Beautiful Cliché

Chapter 4

Wow, the end of a school day could not come any sooner. It was weird, I expected to see Kirk at lunch today, but he wasn't in the cafeteria at all, he must have been in the library or something.

Before I knew it I was sitting in my sixth hour with only three minutes for the bell to ring. My sixth hour teacher Mr. Cruz, gave us our homework assignment, to conjugate the word "Jugar" and study it. I enjoyed Spanish, I loved getting to know a different culture. With that he told us to put our stuff away and then the bell rang. I walked into the packed hallways of Rowling J. High School. High fived a couple of guys that I knew and hugged a couple girls before I ran into Mike and Heather.

"Hey guys what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much just gunna go grab a bite to eat before the game tonight," Heather stated.

"You coming with?" Mike interrupted.

"Nah, thanks though, but I have other plans," I informed them.

"Other plans..." Mike said, with an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah, Kirk invited me to go get something to eat"

"So that's why he asked me what time we have to be back at school by," Heather said, apparently thinking out loud.

"So where's Jaime?" I asked.

"She's gonna go get something to eat with Danny, from the football team, but don't try to change the subject lover boy," said Mike.

"There's nothing to talk about, were just gunna go get something to eat, to satisfy our teenage hunger and so that we have energy for tonight," I said, a bit annoyed.

"And what happens tonight?" Mike said, with a wink.

"There's a football game doofus!" I blurted, punching him lightly on his muscular shoulder.

"Well I got to go he's probably waiting for me in the parking lot," with that I fist bumped Mike and waved at heather. They headed the other direction. Where the hell were they going, I thought, the parking lot is in this direction, they better not be getting it on in the building.

As I approached the parking lot I looked for Kirk. I just realized I don't even know what type of car he drives. I finally found him leaning against a maroon colored Chevy. The car fits him, I thought. As I approached him from one direction, my friend Allan, who's on the football team (he plays center), and some other guy I didn't know, who was also wearing a jersey, approached him from the other direction. We got there at the exact same time.

"Hi buddy!" Kirk said to me, and he shook my hand but this time it was a quick handshake, maybe because there's people around, I thought.

"Hi Kirk!" I said. "What's up Allan?" I asked, extending my fist for a bump, I nodded hello to the other guy, he nodded back. Then Allan and him said hello to Kirk.

"Well its better that your both here," Allan started, "I'm throwing a party tonight at my house, the rents are out for the weekend and my older brother is gunna get us a keg, you guys down?" he asked. Kirk looked at me before he said.

"Ill definitely try to make it, one things for sure though we better win tonight," with that we bumped fists goodbye as Allan and the other guy went off to tell everyone else in the parking lot.

"So you think you'll want to go?" Kirk asked. We were still leaning on his truck.

"I don't know, I mean it sounds fun, do you think you'll want to go?"

"Depends on the mood I'm in, if we win then hecks yeah, so how are gunna do this, are you riding with me, am I riding with you, are we going separately and meeting there, we taking a horse there, or limo?" he chuckled at the last suggestions.

"Ill just ride with you doofus," I chuckled. With that he went over to the passengers' side, opened the door and said, "Well then my king, your chariot awaits" god he was so cute. With that I went over to the back threw my duffle bag in I got in and said "thank you kind peasant" we both chuckled at that, if any other person would see the way we were acting they would think we were dating.

He got in, he turned on the truck and turned up the stereo. "is the musical selection to your liking today?" he asked as we were pulling out of the school parking lot. It was on a country station, Lady Antebellum was on, he started to sing along "it's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now" I started to sing along with him, he didn't have the best voice but god he was so cute, when he was singing along he did it with facial expressions and held up his right hand to his mouth like a microphone, his goofballness was adorable to me.

He turned the radio down when it was over.

"I love that song, I used to have a person I felt like that about but I'm over him...uhh mmm I mean her, this move really helped me to get over her," I looked at him funny, did he just say, over him, I decided to just not mention that.

"So, what happened bud?" I asked

"I caught her cheating on me, with my best friend, at my birthday party," he sounded sincerely hurt.

"I'm sorry bud" I said.

"Its okay, the worst thing about it was that I was so lonely and depressed, I almost took him back, but I'm glad I didn't, I didn't need that in my life, anyway I didn't even ask you, where do you want to go eat?" now I was sure he had said him.

"ummm. Anywhere's fine, you choose," I said.

"Panda Express it is," he said, it only took us five minutes to get to the Panda, we just chatted about nothing. When we got there I got out of the car before he had a chance to open the door for me. We got our food, and even though I insisted to pay for myself, he wouldn't let me, this was beginning to feel like a date.

