Beautiful Cliché

--This is a story about love, so if your just looking for a jack of readable porno then this is the wrong story, the sex will come but it will take some time

Chapter 1

" Five, Six, Seven, Eight!"

I grabbed Jaime's hips, and with all my strength I tossed her high into the air. Her feet went high above my head as I caught them in my hands. I squeezed her feet hard then brought her back down to my shoulders. After that I pushed with all my might and let go of her left foot, I switched my free hand to her right foot to help me stabilize her. My teammates were screaming, "Good Jake, hold it Jaime come on you can do it hit that high V!" Coach Roberts gave me a thumbs up then proceeded to count again, "Cradle, one two down up!" I tossed Jaime high into the air again, only this time I turned my body ninety degrees so that I could catch her in my arms, she stiffened her body so that she could land in a tight pike position in my arms.

Hi, my name is Jaime Stevens, and yep, you probably guessed it already I'm a cheerleader. I know right, for a kid in high school, being a cheerleader isn't exactly the best way of staying under the radar when you don't want people to find out your gay. Yep, that's another part of me I'm gay. But whatever I love the sport. I have since I was seven years old, when I saw Bring It On I fell in love with it. I was seven then, and I immediately asked my mom if I could do gymnastics. But when I got to high school I realized that wasn't enough. I couldn't even do a single based half, because I was so weak. So I started lifting weights, and haven't stopped since.

I don't look like you would expect a gay, junior in high school, male cheerleader to look. I'm 6 foot, and about 180 pounds of solid muscle, from all the gymnastics and weight training, I also run, a lot. I'm nicely tan year round and have short, messy, dirty blonde hair. My girlfriends tell me I'm a hunk and my guy friends are jealous of me (lol). When I look in the mirror my favorite thing abut my body is the v line that goes perfectly from my hip to my 5 inch flaccid dick, its about 7 when hard. But enough talk about me and back to the day at hand.

It was another grueling summer practice. It was the summer after my sophomore year at Rowling J. High School. We had been practicing all summer and had just come back from cheer camp. The school year was about to start. "You should look at those guns when you have Jaime up in that Lib Jake!" said my only male teammate Mike.

"Shut Up Asshole!" I replied nonchalantly.

"What ever, you know you love it when I complement you," replied Mike.

"Come on dude, just shut up okay, I'm already blushing"

"Well that's just because you Mr. Strong Arms just lifted a125 lbs human above his head!"

"Cut it out ladies!" yelled coach from across the gym. The rest of the practice was just as bad. We ran two miles, lifted for 30 minutes in the weight room, and finished the day by learning a couple new pyramids. All which included me holding a single based liberty. At about four o' clock, coach was finally satisfied with the days work so he let us go. He said next weeks practices would be as hard because Coach Gurtz, our head coach, was going to teach us some new cheers and sidelines. I hated says like those. I loved when Coach Roberts ran the practices, he was our stunting coach and I loved when he made us work. It felt more like a sport to me when I sweated more.

I went into the locker room, Mike followed. Mike was almost the same as me. He had also been in gymnastics since he was a little kid and we had almost the same build. Only he was fair skinned and brunette headed. I had known him since eighth grade, when his family moved to Honeyton. However don't get any ideas, he is completely straight. He and our teammate Heather had been dating for the past five months. They seemed to be having a healthy relationship. Mike was my best friend. I guess a friendship like ours can only come from the hours and hours spent together at practice. He was the one I could tell anything to, he was the first one that I told I was gay and he accepted me. I loved him for it, we were like brothers. Back to reality.

I walked into the locker room, to see Mike already under the spray. The water cascading down his beautiful skin. Rippling as it flowed through the mountains of his pecks and the hills of his six pack abs. I sighed, and threw the though out of my head. I took my clothes off and placed them on the bench. I walked under the shower and turned it on, the water felt good on my aching muscles. It used soap to wash away the smell of sweat and teenage musk. Mike got out of the shower before I did. So I finished up, grabbed my duffle bag, put on my clean clothes and walked out into the gym.

Mike came up from behind, "Hey man, good practice, I gotta bounce okay, I got to get ready for a date I set up with heather tonight!" Heather had already left.

"You guys are so queer, you've already been together for five months and you still call them dates, you just saw her less then ten minutes ago dude!"

He got close to me and whispered in my ear, "True, but hey, it gets me a good BJ or Vagina wrapped around my dick, if I call it a date"

"Ewwww dude I didn't need to hear that, I'm never gunna be able to stunt poor Heather again!"

"What ever dude, your just jealous. See yah next Monday, or whenever!" he ran out of the gym. I stood there for a minute, thinking. The truth was, I actually was jealous. But not of Heather. I was jealous because I longed for what they had, a healthy steady relationship. It seemed like I had kept myself to busy over the past several years. What with cheer, gymnastics, student council, AP classes, Pep Club, National Honor Society and my part time job at the local pizza place, well I didn't have time to think much about a relationship. The truth was that I hadn't even checked out guys in a long time, when I was horny there was plenty of them on the internet and I had my hand dandy right hand. But now as I thought about Mike and Heather it hit me that I really wanted boyfriend. It also hit me that I just took a shower for nothing because I had gymnastics at five.

