, and even at twelve, she still thought of him as all that. Then again, he was still very small, and he really did strike most people as being an eight year old. She never had any problems with allowing Damian to come over any time, and he even spent the night a few times here and there, and she never thought anything of it. Had she have suspected that he was in puberty, and knowing how pubertal boys can be, then maybe she would have had second thoughts about that, but no one, not even his own dad had suspected that he had already started puberty.

Damian, as was already mentioned, is twelve years old, but looks eight, has short wavy black hair, wears small black framed glasses that set off his hair and his striking green eyes very nicely. He has soft, almost girlish features; eyelashes and lips that girls pay a lot of money to create. Even still though, he amazingly enough did not get teased all that often at school, mostly because he was quite bright and just ignored them, and often times just smiled at the would be bully.

Being that the two of them had pretty much grown up together, they knew pretty much every little secret that the other had, it was with no small amount of surprise that Damian would come to her one night and spill his guts about his fears that he was in fact gay. Sarah, fully into puberty, and almost as horny as the average teenage boy, not to mention just wanting to know what sex felt like, offered to her best friend to let him try straight sex with her, to see what it was like. He took almost a week before he agreed to it, but eventually he gave in and they tried. That was almost a month ago.

Like he had said though, he did not really enjoy himself all that much, it just did not turn his crank as it were, but he did try to give Sarah all the pleasure he possibly could, because she sure was enjoying herself, and he even managed to give her an orgasm. When he pulled off the condom, he was surprised to see anything in there, because he had only started wet cumming earlier that week, and he had already jacked off once that day, and so far he had not been able to have two wet cums in the same day. He thought nothing of it though and just threw it away. He probably should have paid more attention though, because the condom had been quite loose on him, considering that he was not really all that very big yet, and he had cum at least three minutes before he was able to get Sarah off, so a good portion of his seed would have seeped down the loose condom and some obviously got inside Sarah, more than enough to do the job as it were.

When Damian got home from school that afternoon, he had pretty much just been on auto pilot all day, and never gave more than a grunt to any question asked of him, he just plopped down on his bed and cried. He cried all the way until his dad arrived home from work at a little after five.

Matt was just coming home from work, and when he walked in, he noticed right away that something was not quite right. The house was quiet, there was no TV blaring, no yelling of Daddy, you're home, not even Damian's shoes were by the door, yet he knew his son was home, because the door was unlocked. He searched the main level of the house and did not find his son, so headed upstairs to see if he was up there. He found his son laying on his bed, large pitiful sobs escaping him.

“Oh baby, what's wrong?” Matt sat on the edge of the bed and asked quietly, softly rubbing his obviously upset sons back where it was bared.

“S.....S......Sar......Sarah's p-p-p-pregnant, and it-it-it-it's mine.” Damian stuttered out as best he could, and started crying even more.

Matt though just burst out laughing.

“Yeah right it's yours.” He managed to get out amongst the laughter.

“Why are you laughing, this isn't funny?” Damian got very upset and asked, nearly yelling.

“There's no way that you could be the father, and I know two good reasons for it.” Matt said softly.

“Name one?” Damian challenged.

“You can't cum yet.”

“Can too, I started a few weeks ago, the same week that Sarah got pregnant in fact.” Damian said quietly, but not embarrassed, he and his dad could talk about anything, and their sex talks a couple years ago were very full of details.

“Oh, I haven't seen any signs of it, I mean you have a couple little tiny hairs, but I would have seen signs that you could cum in your diapers when I change you in the morning.”

“Except I don't have wet dreams daddy, because you told me the best way to not have them is to jack off.”

“Oh, right.”

“That's not the worst part though daddy.”

“Oh, there's a worse part than you getting your best friend pregnant at the tender age of twelve?”

“You have no idea.”

“I was sixteen when your mom got pregnant, I think I have a few ideas.”

“Yeah, but you probably didn't have sex with a girl just to find out if you were gay or not for sure.”

“No, I didn't.”

“Daddy, I'm gay.”

“I know baby, I've known for a while now. That's kinda why I was shocked that you would come to me and tell me that you got a girl pregnant. Speaking of which, didn't you learn anything from the sex talks we had? How many times did I preach safe sex to you?”

“I sorta thought you knew, but we did practice safe sex, honest. Sarah's even on birth control, and I used a condom.”

“Good grief, potent little guy, aren't you?” Matt laughed.

“This isn't funny.” Damian said in a huff again.

“No, I guess it isn't. So, what are you gonna do then?”

“What makes you think I know what to do?”

“Because you're a straight A student, IQ higher than a few of the teachers in your school, could go to university if you really wanted to, and you always have a plan.”

“Yeah, but I'm not really sure what to do. Sarah's mom wants her to put the baby up for adoption, but I told her not to, that I wanted to keep the baby, that I would figure out what to do. I know my own childhood is over, but it was my mistake, and I'll live with it.”

“No, it's not a mistake, a baby is never a mistake. Sure, you had an accident, so did I, you know that you were more than a bit of a surprise to me as well, you certainly weren't planned, but never once have I thought of you as a mistake, and I will never allow you to see this baby as a mistake either. I too will not allow the baby to go up for adoption, he or she is your baby, and I'll help you raise him or her to the best of your ability, same as my parents did for me.”

“Thanks daddy, I knew you'd understand, even if I thought you were gonna kill me.”

“I'm a bit upset of course, but you did all you could to prevent it from happening. Sometimes things like this happen just in the nick of time, to give you what you need when you need it. I'm sure that you'll make a great daddy, and even though I certainly never planned on being a grandfather at the age of thirty, I'm sure that I'll do just fine as well.”

“Thanks daddy.” Damian said and hopped into his dads lap and hugged him tightly.

“You're welcome baby, let's get you into a diaper, because with all the turmoil, you seem to have wet your pants.” Matt said, feeling the wetness soak into his clothes.

“Oh god. I'm twelve years old and can't even control my pee.” Damian said resignedly.

“I'm almost thirty baby and still wear diapers to bed, you have the same condition, and if you have a boy, the odds of him developing the same genetic flaw are upwards of ninety percent remember. You're smart, you know that it's not your fault, and you know how bad your bladder is during the day even. So, no crying and let me get you into a diaper, I think you could really use it.”

“Thanks daddy, that'd be real nice right about now.”

“I know baby, I know more than you can imagine.”

“You love diapers too daddy, don't you.”

“Yes baby, I do.”

“I thought so. So, what are we gonna do?”

“I'm sure we'll figure it out baby, don't worry so much.”

That was eight months ago now. Sarah quit school that very week, and other than a few close friends, no one knew that she was even pregnant, and no one found out who the father was. At first Sarah's mom was aghast at the idea of allowing Damian to take on full parental rights, but she really had no rights to protest it. Sarah though severed her parental rights fully and willingly. Damian was there almost every day to help Sarah in any way shape or form that he was able to, he even held her hair up a few times when she had to go throw up in the toilet. Damian and Matt realized though that given that they lived next door to each other, it might be difficult on Sarah, having her baby next door like that, so they decided that their best option would be to sell the house and move. Sarah at first was crushed to know her best friend in the world was moving away, but in the end she realized that it was in her best interest as well, and this way the baby would never know her, so would therefor never miss her, she could not be a part of the child's life.

A month before the baby was scheduled to be born, the sale of the house and the purchase of their new house in their new city was finalized, and the day after the baby came home, they would travel to their new home. Matt was arranging everything so that it would be a nice smooth transition, with hopefully no problems. He was not worried about his work, because he ran his own business, and it would be relatively easy to transfer to a new location, so there were no problems there at all.

The pregnancy went well, perfect in fact, other than the fact that poor Sarah seemed to suffer from morning sickness more than usual, and for almost the entire time, but other than that, she did very well. Damian was there as often as possible of course, and he and she talked a lot, but mostly about their up and coming leave taking. Neither really wanted to say goodbye to the only person that they ever really felt that they could talk to. Matt and Damian talked a lot as well, and Damian let it known his fears of being a daddy at the age of thirteen, because he was now thirteen, in fact only weeks before the baby was due. Of course Damian was scared, he had every right to be, as was his dad, as was every dad before him, but Matt reassured him that he would do just fine.

Finally the day came that Sarah's water broke, she called Damian first, and then they all headed to the hospital together. It took nearly twelve hours for the baby to be born, and Damian held Sarah's hand the entire time, coaching her the way he had been taught to, he was ever the pillar of strength while in there, and he was the only one as well, not even Sarah's mom was in there, Sarah did not want her to be, only Damian. The screams of a newborn baby broke the delivery room, and a nurse took the baby to clean it all up.

“Congratulations, it's a healthy little baby boy.” The nurse said, handing the baby to Damian, who took the baby gently and held him softly.

“Do you want to see him?” Damian asked Sarah.

“Yes, but I shouldn't, this' already so hard as it is. You better leave. Just know, I've always loved you as if you were my very own brother.” Sarah said, breaking down into tears and turning away.

“Thank you Sarah, I'll always love you as well. Goodbye.” Damian said, breaking into tears as well.

The nurses, of course knowing what was happening, moved Sarah from the room, took the baby from Damian, and put him into his little crib.

“Have you picked out a name yet sweety?” The head nurse asked.

“Yes, his name's to be Dominic please.” Damian said, wiping the tears from his eyes, and looking adoringly towards his little boy.

“Great. Why not go out and tell your father, and then we'll be right out with your son as soon as we're finished getting him all cleaned up and ready for you.”

“Thanks.” Damian said, and headed out the door.

“It's a boy.” Damian said happily as soon as he saw his dad.

“I'm so happy for you Damian, how does he look?”

“So beautiful.”

“I know how you feel, that's the way I felt the day you were born as well, and then you went and grew up, and now look at you.” Matt teased, but hugged his son.

“I can't wait.” Damian smiled.

Chapter 2

It took less than an hour for the nurses to get Dominic all cleaned up and ready to face the big bad world. Matt and Damian were then shown into the nursery where Dominic would stay for the next day or so for observation, as well as to teach Damian anything that he would need to learn, such as bathing and feeding the tiny little baby boy.

“If you would follow me please, Dominic would love to see his daddy and grandpa now.” The kindly nurse said softly.

She may not have agreed with such a young boy being a father, especially one that looked so young, but even she could see how much the young boy cared, especially by how he was with his girlfriend. She had heard the story of the kids during the last half of the twelve hour labor, so she was quite familiar with it now.

“Thank you very much.” Damian said happily, and hopped up to follow her.

“My god, he really is beautiful, he's so perfect, and just so tiny, just like you were Damian. How much does he weigh?” Matt asked once they were in the room.

“Five pounds, two ounces, and he's eighteen inches long.” The nurse answered.

“Thank you. That's a whole ounce heavier than you were when you were hatched Damian, but he's the exact same length.”

“Hatched! Gee, thanks dad.” Damian sighed, but the nurse chuckled.

“Can I pick him up?” Damian asked.

“Yes, of course, you're his father and you get to be here and hold him any time you wish. Let me teach you how to do it properly though so as not to hurt him.” The nurse said, and then showed him how to correctly do it. She set Dominic back into his crib, and then urged Damian to do the same thing. He did it perfectly.

“Very well done. You're very gentle with him, and that's the key. I know you told me that you went to all the parenting courses, but just remember how fragile your little boy is, especially for the first few months.”

“Thank you.” Damian said with a happy tear running down.

Dominic had been fussing mildly before being picked up, but as soon as Damian picked him up, he cuddled right in and settled right down.

“I think he knows who his daddy and protector is.” Matt said softly to his emotional son.

“And such an adorable little daddy he is too.” The nurse whispered to Matt, Damian would not have heard.

“Yeah, and up until he told me that he was to be a daddy, I had no idea that he had even started puberty. Even still most people that find out that he was to become a father didn't believe us, because he just looks so young.” He whispered back so as to let Damian have his special time with his son.

“To tell you the truth, until he told me his story, I wouldn't have believed it either, and I've seen a lot of kids through here, as sad as that is. Granted, I do believe that your son is the youngest.”

“I would hope so, and while I know for a fact that he never asked for this, he'll do great. You know though, I gave him the talk, I told him everything, and then some about what he'd need to know, they both used protection, he a condom and her birth control, and yet they still managed to get pregnant. Poor Damian has had a fair amount of difficulty with people believing him though, the people at the parenting classes all laughed at him and told him he wasn't old enough, and told him and I that we should have the baby tested, because obviously the mother was not being truthful. I mean, to just look at him, you could easily understand why people would think it, but to say it to his face like more than a few did, it really hurt him. He just ignored them though, but I know it hurt him. I know for a fact though that the mother was telling the truth, and looking at the baby only makes me more certain, because Dominic looks exactly like Damian did.”

“I can well imagine how difficult it would be for people to believe he to be the father for sure, but to say it to his face was more than a little distasteful for sure. He even told us the reason that they ended up pregnant, and it was certainly a nice gesture on her part to offer to help him find out for sure, but in a way I guess that backfired.”

“We don't see it that way though. We firmly believe that this happened for a reason, how else can you explain a girl getting pregnant even with double precautions. I mean I got Damian's mother pregnant even on birth control, so that's why I taught my son to never take that for granted, and to still use protection until he was certain that he was ready for a child. Granted, even when I was giving him the sex talk and telling him all this information, I knew that it was no use, because I had suspected that he was gay at the age of six, almost certain at the age of eight, and one hundred percent positive by the time he was eleven. I never counted on him deciding to try both sides of the fence as it were, and I should have known that he'd tell his best friend in the world his biggest fear. I should have also known how hormonal girls are, and that she might offer, but still, I never expected this, but he'll make the best of it.”

“I'm glad that neither of you sees this as a mistake, but I guess I should have figured that out, considering that you're keeping the baby. Most people that think of having a baby as a mistake abort the pregnancy, or put the baby up for adoption if they don't believe in abortion. He told us all about double protection, and I have my suspicions as to how that possibly happened, considering his size. My guess is that his penis is not yet large enough to keep a standard condom on, so some of the semen had to have leaked out, or possibly the thing just slipped off, but he would surely have noticed that.”

“That's pretty much my assumption as well, because no, he's not exactly large yet. He has a bladder problem, so has to wear diapers at night, and still prefers me to get him ready for bed, so I see his penis quite frequently. Granted, he's grown a fair bit since that day, but even still, I wouldn't be so certain that a normal adults condom would fit him properly even now. He told me that they're still loose on him, and I informed him that that's more than likely the cause of this. He has often said that he at least wishes he had waited a few more years, but that he has never regretted once that it did happen to him.”

“I'm glad to hear that he's never regretted it, and I hope that he never does. Somehow I don't think that he will though. He's amazingly tender with the little guy.” She said, they were standing there watching Damian hold Dominic as they had their whispered conversation.

“Would you like to hold him now daddy?” Damian asked.

“I'd love to baby.” Matt answered happily, having wanted to hold his grandson ever since they entered the room, but knowing that Damian had all the rights to hold his baby for as long as he wanted to first.

Damian handed Dominic over gently, and Matt took him just like old times, easily remembering just what to do, granted it really was not all that long ago that Matt had held a small baby himself. Dominic fussed for a moment after being passed over, not really caring for having his loving cuddles with his daddy disturbed, but he snuggled in right away with his grandpa and settled back down.

“Now, Damian, for the most part everything about caring for Dominic is up to you. You are to ask us any and all questions that you have, and we'll teach you anything that you need to know. I know the parenting courses will have taught you how to do most everything, up to and including diaper changes, but especially for the first couple, make sure to call us so that there's someone here to watch over you, okay. And in case you weren't told during those classes, don't worry about the first poop, it always looks like that.”

“Okay, thanks. Will I be allowed to stay here tonight as well, to be with him?”

“Certainly, if you'd like, we can set a room up for you two.”

“Thanks, and don't worry, they warned me about the first few diaper changes, and that his peepee will be quite large and to not think he'll be huge or anything like that.” Damian giggled.

“Good, but I usually like to let the new daddies find about that on their own and then burst their bubbles after the fact.” She giggled right back.

“I bet you do. I remember a nurse bursting my bubble about Damian here, in fact he's about the same size now as he was those first couple days.” Matt laughed, startling Dominic enough to make him start crying.

“Oh daddy, you're horrible, and look what you did, you made Dominic start crying.”

“I know, but he'll be fine, he's gonna have to get used to laughter, just the same as you did.”

“I know, but you're still horrible.”

“I know. Well baby, it's been a very long day, and I should probably be heading home to get some sleep and get the last minute things done before we move. We leave the day after tomorrow, as long as Dominic is released tomorrow.”

“Yeah, and I'm really tired as well. Uh oh, I don't have a diaper with me though.”

“You're in a hospital, I think we can find something that'll help you out.” The nurse said.

“Oh, right. Thanks.”

“Think nothing of it. I'll go get you a room ready, and then I'll leave the required supplies in your bathroom for you, okay.”

“That would be great, thanks again. Bye daddy, love you.”

“Bye baby, love you too, you take good care of my grandson there, and try and get some sleep.”

“I'll try.”

With that Matt left his son to care for his son. Damian just sat down and cuddled Dominic closer to him, whispering sweet nothings into his tiny little ear, and Dominic smiled sweetly, although it was probably just a gas bubble causing the smile, Damian did not need to know that. Shortly after Matt left, the nurse came back and told Damian that she had a room ready for them. She had Damian put Dominic into the small portable crib and he got to push his little guy to their new room.

“Here you go. Normally this room would be used for mothers, but in this case, I think the father will suffice. Now, I want both of you to go to sleep, but you are not to put Dominic in bed with you, he must stay in his crib unless you're feeding him, which we should probably try very soon. He should be starting to get hungry now, and we usually try to get them feeding as soon as possible. I'll go get a bottle ready for you to feed him, and then I'll show you how best to do it. Okay?”

“Sure, that sounds good. While you're doing that, is it okay to leave Dominic in his crib while I go to the bathroom and get ready for bed?”

“Of course. You're also welcome to wheel his crib into the bathroom with you, most people prefer to do that for security reasons, but this is a secure ward, so you're usually pretty safe leaving the baby in your room for a few minutes at a time.”

“Oh, okay. I think I'd prefer taking him into the bathroom with me.” Damian said in relief.

“Most do, especially the new parents.” She smiled warmly and then left them.

Damian wheeled Dominic into the bathroom with him, and he got undressed and then put on his diaper. He still preferred being diapered by his dad, but he knew how to diaper himself as well, he had to learn for when he slept over at Sarah's house, although she did diaper him a few times as well. Once he was diapered, Damian left the bathroom in only his diaper unashamedly. He was so used to just wearing a diaper around the house before bed that he thought nothing of it. He knew the nurse knew, and the others probably would as well, so he had no need to feel ashamed. He wheeled Dominic back out to their room to find their nurse waiting for them.

“Oh sorry, should I leave you, or did I forget to put a robe in there for you?”

“Oh no, no worries. There's a robe in there, but I don't wear anything over my diapers, it's just the way I'm used to it, so don't worry about it.”

“Oh, okay. I wish my son had have been as nonchalant as you are about having to wear diapers. He's twenty now, and well past the need for wearing them, but he had to wear them until the age of twelve. It was always a fight to get him into them, and even then no one could ever see him wearing one. He was so ashamed that he had to still wear diapers to bed, that he refused for the longest time to go for sleepovers or anything like that.”

“That's too bad for him. It's no big deal really. Even at my age statistics show that upwards of ten percent of kids still wet the bed, and I bet he was not the only one in his class. I however had to accept the fact that it would be permanent, and that there was nothing I could do about it, so therefore may as well get used to it. I'll have this problem for the rest of my life, same as my dad, and there's a ninety percent chance that I'll have passed it onto Dominic as well. So far there's only been one female affected by the disorder, but most of the males on my dads side have been, only two in the past three generations have not. My uncles all decided to adopt to alleviate having to cause more children to suffer, and my dad had been planning on it as well, when I accidentally showed up, but how was he supposed to know that he was more powerful than birth control. I too would have adopted, but for an entirely different reason, because I never felt that I would ever have children any other way, except my best friend offered and I finally accepted. I guess birth control and condoms didn't stop me.”

“You're very correct, it's not a big deal, and I told him the very same thing time and time again, and being a nurse I knew the true medical facts, but he was still ashamed. It's too bad about your families condition, but it sounds as if you deal with it well enough, and really, if it's only at night, I guess it's not a big deal. You know though, you're a very open young man, most boys your age would never talk about this sort of thing, especially a woman, even if I am a nurse and have seen and heard almost everything imaginable.”

“Actually, it's not only night time, it can develop into daytime issues as well, and even I myself have wet my pants during the day, three times this past year alone, but it's usually when I'm really run down or sick, but if I wait too long, then I won't be able to hold it either. I'm worse than my dad is, but one of my uncles has to wear diapers or a leg bag twenty four seven, because by the age of sixteen, he couldn't hold it at all. My dad's warned me that I'm about the same severity as he was at the same age, so I may have to live with it as well, but then again, I may not.”

“Most people would think that it's a horrible thing to have to deal with, but really, I guess it wouldn't be so bad. I'd sure rather live with that than what some people have to live with. So, let's teach you how to feed Dominic here, and then we'll change his diaper so that you two can go to bed. He'll be very tired, being born is a tough job.”

“I bet it would be, getting squeezed through a hole the size of a grapefruit, when you're the size of a watermelon just can't be easy, and it took twelve hours as well.” Damian chuckled.

“You know, you might just be the first male that I've heard that truly understands what it's like.”

“Nah, that's just what the lady at the family course said. To tell you the truth, I'm glad I'm not a girl, I couldn't have gone through what Sarah did, but then, she always was stronger than me. God, I'll miss her.”

“She really was your best friend, wasn't she.”

“Yeah, we've been there for each other since I was two and she was four, through thick and thin, her dad dying, her mother being a control freak, you name it, we knew the secret. We told each other everything, and that's why I wasn't even surprised by her offer the night I told her I thought I was gay. I mean I had suspected for a while, but I held off, just to make sure, but my feelings didn't change at all. In fact, it made me more sure that I was gay after we made love, but she knew it wasn't her fault.”

“More kids need to be more self assured like you, you know that right.”

“Don't get me wrong here. There's no way I'd tell anyone at school that I was gay, that'd be like signing my own death certificate. Heck, I didn't even tell anyone except one of my best friends that I was going to be a father. He laughed at me even more than my dad did, saying that there was no way I could be the father, because even he couldn't cum yet, and he looks older than I do. I had to prove to him that I could, but we'd already jacked off with each other a few times anyways, so no big deal, but he's not gay, I know that for a fact.”

“I wouldn't expect that you'd tell anyone at school, but most kids your age would certainly not tell a complete stranger either. You do have to admit though, you do look awful young.”

“Oh, I know. I had people make fun of me and tell me that my girlfriend was a slut and that the baby wasn't mine, so on and so forth. I just ignored them, but I really wanted to beat the crap outta them, even if most of them were adults. Heck, even my own doctor was surprised that I had fathered a child, so he took a sperm sample, and he told my dad and I that I was most certainly active, very much so. He said I had an incredibly high sperm count for a boy who had only just barely started puberty. My voice hasn't even changed yet, and even still I can count my pubic hairs. I guess that just started early and the rest is taking its time.”

“Well, considering you made it through a condom and birth control, I would guess that you are a powerful guy for sure.” She laughed. “Now, come on, let's feed baby here shall we!”

“Okay. You know though, I haven't eaten anything since breakfast, and I'm really hungry as well. I just realized it.”

“Well, there's a kitchenette right down the hall for patients, so feel free to go there once we're finished here and get anything you want from there. Baby comes first however, so come on, let's get him all fed up before he starts crying for it.”

“I would have fed him first anyways, he's more important than I am.”

“Good point.”

She instructed Damian to pick Dominic up the same way as before, and then how to turn him and hold him, so that it made it easier to feed. She then handed him the bottle and instructed him how to do this properly so that Dominic could eat, but not choke, and he did it like an old pro. She had him stop after about half way so that he could burp Dominic, and the little guy let out a good sized belch after only a few gentle pats. Damian giggled, but then he was still young enough that burps and farts gave him the giggles. Dominic drank the rest of the bottle without problem, and then let out another good burp when Damian patted his back.

“Excellent, the next time will be all by yourself with no direction, but I still ask that you have a nurse here for just in case. Now to change his diaper. I'll walk you through it.”

“Okay, thanks.”

They then went through the process of changing Dominic's diaper, and so far it was just wet, but it was easy enough to change. Given that Damian had plenty of practice in changing diapers, he did this very well, not requiring any instructions at all, and he was very gentle about it.

“Okay, you're all set. Now, before you go out to get yourself something to eat, I do suggest that you put the robe on that I brought for you, because there will be other patients and family out there, and they may not appreciate it too much seeing you in only a diaper. In your own room, that's fine, but not in the halls please.”

“I would have anyways. There's no telling who could be out there, and I don't really want any of my friends knowing I wear diapers. Not that it really matters all that much anyways, because we move tomorrow.”

“Very true, but where are you moving?”

“Few hours south of here, can't remember the name, but it's a small city, about half the size of here apparently. We decided that we would move to help Sarah break clean of the baby, because she doesn't want to be part of Dominic's life, she's not ready to be a mom yet, probably won't be for years.”

“Oh. Well, I'll leave you for the night then, make sure and buzz if you need anything at all, and I'll come personally.”

“Thank you very much for all your help today, I really appreciate it.”

She just smiled and nodded and headed out to go do some other work. Damian went and got his robe on and wheeled Dominic with him to the kitchenette down the hall. Once there, he retrieved himself enough food to fill him up and took it back to his room. Once there, he ate quickly, because he really was very tired.

“Good night baby boy, I hope you have a good sleep, I love you very much.” Damian whispered to his little guy, giving him a very gentle little kiss on his tiny little forehead.

Damian slept pretty well throughout the night and was only awakened twice by Dominic wanting some attention. Both times Dominic wanted some food, so Damian got him a bottle and burped him when necessary, and the second time Dominic also needed a diaper change, because his first poop had worked its way out. It did not faze Damian at all to change a messy diaper. The rest of the night though was in peaceful slumber for both.

The next morning Damian was just sitting on his bed in his soggy diaper, cuddling his little baby boy when his dad walked in. It was already just a little past seven in the morning. Matt smiled to see both his babies just sitting there cuddling like they were.

“Morning babies, how was your night?”

“Morning daddy. Really good actually. After you left I fed Dominic, went and got myself some food 'cause I was starving, I hadn't eaten since yesterday morning, and then we went to bed. Dominic woke up twice throughout the night and I fed him both times, and had to change a poopy diaper the second time as well. The nurse says that I'm doing really well. She's gone already though, she was off at seven, but she came in before she left to wish us good luck.”

“I bet you were starving, but baby comes first. I'm glad you're doing good though. May I hold Dominic for a few minutes though please?”

“Of course daddy. While you're here, I may as well hop out of bed and go get out of my diaper and grab a shower. You don't mind do you?”

“Oh, I guess not, I'll make do I guess just getting to cuddle up to my favorite grandson.” Matt grinned.

“Um, he's your only grandson.”

“And more than likely the only one I'll ever have too.” Matt grinned again.

“Not likely, because I always wanted more kids, but I think I'll wait a few more years before I adopt.” Damian smiled warmly as he passed Dominic over gently.

“Good thinking.”

“So, how is everything coming with the move then?”

“Everything is loaded into the truck, even the car is on the back on the trailer, the keys were given to the new people, and we leave tomorrow morning and stay in a hotel tonight.”

“Oh, that's good. I trust all Dominic's things that we'll be needing though are in easy reach?”

“Yep. Everything that we'll be needing is on the back seat of the car, except his car seat, which is in the truck already. Go hit the shower kiddo, you stink.”

“That's good, but I don't doubt it. I didn't get my shower yesterday, because I ate breakfast before having my shower, but Sarah called before I could shower. So yeah, I probably do smell a bit.” Damian smiled.

“I know. I worked until three this morning, stumbled into the shower, and then went to bed, or I'd stink as well.”

Damian just giggled and hopped out of bed. He removed his soaked diaper, and noted that it was a good thing that he had not peed any more, or he would have leaked, he preferred the diapers that he had at home, and then headed for the bathroom for a nice long hot shower. Matt did not mind in the least that Damian stayed in the shower for more than half an hour, because he got some good quality cuddles in. He also did not mind that fact that after twenty minutes Dominic started fussing, telling Matt that he probably wanted some food, so he got a bottle prepared and fed Dominic. Matt was just finishing up feeding Dominic when a sparkling clean, naked Damian came out of the bathroom.

“I forgot daddy, I don't have any clean clothes. No chance you have any in easy reach in the truck do you? My clothes from yesterday are more than a bit dirty.”

“Sure, I made sure to keep our clothes near the back, but I brought some in for you, didn't you see me carrying a grocery bag with me?”

“No, I hadn't actually. Thanks though.” Damian said, spotting the bag and dumping it onto the bed.

“What's this?” Damian asked as more clothes than he needed spilled out as well, namely some cute little clothes for Dominic.

“That's the outfit that I bought as soon as I left here yesterday for Dominic to wear home. I hope you like it.”

“It's adorable. Thanks daddy. As soon as the gift shop opens, I want to run down and grab a teddy bear for Dominic, so would you mind watching him a bit more as well?”

“Sure thing baby, go ahead and get dressed, because I saw them delivering breakfast when I came in, and the last thing you want to do is shock some poor lady when she comes in carrying a tray.”

“You're just afraid that some lady would see me naked and offer to bear my second child for me.”

“Yeah, right. Like that's about to happen again any time soon, now is it my little flaming baby.”

“I am not a flaming gay!” Damian said in indignation, purposely saying it with an overly lilting voice and limp wrist, just like the stereotypes on TV. This caused them both to burst into fits of giggles.

Damian did get dressed though, because he did not really want to be caught with his pants down.

“You know, it's still hard to believe that you're the father, you still barely look old enough to be in puberty.”

“I know, the nurse last night told me the same thing, but I just told her about the test and what the doctor told us. She thought it was quite comical as well. Oh good, here's breakfast, I'm starving.”

“Oh sorry sweety, meals are for the mothers only.” The lady said, as she was setting the tray down.

“Except in my case, I'm the father and the mother is no longer here, I'm here to learn how to care for my son, but we get to go home today.”

“Um, I need to check on that.” She said and quickly exited before Matt or Damian could say anything. Damian would have to get used to that though, not like he wasn't already.

She was back a few moments later, telling Damian to go ahead, but he already had anyways, he was starving, and that food was his. In the meantime though, Matt changed Dominic's tiny little baby diaper.

“You know, it really doesn't feel like all that long ago when I changed you into a diaper this size. Thirteen years ago in fact, and now here I am, changing your sons diaper, and it's the same size. It's really hard to believe, thirty years old and I have a grandchild. A couple of my friends that are the same age as me are just having children now, I wonder what they would think about having grandchildren at that age. In a way though it's great, because we'll both have lots of energy to keep up to Dominic, and we can have a lot of fun together, same as you and I did when you were younger, or still do really. I know that you feel that you have to give up your childhood just because you're a father now, but promise me that you won't do so entirely. You still have to live at home, and I'll help out as much as I can, so I do still want you to be going out and playing and having fun as well, okay.”

“Okay daddy, I promise, but Dominic has to come first, no matter what.”

“And he should, as should all children. Their needs always come before the needs of the parents, as it was with you and I, so it shall be for you and him, and now for me and you two. Granted, you're his father, and you made the choice to raise him, so I won't do all the work, so that makes his care your primary concern. Of course make sure and ask for help, and you know I'll babysit if you ask me to. You know, that sounds funny. I'm telling my son that just got off the need for having a babysitter a year ago that I'll babysit his child for him.” Matt chuckled.

“I'm sure it does daddy, and thanks for the offer, but for the first little while, I probably won't leave Dominic for more than just a few minutes. Yes, I made the choice to raise my baby, and even though I'm scared, I know what I'm doing, and I'll do everything I can for my baby. I'd never expect you to do all the work, but I know that you'll help as well.”

“And that's okay too. Most new parents have a really hard time leaving their children with a babysitter, especially at first, but eventually you'll have no choice.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, summer break just started, so you have a couple months, but what about once school starts?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about school. I haven't entirely decided if I'll go back or not.”

“Like bloody hell you're quitting school, I won't allow it, you're far too smart for that.” Matt said almost angrily.

“Oh daddy, settle down, I'm not stupid enough to quit, and you know it. If I don't go back to school, I'll do it by home schooling, at least for a while, until things get more settled and I feel comfortable leaving Dominic for the day. Really, until he's a little older, he's going to need me all the time anyways right, and I can't expect you to look after him all the time, you have to work as well. It wouldn't be so bad if you worked from home, but even then I wouldn't ask you to do so, you have your work to do, and your own life.”

“I guess I should have known that you'd never quit school, you're far smarter than I am and was.”

“You're plenty smart enough daddy. You may have almost quit, but you stayed and made more for yourself, started your own business, and you do very well for us. When the time's right for me, I'll do the same, but for a while I'll just do homeschooling.”

Just then, the entrance of a doctor interrupted their conversation, so they could not continue.

“So, how's the little guy doing?”

“He's doing great. He only woke up twice during the night for feeding, and he ate again just a few minutes ago. He's had a couple wet diapers and a poopy one as well. He burps really well when we pat his back, and he hardly fusses.” Damian answered proudly, and Matt left him to do so, this was his game.

“That's all very good to hear. He's very beautiful, excellent color all over, good size for a little guy, and his eyes appear to be perfect as well. I'm going to lay him down now and do another full exam, just to be sure of everything though, okay.”

“Thanks, we'd appreciate that.” Damian said, and Matt handed Damian over.

The doctor spent about ten minutes examining Dominic before passing him back over to Damian to get him all diapered and wrapped back up.

“As I suspected, he's in excellent health, and you're doing great with him. I think the nurses have only a couple more things for you to do under their supervision before you're ready to go, so this'll be the last time I see you. Have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too.”

And shortly after the doctor left, a nurse walked in.

“Good morning. The doctor just informed me that everything with baby Dominic is doing great, and that we're to spring you out of here as soon as possible. What that means is that we have a few more things to go over with you, and that includes bathing Dominic. He's still pretty messy from yesterday, even though we cleaned him up, we only do a basic cleaning. So, if you would put him back into his crib and follow me to the nursery please, we'll show you how to properly bathe him.”

“Okay.” Damian said happily, and did as he was asked.

Both he and Matt followed the nurse to the nursery, where the baby washing station was set up. Once there, she explained everything about bathing a baby, and then had Damian do so, while watching over him carefully. Once he was done bathing Dominic, he dried him off tenderly and then diapered and wrapped him back up. The nurse congratulated him on doing such a tender and caring job. They then went and sat down, and she taught him pretty much everything else that he would need to know. Damian though was polite enough not to tell her that the family planning course he had taken had pretty much already gone over all this, but she did tell him a few extra things for caring for Dominic. It was an hour later that they were released from the hospital and Damian packed up all his things. Matt had gone down to the truck to grab the car seat, so that Damian could safely carry Dominic out of there, and the hospital was supposed to check the car seat for a few things, to make sure it was safe first of all, and to make sure that it was set up correctly, and both were good, so they were wished a good life and they left.

“So, where to next babies?” Matt asked once they were all buckled in and ready to go, Dominic in the center seat.

“I think it's getting close enough to lunch time, and breakfast wasn't really all that filling, so I could use some lunch please?” Damian asked.

“Sure, and I haven't eaten yet, so I'm quite hungry.” Matt said and aimed them at a good restaurant.

“Why didn't you eat before coming to the hospital?” Damian asked.

“Because I rolled my sorry butt out of bed, got out of my wet diaper, and then came right to the hospital to be with you two. I knew that you would be very tired and very grimy, so I wanted to be there for you if you needed me.”

“You should have taken care of yourself more, I would have been fine. The nurse told me that I could take Dominic into the bathroom with me, and he would have been fine for the few minutes I was in the shower if I had have done that. I just would have taken a shorter shower is all. I also had a good sleep last night, by the sounds of it better than you did, so you should have slept longer.”

“I know all that, but I was too excited to come and see my grandson again.” Matt grinned.

“I know how you feel.” Damian grinned back.

“So, all you can eat oriental food sound okay to you?”

“Sounds like almost enough food to feed me.”

“That's pretty much why we're going there. I wasn't about to pay to fill you up anywhere else.”

“Hey, you eat almost as much as I do.”

“I know, that's why we're here, it would have cost a bloody fortune otherwise.” Matt laughed.

“Very true. I take it that Dominic's diaper bag is in the back seat of the car?”

“Yes. It's fully loaded and ready to go as well. The only thing we'll have to do is to heat up his bottles whenever needed.”

“Oh good, thanks daddy.”

“No problem baby. I guess I have to stop calling you baby now huh, seeing as how you're a daddy now and all?”

“I'd rather you didn't. I may be a father as well, but that doesn't mean I have to grow up quite yet, like you said earlier, and I like being your baby too, and Dominic can be my baby, is my baby.”

“Thanks baby.” Matt smiled warmly.

One of the many things that the two of them had done over the past many months was to go out and purchase almost anything that they would need for the baby. Most of it was generic items, good for both boy and girl, but Damian had insisted on a few boy things, because he had been certain all throughout the pregnancy that it was a boy. Matt had warned him about getting his hopes up, but Damian said it wasn't hopes, it was feelings, and that he would be just as happy with a girl as a boy. Granted, Matt hoped it was a boy, because he had no idea how to raise a girl, and was certain Damian would have even less clue.

They made it to the restaurant, just in time for opening in fact, it was still a bit early for lunch, so they were seated immediately. The waitress came around a few minutes later.

“Oh, what a cute little baby, how old is he or she?” She asked Matt, because wrapped in a yellow blanket such as Dominic was, you would not be able to tell. “And how does the big brother feel about the new baby?” She turned to Damian and asked.

“Actually, I'm the father, he's the grandfather, and he's just a day old, he was born yesterday.” Damian answered happily.

“Excuse me!” She said in a high voice.

“He's correct, he's not the older brother, he's the very proud father of his little baby boy.” Matt said.

“Oh, I'm sorry. I just never imagined someone so young having a child before.”

“No need to apologize, I certainly never planned it, but I wouldn't give my baby boy up for the world.” Damian said happily.

Shortly after they were told they could go get their food. Damian insisted that his dad go get his food first and asked the waitress for a large glass of as hot water as she could give them to heat up a bottle. The water and Matt came at the same time, so Damian put the bottle in the large cup and let it warm up. As soon as it was ready, he took Dominic from his car seat and fed him, burping him a couple good times. He then put Dominic back into his seat, and he passed right out after having a good meal and a burp. Once Dominic was all fed, Damian headed up to the food tables to get his own food. When he came back, Matt went for his second helping.

They spent almost an hour there, chatting and eating before they deemed that it was time to go. They headed to the hotel where they would spend the night, got their room, and then Matt offered to bring everything that they would need in for them. Damian accepted, considering that he was getting very tired.