"So tell me something I don't know about Jacob Stevens," he said, as we sat down with our food and drinks.

"ummm," I thought, "I've been in Gymnastics since I was eight" I said.

"Wow," he started, "No wonder your in such great shape."
"So your turn Kirk Coleman," I said.

"My birthday is January 30th," he said. I made sure to stick that to the back of my mind so I would never forget. Over the next two hours I learned that Kirk lived with his mom and dad, his dad works at the Local Community College, he's a English Professor and his mom is a doctor. They moved here because of work. He has an older Sister, older brother, and a younger sister. His older sister is married and lives in Virginia. And his older brother is in college at Arizona Sate University. His younger sister is twelve and is in seventh grade. They live in the West bank neighborhood of town, which is only one neighborhood from where I live. His parents have always been supportive, they never missed a single one of his games but due to work they weren't going to be able to make it tonight. He has a dog named Scruff and he loves him a lot. He was surprised to hear that I was an only child, and my mom's cake making seemed to fascinate him.

"I'll have to give you a tour of the bakery," I informed him.

"that would be awesome, ever since I started watching that show, Ace of Cakes, I've loved that kind of stuff," I was glad that I found something we could do later on.

Before we knew it, it was five fifteen and we had to start heading back to the school. He opened the door for me again when we got back to his car and I just gave up and decided to put my pride aside and enjoy the fact that he was such a gentleman. We chatted the whole ride back to the school, I loved the fact that I could speak to him so easily.

He turned into the parking lot and stopped at the entrance of the old gym. It was quiet for a couple of seconds, it was obvious that neither of us wanted to leave the other's presence.

I spoke first, "Well Mr. Quarterback, thanks for dinner," I opened the door to get out but rite when I was about to he grabbed my arm to show me he wanted to say something, "I'm gunna see you tonight after the game right?" he sounded desperate. "Yeah, sure buddy, ill look for you, okay?"

"Okay," with that I grabbed my duffle bag and left for the gym. He drove around the bend to the football locker rooms.

I walked into the gym and noticed that the whole team was already in there. Some where on the floor, tackling a huge run through sign, others where throwing up some stunts, and Coach Gertz had the rest of them, practicing sideline cheers.

I went over to Jaime, Mike, and Heather, who where on the floor making the massive sign. It read "Claw those Marauders!" I said hi to everyone and sat on the floor so I could pretend I was doing something.

"Hey were putting all the starters' numbers on the run through, want to put Kirk's?" he asked, making googly eyes at the last part. I just brushed it off and said sure. I grabbed a purple marker and started drawing a #34, I wanted to make it big, so it could stand out. Thirty minutes later Coach Roberts came into the gym, holding signs in one hand and a big Gatorade jug in the other.

"All right two of you go fill this, the rest of you start stretching," he said. Mike and I ran towards him so we could get the Gatorade jug, we went into the cafeteria to get ice and water. When we came back they were already running through stunts sequences. Heather and Jaime where on the ground making the motions as if they were in the air, they were currently doing a heal stretch, I laughed at the following thought: If I were straight I would be so aroused right now. I chuckled and Mike asked me what I was laughing about.

We joined the rest of the team. We ran through more stunts, then we ran through the pyramids for quarters and we went through the routine we had put together for half time. The routine started with me doing a standing full, right at the point of a triangle shaped formation. I was the only one on the squad with a standing full. Before we knew it, it was time to start walking to the stadium. Mike and I grabbed our megaphones, and we rolled up the run through.

I think the one thing ill miss the most about high school once I'm gone is the whole Friday night lights atmosphere. I love walking onto the stadium, the smell of freshly mowed grass, the big bright lights, and the crowed of roaring high school students.

We all went and put our stuff down on the track, in front of the fifty yard line. It was already 6:57, the opposing team was already on the field, so it was only a couple of minutes before the football team would come out. We all hurried to the end of the field, Mike and I grabbed the run through. We set it up by getting into two stunt groups, Mike and I backspacing both of them. The flyers grabbed the top of the sign and someone kneeled down on the floor to grab the bottom of it. The crowd was already going wild. Then the football team started emerging from the football locker rooms. In groups of four, Kirk, number 34 at the front of the line, perks of being the quarterback. They stopped at the end of the track, I looked over to Kirk, he waved at me. I cautiously let go of one of my flyer's ankles so that I could wave back. I secretly said a little prayer in my head as I turned back "please god, keep him safe." He looked so fucking sexy in his spandex, If It wasn't for my jockstrap I don't know how I would of survived those five minutes. Then finally Gary, our commentator said "Ladies and Gentlemen get on you feet for Your Rowling J High School Jaguars!" The football team ran through our run through as the crowd went wild and the Band Started playing the fight song.

