Beautiful Cliché

Chapter 6

The next couple of days were bliss. I felt the most free when we were alone, because it meant that we were aloud to do anything. We mostly just made out and cuddled.

We didn't tell anybody about us for the first two days. Kirk had asked me if it was okay if we kept it hidden for a while. He wasn't ready to have the whole school know about him just yet. He assured me that he wasn't ashamed of himself or me. He told me that I was the most special person that had ever wandered into his life, but he wasn't ready to be out at our school. He explained to me that when he came out to his football teammates at his old school, it had been hell for a while. I assured him that I was totally fine with all of that as long as we were able to have some alone time.

However, by Wednesday of that week I couldn't take hiding it from my closest friends anymore. Jake had been all on my case lately, just joking around about Kirk and I. I had almost spilled the beans, about twice, on accident.

That Wednesday morning I texted Kirk because I couldn't take it anymore.

ME- Morning babe : )

Kirk <3- Morning Jakey, how'd you


ME- Goooood, so I have a question

For you babe...

Kirk<3- What's up?

ME- Kirky I have to tell Mike about

Us, he's my best friend and I

Think he has the right to know.

Kirk<3- Okay : ) I'm cool with it if

You are, just make sure he

doesn't tell anyone else..

ME- Kay, thanks babe, I'm sure he'll

Be cool with that condition, see

You at school babe.

That morning when Mike picked me up I told him all about Kirk and I.

After I was done he looked at me with a serious face and said, "I'm going to have to have the `best friend' talk with this Kirk character." He tried to keep a straight face but we both ended up chuckling. We talked about it for the rest of the ride. He bragged about being right, and about having a good gaydar since I came out to him. Then he said something that I wasn't expecting, he said, "As far as gay guys go, you guys make a cute couple, I'm happy for you Jake." I was content with myself, my best friend knew and he was happy for me.

That morning in algebra, I let Kirk know that I had told Mike about us. He said he was happy for me, and I jokingly warned him about Mike's "best friend" talk. After algebra class he hugged me goodbye and I sighed at the fact that I couldn't kiss him like normal couples.

After cheer practice that afternoon I decided to tell Heather and Jaime about Kirk and I. I knew that I didn't ask him if it was okay but I was sure that he wouldn't mind. They were happy for me.

They decided to go have something to eat after practice, but I turned them down. I instead, went to watch the football practice and wait for Kirk. I sat down on the bleachers and looked for him. He was on the sidelines getting water. We made eye contact and he waved at me, I waved back. Then he pointed to the bleachers, he was trying to get me to look at someone. I looked over and saw a man that looked like he was in his forty's, and he looked really familiar. Same blonde hair ask Kirk, and same nose, and same eyes, he looked tall and muscular but with a gut. Must be his dad, I thought. Then I realized what this meant and I started to get really nervous. I was about to meet his dad.

I decided to leave that until when he would get out of practice, so I sat back and enjoyed the artistry of football. He got out of practice at about seven thirty. I went and waited for him near the locker room. Just as Kirk was coming out the man that was sitting in the bleachers approached him. I, in my state of nervousness, stopped in my tracks and waited for Kirk to call me over. "Ah, babe? Get over here," he ordered. I have to admit, this doesn't just happen with straight couples, I was seriously ready to puke my guts out. I walked over to them, with my head down and silent. Kirk spoke first, "Dad, this is my boyfriend, Jake Stevens, babe this is my dad Chris Coleman."

"Nice to finally meet you son," Mr. Coleman said, in a deep, masculine voice, much like his son. He stretched out a large hand for me to shake. I shook it and managed to squeak out, "Nice to meet you too ser."

"None of that young man, anyone that can make my son this happy can call me Chris" he said. Those words lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and I felt a million times more comfortable with the situation. "Okay, nice to meet you Chris," I said, much more confidently as Kirk draped an arm around me. "So how about the three of us get some dinner?" asked Chris.

"Sure," said Kirk and I together. We drove to the local Mexican place and ordered. Chris made small talk with me and Kirk as we ate.

"So you're a cheerleader Jake?" he asked me. I told him I was and that I've been on varsity since freshmen year and that its my favorite sport next to football. It was a pleasant evening, then the parenting instinct turned on.

"So does your mom know about your sexuality?" was the first question that started it all.

"Well, no she doesn't, not yet at least, see, Kirk's my first boyfriend Chris"

"I see, so when do you plan to tell your mother young man, because this could be a dangerous situation, where my son could get hurt."

"Come on dad, I already told Jakey," I blushed, "That I would stick with him through what ever."

"Anyway, I'm pretty sure that my mom wont care, I mean we have always been really close and deep inside I think she knows," I added.

"Okay then, I guess you two are really falling for each other, right?" we nodded, "Then I don't want to be pushy or anything but I would like to someday meet your mother, and be introduced as what I really am, your boyfriend's dad, so sooner is better."

I nodded at his suggestion and he smiled a sympathetic smile, one to let me know it was okay. He then proceeded to clear his throat, and I kind of knew what was coming.

Chris started, "So are you boys sexually active?" he raised an eyebrow. "Dad!" exclaimed Kirk, almost choking on the last bite of his taco.

"No we are not sexually active ser, um Chris, we both have agreed to take things slow," I quickly added.

"Okay, okay," said Chris, "I just want to make sure that when the time comes, that you boys know how to take the proper precautions, condoms and all that good stuff."

"Okay dad," said Kirk, giving Chris the hint that we know what we were doing and that he needed to stop talking because it was getting awkward.

We chatted for a bit longer about random things. I found out what Chris did for a living and he found out that my mom owned a bakery. All three of us talked about the remaining football season and then about cheer competition, and nationals. Kirk was surprised to hear that we even competed at UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association). I told them all about the teams commitment to make it to nationals this year. We decided to leave at about ten thirty. Kirk drove me home from the school, because we had to go back there to get his truck. Once we were on my driveway we started making out. Just as we were getting our mack on, a car honked at Kirk to get out of the driveway.


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