Matt brought in everything that they would need, and then they sat around and watched TV in their room for the rest of the day. They ordered dinner in their room and sat back and ate. Dominic was fed a couple more times as well, and his diaper had to be changed a couple times too, before all three of them passed out for the night. Dominic only woke once throughout the night for food and a diaper change, and both Matt and Damian were happy with that. Before they left the hotel, Damian gave Dominic a bath in the bathroom sink, while his dad had a shower, and then Matt offered to get Dominic ready for the day while Damian had his shower, and he accepted. They cleaned up their room, took everything down with them and loaded it back into the car, and then were off to a restaurant for breakfast. Dominic had of course already had his breakfast, so he was good.

As soon as breakfast was done, they were on their way to their new home.

“So, how does it feel to be leaving baby?”

“A little scary to tell you the truth. I've lived in the same house for as long as I can remember, and I'll miss my friends, but otherwise I'm okay. This is good for us too, it lets us have a new start.” Damian smiled sadly.

“I know baby, it'll be hard on you, but you'll be fine. Starting over is never easy, but we'll all be fine.”

For the next four and a bit hours that it took for them to reach their new home, Matt and Damian talked and laughed a lot, just having as good a time as you possibly can in a cramped vehicle for so long. They had to make a couple stops for drinks and to feed and or change Dominic, but otherwise they made excellent time. They pulled down their new street, it was a short dead end road with only six houses on it, so it would be nice and peaceful. They pulled into the driveway of the very last house on the left side, and Damian had to admit that it was probably the nicest of the lot.

Chapter 3

“Well babies, we're home.”

“Wow, it's really nice. I'm surprised we could afford this, it's way bigger than our last place was.” Damian said in awe.

“Actually, we paid less for this house than we sold the last one for, so we made out quite well. The cool thing though is that I'll only have maybe five years of payments on it before it's mine completely. It was that good a deal.”

“That's really good then daddy, I'm happy for you.”

“Yeah, and my business is already moved, I just have to move all my stuff into my new office and start getting some clients.”

“Great. I hope you do well here with it then.”

“Considering I'm the only one in town, or the surrounding area for that matter, I don't think it'll be too much trouble.”

“That's good. Well Dominic, you ready to go see our new home?” Damian asked, but Dominic just looked around, not fussing or anything.

“Come on, let's go. I sure am glad that Dominic is such a nice tempered baby and doesn't fuss a lot though, because otherwise that drive could have been murderous.”

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” Damian smiled.

They got out of the truck and headed to the front door and Matt let them in with the key that he had been mailed and they went inside. Damian set Dominic down and got him out of his car seat and carried him while they toured the house. There were four bedrooms, a main bathroom and a laundry room all on the top level, there was a bathroom off the master bedroom as well, so it was quite the large upstairs. The main level had a nice sized living room, a great kitchen, a nice dining room, a small den, and a nice rec room. There was even a full unfinished basement where all the houses utilities were. The back yard was nice and large and fenced for privacy and security. There was even a nice play set back there care of the previous owners. The garage was a nice sized double car garage that was attached to the side of the house.

During their tour of the house Damian kept saying over and over how nice it was. Their old house had been nice, quite spacious, and had been all that they had ever really needed, but this house was nearly ten times that.

“I just can't believe how nice this place is daddy, it's just so perfect.”

“Yeah, it is, isn't it. So, which bedroom do you want, and what one are you going to put Dominic in?”

“I know that you probably want the master bedroom, so I think Dominic and I'll take the two bedrooms on the back of the house overlooking the back yard. The one above the kitchen I like, and the other one already looks like a baby nursery, so I think it'll be perfect for Dominic.”

“I knew that's what you were going to choose. We can set up the other bedroom as a combination guest bedroom and playroom for you and Dominic for when he's older. Now, if you'll excuse me for a moment, I have to call the company that I've arranged to come and unload and set up all our things for us, since just the two of us can't do it ourselves.” It was the same national company that Matt had had help him load up in the first place. They would have moved the stuff as well, but Matt did not feel that was necessary, seeing as how he had to drive anyways, so there was no point in paying someone else just to drive a truck he was more than capable of driving.

“Okay daddy, have fun.” Damian grinned.

“Well baby, how do you like your new home and your new bedroom?” Damian whispered to Dominic into his tiny little ear. Dominic just cooed gently, enjoying the loving feelings and the slight tickling sensation he received from the whisper.

“Yeah, it's gorgeous, isn't it. Well baby, I think it's about time for you to have a bottle and a diaper change, and then I think it's a good time for a nap as well. I'm surprised you stayed awake for most of the drive.”

So that was what Damian and Dominic did. Damian set Dominic into his car seat for a moment while he ran to the car to grab all that he would need, and then ran into the house to get everything ready. He warmed the bottle up in a sink full of warm water while he changed Dominic's dirty diaper, then he fed his baby. After a good burp, Damian laid Dominic into his cradle and covered him up. He had set Dominic in the den where he would be able to hear him, shut off the light and closed the door part way, and then went in search of his dad.

“Whatcha up to daddy?”

“Just getting the car ready to offload from the trailer and get it into the garage. Dominic in sleeping now is he?”

“Yeah, I set him up in the den for now, I figured that was the best place.”

“That'll work just fine, since we have no furniture for in there anyways.”

“That's why I thought of that room instead of any of the bedrooms. Not to mention I haven't found the baby monitor yet, so I wanted to be close.”

“It should have been in the car, but it's possible it got put in with the bedroom stuff, which will be the first stuff out anyways.”

“Well, it wasn't in the car, so it must be in the bedroom stuff. I can't even put it in until Dominic's awake anyways because of the motion sensor pad, but that's okay, I'll just check on him every few minutes or so.” Damian said, referring to the fact that they had bought one of the fancy baby monitors that sensed when a baby stopped moving, which usually signaled trouble.

“We'll keep an eye out for it, it's still in its packaging, so it should be easy to spot. Don't be checking on him too often though, you want him to get a good sleep.”

“I know, but I'll just look through the door to make sure he stays breathing. The first few days are the highest chance of anything happening, and we were told to always watch, just to be sure.”

“I know all about it, but just look, don't touch, okay.”

“I know daddy. Jeesh, you treat me like I'm some dumb kid or something.” Damian said all in a huff.

“Um, I hate to point out the obvious, but you are in fact some dumb kid, like duh.” Matt said as straight faced as he could, and then they both burst out laughing.

“Okay fine, you have me, but only on half of it, I'm not dumb, but I am a kid.”

“Ain't that the truth, you're smarter than I am in many ways. I'm still bigger, stronger, sexier, and all around betterer than you are though.”

“Ha, you wish, and besides, betterer isn't even a word.” Damian said while sticking his tongue out. In retaliation though Matt reached out with lightning fast reflexes and grabbed the tip of Damian's tongue just before he could pull it back in, and pinched it enough to cause Damian to screech.

“Man, I hate it when you do that to me, I can't taste anything for like an hour afterwards.” Damian giggled while still trying to get his tongue to gain some feeling again.

“If you hate it so much, then do one of two things; one would be to just stop sticking your tongue out at me, or two would be to get faster reflexes. Somehow though I doubt either will happen any time soon, so get used to it.” Matt laughed.

“Yeah, you're probably right. I still can't believe how fast you are for an old guy.”

“I may be a grandfather you little brat, but old I certainly am not. I'm only thirty years old for crying out loud.” Matt said back indignantly.

“Yeah yeah. We're gonna have to go out and buy you a nice cane and a walker you old grandpa you.” Damian teased.

“Keep it up and you're gonna be the one requiring them after I break both your legs.”

“You wouldn't do that, because then you'd have to take care of Dominic all by yourself.”

“He'd probably be easier than having to take care of you.”

“Probably.” Damian had to agree.

“Yeah, exactly.”

“So, when are the guys going to be here then to help unpack?”

“Maybe an hour, which is why I'm trying to get the car unstrapped, but the damn thing shifted and now I can't release the straps.”

“Let me see.” Damian said, and then looked in to see if he could see the problem.

“The car didn't move daddy, just push that button there.” Damian said, pointing at the release mechanism.

“Oh for crying out loud, I've been at this for half a bloody hour and I missed the stupid bloody button.” Matt nearly yelled and hit the button, which released the belts.

“Sometimes all it takes is a second pair of eyes. That and I actually read the instruction manual for the car loader.”

“Ah, manuals are for sissies.” Matt growled, then realized how bad that sounded, considering his son was gay.

“Hey, I somewhat resemble that remark, although I'm not really a sissy, because I don't like dressing up as a girl.”

“Sorry, that came out wrong.”

“Don't be so sensitive, I'm supposed to be the gay one here remember, I didn't take offense, it was meant as a joke, and I took it as one. Besides, it was me that told you all those really funny gay jokes a few months ago remember, like I'd be the one to be offended.”

“I remember, and I remember I almost threatened to wash your mouth out with soap because so many of them were so dirty, but I couldn't do it, because I was laughing so hard.”

“Yeah, it was a good thing we were both already in our diapers, or we would have peed all over the place, huh!”

“Damn straight.”

“Nope, not me.”

“Yeah, I know.” Matt grinned.

Matt hopped up and into the car and backed it off the trailer while Damian went inside to check on Dominic to make sure he was still breathing. Damian stood there for nearly five minutes just watching his little guy sleeping, and he had a few tears come to his eyes. It really was a beautiful sight to behold he thought, and he really did think his son was the most beautiful boy around.

It was almost an hour later that the movers arrived and it took them nearly three to unload everything and another two to put together all the furniture that needed it. Matt sent the men off with a good tip each, and they were happy. Dominic had slept for nearly three hours, so he missed all the fun stuff, but he woke up hungry and wet, so Damian changed and fed him. If the movers wondered why it was Damian taking full care of the baby, they never mentioned it, because other than holding Dominic for a few minutes when Damian asked him to do so, Damian did pretty much everything.

“Well baby, we missed lunch and I'm starving, but there's no way I'm cooking tonight, so let's go find us a good restaurant shall we.” Matt said pretty much as soon as the guys were gone, they took the truck with them.

“Me too, so that sounds good to me as well daddy.”

They headed off to a restaurant that was nearby that offered all you can eat, so that was where they headed, and once again the waitress commented on the baby and was talking to Matt as if he were his, but once again they explained that the baby was actually Damian's. She too was shocked, as most people would be. Being that Dominic had been fed not long before they went to dinner, he was fine, and Matt offered to let Damian hit the food tables first, so he did so, but was back only a few minutes later. As he ate though, Damian held Dominic on his lap, so that he was not stuck in his car seat on the floor.

As soon as they got home, they now had the nasty chore of unpacking everything. The movers just moved the boxes and the big stuff into the rooms that they belonged, and assembled all the furniture for them, but they did not do the unpacking as well, so that was Matt and Damian's job. They each started in their own bedrooms, figuring that they would want their clothing and a few other things pretty much right away. This took them almost all the way until bedtime, so that was where they would leave it for the night.

“Well baby, I'd say let's go relax on the couch and watch some TV, but it hasn't even been hooked up yet.” Matt said as they met in the hall.

“That's okay daddy, I think I'm more than ready to go to bed. Dominic is almost falling asleep as well, so I think he's ready as well. I just have to feed and change him real quick before we can go to bed, but then I think we're going to go to bed right away.”

“Okay. Well, I'm going to head to bed now then, love you two, have a good sleep.” Matt said and kissed both his babies.

“Can you change me first please daddy?” Damian asked, he really did not want to give up that special time with his daddy just yet.

Matt lovingly got Damian ready for bed, and then headed to his bedroom and got himself ready for bed as well. Damian though just went and got a bottle warming for Dominic and then went and changed his diaper and put him into clean pajamas. Once Dominic was all fed up and well burped, he was laid down to sleep, and he fell asleep quickly. Damian also laid down and went to sleep quickly as well.

The next few days went by in a blur of just unpacking everything and setting up their new house. They talked a lot, laughed a lot, and played with Dominic a lot. They were thankful that he still did not cry or fuss a lot though, he was very content most of the time.

“Baby, we're done putting the house together, you haven't been out to play in a long time, why don't you and Dominic walk down to the park for a bit and you can play. I'm going to head down to my new office and start getting it set up so that I can open up next week and start getting some money flowing in.”

“That sounds like a good idea daddy, I'd like that. Where did we put the stroller, was it in the garage or the storage room off the kitchen?”

“Oh, um, I'm not actually sure.”

“I'll just check both places. Can you hold Dominic for a few minutes please while I find it and get it all set up and get his diaper bag all ready to go?”

“Sure thing baby.” Matt smiled and took Dominic from his loving daddy's arms.

Damian was back a few minutes later with everything all set and ready to go. Damian took Dominic from his dad and put him into his car seat, which then snapped into the stroller. He already had the diaper bag hung off the handle to the stroller, so as soon as he had his shoes on, he was ready to go. Matt gave both his babies kisses goodbye and told them to have fun.

Chapter 4

It was only a five minute walk to the park, and even though it was still fairly early in the morning, just barely past eight, it was already warming up nicely, and promised to be a very nice day again. When they arrived to the park, they were the only ones there, but that did not bother Damian any at all, he was glad to have the place to himself for a while, it had felt like forever since he had just relaxed and played a bit. No matter what he was doing though, he always had Dominic within his sights so that they could see each other, even though he knew that Dominic probably could not yet see him, especially that far away. It was almost an hour later when Damian and Dominic were finally joined. It was by a pair of boys, brothers by the looks of them, the older brother probably about fourteen who appeared to be escorting his younger brother to play for a while. The younger brother was maybe all of five years old.

“Hi.” Damian said as soon as the two boys were within hearing range.

“Hi.” Both boys said back.

“Brought your little brother to the park to play I take it?” Damian said in a friendly manner, he liked the looks of the older brother, he was cute, and he had a feeling that he was gay as well.

“Yeah, same with you I take it, although your little brother is too young to play, so I'm guessing you came to play instead?”

“Yeah, I came to play, I like to play on the playgrounds still, but this isn't my little brother, this is my son.” Damian said softly.

“Yeah right.”

“No, really, he is. He was just born a few days ago, and I'm his daddy. His mom was fifteen, but she wanted to put him up for adoption, so I took him, because I wasn't gonna let my baby go.”

“But, you're like twelve, you can't have had a baby.” He gasped.

“Actually, I'm thirteen, and I assure you that I did, and I know what you're thinking, I can't have started puberty yet, but I had just shot my first load the week before Dominic was conceived.”

“Oh, um, yeah.” The older boy blushed.

“Embarrass easily, don't you?” Damian chuckled.

“I'd never say something like that to anyone, let alone a stranger.”

“Why really, we're both boys, I know you've started puberty and can shoot, so why be embarrassed about such a trivial thing?”

“Yeah, I can, but it's still not something I'd talk about. So, you're really his dad?” He asked, trying to change the subject.

“Sure am. So, how old are you and what's your name, mine's Damian, and my sons name's Dominic?”

“I'm Zane, I'm fourteen, and my little brother's five and his name's Austin.”

Zane was a very pretty looking boy, shoulder length reddish blonde hair that was flared out at the ends, he had really nice blue eyes, nearly ice blue, soft pink lips and a small button nose to set off his face perfectly. He was at least a good six inches taller than Damian was, and had a decent build on him, so overall about average for his age.

“Good to meet you Zane. We just moved here a few days ago, so I haven't met anyone else yet at all. What's there to do around here, and do you live near by?”

“I live just down the road and around the corner that way.” He said while pointing the way. “There's really not much to do around here to tell you the truth. The arcade closed down almost a year ago now, there's a youth group, but it's so boring it's not even funny, there's the playground here, but even my brother finds it boring after about an hour, there's not much here. About the only thing this place has going for it is the lake, it's kick ass warm and really nice, but it's almost half an hour away.”

“Hmm, sounds like my old town then, except we didn't even have a decent lake. How about a pool at least?”

“I forgot about the pool, it's usually a decent place to go, but their prices are kinda steep to go too often, but it's at least a nice wave pool and all, it just went in a few years ago.”

“Good to know. Wanna go sit on the swings and talk some more?”

“Sure, why not. I have like two friends, and neither lives anywhere close to me and both are out of town on vacation, so another friend would be kinda nice.”

“I know how you feel. Back at my old place I had exactly one real friend, but a couple other guys I could call friends, but nothing like she was. I could tell her anything, in fact I did. So, you said you lived that way, that's where I live as well, just on the short dead end street with like six houses on it. I haven't a clue the street name or much of anything yet, so don't ask.”

“I know the street well, I live just around the corner from it, in fact I can probably see your place from my bedroom window, since I can see almost all them.”

“Cool. So, mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“I guess not, but don't expect me to answer it.” Zane grinned.

“Understandable. So, if I were to say I thought you were gay, what would you say to that?” Damian asked softly.

“If it were someone who I didn't think was gay as well I'd tell them to go fuck themselves, because I'm not gay. But I sorta think you're gay too, aren't you?”

“Yeah, and I was pretty sure you were as well. You just seem too pretty to not be.” Damian said with a cute blush.

“Um, thanks I guess, you're really cute, very well groomed is what my mom would call you.”

“I take it she knows about you as well?”

“Yeah, she sorta caught me and an old friend a couple years ago, and we sat and talked about it, and I admitted that I was pretty sure I was gay. She said she wasn't really surprised, said she was always getting compliments on how pretty I am. It's funny when people find out I'm actually a boy. It's not even so much that my hair's long or anything, just well styled. So, how about you then, how did you end up with a baby, and is he really yours?”

“I wouldn't lie about it, that's for sure. My best friend in the world is his mom, and one night I confessed that I thought I was gay, so she asked me if I wanted to have sex with her to find out for sure. It took like a week for me to decide to try it. Well, once was enough to determine that I was in fact gay, and I thanked her for helping me. It turned out however that once was enough to also father a child, even though she was on birth control and I was wearing a condom. The stupid thing though was I had only had my first wet cum like a week before, and had I let her that very night I told her and she asked, I probably wouldn't have shot. I even went to the doctor and he tested me, had me cum in a cup and all, and he tested it and said I had an amazingly high sperm count for someone who looked like he wasn't even in puberty yet. Well obviously that was like nine months ago, and I barely look any older. I have maybe three times more hair than I did then, still no pit hair, my voice has just barely started to change, but I sure can cum a lot. My dick has at least started to grow to catch up to my balls, because they started dropping right away and grew quite a bit, but up until like six months ago, my dick was still pretty small.”

“Good grief, you really do have no shame, do you?” Zane asked in embarrassed awe.

“No, not really. You should have heard some of the conversations my dad and I had, especially after he found out I was a stud in his words. He couldn't believe it when I told him I made it through birth control and a condom to get my friend pregnant. Hell, he had even warned me during my sex talk at the age of eight that I was conceived while my mom was on birth control, so to be careful and double up the protection. He didn't honestly think I'd ever get a girl pregnant though, considering he was certain I was gay by that time anyways. You should have heard how much he laughed though the night I told him my friend was pregnant and that I was the father. He honestly thought I was pulling his leg, because he had never seen so much as a hint that I had really started puberty, other than two little tiny hairs. He forgot though that he told me that the best way to prevent wet dreams was to jack off, well, I was doing it two or three times a day by then, so there were never any wet dream emissions for him to suspect otherwise.”

“Oh god, I remember the first time my mom mentioned that I might need to release some of the pressure during the day so as not to mess my underwear at night. I'm not so sure who was blushing more, me or her. The worst part though, was that I had no real idea what she was talking about, but I knew the basics of what she was trying to say, but no idea how to, well, you know.”

“Jack off.”

“Yeah. The next day she came home and while blushing a lot handed me a book and told me to read it all and that it would answer all my questions. At least I learned a lot from that book, but for almost a week neither one of us could look at each other without blushing.”

“No wonder you're so shy about your body then. My dad and I have always talked about our bodies, shown each other our bodies, and everything. Neither one of us has a problem going naked around each other or anything. Granted, we do change each other too, so that probably helps.”

“What do you mean change each other?” Zane asked cautiously.

“Well, just that really. Since I'm going to ask you to spend the night anyways, I'd have to tell you before you got shocked when it happened, but my dad and I both have a condition that does not allow our bladders to hold pee during the night, as well we do have problems during the day, and we probably passed that on to Dominic as well, but we wear diapers to bed.”

“Wow, that must suck to still have to wear diapers, especially your dad. I do know what it's like though, because I wet the bed until I was ten and had to wear diapers as well, and Austin still wets almost every night, so he wears diapers to bed every night. I don't think he wants to give them up though, because most nights he goes and gets himself ready for bed either just before or just after dinner and puts one of his diapers on, now that he can because he has pullups. And there's rarely a night when he goes to bed that he's not already wet.”

“Can't says I blame him too much. I don't do it often, but there are nights I do the same, and even my dad will if we plan to watch a movie. Neither one of us will make it through a movie without getting up to go to the bathroom at least once, so we usually wear during movies for sure.”

“To tell you the truth, I envy you there, because I still can't make it through a movie myself. I do have a bad bladder though, just not nearly so bad as yours. I still wake up to pee at least two times a night.”

“Yikes, I think I'd hate that way more than wearing diapers to bed, at least I get a full nights sleep. When was your last wet bed?”

“Last month. Every few months I'll have an accident, but it's not worth wearing diapers for. I can't believe I'm having this conversation with you, I've never told another soul that I wore diapers to bed or that I still sometimes wet the bed.”

“Yeah, but you've never met someone like me before though, and like you said, I have no shame.” Damian grinned.

“True, both parts.”

“So, would you like to come spend the night at my place, either tonight or another night?”

“Sure, why not. I've never slept over at a friends house, just in case. I've had a couple friends stay the night at my place in the past, but never went out.”

“Just in case you wet right. You'd rather wet your own bed than someone else's. Well, there's never a worry there in our house, even the guest bed has a protective mattress cover on it, and you're more than welcome to wear one of my diapers as well if you want to for just in case.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, that's pretty much the exact reason, but I don't think I will.”

“It'll be your choice. In our house wearing diapers is perfectly normal, so you can choose to if you wish, or choose not to if you wish. Give me just a minute, Dominic is fussing, so he probably wants a bottle and or a change.”


Damian hopped off the swing he had been gently swinging in as they chatted and grabbed Dominic.

“Hey there handsome, you hungry, wet, messy, or all the above?” Damian asked Dominic.

“Ah, messy for sure, you kinda smell baby boy, and you're pretty squishy too.” Damian laughed.

He grabbed the diaper bag and pulled everything from it that he would need and laid it all out on the ground and changed Dominic right there on the ground. Once he was all secured back up, Dominic was offered a bottle, of which he gladly accepted. Zane had come and sat down and watched Damian handle his son, and was surprised with how well he handled his little tiny baby. He remembered when his little brother was that age, and his mom never let him hold his brother at all, and would never dream of letting him change his diaper or feed him.

“There you go baby, all better now?” Damian asked Dominic gently as soon as he let out his last burp after feeding. “Would you like to hold him Zane?”

“I'd like to, but I don't know how?”

“Why not, you have a little brother, surely you would've held him when he was a baby, he's not that old?”

“My mom wouldn't let me hold him until he was probably a year old, she didn't want me to hurt him.”

“Wow, really, that sucks. It's easy, just do as I'm doing, and just don't drop him. You just have to make sure to always cradle his head, because his neck won't be strong enough yet to hold up his head.” Damian said and passed over Dominic.

Austin saw his big brother holding the baby, so came over to see what was happening.

“What are you doing Zane?” He asked curiously.

“I'm holding my friends baby. Isn't he beautiful?”

“He's got a big head.”

“Austin, don't be so mean.” Zane screeched out embarrassedly.

“Don't worry so much Zane, he's right. Austin, I'm Damian, and Dominic here is just a little baby, he's only a few days old, so his head is still quite big compared to the rest of his little body. That's perfectly normal, and you and your brother would have looked the exact same way when you were little babies.” Damian said softly to the little boy.

“Really!” He said.

“Yep. You see, your eyes are the exact same size from the time you're born until you're an adult, so a babies head is a bit bigger for that, or at least that's one of the reasons.”

“No way!”

“Yes way, it's a fact.”

“Really, not even I knew that?” Zane asked.

“Yep. That was one of the things they told us in the parenting class I went to.”

“Oh, you went to a parenting class?”

“Yeah, I thought it would be a good idea, seeing as how I knew next to nothing about raising a baby, and my dad told me that he would be my sole responsibility and that he was only there to help out if needed. So other than maybe having him babysit for a night every so often, he doesn't take care of Dominic at all. Sure he'll help out if I'm busy or whatever, but I care for Dominic totally, even feeding him at night and all.”

“Oh. I guess that makes sense, because I wouldn't have the first clue what to do either, and I have a little brother.”

“Yeah, I didn't even have that. My mom took off just after I was born, she wasn't ready to be a mother yet I guess and just one night left, left a note for dad, and that was it, we've never seen her again. So, as you can tell, a little brother or sister was out of the question for me, because my dad swore off women after that.”

“Yikes, that sucks. My dad died in an accident shortly after my brother was born.”

“Sorry to hear that, it must have been hard on you.”

“Yeah, it was. I wet the bed like every night for more than two weeks after that, whereas before the accident I wet maybe once a week. He's a cuddly little guy, isn't he, and he doesn't cry much. I remember when Austin was a baby, he cried all the time. It actually got maddening at times.”

“Yeah, he loves his cuddles, but he loves to just lay there and look at things too, although from what I was told, they can't actually see much of anything yet at this age, but he probably sees moving colors and things like that. He hardly cries at all too, which I have to admit is really nice.”

“Zane, I have to go pee pee, can we go home please?”

“Just go pee on the tree over there, you'll be fine.” Zane said while pointing at a tree.

“Okay.” The little boy said happily and went over to the tree. He pulled his pants right down to his ankles and started peeing, and boy did he ever pee a lot.

“Good grief, does that boy ever finish peeing?” Damian asked after watching for nearly a minute.

“Yeah, for such a little kid, he sure can hold the pee in him. He can outlast me by two or three times before I have to go pee. But like I said, I do have a bladder problem, so can't hold it for very long.”

“Same here, maybe an hour or so tops before I have to find a bathroom. When was your last daytime accident?”

“Probably when I was ten I think, but there've been more than a few close calls even in the past few years.”

“Yeah, that sounds about the same for me, but I had one only about six months ago. In all fairness though my dad did jump out at me and scared me so bad I screamed like a little girl. I was on my way to the bathroom when he did it, and let's just say that by the time I finished screaming I no longer had to go to the bathroom, because the entire load, and then some I'm sure, was on the floor. My dad laughed so hard he had to run to the washroom himself, before he peed his pants too. I got him back just as good though a few days later. I waited until just before I knew he had to go to the bathroom and then scared him as well. The only difference was that he didn't scream quite so bad, and he was able to pinch it off and finish peeing in the toilet, but he had a good wet spot going.”

“Wow, I'll have to remember to be wary around you guys then.” Zane said while trying not to laugh.

“Yeah, we've done that to each other a few times. Most of the time though it's totally by accident. There was once last year that I was just coming out of the bathroom and daddy didn't know I was in there, he went to come in and we opened the door at the exact same time. We both screamed from the fright. I was lucky that I had just gone pee, he wasn't, and he was the one to pee his pants that time. Granted, I pee my pants way more often than he does, but my bladder is worse than his is. One of my uncles has the same problem, well most of them do actually. But anyways, he has it as bad as I do, and by the time he was sixteen he had to start wearing diapers all the time, because anything caused him to pee. He can still hold it, but so much as a sneeze or a cough can cause him to pee. If I'm unlucky, in a few years the same thing could happen to me, but I'm not too worried about it.”

“Wow, I'd really hate that. I mean wearing them to bed where no one else would ever have to know is one thing, but having to wear diapers during the day when everyone could see what you're wearing would be really hard to do I think.”

“I've done it, and most people never even notice, and those who do, usually notice because they know the signs to look for, either because they need or like to wear diapers.”

“Yeah, you're probably right.”

“I know I am. If you wear baggier pants and the thinner diapers, no one ever notices. Heck, just a few days ago I wore diapers for the whole day, then again, so did daddy, that's when we drove here from our old place. It's a four hour drive, and we wanted to make good time without stopping every half an hour or so.”

“Yeah, I can see how that would be good too. We went for a drive to see relatives last year, and I had to go to the bathroom like every hour or so, and it was driving my mom mad. Not even Austin had to go that often. I actually thought of telling her just to stop and grab me diapers, but I couldn't do it, I was just too embarrassed.”

“Ah, so you have dreamed of being put back into diapers. For how long?”

“Couple years at least. Last year I even wet my bed three nights in a row on purpose, well the first night was an accident, but then I lost me nerve and stopped again.”

“And how often have you stolen your little brothers diapers to just feel a wet diaper in your underwear?”

“How did you know about that?”

“You'd be surprised. I've talked to dozens of diaper lovers online, and I know all about what you're going through. I guess I'm lucky that way, whenever I want to wear during the day, I can, because not only do I have diapers already, but my dad knows and understands as well. He does the same thing sometimes, just not as often, and you can too when you come over.”

“Really!” Zane whispered.

“Really. I should probably be heading home soon and getting Dominic down for a nap and getting some lunch, we've already been talking for a couple hours, and Dominic will be getting ready for a nap soon I think. Why don't you come over this afternoon, you know the road, I'm the last house on the left side as you walk down the street?”

“Yeah, it's been nice talking to you as well, and I should probably get Austin home as well, but I'll definitely come over after lunch some time. My mom will probably want to talk to your dad about me spending the night, so what's your number?”

“We haven't got a phone yet, my dad's just got his cell phone so far, so it'll be long distance for her to call us, so when he gets home later, we can call her. We're just gonna both get cell phones for this area instead of getting a home phone, because my dad wants me to have a cell phone now for in case of emergency with Dominic.”

“Oh, that's cool. My mom refuses to get me a cell phone, saying that I'd probably use it a whole bunch and rack up a huge bill. I even tried to tell her that you can get cell phone plans where that's impossible, you're capped at a maximum amount, and that you can't call anymore after that, but she still won't.”

“I wouldn't even want one really if it weren't for Dominic, but without a home phone it'll be easier as well.”

“Yeah, that it would be. Well, I better go collect the monster and get him home. I'll see you in a bit, okay.”

“Great, see you in a bit as well.” Damian smiled, and they both headed their own ways, but pretty much walking most of the way together.

It had been nice for Damian and Zane to sit and talk for a couple hours like they had, they had talked about a lot of things, just getting to know each other. Zane had also really liked holding Dominic, he thought it was so soothing. As soon as Damian and Dominic got home, Damian checked Dominic's diaper and deemed it good enough and put him down for his nap. He had eaten not too long ago, so Damian felt that he would be fine, but would likely wake up hungry. Damian then went and made himself some lunch and ate that, and then cleaned up the kitchen, and then the rest of the house. It was almost two hours later that there was a knock at the door, signifying that there was someone there, so Damian ran to get it.

“Hey Zane, glad you could come over. How's it goin?”

“I'm glad I came too, and it's going pretty good. You?”

“Pretty good. Come on in. Dominic's down for his nap still, and I just finished cleaning the house, not that it was messy mind you, but it took a while to get it perfect.”

“You didn't have to on my account.”

“Trust me, it wasn't just for you. I hate mess, it sorta drives me crazy. My dad says I'm a neat freak, but I'm not sure if he thinks it's a good or a bad thing. Although he does say it drives him nuts when he's cooking and I come behind him and clean up something that he still needs. It's not my fault he's a slob when he's cooking, but he's really good about cleaning up as well, because he doesn't like mess either. I'm worse though.”

“Wow, I'm totally opposite to you then. You'd probably hate to see my room and would probably start cleaning it.” Zane laughed.

“Yeah, but I'd probably spend too much time looking at your underwear trying to envision you in only them.” Damian grinned evilly, and then burst out into laughter when he got the desired result when Zane broke out into a full body blush.

“Oh god, you're horrible.”

“Thanks. Come on up to my room, we can lay back and talk or play on the computer in there.”

“Okay.” Zane said, still blushing.

“Wow, you're room really is clean, isn't it. I think the last time my room was this clean was when we took everything out of the room, tore out the carpet, put in new wood floors and painted the walls, put up new curtains, and then put it all back together, and that was when I was ten.” Zane said in amazement.

“Yeah, and I know where exactly everything is too, because everything is always in the exact same place, unless someone else puts something where it doesn't belong. I won't even let my dad put my laundry away, so that I know it all goes exactly where it's supposed to go. He says sometimes he swears I suffer from some sort of mental disease that causes people to do that. How can you ever find anything in your room though if it's such a mess, I never understood that?”

“Don't know, just do. I have to put my clothes in the hamper though, because my mom says that if I want clean clothes, she's not picking them up. It's not like my floor's a disaster area or anything, and you'd step on something no matter where you stepped, you can see my floor, most of the time, but like my desk and my end table are usually littered with papers, and my bed's rarely ever made, and my closet is usually open and messy, but I normally know where most everything is.”

“Hmm, not sure I could do that. I'll have to teach you how to clean up after yourself. If you do it just a bit at a time, every time you make a mess you clean it up, it's not hard to keep it clean. It's when it gets left and becomes a bigger mess that gets hard to clean.”

“I know, and I should, but I just never do, because I'm always in a rush to do something else.”

“I can understand that, especially now that I have Dominic, because he of course won't wait too long for things, so I usually have to drop what I'm doing and help him, but I usually come and clean whatever mess I made as soon as I get a chance, so that I don't have to worry about it. So, you wanna look on the computer for a bit?”

“Sure, why not. I'm surprised your dad lets you have the computer in your room, my mom refuses to let me, saying that I can get into too much bad things. Like I don't when she's not home anyways mind you.” Zane said with a bit of a blush.

“Nah, he always told me all the dangers and whatnot, and to stay away from certain things, but now that I'm a father, he says he may as well just let me see whatever I want to anyways, because I already know more than most kids my age.” Damian grinned.

“Good point I guess.”

“So, you ever been to the Nifty story site?”

“Sure, every chance I get.”

“Me too. My dad told me about it about seven or eight months ago, he likes going there as well, but he goes to the straight section and I go to the gay section.”

“Your dad showed you a story site all about sex?” Zane asked incredulously.

“Sure, why not. He already knew I'd had sex, so what difference did it make by then.”

“Once again, good point.”

“How about Deekers, you ever go there?”

“Yeah.” Zane whispered shyly.

“Good site. I've got a few really good stories bookmarked, wanna read one of them?”

“Okay.” Zane said, and Damian pulled his favorite one up. “Ooh, I've read this one, it's real good.”

“Yeah, I've read it a few times as well, it's probably my most favorite. I hope you're smart enough to clear the history on your computer if you go to sites like this and your mom doesn't want you seeing this stuff?”

“Of course, but my mom hardly even uses the computer. She checks email and her bank account, and that's about it. Not even sure she knows how to check browsing history or anything like that, but I still clear it anyways. Granted, I use FireFox, and she uses IE, and I don't think she even knows what FireFox is. I still don't take chances though, just in case she's smarter than she lets on to try and catch me.”

“Wise move. I don't know why she'd be so set against you seeing this stuff though, I mean, she has to know you look anyways, just like she did when she was a kid. My dad told me that he snuck looks into adult magazines when he was a kid all the time, and even borrowed his dads dirty movies more than a few times. He says almost all kids are the same, give them a chance, and they'll take it.”

“Oh, I'm sure she knows, but she tries that to try and keep me as far from it as she can. She even mentioned something about the internet and how bad an influence it was after she caught me and my friend, but I point blank told her that I had never seen anything gay on the internet, and that it had nothing to do with my being gay, I just was. She once again admitted that she really did know it anyways. Most of the kids at school think I'm gay too, and a few even tease me about it, but I just try and ignore them.”

“I'd probably mouth right back to them and get in trouble. Last year, before I got my friend pregnant, a kid tried to tease me that I was gay, and I just looked right to him and said that if he's looking for a boyfriend, that to try someone else, because I wasn't his type. There had to be like twenty kids around at the time, and they all thought I was gonna get so pissed off, and then I said that and they all burst out laughing. He got kinda pissed off and tried to attack me, but my friend stepped in between and told the boy to grow up and grab a brain. She was quite big for a girl, not fat, just really tall, and strong too, she could bench press me. She hated being pregnant, because she always said she looked fat, but I thought she looked nicest then, she always glowed so nicely.”

“Wow, that's a great comeback, I'll have to remember that one and try it some time. I know what you mean about your girlfriend being pregnant though, I remember my mom saying the same thing, and I remember that she looked the same way most of the time too.”

“Oh, she wasn't my girlfriend, she was a girl, and she was a friend, but definitely never a girlfriend in the normal sense of the word.” Damian grinned.

“I know, but she was certainly the closest you'll ever get to having a girlfriend.”

“Too true. There's Dominic, I'll be right back.” Damian said and hopped up to grab his baby.

“Here, can you hold him a minute please, I have to go grab a few things, he made stinky in his diaper.”

“Sure.” Zane said while carefully taking Dominic and holding him like Damian had showed him earlier.

Damian left the room and went back to Dominic's room and grabbed the diaper supplies that he would need and then Dominic's play mat and ran back.

“Okay big guy, come see daddy to get that dirty bum changed, then you can lay on your play mat and look at yourself in the mirror.” Damian said softly to his baby, taking him from Zane.

Damian made quick work of changing Dominic's dirty diaper, got him redressed, and then laid him on the little play mat on his bed, so that it was softer for him. Damian set a few pillows so that there was zero chance of Dominic rolling over and falling off the bed, even though there was almost zero chance of him doing it anyways.

“There you go baby, there's some things for you to explore.” Damian said softly and smiled warmly to his baby.

“You're really very good with him.” Zane said softly.

“Thanks. You do well with him as well. Maybe you should go find yourself a girl to get pregnant and get yourself a baby as well.” Damian said with an amazingly straight face.

“Like hell I would.” Zane spluttered though, and Damian burst out laughing again.

“Man, you really do embarrass easily. So, what did your mom say when you told her that your new friend was thirteen and was a father of a newborn baby that was really his?” Damian asked curiously.

“She thought I was joking at first, until Austin piped up and said it was true, that he heard you say the same thing. I don't think that she entirely believes me though, but she seemed amazed that a twelve year old boy could even father a baby. Then I told her that you still don't look more than eleven years old, and then she really thought I was joking.”

“Yeah, I've had my fair share of that reaction, that's for sure. Even my own dad reacted that way when I told him, and then even you today. Everyone does, but I'm used to it. You should have heard some of the things people said, especially about Sarah, saying that obviously she slept with other guys, because I clearly wasn't old enough to father a child. I almost challenged a few of them to watch me jack off and see that I could quite easily do so, but I thought that that might be distasteful.”

“I wouldn't think so.” Zane said, but then realized what he had said, and blushed furiously again.

“Yeah, and I'd show you in a heartbeat too, all you have to do is ask.” Damian teased again, just to see Zane blush more.

“Oh god, would you stop doing that, you're gonna make me explode.”