We picked up the scraps of the sign and went back to the track. We got into our chant lines, Mike and I are always in the back. Then we realized we had to get ready for kick of. We got into our basket toss groups, we had three. It was settled that our team would receive (hahaha). The crowd got quiet, then "aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" and "ooo!" as the ball was kicked. I grabbed my flyer by the hips, counted one two, picked her up, put her in the basket by 4, rocked 5,6, and pushed up with all my might by 7 and 8. My basket went the highest. Mike looked at me with a smirk, "Its okay bud you'll get me next time," with that we went back to our chant lines.

We started cheering, US- "yell out your colors Rowling, Purple aaannnd Black!" THE CROWD-, "Purple and Black!"

"Defense cheer," yelled our captain Heidi, I loved her but she was the stereotypical blonde cheerleader.

"There on offense hon!" I informed her.

"Oh yeah!" she said "I like, totally didn't even notice, well offense then"

US- "Offense get far, first and ten do it again, first and what?"

THE CROWD "First and Ten"

US- "First and ten do it again, first and what?"

THE CROWD- "first and Ten"

I love the fact that at least our student section and the band cheered along with us every single time. Then the band started to play and we got into our stunt groups. Every time the band plays we stunt.

"Libs with double downs!" yelled Heidi. We did what we where told. The band stopped playing, the flyer were in the air. "Double down," I yelled to Jaime. One, two, I pushed up with all my might, she needed to go high for this one, Jaime soared trough the air and twisted two times as she came down in a pike position in my arms.

By the end of the first quarter the band had played at least 6 times and we were all exhausted. We got into formation for our quarter cheer. Jaime grabbed the sign she needed and came over to me. We got into two libs, hitching with a half on the there right side. We started cheering. Jaime holding the sign in the air.

US- "Everybody on this side yell Purple!" then Jaime would point her sine, which had the word Purple and an arrow. THE CROWD- "Purple"

US- "Everybody on this side yell Black" Jaime flipped her sine so that the back of it was now the front, and it now read black, the arrow pointing the other direction. THE CROWD- "Black"

US- "Put it together, together we yell," US and THE CROWD- "Purple and Black," US- "Let us hear it" CROWD- "Purple and black! Purple and black!"

I love our school, the always cheer along.

Before I knew it, it was the fourth quarter and we were winning 26 to 20. Kirk had thrown 3 touch down passes and was still in the game. He was intercepted once, I just wanted to hug him and tell him it was okay when it happened because even through his helmet I could see the sadness. Besides that he was a real aggressive, good, fast football player. I was proud of him.

We did a couple more cheers, the Jaguars scored once more and we ended up winning the game 33 to 20. After the game I waved to Kirk as he went into the football locker rooms. He waved back, I went to the huddle, where coach was already giving the pep talk and advice.

"Good game, your energy kind of was down after the third quarter but that's okay you still kept the crowd pepped up, see you guys at practice on Monday, have a safe weekend, oh and don't drink in drive and don't get in the car with anybody that has, all right hands in and jag cheer on three!" "one two three!" "JAG CHEER!!!!" with that we all went to get our duffle bags and head out of the stadium. I realized it was really cold when I bent down to get my bag, east coast weather, I thought. It didn't feel cold through the whole game, must be because we were doing something the whole time. Working up a sweat blocks out the cold. But now I was getting to the point of goose bumps as the cold hit my lightly wet from sweat uniform. I looked for my warm up jacket in my duffle bag, but just my luck I didn't have it.

"Hey you going to Allen's party?" asked mike as he came up behind me. He was wearing his worm up jacket, lucky ass, I thought.

"Yeah, I think, ill see you there?" I asked.

"Yeah I'm riding with Heather," he informed me.

"Kay, see you later then," he waved bye as I threw my duffle bag on and headed towards the football locker rooms to wait for Kirk. I leaned against the wall as I said bye to people that were exiting the stadium. I started shivering from the cold.

Twenty minutes later Kirk came out, duffle bag in hand, freshly showered, wearing his lettermen's jacket. He came up to me.

"Your shivering bud," was the first thing he said.

"yeah I forgot my warm up jacket," I informed him. He started taking his jacket off.

"No, you don't have to," I said.

"Nope, you cant say anything to stop me, just look at you your shivering, I'm not that affected by the cold anyway," he said.

"No really, its okay buddy," I said.

"Nope!" he said stubbornly, "If you don't put it on ill just drape it over your shoulders.

