Beautiful Cliché

Chapter 2

"Honey, get up, your gunna be late!"

I heard the screaming and I immediately came to my senses.

"Jake, come on honey, your gunna be late on your first day!"

I looked around my room, I really didn't want to wake up. Then I realized what my mom was yelling about. The summer was officially over, the first day of my junior year at Rowling J. High School was bout to begin. I really didn't want to get up, but then inspiration popped into my head. I remembered the person I had seen at football practice two weeks ago, his beautiful blonde hair, his ass in that football spandex. My cock twitched, "easy there buddy!" I told myself. I got up, went into the hallway then into the bathroom. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth, and decided to leave my hair alone. Since my recent haircut had left it to short to style. I looked at my muscles in the mirror and smiled to myself. I went back into my room wrapped in a towel and started looking for clothes. I was almost done picking out clothes when my cell phone rang. It was Mike, I picked it up.

"YO, what's up?" I said

"Yo? Seriously! Stop trying to be cool!"


"wat ever, you know you love me, anyway, I was just calling you to remind you that we have to wear our uniforms to school today, we have to perform at that freshmen orientation thing,"

"Oh yeah! Shit, I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me, anyway ill be at your house in like twenty minutes u better be ready jerk!"

"Okay, gosh, no need for verbal abuse, I'm almost ready anyway! See you in a bit!"

With that I hung up my phone and went into my closet to look for my duffel bag. I grabbed it, dug around for my uniform and put it on. I went back into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My biceps definitely looked good in it. The 100 percent polyester fabric of cheer uniforms did wonders for people if they were well defined and I don't mean to sound conceited but I was. I stared with pride at the RJHS logo on my black and purple uniform. I went back into my room, grabbed my back pack and headed down stairs. I was greeted by my mother, she was about to leave as well.

"Good morning honey, you hungry?" she asked.

"Nah, I think ill just grab an apple," with that, I grabbed an apple from the fridge, kissed my mother goodbye, grabbed my keys and headed for the door.

"Have a good first day of school sweetie!" I heard my mom yell as the front door of the house closed. I got into my car and drove to Mike's house. We had agreed to carpool this year, and this first week was my turn. The drive was only about five minutes, when I got there I honked the horn to get Mike to come out. I had to wait three minutes before he got out of the front door, I smiled as I checked out my friend in his uniform. He got into the car.

"Hey bud! You ready?" he asked as he extended his fist so we could fist bump hello.

"you know it, I just hope these freshmen aren't too annoying!" I started the drive towards school.

"so, you gunna talk to your prince today or what?" Mike asked, I had recently told him about my crush on the new addition to the football team.

"Shut up dude, I don't even know his name, or if he's gay or what grade he's in" I responded.

"That's exactly why you need to talk to him bud"

"well he's a football player so he's probably super straight, I'm not even gunna get my hopes up."

We got to the school and the student parking lot was devoid of cars. School didn't start until 8:30 and it was only 8. I parked near the entrance. We got out of the car and headed towards the gym, where the Freshmen orientation was to take place. I had already gotten my class schedule, locker and books a week before school started at registration, so there was no need to do any of that. We entered through the big double doors of Rowling J. High School and headed to the end of the big hall where the doors to the gym was. I spotted my friend Marrisa from Student Council at the entrance of the gym.

"Hi Jake, you here to help with orientation?" she asked in a very peppy sort of mood.

"Yeah, but not for stuco, sorry Marrisa, cheer has to perform the fight song and do a couple cheers to get the freshmen rowdy!" I informed her.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that, I have to stay here and welcome all the little terds, well I'll see you inside, oh hi Mike," she said blushing furiously. She obviously had a crush on Mike. Mike and I walked into the gym, the bleachers on the right side of us were full of at least 600 incoming freshmen. They were already rowdy enough, I don't know why they needed us. We spotted the rest of the squad in the middle of the basketball court. The marching band behind them. I guess they had been waiting for us, because coach looked pretty pissed but she didn't say anything. Our head coach, Coach Gertz, was pretty strict, but she was less strict on Mike and I because we were the only guys on the team and she had the fear of losing us. Coach Roberts was there to, but his expression wasn't like Coach Gertz, he didn't mind that we were late.

"Start stretching boys!" he said once he saw us. Mike and I immediately got on the floor and started stretching. Once we were done coach Gertz ordered us to warm up our liberties. Jaime came over to me and heather went over to Mike. Julie, my side spot stood by my side as Katie went to stand by Mike. The rest of the squad got into there stunt groups. We had three all girl ones. Which was three girls on bottom and one on top. Adding Mike and I, we were able to get five girls in the air at once. So we wormed up our libs, and our extensions and our dismounts. The freshmen crowd watched in awe. Then my friend Taylor, who was the Student Body President this year came out and started talking to the freshmen, he introduced us and the band. The band played the fight song, while we danced and sang along. During the fight song I have to do a standing back tuck, and a single based full extension so its pretty hard. The freshmen weren't that into it the first time so Taylor made them do it again. We sang along, "Hold them down jaguars, fight tonight, with your might you cant be beat..." After that we threw a couple more stunts and did the "Yell R J H S!" cheer and the freshmen actually followed along. The we did the "everybody yell, Purple and Black" cheer and they went along as well. When we were done coach said we were free to go so we went back to the hallways, to find them packed full with people.