“Why, it's fun to make you blush, besides, you'll get used to me. Remember, I have no shame.” Damian grinned.

“I'm starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.”

“Probably not, but I don't think anyone's ever died from blushing before, so I think you'll be safe.” Damian smiled warmly.

“Gee thanks, that's at least a small comfort. Let's read this story now, before you make me bush even more.”

“Okay.” Damian said happily.

For the next hour the two of them sat there side by side and read the story. Other than Dominic making the occasional light cooing sound, or a light cough from one of the boys, it was very quiet in the room.

“Man, what a good story. I wish I could write that well.” Zane said when they finished.

“Have you ever tried? I don't like to write, because I'm really not that good. I have lots of imagination, but I just can't seem to ever write it out. A friend of mine though that I used to have was an excellent writer, and he wrote all the time. He's going to go to university to learn how to write even better. I told him a few stories that I had come up with, and he recorded them, so that he could write them out, and he said that they were great.”

“No, I haven't, but I don't think I'd be any good.”

“What's your grade in English class?”

“Usually a high B or a low A, why?”

“Then you could probably do quite well. What's your scores on your essays normally like?”

“Usually pretty high.”

“See, I get good grades in English as a general rule, but my essay writing sucks, because I can never seem to put to words what my thoughts are, at least on paper. I mean I can write something how it comes out when you tell a story, but that's often not nearly good enough, I can't create the detail or anything like that. Give it a shot, what have you got to lose really.”

“Good point, maybe one of these days I will.”

“And if it involves gay boys and diapers, you know I'll read it. Granted, I'd read it if you asked me to if it's just a fantasy story as well. Those are my favorites?”

“Mine too. What's your favorite book?”

“Oh, way too many to list, most of them are on my bookshelf though. Probably the series I've read the most often though was one of my dads favorites as a child, in fact the books of that set that are on my shelf were his as a kid too, and that's the Chronicles of Narnia. Great books, great imagination, a little heavy on the Christianity, but otherwise really good. Harry Potter is another really good set, and I have all of them, Lord of the Rings is another really good story, but pretty graphic. If it's about dragons or magic, it's usually pretty high up on my list of likes.”

“Well, we like the same stories for sure then, because I like all those ones as well. So, when's your dad getting home then?”

“Probably pretty soon. He's at his new office trying to set it up so that he can open on Monday and start earning some money again.”

“What's he do?”

“He actually does a couple different things, but for the most part he's a high end accountant. He can figure out almost anything you give him. Also, he does taxes and could actually be a tax lawyer, because he knows almost everything there is to know about it. He'll basically help anyone to get as much money back from the government as they can possibly get. It's actually perfect here for him, because other than a few general accountants, there's no one in this city that does what he does.”

“Cool. I'll have to tell my mom that then when tax season comes again, because she's always complaining that she doesn't get near enough money back.”

“Go for it, he won't mind. Would you like to come help me make some dinner?”

“Sure, why not.”

So the boys headed downstairs, Damian of course grabbing Dominic first, and headed to the kitchen. Dominic was set into his little sling chair that vibrated and had neat toys for him to look at, and Damian set him on the table so that he could still see his daddy, if he could that is, and then the boys went about making dinner. Only half an hour into their making dinner, Matt came home, calling that he was there. A few seconds later Matt came into the kitchen to see what smelled so good.

“Oh hi, I didn't expect you to have company.” Matt said in slight shock when he walked into the kitchen in only his underwear.

“Hi daddy. Don't worry about it, he'll have to get used to it anyways, because he's staying the night. Anyways, daddy, this is Zane, and Zane, this my daddy, his name's Matt. Normally we go around in our underwear, or diapers if it's close enough to bedtime like I told you earlier, so you'll just have to get used to it. Mind you, we sometimes go naked as well, but not too often.”

“Good to meet you Zane.” Matt said while sticking out his hand.

“Good to meet you too Sir.” Zane said, shaking Matt's hand.

“Just Matt please.”

“Okay, Matt then.” Zane smiled shyly.

“So, you told him about wearing diapers, so that means that you want him to spend the night, otherwise you wouldn't have told him at all.”

“Exactly, but his mom wants to talk to you before he can stay the night. We still have to go out and get your cell phone changed to a local number and get me one, because I couldn't call you.”

“Actually, that was one of the things I did today. I decided to upgrade mine at the same time and I got us both a couple really nice phones. Yours is in my brief case, but it still needs to be plugged in to charge, so I'll give it to you later. What's your number Zane and I'll call your mom?”

Zane gave him the information that he needed, so went and grabbed his phone and called Zane's mom right away. They talked for about ten minutes as the boys continued cooking dinner, but the end result was that Zane was in fact allowed to stay the night.

“Well Zane, you're allowed to stay the night. Funny thing is, she told me some silly story that you told her that Damian was the father of Dominic, I mean, like how stupid is that huh?” Matt grinned.

“She sure seemed to think so. So what did she say when you told her that he was?” Zane laughed.

“She was silent for a minute, I don't think she knew how to react to that one. Then again, most people do much the same thing. She asked how I could have allowed such a thing to happen though, so I just told her that it certainly wasn't my choice, but then it hadn't even been Damian's, that he and his friend had used every possible precaution, but that it happened anyways, and now he's happily raising his son.” Matt said nonchalantly.

“Oh, what did she say to that?” Zane blushed a bit.

“You embarrass easily.”

“So Damian has repeatedly told me today.”

“I bet. Anyways, she didn't really say much about it, just that if it happened even with protection, then there was obviously nothing that could be done about it.”

“And now I wouldn't want to do anything different, Dominic is so perfect, I couldn't live without him.” Damian said happily.

“He sure is.” Matt said.

“Yeah.” Zane added.

“So, when's dinner gonna be ready boys?”

“In about five to ten, so could you set the table please?”

“Of course not. You expect me to come home from a hard days work and work like a slave here!”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. And how much should I bet that you just stripped by the front door again and just left your clothes there for me to clean up......again?” Damian asked, taking up an angry wife stance, even wagging his finger at his dad.

“Guilty, but I was gonna clean them up.” Matt laughed and grabbed the things needed to set the table.

“You guys are strange.” Zane laughed.

“Thanks. If you can't have fun and joke around, then what's the point in living. And I'll probably have to grab his clothes and throw them in the laundry room too, because he always forgets them.”

“I heard that.” Matt called out from the dining room.

“You were meant to.” Damian called back.

“Brat.” He called back again.


“That wasn't a compliment.” Matt said softer as he came back in the room.

“So. So did you get everything done that you wanted to do?”

“Not quite, but not too bad. The delivery people hadn't bothered to put any of the stuff where it was supposed to go, so I had to move everything before I could even start putting it together. Not to mention I thought the chairs came pre assembled, but they don't, so I have to build all them. I barely got my office set up, but the waiting room still needs to be set up yet.”

“Well, maybe I can come and help you tomorrow, and if Zane has nothing better to do, he could come as well if he wants to.”

“Sure, I wouldn't mind.”

“I'd really appreciate that boys. I want to open on Monday, and I still have to hire a secretary/receptionist.”

“You at least have an ad in the paper for Monday right, or did you forget?”

“I remembered to send it in yesterday, so no problem. In some ways I'm glad that I just got rid of my old office furniture, because it was so big and bulky, not to mention old and ugly, but this setting up of all the new stuff is a pain in the back.”

“I bet it is. We would've needed a way bigger truck though if we would've brought it all with us as well though, so it was probably cheaper in the long run to just leave it.” Damian said thoughtfully.

“Which is why I left it, and the people that were moving in were just setting up their new business, so it was perfect for them to get started with.”

“Yeah, it is. Don't you have a job to finish though before dinner is ready?” Damian asked curiously with a straight face.

“Oh yes master, terribly sorry master, I'll get right on that master.” Matt said while bowing. He grabbed the rest of the stuff that he would need and took it out to the dining room, all while Zane was shaking his head and laughing.

A few minutes later dinner was served, and they all sat down to eat. They all enjoyed their food, and Dominic enjoyed his bottle.

“Excuse me for a minute please, I have to run to the washroom.” Zane said as soon as they were all finished and were just sitting there talking.

“Of course, you know the way.” Damian said.

As soon as Zane was out of earshot, Matt had to ask. “So, is he as gay as I think he is?”

“Yep, every bit as much as I am.” Damian grinned.

“So, you found yourself a boyfriend then by the looks of it.”

“I hope so, but we'll wait a while and get to know each other better first I think before we do anything like that.”

“Good. He's very pretty, that's for sure.”

“I know, he says he gets that all the time. He told me earlier that he gets mistaken for a girl quite a bit. His mom knows he's gay as well, she caught him and an old friend together in a compromising position let's just say. He's almost shy though, and embarrasses really easy. There were times today I thought he was going to explode.” Damian said, just as Zane walked back in the room.

“Are you talking about me?” Zane asked as he walked in, knowing what they were talking about.

“Of course we are. My dad wanted to know if you were as gay as he thought you were, so I told him yes, and how you embarrass really easy.”

“Oh. I hope you don't mind.” Zane said softly while looking down.

“Of course I don't you silly boy. I've known for quite a while that Damian's gay, and it doesn't bother me in the least. I've had a couple gay friends over the years, couple guys and a girl. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, and anyone who says differently are small minded idiots.” Matt said enthusiastically.


“You really need to learn to boost your confidence.” Matt said softly.

“How do you mean.”

“Shyness is often a sign of poor self esteem, you don't love yourself enough. Do you have any real friends, do you talk to people unless you're goaded into it, and do you go home and cry a lot?”

“No, I have no friends. Sorry, I lied to you earlier Damian. No one at school will even talk to me, because they all think I'm gay, and they tease me mercilessly. I try to just ignore them, but most days I just go home and cry. The only one to ever understand me was the boy I was caught with, and he moved away.”

“That's okay, I understand.” Damian said gently.

“It's just, I hate school so much, and I liked you, you talked to me even though you thought I was gay right away. I sorta thought you were gay too, or else I probably would have just left.”

“Have you ever thought of doing home schooling to get away from the taunts, and I bet that there's a gay youth group in town that you could join to meet others like you?” Matt asked gently.

“Really, you think so?”

“Sure, why not. Sometimes the key to happiness is just to see that you're not alone. Knowing Damian will probably help in that matter, and he's not shy at all, but getting away from school so that you don't have to deal with teasing will also help a lot. Kids can be very cruel, especially when someone is different than they are and they fail to understand. It might go a long way to helping you get better. Check into it. Damian is going to do home schooling for a while so that he can care for Dominic easier. Granted, he could just take the grade twelve exams and go to university any time he wanted.”

“Really, you could?” Zane asked Damian in shock.

“I'm pretty sure I could, yes, but I don't want to. I've been thinking though of just taking the exam, finishing high school and waiting until Dominic and I are both a little older and then go to university.”

“That wouldn't be such a bad idea, and if you by chance happen to fail, you can just take your time and learn the rest that you need to know, but I doubt it'd come to that. Whatever you decide to do I'll go along with it.” Matt said confidently.

“Thanks daddy.” Damian smiled.

“Wow, you must be really smart, it must be nice.”

“I don't know about that sometimes, but I guess it is.” Damian shrugged.

“Well, I think it'd be awesome to say at thirteen that you graduated high school.” Zane said simply.

“Heck, I just barely made it through alive myself, but then in grade twelve I was trying to raise this little brat here, so it was difficult, and I didn't do great up until then either. However, Damian came along and that caused me to really take a good hard look at my life and I realized that unless I wanted to live with my parents for the rest of my life, I had to knuckle up and go do something with my life, so I did the best I could in grade twelve and then went to college. It took a few years, but I did it, but in my last year in college it was a serious blow when my parents died. It almost caused me to come unglued, but Damian was what kept me together. My brothers helped a lot too, I'm the youngest you see, and they had all already gone on with their lives, had families of their own. I pushed on and became the best damned accountant I could be though, got the top marks in the class, and went into business for myself. Don't do that to yourself, do well now, trust me, because it just makes it all that much harder on you later on in life.”

“Wow, that had to have been really hard to deal with. At least I don't have to worry about getting a girl pregnant, because unlike Damian, I just don't think I could do it.”

“I didn't really think I could either to tell you the truth, but I did.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, it was hard, but it was difficult when I found out that I was going to be a daddy. Unlike Damian, I just didn't think I was ready, I knew I was an immature jerk. I didn't know how it could happen either, until then I thought if a girl was on birth control, it was impossible for her to get pregnant. I can't even tell you how many girls I had had sex with by then either, my brothers called me a slut from the time I was thirteen, and I probably was too. If she would remotely let me, I'd do her, I didn't care what she looked like either. I was probably really lucky that I didn't have a child at the age of thirteen as well, because once again, unlike Damian, I would have run away. Damian always was far more mature than I ever was as a child. I remember the night I told my parents that my current girlfriend was pregnant, I was so scared I peed myself silly, it was a good thing we were in the dining room and the chairs were wooden, anyways, I told them and at first they were dead silent, and then they started. But instead of yelling, they were the picture of calm. They said that obviously the baby would have to come live with us, and that I would raise it, and I would learn to be the best daddy possible, even if they had to beat it into me. Like Damian's so called girlfriend, my girlfriend had said that there was no way she was keeping the baby, and that she was putting it up for adoption as well. Damian was born a few months later, and in that few months I grew from a very immature young boy that was nearing getting kicked out of school, or me just leaving, to a grown man who was doing admirably in school. Then like I said, only a few short years later my parents were killed. It was really hard on me, because in those few years I had really come to know and love my parents and what they were doing for us. They sacrificed a lot for us, at a time in their life when they should have been retiring and off enjoying the rest of their lives. They were in their thirties when they even started having kids, and I came in their mid forties, let's just say that I was a big surprise as well. My next youngest brother was already in high school when I was born, and he was still living at home and going to college when I was thirteen. I told him many of my conquests from the time I started having sex at the age of twelve. He of course told my brothers, and my dad found out, who then of course gave me the serious talking to about diseases and pregnancy and all that, but I told him that I knew all of that already and that I used protection, so on and so forth. Of course when Damian was born and handed over to me, I fell in love instantly and I was lost ever since.”

“Wow. That's some story. How did you do it all?”

“Lots of love and understanding from my parents, as well as a firm hand to point me in the right direction when I needed it.”

“They sound like great people.”

“They were the best.” Matt said with a happy tear streaking down.

“Well, I'm gonna head up and get ready for bed and get Dominic bathed and ready for bed as well. Care to join me, you can help bath Dominic as well Zane?”

“Sure, okay.” Zane said happily.

“You boys go have your fun, I'm going to go get ready for bed as well, and then I think I'll pick out a movie for us all to watch.”

“Cool, that sounds good daddy.” Damian said, and then he grabbed Dominic and he and Zane headed upstairs.

“Where do you bath Dominic?” Zane asked curiously.

“For now, just in the bathroom sink since he's small enough. When he's bigger I'll just bath him with me in the tub. I still prefer baths, probably always will, so he can just bath with me.”

“Oh, okay, that'd be cute. I prefer baths as well, so much more relaxing, especially when I dim the lights and put bubble bath in.”

“Oh, you're so gay.” Damian smirked and started giggling.

“I am too.” Zane giggled right back.

“I like bubble baths too.” Damian admitted though.

Zane did not say anything further, just helped Damian whenever he was asked to do anything, and a few minutes later they had Dominic undressed and ready to go.

“Eww, his belly button is kinda gross, isn't it?” Zane said in mild disgust.

“Not really. The cord will fall off in a few more days, and then it'll be just like yours and mine. Didn't you see your brothers when he came home?”

“No, my mom hardly let me see him when he wasn't clothed, so I never saw that.”

“You never even changed his diapers?”

“Not until he was about one.”

“Wow. This is perfectly normal though, just the way it is.” Damian said as he was gently washing his baby. It took only a few minutes for Damian to wash Dominic up throughly, but gently, and then they headed back to Dominic's bedroom to get him all diapered and jammied.

“There you go baby boy, all set. I bet that feels better, doesn't it.” Damian said gently as he was diapering him.

“I don't think he understands you yet.” Zane pointed out.

“No, he doesn't, but he knows my voice and it soothes him to hear me speak, and not to mention, the more I speak to him and around him in a normal way, the sooner and better he will talk.”

“Oh, I didn't know that.”

“Yeah, the parenting classes taught me a few things.”

“I don't know why more people don't go to those, it seems like a good idea, especially for new parents.”

“I personally think that they should be mandatory, but it cost quite a bit to go, so most probably just don't for that reason.”

“Oh, I think it should be free then.”

“Same here, but the government doesn't care whether people know what they're doing with their newborn babies or not. I know that some schools have a course that sorta does the same thing, they make you walk around with some fake baby and you have to care for it as if it were a real baby. That's at least a good start, and I'm sure they teach a lot.”

“Yeah, my school has that course, but from what I hear, you could probably teach it better than the teacher who does. I've never taken it, because it's not mandatory, and I doubt I'll have children, so there's no real point. The class is mostly always girls, and even then they're usually only there to get an easy A, because unless your baby dies, you pretty much get an A.”

“They should probably make all the kids take it, and really teach them things, make them research and do reports, make it a real class where they really learn. Well come on, let's go to my room now and we can get ready for bed. I just hope my diapers will fit you, because I'm smaller than you. They're a bit big on me still, so they should fit just fine.”

“Oh, um, I don't know if I can.” Zane stammered a bit.

“Sure you can. If you don't, you'll be the only person in the house not wearing one, and I know just as well as you do that you want to wear one. Come on, what have you got to lose.” Damian said softly.

“I know, it's just, well kinda embarrassing.”

“Not here it's not. Here it's perfectly normal to wear diapers. I can diaper you if you like, if you can't do it on your own.” Damian said even softer still.

“Okay, but I'll do it myself, this time at least.”

“Okay. Would you like privacy, I can go to my dads room and get changed in there?” Damian asked while grabbing a pair of diapers.

“Um, maybe we should.” Zane blushed again.

“Okay. Afraid to let me see that you're hard huh?” Damian grinned evilly.

“Yeah.” Zane blushed huge now.

“Don't worry about it.” Damian said gently and handed Zane his diaper and then took his and Dominic and headed to his dads room to get changed.

Damian was finished first and waited in the hall for Zane to come out. He waited a few minutes before Zane came out of the bedroom wearing only his diaper, blushing from what appeared to be his toes right to the top of his forehead. Damian had to lick his dry lips and swallow a couple times. He also had to readjust himself in his diaper, because it all of a sudden got very tight. None of these actions went unnoticed by the older boy either. This only caused him to blush more, but he too all of a sudden got a little more uncomfortably tight in his diaper, and his lips were all of a sudden really dry as well.

“Wow, you're beautiful standing there in only a diaper.” Damian sighed softly.

“Thanks, you too.” Zane said softly, his blush trying to creep up just a little more, but he was about as blushed as you could possibly be already.

“Come on, we better go downstairs before I put Dominic in his crib and drag you to my bedroom and do something to you neither one of us would regret in the morning. It's too soon for that though, we just met.” Damian said all upbeat.

Zane gulped and licked his dry lips, but added, “Yeah.”

“Hey boys, good of you to finally join me. I had time to pick out a movie, get through all the previews, make popcorn, get drinks, and then more than enough time to clean the kitchen even. Took you long enough.”

“Hi daddy, that sounds good, but we had to bath Dominic as well remember, so that takes quite a few minutes. Then once Dominic was all ready, I had to convince Zane to wear a diaper as well, even though I knew he wanted to. He took a few minutes longer than me, either he was trying to figure out how to diaper himself, or he had to take care of a rising problem so that he could tape up.” Damian said evilly, and the blush that had started to recede somewhat returned in full force right away.

“By the looks of the blush, I'd have to say it was probably the latter, but like you don't have to do the same thing at least five nights a week. I'm surprised that you didn't have to tonight.”

“Oh, I did, but I was so damned horny I blew within only a minute.” Damian grinned. Zane though looked as if he was about to pass out.

“Zane, you really do need to learn not to be so embarrassed all the time. There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We're all boys here, we all have the same needs and urges, all boys jack off, from the time we're babies to the time we can no longer do so. It's perfectly normal, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.” Matt said softly.

Zane couldn't seem to find his voice, he just stood there in shock, looking still as if he was going to pass out.

“Come on Zane, come sit down and we'll start the movie.” Damian said softly, no longer wishing to torture his friend.

Zane did finally go sit on the couch with the other two. Damian sat in the center, setting Dominic on his lap gently, and Matt took his left and Zane his right. Matt started the movie and they all sat back and enjoyed it.

“So Zane, how much nicer was it watching a movie all the way through without having to get up to go to the bathroom at least once?” Damian asked.

“Really nice. These diapers are also really comfortable, but they're even more so once they're soggy.”

“I know, that's why daddy and I like these ones the best. His are the same ones, just larger for his size. How does yours fit anyways, I never really noticed earlier?”

“It fits perfectly actually.”

“Oh, that's good. Well, I don't know about you, but I usually go to bed about this time, and I'm getting pretty tired, so I'm going to have to go to bed real soon, and I have to get Dominic into his bed, because he's passed out.”

“I'm usually in bed by about now as well, so I should probably go soon too.”

“Well boys, I too am tired, so I'm heading up to bed now. Love you babies.” Matt said, and he gave both Damian and Dominic kisses goodnight and headed up to his room.

“So, would you like to sleep with me tonight, or would you prefer to sleep in the guest room? I promise that I won't rape you during the night if you promise not to rape me, so you'll be safe.”

“Oh, um, I think I'd like to sleep with you. I've never slept at someone's house before, and I know usually you sleep together at sleepovers. I won't rape you, but don't rape me either.” Zane blushed a bit more.

“Good, I was hoping you'd want to sleep with me. As for your raping me, I doubt it would happen, because you can't rape the willing.” Damian grinned and Zane blushed again.

“You're horrible.”

“I know. Come on, let's go to bed.” Damian smiled brightly, and they got up and headed upstairs. Dominic was settled in his crib and the boys headed to Damian's room.

“Now, I sleep on the side closest to the door, so that it's easier for me to get up in the night to be with Dominic if he needs me, so you'll have to take the other side. I hope it won't bother you too much if Dominic wakes up during the night, he usually only wakes up once or at most twice?”

“No, that won't bother me at all, assuming of course I even wake up. Austin's bedroom is right next to mine and he sometimes wakes up in the night crying, and he never wakes me. Even when he comes and slips into bed with me in the night I rarely wake up.”

“Oh, that's good then. Well, good night, have a good sleep, and remember, you're wearing a diaper, so there's no need to get up during the night.”

“I remember.” Zane smiled warmly, and they crawled into bed.

They talked for a few minutes after the lights were turned off, and then they both fell asleep. They all slept well until morning, Zane not waking once until morning, whereas Damian had to get up once during the night to care for Dominic.

Chapter 5

“Good morning Zane. So, how did you sleep last night?” Damian asked as soon as he woke up and noticed that Zane was already awake.

“I slept great, in fact I can't remember the last time I slept right through the night without having to get up at least three times. I guess my body realized I was wearing a diaper, so there was no point in waking me up. Boy am I wet though, it feels like I'm going to start leaking soon.”

“Let me feel.” Damian said, and then before Zane could protest, Damian copped a feel of the front of his diaper, causing him to go painfully hard in an instant.

“Sure, you're full alright, but no more so than I am and usually am. These diapers can hold more than that though, we're good for at least another hour. Stay here, I'm going to go get Dominic and we can stay laying in bed for a bit.” Damian said, Dominic had just started fussing.

Zane did not have a chance to even say anything, and if Damian knew what he had caused, he had said nothing. Zane had to reach down to his diaper and reposition himself, so that he was more comfortable, yet again. Damian came back in only a minute later with a now settled down Dominic and they crawled into bed. Damian set Dominic in the center of the bed, right between he and Zane, and Damian laid on his side, so Zane did the same thing, facing Damian.

“So, did Dominic wake you the one time he woke up during the night?”

“No, not at all, I never woke up once, which is really rare for me.”

“That's good. He normally only wakes once, so I'm really lucky that way. The class I went to said sometimes babies can wake up as much as four or five times a night. I'm really glad that Dominic doesn't do that, and I hope he never does either. My dad said I was the same though, I always was a really good sleeper, and once I was asleep, very little ever woke me. Still do really, if it weren't for Dominic, I'd rarely ever wake during the night.”

“No kidding you're lucky, Austin was up three or four times a night until after he was a year old. My mom was always complaining about it, but I almost never woke up, unless I had to pee as well, then I was probably already waking up.”

“Yikes, I don't think I'd like that too much, but I'd deal with it if I had to.”

For almost half an hour more the three of them laid there, the boys just talking as old friends, and Dominic just laying there watching them as best he could, enjoying the fact that both of them had their hands on his chest and belly, gently tickling him. The interesting thing was that both boys hands were mostly touching the entire time, it was quite intimate. Eventually Damian knew that his diaper was not likely going to hold too much more after his last wetting, so he felt that they had best be getting up.

“Well, as much as I'd like to stay in bed longer, if I don't get up and out of this soggy diaper, I'm going to start leaking. I don't normally go to bed quite as wet as I was last night, so I'm soggier this morning than normal. I'm going to go hop in the shower, so if you'd watch Dominic for me for a few minutes please, that'd be greatly appreciated. As soon as I'm done I'll come back and take care of Dominic while you have a shower as well.”

“Okay, that sounds good to me.” Zane said, happy with that arrangement.

What Zane had not been counting on though was that Damian would just hop out of bed, and while facing the bed, he stripped off his diaper, showing off all that he had unashamedly. He then turned and threw his diaper in the trash can and grabbed a clean pair of underwear from his dresser and sauntered out the door and to the bathroom, where he had a nice hot shower. He came back in quite a few minutes later in clean underwear, and mostly dry, but still drying his hair.

“Okay, shower's all yours.” Damian said.

“Thanks.” Zane said, still somewhat in shock at having seen another boy naked, another very good looking and gay boy, and he was still quite hard.

Unlike Damian though, Zane did not strip off his diaper in the bedroom, he was still hard, and he did not really want Damian to see him like that, yet. He went to the bathroom with his underwear in hand and also had a nice hot shower. He had to jack off twice during the shower though, seeing Damian naked like that had made him so horny he could barely stand it. Damian had done it on purpose though, and was only mildly disappointed that Zane did not strip in front of him as well. Seeing the extra bulge in the older boys diaper told him well enough the reason for the extra embarrassment though, and he smiled to himself.

Zane came back in the room quite a few minutes later, also wearing only underwear and still drying his hair. Zane had taken more than long enough for Damian to finish drying his hair, style his hair, put on his deodorant, and then get Dominic completely ready for the day, including a diaper change and a gentle baby lotion massage.

“Feel better?” Damian asked as soon as Zane walked in.

“Yeah. I don't usually get to enjoy a shower in the morning, because we only have one shower, and my mom usually takes forever in the morning, and Austin usually ends up sharing with me. I prefer having a bath at night, but sometimes a shower in the morning just feels nice, especially the mornings that I wake up in a wet bed.”

“I'm sorta surprised that your mom allows you and Austin to share a shower, given your age difference and how she seems to act.”

“No, once he was a year old and he was old enough for me not to break him any time I touched him, then she pretty much allowed me to do almost anything with him, and he's always bathed with me, it's just the way it's always been. I don't mind, except when he grabs my dick and compares it to his.” Zane said with a bit of a blush.

“He's just curious, because yours is gonna be lots bigger than his and it'll have hair, and he's not used to that. I hope you tell him all about it?”

“I've told him a bit yeah, but he's still quite young.”

“Yeah, but it's still stuff he needs to know, even at his age. My dad told me all about my body by the age of five, and he told me that a few times, and added more detail as I got older, so that I would know all that I needed to know. Since Austin doesn't have a daddy to tell him all that, and his mom clearly won't, then it falls on you as his big brother to do it. Did your dad ever tell you anything about your body?”

“Not much, that's for sure, and you're right about my mom for sure. I wouldn't know what to say to him though.”

“Just tell him all the things you wished you'd known at his age. Tell him why his peepee gets hard, and that to play with it's not wrong, just private, that it's not polite to touch other peoples peepees without their permission, so on and so forth. At his age he only goes by what feels good, not what's right or what's wrong, because to him feeling your dick isn't wrong. He's just curious, and probably thinks that because it feels good for him, that it'd feel good for you too, so wants to make you feel good. I hope you never scold him though, because the best thing to do is just to remove his hand and say that's my toy, not yours, play with your own, but in private, or something like that.” Damian said softly, and although Zane blushed, it was nowhere near as bad as he had the day before.

“That's good information. How come you're so smart about this stuff?”

“It's what my dad taught me, and the parenting course even taught us some of that stuff. They said all children explore, it's natural and not wrong. One couple thought that was horrible, they were one of those really religious types, the ones who think that anything sexual until you're married is horrible. The instructor informed them that it wasn't sexual for a child to touch themselves and to play like that, to them it only felt good, and sex had nothing to do with it, sex is a pubertal persons domain for the most part. Although I'm not so sure about that, because I think a child could easily enjoy sex, but I suppose it wouldn't really be the same, they wouldn't need and crave it quite as much until they hit puberty.” Damian shrugged.

“Oh, okay.”

“Come on, let's go down and get some breakfast. Daddy will probably already be up and drinking his coffee.”

“Okay.” Zane said, and they headed downstairs.

“Morning boys, how did you sleep last night?”

“Great.” Both boys answered.

“Dominic only woke once during the night, so that was good.” Damian added.

“That's good to hear. I already had some toast, so you boys grab some toast and or cereal, and then if you both still want to come help today we'll leave as soon as you're done.”

“Sure.” Both boys said again.

“Daddy, seeing as how you're done for the most part, would you hold Dominic for me please while I get us both some breakfast?”

“Sure thing baby. Come to grandpa baby boy.” Matt said happily.

The boys went and got themselves some toast going, and Damian told Zane where the cereal was, and he went and grabbed that, while Damian got a bottle ready for Dominic. Zane poured both of them a full bowl cereal, and then buttered the toast when it was ready. They both met at the table moments later.

“Here, pass me the bottle, I'll feed Dominic while you eat baby.”

“Thanks daddy.” Damian said and passed over the bottle and they started eating.

They were all done a few minutes later, and then they cleaned up their little bit of a mess, Damian got a diaper bag ready to go, they all went and got dressed, and then they headed out.

“Wow, nice office. You must do real well.” Zane commented as soon as they walked in.

“I certainly hope that I'll do just as good, if not better here than I did in our last place. I should do well though, since there's no one else with my expertise in this area.”

“That's good. You know, I should probably call my mom and tell her what's happening today. Can I borrow your phone please?”

“Sure.” Matt said and passed over his cell phone.

“That reminds me, did you plug in my phone last night?” Damian asked as Zane was dialing.

“No, I never even took it out of my briefcase last night. I'm surprised you didn't ask to see it.”

“I know it'll be the same as yours, except maybe a different color, so I wasn't worried. You didn't buy me a pink one like you threatened to though did you?”

“Nah, they didn't have any, it's a nice dark blue, whereas mine's black.” Matt smiled.

They waited a few seconds longer for Zane to finish up, and when he did, he passed back the phone and told them what had been said. “She said it wasn't a problem, but that she'd like for me to be home by dinner time.”

“That shouldn't be too much of a problem. I'm hoping that together we can get this all done by about lunch time, and then we'll go out for lunch.”

“Sounds good to me daddy. Show us your office then?”

“Okay, straight through this door.”

“Hey, easy on the straight, I've told you a number of times that word makes me feel icky.” Damian teased.

“Oops, sorry, gay through this way.” Matt said with a perfectly straight face.

“Much better.” Damian grinned, but Zane's mouth had dropped open and he had a look of shock on his face while trying not to laugh.

They all went into the office together though and looked at the new furniture. It was a nice spacious office with a couple good sized book shelves and filing cabinets along the entrance wall, and then there was a nice big desk with a nice big chair opposite it. There were four chairs on the opposite side for guests, and they too looked comfortable. Matt had his computer already set up on the desk, and there were already a bunch of books on the shelf, but there were a few more boxes that appeared to have more books in them ready and waiting to be put away.

“Very nice daddy, I like the colors you chose for in here, it makes it feel very comfortable.”

“Thanks baby. Other than a few more books to be put away, I think I have most everything in here done. I'll get the books though over the next few days, so we won't have to worry about them. It's pretty much the waiting room now that needs to be done, like I said yesterday.”

“That's good, so let's go get it done then.”

So for the next three hours, the three of them worked hard to get the rest of the furniture put together and put into place. Matt had even bought a few things to make a kids corner, so that when families came in, the kids would have something to do. Once they were all done, they stood back and looked at it, and they all thought it looked great.

“How come you have so many seats in here, I wouldn't think that you'd be busy enough to need seating for that many people?” Zane asked.

“Not normally, that's for sure, but in my old office, I only had four chairs, and at times I needed twice that many, so this time I decided to go with twelve, that way I always had more than enough. It's rare, but sometimes I have people waiting for a while, and this way they can be comfortable while they wait.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess.”

“That it does. Well boys, I'm sure you're getting hungry, so let's say we go find us a good all you can eat place somewhere close by and go rape and pillage them.”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily.

“Let me just check Dominic to see if he needs a change before we go, and then we can head out.” Damian said, and it was a good thing he did, because Dominic was messy.

They left a few minutes later and found a good place that Zane recommended, so they went in and pigged out. They all had a good time chatting together and having fun, as well as eating of course. Dominic got his bottle of course, and once again their waitress was surprised when she found out that Damian was the father.

“Come boys, let's go to the mall and look around for a bit, we don't have to be home for a while, and I could use a few things anyways.” Matt said as soon as they left the restaurant.

“Okay.” The boys said, happy with that.

For the next several hours the three of them surveyed the mall, looking around at all sorts of different things. Matt bought a bunch of new things for his office, mostly things to decorate it with, he bought a few things for the house, again more decorative things, and then Damian picked out a few new really cute outfits for Dominic. They all had a blast just looking around, talking and laughing, but before too much longer they were heading home.

“Would you like us to just drop you off at home Zane?” Matt asked as they were leaving the mall.

“No thanks, I'll just walk from your place, I only live around the corner, and I have to pick up a couple things that are still at your place anyways.”

“Okay, not a problem.” Matt said, and they headed home.

They made it home a few minutes later and they all helped to pack everything into the house, with the exception of the items that would be going to Matt's office the next morning. Zane then headed upstairs and grabbed his small bag of stuff that he had brought with him and came back downstairs.

“Well guys, I guess I should get going. Thank you so much for having me, I had a lot of fun.” Zane said happily, but they could clearly see that he was sad to be leaving as well.

“Thanks for coming over as well Zane, it was real nice to have you here, and you can come over tomorrow during the day and we'll go out and do something. Daddy 'll be at work most of the day, so it'll just be Dominic and I, so we may as well do something together.”

“And it was really nice to meet you Zane.” Matt said as well.

“It was really nice to meet you too Matt. I'll come over tomorrow for sure Damian, as soon as my mom goes to work, but I watch Austin during the day this summer, now that my mom feels that I'm old enough, so I'll have to bring him as well.”

“Not a problem. Just make sure to bring anything that he'll need while he's here with you, and then we'll figure something out.”

“Cool. See you in the morning some time then.” Zane smiled and headed out.

“He sure is a nice boy, isn't he?” Matt said happily as soon as Zane had left.

“Yeah, he is, and I can't wait to ask him to be my boyfriend, because I think he's the one. I can't believe that the first person that I met here is gay as well, and that he's interested in me too.”

“I think he's the one for you as well, and I think he even feels it too, but you two have all the time in the world, so there's no point in rushing it.”

“Oh, no worries there. If I'd wanted to rush it, I would have had him last night. You should have seen him when I removed my wet diaper this morning right in front of him. I thought he was going to pass out, he forgot to breath, it was so funny. And he went like totally rock hard instantly.”

“Yeah, I probably should have known that, and that was cruel of you, funny, but cruel.”

“I know.” Damian grinned evilly.

That was a little more than two weeks ago now, and since then the boys had gotten to know each other even better still, but still Damian had not moved their blossoming relationship towards that of being boyfriends, as much as he wanted to. He felt that Zane was not quite ready for that yet. Sure Zane wanted it as much as Damian did, but he was very nervous as well, after what had happened with his last relationship, he leaving and all, even though it was hardly his fault.

Zane and Austin had come over the next day as promised, and the four of them spent the whole day together, just having fun and playing like the kids they truly were. They went to the park again and played for a while, they went for a nice walk, they went back home and had lunch, and then played at home for a while. Even Austin had said that he had had fun.

Zane had also spent both of the last weekends at Damian's house, Friday and Saturday nights, and again they had a lot of fun. Zane was still shy about getting naked in front of Damian, whereas Damian flashed Zane with his full frontal nudity as often as he could get away with, which of course usually made Zane impossibly hard within a second. His blushing had reduced some though, and he was not getting so embarrassed any time Matt or Damian said or did anything embarrassing, but he did still blush some, just not as bad as he had at first.

Today was now Wednesday, and once again Zane and Austin were scheduled to arrive pretty much any minute. Matt had left almost an hour ago, and Damian and Dominic were just sitting around in their soggy diapers waiting for them.

“Morning Zane and Austin.” Damian said as soon as they walked in, they no longer bothered to knock. By now Austin was also used to seeing the cute older boy in just his diapers in the morning, and he thought it was awesome.

“Mornin.” They both said happily.

“Zane, do you think that you could spend the night tonight? My dad has to go out of town tonight, so I'll be home all alone, and to tell you the truth, that kinda scares me. I've never been alone at night by myself, so could you ask your mom?”

“Sure I'll ask, you know I don't need much of a reason to spend the night, but that sounds great.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“Can I stay the night as well Zane?” Austin asked suddenly, giving the sweet little brother look.

“I don't know Austin, you'll have to ask Damian, and mommy might say no.”

“Can I Damian?” He asked hopefully.

“I suppose so kiddo, but you'll have to sleep in the spare room.”

“Okay, cool.” Austin said happily, this would be his first sleepover as well.

“Let me call my mom and ask her real quick then.” Zane said and hopped up.

Zane took maybe five minutes to call his mom and explain to her what was happening. At first she was hesitant to allow Austin to stay the night as well, but she eventually gave in. Zane came back in the room with as sad a look on his face as he could muster.

“Aw nuts, she said no.” Austin said, feeling crushed.

“I'm afraid so baby. But then I explained to her that you'd be okay, and I made her see that it was okay, so you get to stay the night.” Zane finished off happily.

“Yippee.” Austin jumped up and down and spun around happily.

“I think he's happy to be getting to spend the night as well. So, she didn't want to at first huh?”

“No, she didn't think that it was a very good idea, and she asked what about his bed wetting. I told her that we'd come and grab a couple of his diapers and that he'd be just fine.”

“That's good. Have you told Austin about yourself yet though?” Damian whispered.

“No, but I guess I better huh, or just not wear tonight.”

“May as well tell him, I think he'll understand.” Damian said in normal tones this time, and Austin turned to look at the boys, wondering what they were talking about.