"Fine," I said, letting go of my fake front, I really did want to put it on. He took my duffle bag as I took the jacket from him and put it on. Perfect fit. I inhaled his scent that was on the jacket. We started walking to the parking lot as I finished putting the jacket on. He never gave me my duffle bag back, now he was carrying both his and mine. I decided not to try to protest to that, I would end up losing. The parking lot was devoid of cars, everyone had already left, most to Allen's house probably.

"You did really good tonight Kirk," I said. He blushed, so fucken adorable.

"Hey you did good to man, I saw those stunts, that cupie during third quarter was amazing," he said. I was dumbstruck. How the hell did he know what a cupie was. (A cupie, or one handed cupie, is a stunt where the base only uses one arm to hold up the flier.)

"How the hell do you know what a cupie is?" I asked, we were now leaning against my car, and I was enjoying the warmness of his jacket.

"I'm a secret cheer fan," he said nonchalantly, "I watch UCA nationals every year on ESPN, those college nationals are intense," he said. I was still amazed.

"Your amazing, you know that." I stated.

"While thank you," he said, with a bit of a twang and cockiness.

"So you down for the party?" he asked.

"Yeah I just got to go home and change"

"Kay, well how about, you drive to your house and I follow you, then we can take my truck from there," he suggested.

"Kay, sounds like a plan," I said. I got into my car, and right after he turned to go to his truck I lifted the insides of his jacket I was wearing to my nose and inhaled his scent for almost thirty seconds. It was intoxicating, I could get used to having him by my side all the time. I realized he must be waiting for me so I started the engine and drove home as Kirk followed. When I got there I parked my car and went over to Kirk's truck, which was parked on the curb, I motioned for him to put the window down.

"I'll be right out okay, it'll take me like five minutes," I told him.

"Kay, five minutes, better hurry Jake Stevens," he said playfully.

"Kay okay, jackass," I said jokingly.

I rushed into my house, to my surprise, mom was home, she asked me how the game went, and I said fine. She informed me that she was barely getting home, and that she was getting ready for bed. Then she told me to have a good time at the party, and to tell the guys congrats for winning.

I hurried to my room, changed, but put Kirks jacket back on after I had taken it off. I grabbed my warm up jacket and rushed back downstairs and out the door. When I got in the truck Kirk looked at me playfully and said.

"Your thirty seconds late Stevens," he chuckled.

"My mom says congrats on the win," I informed him, as I was putting on the seatbelt.

"Oh, cool, tell her the quarterback says thanks next time," he said, I was about to take off his jacket when he stopped me.

"Hey its okay, that a lot warmer than your warm up just keep it on and I'll put your warm up on," he said this as he took my jacket from my hands.

"Okay," as I said.

"So, you know where Allan lives right? Cuz I sure don't," he asked and chuckled at the same time.

"Yeah I know, hey you look good as a cheerleader," I said, he had zipped up my jacket, they match our uniforms so that's why he looked like a cheerleader.

"Come on RJHS, yell jaguars are the best," he said, mockingly.

"Punk," I said, "you wish you could be a cheerleader, hahaha" With that we drove to Allan's house, casually chatting as I gave him the directions. We got to Allan's house and we seriously had to park like a block away because of all the cars. The music was loud and you could here the yell from high schoolers that where already way to drunk this early in the night. We walked up to the house, shoulders touching, and I wondered, "does he want to hold my hand as mush as I want to hold his?"

We got to the party, he opened the door for me. I said hi to everyone I knew there. Congratulated Allan on the win and on the big party. Kirk and I got separated when I went to talk to Mike. He was in the corner of the living room, already drunk, with Heather under his arm. Heather looked annoyed to say the least. He was talking to a couple of guys that were in his circle. My friend Mark from student Council was among the group. I said hi to him. I walked away and headed to the kitchen where the keg was. I was tempted to get a cup but I really didn't feel like drinking tonight, I had already had an amazing night, no need to mess it up with alcohol. I walked out to the back yard and what I saw nearly broke my heart. Kirk, with his arm draped around my friend Elizabeth, the girl he was talking to a couple days ago, the sophomore class treasurer. He saw me approaching and immediately took off the arm he was draping around her. He signaled for me to come over to him, I shook the hurt look from my face and walked towards him.

"Jakey," that was new?!? "You know Liz right," he motioned to her.

"Yeah, hey Liz what's up?" I asked

"Nothing much," she said.

"So Liz and I where talking about starting a gay straight alliance..." "Never mind, forget I said that, mmm... ill see you later Liz," he said, he was mumbling. We started for the house, now his arm was around me.

"Later Kirk, later Jake," said Liz, I just realized how butch she was. Could it be, I don't know.