I guess I must of stood there for a while because Jaime came out of the girls locker room and knocked into me.

"Oh, sorry Jake, you okay there buddy, earth to Jake!"

"Oh sorry, Jaime I must of dazed out"

"You think? Well anyway, nice lib today, I cant believe we finally have it"

"I know right, I cant wait to show it off at the first football game!"

"Me too! So you coming to gymnastics tonight?"

"Yep, You"

"Yep I'll see you there kay"

With that she left, I followed her, I walked out the double doors of the gym and headed towards the student parking lot. The football stadium was on the right side of the parking lot. As I approached my car, I heard the grunts and growls that could only mean one thing, football. Personally I love the sport. Second favorite if you ask me, is my school didn't have a cheer program I would probably play football. They must be having summer practice too, I thought to myself. I couldn't help myself. I walked towards the bleachers and sat down on the very edge, I saw there was a couple parents watching the practice also so I didn't think it would be weird to sit there and watch. I hadn't seen the new team in action yet so I was eager to see who was on the team this year again, and who the new players were. I watched for a while. Seeing the strong muscular teenagers tackle each other down, seeing the quarterback reaching under the center's ass to get the ball. I was glad to see that my friend Allen was on the team again. My other friend Danny was also on the team. However, I couldn't recognize who the quarterback was under his helmet. So I studied him for a while, it wasn't long before I noticed that even under the football pads and spandex he had an amazing body of about 6'2 . Then the coach yelled for them to go get a water break, they all broke from the formation and scurried to the sideline where the water boy eagerly awaited with Gatorade filled paper cups and water filled bottles.

He, the quarterback, grabbed a water bottle. He took of his helmet. I must say I must of jizzed my pant then and there. He was, beautiful. His face was tan, he had ear length hair that was, at this point drenched in sweat. And he had the most amazing blue eyes that I had ever seen. He took the water bottle and squeezed it over his head, relieving the heat. This only made me stare even harder. He was probably new in town, since I hadn't seen him around before, and he looked to old to be a freshmen. All these questions popped into my head, where is he from, does he like it here, how old is he, what grade is he in. He intrigued me deeply. I must of blanked out, I didn't realize he had caught me starring. Oh crap! Busted. I looked at him, our eyes met for a brief second before I looked away. He didn't. He was still staring at me. So I dug in my pocket for my phone, eager to find an excuse to get out of there. I looked at my phone and realized it was already four fifty. "shit I'm gunna be late for Tumbling!" I thought. So I got up and made my way for the paring lot. I got in my car and turned it on. However I sat there for a moment, thinking about him, his blue eyes. His ass in that football spandex. "Wow, Jake! Your getting ahead of yourself you don't even know this guy," I thought to my self. I drove away to tumbling. I was there for an hour, then I headed home. Exhausted, it had been a long day. I got to the front door, walked in and yelled "Mom, I'm home!" No answer. I don't think she was home. She worked long hours at the cake shop to support me, with no dad around it could get hard sometimes. But her business had expanded over the last several years and now she was making high end wedding cakes that started in the thousands. She always did whatever it took to make sure that I was happy. Also I was the only child so it was easier than if she had more. She had always paid for everything, including gymnastics. She was my best friend and the fact that I hadn't told her that I was gay really hurt me. It was the fear of rejection that had impeded me from doing just that. But I knew it was a part of who I was and I would eventually have to tell her. Just not at this moment.

I walked to my room and plopped onto my bed. I really didn't want to take another shower. But I had to. I pulled myself out of my bed and got into the shower. As the hot water outlined my body, only one thing was on my mind. Him. His beauty, his masculinity, and his ass in the spandex. This only made my 5 incher grow to an almost 8 incher. So I did the only sensible thing, I had to relieve myself. I grabbed hold of my pole and started masturbating in slow motions up and down. Squeezing my shaft with the masturbating hand and playing with my balls with the other. Only images of him were in my mind. Thoughts of him and flooded my inner images. First he was fucking my bareback on the fifty yard line on the football stadium. Next I was sucking his dick in the locker room. Then he was wearing my cheer uniform and I his jersey as he was fucking me on my bed, my legs in the air, his testicles slapping against my ass cheeks. It didn't take long for me to come back to reality. I felt that awesome familiar tingly feeling. My abs tightened, my nuts tightened, my anal sphincter tightened, and six ropes of cum flew out of the head of my penis. I was breathing heavily, by far it had been on the best jack off sessions I've had in a while. I got out of the shower, went back into my room and didn't even bother to put on clothes before flopped back into my bed. I laid there in the dark, thinking about what was left of the summer. In only two week we would go back to school. An a whole new year would start. All new chances to make new friends, hang out with old friends, and possibly finally find a boyfriend. Only the image of him was in my mind as I drifted off to sleep.

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