“Tell me what?” Austin asked curiously.

“Well, now I'll tell you Austin, but you must promise not to tell anyone, especially mommy. Can you swear that you won't tell anyone?”

“Okay, I swear I won't tell anyone.” Austin said as honestly as he could manage.

“Okay, I'll hold you to it remember. You know how Damian has to wear diapers at night because he wets the bed right?” Zane asked, Austin nodded. “Well so does his daddy, and when I'm here overnight, I wear them as well. You know how I sometimes wet the bed, well to prevent wetting one of their beds, I just wear diapers as well.”

“Neat, I like wearing diapers, do you like wearing diapers too?” Austin asked curiously in all the innocence of a five year old.

“Yeah, I do, but again, you must never tell anyone, especially mommy.”

“Oh, I won't tell her, I swear. Mommy tells me all the time that I'm big enough to pee in the potty at night by myself and that I shouldn't need diapers. I'd never tell her that I like them.”

“Yeah, she pulled the same bull on me all the time as well. I'll try and get her to stop that for you, okay.”

“Thank you.” Austin said happily and hugged his big brother.

“Great, so now that that's good, what should we do today?” Damian asked.

“Hows about we go swimming today?” Zane asked.

“I don't know how comfortable I feel taking Dominic to the pool by myself yet. Sorry, I'd rather do that when Daddy's with us, so how about we try this weekend?”

“Okay, that'd be fine as well then. Why don't we head over to my place and get what we need, because I have nothing with me as well, and we can grab my game system, so we can play some games and stuff?”

“Okay, but I'll suck, I've never played any of them before.” Damian smiled.

“That's okay, you'll have fun learning.” Zane smiled, and Austin looked like he was happy with the idea as well.

“Okay, let me go get out of this wet diaper and get dressed, then I have to get Dominic ready to go as well, and then we can head out.”

“Can I get Dominic ready while you get ready?”

“Sure. You can get him all dressed on my bed so that I can watch over you and make sure that you're doing okay.” Damian said happily.

“Thanks, I'd like that.” Zane said, and then picked up Dominic gently and carried him upstairs. Austin of course followed.

Damian went to Dominic's room and grabbed all the stuff that Zane would need, while Zane and the others went to Damian's room. Zane first got Dominic undressed as gently as he could, having watched Damian do it a number of times by now. He accepted the diaper and clothes that Damian had brought for Dominic and worked to get Dominic changed out of his wet and messy diaper, and dressed in the clothes that Damian had bought, one of the new sets that they had bought a couple weeks ago in fact. While Damian watched over Zane, he got himself changed as well. He removed his very wet diaper, cleaned himself up with a baby wipe, the same ones he used for Dominic, and then got dressed. Zane was actually a little thankful that he had something other to do, this way he did not have to go completely out of it like he normally did whenever Damian got changed in front of him, this time he pretty much pretended that Damian was not even there, Damian grinned. Austin though had no problem whatsoever in watching Damian get changed, he liked watching the older boy change, it made him feel good.

“There you go Zane, you did a very good job, thanks.”

“Thanks, he's easy to change, not like Austin who wiggles around all over the place.”

“I bet.” Damian laughed.

“I do not.” Austin said indignantly.

“Uh, yeah you do. You can barely stop moving at the best of times, but for some reason you just can't hold still while we're dressing you.” Zane pointed out.

“Do not.” Austin huffed and gave the pout.

“Austin, that's enough. Acting like that might work for mommy, but remember, it doesn't work on me. No arguments, or you won't get to spend the night.” Zane said firmly, and Austin still looked upset, but he did not argue, he knew his brother would not allow it.

As soon as they were all ready to go, Dominic was put into his stroller and the boys got their shoes on and they headed out. The walk was short, but that was okay. They walked in, and amazingly enough this was to be the very first time that Damian had ever been to Zane's house. He'd seen it from the outside as they passed and Zane pointed it out, but that was it.

“Nice place.” Damian said as they entered.

“Thanks. Your place is bigger, and nicer too though, but this is nice, it's good enough for us, that's for sure.”


“Come on, grab Dominic and follow me, I'll show you my room.”

“Are you sure that's a good idea?” Damian grinned.

“Sure, I cleaned it, and I've been keeping it clean as best I could. I used your advice, but it's not quite so clean as your room always is.”

“Okay lead the way. I assume the gas masks are by the door?” Damian asked with a perfectly straight face, and Austin giggled.

“Of course, where else would they be.” Zane laughed.

They all headed up the stairs and went to the last door on the left and Zane opened it and gestured to Damian to enter.

“Well, it's certainly not nearly so bad as the picture that I had painted in my mind as to how your room would look, that's for sure. Not quite as clean as my standards, but I am a neat freak. It's a really nice room though, nice and big, and it looks like it gets really good light.”

“Thanks, it is nice, and big too. To tell you the truth though, I get the morning sun, and it can be really harsh during the summer.”

“Yeah, but you said that until you met me and started staying over, you often slept in until eight or even nine if you could get away with it. I myself don't ever recall sleeping that late before, except once when I was sick, but I don't think that that really counts.”

“True. Give me a second to grab some clothes, and then we can grab my game system and all the games.” Zane said, going to his closet.

As soon as he opened the door though, he saw something that certainly was not there the last time he looked, a large package of diapers, with a note taped to the top. Zane read the note, and then grinned.

“Take a look at what my mom bought for me.” Zane said and moved and pointed so that Damian could see, and of course Austin moved into place as well so that he could see. “She left me a note, saying that I had wet the bed quite a bit recently, and she thought that I might prefer these, but that it was my decision if I wanted to wear them or not. She said to just leave the empty pack in her room when I needed more. I think she's doing it this way to save embarrassment, but it's cool.”

“Awesome Zane.” Austin said first, happy that his big brother got to share diapers with him as well.

“It is, thanks Austin.” Zane smiled.

“So, were you having accidents, or just getting too lazy at night?” Damian asked with a grin as well.

“No, they've actually been accidents, but I wasn't really complaining. I was going to leave it another week and then ask for diapers again, because it was getting bad again.”

“That's good for you then, this way you get your diapers without embarrassment.” Damian smiled warmly.

“Yeah. Come on, I think I have everything that I'll need from here.”

They headed first to Austin's room to grab his clothes and diapers, and then downstairs and Zane grabbed everything that he would need to hook his game system up to Damian's TV. As soon as they had everything, it was all loaded into the storage area underneath Dominic's stroller, and they headed out.

“Do you guys want to walk down to the corner store and pick up some chips and pop and stuff for today? My dad left me twenty so that we could do that or order pizza for dinner.”

“Sure, that sounds good to me, and I know for a fact that we won't hear any complaints from little mister junk food. He'd live off it if he was allowed to.” Zane laughed.

“I would.” Austin admitted, also laughing.

“I don't doubt it. We can make our own pizzas for dinner though and have lots of junk food.” Damian smiled.

“Wicked.” Austin said, he was liking the sounds of his very first sleepover more and more.

They headed the opposite direction that they needed to go to Damian's and headed to the store instead. Once there, Damian picked out three large bottles of pop, two large bags of chips, and they each grabbed a chocolate bar as well, just for good measure he laughed. Austin had asked about popcorn, but Damian said that they had enough at home already. Damian realized he still had enough money to rent a movie, so they headed two doors down to the video store they had an account at and the three of them picked out a couple movies, Zane saying that he had the movies. As soon as that was done, they headed back out towards home. Once again it was not a long walk, but it was nice.

“I know we probably shouldn't, but as soon as we get back to your place, do you think that we could all get diapered up and just play and watch movies all day in our diapers?” Zane asked shyly.

“Sure, why not. I haven't had an almost all day diaper day in a long time, and that's the type of thing I like to do when I feel like having an all day diaper day.” Damian smiled.

“Cool.” Zane smiled brightly.

“Neat, can I wear diapers all day too?” Austin asked excitedly.

“Shh, not so loud brat, I don't think everyone in the next block heard you.” Zane said nervously.

“He wasn't that loud, and no one noticed.” Damian said first to Zane, and then turned to Austin. “Of course you can, if we do, then you get to as well.”

“Awesome, thanks, you're the best.” Austin said, giving Damian a hug.

“Hey, I thought I was the best?” Zane asked with as hurt a look as he could manage.

“You are.” Austin said brightly and hugged his brother as well.

“Thanks brat, you're the best little brother as well.”

Austin just looked up to his big brother and smiled warmly as they walked. They made it back to Damian's minutes later and they dropped off half their things in the kitchen, and took the other half upstairs to Damian's bedroom.

“Can we get diapered now?” Austin was the first to ask.

“Okay, everyone strip where you are, and we'll all help each other to get diapered, even you Zane.” Damian said.

Zane did not say anything, he did blush, but he did start undressing as well. He was used to being naked in front of his brother, as well as seeing him naked, and he was starting to get used to seeing Damian naked, but he was still afraid that he'd get hard again as soon as he saw Damian naked. It only took a minute for them all to be down to just their smiles, and they all looked at each other. This was to be the first time that Damian had seen either brother naked, but they had both seen each other and him naked, so now was his turn, and he checked them both out appreciatively.

Both older boys got hard while they looked, and even Austin was getting a little chubby while seeing the two older boys naked and hard. He unconsciously reached down and started playing with his little half erection unashamedly. Damian looked for only a second, and then turned to the closet to grab the diapers. As he was doing this, Zane laid himself down on the bed, ready to get diapered by Damian for the first time. He was painfully hard, he was blushing furiously, but he made no move to cover himself up this time.

As soon as Damian came back, he saw the sight and groaned inwardly, really wanting nothing more than to just kneel in between Zane's legs and suck his erection until he passed out from having so many orgasms. Instead of doing that though, because he was certain that Austin would not need to see that, he spread the diaper out underneath Zane, and then rubbed in some cream and sprinkled on some powder and then taped him up. Zane of course groaned deeply during the creaming, and it took every ounce of willpower that he had not to cum, because he knew that had he allowed it to happen, it would have been huge, and would have made an even larger mess.

As soon as Zane was diapered, Damian laid down beside him. Zane got the hint and stood up and diapered Damian. He too rubbed some cream in, and this proved to be just too much for him, because he started panting, and then he grunted and paused his motions for a moment, appearing to convulse as well a bit, and he wet his diaper with the first wetting of the day, and it was not even pee. Damian just grinned, managing to hold off his orgasm, just barely. Austin though missed nothing and was more than a little aware of what had happened, because he had seen his brother have a few orgasms, which he thought Zane had no clue about, and Austin was not stupid enough to tell.

It took a few moments for Zane to come back down, but as soon as he did, he blushed even more, but finished the job that he was supposed to be doing, and finished diapering Damian. As soon as Damian was finished, he hopped up and picked Austin up and laid him on the bed. One of his diapers was passed to Damian by Zane, and Damian did the honors of creaming, powdering and diapering Austin. Austin though could not contain his little immature orgasm when Damian rubbed the cream into his groin, and he squeaked and squealed so cutely. This was more than enough to set Damian off though, he was just too close, and even though touching Austin was nowhere near sexual for him, the sounds of an orgasm by anyone was more than enough to do it. This time Austin did not notice the orgasm, because he was too busy enjoying his own. Damian came down first and finished his chore, and before too long, he had Austin all diapered and ready to go.

“There you go Austin. Why don't you go ahead and head downstairs, maybe throw the pop and chocolate bars into the fridge please, and we'll be down in just a minute?” Damian asked.

“Okay, sure.” Austin said happily. He stood up on momentarily shaky legs, and then skipped from the room happily.

“I think that was the cutest thing I've ever seen.” Damian burst into laughter.

“Yeah, I've never seen him have an orgasm before, but he sure likes to play with himself. I just usually tell him to go to his room if he's gonna do that, and mom usually yells at him for playing with himself.” Zane said with only a hint of a blush.

“Yeah, all kids do. So, that was some powerful orgasm you had too, I imagine your diaper got quite the wetting only seconds after it was put on.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, it did, and it felt really good too. It was no more than you had to have wet your diaper though.” Zane said, surprising even himself with his boldness, but his blush showed his clear embarrassment over saying it.

“No, I bet that you still cum lots more than me. Austin didn't seem at all surprised by your orgasm though, so I think he might have seen it before.”

“Actually, I'm pretty sure he's watched me a few times. By the time I noticed that he was there, I was too far gone to really care, and then when I came down he was gone. I once went to talk to him about spying on me, but then I ended up spying on his playing with himself through his diaper, and then he stuck his hand inside. I just left him and never said anything.” Zane said, a bit more blush, but he was grinning as well.

“Ah, what are big brothers for if not to spy on and really learn the facts of life.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, and he's a snoopy little bugger too.”

“Most kids are, admit that you were as well.”

“Yeah, I was.” Zane grinned.

“Me too. Now, I want to ask you something, but I think you're going to be really embarrassed.”

“What is it?” Zane asked cautiously, already starting to blush even more.

“Kiss me.” Damian said softly.

Zane brightened right up with that one simple statement, and together they leaned in towards each other. Just as their lips met, their eyes closed, and they kissed very tenderly. They kissed each other for quite a few minutes, not realizing that after only a couple minutes they had a young peeping tom.

“Wow, that was real nice.” Zane sighed.

“Yeah, it was. Thanks, I needed that. I want you to be my boyfriend Zane, I'm falling in love with you, and I want you to be there with me?” Damian whispered.

“I fell in love with you the day we met, and I'll be your boyfriend. Can we kiss again?” Zane whispered even more quietly.

In answer, Damian leaned forward again, and they shared another tender kiss, this one lasting even longer. Austin was watching the whole thing with wide eyes, taking in everything that he was seeing, and enjoying the show as well. He did not know why the boys were kissing, but he knew it made his tummy feel weird and his peepee feel weird, which explained why his hand once again went down to his groin, this time inside his diaper, which was already slightly soggy, just not for the same reason as the older boys' were.

“Oh, hi Austin. How long have you been there for?” Damian asked softly when they parted and he turned to face the door.

“Don't know. Why were you two kissing?”

“Because we wanted to, it felt nice. But you have to promise us something please Austin. You have to promise never to tell anyone what you saw. Some people don't like to see boys kiss, and they could make fun of us or even beat us up if they were to find out, so please promise that you won't say anything at all?” Damian asked softly.

“Oh, I promise, I wouldn't want you to get beat up or teased.” Austin said honestly. Zane still had not been able to say anything, he just went instantly red and almost started to cry.

“Good enough for us. Well you two, let's say we take this party downstairs and have some fun?” Damian asked in an upbeat manner.

“Okay.” Austin said happily, and once again skipped from the room, removing his hand from his diaper before he did so.

“Oh god, I thought we were dead, what if he tells mom?”

“So what, she knows you're gay, and I'm willing to bet that she suspects that I am as well from how often you come over, and I bet she knows how you feel. I don't care if Austin tells your mom or my dad, but others I wouldn't want for him to tell.”

“I guess you're right, yet again. Well, let's head down and make sure the monster hasn't gotten into anything.”

“Okay, let me just grab Dominic here and then we can go.”

Up until then Dominic had just been laying at the head of the bed watching everything as best he could, not making much noise at all. Damian picked him up and they all headed downstairs and got started on their day of diaper wearing and fun.

“So, you never said why your dad had to go out of town, just that he did. So how come he had to?”

“Couple of his clients from our old town had some troubles with the switch over and were not satisfied with who's now handling their business, so he agreed to go up there and see if he could straighten it all out. If he can't, then his clients that he's trying to help will probably just come here once every few months and he'll help them the rest of the time over the phone and by email. Hopefully it won't come to that, because it would be a pain for them especially, but it sure shows how much they liked my dad.”

“Wow, he must be good then.”

“He is. He basically helped quite a few of the businesses up there from going under, and even though he's not technically a financial advisor, his advice always helped, so more than a few businesses owe him their lives.”

“Cool. So, what should we do first then, movie or games?”

“I say games for a bit, then maybe a movie.” Damian smiled, and Austin said he was good with that as well, so that was what they did.

For the next couple hours, all three of them played games and had fun. In no way was Austin excluded from the fun either, he got to join in on the fun, and they rotated playing the two player games so that they could all enjoy. About the only time they stopped was to get something to drink, and to get Dominic a diaper change and to put him down for his nap. After their games, they decided to have some lunch and then go ahead and lay back and watch one of the movies.

For the rest of the day, that was pretty much all they did too, play games, watch movies, eat junk food, and of course wet their diapers. Before dinner they all had to go up for a much needed diaper change, this time it went better than the last one, but all three of them were more than a little hard, but not quite to full erection. They made and ate their home made pizzas for dinner, and then played games until bed time.

“Okay Austin, let's get you ready for bed and then it's time for bed, okay.”

“Aw, do I haveta, I want to stay up with you guys?” Austin asked in a whiny voice.

“Yes, you have to, and you know how I feel about whining, so no more. It's already almost an hour past your bed time, so you've already gotten to stay up late with us, so I don't think you really have anything to complain about. Now, come with me upstairs and let's get you ready for bed.”

“Okay.” Austin said dejectedly.

Damian stayed downstairs, waiting for Zane to come back. He knew that neither of them wanted to go to bed quite yet, and he had put Dominic down to bed almost an hour ago, so he had no other reason to go upstairs. Zane came back downstairs almost twenty minutes later.

“Took you long enough!” Damian smiled.

“Yeah, well I had to change him, he was pretty wet, but before I put him in a clean diaper, he had to go to the bathroom, and he always takes so long to poop. Then I had to read to him, but he fell asleep before I was even half way through the book. He was more than a little tired, so hopefully he sleeps well. He's never been on a sleepover before, so I hope he does okay.”

“I'm sure he'll be fine. Besides, it didn't take you that long.”

“Good. Can we um, you know, can we kiss again? I really liked that.” Zane asked embarrassedly.

“Sure, I'd really like that.” Damian said happily.

Before Zane could say anything more, Damian was leaning in and pressing their lips together tenderly. They ended up sprawling out on the couch, Damian laying mostly on top of Zane as they kissed. For nearly half an hour the two of them laid on the couch, kissing tenderly and passionately. They broke for air a few times, but never stopped kissing for long.

“Do you want to go upstairs to my bedroom?” Damian broke the kiss and asked seductively.

“I'm afraid that if we do, that I won't be able to stop.”

“I don't see that as being a bad thing. I'm not saying we have to go all the way tonight, but I would really love to suck you, and if you'd like to, you can suck me too.” Damian whispered.

“I'd really like to, but I'm afraid too.”

“Afraid of what, that you won't know what to do?” Damian asked softly.


“Who cares. Neither one of us has any real experience, in fact you have more experience with a boy than I do, but we can learn together.”

“Yeah, I guess so, but all we ever really did was jack each other off, we kissed, and we tried to suck, but only once.”

“Then let's go upstairs and experiment a little with each other?”

“Okay.” Zane said nervously, but he was so hard that he just stood up with Damian and followed him to his room wordlessly.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, Damian reached up for yet another kiss, and they kissed tenderly once again as they stood there. This time though, Damian let his hands roam freely, feeling all of Zane's body. After only a couple minutes of this, Zane followed suit.

Shortly after Zane reciprocated in the feeling of his boyfriend, Damian decided to get Zane naked. So without warning, Damian reached to Zane's soggy tented diaper and released the tapes holding it on, and it fell to the floor with a plop. Zane felt this happen, so decided to do the same thing, and released Damian's diaper tapes, and it too fell to the ground with the same sound. As soon as they were both naked, Damian pushed them apart, so that they were standing about a foot apart.

“I want to see you, finally. I got a nice look earlier, but I really want to see the whole gorgeous you.” Damian whispered.

“I'm not gorgeous.” Zane blushed at the compliment and being so closely scrutinized.

“Yes, you are. Now, look at me, really look at me, the way you've wanted to for so long, but haven't let yourself.”

“I can't, your beauty blinds me, and every time I try looking at you, it makes me almost cum.” Zane said softly.

“We'll get to that, don't worry, and not too long from now either, now look at me.” Damian urged softer still.

For the next ten minutes they stood there, a foot apart, looking at each other, learning everything about their boyfriends bodies. Both of them were as hard as they had ever been before, if not more so, they were both pulsing, and Zane even had a bead of precum at the tip of his dick that was threatening to fall off. Damian made the first move and stepped up to Zane and then sunk to his knees. With a groan that could have waken both sleeping boys in the house, Zane learned what a real blow job felt like by someone he loved, because Damian sucked him almost all the way in with no pretense.

“Oh god.” Zane moaned deeply as Damian started a nice slow motion, doing everything that he could think of to make this feel great, and he was enjoying himself as well, especially the taste of Zane's precum, which was now flowing quite freely.

Damian of course said nothing, just kept going, giving his boyfriend the best possible blow job he could manage. Zane was getting close though, and no matter how much he wanted to hold off his impending explosion to allow the incredible feelings to go on for longer, he knew that that was not to be.

“Oh god, I'm gonna cum, I can't hold back.” Zane said, trying to push Damian off so that he did not blast off in his mouth.

Damian though was having none of it, he wanted for Zane to blow his load in his mouth, he wanted to taste his boyfriend, and he was going to get it too. He could feel that Zane was holding off, he could feel that he was going to explode big time, and he wanted it all. He did not have to wait long either, because with a stifled grunt, Zane started his orgasm, and came heavily into Damian's sucking mouth. Damian savored the taste, enjoying it thoroughly, keeping the entire load in his mouth, not losing a single drop. As soon as he was finished though, Zane could hold on no longer and slumped to the floor as if boneless.

“Mmm, you taste real good, almost as good as I do.” Damian said while licking his lips.

“Oh god, that was the best ever.” Zane moaned out a minute later.

“I'm glad that you liked it, I liked doing it for you.” Damian grinned.

“Oh wow, I can't wait to try that on you now.”

“Me neither.”

“You liked the taste, and you've tasted your own?”

“Of course. You haven't?”

“No, never.”

“I'm surprised, but you'll have no need to now, because I'm so keeping your balls as empty as I can, so that I can taste it as often as possible.” Damian grinned.

“I think I'd really like that.”

“Me too. Let's go lay on the bed now, and then when you're ready, if you want to, you can suck me.”


They went and laid on the bed, and they started kissing again. Zane could taste something strange in Damian's mouth, he sorta liked it, and he suspected that it was his lingering taste that he was tasting. The kisses lasted only a few minutes before Zane broke off and went down on his boyfriend, sucking him to the root almost immediately as well.

Damian sighed deeply as Zane sucked him down, and then started moaning as he sucked him deeply. Sure he was a little clumsy, as Damian had been, but that mattered not, they loved each other, and that was all that mattered. What he lacked in finesse though, Zane sure made up for in enthusiasm. He was sucking all of Damian in, right to the root, going until Damian was actually entering his throat, but he was not gagging in the least, and he was sucking fiercely. He could feel Damian getting close, and furthermore, he wanted Damian to unload in his mouth as well, he wanted to taste his boyfriend, savor his boyfriend, and he did not have to wait long for it either.

With a mighty groan, and a series of grunts, Damian unleashed his entire load, all three small shots of it. This too was his biggest orgasm to date, and it felt great. Zane kept sucking until Damian was empty, and he too held the entire load in his mouth, savoring it as long as he could. Eventually Damian softened up a bit and Zane pulled off.

“Wow, that was absolutely, positively, the most wicked thing I've ever experienced in my entire life. I love you more than I could ever say, come give me another kiss.” Damian sighed out many minutes later, having taken every second of at least ten minutes to come down.

“I love you too, and I enjoyed doing it to you as well, and you tasted really good too.” Zane said happily, and then crawled up Damian's body and laid on him a kiss that made them both hard again.

“As much as I'd love to continue on and do something more with these boners we seem to have, I think I'm just too tired. I say we get diapered and get to sleep, before we both pass out.” Damian said tiredly.

“Yeah, same here, I'm almost falling asleep.” Zane smiled warmly.

Damian hopped up and grabbed their diapers and the cream, and Zane got up and fixed the blankets a bit, and then they diapered each other tenderly, and then laid down together.

“Night night baby, love you.” Damian whispered.

“Night night, love you too.” Zane whispered right back.

They kissed for another couple minutes and then curled right up together all in love and passed out until morning, not even Dominic or Austin woke during the night to interrupt their loving cuddles.

Chapter 6

The next morning after their first foray into oral sex with each other, they were glowing as brightly as could be, and just had to do it again, so they drained each other of another load before Dominic woke up, who of course woke Austin up. They spent the morning sitting around in their soggy diapers still, ate breakfast and watched cartoons, and they all enjoyed themselves. It was a little after noon that Zane said he should get Austin back home, so the two boys left for home after removing their by then nearly overloaded diapers and headed home. It was a couple hours later that Matt made it home and he told Damian all about his trip, and Damian told Matt all about he and Zane.

It was a couple weeks later already, and once again Zane was scheduled to spend the night, and Austin was of course begging to come as well, so the boys let him. Matt would be home this time of course, because he had no reason to leave town. Damian and Zane had tried almost every day to either suck or jack each other off, and some days it was a couple times, but they were both starting to get the itch to have something buried in them, and they both knew without a doubt that tonight would be the night.

Zane and Austin had just arrived, and Zane had brought over his game system again. Damian, Dominic and Matt had gone out not long before the other two arrived and rented a couple movies for them to all watch, so they were set to have a good night.

“So Damian, I've been meaning to ask you, but it's getting close to going back to school time, it's in only a few weeks, what have you decided to do?” Matt asked Damian as they were all sitting at the table to eat lunch together.

“I haven't entirely made up my mind yet, but I think I'm just going to ask to take the grade twelve exams and see if I can pass them, and then go from there. If I don't pass, or don't pass with a high enough mark, then I'll continue doing school, but I'll do the first year by homeschooling. After that, I have no idea. I'll probably take a couple years off and get Dominic ready for school and be a stay at home daddy and all that, and then go to university once I'm a bit older. It'll mostly depend on what happens when I take the exams I think.”

“That sounds like a good idea to me, and I'm certain that you'll pass the exams with flying colors. What about you Zane, have you figured out what you're gonna do yet?” Matt asked.

“What makes you think I was going to do anything different?” Zane asked curiously.

“Because ever since you've met Damian you've been far happier, but I know that you know that the second you go back to school, you'll just be miserable with the teasing and bullying again. I also know for a fact that every time Damian has talked about home schooling, you've perked right up and I can see your mind working, wondering if you could do the same thing as well.”

“You know me so well.” Zane grinned.

“Yeah, well it doesn't take much to know what you're thinking.”

“Probably. I think I want to check it out, but I don't know what my mom will say about it.”

“Does she know how miserable you've been at school these past couple years?” Damian asked.

“Well, sorta yeah.”

“Then she'd probably allow it just so that you didn't get teased and bullied any more.” Matt said.

“But she might not like the idea that I'm at home all by myself all day like that while she's at work.”

“I don't see any reason why she'd have a problem with that, as long as you did all your work, and she'd have to check it as well I believe. Not to mention, doesn't the elementary school get out almost an hour earlier than the high schools do I think you told me, so this would help your mom out as well, because with Austin going into grade one, how will he get home and who'll watch him for that hour that it takes you to get home?” Damian said smartly.

“I never thought about that, and I wonder if my mom's thought about it. She had to pay the daycare a lot more money to drive Austin from kindergarten to his daycare last year, and I know that she was thankful that she wouldn't have to do daycare this year, because it and the driver cost a lot of money extra that she really didn't have.”

“Then this'll be helping her out just as much as it'll help you out.” Matt pointed out.

“So add that to your argument, as well as you can add that I can help you whenever you have any problems, and I can guarantee you that I can help you, because I tutored a couple people that were quite a bit older than I am last year.”

“Yeah, the one boy you were helping with his grade twelve math, that's why I know you won't have a problem passing the exams.” Matt smiled.

“Wow, it must be so nice to be smart like that. I'll talk to my mom tomorrow then and see what she says.”

“It can be a pain sometimes, let me tell you, but I'm sure your mom will be okay with it.” Damian said.

“How could it be a pain, you'd never have to sit and worry about if you're gonna pass a test or something, you'd never sweat about your homework, and you wouldn't absolutely fear your teacher calling you up to the board to do an equation on the board that you have no idea how to do, and then have the entire class laugh at you because you're stupid.” Zane said sadly.

“Did that happen to you or something?” Damian asked softly.

“No, not entirely, but I saw it happen, and I'm always scared that it will. I always have a hard time with my homework though, and it sometimes takes me forever to do it, because some of the stuff we were doing last year was really hard.”

“Well, just remember, just because a person is really smart in one area, doesn't entirely mean that they're smart in other areas. Just because math may not be your strong suit, doesn't mean that you aren't great in science or literature, or maybe even just something else, who knows. There's plenty of stuff I can't do, like writing stories like I told you before, but I'm also totally useless at building things, whereas one of the boys I tutored last year was incredible, he could build almost anything out of almost anything he wanted. Even I still had a tough time at times, because there are certain things that I didn't know, and until I learned how to do them, I struggled as well. When it comes to things like math though, I can usually find out how to do it quite easily, I'm just lucky that way.”

“Yeah, I guess that's true too, I never thought of that though I guess.”

“It is, and don't forget it too. Always play to your strengths, but always strive to better yourself in other ways you're not strong at. The key to a good life is knowledge, you'll get nowhere in life not knowing anything.” Matt added.

“Thanks guys. You really have a good way of looking at life.”

“You're welcome. I learned that almost too late in life, and had to learn it and grasp it in far too short a time. I always taught Damian that way, taught him my motto, so that he would hopefully not make the same mistakes I made, because I wouldn't want to see someone throw their life away like I was on the path to do. As hard as it was at times, having Damian was the absolute best thing to ever happen to me.”

“Oh, and we always try and have fun, make work fun, take time to do fun things, because life's just too damned serious in and of itself, and if you let it, it'll drag you down. We won't let it though, we have too much fun.” Damian added.

“I can tell. I guess until I met you, I was letting it drag me down, but not anymore.” Zane smiled warmly.

“That's good. So, what should we do today then boys?” Matt asked.

“Don't know. A couple weeks ago Zane wanted to go to the pool, but I don't think I'm comfortable enough yet to take Dominic by myself, so I'd rather you were there with us, so feel like going swimming this afternoon?” Damian asked.

“Until you're a bit older and more comfortable in the water yourself, I'd prefer you didn't take Dominic by yourself either. Given how late you learned to swim, you're doing not too bad, but you're still not comfortable in the water yourself.”

“When did you learn to swim?” Zane asked curiously.

“I've always loved the water, and we went to the pool all the time, but I couldn't actually swim up until a couple years ago. I always wore a life jacket when we weren't in the hot tub, and I rarely went out deeper than my own chest. Not sure why, it just scared me to swim.”

“Actually, you were afraid to swim, because you almost drowned as a baby. I know I've told you that before, you've just forgotten. You were two and a half, and you decided to go swimming by yourself. We were at the pool, and you were playing behind me, but then without my noticing, you ran to the edge of the pool and jumped in. I got to you seconds after you landed in the water, because I realized almost instantly that you weren't behind me any more, but before I could even call out stop, you were in the pool, thrashing around like mad. I'd never been so scared in my life. I jumped in and grabbed you, and you clung to me like never before, and coughed out a bit of water. The lifeguard had come up to see how you were, said she had seen the entire thing happen and was surprised by how fast you were and how fast I acted. Ever since that day though, you had been afraid to go into deep water, and for almost a year after that, just getting you into the bath was tricky, but we eventually got you used to it, and then finally the pool, but never for going deep, especially without a life jacket.”

“Now that you mention it, I do seem to recall you telling me that, years ago now. At least you didn't let that fear control me and let me fight you and not get me back in the water.”

“No, that would have been the worst thing to do, you had to get right back in there and see that it wasn't bad.”

“Wow, that must have been scary.” Zane said.

“Yeah, it was. Even to this day I'm not sure how he made it past me without my seeing, but that's how kids are. All you have to do is turn your head for a split second, and they can slip right by you.”

“Yeah, I know all about that, Austin's done the same thing to me and my mom more than a few times now. We still have to keep him in the grocery cart, because if we don't, he disappears faster than you can blink.”

“Do not.” Austin said, saying pretty much the first words since they arrived, he had just been quietly listening to the conversation.

“Um, remember last month. You promised me that you wouldn't take off, and not ten minutes later I had to search for you in the clothing department, because you took off to look at something.” Zane pointed out strongly.

“Yeah, I guess so. I could still see you though.” He argued.

“Didn't matter, I couldn't see you, you didn't tell me where you were, where you were going, or that you were going.”

“And that's really important Austin.” Matt said softly. “You're old enough now to not have to sit in the buggy, and be able to walk like a big boy and look at things. You're even old enough now for your mom or brother to leave you alone in the toy aisle for a couple minutes if they're close by, but they must always know exactly where you are, and if you're doing something. If you had have just told Zane that you were going to look at something, and where exactly you were going to be, then he would have been fine with that, but to just take off like that is very bad.”

“Oh, I didn't know that.” Austin said, sounding very small.

“You should though Austin, with the amount that I've told you the same thing. Mom won't even let you out of the buggy if I'm not with you guys anymore, because she's sick of searching for you every time you take off, and quite frankly, I've thought of buying you a leash.”

“You wouldn't do that, would you?” Austin asked fearfully.

“Try and take off again without telling me or mom, and you'll find out your answer.” Zane pointed out gently, but with a look that said dare me.”

“Oh.” Austin said, getting the picture loud and clear.

“I'd do the same thing if you did that to me, so don't be thinking that he's mean for saying it either.” Matt said, and Damian nodded his agreement.

“Well, I think that we're all finished here, let's clean up and get ready to go. I don't suppose you two brought shorts to go swimming, so we'll have to stop by your place so that you can go get some.” Damian said.

“Nope, never even thought of swimming, so sure.” Zane smiled.

They all helped to clean up the kitchen quickly, and then went upstairs to get everything ready. A diaper bag was packed for Dominic that had everything that they would need, including his tiny little swim diaper. Matt and Damian grabbed all the towels that they would need, as well as their shorts, and then a brush and the shampoo and some soap. It was all tossed into a bag, and then they deemed themselves ready to go. They hopped in the car and headed first to Zane and Austin's house to grab shorts. Zane hopped out and ran into the house, stopped only for a second to tell his mom what was happening, and then went and grabbed both their shorts. He was back less than two minutes later, and then they were off to the pool. Zane had to give the directions though, because neither Matt or Damian had even seen the place, and they hardly knew the streets yet. As soon as they arrived, they paid and went right to the mens changing room.

“Where are you going?” Damian asked Zane as he went to drag Austin to one of the private changing rooms, instead of the communal one.

“To one of the changing rooms in here.” Zane said as if it were perfectly normal.

“Um, why?”

“Just because.” Zane blushed.

“Come back over here. You have to learn to appreciate your body, to show it off a bit. There's like no one even here, and we're all guys anyways.” Damian said softly.

“But I've never changed in public before.”

“Really, why?”

“Just haven't.” Zane whispered.

“Come on, it'll be good for you, and there's certainly no need for you to be embarrassed, and it's wrong to force that sort of shame onto Austin. So come on you two, strip and change.” Damian urged.

There were only about five others in the communal area of the change room, all in different stages of dress or undress, so the five of them joined in in undressing. Damian figured that he'd get changed first, and then change Dominic, so that he did not get too chilled in the change room. Austin had no problem with whipping off all his clothes and parading around naked, nor did Damian or Matt, but Zane was blushing almost totally once again by the time he was down to his underwear. As fast as he could though, he whipped off his underwear and pulled up his swim shorts. It actually caused Damian to laugh.

“Wow, you really are body shy, aren't you. I don't know how you're gonna feel after swimming then when we all strip in the main shower and get properly clean!” Damian laughed.

“You probably should have saved that little tidbit until the end.” Matt grinned.

“Probably, but he has to get used to the idea of being naked around others. It's just not healthy, just like you taught me. Zane, you should never be ashamed of your body. Not only is it really good looking, so you should show it off, but even if it wasn't perfect, it wouldn't matter. Everyone's the same, some bigger, some smaller, but all guys have the same stuff, so there's no need to be ashamed.” Damian said softly.

“I'm not so sure I can do that.” Zane said fearfully.

“You'll do fine. Now, just let me get Dominic ready here, and then we can go swimming.” Damian said. He worked quickly to get Dominic ready to go, and then they all hit the shower to rinse off before heading out to the pool.

For the next couple hours they played in the pool, having fun, and Dominic even seemed to really like the water. Austin though seemed as if he were having the most amount of fun out of them all, playing with the other young boys that were at the pool and having fun as well. There were quite a few of the little cuties there, but Austin did not seem to know any of them. Eventually they decided to go sit back and relax in the family hot tub, because it would not be too hot for either Dominic or Austin.

“So, having any fun boys?” Matt asked.

“Sure.” They all said happily.

“Too bad really. You weren't supposed to have any fun.” Matt said, sounding highly displeased. The boys though just grinned.

“Yeah, right. We're gonna have to leave soon though, because Dominic won't be able to go back into the pool, he was getting too cold, and going from the hot tub back to the pool won't be good for him at all. Not to mention, with all this fun, I think he's getting pretty tired, and he'll probably be wanting a bottle soon.” Damian smiled.

“I was thinking the same thing, and knew that was the reason that you wanted to come to the hot tub. Being so young, he won't be able to take the cool water for too long, although he lasted quite well. You were the same though, you loved the water so much as a baby, and I had you in the pool when you were a month old as well.” Matt smiled warmly as well.

“I had always thought that it was a bad idea to bring a baby so young to the pool. My mom always said we couldn't go swimming because Austin was too small. Dominic really seemed to enjoy it though.” Zane said.

“Actually, it's a very good idea to get babies used to the water as young as possible, so that they learn to enjoy it and not be scared of it. Granted, if they have no fear of it, then you have to watch very carefully, because then they try and pull something like Damian did when he was young. Babies are also natural swimmers, and if we were to let Dominic go right now, he'd float and start kicking. Not that we'd do that mind you, but I've seen it done. This is also the time that you want to start teaching children how to swim, or maybe a little older, but you can teach babies this young, or start to anyways.” Matt pointed out.

“Really!” Zane said in amazement.


“Then why would our mom have been so fearful of taking Austin swimming when he was a baby?” Zane asked.

“More than likely she just didn't know. Many people don't, that's for sure. Then there are the ones that are just too scared to do so. Some people don't feel comfortable taking babies into the water, thinking that they'll drown too easily, but in reality, it's extremely rare, and usually only because of a careless parent.” Matt said softly.


“Well, I think it's about time to head out, Dominic is starting to fuss a bit, which means bottle and then bed time very soon.” Damian said.

“But I don't wanna go.” Austin whined.

“You don't have to if you don't want to Austin, but we're all leaving, so if you want a ride home and don't want to be left here, then I suggest you stop whining and come with us now.” Zane said softly but firmly.