" So you ready to leave yet?" he asked. We had now been here for two hours, I was ready to leave, if I was drinking I'm pretty sure I would want to stay but I wasn't.

"Yeah, I'm ready to go, you?"

"yeah, lets bounce," he said. With that I said bye to everyone and we headed toward his truck. We were touching shoulders the whole time again except this time I playfully pushed him in front of me, I admired his physique as he walked in front of me. Hi broad shoulders, his back the came down in a perfect v and his tight perfectly round butt. He was so beautiful. He was still wearing my warm up jacket and it was a bit tight on him so it accented hi Pecs perfectly. He opened my door when we got to his car and said, once again, "Your chariot, my king."

"While thank you," I said. We got in the car, and he drove me back to my house. We chatted about the party and about the game. Before we knew it we were sitting in front of my house, the awkward silence had gotten the best of us again. I spoke first, "I had a great time tonight, well today actually, thanks for everything Kirk."

"Yeah me to buddy, I'm glad I kept you entertained,"

"Oh you have no idea," I said, before I knew what I was saying.

"Well I'm glad," he said, "I guess ill see you on Monday." I was about to leave, I had half my leg out the door, when he grabbed my arm again and made me turn around. I turned and his head was inches away from mine.

"I'm sorry, I really hope you don't hate me for doing what I`m about to do, but I have to, I wont forgive myself if I don't, its just been so frustrating lately, I cant take it anymore," he closed the gap between us with his lips. He kissed me hard and passionately. I was in heaven. Then his tong was asking for entrance into my mouth, I complied and our tongs started fighting each. I lost control of my hands as they slipped under his shirt, to touch his smooth skin. I traced his perfect six pack abs with my fingers and rubbed his back with my other hand, then I moved on to his perfectly defined chest and tweaked his right nipple. He let out a small moan as I did this. We were still kissing during all of this but after ten minutes we both had to come up for air.

"I think I've wanted this since you knocked me down in the hallway on Monday," he said. Then we started kissing again, this time with more ferocity, like we wanted to eat each others heads. His hands roamed all over my body, his right one was currently cupped on my left butt cheek.

"I think I've wanted this since I saw you at football practice four weeks ago," crap, I let my secret slip, but I didn't care. Before I knew what I was undoing his belt buckle. He stopped kissing me and moved away from me, crap what did I do wrong.

"Jakey," he said.

"What you didn't like it?" I asked, horrified look on my face.

"How can you even say that," he started, "I loved it best 15 minutes of my life, but you have to promise me something,"

"What, anything!" I said.

"Promise me were gunna take things slow, that we wont rush into anything, just please promise me,"

"Okay I promise, I'm sorry, its just you know, I let my, umm hormones take control, It'll more special if we wait," I said.

"Well I guess I have to do this properly," he started, "Umm, Jacob Stevens, will you, umm be my boyfriend," I smiled at the fact that even in this situation he was nervous.

"No," I said jokingly, he gave me a puppy dog look, "Yes I'll be your boyfriend Kirk Coleman." We collapsed into each others arms. I buried my head in the crook of his neck and thought to myself that I could be in that position forever. As we were hugging he dug into my pocket and took out my phone, he pressed a couple buttons before he put it back in.

"Well I got to go babe," he said. I loved that sentence, well that word, I was finally going to be able to call him that.

"Kay, ill see you later then," I said, I gave him one last passionate kiss. Then a quick peck after that, then another. I seriously had to hold myself back from saying the L word. What can I say, I fall hard, fast.

"Bye babe," I said as I closed the door to his truck, I stayed in the driveway as he drove away. I went in the house, locked the front door and headed to my room, I stripped off my clothes, and I noticed I was still wearing his Jacket. I threw it on the bed, after I was down to my boxers I flopped onto my bed and cuddled up with his jacket. That might sound weird but it smelled so good. I was about to go to sleep when my cell vibrated. I took it from my night stand and saw that I had a new message. I opened it and it was from a new contact, Kirk C <3, he must of put his number in my phone and texted himself, I thought. It read.

Kirk C <3- I miss u

Me- I Miss U too

Kirk C <3- Wish u were here next to me

Me- I wish u were here too

Kirk C <3- Well you kind of are here

Me- What do u mean?

Kirk C <3- I'm cuddled up with ur jacket!

Hahaha, is that weird?

Me- hahahahahhah, im cuddled up with urs too

Kirk C <3- : ) I still miss u sooooo much babe

I stayed up texting him for about an hour at about 1:30 I had to go to sleep. Kirk C <3- goodnight babe. That was the last thing he sent me as I closed my eyes. I went to sleep truly happy, and I thought, "its so cliché for the quarterback and the cheerleader to be dating,"


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