It was only two minutes until the bell was gunna ring, so Mike, Jaime, Heather and I decided to go our separate ways. I pulled out my schedule, went to my locker, got my algebra book and headed toward the math wing of the school. It was on the second floor so I had a long ways to go. I was the stairs, going up and I was looking at my schedule so I wasn't looking out in front of me, before I knew it I had knocked into someone and he was laying on his back on the stairs. It looked like he was coming down and he didn't look like he was looking in front of him either. So he fell.

"Oh shit! sorry buddy, I wasn't seeing where I was going" I said as I extended my hand. The I looked him in the eyes and I swear to god I could hear the hallelujah chorus. It was him, I think I stared into his beautiful blue eyes for longer than I should have, and we held hands for longer than we should have, and he looked at me for longer then he should have, it got awkward. I hoisted him up and he let my hand go.
"uhhh" he stammered "its okay dude don't worry about it, I wasn't looking where I was going either, I was to intrigued with this map of the school," his voice was deep and sexy. He bent down and picked up the school map he had dropped when we collided. I noticed he was wearing a RJHS football shirt, I was more intrigued with how he would look with out it, and how his arm muscles moved as the worked together to pick up the paper he had dropped. He was beautiful. I must of stared to hard because he waved the school map at me and said "Well, ill see you around." With that he scurried off, I looked at his ass as he walked away. His head bent down, still looking at the map. Obviously, I had just found out, that he was definitely new, well at least I knew that about him. He must be a really good quarterback because its hard to beat out the guys that have been here since freshmen year for starting positions. I thought to myself, "if I had the balls, I would of asked if he needed help finding his classes, god damn it Jake!" I realized I was still standing on the stairs.

I turned around and headed towards my math class, still on cloud nine because he had talked to me. I went into my math class and just sat there, thinking about him. Before I knew it the bell was ringing. The rest of the day was uneventful. I did see him at lunch, he was sitting at a table with what I could only guess was his football buddies. I sat with Mike, Heather and Jaime. I told them about my encounter with him, and they all laughed at me and my clumsiness. I sighed as I stole a glance over to him, Mike chuckled because he noticed, he patted my back and said "its okay buddy." I swear to god, some people cam make you fall for them without even talking. I was sitting in my sixth period English class when an office TA came into the classroom with some papers for my teacher to hand out.

My teacher came over to me what the TA had brought. It was the football schedule, coach had sent it. I looked at it and found out that the first home football game was this Friday, just as I was reading the practice schedule and the rest of the games for the season, the bell rang. I got my things together and headed towards the door. I walked down the hallway, still looking at the schedule, I was headed towards the old gym for practice when the voice over the PA system said "There is a mandatory Junior Class student council meeting in the library at 3:10" so I stopped in my tracks and, still looking at the schedule I turned around to head the other way. To bad I didn't see a person walking towards me, and yet again, in the same day I knocked someone to the floor again. And to my disbelief it was him. Crap, how the hell is he ever gunna like me if I keep knocking him down.

Once again I extended my hand, he looked at me and seemed to immediately recognize me.

"You again,"

"sorry, I don't usually go around knocking people down,"

I hoisted him up.

"Well you certainly have a talent for knocking people down, you should join the football team" he said, the last part, felt like he was bragging about being a football player.

"Well I already have a sport of choice buddy," I pointed at my uniform, "but hey ill take it into consideration."

He noticed my uniform and he immediately knew what I was talking about.

"Your new here aren't you," I stated.

"Is it that obvious?" he asked.

"well It didn't look like you knew where you were going after I knocked you down this morning"

"Yeah, just moved here from Oregon,"

"so how do you like the school so far?"

"Its good, a lot bigger than my old school, but I like it, I did have trouble finding my way around this morning though, I should of come and checked the campus out during the summer,"

"Yeah that would have been a good idea" I said, then I realized we didn't even know each others names yet, "oh, I'm Jake by the way, Jake Stevens," I held out my hand.

"I'm Kirk, Kirk Coleman," we shook hands and I, again felt like we held them for just a bit to long. We let go after about 5 seconds.

"So, Jake Stevens, you're a cheerleader?"

"Yep, what? Do you think all guy cheerleaders are flamboyant and dramatic?"

"No, I never said that, its just your so well built and... Never mind" he was checking me out, score one for me.

"so can you do flips and all that stuff?"

"Yep, I cant show you in the hall though"

"Yeah I guess you cant, that's still way cool though," he took out his cell phone from his pocket, and I about jumped. He was about to ask for my number. I was disappointed though, he was only checking the time, " hey, I got to go to practice, but ill see you around okay?"

"Yeah I got a student council meeting I'm late for already anyway, hey ill be cheering for you on Friday Kirk, see yah!" With that we went our separate ways, him towards the football locker rooms near the gym and me towards the library. "Kirk, what a beautiful name" I kept thinking in my head, but I made sure to keep my head out of the clouds as to not run into anyone again. The student council meeting was informative, we talked about all the stuff we had to do for the upcoming school year. Practice was ruff, because we had to get ready for Fridays game. I crashed as soon as I got home, Kirk was the only thing on my mind as I went to sleep.


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