Austin pouted a bit more, but stood and followed the others from the hot tub and they all headed towards the change room. As soon as they made it there, Damian removed Dominic's swim diaper, and then his own shorts, and headed to the showers. Matt had also removed his shorts and headed there, and Austin too had no problems in following suit and stripping down to shower. Matt ran into the change room and opened their locker and grabbed the soap and shampoo, while the others started to shower. Zane though had yet to strip.

“Come on Zane, strip and get cleaned up.” Matt said as he came back in the shower room.

“I can't. There's others here, they'll see me.” Zane whispered hoarsely.

“So what, we're all naked, they're all naked. Take a look, there's a few boys and men, some younger than you, some older than you, and one about the same age. None of them are ashamed of their bodies, they're all stripping and changing as if it's normal, and it is by the way. Come on, get naked and shower, you won't die, I promise.”

“What if I, you know.....?”

“Get hard?” Matt asked the blushing boy.

“Yeah.” Zane whispered.

“Then the others will probably look appreciatively, at least one of the boys in the change room would probably get hard right along with you and want to drop to his knees, because he's gay as well, and I'd more than likely get hard too.” Damian laughed, saying it only just loud enough for them to hear.

“Oh god.” Zane said, slipping his hands into his waist band, and started skinning his shorts down, not even believing himself that he was about to get naked for the very first time in his life in public.

Zane's full body blush, even in the hot water of the shower, told everyone just how embarrassed Zane was at having to wash himself, naked, in public like he was doing. Damian washed Dominic first while in his arms, and then washed himself as best he could while still holding Dominic. Matt finished up first, so offered to hold Dominic for Damian while he finished washing up, because washing your hair while holding a baby, and not getting soap into the babies eyes was tricky at best. Matt did not leave the shower though, he just held Dominic so that they were both being hit with the warm water, to keep them both warm. He knew that Damian would want to dry and dress Dominic. They all finished a few minutes later, and the only one of them to be hard, was Austin, and he unashamedly sauntered from the shower room with his little compass pointing the way. The boy that was in the change room that Damian suspected of being gay, was about twelve years old he figured, watched Austin with no small amount of lust in his eyes. He managed to tear his gaze away though before anyone noticed, and left the change room. Damian and Zane did notice the stare though, and both grinned inwardly.

“Now Zane, dry off and get changed, but don't rush it, just act as if it's a perfectly normal thing to do, of which it is by the way. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being nude, especially when in a mens changing room.” Damian said softly to his boyfriend.

Zane just nodded subtly and grabbed the towel and started drying off. Damian grabbed a small towel and started gently drying Dominic off, not even bothering to cover himself in the least. Once Dominic was dry, he then diapered and dressed his little guy, all the while he was totally naked. If anyone wondered why it was Damian doing all the work on Dominic, no one asked. The others were all almost all the way dressed before Damian finished getting Dominic dressed, so as soon as Dominic was dressed, Damian picked him up and waited for someone else to be done, so that they could hold Dominic while he got dressed.

Zane was the first to be dressed, but amazingly enough Damian thought he did quite well, because he had not dried off rapidly and whipped his clothes back on. He was still dressed a full minute before Matt though, and Austin was only just into his underwear, he was enjoying being naked. So as soon as Zane was dressed, Dominic was passed to him, and Damian started getting dried and dressed.

“You did pretty good there Zane, you didn't go near as fast as I had still expected you to do.” Damian said in congratulations.

“Thanks. I just pretended that there was no one else in here, and that made it easier.”

“That's a start. A couple of the other boys that came in while we were getting dressed sure seemed to appreciate the fact that we were both naked. I'm guessing they were boyfriends though, given the looks they gave each other as they watched us. They had to hurry out though and go get showered, because I noticed both of them almost getting hard, and they probably didn't want to be found out. I don't think that they realized I was watching them almost as much as they were watching us. They also stole a couple very appreciative looks at daddy, and even at Austin, who unashamedly stayed naked for as long as he could get away with. I think you have a naturist for a little brother, but then for children, especially his age, it just feels natural, and it should be.”

“Really, they watched us?” Zane gasped a little, blushing a bit as well.

“Sure, and why would that make you blush?”

“Cuz it's embarrassing.”

“Of course it's not you silly twit. If you'd only stop being so shy, you'd notice that everyone looks, especially at our age. Austin sure wasn't ashamed of looking at the others in here, and I looked as well. Everyone does it, it's perfectly normal and healthy. How else would you tell how you stack up to others?” Damian grinned.

“Oh god, you're horrible.”

“Thanks, but you do take way too much pleasure in reminding me of that.” Damian grinned again.

“Or not enough.” Matt chuckled as he finished stuffing the last of their stuff into the bag. Damian had just finished getting dressed as well.

“Possibly true as well. Well, I think we're all done and packed up, so let's hit the mirrors and brush our hair and then head out.” Damian smiled warmly.

They stopped at the mirrors momentarily and brushed their hair, and then headed out. They headed straight towards home, and made it back quickly. Dominic was fed a bottle and then laid down for a quick nap, he would only be allowed to sleep for about an hour, given that it was getting later in the day.

“Okay, now that Dominic's in bed, what should we do?” Damian asked as soon as he came back downstairs.

“Let's have an early dinner, and then we can sit back and relax and watch a movie or two.” Matt offered.

“Okay.” All three boys said as one, Austin most excitedly.

They headed to the kitchen, and they all helped to make dinner, even Austin had a couple things to do. As soon as dinner was ready, they sat down to eat, and then Damian went to get Dominic up from his nap and they sat down to watch the first of two movies.

“Can we get diapered please?” Austin asked after the first movie was over, he was busting to pee, as were the others, but he wanted to get diapered first. The others thought that this sounded like a good idea.

“Sure, why not.” Matt smiled.

“I'll go get the diapers and stuff, everyone strip right here.” Damian said, hopping up and running from the room.

Damian was back a couple minutes later, and Austin was told that since it was his idea, that he got to be diapered first, so he laid down on the floor and the three others helped to diaper him. No sooner had the diaper been taped on, when he sighed and the three others saw a yellowish tinge stain the front of his diaper. He sighed again a few moments later when the flow stopped, he grinned at the others, and then stood up. Damian was next, and as soon as his tapes were done up, he too let his bladder flow, and he grinned to the others as well. Zane and Matt both did the same thing as well, and they all smiled. They were now nice and warm and wet, they grabbed some popcorn and juice, and sat down to their second movie.

Their second movie was a dud in their opinions, but they enjoyed laying back on the couch, cuddled up to each other, eating and drinking their junk food, and enjoying their nice warm soggy diapers, of which they all warmed up a couple more times during the movie. It was then decided after the movie ended that it was still too early to go to bed, so they all sat and played Zane's video games for an hour or so. Even Matt got to enjoy the games, he had just as much fun as the kids did in fact.

“Well boys, I'm getting tired, so I'm heading to bed, and Austin is falling asleep where he sits. We all need a good diaper change, and then I think it's bed time.”

“Sounds good to me daddy. I'll take Dominic and get him ready, Zane can take Austin and get him ready, and then we're going to go to bed, so you can head up now if you want.” Damian smiled warmly.

“Okay. I'll just quickly clean up our mess, you boys go ahead and get ready for bed and have a good sleep.” Matt smiled back, thinking that he knew the reason for Damian and Zane not wanting him to change them.

Matt started cleaning up, while Zane and Damian took Austin and Dominic upstairs to get them ready for bed. Both boys were diapered and jammied and then their stories read to them, and they were both sound asleep minutes later. Damian and Zane met in their room.

“I hope you're not ready for bed yet!” Damian smiled warmly as soon as they met back in their room.

“Oh god no.” Zane answered, and they leaned in together for a nice tender kiss.

“Mmm, good.” Damian sighed a few minutes later when they parted from their kiss.

“Yeah.” Zane sighed right back.

“Tonight, I want to make love to each other. I think we're ready for it, we'll just have to go slow and prepare each other so as not to hurt each other, because neither of us have played with each others bums before. I know you're scared, but I know you want it as much as I do. Don't worry about hurting me either, I've been playing with my bum for a while now and can easily take three of my fingers. Also, I asked daddy to get us some good lube this week, and he bought us a couple different ones from the sex shop, one's just KY, but the other's called anal ease, I think it'll work the best.” Damian said softly, and although Zane blushed somewhat, he was incredibly turned on by the offer.

“Oh god, yes. I've wanted you to make love to me for so long, I think I'm ready for you. I've been playing with my bum for a couple years now, but I'm afraid of hurting you.”

“You won't hurt me, I promise, and when it's my turn to receive, you can go as slow as I need you to, and we can prepare each other. Do you want to go first, or can I?”

“I'd love for you to make love to me first.” Zane whispered, almost all his blush having now disappeared.

“Okay. Go lay down on the bed, I'll take care of everything else.”

“On my back or on my front?” Zane asked huskily.

“On your back to start with please, and close your eyes as well.” Damian answered.

Zane did as he was asked to do, he laid on the bed on his back, spread his legs slightly, and closed his eyes. As soon as Damian saw this, he smiled, and went and grabbed a few things that he felt that they might need. He grabbed a large towel from his closet, he had been planning this all day, he grabbed the lube from his dresser, the top drawer, the baby lotion and the diapers for once they were finished, and the baby wipes to clean up everything, once again for when they were finished.

“Now, I want you to be sure and tell me if at any time I hurt you, and I'll stop to let you get used to it, okay.” Damian said gently after he set everything onto the bed and crawled on as well.

“Okay, but whatever you do, don't stop and or pull out.”

“I have no intention of doing so, unless you tell me to stop and not restart. If for some reason it becomes too much, just tell me and we stop right away.”

“Oh, I won't, but I would have said so anyways.” Zane whispered.

Damian was good with that, and said nothing further. He sidled up beside his slightly older boyfriend, both of them mostly on their backs, but Damian reached up and over a bit to start kissing Zane, and as their lips met, they kissed tenderly, and Damian's hands started working. Softly he stroked Zane's chest first, slowly working his way downwards, but before too long, he reached his target, Zane's very soggy tented diaper. A sigh was muffled by their kiss as Damian started gently stroking the front of Zane's distended diaper, rubbing the firm piece of boy meat buried beneath.

For nearly ten minutes Damian kept this up, kissing and stroking, stroking and kissing, Zane was getting seriously close, and Damian could tell. He did not want for Zane to explode, yet, so he detached their lip lock and stopped stroking his hot boyfriend. Zane groaned in frustration at having the feelings so abruptly halted. Damian though was not going to stop any time soon, so he started crawling his way down, also moving so that he was mostly on top of Zane.

As soon as Damian was in position, he kissed the front of Zane's diaper, buried his face in there, and moved his face around, and Zane sighed again. Just after Zane sighed, Damian reached up and released the tapes holding the diaper on, and then rolled the diaper down. What met Damian was the mot delicious looking erection that Damian had ever seen, and he very much desired to suck it in and taste the slightly salty sweet precum, but he wanted to hold off for just a bit longer before he did that.

Moving down just slightly more, Damian pushed Zane's legs wider open, and up just a bit, angling Zane so that he could have full access to Zane's deepest darkest recesses. No one had ever been this close to Zane before, not in this intimate a fashion, not even Damian had done this before. Mostly because Damian was saving this for this very time. Damian very closely inspected everything that was normally hidden below Zane's balls, of which were resting quite comfortably on Damian's nose. With a tentative lick, Damian licked from the very bottom of Zane's ass crack, right up until he licked the very base of Zane's very tasty balls.

“Oh god.” Zane sighed out so deeply it startled even him.

With all the permission and encouragement he ever felt that he would need just from that one statement, Damian dove in and began eating out his boyfriend as if he were an all you can eat buffet, and Damian was a starving man. Zane started moaning and groaning out a non stop string of gibberish that sounded more than a little sexy to Damian, and he smiled as he was eating. Damian was disappointed though that his neck and tongue were starting to get sore nearly ten minutes later, because he was enjoying himself immensely, and was enjoying even more making his boyfriend make the sounds that he was making, because he knew that to make those sounds, Zane must be enjoying himself a great deal. Before he pulled out though, Damian grabbed the lube and unscrewed the lid. He dipped two of his fingers into the jar, and as he pulled his face out, his fingers were already poised to take its place.

Zane groaned in frustration from once again having an incredible sensation stopped, but he sighed deeply once again not even a second later as Damian inserted two fingers deep inside him. Damian knew that Zane would be able to take two of his fingers quite easily, so that was what he started with. He was however not intending for them to slip all the way in as they had. Zane was so loose and relaxed with the incredible foreplay, that the fingering was not absolutely necessary Damian now figured. It was still part of the foreplay though, and Damian wanted Zane to be the highest possible that he could get him before he slipped in, so that it would be one mind bending, incredible orgasm once he let Zane explode.

Using only two fingers for quite some time, Damian played inside of Zane, and once again he was being more than a little vocal in his pleasure, something that still made Damian very pleased. He wanted to make Zane feel good, and by the sounds that he was making, good was about a million miles back, and was nearing cosmic event. Figuring that Zane was loose enough, and lubed enough, with the lube that he had added, as well as the lube that was now flowing freely from Zane himself, Damian slowly inserted a third and final finger.

“Oh fuck me.” Zane groaned out the loudest yet, surprising Damian, because he had never heard Zane swear before, but one thing he was absolutely certain of, it was not in pain, not with those sounds, because he was still making sounds that might not sound out of place in a good quality porn movie.

For another ten minutes Damian fingered Zane, this time with three fingers, and Zane never once stopped with all his sex sounds. As Damian went though, he could not only clearly hear that Zane was getting close, but he could see it as well, because Zane's dick was pulsing harder and faster, it was getting straighter and straighter, and his balls were pulling up further than they had ever been before. Near the end, before he knew without a doubt that Zane would not be able to hold on any further and would spontaneously explode, Damian changed positions once again, leaving his fingers inserted and playing, he engulfed all of Zane, right to the root. He turned on the suction to nearly full strength, and gave a full measure of prostate stimulation, and with the dual assault, it was no surprise that Zane could no longer hold out.

With a sex cry that had to have let anyone within a kilometer or so know exactly what was going on, Zane exploded in the single largest orgasm of his entire life. Not even his first blowjob from Damian had been this good. Even Damian was surprised by the sheer quantity and the longevity of the orgasm, he had to swallow three times to keep up to the load, and it lasted a good minute or so, maybe more. Damian was almost surprised a few minutes later when he both detached and pulled out to see that Zane was still awake, he had almost suspected that he would have passed out, but his eyes were still wide open. He could however see very clearly that Zane was still not down yet, because not only was his chest heaving, but his eyes were still very much glazed over, he was not blinking, he was still almost completely and totally out of it. Damian smiled wickedly, removed his diaper quickly, and reached to the lube and scooped up a little more and smeared it onto his pulsing erection. He then started working his way up Zane's prone body, kissing as he went, until his erection was nestled right in the moist valley that he would soon be invading.

Just as Zane was coming down from the most powerful orgasm in the history of mankind, his hazy mind just starting to register once again all that was going on around him, he felt Damian start to insert his dick. It probably should not have come as too big a surprise to Damian that as soon as he was in position and started to push, that he slipped right inside Zane, but it did. He was about half way in before he even realized it and stopped immediately so as not to hurt his lover. The sound that Zane made however was so far from pain, it was the sound of pure pleasure.

“Oh god, I never even suspected it would feel this good. Go ahead, slip all the way in.” Zane whispered throatily.

“Me neither. It doesn't hurt at all does it?” Damian had to ask, even though he knew the answer.

“Oh god no, this feels so amazing, and I can't wait until you start making love to me.” Zane sighed out.

With no further words, Damian slipped the rest of the way inside, relishing the incredible feelings deep inside Zane. He was so very hot, still nice and tight, he was slick, and he was soft. All this though was nothing in comparison to how Zane felt, he felt as if he had died and gone to heaven. Damian had to stop as soon as he was buried all the way inside though to get his bearings back, because he did not want to cum just yet. He wanted to see how long he could last before he exploded, but he knew he was very close and would not be able to hold on for very long at all.

Eventually though they did start, and as soon as Damian started thrusting lightly, he reached up and kissed his love. Zane had known the reason that Damian had paused for a few moments, and did nothing to cause his boyfriend to explode, because he too wanted this to last as long as humanly possible, because it was the best thing he had ever felt in his entire life. Damian was very gently pulling about half way out and then pushing all the way back in, just taking a nice gentle pace, truly making love to his boyfriend. He was able to last at most five minutes before he had to give up his orgasm though. He had been holding it fiercely for at least three, and it was starting to really burn. Zane could tell just from the lack of kisses how bad it was getting to hold off, but he could also clearly see Damian's face, and that showed the pure agony and ecstasy of how hard it was for Damian to hold back his orgasm.

This time it was Damian that gave out an almighty sex call as he exploded. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was firing a very good sized load this time, because not only could he feel a good six shots leaving him, but his balls were actually aching from the intense release. Zane also counted six very good shots, and was amazed that he could very easily feel the load being deposited inside him, and he loved it. As soon as the orgasm let Damian go, Damian slumped down, but he too had not passed out, he was just laying there on his boyfriends chest.

“My god, if that felt only half as good for you as it did for me, then you must have really enjoyed that as well.” Damian panted out a few minutes later.

“No, I think it felt twice as good as it did for you. I almost came again, but you exploded just seconds before I was about to.” Zane sighed out.

“Then I can't wait to feel that inside me. I so want to trade places now and have you make love to me as well.”

“I can't wait to make you feel as good as you made me feel.” Zane smiled warmly.

Damian rolled off of Zane and onto his back, and Zane rolled with him, but only onto his side and right next to Damian. Slowly he reached in and began their tender kisses once again, also starting to lightly pet Damian's nice shapely chest. He too slowly worked his way down with his hand until he was stroking very softly Damian's once again pulsing meat. It was still slick with the lube and Zane's anal juices, and this surprisingly did not disgust Zane, it turned him on even more. Breaking the kiss, Zane started kissing his way down Damian's body, until he was in Damian's sweaty groin.

Taking a deep sniff, Zane savored the intense smells that he found there, but he was not there for Damian's dick, this time, so skipped right passed it and adjusted Damian's legs how he wanted them. He opened Damian right up to his advances, and Damian was only too happy to oblige. Zane dove in face first, tongue sticking out, and he too gave Damian a supreme rim job. Up until Damian had done this very thing to him, he had never thought of doing this to anyone. Sure he had read about it, but he had had no idea that people really did it, and truth be told, he had thought it would be nasty, but nasty was so far from how that had felt to him when Damian had done him, so he just had to repay the favor. Once he was in there though, Zane found himself not only doing it to repay a favor, but because he was truly enjoying it as well.

Zane was also thriving off the sounds that Damian was making as he was licking and tonguing his hot moist hole, and it was turning him on a great deal more as well. Eventually though, after almost ten minutes, Zane also started to get sore. He grabbed the lube and got two fingers ready for penetration, and then as he pulled his face out, he too replaced it with his prepared fingers. At first Damian groaned at the feelings disappearing, but then he sighed deeply as two fingers found their way into his deepest and darkest recesses, slowly moving until they were in as far as they could get.

Zane had done a very good job of loosening Damian up, because his fingers did not hurt his younger boyfriend in the least. In fact, the sounds that Damian was making, still making, were of the utmost pleasure, there was no pain at all. Slowly Zane fingered Damian, for many minutes, just really enjoying making Damian make those sounds. Soon though he wanted to bury his meat inside the hole he was working, but he knew that to do so without at least adding another finger could hurt Damian, so he inserted another finger without adding any further lube. What Zane failed to realize though that like he earlier, Damian was so relaxed, so horny, and so open that he could have slipped right in without any problem whatsoever. The extra finger though was much appreciated by Damian, because his moans and sighs increased in intensity by nearly twice.

Damian was getting seriously close to imminent explosion though, Zane could very easily see all the signs that Damian had seen in him not all that long ago, and he too wanted to suck that load out before entering his lover. Mere seconds before Damian was to explode with neither of them touching him, Zane moved and sucked Damian in to the root, sucked for all his worth, and really started assaulting Damian's small prostate. That was enough though to cause Damian to hit the peaks of his impending orgasm, and pushed him over. With a near scream, Damian exploded, and Zane found that he too had to swallow once to contain the whole load. Never before had Damian cum this much, in fact, it was nearly as much as he himself had cum Zane thought.

Damian was just laying there, staring up to the ceiling, not entirely certain if he was awake or in some incredible dream where all that he knew was the purest forms of pleasure. Zane loved the look of bliss that covered Damian's entire body as he looked up to see if Damian had passed out. He was only mildly disappointed to see that he had not. He did however see the glazed over look that Damian had also seen in him, and this caused him to smile. As he pulled away completely, Zane smeared some more lube on his dick, and then moved into position, and slipped into the moist hole.

Damian was barely half way down from one orgasm when he felt his entire world get flipped upside down as an even more incredible feeling took over his entire mind and body. He was unable to speak, it was just too much for mere words, he just sighed deeply. He knew he was gay, knew that he needed a nice hard dick buried deep inside his little baby bum, but he had never dreamed that it would feel like this. His deep and contented sigh told Zane though that everything was okay in Damian's world, so he did not stop once he started sinking in, not until he was buried to the hilt inside his boyfriend.

As Zane slipped in, he was watching Damian's face though, just to make sure that he was not hurting him at all, because that was the very last thing in the world that he wanted to do. Damian's looks never once faltered, the look of pure bliss stayed put, and the sigh never stopped either. It was one long low continuous sigh that started when Zane entered him, and only stopped when Zane stopped as well, buried all the way inside him.

Zane also had to stop and stay perfectly still for a few minutes, because he had gotten close while pleasuring Damian before, and this nearly drove him over the edge. A few minutes later though and Zane started on a gentle motion, pulling nearly all the way out before slipping all the way back in. As soon as his thrusts started, he too reached up and goaded Damian into another tender and passionate kiss. The kiss was just as slow and tender as the love making was. Given that he had already cum, Zane was able to hold on for slightly longer than Damian had been able to, but it was only maybe a minute more, and then he too exploded. This time however, Damian exploded with him, he was just feeling too good, and when he felt Zane go off, so did he.

Zane slumped down as if boneless, and there they both laid for the next ten minutes, coming down from their incredible love making session. They were panting and gasping for breath, their entire bodies were still tingling, and in fact it still felt as if they were cumming. Zane softened up slightly after about five minutes and Damian expelled him from his loose and sloppy ass. Eventually they came down again, and Zane rolled off Damian, so that he could breath properly.

“Wow, I've never felt anything so simply amazing in my whole life.” Damian sighed out.

“I agree. Had I have known it was going to feel that good, I would have given up my virginity years ago.” Zane also sighed.

“Same here. Doing it with a girl didn't feel near as good as it did with you, but then you returned the favor and did me as well, and oh my god.”

“Yeah, except I was never gonna do a girl.” Zane giggled.

“I never would have either to tell you the truth, but she offered, and I figured I may as well see if it was anywhere near as good as the straight boys said it was. I really don't know what all the fuss is about though, giving and receiving in gay sex is about a trillion times better.”

“I'll have to take your word for that one.”

“Yeah. Well, we better get cleaned up and diapered now, because if you're half as tired as I am, you're about ready to pass out.”

“As a matter of fact, I am about ready to pass out, so that'd probably be a good idea.”

They both slowly rolled themselves off the bed to fix it, and grab the supplies that had been thrown to the floor during all their thrashing. It was all laid down on the bed and the towel was removed and balled up and thrown in the hamper to be cleaned.

“Looks like it was a good idea to put down the towel, it was pretty messy from the both of us leaking out.” Zane said.

“Yeah. Sex, even with a girl, isn't exactly the cleanest thing, but gay sex is even worse. You can't really escape a mess, so I always keep a towel handy for when I want to play. I wouldn't want to stain my sheets or anything.” Damian smiled.

“How would you know all that?”

“Well, my dad told me that mostly, but I've also read a whole lot, not to mention common sense. I mean, where do you fuck a guy right, in the ass, well, what normally comes out an asshole. Even as clean as we both were, there still could be some mess.”

“True, as always. Go ahead and lay down, I'll get you cleaned up and diapered first.” Zane offered.

“Thanks.” Damian said, and then did as he was asked.

Zane very gently used a couple wipes to clean all of Damian's diaper area, he then used the lotion and rubbed a whole bunch in, and for the first time since he started diapering Damian, Damian did not get hard during the lotioning. He then smeared on a good thick coating of diaper rash cream, especially in the bruised and battered ass area, and then pulled up the diaper nice and snug and taped it up.

“Your bum looks pretty bruised, does it hurt at all?” Zane asked in concern.

“No, a little stretched is about all it feels, but otherwise pretty good. You're a fair bit bigger than anything I've used, so the first few times I'm gonna bruise a bit, and it'll hurt over the next couple days probably, but that's okay. I'd gladly accept that small amount of discomfort to feel what I felt earlier. You'll probably be the same, but you'd do it all over again in a heartbeat just to feel that again.”

“Yeah, you're absolutely right. We should maybe get some soothing cold cream tomorrow though and use that on our bums for the next couple days to help them heal a bit faster.”

“Not a bad idea, but you can get a type of cold cream that's even better for bruises, we'll get that instead. Now, hop up and let me get you ready.”

Zane traded places with Damian, and then he diapered Zane in the exact same way that he had just been diapered, and Zane too did not get hard in the least. In fact, it was the most soft that Damian had ever seen him before, even while at the pool Zane had not been that soft and relaxed.

“Yep, you were quite bruised as well, but you didn't tear or anything, so it shouldn't hurt for more than just a couple days, if it even hurts at all. I don't usually feel bruises too much, so I'll be lucky there, but if bruises bother you, shitting for the next couple days might not be fun.”

“Oh, I never thought of that, and I bruise easily, and they always hurt.”

“Then we'll definitely have to get the good cold cream for you, because I don't want you in any pain at all. Well, I think that we'd better crawl our no longer virgin butts into bed and get to sleep, it's well past my bedtime and I'm exhausted.”

“Yeah, me too. Come on baby.” Zane smiled warmly.

The lights were turned off, they crawled into bed, met in the middle, kissed tenderly for only a minute, and then whispered I love you, goodnight to each other, and before too long, they were both sound asleep. Nothing disturbed their sleep during the night, not even Dominic, who did in fact wake up and wanted a bottle. Matt ended up getting up to help Dominic out.

Chapter 7

“How do you feel this morning?” Damian whispered to Zane as soon as he came awake.

“Amazing, how about you?”

“Same. Does your bum hurt at all?”

“A bit, but not too bad. How about yours?”

“Just a tiny bit. Well, Dominic has been awake and cooing away merrily in his bed for about ten minutes, and I can hear daddy and Austin also awake downstairs, so let's get up and get baby and then some breakfast, because for some reason this morning I'm starving.”

“That's good, but that sounds like a good idea, 'cause I'm starving as well, but I think we both know the reason why.” Zane grinned.

“That I do. Come on.” Damian grinned right back and hopped up and out of bed.

Both boys' diapers were very wet, but they felt that they would hold up enough until after breakfast. They went and got Dominic out of bed, and his diaper was also okay until after breakfast, so they headed downstairs.

“Morning, how long have you two been up for?” Damian asked as soon as they found Matt and Austin in the living room.

“About half an hour. I'd ask how you boys' night was, but given the sounds you made last night, and the fact that I had to get up to help Dominic in the middle of the night, I think I can guess. You even woke Austin up, and he came to me to ask me if you two were alright. He went to your bedroom and saw you two playing, so I had to explain a few things to him. He ended up falling asleep with me and slept with me all night long.” Matt answered.

“Oh no.” Zane gasped and blushed.

“Don't worry, Austin understands, and he knows that he can't tell others what he saw. We talked about it last night before he fell asleep, and more this morning as well.” Matt said softly, rubbing Austin's hair affectionately, Austin was nodding happily.

“Sorry that I didn't wake up to Dominic last night daddy.” Damian said nonchalantly, knowing his dad did not care, and not worrying about Austin knowing.

“Not a problem baby, I understand. The first time is always that intense.”

“That it was.” Damian sighed, and Zane blushed just a bit more, but did find himself nodding in agreement.

“Neither of you hurt at all this morning do you?” Matt asked.

“A little tender is about all, nothing major though.” Damian said without shame.

“Same.” Zane whispered.

“Zane, there's no need to feel ashamed of what you two did last night, nor the fact that you were caught and that I know. What you two share is perfectly natural and beautiful. I know that both of you are deeply in love with each other, and there's no reason to not share what you two have with each other in any way you so desire. Austin won't tell, not even your mom, I told him that what he witnesses was a private act being done by two people in love, and that it was no one else's business. He understands, so there's no worries. I also told him that spying on you two when you're playing is also not polite, so he's agreed to not do it again.” Matt said.

“Thanks Matt, and thanks Austin for understanding.” Zane smiled shyly.

“You're welcome.” Both Matt and Austin said at the same time.

“Good. So, what are we gonna do today then guys?” Damian asked happily.

“No idea, haven't even thought about it yet.” Matt answered.

“Same.” Damian and Zane both said as well.

“We have plenty of time to figure it out, but later. First, let's get us some breakfast going, because I'm hungry, and I know you two are probably famished.”

“For sure.” Damian nodded his head in agreement.

“Yep.” Zane agreed.

“I'm hungry too.” Austin just had to say something.

“Good, come on then boys.”

They all went to the kitchen and helped to make some breakfast, and then shortly after they all sat down to eat it. Dominic of course received his bottle, and was drinking that as Damian was eating, holding Dominic in his lap. As soon as they finished eating, they all headed upstairs to get ready for the day.

“Okay, I know for a fact that I need a shower or a bath, because after what we did last night, I'm sure that I smell more than a bit, and you're kinda ripe too.” Damian said to Zane as they were walking upstairs.

“Yeah, you do smell a bit, that's for sure, and I could use one as well.”

“I'd say let's share, but we'd probably take too long and someone would send in a search party.” Damian grinned evilly. “Why don't you go ahead and hop in the shower, maybe pull Austin in for one as well, and while you two are in there, I'll get Dominic all washed and dressed for the day as well.”

“Sounds like a good idea, let me go grab Austin then, and we'll meet you in the bathroom.” Zane smiled.

A few moments later Austin and Zane were back in the bathroom, and without shame both of them removed their soggy diapers, the only thing that they had been wearing, and they hopped in the shower that Zane had got going as soon as they came in. As Zane and Austin were in the shower, Damian got to work getting Dominic undressed, and then bathed him in the bathroom sink. Once Dominic was nice and clean, Damian took him back to his bedroom, where he laid Dominic on his bed on the towel, and then proceeded to rub a generous portion of baby lotion into Dominic's soft skin. He then put some diaper rash ointment on Dominic's diaper area, and then pulled up and taped up one of his tiny little diapers. He was dressed then and was ready to face the world again in only a few minutes.

Damian sat there cuddling Dominic for the next ten minutes, waiting for Austin and Zane to finish up in the shower. All he did was just sit there and talk softly into Dominic's ear as he cradled him and rocked him gently. Both Austin and Zane came back to the bedroom naked, but still drying off, and Austin was quite hard again, but Zane did not look as if he were hard at all.

“Good, now that you two are done, would you watch Dominic for me while I have a shower please?” Damian asked.

“Sure, go ahead, have a nice long hot shower as well, it felt really good.” Zane offered.

“Thanks, I just might. It sure took you guys long enough.”

“Yeah, well Austin had a few questions, and of course he wiggles all over the place, so it's impossible to wash him. I had to smack his little wet bare bum to get him to stop.” Zane said with a bit of a blush.

“Ah, I think I know what kind of questions he had, and now I understand why he's hard.” Damian giggled.

“Yeah, he wanted to know what it felt like to do what we did.”

“And did you tell him that it feels incredible, but it did hurt a bit as well, and hurts even more today?”

“Well, sorta yeah.” Zane blushed more yet.

“It's okay to be curious Austin, but what we did last night takes a lot of love and trust, and patience too. If done incorrectly, it can be very painful, but if done correctly, then it can feel better than even I can say.”

“Thanks. Can you two do that to me as well?” Austin asked in all his young innocence.

“Afraid not kiddo. That's not something that we would be allowed to do, not only are you far too young, but you're Zane's little brother, so it just wouldn't be right. Also, you should wait just a little while longer before you start dreaming of doing what we were doing last night. That's not normally something that little guys like you get into.”

“But, I'm a big boy.”

“Yes, you're getting to be a big boy for sure, but you're still only just five. That's really not very old. Many people would even claim that Zane and I are too young to be doing what we we're doing, but given that we're at least teenagers, they wouldn't complain too much. Now you on the other hand, if someone were to catch you doing that, they would question where you learned it, and when they forced you to tell, that could get us in trouble, because they would say it's wrong. If we were to do anything though, and anyone were to find out, both Zane and I would get in really big trouble, maybe enough for us to have to go to jail, and I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that that would be a very bad thing.” Damian said softly, having knelt down so that he could look right into Austin's eyes as he did so.

“Oh, I wouldn't want to get you two in trouble, and I really don't want you to go to jail or anything like that.”

“Then your best bet is to just forget about ever doing anything like that with either of us, and try and forget about doing anything like you saw last night until you're older. If you really need to, play with your peepee, I'm sure you do anyways, but that's all you need to do right now.” Damian smiled warmly.

“Oh, okay.” Austin smiled as well, and skipped out of the room to the room he was using to get dressed.

“That was interesting.” Zane breathed out heavily.

“Nah. I'm sure that my dad told him much the same things last night and this morning, but he wanted to hear it from us as well.”

“You really held nothing back though. I'm not sure I could do that.”

“It's stuff that he has to know though, especially after what he witnessed last night, and from the sounds of it, he watched for quite a while, and saw more than enough to really teach him a few things. Odds are that he'll probably end up finding himself a cute little boyfriend before too long to experiment with, and it'll be be perfectly harmless, unless they get caught by the wrong person. Even though I can sort of tell already that he just might turn out gay, it won't be anything truly sexual or gay, at least not for a bit.”

“You really think he's gonna be gay as well?” Zane asked in shock.

“He's still pretty young, and it's hard to tell on younger kids, but if I had to place a well educated guess, I'd say yes. By that age my dad already suspected that I was gay, and by not much older he was almost certain, and then by the time I was ten, he knew without a doubt pretty much. He just seems to me as being gay, but there's no one thing that strikes me as gay yet. Time will tell for sure.”

“Oh. I hoped that he'd grow up normal and that he wouldn't have to go through what I have.”

“He's perfectly normal, as are you, there's nothing wrong with being gay. Having an older brother that he knows is gay though will certainly help him deal with it far easier than you had it. I know most gay kids are so scared, but I'm lucky, I knew my dad would understand, and I was already sure that he knew anyways.”

“How could you know that he knew?”

“Let's just say that during more than a few of our sex talks, he didn't really go into straight sex as much as he should have, he dedicated most of his talks to other areas, let's say.” Damian grinned.

“Oh, that would be a bit of a tipoff, that's for sure.” Zane grinned.

“That it was. He never blatantly used the term gay sex or anything like that, he always said anal stimulation and stuff like that. By the time I was ten, I was starting to understand more and more what he really meant. I'd already tried sticking my fingers up my bum before then, pretty much right after my first talk about that at the age of eight I gave it a shot, and have pretty much played with myself like that since. I think you'll agree that it feels nice.”

“Yeah, that I would. What about Austin though?”

“What about him?”

“Well, what should I do?”

“Just be there for him, answer all his questions honestly and openly, do not talk down to him, and if he doesn't quite understand something, either explain it to him, or tell him that if he doesn't understand it yet, he soon will. There's some things that kids just don't understand until they've tried it, like anal stimulation, most can't understand how something that sounds so nasty can feel so good, same goes for rimming as well. Even I myself never realized how pleasurable it would be until we tried it.”

“How would your dad know all about rimming especially?”

“Because he's done it as well, but with girls, like how yuck.” Damian laughed.

“Eww, that's gross.”

“He didn't seem to think so. Well, now that you're mostly done, can you watch over Dominic while I run and have a shower please?” Damian asked.

“Sure, you know I never mind watching the little guy.” Zane smiled warmly.


Damian removed his wet diaper and sauntered from the room towards the bathroom. Once there, he had a nice long hot shower, washing himself off really well. He stood and soaked in the water for a while longer as well, just enjoying the time alone for a few minutes.

Zane finished drying himself off, all he had to do was do his feet, and then he threw on a pair of underwear, and then went and cuddled up to Dominic. Austin came in a couple moments later, and saw his brother cuddling Dominic, so hopped up on the bed as well, and laid there gently tickling Dominic's tiny little chest. Zane had to smile inwardly, the only time he ever saw his little brother do anything slowly and gently was when he was around Dominic, every other time he was rough and would not stop wiggling all over, but not around Dominic.

They laid like that, just cuddling up to Dominic all the way until Damian came back in the bedroom drying himself off. Zane was facing Damian, so enjoyed the show, but Austin, who had his back to Damian, rolled over so that he too could enjoy the show. A few seconds later, the increasing lump in his underwear told Damian that Austin was enjoying the show very well. Damian had to chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” Zane asked curiously.

“Take a look at your brother.”

“Huh.” Zane said, and then realized how he was turned and where he was looking, and it only took one look downwards to see what Damian could see.

“Austin, quit dreaming about my boyfriend.” Zane laughed.

“What!” Austin asked innocently.

“It's not polite to stare at people, and they certainly don't want to catch you getting a hard peepee while you're doing it.” Zane pointed out.

“I can't help it.” He whined out slightly.

“I know how you feel.” Zane sighed.

“Thanks guys. Austin, I don't mind you looking, I know how you feel, I was the same way as you are. When I was your age, whenever we went to the pool, I always looked at the other boys and men, and I got hard too. My dad got more embarrassed than I did though, but most of the boys or men that happened to catch my attention were far more embarrassed. A couple of the more stupid people said things, but my dad told them to shove it and get lost. He tried to tell me, time and time again, not to so openly stare at people, and eventually I learned. Try not to do that to yourself okay, it's okay to look, but try not to stare, and try not to get a little hardon.”

“Okay. Why would people say stupid things though?”

“Because some people don't understand that kids are curious, they think that it's wrong for a boy to look at another boy like that, and to get hard while doing so, really embarrasses others for some reason. It's perfectly natural though, even though most boys would never admit to looking at other boys, but most try not to be so obvious about it and get an erection.” Damian smiled.

“Oh. Okay, thanks for not getting mad.”

“No prob, but I'd never get mad for that.” Damian smiled again.

“So, what are we gonna do today?” Zane asked.

“No clue. Let's go find daddy and see what if anything he has planned for the day.” Damian said, and they all headed out. Damian had put his underwear on and grabbed Dominic, so they were ready to go.

“Hey boys, finally emerged from your den I see.” Matt chuckled as they all walked in the room, the only one of them that was dressed in more than underwear was Dominic, and he was fully dressed.

“Yeah, we did, but we took shifts in getting ready, so that someone was watching Dominic at all times. So, what should we do today daddy?”

“Not a bloody clue. What about you guys?”

“Same, that's why we were asking you, or else we would have just asked to go and do something in particular.” Damian grinned.

“Glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble trying to figure something out. Let's just go ahead and head to the mall then and look around for a bit and see what else we can come up with, since there's not much else to do. If it was nicer out, I'd say let's head to the lake, but it's too cool today for that I think, and I don't really feel like swimming anyways.”

“Sounds good enough to me daddy.” Damian smiled.

“Me too.” Zane added, and Austin nodded his agreement as well.

“Okay boys, go get dressed then, unless you want to go to the mall in your underwear. If any of you wore boxers, it might not be so bad, but the only one of you wearing anything close to regular underwear is is you Zane, and they're just plain white briefs, but you in your low cut high rise bikini briefs Damian, and you in those cute little superman undies Austin would probably raise a few eyebrows.”

“Or cause a few spontaneous orgasms.” Damian giggled.

“More than likely true as well.” Matt laughed, even Zane chuckled.

“I wouldn't doubt it either.” Zane said.

“Go on boys, I'll take Dominic and get him all ready to go and get his diaper bag ready as well.”

“Thanks daddy.” Damian smiled and handed Dominic over to his grandpa.

The boys all ran upstairs as soon as Dominic was safe, and went to their rooms and got dressed. Even though it was cool outside, it was still summer time, so they all put on shorts and a longer sleeved shirt, but nothing too heavy. Damian was wearing the heaviest of clothes, the same shirt, but a heavier docker style tan shorts. All three boys met back in the hall about five minutes later, at almost the exact same time.

“Ready to go daddy.” Damian called as soon as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Be right there, just getting the last bottle ready to go.” Matt called back.

A minute later and Matt and Dominic came out of the kitchen, Matt already had his shoes on, and Dominic was already in his car seat. The boys had gotten their sandals on as soon as they made it downstairs, so they were already ready to go, so they all headed out, Damian locked up the house, and they hopped in the car.

They made it to the mall within a few minutes, and Damian hopped out right away and got the stroller from the trunk, set it up, got Dominic from the car and clicked his car seat into the holder on the stroller, stored the diaper bag in the lower compartment, and deemed them all ready to go.

“So, where to first boys?” Matt asked as they were walking towards the mall.

“Wherever, doesn't really matter too much.” Damian said with a shrug, and the other two boys nodded as well.

“Well then, I guess we start at this end of the mall and just work our way towards the other end.” Matt suggested.

“Works for me.” Zane said this time.

So that was what they did. They headed to the end of the mall that they were closest to, and started looking around in the stores that they wanted to. Not even an hour after they got there, Damian all of a sudden got a panicked look on his face.

“Oh god!” Damian said urgently.

“What, what's the matter?” Matt asked as he turned around, and then saw what the problem was.

“I peed myself, I didn't even feel it until it was already coming out. I went to the bathroom before we left, and I didn't feel it building up, and it's been over an hour, that should have worried me, but I just never noticed. Do I still have a change of clothes in the car daddy?”

“Oh, I'm so sorry that this is happening to you baby. Yeah, you know I always keep a couple pairs of each of our pants in there for just such an emergency. Here, take my sweater and wrap it around your waist, at least no one's noticed yet.” Matt said handing over the sweater that he had put on over his tee shirt.

“Thanks daddy. God I hate wet pants. Do you have any diapers in the car as well, if I didn't feel it coming on, I probably shouldn't be trusting my bladder at the moment, and I don't want to be wetting any more pants today?”

“Yeah, there should still be a few of each of our diapers in there in the bag that has our pants. Why don't you boys head to the bathroom right over there and I'll go get the stuff for you!”

“Thanks daddy, that's a good idea.” Damian said sadly, and they split up, the boys heading to the bathroom, and Matt to the car.

As soon as the boys made it to the bathroom, Zane told Austin to try and go to the bathroom, and he did the same thing. Damian even tried to go some as well, but nothing more came out, it seems all of it went into his shorts.

“So, what does that mean then Damian?” Zane asked curiously after he finished peeing, Damian had went into a stall, but had not closed the door, that way he could close it if someone else came in.

“Well, if I'm anything like my uncle was, then I'm going to have to start wearing diapers full time I guess. This same thing happened to him, but when he was about sixteen. Just one day he all of a sudden didn't feel it coming, and he never felt it again, and still doesn't, and he's older than my dad.”

“That sucks.” Zane said, sounding depressed.

“Only a bit. I'm kinda sorta a diaper lover anyways, and I enjoy wearing them, but having to wear them all the time will get kinda old real quick. My uncle told me that I could use a leg bag and a catheter, but that he can't wear them that often, because with his condition, he gets bad infections from them, so I'll probably be much the same way. I'll more than likely just stick to diapers, but I'll get a couple catheters and leg bags for when I absolutely have to have them, I just won't wear them for long.”

“Oh, well, I guess I know how you feel, I wouldn't mind wearing them more often at times, but not so sure I'd like to wear them all the time.” Zane said.

“Yeah, but if I do, then I'll deal with it, and at least I have an understanding boyfriend.” Damian smiled warmly.

“I'd love to wear diapers all the time, I hate going in the potty.” Austin piped up.

“I know Austin, but it's not a good idea to wear them all the time, just be thankful you can wear them when you do, okay.” Damian said softly, the entrance of someone startled them all, and Damian looked to see who it was, to see if he needed to duck into the stall and close the door, but it was Matt.

“Still in your wet shorts baby, I figured that you'd already be stripped, given how I know how you hate being in wet clothes!”

“Well, I didn't want to get naked, just in case someone else came in here, and this way I could still at least easily talk to the others.”

“Good point. Well, here you go baby, go ahead and get diapered and redressed, or would you like help?”

“I'd prefer help, but there isn't a handicapped stall in the bathroom, so you couldn't help even if I needed you to, unless we barred the door.”

“Oh, good point.” Matt said after looking around for a second.

“The other bathroom down the other end has a good sized stall, it's newer and in the more public sections of the mall. This is the old section, and this bathroom hardly ever has anyone near it, so this was the better choice anyways.” Zane pointed out.

“Ah, good thing we came here then I think.”

“Yeah. So, was there any diapers as well daddy?”

“Yeah, a few, so here you go, everything's in the bag, and of course just throw your wet clothes in the bag once you're done.” Matt said, handing over the bag.

Damian ducked into the stall, closing the door behind him, just in case someone else came in the bathroom before he was done. It took him a minute to get himself stripped out of the wet and sticky clothes, but eventually he wriggled his way out of them.

“Daddy, would you hand me the baby wipes from the diaper bag p[lease?” Damian asked.

“Oh, sorry, I should have thought of that already and had them ready for you.” Matt said, and then quickly pulled out the diaper bag, opened it up, dug through it for a second and came out victoriously holding the case of wipes. He handed it under the door, and Damian took them and cleaned himself up.

The others heard the unmistakable sound of diaper tapes being opened, and then the sounds of someone attempting to diaper themselves in a confined space, not an easy chore either by the way. There was a bit of grunting and groaning, as well as banging about, and then a few minutes later, Damian emerged in clean pants, a slight diaper bulge easily seen beneath the pants.

“Hmm, looks like we should maybe get you a new pair of pants, a new shirt, or both, because that sorta shows up a bit. Those pants have obviously been in the car for a while, they're getting tight on you.” Matt said after a minute of sizing up his son, easily able to see the diaper bulge.

“I was thinking the same thing. For now I'll just keep your sweater though to hide it a bit better, but I think the clothing stores might not be such a bad place to visit next.” Damian smiled.

“For sure. We're gonna have to find a doctor as well and Monday you'll have to go get yourself checked out. I have all our doctors records, so whomever we find will know everything he or she needs to know.”

“He, I don't want no woman doctor, thank you very much.” Damian actually blushed.

“Of all people, I never thought you'd be ashamed to have a woman doctor!” Zane said in humor. “My doctor's a woman, but I hate going to see her for anything, but she's been my doctor since I was born.”

“Well, there's only ever been one girl to see me naked, and that's how it's gonna stay, only just that one girl, and she'll never see me naked again. There are just some things not even I'll do.”

“Can't says I blame you any. Just imagine how it must be for girls and having to see a male doctor. Regardless though, you still have to go see a doctor first thing Monday morning. I have a few clients Monday, so I can't take the day off and take you, in fact all the way until Thursday is pretty much booked, but I want you to see someone right away.”

“I'll be fine to go by myself anyways, no biggie.”

“I'll go with you to watch Dominic while you're in with the doctor if you'd like.” Zane offered.

“I just might take you up on that offer, thanks. The odds of me being able to see a doctor on Monday though are kinda slim. It'll probably take time before I can even find a doctor that'll take me, and I'll see if he can take you as well daddy. I'd be very surprised if I can find a doctor that'll take both of us and see me on Monday.”

“That's a good point, but you can always try, and even if you can't get an appointment right away, at least you can get in as soon as possible. I really should have started looking for a new doctor right away, especially with Dominic, so that he can get his checkups.” Matt admonished himself.

“I should have thought about Dominic seeing a doctor daddy, that's my responsibility, so it's just as much my fault.”

“Yes, I suppose that's true too, that was the agreement, that's for sure. Well boys, there's no need to spend the entire day in the bathroom, so let's go get some clothes. Pass me the bag of your wet clothes baby, and I'll tuck them into the bottom of the stroller.”

“Okay.” Damian said, handing the bag to his dad, who then stuffed it in the stroller, he was already there anyways.

They headed out of the bathroom and went to a good boys clothing store that Zane said was usually a good place to go. Both Matt and Damian really liked the store too, it was an unusual store in that it only carried clothes for boys, up to about the age of sixteen, depending upon the size of the boy, but they had an excellent selection. They were well aware that finding any such store was rare, since ninety nine percent of the stores catered almost solely to females. Not only did they find some clothes for Damian to change into, but they also found a few new outfits for him, and two times more than that for Dominic. Damian almost grabbed a new pack of really nice looking bikini briefs, but then realized that the likelihood of him ever wearing them now would be quite slim.

“Wow, that store was really nice, thanks for pointing it out Zane. Let's head back to the bathroom so that I can get changed.”

“No problem. That's where Austin and I usually get most of our clothes, because they actually carry nice stuff, and their prices are usually pretty good. They're a little more expensive than the big stores, but their quality sure is a lot better.”

“I noticed that.” Matt smiled.

They headed back towards the bathroom that they had used previously, and were thankful that it was once again empty. Damian went into the same stall with a pair of shorts and a new shirt, so that they matched, and removed his other clothes and changed into the new ones.

“There, that looks much better. You can hardly tell that you're wearing a diaper now baby. How do they feel?”

“Nice, they're quite comfortable clothes actually, and they fit great. The problem though is that I can tell that if I lift my arms that my diaper is gonna show, because the shirt lifts up and the band of the diaper is higher than the shorts are. I tucked the top edge of the diaper down some, and put my underwear on to hold it better, but it'll still be noticeable I think.”

“That's good that they're comfortable at least, and that's a good idea to hide your diaper. Not sure what else we can do though.” Matt said softly.

“Why not get yourself some diaper shirts, look how well they work for babies?” Zane asked curiously.

“That wouldn't be such a bad idea, except where the heck would a boy my size get a diaper shirt?” Damian asked in confusion.

“Lots of places actually. There's a boy in my school who's a gymnast, and he once did a gymnastics show at our school, to try and drum up more business I think, and he wore a really neat body suit and shorts, he was pretty cute actually. Anyways, you could easily get one of those body suits, wear it as an undershirt, and it'd probably hide your diapers perfectly. I think the store we bought your clothes at carries them, I've seen someone buy them before, so we could check there.”

“I'll be damned, I never thought of that. I was a bloody gymnast when I was younger and I wore one of those as well. I have no idea why I never thought of that, but you're right, it'd work perfectly.” Matt smacked himself.

“Sounds good to me.” Damian smiled, so once they were ready to go, they headed right back to the store that had just come from.

They did not see the body suits anywhere, so asked the clerk, and he showed them where they were, in a back corner, sort of out of the way a bit. Damian picked through the rack and chose four different colors. They went and paid, and then headed right back to the washroom so that Damian could try one of them on to see how they fit. He emerged a few minutes later holding his underwear triumphantly and smiling.

“Wow, this works perfectly, thanks for the idea Zane. You can't even tell I'm wearing a diaper now at all, well almost. You'd have to be really looking to see it at all, and I can move and my diaper never shows up, because the diaper shirt holds it perfectly. They're really comfortable too.” Damian smiled brightly.

“That's good baby, I'm glad that it fits and that you like it.” Matt smiled warmly.

“You're welcome Damian.” Zane also smiled warmly.

“I want one of those shirts too Zane.” Austin asked cutely.

“Not today, okay. I don't have any money, and mommy never gives me money to go clothes shopping until at least the middle of August, unless one of us really needs something.”

“You're mom lets you do the clothes shopping for you two?” Damian asked curiously.

“Yeah, she started getting me to do it a couple years ago, because I like doing it, and I'm better at it than she is. Sometimes I swear she has no taste whatsoever. She even drags me shopping whenever she needs clothes, because I won't hesitate to tell her if something doesn't look nice or right on her. It was quite funny a few months ago when she dragged me shopping with her, she tried on these hideous pants, even though I told her they wouldn't work, she came out and I told her flat out that they made her ass look three times bigger than it was, and the color made her look like a ghost. She took one look in the mirror, and actually agreed with me. She hasn't exactly got a small ass, but it's nowhere near big, but those pants made it look like it really was. She was also bringing me clothes that made me look like I was five years old, which I really hated, and the time she bought me a pair of bright green shortalls, I told her no way, that I was taking them back and she was never allowed to shop for me again. She didn't even take offense to it, it was quite funny.” Zane laughed.

“That's actually quite funny.” Damian laughed.

“It is, and I've known a few people like that, mostly men granted, but a couple women that couldn't dress themselves without a guide.” Matt chuckled as well.

“Well, should we get going then, people will start talking if they see us coming to the bathroom and staying for so long all the time.” Damian grinned.

“If they even bothered to pay attention that is. So, was your diaper wet yet baby?” Matt asked as they were just leaving the bathroom.

“Yeah, a little. I never even realized it until I was changing, so it's already happening to me. That makes me the youngest in the family to completely lose control.” Damian said with no real emotion. “But even Uncle Tom still has some feeling, he just can't hold it, I'm not even feeling it.”

“Not entirely true. One of my great uncles, you wouldn't have met him, because he died a year or so before you were born. Anyways, he never gained control of his bladder, by the time he felt his bladder getting full, it was already too late, because he would just start peeing. I imagine that it was considerably harder for him during that time, all he had when he was a kid were cloth diapers, which by the way are really big, bulky, and hot, I had to wear them as a kid for bedtime, but at least when he was older he got to switch to disposable diapers. Although he still preferred cloth for when he was at home. I guess when it's all you know, it's what you get used to. I personally wouldn't ever go back to them, they're too hot. You've also had a few uncles and great uncles in the past lose control like you have, so don't worry.” Matt said.

“Oh, that would suck. So does every male in your family have the same problem?” Zane asked curiously.

“Not every one, but a good portion of them do. There's also a few females, but far less than the boys, that's for sure. Most though just have no control while sleeping, and only a few have daytime issues as well.”

“How does everyone handle it?”

“As best as we can I guess. There's nothing that can be done about it, so there's no point in worrying about it. I mean it's difficult for some to cope, because they think it's such a horrible thing and that no one would ever date them or anything if they ever found out, but I never gave a damn. Nearly every person in my school knew that I had to wear diapers to bed, and let's just say as a straight guy, there's an awful lot of girls out there that really get off on changing a guy. I think I had every one of them in my school.” Matt grinned, and Zane blushed a full body blush and could not say anything. Matt and Damian chuckled.

“That was good daddy.” Damian grinned.

“You guys are awful.” Zane managed to mutter.

“Thanks.” Both Matt and Damian said.

“It wasn't a compliment.” Zane growled, causing all three of the others to laugh, even Austin who barely knew what was being said.

“Come on, Dominic's gonna need to be fed soon, he's starting to whimper, so let's head to the food fair, and we could probably eat while there as well.” Damian smiled.

“Okay.” The others all said at the same time, happy to hear about food.

They headed over there right away, and Damian got Dominic's bottle ready, while Matt took the orders for everyone's food, and then he took off to get it all. They all decided on the oriental food place and what they wanted, so Matt went to get their food. He was back only a few minutes later, and as Damian held Dominic to feed him, he also ate. There were more than a few people that were surprised to see such a young boy feeding a baby and so effortlessly eating as well. As always many wondered why it was Damian feeding Dominic, but no one asked this time.

“Well boys, where to next?” Matt asked as soon as they were finished their meal and all the garbage thrown away.

“Just start looking where we left off I guess.” Damian offered.

“Suppose we could do that. Not many stores left that'll interest us though, the rest are all girls stores.” Matt pointed out.

“Yeah, but there's an electronics store and a sporting goods store still.” Zane pointed out.

“Oh goody, I love electronics stores.” Damian said happily.

“Then lead the way my good man.” Matt said, waving Zane forward, who giggled and led the way. They stopped in one other store on their way, but made it to the electronics store fairly quickly. They looked in there for a bit, all liking a few things that they saw, but none of them wanting to buy anything in particular. They then headed to the far end of the mall, stopping at a few more places before hitting the massive sporting goods store. There they looked around, and once again saw many a neat thing, but took nothing home with them.

“How's your diaper holding up baby? You drank quite a bit with lunch, and I know how long you can last. And what about you two, need to go to the bathroom yet?” Matt asked the boys.

“I'm wet for sure, but I'll last until we get home.” Damian said.

“I really have to pee.” Austin said.

“Why didn't you say something Austin, you should have told me so that I could take you pee? I have to go too now, so let's get going.” Austin asked in frustration.

“Don't know.” Austin said.

“He's a little boy, he doesn't know how to pay attention to too many things at the same time yet, and he was having fun, so was ignoring it. Austin, you do have to try and pay more attention to your bladder though, okay buddy.” Matt said softly.


It was too late for Austin though, because only half way there, his bladder let go, and he too wet his pants. He didn't say anything though, and the others had not noticed until they got to the bathroom. This was one of the larger newer bathrooms, so there was plenty of room in it.

“Oh Austin, you wet your pants.” Zane said softly.

“Yeah, I had an accident, I couldn't hold it.” Austin said, not really caring one way or the other.

“That's okay buddy, it happens to the best of us.” Damian said.

“I'd offer you a diaper, but Damian's diapers won't fit you, and we have no pants here to fit you either, so you'll just have to walk to the car in your wet pants, okay.” Matt said, knowing full well the five year old boy would not care in the least.

“Oh, okay. I wish you had a diaper for me.” Austin said sadly, a couple others in the bathroom having heard the young boy, and how sad he sounded from it. Matt had said it quietly so that no one else would hear, Austin had not.

“Ssh little one, not so loud. Not everyone appreciates the fact that you might like diapers.” Matt whispered to the little boy.

“Oh. Okay.” Austin said quietly as well.

While Matt was talking to Austin, Zane had gone to a urinal, because he was actually reaching critical mass, and really had to go. He had actually been getting close to an accident as well. As soon as Matt finished talking to Austin, he too hit the urinals, because he too was getting uncomfortably full, and family history said he should not hold for that long, because anything at all could cause him to explode as well, and he did not care for having an accident in the mall.

“There, that's better. I had to go a fair bit more than I thought I did, and probably should have gone at least half an hour ago myself.” Matt said.

“Same here actually.” Zane said.

“So, we were all being naughty and holding it longer than we should have.” Matt grinned.

“Yeah.” Zane smiled.

“Well, come on, we need to get a wet little boy home and cleaned up, so let's say we head out boys?” Matt asked.

“Okay.” They all said and they headed out.

No one really paid much notice to a wet little five year old boy, thinking nothing of a young boy wetting his pants, since everyone knew little boys were famous for wet pants. Austin never cared either, he just laughed and talked to the others as if nothing were at all wrong, as if he had not even realized his pants were wet. The others also treated it as if nothing was wrong, and just continued all the way out to the car talking and laughing. Matt grabbed a plastic bag from the trunk and had Austin sit on it so as not to get the seat all wet, and he had no problem with that, so sat down on the plastic and was buckled in by his brother. Dominic was clicked into place as well, and his stroller and diaper bag stored in the trunk. The others then piled in and they were off before too long, heading back towards home.

“Can you put me in a diaper please?” Austin asked as soon as they walked into the house.

“I guess we could, but remember to never tell mommy that you wear diapers during the day sometimes, because she wouldn't understand. And I would probably get in trouble too for allowing it.” Zane said seriously.

“Oh, I won't 'cause then I wouldn't be able to wear diapers anymore, at least during the day.”

“That's right. Come on then, let's go get you cleaned up and into a nice thick soft baby diaper.” Zane smiled.

“And would you like me to diaper you as well once your done with Austin Zane?”

“Sure, why not.” Zane smiled brightly.

Damian took Dominic upstairs after grabbing a bottle from the warmer and fed him, changed him, and then put him down for a nap. Zane was done cleaning up Austin only a few minutes after getting upstairs, and he was put into a diaper even faster still. Austin was told to go ahead downstairs and watch TV for a few minutes until the rest came down to join him. So when Damian entered his room as soon as he had Dominic all settled into his bed, it was to find a very naked, and very hard Zane laying in the center of the bed.

“Hmm, if I had to place a well educated guess, I'd say that you were wanting, maybe even hoping for something.” Damian grinned.

“Oh yeah. I want you to come over here, let me strip you naked, and then I want to suck your dick so bad it hurts, and then I'd love it if you'd suck me as well.” Zane asked huskily.

“Okay.” Damian said brightly, who then closed and locked the door. This was the first time he had ever locked his door, ever, mostly because he did not want Austin to spy on them again, because he knew that the little boy would do so in a heartbeat if he even suspected what they might be up to.

Damian went towards the bed, and as he made it there, Zane rolled over to the edge of the bed and sat up. He then reached up and as he pulled Damian's shirt up, Damian raised his arms to allow it to happen. Zane then popped the snap holding Damian's pants on and lowered the zipper. He pulled them down and Damian stepped out of them when Zane urged him to do so. All that Damian had left on; were his new diaper shirt, a wet diaper, and his socks. Well all that and a smile. Zane went to work next on the diaper shirt, he worked it down Damian's shoulders, and then pulled it down to his feet, and then Damian stepped out of it as well. The final article covering Damian's pulsing hardness was his diaper, something that Zane was all too happy to remove, so he ripped off all four tapes and let the diaper fall to the ground.

Without changing positions at all, other than Zane bending down a bit more, Zane sucked Damian in right to the root, inhaling him totally, and nearly passing out from it as well. He then began a very slow steady bobbing, using just enough suction to make it feel good, and using his tongue the absolute best he knew how to, and he was getting mighty good at it, at least Damian sure seemed to think so. Since it had been at least a full twelve hours since his last orgasm, and the feelings were just too intense, Damian grunted out only once that he was cumming, and then exploded a most tasty treat right into Zane's sucking mouth.

Zane felt Damian getting close, could hear his moans and whines getting just a little louder, and just a little higher in pitch, so knew that he was going to get his treat real soon. He slowed down his bobbing, lessened is suction, brought Damian right to the very tip inside his mouth, and turned on the tongue action to maximum overdrive, and drove Damian right over the edge. He loved the feel of Damian unloading in his mouth, all four shots, but that was nothing in comparison to how he loved the taste of Damian filling his mouth. Well hardly filling, because it was probably no more than a teaspoon full.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Damian sighed, and then as soon as Zane let go his grip on Damian's cute little bum, Damian slipped to the ground and just sat there for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of an excellent cum.

“I'm glad you enjoyed baby.” Zane whispered.

“Oh yeah, I really enjoyed that, thank you very much. Just give me a second, and I'll try and make you feel as good as you just made me feel.”

“You don't have to do that just because I did it to you.” Zane smiled warmly.

“I know I don't have to, but it would be only fair, but more importantly, I really want to do it to you as well.” Damian smiled back just as warmly.

“Thanks.” Zane said.

For the next few minutes they said nothing more, Damian stayed on the floor where he pretty much landed, and Zane stayed sitting on the edge of the bed, watching his lover, his boyfriend, loving just watching him coming down from the orgasm he had just caused. Damian was finally able to stand up, and when he did, he crawled onto the bed and pushed Zane onto his back. Zane automatically rolled so that he was in the middle of the bed on his back, and opened his legs for the coming attractions.

Damian wasted no time in moving in on his target, and as soon as he was in range, he sucked Zane to the root, and sucked him like a pro, not someone who had given his first blowjob not all that long before. Not too surprisingly though, but Zane was even hotter than Damian had been, because he was very horny with having sucked Damian, so Damian got his treat only a few seconds, maybe forty or fifty, after starting. Damian was barely even ready for it, because Zane had hardly given him any time to read the signs, he started sucking, and then Zane was exploding. Damian also enjoyed the flavor of his boyfriend, savoring it for a few moments before swallowing it down.

“Wow.” Zane whispered more than a few minutes later when he finally came down. Damian had stayed laying between his legs, just licking his balls tenderly as Zane came down.

“Glad you enjoyed. Boy were you hot though. I was barely even ready for the explosion.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I'd offer to let you go again, but I think we've been gone long enough, and if we're not downstairs soon, Austin's gonna come looking for us again, and he'll probably watch again.”

“No worries there, I locked the door when I came in. I figured that he'd do the same if given half a chance, but with daddy downstairs, he probably wouldn't let Austin come back upstairs, knowing that we were taking too long to just get changed. Speaking of which though, you should probably get me diapered, and then I'll diaper you.”

“Good idea. Wouldn't want you to wet your bed, now would we? So why didn't we lock the door before by the way?”

“To tell you the truth, that's the first time I've ever locked a door inside the house. I've never had to before. My dad and I've never been shy around each other, we walk in on each other when we're going to the bathroom all the time, so I just never thought of it.”

“Oh. I always lock the door to the bathroom when I'm in there, I'd just die if my mom walked in on me, especially when I'm jacking off.”

“Why don't you do that in your bedroom?”

“During the day it's safer to do it in the bathroom, because I don't have a lock on my bedroom door, and I wouldn't want my mom to catch me doing it.” Zane grinned.

“Good point.” Damian grinned as well.

They quickly diapered each other, and then headed downstairs to join the others. Nothing was said to the boys about the fact that they took an awful long time for just a supposed diaper change, but Matt did grin at them, and even Austin looked at them in a knowing fashion, both of them pretty much saying that they knew what the two horny boys had been up to.

For the rest of the day, they pretty much sat back and relaxed. They watched TV for a bit, watched a movie together, played a few games on the game system, and just had fun. They stopped for dinner when they were all hungry, and then headed to bed at about the same time as they normally did. Given that Damian and Zane had already had some much needed release earlier on in the day, and they were in fact getting tired, they did not play around at bed time. They all slept well throughout the night, Dominic only woke once, which meant that Damian also only woke once.

Chapter 8

Sunday morning went normal for them all, and Zane and Austin went home at a little past lunch time, as was about normal for them. Damian, Matt and Dominic spent most of the rest of the day in, except for a little more than an hour while they went grocery shopping. Damian decided that since it seemed that he was going to be needing to wear diapers seemingly full time now, since he still had not once felt the need to pee, but was keeping his diapers quite wet, that he should get some thinner daytime ones, so that they were just a little less visible under his clothes. Baggier clothes and his new diaper shirts would help in that endeavor a great deal, but thinner diapers would be even better yet.

Monday morning Matt went into work at his normal time, and as soon as Damian felt that the doctors offices would be opening, he looked in the phone book and started calling doctors. It was more than an hour later, and fifteen or sixteen doctors, Damian was not quite sure any more, but he finally found one that agreed to take on the whole family. He was told that if he could make it to the office for one in the afternoon, that he had an appointment, so Damian took it. Damian had no idea where the office was at, he still had no idea how to get around in their new home, so he called Zane, and Zane came over in under ten minutes.

“So, you found a doctor did you?” Zane asked as soon as he walked in, not even bothering to knock any more.

“Yeah, and he wants me there at one. Where's Austin today, don't you have to baby sit?”

“Mom stayed home today, she wasn't feeling well, and I asked if I could go out alone for a bit, and she said no problem.”

“Oh, okay. I thought you finally snapped and just tied the little brat up and hid him in a closet and escaped.” Damian said with an amazingly straight face.

“You know, I've actually thought about it, but he's too damned cute, and I couldn't really do it to him. But it sure is nice envisioning the duct tape covering his mouth sometimes.” Zane grinned.

“I have no doubt. So, did you ask your mom about home schooling then?”

“Yeah, and I told her all the pros to it, and she pointed out all the cons as well, and I countered that the pros far outweighed the cons in this instance. She said that she would think about it, so for now I guess that's all I can ask for.”

“At least you made a good argument, and challenged her when she countered your information, so she shouldn't say no. Really, there's absolutely no reason for her to say no to you for such a simple thing.”

“Yeah, I just hope she agrees.”

“I'm sure she will. So, here's the address of my doctors office, how long will it take for us to get there?”

“Um, this is clear the other side of town, that'd take almost an hour, maybe more to walk it, so how are we gonna get there?”

“Oh, I didn't realize it was that far away.”

“You know, for someone so smart, you sure don't know how to use technology do you? All you had to do was go to Google Maps and type the bloody address in and you would have found out exactly how to get there from here. I would have done that while calling doctors, find the ones closest to here first, and work your way out from there.” Zane grinned, showing that he was teasing his boyfriend.

“Actually, I may be smart, but I actually detest computers. I can use them alright when I need or want to, but I just find it pointless most of the time, because it just takes so much time to find anything that I'm looking for when I do try. So, I hardly ever think of stuff like that. My dad's actually way better with computers than I am.”

“Oh, then I'd probably scare you with what I can do then. I love computers, and I can do some pretty cool stuff with them.”

“See, you're good at something, just like I told you you are.”

“Yeah, I guess I never thought of that.”

“And that's you're problem, you're always focusing only on th bad, not the good that you have.”

“I know, but you have other kids tease you from grade three on that you're a sissy, you're weak, a nerd, and then finally gay and homo and fag, it just got to the point that I forgot about anything good.”

“I'm sorry, they didn't have the right to treat you that way, no one does. I got called a lot of that same stuff though, lots, and I just grinned and told them thanks or something like that. So, if the office is across town and we can't really walk, then I guess we take a taxi closer to the time then.”

“That sounds good to me I guess. Do you have money for that though, they're pretty expensive?”

“Yeah, I have some cash, hopefully enough. I'll buy lunch though, I have my bank card, and I have plenty in that account.”

“Oh, does your dad give you an allowance?”

“No, not really. When my grandparents died, they had a lot of money, so some went to my dad, and some went to me, the rest was split amongst all my uncles and cousins. It wasn't a huge amount or anything, only like twenty thousand dollars, my dad got more, but given how good he is with money, he made it make me lots extra, and I get a monthly spending allowance with it. Now that I have Dominic, it was increased, and I had plenty in there already, but I've used a good portion of what I had saved in my checking account to buy all of Dominic's stuff.”

“Oh, wow. And here I thought your dad bought it all for you.”

“Oh, he bought a few things, but I bought the majority of it. Dominic is my responsibility, so as such, I pay for as much as I can. Daddy buys his food, but I buy his diapers and the rest for the most part. Daddy seems to buy most of his clothes though, but I don't think he can help it, every time he sees a cute outfit for him, he just has to buy it.” Damian laughed.

“Oh, that's cool.”

“Yeah. Well, I should probably call a cab then and have someone pick us up pretty quick. It's almost eleven already, and we want to be there in plenty of time to make the appointment.”

“Probably not a bad idea. Sometimes the cabs here can be slow. I remember a couple years ago when my moms car died, she had to take cabs to and from work for a few days while it was in getting fixed, and more often than not, even though she called in plenty of time, she ended up late to work. Lucky they understood and she didn't get in trouble for it.”

“Then I really have to call quickly then.” Damian smiled and headed to the kitchen to grab the phone book. He found a number and grabbed his cell phone and dialed it. It took almost a minute for someone to pick up, and then he was told it would be about half an hour before someone could be there. He met Zane back in the living room and told him the news, and then they both went to get ready to go. Damian was still in his night diaper, and that's all, and Dominic was still in his jammies, but had already had a diaper change, because he had messed.

“Would you mind terribly if I borrowed one of your daytime diapers and one of your diaper shirts please?” Zane asked quietly.

“Sure, go for it, you know I have no problem with it.” Damian smiled brightly.

“Thanks. I wouldn't want for you to feel all alone.” Zane grinned slightly.

“Liar, but thanks.” Damian grinned.

“Yeah, you got me, but thanks as well.” Zane said and quickly stripped down to nothing.

Once Zane was naked, and Damian had stripped off his diaper so was naked as well, they proceeded to change each other, and then they helped each other into their diaper shirts. Once they were on, they each got themselves dressed the rest of the way. Zane had to smile, because he knew he was wearing a diaper, it felt awesome, but to look in the mirror he could not even tell at all. That was great, because even though he wanted to wear a diaper as well, he did not want to be caught doing so. Once they were both dressed and ready to go, they each helped to get Dominic and his diaper bag ready. Another bag was packed with a couple spare pairs of pants, two new diaper shirts, and four diapers, for just in case. Everything was taken downstairs and set by the door, and the stroller was brought out from the garage and set by the door as well, so that when the taxi arrived, it would only be a matter of grabbing everything and heading out.

Thankfully though the cab arrived only about ten minutes after they had everything ready to go, so they took everything out and Damian locked up the house. They hopped in after loading everything into the trunk, the driver had popped it open for them, and told the driver where they were heading, and then they were off. The drive into town did not take all that long, and before too long, they were there and Damian paid the driver. They grabbed all their stuff and then headed out for a bit of a walk, since they had plenty of time to kill.

As they walked, Zane pointed places out, telling Damian who or what they were, if it was any good, this and that. Damian appreciated the information, because he had no idea that any of the places even existed. They headed towards the doctors office about twenty minutes before Damian's appointment, so that they would be nice and early and to fill out any paperwork that was necessary. When they got there, the receptionist did in fact have Damian fill out some paperwork, and took the folder with his and Dominic's files in it, and she set it aside to be given to the doctor. Not even ten minutes later, he was called in.

“I'll just stay here with Dominic and watch him for you.” Zane offered.

“This appointment is for him as well, but I'd like for you to come to help me with him if I need it, okay.”

“If you're sure, then I don't mind.” Zane said softly.

They followed the receptionist into the correct office and she had them all sit and wait. The doctor arrived only a few moments later.

“Good morning gentlemen, how can I be of service to you three brothers?” He asked. He was fairly young, not even thirty if Damian's guess was any good.

“Not brothers Sir, boyfriend and son.” Damian said, Zane blushed.

“Oh. Well, if you're gay, how did you end up with a child, especially at your age? It doesn't even appear as if you've started puberty.”

“I know, I get that a lot, even my dad burst into a fit of laughter when I told him that I was gonna be a father, because he was certain that I hadn't even started at all at the time, but I had just started ejaculating like the week before or something like that. As for how I became a gay daddy, I told my best friend in the world that I thought I was gay, and she offered to have sex with me so that I would know for sure. Well, after the one time, I was sure. As it also turns out, I was more powerful than a condom and birth control, because I was wearing and she was on it at the time. And yes, a paternity test was done, and yes, I am the father, even my doctor at the time was shocked. He did a sperm sample and count, and found that I was amazingly potent for my age, especially considering I had no other signs of puberty at the time, other than my dick had started to grow some. Now at least I have some hair, but not much more than I did then, I could count them on one hand, now it takes both and one foot at least.”

“Okay, let me get this straight...”

“Hey, easy on the straight terms there.” Damian teased, and the doctor blushed.

“Oh, terribly sorry.” He muttered.

“You'll have to forgive him of that, he loves catching people with that.” Zane said, shaking his head.

“Oh, that was good. You should see how well I get my dad with that sometimes. Anyways, please continue.” Damian grinned.

“Oh dear, I can tell already that having you as a patient could be dangerous. I only just started a few weeks ago, and you're like only my tenth patient. Now I'm starting to wonder if this was such a good idea.”

“Ah, if you can survive me, then you can survive anything.” Damian grinned.

“He's right actually.” Zane grinned.

“Anyways, let me see if I have this correct, you're gay, you had sex once, you were wearing a condom and she was on birth control, you had next to no signs of puberty and had only started ejaculating approximately a week before the baby was conceived. Not to mention that you had a paternity test done and had your sperm tested, and the baby is one hundred percent yours.”

“Yep, that sounds about right. The only reason I did the paternity test at all was to shut up some people who said it was impossible for me to be the father, because I look way too young. I knew the baby was mine though, because my friend would not have lied to me. I wouldn't have cared less if she'd slept with one other guy or a hundred other guys, hell I would have joined in and told her so. She almost choked at that one she was laughing so hard, saying she wouldn't even doubt it. Anyways, when I was taking the parenting courses, people were really mean to me, and worse to her, saying that she was a slut and all that, so I did the test to shut them up.”

“Oh good grief, you have no shame, do you?”

“Nope, and he doesn't appear to have a shred of decency either.” Zane laughed.

“Hey, I resemble that.” Damian said, trying to sound hurt.

“Yes, I know.” Zane grinned again, and Damian smiled.

“As for your observation, no, I don't really have much shame when I know I can talk freely. I certainly wouldn't say half of this at school, not even I'm that brave. You though have to know much of this anyways, so there's no point in not telling you the whole sordid story.”

“Yeah, I took you for a smarter one, I could tell when you called this morning.”

“Thanks. Why is it you were answering the phones this morning anyways?” Damian asked curiously.

“My receptionist wasn't able to get here until eleven this morning, which wasn't exactly a big deal, because so far, you're the only person to come in today, and the only person to call as well.”

“Oh, that makes sense I guess. You'll probably get real busy before too long though, so you might want to enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.”

“Oh believe you me, I am going to, because I know that all too well. So, what exactly brings you in today anyways, I didn't really get into too many questions with you on the phone?”

“Well, I trust you've had a brief look at my history, but I'm sure you couldn't possibly have read it all already, so I'll give the short sweet version. As a baby, I was never sick at all, and all throughout school I've only had a few colds, had the flu once that I can remember, have missed chicken pox, measles, mumps and all those other nasty childhood diseases. And considering that many of the kids in my school suffered from these at one time or another, I'm not sure how I managed that. My only medical concern is my bladder. There's serious family history on that though, and it's included in my file as well. Anyways, many of the males, and a few of the females in my blood line have bladder control problems. Almost all of them it only occurs during the night, but for a few, it eventually turns into a daytime issue,. All of us though do have weaker than normal bladders and have to be careful not to let them get too full. One of my uncles is one of the daytime wetting ones, he started wetting during the day when he was sixteen, and one of my dads great uncles never gained control of his bladder at all. Up until a couple days ago, other than the odd accident, I was also only a bed wetter, but then a few days ago, I wet my pants, and had not even realized it was happening until I felt my pants getting wet. Since then, I've not felt the need to pee once. As with all my family, diapers was the main choice of controlling the problem, so now I'm in diapers all day, every day. Pretty much all I'm in for is to have you test to make sure that's the case, and to see if there's anything that can be done about it.”

“Oh, wow, I'm really sorry to hear that.”

“No need to be sorry, I'm okay with it, I knew it was going to happen eventually, and I deal with it easily enough. Until I told you I wore diapers, you probably never even noticed, and most certainly wouldn't notice either. I also have Dominic here to get him all checked out, since he hasn't been to see a doctor since he was born, and he's a month old now.”

“Oh, okay. So, your condition is a genetic issue then!”

“Yes, and in all likelihood, I passed it onto Dominic as well. My uncles all decided to adopt, so that they did not pass that on as well, they're trying to stop it, but I have it, and even if Dominic does not, then he will certainly be a carrier. I can't remember the exact terminology, nor the gene that's faulty, but it's all in my file there somewhere, we've all been to see specialists and everything, in fact we were all asked a few years ago to be seen by a certain specialist who deals in only our condition, which by the way is extremely rare.”

“I have no doubts there. I had of course heard of bladder failure before, and even some genetic issues that could cause bladder problems, but never to that extent.”

“Our family line is one of only maybe a dozen around the world that suffers from it, but the geneticist says that through research he's starting to believe we all hale from the same person somewhere very far back.”

“That makes sense enough that you might all be related. Every genetic issue has to start somewhere right. So, I guess since this is your boyfriend then, that you probably won't have a problem with stripping down with him here, so if you would, please strip down to just your diaper for now please?”

“Nope, even if he was my brother or just my friend, I wouldn't have a problem with it anyways.” Damian said, hopping up and starting to strip.

“Somehow I thought as much. Nice diaper shirt though, where'd you get that?”

“Thanks, Zane actually told me about these.”

“Oh, do you need to wear diaper as well, Zane is it?”

“No, only at night, but I told Damian that a diaper shirt was almost exactly the same as a gymnasts body suit, so that's what he bought.”

“Oh, good idea, and I bet they're comfortable too, because they have to be really form fitting and flexible for gymnasts, or they wouldn't wear them.”

“Really comfortable actually.” Damian said as he was slipping off the shirt, which was the last thing.

“I'll have to remember that for the future then, just in case I ever have any other patients that have bladder problems. Now, are you two sexually active, and if so, do you use protection?”

“Yes, we're sexually active, and no, we don't. I'd only had sex once, and Zane hadn't at all, other than sucking one boy. I was checked during one of my blood tests, I had them check everything at the same time, just in case, but I also knew my friend and I had been each others firsts, so I was certain I was safe.”

“What were you having a blood test for?”

“That time was to check for infections, because I was having troubles peeing again, but only half the time it's an infection. They always pulled blood and urine whenever I needed to be checked, not too sure why.”

“Because the last thing you want is to get an infection in your blood stream, that usually spells very bad news, so quite often doctors just check it as well to be safe.”

“Makes sense.” Damian smiled.

For the next half an hour, the doctor asked all sorts of questions as he checked Damian over fully, and Damian answered everything perfectly. Once he was finished with Damian, he checked Dominic over, and asked all sorts of questions about him as well.

“Well, other than your bladder, you seem to be in superb health. I'm gonna send you in for a few tests though, to see what they can see, if anything, because I can't see or feel anything in particular. The main ones though are an ultrasound of your bladder, a radio active dye x-ray, and of course blood and urine samples.”

“Oh great, I get to drink the nasty stuff again. I'd hoped after the last three times that I wouldn't have to again, but oh well. Are they gonna shove the bloody tube up my dick again, that bloody well hurts?”

“Afraid so, I've asked them to do that as well.”

“I thought you might have. So, when will I have to go for that, and where do I have to go, the hospital?”

“I'll set up the appointment and call you as soon as I know, but I'm going to ask for it to be ASAP, just in case it's a bad infection or something stupid like that. It'll be at the hospital, because there's nowhere here that can do something like all this except the hospital.”

“Thought so, same as my last home as well. Well, you have my cell number to call me as soon as you get the appointment, so unless there was anything else, I suppose we should let you get back to your boredom.” Damian grinned.

“No, I think that was it, so go ahead and head out, and I'll call as soon as I know. Thanks for coming in today.” The doctor smiled warmly and the boys left. He figured he was really going to like having Damian as a patient, he was very witty, and so damned cute as well, especially in his diaper, and his boyfriend was sure nothing to scoff at either.

The boys left the office right away, and were walking to a nearby restaurant that Zane said was usually pretty good. On the way there, they of course talked and laughed.

“You know, I think your new doctor might be gay.” Zane said only moments after they had left the office.

“Oh, I know he's gay.” Damian grinned.

“And did you see his expression once you were down to only your diaper?”

“Yeah, it was taking every ounce of willpower he had to not get hard, but he sure enjoyed looking, that's for sure. I don't think he minded my staying almost totally naked while we were there, even though I no longer had to be.”

“No, I don't think he minded too much either. How much should I bet that he went straight to the bathroom and jacked off at least twice?” Zane grinned evilly.

“Ooh, you're starting to get an evil streak, I think you've been hanging around me too much” Damian grinned. “I certainly wouldn't bet against you though, that's for sure. Although I'm willing to bet that it was closer to four or five times that he's gonna have to jack off.”

“I don't doubt that either.” Zane smiled warmly, and Damian was not entirely certain which part of his statement that Zane's was supposed to be for, but figured probably both.

They laughed and joked more about Damian's gay doctor, Damian joking about how he'd have to really torment the poor guy, give him flashes of diaper and skin whenever he was there, and Zane of course told him that was cruel, but did say that he might just have to change doctors himself, because having a gay male doctor made far more sense for a gay boy, than having a female doctor did. They made it to the restaurant a few minutes later and went in and sat down. Damian got some hot water to warm Dominic's bottle up and then fed him while they waited for their food to be delivered. Once again the waitress commented on how cute Damian's little brother was, and once again was absolutely amazed when she found out Dominic was his son instead. Damian was getting used to the shock and the looks, but it still bothered him when people said that he must be kidding because he was simply too young. As soon as they were finished lunch, they got up to head out.

“So, how should we get home, do you want to just walk and look around downtown as we go?” Damian asked.

“Sure, now that we don't have to worry about how long we take, we may as well.” Zane smiled warmly.

It took them nearly two hours to make it home, walking the entire way, but of course making a few stops along the way. Amazingly enough Dominic had stayed awake the entire time, watching everything as they went, but Damian could easily tell that his little guy was getting very tired. Damian and Zane took Dominic upstairs and changed his diaper and put him down for a nap, and then headed to their bedroom, because they too needed a diaper change.

“How would you like to lay down on the bed for a bit and suck each other?” Damian asked as soon as they entered.

“No interruptions, no peeping toms, sure. You want to try sucking each other at the same time today?”

“That sounds cool.” Damian smiled.

Slowly they stripped each other of all their clothes, and crawled onto the bed, each facing a different way, and they latched onto each other at almost the same time. They sucked each other slowly for the next ten minutes, until they both had a very nice orgasm, both of them enjoying the treat at the end. With a nice deep sigh, they both came down a few minutes later and rolled onto their backs.

“Wow, that was nice.” Zane whispered.

“Yeah, it was, but you should get me diapered up before I pee the bed.”

“Yeah, and you should diaper me as well, just because.” Zane smiled.

Zane crawled out of bed and grabbed the supplies that they would need and came back and diapered Damian gently and thickly, opting for the night time diapers this time instead, because they held more and were more comfortable. Zane then laid down and Damian diapered him the same way. Just as they were finishing up and were about to leave the room, Damian's cell phone rang, so he grabbed it and answered it. He talked for only a minute and then hung up.

“That was the doctor, I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning at seven. Do you think you could be here before that, bring Austin as well, and you two can babysit Dominic for me?”

“Sure, I have no problems with that. I'd offer to go with you, but I know that this time it could take a while, and I know for a fact that Austin couldn't handle sitting around waiting for that long.”

“Yeah, and I wouldn't want for Dominic to have to wait either, not that he would care much one way or the other mind you.”

For the rest of the day, they sat around doing nothing much, but doing it together, cuddling most of the time as they did so. When Matt got home, the boys went upstairs and Zane got out of his wet diaper and got dressed and headed home with a deep tender kiss. Damian just stayed in his diaper, it would hold up until bedtime he figured.

The next morning Zane showed up at six with Austin in tow, and Damian went over all the details again, just to make sure Zane was good with watching Dominic for what would likely be a few hours or more. Zane was good though, so Damian got himself ready to go and hopped on his bike for the ten minute bike ride to the hospital, his diaper bag on his back.

As soon as he made it there, he was told where to go and how to get there, so he did so, and he had to wait a few minutes for a doctor to come get him.

“Now, I've been given your history by your doctor and what's happening. I really need a urine sample, so the very first thing I'm going to do is put in a catheter and attach a leg bag to you, so that we can collect all the urine that you produce while you're here with us.”

“Oh, okay. Lead the way.” Damian said sadly, but not arguing, already knowing that it was more than likely going to need to be done.

They went to a private room where Damian was told to go ahead and strip, and then once he was naked, the doctor inserted the catheter, and then strapped on a leg beg on his ankle. He was then given a pair of hospital pants and a gown to wear so that he did not have to keep stripping off his clothes. The first thing after that that the doctor did was give him the radioactive dye to drink, and once again Damian gagged on it the entire time. They then headed for the imaging department, where an ultrasound was done, then a cat scan was done, and then finally to the x-ray to have that done. Next they went and took a bunch of blood, Damian was starting to feel woozy from that, and then they went to the room that they had pretty much started in and the probe was inserted up Damian's penis, and once again Damian did not like this in the least. Once that was all done, Damian's leg bag was removed and the collected urine was put into a container and sent off to the lab to be tested as well. Damian was then told that he could get dressed, and that his doctor would call him with the results. Damian diapered himself quickly and got dressed, and then headed back towards home. Finally he pulled into his driveway some four hours after he had left.

“Oh, you're finally back. So, how did it go?” Zane asked and gave Damian a kiss as soon as Damian walked in.

“About as well as expected really, but now I have to wait to hear what's up, and there's no telling how long that'll take.”

It was three days later that Damian was called by his doctor, and they made an appointment for him to come in that afternoon. Once again Zane was there, this time Austin was as well. Zane offered to just stay home and watch the boys, and Damian agreed that that would be for the best. He decided to just ride his bike this time instead, being that it would not take nearly as long as walking or waiting for a cab, so almost an hour before his appointment, he headed out with kisses to his baby and his boyfriend. He made it there with fifteen minutes to spare, and was shown in almost right away.

“Good afternoon Damian, I'm glad that you could make it on such short notice. Where's Zane and Dominic?”

“Zane's just at home watching his brother and Dominic instead of dragging them both here today. We figured that it'd be easier that way. So, is it as I figured it would be?”

“I got the test results yesterday and looked at them, and then contacted your specialist and emailed him everything, and he called me back this morning and confirmed my suspicions. Yes, it appears that you have now lost complete control of your bladder, I'm sorry to say. It seems that you're bladder muscles just decided to stop working completely and we see no way to fix it, since it's a problem in your brain and not actually in your bladder. That was a piece of information that your specialist informed me of that I was not aware. From what he told me of your family and the others that are like you all, he's been doing more research, and after testing a few of your family and the others that have passed away with your condition, he's found that the bladder is willing, but the brain just shuts it down completely sometimes, the rest of the time for the rest of your family it just does that at night. He told me that he still has no idea how or why, and that he sees no conceivable way to fix it either.”

“That's okay Doctor, I don't mind, really I don't. I've known from a very young age that our family had this problem, I got used to it a long time ago. By the time I was ten I already knew that this was going to happen to me, my dad had started warning me that I was just as bad as my uncle was or worse really, and that I too would more than likely eventually lose control. Then again, many of us do, but it's usually considerably later in life. Granted, most can at least most of us do feel the need to pee, just can't stop it from happening, whereas I'm not even feeling it anymore at all, but that's not unheard of either. At least I don't hate wearing diapers, and I'm okay with having to wear them. Sure it bothers me if people find out and call me names and stuff like that, but I deal with it just fine.”

“I'm glad to hear that you deal with it as well as you do, most wouldn't. Granted, most don't learn at such a young age that they will forever be in diapers, even if only at night, and you also knew early on that sometimes it became an all the time thing. Your specialist told me though that he is continuing to work on a cure or some way to resolve the issue, so eventually he may come up with the way to fix it.”

“If the issue is in my brain, then even if he does find a way to fix it, that would mean brain surgery, and there's no way I'll do it. I'd rather stay alive and wearing diapers than to have to chance brain surgery, thank you very much. On the other hand, if I ever had to have brain surgery, or else I'd be dead, then I'd tell them to go ahead and fix that at the same time, they may as well in that case.”

“I can't say as I blame you much for that. Brain surgery is definitely not something that you want to enter into lightly, that's for sure. There are certainly far more risks than fixing a bladder problem really warrants.”

“Exactly my point. Even if my brain were to be fixed, I doubt I could even sleep now without a diaper anyways, I've done it my entire life, it's just what I find comfortable to sleep in, and I wouldn't sleep without them now I'm betting.”

“Possibly true. Now, your tests showed you to be nice and clean and healthy in all aspects, as well as sexually transmitted diseases. I wanted to check for those as well, because there have been known bladder control side effects of certain ones, so I had them test for any known disease as well. I figured that it was better safe than sorry. There was however some very minor clouding in your urine, which they said could have been caused by either the beginning or the end of a bladder infection. There was no infection in you yet, but they warned that there could have been or one could start. Given your family history, I'm certain I don't have to tell you this, because I saw the amount of bladder infections you've had, but make sure to keep your bladder nice and clean, drink lots of water, absolutely no pop, only pure fruit juices if you really want to, but preferably not, other than cranberry, and blueberry is also really good for you, and green tea is also an excellent cleanser of your system.”

“I haven't felt a bladder infection coming on, so it is maybe about to start again, so I'll start drinking more water and green tea, it's what I always do. I rarely ever drink pop or juice though, because I know how bad it is for me to do so, but every now and then I just want something a little sweeter, even though I know it's not good.” Damian grinned.

“I know how you feel, I try not to drink them either, because no matter who you are or what problems you have, and I don't care if they say it's diet pop or not, pop is just not good for you, no matter how you cut it. The occasional one though is not bad, as long as it is a rare treat.”

“Yeah, my thoughts exactly, and the same with many of those juices out there, they're almost as bad.”

“That they are. Well, I think that was everything that I needed to tell you today, so I believe that you're free to go.”

“Thanks. Well, see you next month for Dominic's checkup then, unless one or both of us need to come see you again, and I'll tell my dad of his appointment to come and see you.” Damian said, he had asked to have his dad come in for a checkup too, because he knew he would not do so.

“Okay, great, see you then, have a good day.”

Damian headed out right away, riding all the way home without stopping. As soon as he made it home, he told Zane and Austin all about what the doctor had said. Austin said it was cool, but Zane said he thought it would sorta suck, but Damian told them both that he was okay with it. They spent the rest of the afternoon together having fun, they went to the park after Dominic's nap, and then headed back home. Zane and Austin left a while before dinner to go home and cook theirs, and when Matt came home, Damian told him the news, and Matt was not shocked by it any more than Damian had been.

The next few weeks went by with not a whole lot happening. Zane and Austin came over nearly every day and spent the day with Damian. They played a lot and just had a lot of fun. Zane's mom had finally relented after only a few days that it probably would be for the best all around that Zane did home schooling, and did the work to get him enrolled, and that had happened earlier this week. Damian was also nearing the exam time at the local university to sit his grade twelve equivalency exams, they were done there because they had classes all summer long. His exam was for the coming Friday. There was only a couple weeks left for Summer break, and then they would officially be back into the school year. Matt, Damian and Dominic had now been in their new house for nearly two months, and Damian and Zane had known each other for nearly as long, yet Damian had yet to even meet Zane's mom, he just never went there, Zane was always coming to his house. They decided though that that was to change, and after Damian got home from the university, he would go to Zane's house to spend the weekend there. Zane and Austin were going to come over and watch Dominic for Damian though while Damian did his test.

“Well guys, wish me luck.” Damian said Friday morning once he was ready to go. He would ride his bike there, Zane had had to show him where the university was, so now he knew. Matt had already told him to break a leg before he left that morning.

“You don't need luck, you're more than smart enough to ace the test without it.” Zane smiled warmly to the boyfriend he was falling more and more in love with every day.

“Thanks.” Damian smiled. “Well, I should get going now to make it there in plenty of time.” He said and then gave Zane and Dominic each a kiss, and even Austin wanted a hug to give his brothers boyfriend some more luck.

As soon as that was done, Damian headed out and rode all the way there. When he arrived, he was told where he was to go, so he went there and took his seat where he was told to sit. As the rest of the people filed in, they all wondered what an eleven year old was doing there, considering most of the people there were adults, and only one that appeared to be in high school, he was wanting to skip grade twelve. No one asked though, and Damian never talked to anyone else, other than to say hi, so they never found out. He just did the test as it was handed to him, and took his break when it was time, and came back and did the next one. He did this for all four tests that he had to do to guage his knowledge in all the major subjects. Once he was done and released for the day, he felt that he had done pretty well, because he knew all the subject matter that they asked for and had completed each test at least ten minutes early. The only problem he would have would be in the essay portion of the test, but even then he felt he did not too bad.

“So, how did it go?” Zane asked with a kiss and a hug as soon as Damian walked in.

“Not too bad I think, so now I just have to wait a few weeks for the results to come in, and then I'll know what I'm gonna do. So how was baby?”

“He was great, and Dominic was really good too.” Zane grinned, because Austin was standing right there, he just looked up and grinned at his big brother.

“Good to hear. Since he's not in here with you, I can only assume that he's in bed, so how long's he been asleep for?”

“You got it, and I'd say about two hours now, so he'll probably be up pretty soon.” Zane smiled warmly.

“Oh, that's good. I'm hungry, so I think I'm gonna go eat something, and then I'll get mine and Dominic's stuff ready so that we can go pretty much as soon as he's awake.”

“That's cool. We had lunch already, but we'll come and keep you company.”

“Thanks.” Damian smiled and they headed to the kitchen.

Not even half an hour later Damian was fed up, packed up, and Dominic had just waken up, so they were ready to go. Dominic was loaded into this seat and then into his stroller, everything that was needed was loaded below the stroller, and then they were off. They hit the park on their way, figuring that they may as well play for a bit before they headed to Zane and Austin's house, and they played there for almost an hour before they headed to Zane's.

“Let me show you to our room first so that you can drop everything off. Where will you set up the playpen?”

“Just in the room with us I think, because I don't have the monitor with me.”

“Okay, sounds good to me.” Zane smiled.

“So, when does your mom usually get home then?”

“Usually somewhere in around five thirty or six o'clock, so that means we have almost two hours before she gets home. We should get some dinner started pretty quick, but then what should we do?”

“No idea, I haven't a clue what you have to do around here, other than your game system, but I'm gamed out.”

“Me too, so no worries there. As for what to do around here, not much. Let's figure dinner out and then go from there.”

“Okay, sounds good.”

They ended up just staying in the kitchen laughing and talking all the while they were cooking dinner, until Zane and Austin's mom came home. She walked in and heard all three boys in the kitchen laughing, and could smell dinner cooking, so headed there as soon as her shoes were off.

“Hi boys, whatever you're cooking sure smells good. And you must be Damian, I've heard so much about you, I'm Julia, these are my monsters.”

“Hi Julia, it's good to finally meet you. I hope Zane and Austin have at least told you a few good things about me, instead of all the horrible things I've done?”

“Yeah right, the way Zane talks about you, you should have a golden halo floating about six inches above your head and you should be able to walk on water.” Julia laughed, Zane blushed, and Damian grinned.

“Moooooooom!” Zane screeched.

“Glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys embarrassing him.” Damian laughed.

“Yeah, it's pretty easy to do too.”

“That it is, but he is getting better.”

“Yes, since he's met you, he's gotten a lot better about that. So, where's this little baby of yours that I've heard so much about?”

“Oh, he's just over here in his little vibrating sling chair watching everything.” Damian said, pointing to right next to where he was standing, he was behind an island, so Julia would not have been able to see Dominic yet.

“Oh, may I hold him?”

“Sure, go right ahead. Zane, if you'd get him out and hand him to your mom, I have to keep stirring this sauce or it'll burn?” Damian asked.

Zane just nodded and bent down and unstrapped Dominic from his chair, picked him up and carried him to his mom, who he handed him to.

“My god, he's so adorable, and he's so content. When Zane said he was a beautiful baby boy, I never thought he'd be so perfect.” She gushed.

“Thanks, he's a great little guy too, hardly ever cries, watches everything I do, especially now that he can actually see more things, and he sleeps really well as well. I rarely get up with him more than once a night.”

“Wow, with Zane it was two to three times a night, but with Austin, it was closer to five or six times, I hardly slept for the first year. I envy you, that's for sure, because that's excellent. I must admit though, if I didn't know that you were his daddy, because your dad told me so, and Zane and Austin both said so as well, I'd never picture you being old enough to have a child.”

“I know, I get that a lot still, most people think I'm lying for some reason, but I assure you, I was old enough then, and am more so now. Granted, I was only just barely old enough when he was conceived.” Damian said nonchalantly, and Julia blushed.

“Oh, um, yeah.”

“I see where Zane gets it from.” Damian chuckled.

“Yeah, well, I'm not exactly used to that sort of talk.”

“That wasn't even bad. I swear that Zane blushed almost non stop the first few days I knew him, because if he asked a question, I never held back.”

“Yeah, he told me about that, just not what you told him, of which I'm not so certain I want to know anyways.” Julia coughed out.

“No, you probably don't, a lot of it was boys stuff.”

“Then I really don't want to know.”

“Would you like to feed Dominic tonight, his bottle is in the fridge and just needs to be heated up?” Damian asked, deciding to change the subject.

“Sure, I'd love to.” Julia said happily.

“I'll get the bottle and warm it up for you mom.” Zane offered.

“Okay, thanks.”

A few minutes later Julia was feeding Dominic, while the boys finished up the last bit of their dinner preparations. Not long after Dominic finished his bottle, dinner was being set out on the table for them to eat.

“Dominic is an excellent eater, and just a great little guy, isn't he?” Julia commented to Damian.

“Yeah, he is, and I love him to bits. Hardly ever a complaint from him, and I don't think I've ever actually heard him cry. He has cried a bit, but nothing to complain about, that's for sure.”

“I can tell that you love him a great deal, not only from seeing how you look at him, but from what Zane and Austin have said.” She smiled warmly.

“Thanks, I wouldn't give him up for the world, and no one could make me do so.”

“I know how you feel.”

“Well, let's eat before this gets cold.” Damian smiled again.

So with that, they dug in and ate their fill. They all enjoyed the meal, and as soon as they were done, the boys said that they would clean up, and that Julia could just keep holding onto Dominic while they did so. She had told Damian to go ahead, that she had Dominic when he offered to take him so that she could eat. A few minutes later the kitchen was clean, so they headed to the living room to sit back and relax for the rest of the evening. Once it was time for Dominic to be going to bed, Damian and Zane took him upstairs, got him bathed, diapered, and jammied, and then tucked him into bed. He fell asleep within seconds. The boys went back downstairs and continued watching TV, and then Austin was told to head up to bed, and he asked Damian and Zane to come help him get ready as well, and they decided that they may as well just get ready for bed as well.

Austin was diapered and jammied quickly, and then his story was read to him, and he was asleep by the end of it. Damian and Zane then went to their room and diapered each other, or changed Damian's diaper in that case, and went downstairs.

“Why Zane, I don't think I've seen you in just a diaper and nothing else since you were very young. I'm surprised that you're letting me see you like this.” Julia commented as they came back into the living room, and of course Zane blushed.

“Well, I sorta got used to it at Damian's house, he never wears jammies, and he got me used to it as well. I never sleep with them on anyways, it's too hot.” Zane was still blushing.

“That's perfectly okay. I've been meaning to ask you though, have you been wetting every night, because you're going through a lot of diapers all of a sudden?”

“Yeah.” Zane said softly, an even bigger blush spreading out.

“That's okay. How are the newest diapers I bought you, I was told they were the best, but I thought they were pretty thick?”

“They're great, thanks by the way.” Zane said with a hint of a grin.

“No problem. So Damian, how do you feel about having to wear diapers all the time now anyways?”

“I'm perfectly okay with it to tell you the truth, I'd already gotten used to the fact that it was almost inevitable, and it's pretty much all I knew for bedtime anyways, so it wasn't a big deal. No one's ever even noticed anyways, and I won't have to worry about school, because even if I do go, which I won't, I wouldn't be taking gym class or anything like that anyways.”

“That's good to hear. When will you find out if you'll even have to go to school anyways?”

“I took the tests today, and I feel that it went pretty good, so I'll find out in a few weeks. If I have to, that'll mean that I'm starting a little after the rest of the school students, but that won't be a big deal anyways, because I'm going to try and finish two years in one if I have to. Even while doing that much work, I'll still be able to help Zane with his work though, so no worries there.”

“That's good to hear, but from what Zane tells me, you won't have to worry at all. From what your dad says, you've got a surprisingly high IQ, the only reason you hadn't quit school was because you didn't want to go to university yet.”

“Thanks, and no, I didn't. I'm already small as it is, and going to university at my age and size, well I'd be ridiculed more than I already get from people who don't believe that I'm a father already.”

“Yes, you're certainly quite small. If I hadn't been told that you're thirteen, I never would have guessed it from looking at you.”

“Yeah, most people think I'm about eleven years old, at best.”

“Yeah, that's about where I would have pegged you at as well.”

“So, should we watch a movie now or something?” Zane asked once he felt the conversation was pretty much over with.

“I think I'm too tired to watch a movie, I probably have at most another hour in me before I fall asleep no matter where I am, so I say just TV now.” Damian said, punctuating it with a yawn.

“I'm actually about that tired myself, so I agree.” Julia said.

“Yeah, I'm getting there myself as well I think.” Zane nodded.

They ended up only watching one half hour program before they decided to head on up to bed. The boys cuddled up in the bed together, kissed each other for a few minutes, and then passed out. Damian was only awaken once by Dominic as normal, and he never even woke Zane up.

Chapter 9

“Didn't Dominic wake up at all during the night?” Julia asked as soon as Damian walked in carrying Dominic with him.

“Yeah, he woke up once, which is pretty normal for him. Why?”

“Oh, I never even heard him at all. So, where's Zane, I thought he would have come down with you?”

“He's helping Austin. He peed so much last night his diaper nearly exploded, and he totally wet his bed and everything. I suggest you go away from the pullups and get him proper diapers so that that doesn't happen, because Austin says it happens about once a week. At my house he wears Pampers size six, and they fit him great, actually they're still a bit big on him I think, and they hold more.”

“Oh, again. I didn't think that Austin would wear a real diaper, not after having gotten used to getting himself ready for bed. If he's okay with it though, then I'll get him the same for here.”

“I doubt you'll get too many complaints.”

“No, you're probably right. I have a feeling that both boys like their diapers just a bit more than most boys do.” She said gently, wondering how much Damian knew, figuring that if anyone did, he would.

“No, you'd probably be surprised by how many like their diapers more than you realize.” Damian said with a grin.

“That's what I thought. You too huh?”

“Yes, but I do have an actual need too, because I wouldn't wear outside the house if I didn't have to. Austin would though, in fact he's asked to on a number of occasions, but I tell him that that's not a good idea, because he doesn't have to.”

“Thanks for being honest with me, because I know I couldn't ask Zane about it. I was starting to wonder if maybe he wasn't wetting on purpose to get diapers again. After how hard it was to break him of diapers in the first place, and how long it took for him to stop wetting the bed, it wouldn't actually surprise me.”

“No, he's not actually wetting on purpose, when he wakes up wet in the morning, he's done it while he sleeps. But let's just say that he isn't complaining much, and some nights when we get ready for bed early, he's usually wet before we go to bed. Mind you, it might not hurt that he doesn't usually go to the bathroom before bed, but he says that most nights before he goes to bed, he doesn't need to go.”

“Oh, well okay, that's fine too. What about Austin though?”

“Well, now he just refuses to go to the bathroom before bed, saying that he'll have a diaper on anyways, so what's the point. No, he's the one you'll have to watch out for, and I think that before too long, he's just gonna stop peeing in the toilet altogether and force you to diaper him all the time.”

“You know, I don't even doubt that in the least. He's been even harder to break from diapers than Zane was. Can you also tell me something, because I've heard that you can sometimes tell, but is Austin gay as well? He's so much like Zane it's scary. He'd rather play with dolls and stuff like that, he prefers to do more of the girl things than the boy things. Zane was the exact same way.”

“Well, that's really hard to say, because he's so young, but I too believe that he'll more than likely turn out gay. He's caught Zane and I a couple times now, in fact I don't think it was so much caught as he was spying on us, and he sure does look when there's other boys naked, and he's usually very happy about it as well.” Damian answered honestly, and Julia blushed.

“That's what I thought. Well, I guess they can adopt, and by the sounds of it, Dominic will end up being my grandson eventually anyways.” Julia smiled warmly.

“Thanks for understanding. We've tried to make Austin understand that he's too young to be playing like that, and by the way, he has asked to join us as well, I think he understands, but it's not what he wants. So don't be too surprised to find him playing with other boys too much once he gets some friends in kindergarten. I can almost guarantee you that he'll be doing it.”

“After catching Zane a few times, that won't even come as a shock to me. I'd known about the boys Zane brought home for quite some time, but I had never let it be known before I did actually accidentally catch him. I hadn't realized that anyone was over, and I just walked right into his bedroom, and both boys saw me. Usually they were making enough noise for me to know, and other than peeking to see who it was, I never did anything else.”

“That's good. Sounds like they're coming down, so we better stop this conversation, or it'll really embarrass Zane.”

“Yeah, it's hard enough on me, but you're amazingly open and easy to talk to.”

“Thanks.” Damian smiled warmly.

“Good morning boys. I hear you had a blowout this morning Austin. I think I'm going to get you some pampers, so that you don't leak quite so often. And good grief Zane, you're almost as wet as Damian is, and he never stops peeing.”

“Okay mommy.” Austin said excitedly.

“Morning mom, yeah, I'm pretty wet this morning.” Zane said with a hint of a blush. This was the first morning he had come down in a wet diaper in a very long time.

“That's okay, you can get changed after breakfast if you want. Austin, try not to be too excited about getting real diapers please.” Julia grinned.

“I'm not.” Austin tried.

“Mmhm, sounds like it. And why are you naked anyways Austin?” Julia nodded, but asked the burning question, he was usually at least in his underwear.

“I didn't want to get dressed, and Zane wouldn't put another diaper on.”

“You asked him to?”

“Uh huh.”


“Just 'cause.” Austin shrugged, almost saying because he liked to, but knowing that it was not a very good idea.

“I know you like diapers Austin, and that's fine, it doesn't harm anyone, but you can't wear diapers all the time, okay.” Julia said, laying it on the line, but she also looked pointedly at Zane as she was saying it, and he blushed even more.

“I know mommy, Damian told me so already.”

“I know, he's right too. Come on, let's get some breakfast, and then we're going out for the day, but you will get to wear diapers for that, even you should as well Zane, if you want to of course.”

“Okay.” Austin said brightly.

“What are we doing?” Zane asked cautiously.

“You'll see, but rest assured that it's something that we've done in the past before that you found a pain to have to go to the bathroom as often as you often need to do so.” Julia said vaguely.

“Oh, well I'll decide later then I guess.” Zane said, in other words he did not want to admit it, but he already knew he would.

Both Julia and Damian smiled, knowing what he was thinking, he just ignored them though. They all went and grabbed the cereal that they each wanted, made some toast, and then went and sat down to eat. Damian had also heated a bottle for Dominic, and as he ate, he also fed Dominic his breakfast, and then burped him when he needed it.

“Well boys, there's at least a couple hours before we should head out, so you may as well go and do what you want for now until it's time to go. You should have showers, but you can just wait until later for that as well.”

“Okay, we may as well just wait until it's almost time to go before we have our showers then, that way we're clean when we go.” Zane said after a moments thought.

“In other words, you're just going to stay in your diaper until it's either time to go, or it's leaking.” Julia said dryly.

The blush that suddenly appeared on Zane's face was more than enough answer for her, and she laughed. Zane just grabbed Damian's hand and pulled him from the room. Austin of course followed them, and Dominic was still in Damian's arms.

“What did you tell her?” Zane demanded as soon as they were safely in his room.

“First of all, calm down. I told her nothing more than she had already figured out for herself. Second of all, anything I told her, I told her because either she needed to hear it, or you needed to tell her. However, like I said, I said nothing more than she already suspected, and when she pretty much asked or informed me as to something, then I elaborated, nothing more.” Damian said calmly, but showing that he did not appreciate the tone.

“Oh, I'm sorry, I should have known you'd never just tell her something.” Zane said dejectedly.

“That's okay, you're forgiven, if you come over here and give me a kiss.” Damian smiled.

Zane smiled as well and reached in for a kiss. When it reached about the one minute mark in time, Austin started giggling. The boys pulled apart, honestly forgetting that Austin was even there. Had they continued, they may have given him a total show and not even realized it.

“I really am sorry for accusing you of anything, I should know better. So, what did she want to know?” Zane asked curiously.

“No worries, I don't blame you, just try not to sound so mean is all I ask. She asked if Austin was gay, and I told her not yet, but to not be surprised if he did end up being so, or that if she caught him and other boys playing. She told me that she saw you doing much the same thing when you were younger, but never said anything about it, but that the one time she actually caught you and you knew about it, really was an accident. I'm the one that told her to use Pampers on Austin instead of the Pullups, because they worked better, and I knew Austin would appreciate it more. She pretty much outright asked me if you both loved diapers, and if you started wetting again on purpose, so I gave her the honest answers. That's pretty much about it. Of course it was more detailed and stuff, but that's really between us. So, in essence, you now have no real secrets from your mom boys, and it came with no embarrassment on your part Zane.”

“Well, I guess that's a good thing. And she pretty much already knew all this and never said anything?”

“It's a great thing. If you can't be yourself around your parents, then how could you really be able to around others. Yes, she did know an awful lot, but she was very embarrassed as well, so would probably never have asked you about it, and I know you never would have told her much of anything. You guys really should just sit down and talk one night, tell each other everything about you, what makes you tick, you're family, and you should know pretty much all there is to know about each other.”

“Do you and your dad know everything about each other?” Zane asked curiously.

“Yes, or pretty damn close to everything. I don't think that there's anything that my dad doesn't know about me, and I'm pretty sure I know everything about him as well. We've always been very open with each other.”

“Oh, but what about the embarrassing things about me or my mom?”

“Um, I hate to tell you this, but she already knows pretty much all the embarrassing things about you. You're a diaper lover and gay, what more is there, or have you been holding out on me as well?” Damian grinned.

“No, that's about it, other than a couple fantasies, that maybe one day I'll tell you, but never my mom, and hopefully you'll help me live them out.”

“Oh goody, fantasies can be a lot of fun. I'll make you a deal, if you tell me one of yours when you're ready, I'll tell you one of mine, and then maybe we can help each other out. I wouldn't tell my dad my fantasies either though, so no worries there. There are just some things your parents don't have to know, and they don't need to know all about your sex life either.”

“Cool, I think I'd like that, and for sure.”

“What's a fantasy?” Austin asked curiously.

“Something that you dream about doing, but the type of fantasies we were talking about are sexual ones, so we're talking about sexual things you'd like to do with others.” Damian answered gently.

“Oh, like I want to suck another boys peepee and have him put his thingy in my bum are fantasies?” Austin asked excitedly.

“Yes, those are fantasies for sure. You have lots of time though, so wait for a bit before you go and get into that sort of thing, okay.” Damian said, almost laughing. Zane nearly choked though.

“Oh, okay. How come?”

“Because you're still very young, like I told you before. Most little boys your age don't even know what sex is, and they shouldn't really know either. Sure, little boys your age are well known to play around with other little boys, show each other what you have, and even touch each other, that's normal, but none of the other stuff is at your age. You've been watching your brother, and now me as well for a while, so you know a lot more than most little boys your age.”

“But if it feels good, what's the matter, why can't I do it?”

“I'm not saying that you can't, just that you shouldn't yet. No one has the right to tell you that you can't do that sort of thing, unless it's the other person that you're playing with. If he says no, then you have to stop, no questions asked. Obviously some parents would tell their children no, never do that, but they all did the same thing at that age as well, or most did, but you shouldn't go beyond exploration at your age. Wait a few more years for the rest.”

“Oh, okay, I think I understand.”

“That's all that matters. Just remember, if you ever have any questions at all, feel free to ask me or Zane, we'll tell you everything that you need to know.”

“Thanks.” Austin said, and then launched himself at Damian and laid on him a big kiss right to the lips.

“Hey, no tongue you brat.” Damian laughed as he finally pushed the younger boy away.

“He slipped you the tongue?” Zane asked in shock.

“He sure tried.” Damian laughed.

“Austin, you can't go kissing other boys like that, it's not always appreciated.” Zane admonished quite harshly.

“Zane calm down, it was innocent enough. He loves me, and he was just trying to show me that he does. There's no need to yell at him.” Damian said gently to Zane, laying his hand on his shoulder. He then turned to Austin. “Now Austin. As much as I love you, it's more like a little brother, I don't love you in the way that would make me kiss you with tongues. You save that type of kiss for the person that you love, the one who makes your stomach feel funny and your peepee get hard. Granted, you may somewhat feel that way about me, but I only feel that way for your brother. Also, once again, that's something that you should save for a few more years, there's no rush to get into that sort of thing at your age. Do you think you can do that for me?”

“Sorry Damian.” They both said with heads down.

“It's okay, I understand. Zane, you just have to not be so jealous of me, I'll never leave you, especially for your little brother, and Austin, you just have to not be so sexual around others so much.”

“I'm not jealous.”

“I hate to tell you this, but that look was one of pure jealousy. You're going to have to get rid of that, because it'll only get you into trouble. You should never be jealous over someone else, like I said, I'll never leave you, my heart is yours, I'm in love with you, but acting like that can cause deep hurts.”

“I'm sorry.” Zane said, again hanging his head, knowing Damian was right of course.

“That's okay. So, where do you think you're mom is taking us today?”

“Not a clue, but the only things that I can think of that she would take us to where we would almost need to wear diapers are; the theatre, the amusement park, or maybe some show type thing. I can't see her taking us to either the amazement park or the theatre though, because that's not easy with a baby, even as good as Dominic is.”

“Hmm, you're right, because sure enough he'd want a bottle right in the middle of the movie, which would mean I'd miss some of the movie, so no point there, and the amusement park would be tricky, because someone would always have to sit out to watch Dominic while the rest are on a ride. So, what's going on at the exhibition center this weekend?”

“Not too sure, let me go to their website.” Zane said, and turned on his computer.

A few minutes later his computer was on and he was pulling up the information.

“Aha, here it is. There's an outdoor event going on, so they have displays for all sorts of outdoor activities, from camping, so there'll be all sorts of campers there, to backyard fun, so there's pools and trampolines, and it says tonnes of fun for the whole family, so that means games and things to play. That should be fun.”

“That sounds cool. I've been to a couple shows like that, but nothing near as big as that sounds, so it should be fun.”

“This place is massive. It holds up to fifty thousand people or something like that, so there's lots of space, and then there's the outdoor area as well, and you can be sure that there'll be lots of stuff outside as well.”

“Wicked. When does it start?”

“It's already started, but my mom always waits a couple or a few hours for it to die down a bit before we go. It's always busiest first thing in the morning for these big shows, but no matter what, it'll still be really busy.”

“Good plan. What should we do until then?”

For the next hour and a bit that they had to wait, they just all sat around playing games on the computer, until Julia called them to say they would be leaving in about half an hour, so hop in the shower. Zane and Austin went first, while Damian got Dominic all cleaned up and ready to go, and then Dominic went while Zane was getting dressed and watching Dominic. Once he was ready to go, they all headed downstairs. Did Zane choose to wear a diaper, of course he did, but he borrowed one of Damian's diaper shirts, to help conceal the fact a bit more.

“Oh, I thought you would have worn a diaper as well Zane.” Julia said as they came down the stairs.

“I am. I'm wearing one of Damian's thinner daytime ones and one of his diaper shirts, so that it doesn't show quite as much.”

“That's for sure, I can't even tell that you're wearing at all. Where did you find diaper shirts to fit you actually.”

“Zane told me where to buy them actually.” Damian said, leaving it at that, causing Zane to blush at how that sounded.

“They're gymnast one piece tights.” Zane said in defense.

“Oh, that's a great idea Zane, and I bet they're comfortable as well.” Julia laughed.

“They are actually.” Damian smiled.

“So, are you boys wondering where we're going yet?”

“Nope, because the only ting that we can think of that you'd take us to do would be to a show of some sort, because you wouldn't take a baby to an amusement park or to a theatre, so we checked to see what's on at the exhibition park this weekend, and they're having their annual outdoor show. So, we figured that must be where we're going.” Zane answered proudly.

“Why you have any trouble at school still amazes me, because with your logic and thinking ability, you should be getting straight A's.” Julia said in shock, shaking her head.

“Just because he's smart in one way, doesn't make him smart in other ways. So his great talents are in problem solving and logical thinking. A lot of school work doesn't depend on those abilities, in fact some of it is so completely illogical it's not even funny. I've known Zane long enough now to know his IQ is a lot higher than even he realizes.” Damian pointed out.

“I know what you mean, and I think I agree, to all of it.” Julia smiled.

“He'll probably find that home schooling will be a lot easier, because he'll use more of those talents than anything else, and his true intelligence will be able to shine.”

“I hope you're right. Well, obviously I'm not going to insult your intelligence by disagreeing with you Zane, because that's what we're doing. I should have known that you'd figure it out though.” Julia grinned.

“Thanks guys.” Zane smiled shyly, not used to being praised about being smart.

They smiled and got ready to head out, and then off they went. It was not a long drive to get there, maybe ten minutes, and Julia paid for them all to get in, and they went in and started looking around. Damian had never been to a show this large before, and he was amazed at all that they had there. They had more than just a bit of everything; from campers and motor homes, to pools and hot tubs, there were a few different trampoline people there, outdoor games of all sorts, there were outdoor play centers galore, and almost everything in between. Damian really liked the looks of one of the above ground swimming pools and hot tubs that one of the people there had, and he kept going back to it, wondering if he could really afford it. He knew he had the money, but what would his dad think about him spending it. They offered delivery and setup, and it was free during the show. Zane was curious as to why Damian kept going back, so he asked.

“I'm really thinking of getting that pool and hot tub. I know I can afford it, I have lots of money, it's just I don't know if my dad will think it's a good idea to spend that kind of money. It'll be about a thousand dollars by the time all is said and done, but it's a really good set, and really energy efficient as well. The pool is almost totally solar heated, but does have electric heat as well to supplement it if needed, it's got a no chlorine saltwater purification system, and even comes with a really good warranty. The hot tub has the same purification system, even better efficiency, and a really good jet package. All that and they'll deliver and set it up for free, and I've already talked him down by two hundred dollars.” Damian said, more talking himself into it than telling Zane.

“Wow, you can afford that?” Was all Zane could say.

“Well, yes, but I'm not worried about the money. I've got nearly twice that in my personal account, and I don't need it all, but I should be transferring a bunch of it back into my savings accounts. You know what though, I think I'm gonna do it. I think I'll just leave it as a surprise for my dad though.” Damian grinned.

Without waiting for Zane to say anything further, Damian turned and headed back to the salesman and told him that he would take it. He gave the guy his bank card and the man put through the sale, not really even surprised that it went through. They arranged to come and install it on Tuesday, and Damian was happy with that.

“I can't believe you just did that.” Zane said.

“Did what?” Julia asked, she had just found the boys and walked back up to them.

“Bought a pool and hot tub for their back yard.” Zane said.

“Oh, that's nice. You have that kind of money though?”

“Well, not any more, but I did have.” Damian smiled.

“No, I guess not. I hope it's a good set though.”

“Actually, it's one of the better ones I've ever seen. I've wanted a pool for a while now, ever since I got back into swimming, and I love hot tubs.”

“Me too, so I don't blame you. Was there anything else you boys wanted to see or do?”

“No, I think I'm good, and Dominic really needs to get back for a nap.” Damian said.

“I'm surprised that he hasn't fallen asleep yet.”

“When we're out doing things, he rarely does, he just looks at everything. He's a very curious little guy, and he watches everything.”

“Very nice. Will he fall asleep in the car?”

“Not usually, but possibly.”

“Do any of you need a change before we go?” She asked quietly.

“No, I should last until we get back I think.” Damian said, and the other two nodded their agreement as well.

“Okay then, let's head out.”

“Thanks for bringing us mom, it was great.” Zane said.

“Yeah thanks. I've never been to a show this big before.” Damian added.

“You're welcome boys.”

They headed out to the car, and as soon as they were all strapped in, they were off. They made it back in good time, it had been nearly four hours after they had left, so they were all wet, tired, and hungry. So as soon as they got in, Julia said that she was going to get dinner going and told the boys to go on up and get themselves changed. As soon as Damian had Dominic changed, he was put down for a short nap, no more than an hour, he had had his bottle in the car, so he was good there and only wanted sleep now, and he passed out almost instantly. Damian, Zane, and Austin all got out of their clothes, changed their soaked diapers, and put on clean ones, all three of them. Zane was blushing all the way down stairs, but he never said anything. When they made it to the kitchen, Julia noticed that both her boys were also in dry diapers and nothing else, she noticed Zane's blush of course as well, but said nothing other than to ask the boys to set the table.

After dinner was ate and cleaned up from, they all went and watched TV for the rest of the night. Dominic was awaken after an hour, and he stayed up with the rest, cuddling into his daddy for pretty much the rest of the night. It was only a little later than the boys' normal bedtime when they all went up to bed, and Zane had to carry Austin, because he had passed out. His diaper was deemed necessary to change, so Zane ripped open his pullup and pulled a new one onto his little brother, all while he slept on, totally unaware that he was being changed.

Zane met Damian back in his room, and they changed each others diapers, but not before laying on the bed and sucking each other to a nice gentle release, both needing it just as much as the other. Damian did say afterwards that he felt a little weird doing so with his son in the room, even if he was so young and sound asleep, it just didn't feel right. That didn't stop him from enjoying it or blowing a good sized load though. Once they were all taped up into nice dry diapers, they curled up together and kissed softly for a bit before passing out for the night.

The next morning, all three boys met downstairs, all in very wet diapers, and they had breakfast with Julia, something that she had made. It had been the scent of frying bacon that had enticed all three of them to come downstairs in fact. Julia had to laugh as she saw all three boys coming into the kitchen as if their noses were leading them. Damian got Dominic's bottle ready for him right away and then fed him while he waited for breakfast to be done. Not one of the boys bothered to head upstairs after breakfast was done and cleaned up to get changed, their diapers were still thirsty enough to hold up for a bit, and none of them were ready for their showers yet anyways. They went and watched cartoons for a bit instead.

They stayed there for a little more than an hour before they decided that they really did need to go get changed, before they all started leaking, and in fact Austin looked as if he just might have already started leaking he was so full. Zane offered to bathe Dominic while Damian had his shower first this time, and Damian offered Austin to join him, something the little boy was more than happy to do. So as the two of them were in the shower getting clean, Zane was bathing Dominic in the bathroom sink, and he did a good job as well. Once Damian was all done, he took Dominic, who was by then already dressed and ready for the day, from Zane, and Zane headed off to the shower.

“Could you diaper me please?” Austin came into the bedroom and asked Damian.

“No, not this time kiddo. You've gotten to wear diapers more than normal today and yesterday, don't push your luck. You know the reason that it's not good to wear diapers all the time, and even though I like them about as much as you do, I wouldn't wear them all the time if I didn't need to. You need to trust me on this one, okay.”

“I know, but I just miss them when I haven't got one on.”

“I know how you feel, truly I do. Now, no wetting your pants either, just so that you can get put into a diaper.”

“What if I like wetting my pants though?”

“Well, now that you shouldn't really do, because it makes a mess everywhere. Although I did it a few times as well when I was younger, just because I liked it a bit as well. I went out into the woods and played and peed, peed and played, and then went home and got changed. Thankfully no one ever caught me when I did that, but you never know, and you wouldn't want to get teased. Granted, you're still more than young enough that most kids wouldn't tease you for something like that, but some will.”

“You liked doing it too, cool.” Austin brightened right up.

“Yes, but I was lucky that my old house backed onto a forest, and there was almost never anyone there, you couldn't go somewhere like that and be private enough to enjoy it without being caught.”

“Oh, I guess you're right. That sucks though.”

“I know, but you'll survive.” Damian smiled warmly to the little boy that was so much like he had been.

Zane came back in only seconds later, still drying off, and still almost hard from his shower. Likely he got hard while he was cleaning his groin, and it just had not gone completely down yet. Austin sure did enjoy looking at it, until Damian gave him a nudge and a shake of his head. Austin was told to go get dressed, and Zane finished drying off and got dressed as well.

“So, what should we do until you go home?”

“Not a clue, but I need to be home before lunch to get Dominic down for a good nap in his own bed, because he'll need it. He doesn't sleep nearly as well in the playpen.”

“Yeah, he woke up twice last night, and he doesn't seem to nap near as long in it either, not to mention that he hardly got a nap yesterday.”


“So, the question still remains though, what should we do for the next couple hours before you head home?”

“No clue. We could probably just go outside and play ball or something though.”

“Sounds good to me, and I bet the brat won't mind either.”

“Probably, but speaking of the brat, he asked me to diaper him again today, but I told him no and the reasons why. I also told him not to wet his pants to try and get put into diapers, and he told me that he likes wetting his pants. So be warned, some of his accidents won't just be accidents.”

“I sorta knew that already, because I saw him do it a couple times, where he'd get the look that he needs to pee, and then stop, look down at his pants while he was standing or sitting, and then just let it flow. He sighed and smiled each time I saw him do it, and then he would just sit down and play or do whatever for as long as he could. Usually it was when mom would find that he'd wet his pants again and make him go change. I just left him to enjoy it. I sorta remember what it was like, and I sorta liked it too.” Zane blushed lightly.

“Same here. I think a good many boys enjoy it a bit more than their moms would like to think they do. I used to go into the woods behind my house and play and pee out there, I'd soak my pants, and then when I was ready, I just snuck right back into my house and changed. I didn't do it often, because I was afraid of getting caught, but it was usually empty back there, so it was pretty safe.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“It was.” Damian smiled.

“Hi guys, what we doing today?” Austin asked as he bounced back into the room.

“We're gonna tie you up so that you can't follow us, gag your mouth so that we don't have to hear you, throw you into a closet so we don't have to see you, and then we're gonna go do something really fun.” Zane grinned evilly at his little brother.

“Why, I didn't do nothing wrong?” Austin asked with big eyes.

“Just because I'm a big mean brother, and it'd be fun to do.” Zane grinned again.

“You're funny.” Austin giggled, knowing his brother was teasing him now.

“Who says I was being funny?”

“You wouldn't do that to me.”

“Yeah, mostly because if I did, mommy would find out and beat me senseless.”

“Oh.” Austin said, not sure if that was a good thing for him or not.

The two older boys laughed at Austin and finished getting ready to go, and as soon as they were, they headed outside to play. They ended up playing outside right up until the time that Damian figured that he and Dominic should be heading home, so they all went inside, he packed up his things, and then Zane and Austin walked him home. Zane snuck inside for a moment to give his boyfriend a kiss goodbye, and then with goodbyes, he and Austin headed home.

“Hey baby, how was your weekend?”

“Pretty good, and yours?”

“Pretty quiet actually. I had no clue what to do with myself, I was bored to tears without you two here, so all I ended up doing was cleaning up and doing yard work.”

“Why not go out and meet someone, have a date? You know I won't mind.”

“As much as I appreciate that baby, I'm not sure I'll ever be ready to date again. I mean, look how many years it's been already, and I still don't have the urge to date. Sure, I've had a few one night stands here and there, and I'll probably continue to do so when and if the occasion presents itself, but to actually date someone, no, I don't think so.”

“You're such a slut.” Damian giggled.

“You're only jealous.”

“Yeah, right. I have a boyfriend, thank you very much, I don't need to go out and sleep around like you do.” Damian snorted.

“Yeah, sleep around. It's been what, five or six in thirteen years, I hardly think that constitutes sleeping around.” Matt laughed.

“Jeez, has it only been that many times? Good grief, I've had sex more often than you have in the past year than you have in thirteen. No wonder you're so uptight.” Damian laughed.

“And you call me a slut!” Matt laughed as well. “I'm not uptight though, am I, if I am, just tell me so that I don't take it out on you?”

“No, occasionally I can tell you need to go out and have some fun, but that usually coincides with the time you go and find yourself a hot date for a night or two, and then you're fine again.”

“Oh, okay. So, what did you boys get up to then?”

“Not a whole lot really, just played a lot, but we did go to an outdoor show yesterday that was pretty cool.”

“Oh, I heard about that and thought about going. I wish you had have called me and told me you were going, I would've gone with you.”

“Sorry, never thought of it.”

“That's okay. It looks like you better get Dominic fed and into bed, he's starting to yawn quite a bit there.”

“Oh yeah, I knew he was getting hungry before we left, but I wanted to get him home first.”

“You go get him changed, and you should probably change as well, you both look wet, and I'll get his bottle ready while I'm getting our lunch ready.”

“Thanks daddy, that'd be great.” Damian smiled warmly and scooped Dominic from his seat and headed upstairs to get them both changed.

He got Dominic ready first, and then changed his diaper afterwards, opting of course to just stay naked other than his diaper, as he always preferred to do when home. As soon as he made it to the kitchen, he grabbed the bottle that was perfectly warmed and started feeding Dominic right away. With a couple satisfied belches from him, Damian took Dominic upstairs and got him into his bed, where he fell asleep quickly. Damian then went downstairs and joined his dad for lunch.

For the rest of the day, they sat around and just enjoyed being together. When Tuesday came, Matt went to work as normal, and then Zane and Austin came by in the morning not long after to spend the day again. They were all patiently awaiting the arrival of the pool and hot tub, and they were not disappointed wither. The delivery men asked where it was to be set up, so the boys took them out back and showed them where, so they started bringing it out back to set up. It took only an hour for the guys to set the two items up and get them hooked up to power, and then they were gone, handing Damian the instructions to do what he needed to do now.

“Wow, this is so awesome, I can't wait until they're ready to go so that we can enjoy them.” Damian grinned brightly.

“Same here. I just hope your dad doesn't freak out on you when he sees this.”

“I'm sure he won't. Come on, let's grab the hoses and get them both filling up at the same time.” Damian said.

The two bigger boys grabbed the hoses from the shed while Austin stayed and made funny faces at Dominic. As soon as they were both back, the multi outlet diverter was attached, the hoses attached to that, and then the hoses were each run to the pool and the hot tub and both turned on. The hot tub, being smaller, would fill up faster, and then that hose would be put in the pool as well. As they were waiting, Damian grabbed the manuals and sat down in one of the deck chairs and started reading. Zane and Austin played with Dominic to keep themselves busy and keep Dominic entertained while Damian did this.

“Well, that seems easy enough.” Damian said as he finished the last of the reading.

“Wow, that was fast. How did you read both manuals so fast like that?” Zane asked in amazement.

“I just read really fast is all.” Damian shrugged.

“I'll say. So, what do you have to do then?”

“Not much, fill them up, turn on the systems, add the salt, and then just go from there and check once every few days after the first setup is checked. Could you grab me that box though please, so that I can make sure I have all that I need?”

“Wow, that does sound easy.” Zane said, as he grabbed the box and passed it over.

Damian went through the contents and found everything that he needed. He decided to add the salt to the water right away, so he poured each of the bags into the pool and hot tub. He then decided to just quickly check the water as it was, just to see if it was too soft or too hard, or too acidic, so that he knew if he would need to add anything later. Zane watched curiously as Damian did all this, Damian having to check the book a couple times to see if he was doing it correctly, and he found that the water was probably perfect as is, but he would check it once they were all full and running just to be sure.

“Well, that's all good, so now all we have to do is wait for them to fill up and then we're all good.” Damian smiled.

“Cool. Will we be able to use them tomorrow you think?” Zane asked and Austin shook his head in agreement right away.

“Pool, possibly yes, but it might still be cool, but the hot tub will probably take more than a day to heat all the way up, not too sure though. Neither are huge, so it's hard to say.”

“Cool. When can you turn the pumps and heaters on then?”

“Pretty much as soon as the water is higher than the intakes. That won't be for a while though, since the intakes are near the top. The pool probably won't be full until tonight I imagine.”

“Oh, that's too bad, because you could get them started on heating right away, but I guess you can't then.”

“No, but that's okay.”

For the rest of the day, they pretty much stayed right in the back yard, playing. They checked on the water levels often, and the pool was rising very slowly, whereas the hot tub was full in only a couple hours. The pump and heater were turned on, and the cover attached firmly so that it could start heating up properly. With the other hose now added to the pool, Damian was hopeful that it would be full by dinner time, but it was not even at the half way point yet, so he was not too sure about that one. They went in for lunch as soon as the hot tub was full and Dominic was put down for his nap. The boys went back outside again and continued playing. Zane and Austin headed home at their normal time, and Matt was home a few minutes later than normal, Damian already had dinner ready and waiting.

“Sorry I was late baby, my last client wouldn't let me go I swear.”

“That's okay daddy. Dinner is ready now, so go ahead and eat, and then I have a surprise for you.”

“Okay baby, that sounds good, thanks.” Matt said, not even worrying about the surprise, because he knew he would find out very soon anyways.

They sat down and enjoyed their meal, as usual, chatting to each other about their day, but Damian of course said nothing of the surprise that awaited them. As soon as dinner was done, Damian quickly cleaned it up.

“Okay, come see the surprise daddy.” Damian said excitedly, but more than a little nervously as well.

“Okay, lead the way.”

Damian took Matt out the back door, and Matt saw it immediately, since it was more than just a bit difficult to miss.

“Damian, please tell me you didn't buy a pool and hot tub?” Matt asked edgily.

“Okay, I won't tell you that, but we have one now.” Damian smiled shyly.

“You shouldn't have spent your money like that.”

“I know, but I wanted to do this for us and our friends. We'll really like them. Besides, I had lots of money to cover it, and I still have lots left for Dominic for anything that he'll need.”

“I would have bought them if you'd just asked!”

“Yeah, but you've bought so much, and you practically buy everything for Dominic, so it was the least I could do. It wasn't even a thousand dollars total for everything, so it was a great deal.”

“That is a great deal for sure, since they both look quite big. That however is not the point. That money is supposed to be for you to use for things you need.”

“I know, but I had more than I would need, and it was either spend some of it on something we could all enjoy, or transfer a bunch of it into my savings accounts. I won't need to worry about schooling, my school savings has more than enough money for me to go for twelve to fifteen years in it care of your expertise, and my other savings accounts are nearly as good. More money than you do, and I didn't want you to have to waste it on something like this, when I know you want to pay off the house as soon as possible.”

“Those are very valid points, and I thank you for thinking of me like that, but this type of thing is my responsibility.”

“Not really. It's as much for me as it is for you, so I felt that I didn't have to make you pay for it any more than I would HAVE to pay for it. Admit that it'll be nice and that you wouldn't want to spend that much for this stuff yet.”

“You're right, I wouldn't want to buy this right now, because there's more important things to buy first, and you're correct as well that it'll be nice to have this here, but that still doesn't make it okay to spend your money like that.”

“Yeah, I know. I knew you would say that too, and that's why I didn't ask you, because I knew you would try and come up with some argument as to why we shouldn't buy it, but it was something that I knew we both wanted, so I decided to just do it. These are really good ones too, there's next to no chemicals needed at all, they're both very energy efficient, and I got both of them for a very good deal.”

“You know me so well. So, why no chemicals, what about chlorine?”

“I do.” Damian grinned. “As for chemicals, they don't use chlorine, they use saltwater to keep the water clean. It's way better for our skin, cheaper to operate, and it's even better for the pool and hot tub walls as well. Apparently the chlorine wears away at them just as much as it does our skin, so they'll last longer because of it as well.”

“Oh. I've heard of that, but I had no idea you could get it on these things.”

“Yeah, you can, and that's just one of the reasons I decided to get them. The pool has dual heat, solar and electric, and the hot tub is just electric. The hot tub has the upgraded jet package, so it has some really nice massaging jets, as well as it's an upgraded pump, so it really pushes the water. The pool came with everything that we would need as well, including a locking top for security, same as the hot tub has, all the cleaners, and they're really good ones as well.”

“That's good to hear, we wouldn't want for someone to get in them accidentally, that's for sure.”

“That's why I went with that cover. The hot tub cover lock is an automatic feature, but I added it to the pool.”

“Well, I guess if it's already done and paid for, then I can't say much, but try not to do that again, okay. You really should save your money.”

“Thanks, and I know, but I have a lot saved already.”

“Yes, you do, but that doesn't mean that you need to spend it.” Matt grinned.

“How often do I even spend money, like honestly.”

“Less often than I do, and I rarely spend it, so I guess you deserved to buy something you liked.” Matt said after a moments thought.

“That was pretty much my reasoning as well. Lately I haven't spent a penny on me or you, every cent I've spent I think was for Dominic. While he needs a certain amount, I don't think he should be the only one to get anything. This'll do for quite a while though.”

“And that was how it was when you were younger as well and I had no real money to speak of. Every cent I spent was mostly on or for you. Our first few years were tough, even with my parents helping in little ways right up until they died, it was still tough at times. I'm glad that you don't have to worry about that too much, even though I do still help out a bit.”

“Yeah, I know, most parents would do the same thing.”

“Yes, that we would.”

For the rest of the evening, they sat around and watched TV, not really doing much at all. They went to bed at their normal time, and once again, Dominic did not wake during the night. It was still a rare treat for Damian to sleep through the night, but he could handle one time a night, which was Dominic's average. They all woke the next morning at their regular times, and every one of them was nearly leaking, Matt actually the closest this morning, usually it was a tossup between Damian and Dominic as to whom was closer to leaking, if one of them did not. They got their day started with a bath or a shower and a fresh diaper, all except Matt of course, and then went about their days. It was with no real surprise to hear the excited trampling of feet entering the house not ten minutes after Matt had left for work.

“Morning boys. How's it goin today?” Damian asked as both Zane and Austin came into the kitchen, where he was still sitting, sipping his green tea.

“Really good. How about you?” Zane sighed after he got his good morning kiss.

“Good to hear. Daddy almost won the who was closest to leaking contest this morning, other than that, Dominic and I've just been sitting here relaxing, waiting for you two to show up.”

“That's weird, your dad hardly ever nearly soaks his diapers during the night.”

“He does occasionally, in fact he went through a bad bout a couple years ago where he leaked almost every night for a week, and was still nearly saturating them for a week after, until his body got back to normal again. Even still we're not entirely sure what happened or why, even though the doctors did all the normal tests, and a few others as well for just in case of emergency type thing. Would either of you like some green tea, there's nearly a full pot left, and it's really good for you, and it makes you pee lots?” Damian grinned, knowing what he was doing.

“Okay.” They both said, Austin being louder, faster, and more enthusiastic with his response though.

Damian poured them each a cup of tea, it was still nice and hot, but would not be too hot for Austin. They all sat around the table and sipped their tea, each of them having another half cup to finish off the pot when they were done their first.

“Okay, now who wants to get a nice thick comfy diaper on and spend the day in the house.” Damian asked as soon as they were finished.

“Okay.” They both said, and this time it was Zane who said it first, the loudest, and the most enthusiastic.

“Come on then.” Damian smiled warmly, and he picked Dominic up from his chair and led the other two to his bedroom.

Once there, both boys wasted no time at all in getting themselves undressed and ready to get nice and thickly padded. Austin was first to get his diaper put on, and Damian diapered him up with a generous helping of diaper rash cream. Zane was next, and he too received the same treatment. He sighed clearly as soon as the diaper was pulled up and taped closed, and a second later it was clearly visible as to why he did so, because the front of his diaper took on a decidedly wet look. Both Damian and Austin grinned, and Austin too let go and wet his diaper, so that the other two were not the only ones.

“Much better.” Damian smiled.

“Yeah. So, have you gone out and checked the pool or hot tub yet?” Zane asked curiously.

“No, it's too early for that, and besides, do you see how I'm dressed?” Damian grinned.

“Who's to say you didn't throw on your robe and go out to see how they were coming along?” Zane pointed out smartly.

“While that may be true, I did not, but we can wait until later to check, until at least three, or whenever one of us gets way too close to leaking to hold off any longer.”

“Okay. Aren't you excited to see how it's coming though?”

“Sure, but I'm easily able to hold back my excitement and wait.”

“Not sure how. I'd have been out there as soon as I woke up to check it all out and see how it was doing. Hell, if I could, I would have been swimming by now.”

“Yeah, but you hardly have any patience, and besides, the water would still be freezing cold in the pool more than likely. It finally reached full by dinner time, so it's hardly had any time to warm up, and that much water is gonna take a while. The hot tub might be getting warm, but it probably won't be hot yet.” Damian pointed out.

“I know all that, but I would have at least been out there to check on them still, and if they were even remotely warm enough to use, I probably would have by now.”

“I bet, but we can wait. Today we get to be real lazy until later, then we can go out and check them out.” Damian smiled warmly.

So far Austin had barely said a word, but he agreed with his older brother that he would have been out there and checking them out, because he wanted to right now, even though he was nice and thickly diapered. He didn't bother saying so though, because he knew that once Damian made up his mind, it was pointless to argue the point, he was slowly learning that. That and when he was told no, it was final, so he knew better than to argue with the older boys by now.

The boys went and spent the rest of the day playing and watching TV, just having a nice relaxing, fun filled inside day until almost three, when the first of them was very close to leaking, but the other two were very close behind him, and that had been Austin.

“Well, I guess we can go get out of our soaked diapers and go check out the pool and hot tub now.” Damian said happily.

“Yippee.” Austin giggled and took off upstairs.

“I think he's excited.” Zane laughed.

“Me too. Come on handsome, let's go.” Damian smiled back.

Dominic was having his afternoon nap, so it was perfect, they could easily go out and check the pool and hot tub out, and would not have to worry about Dominic getting too cold in the pool if it was not quite ready yet. All three boys stripped off their saturated diapers and cleaned themselves up with a few baby wipes, and then put on some shorts so that they could go outside.

They headed outside and the pool and hot tub covers were lifted off. A light steam rising off the hot tub told them all that the water was at least warm.

“Well, it looks hot.” Damian commented.

“Yeah. Wasn't there a thermometer in the pack of stuff you got with the pool and hot tub?” Zane asked curiously.

“No, actually, there wasn't. I'll have to buy a couple I think. It sure feels nice and warm though.” Damian said after sticking his hand in. The other two boys followed suit, and nodded their heads in agreement.

“Hmm, I coulda sworn I'd seen a couple, but maybe not. Let's test the pool now.”

“There were a couple floating turtles, I wasn't sure what they were for, so I put them back in the box. The pool looks nice though.”

“Oh you bonehead, those turtles were the thermometers.” Zane laughed.

“Really! I didn't see a thermometer on them, and why would they look like turtles?”

“They were on the bottoms of them, and they look like that to make them look nice.” Zane said, shaking his head.

“What!” Damian asked, confused as to why Zane was looking at him as if he were dense.

“You've never seen a pool thermometer that looks like a turtle or a duck before, really?

“No, never, why would I have. All I've ever been to was the local pool here and my last home, and they didn't have thermometers, so where else would I have seen one?”

“Oh, well I've seen them in the stores more than a few times. Heck even Austin had a smaller babyish looking turtle thermometer for his bath when he was a baby, so that mom could make sure the water wasn't too hot or cold.”

“I saw the ones for babies before, but I don't recall ever seeing the same things for pools.” Damian shrugged.

“Oh well. Not a big deal I suppose. The water feels good though, you figure we can chance going for a swim?”

“I should test the water again, just to be sure, but I think it'll be warm enough to go for a dip.”

“Okay, go ahead and test it, but you tested it yesterday while you were filling it, so I doubt that it'll have changed any.” Zane sighed exaggeratedly.

“I know, but I just want to be sure. I don't want any of us getting sick or a rash or something stupid like that because of bad water.”

“I know, I was just teasing you, and you should.”

Damian nodded and grabbed the testing stuff out of the box, found the turtles as well, and tossed them to Zane, who promptly threw one into each the pool and the hot tub. Damian tested the water quickly, remembering how to from the day before, and found that both were nearly perfect.

“They're not quite perfect, but pretty damn close. I think that it'll be good enough for swimming today, but I should add something to it, but I don't know which one to add, so I'll call after our swim.”

“Cool.” Both Zane and Austin said at the same time.

“Well, come on then, let's get the ladder set up, and then let's hop in. Oh crap, what about a life jacket for Austin?”

“I brought his with us this morning, but I forgot it by the door. You get the ladder and I'll get his vest.” Zane said, spinning on his feet and running back into the house as he was saying it.

Zane was back less than a minute later, holding the life jacket victoriously. He helped Austin into it, and then all three of them climbed the ladder and into the pool.

“Wow, this is so nice. It still needs to be a bit warmer yet, but this isn't too bad at all.” Damian said after a couple laps around the pool.

“Yeah. If it weren't for the fact that Dominic will need it a bit warmer, I'd say it was perfect just as is, because with as hot as it gets here sometimes, it'll feel nice to have such a cool pool. I'd say two degrees warmer would be perfect though.”

“That's what I was thinking too.” Damian smiled warmly, and they continued swimming.

Austin just had not stopped, he was laying on his back, trying to kick as best he could, but all he was doing was going in circles, but he was enjoying himself. Damian and Zane went back to swimming, and they swam for a while, just enjoying themselves. After only about half an hour, they decided to hop out and test out the hot tub. They covered the pool first and locked it back up, and then into the hot tub they hopped. A collective sigh rang out from all three of them as they slipped into the nice hot water.

“Wow, now this is nice.” Damian said a minute later.

“Yeah. It might be too hot for Dominic though.” Zane said.

“Probably not. He seems to prefer his baths a bit on the hot side, so he should be fine. Speaking of Dominic though, I hope he's not awake yet, I never thought to bring out the baby monitor.”

“I'm sure he's fine, and besides, he usually wakes up and just talks and coos gently to himself for a bit anyways, so even if he's awake, he won't mind I'm sure.”

“Yeah, but I don't like leaving him there for a long time if I don't have to.”

“I know.” Zane smiled warmly, and they sat back and relaxed for quite a while without even talking.

“Well, I think that that's enough for today, so let's say we head back in the house after getting this all closed up, and get changed.” Damian asked.

“Aw, do we haveta?” Austin pouted.

“Yes, we're going in, so that means you have to as well. So come on, before we decide to close you up in the hot tub as well.” Zane said evilly.

Austin just gulped, knowing that his brother would probably try it, and he hopped out with the older boys. Damian closed up the tub and locked it, and then they headed into the house to get dried off and changed. Dominic had not waken up yet, so that was good, it gave the boys the time that they needed to dry off and change. They dropped their shorts in the kitchen and dried off there, and then headed upstairs to get dressed again.

“Can you diaper me please?” Austin asked.

“Nope, sorry kiddo, we'll be heading home soon, so there's no point.” Zane broke the bad new to his brother, but wishing that he could as well.

“Aw nuts. I wish I could wear diapers all the time like Damian does.” Austin said with a cute little pout.

“Austin, don't wish for something until you fully understand what it is that you're asking. You know I wouldn't wear diapers full time unless I had to. You don't completely know how cruel other kids can be yet, but as you get older, if you wore diapers all the time, believe you me, they would pick on you endlessly, they would tease you, they would bully you, it wouldn't be nice at all.”

“I know how some kids are, but I wouldn't care, I'd do it.”

“I don't doubt that you think you could handle it, but within only a couple short years, it would get to be so bad, that you would break down, and something bad would happen. Trust me on this kiddo, no one wants to willingly put themselves into that sort of situation, and I don't think that you really want to, even to get to wear diapers. You know though, your mom is understanding, and if you sat down with her, both of you, and explained what you like, she would probably allow you to wear diapers while at home as well. That way you both get to wear diapers as often as possible, but won't have to wear them to school.” Damian pointed out softly.

“I did talk to her, she doesn't want me to wear diapers all the time, she says it isn't good for me.” Austin whined.

“When did you do that?” Zane asked curiously.

“This morning before you got up. I told mommy that I wanted to wear diapers all the time.”

“Oh, and how did she react to that?” Damian asked.

“I don't know, she wasn't mad or upset, I don't think.”

“No, I didn't think she would be. Why not ask again, but instead of asking to wear all the time, how about you ask to wear only while at home, or for car trips. You never know, maybe she'll say yes this time.”

“What if she says no though?”

“Yeah, but what if you don't ask and she would have said yes. You'll never know unless you ask, right?”

“I guess so.”

“It's true. There's Dominic, I better go get him, I'll be right back. Damian said. He had just put on his diaper, so he was ready to go.

Damian took a few minutes, because he had to change Dominic's diaper as well, he was quite wet, and a bit messy. He came back into his bedroom where the boys had ended up during their talk, to find that both boys were dressed. He had thought that they would stay naked, or at least in their underwear, because they normally did one or the other until they had to go.

“Well baby, I think that we're gonna head home now. I have to get dinner going, and I know you have to as well.”

“Oh, I was wondering why you bothered to get dressed. Yeah, I should probably get dinner going as well. Well, bye bye baby, love you.” Damian said as he leaned in for a nice tender kiss. Austin just stood there and watched the boys kiss.

It was less than two minutes after the kiss broke that Austin and Zane were gone for the night. Damian went down and made dinner, like he said he would, and then sat down to eat as soon as Matt got home. They sat around and did nothing much for the rest of the night.

It took almost three weeks for the test results to come back, and Damian was ecstatic to find that he had nearly aced the tests, but that was nothing in comparison to how Zane and Matt both reacted when they found out. Zane dragged him to his bedroom for a celebratory love making. Dominic had been in bed, and Austin was at home with his mom. They made love to each other for a little more than an hour.

Zane had started doing his home schooling a couple weeks previous, pretty much as soon as the papers and all the information came, and the start of grade one also came for Austin. His first week he found tough, but he was enjoying himself as well. Austin had gone home and asked his mommy as soon as she got home if he could wear diapers all the time at home, and she relented, especially after talking to him about it, and allowed him to wear pretty much any time he wanted, except at school. Zane ended up screwing up his courage by the end of that very same night, and asked if he could as well. Julia only laughed and said she wondered how long it would take him to work up enough courage to ask, and she allowed it. Both boys ended up wearing pretty much all day every day after that. The only exception was when Austin was at school. Zane though got to wear all day every day, because he did not have to go to school.

Dominic was growing so rapidly, that it was actually startling Damian. Dominic was not even a year old when he started walking, his first word, daddy, came not long after. He had started crawling at only five months, so Damian knew he was a determined little guy. Damian cried his eyes out the day that Dominic went to preschool, was only just a little better the day he went to kindergarten, but was so proud of his little guy, he was so smart as well. Damian also entered university that same year, on reduced courses so that he could still care for Dominic, but Zane was also able to watch him a great deal of the time, because he was not in school at that time. Zane had finished his high school a full year early, and decided to take a couple years before going to university as well, because he was not sure what he wanted to do yet.

Damian's bladder never did get better, Zane ended up losing function of his, because he wore diapers too often, and Austin ended up wearing diapers full time as well, and he never once got teased for it at school. Even though he wore diapers, and nearly everyone knew it, he never let it bother him, he was quite the popular young man. He was also quite the looker, looking much like his big brother had at the same age. Although he had all the girls wanting him, he never stopped wanting boys. None of them were surprised to hear of his exploits with the other boys from his class, but none of the boys were gay, or at least did not think they were, and although it was fun to play, it was not what they truly wanted.

Damian was feeling that by the time that Dominic was five, that he was going to turn out gay as well, so it was with no small amount of shock to him or Zane to find Dominic with his first little boy crush, sucking each others cute little dinkies. Dominic was one of the unfortunate few that never was able to control his bladder, so he ended up wearing diapers full time as well, and he was never teased at school either. Most of that though was because Austin stuck up for him a great deal, they had become great friends.

Once again, it came as no surprise that one night, Dominic and Austin decided to have a sleepover together, they were staying in Dominic's room, that Damian and Zane caught the two of them making quite passionate love to each other. Damian was not upset, in fact he was quite happy for his little boy, and the boy who was pretty much his little brother. He knew the two boys loved each other, Austin had always loved Dominic, so now they were little boy lovers.

Damian finished school two years early, and did his residency to become a pediatric surgeon, Zane finished school the year after with a degree in child psychology, and they rented an office building and worked out of the same office together.

Damian and Zane got married in a simple ceremony on Damian's twenty first birthday, Dominic was just about eight now and was still together with Austin, they vowed that they too would one day get married. Matt and Julie, neither one of them ended up ever getting remarried, they had dates here and there, but never together as the boys had suggested once, they had become friends, and that was all they wanted and needed, so the boys left it at that.

Dominic and Austin did get married, they got married the year after Dominic graduated university to become a doctor as well. Dominic and Austin wanted kids, but knew full well that they would never get a girl pregnant, so they adopted. They ended up taking four boys, all with bladder conditions, so that they had families who understood them completely and totally. Damian and Zane had talked about adopting a child or two after they got married, but felt that they did not want or really need another child, not when they had everything that they ever really wanted or needed in their lives.