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Beautiful Soul


The first time I heard of the school I was in the third grade. My mother was talking about it to her friend, Mrs. Cassidy.

"A school for those type of people?" Mrs. Cassidy had asked rhetorically, "It's like encouraging that sort of behavior Anna."

My mother was a little more liberal than old Mrs. Cassidy.

"Boys like that need guidance, not ridicule. Some say that it's in the genes and has nothing to do with choice," my mother said this while looking at me.

I was playing with a basketball that Lee had given me on my 9th birthday. My older brother wanted me to start training for school sports teams. He taught me different ways in which to hold the ball and the appropriate manners that came to ball handling.

Mrs. Cassidy watched me too and took a sip of her tea.

She said, "At least you never have to worry about your sons, especially this little tiger."

My mother looked at her sternly, "The earth will never be the sky."

Mrs. Cassidy smiled, "Of course, earth and sky are opposites."

"I am the sky!" I yelled, pretending to win an NBA game.

"No," my mother said to Mrs. Cassidy, "Ethan is the earth."

Mrs. Cassidy almost dropped her cup and stared at me. A long time ago she babysat my mother and would tell her mythical stories about the ancient Greeks. The sky represented the male identity of the world and the earth represented the childbearing female.

"I am the earth!" I yelled as if I understood what my mother was trying to tell Mrs. Cassidy.

A few years later, at my parents' funeral, Mrs. Cassidy approached me and told me more information about the school, as if she had been researching. She told me that it was what my mother would have wanted. It would take another couple of years till I finally attended Montega Academy.

Chapter 1

            Montega Academy is an all boys' school situated on a Hawaiian island. It's a private school that many wealthy young men attend who live a certain life style. The school can be compared to a four star resort with gardens, swimming pools, recreation areas, dormitories, and even a mini mall. Carlos Montega, owner of Montega Hotel and Resorts, founded the school. Mr. Montega was a homosexual man who had a hard time gaining acceptance from his wealthy father. During his adolescent years his father had kicked him out of the house and he had to fend for himself. Using his powerful last name and business skills, Carlos Montega was able to build his own empire, one that even his father could be proud of. After the construction of over fifty hotels around the world he decided to build a school for boys who could have the advantages that he never had. Montega Academy was built for such guys. But it was built mostly for the wealthy. Many, however, could gain a scholarship to the school after their first year of high school through recommendation. I was one of these guys.

            My parents died when I was twelve years old. Liam Jackman (a.k.a. Lee), my older brother, had decided to drop out of school and worked for construction. He wanted to give me the type of life that my parents would have offered. Our parents' life insurance was only enough to last us a year. Mrs. Cassidy, our next-door neighbor, would come in every other day to check the house and sometimes help with chores. My brothers' friends were nice and would sleep over when they could. But I couldn't allow everyone to be incredibly charitable. I already knew who I was and I worked hard in school. Mrs. Cassidy had asked her husband, our school Principal, about Montega Academy. She knew that my mother would have wanted me to go there. With his help, I was able to get an acceptance there.

            My brother could not leave me to myself and decided that he would sell the house and move to Hawaii with me. Mr. Cassidy had contacted the administration at Montega Academy and told them about our situation. My brother was immediately offered a job at a hotel near the school. After months of planning and hard goodbyes we left the only place we called our home and the place where we buried our parents.


            I sat by the window seat staring at the clouds and the islands below. From my angle it looked as if they were only stains on a large and sparkling blue dress. My brother sat beside me reading a novel. He told me earlier that it was about an immigrant family that had lived in twenty states and how they affected the people around them. People were always surprised to find that my brother enjoyed reading. They always said that he looked very rugged and when he was clean he resembled a very clueless model. He had high cheekbones and a muscular frame. Many times over the years strangers would come up to him and ask if they've seen him in some sort of catalogue. Lee would usually laugh it off and pretend that he didn't know what they were talking about. I found it funny when my mom would tell me that he was always jealous that I was a blond. Later she would go on and say that he was even jealous of my other features. I was only eleven and I looked up to my brother as if he was some hero. When Lee got into his teens he began to highlight his hair. It looked nice and girls would always make a positive comment about it. They would also take notice of his eyes. Mine were the same color, but his were much more deeper and made him look serious. I once told him that I wanted to be as good looking as he was. He looked at me for a few seconds and started to laugh. Lee told me that I was already better looking than him and that I should appreciate my own looks. I stared at my older brother now, as he mouthed the words to his novel on our flight. I wondered if he was as worried as I was.

            "Nervous much?" He finally asked, sensing my mood.

            "This is the first time I've been on a plane. Dad said he would take us to Disney before..."

            "Careful. Your baggage is showing," his eyebrow raised.

            I smiled and laid my head back on the seat.

            "Happy thoughts?" he asked nonchalantly.

            "Good memories."


            I played with my seat belt for a few seconds before asking, "So where are you going to be staying?"

            "I told you this already. I'll be working at the hotel and they have rooms there for guys like me who don't live in Hawaii. It's supposedly on the lower floors. I'll learn more about it when I start working there."

            "When will I see you?"

            "We'll work our schedules around that later."

            He closed his book and looked at me.

            "I chose to come work here so that I could get to see you on some regular basis. You're the only family I have left Ettie."

            His eyes were so deep and serious. Noticing the tension he changed the topic.

            "Do you have everything you need for school?"

            I checked my wallet for my school membership card that had the Montega logo on it. Right beside it was a picture of me. Ethan Jackman was written on bold letters beneath it. I nodded.

            Hours later we touched land and grabbed our only belongings. When we got off the plane the first thing we noticed was the mild sunny weather and the many palm trees. As custom to newcomers, a bunch of Hawaiian ladies came to greet the tourists and placed flower necklaces around our necks. We then headed off on a taxicab to Montega hotel. We were to stay there overnight while my brother finished off some paper work. I was told that I would start school in the morning and that it wasn't far from the hotel. The hotel itself was very aesthetically pleasing. The main entrance had a large and ancient looking fountain with a waterfall. Behind the waterfall was a clear glass where one could see a very large swimming pool. Around the foyer were terraces where the hotel rooms could look both inside and outside of the hotel. Gardens of flowers surrounded the inside and outside of the resort. Lee looked more excited about this job than he had before.

            "Think about all the beautiful women I'm going to meet," he told me.

            I pretended to be excited for him. While he did his paper work, I took the chance to wander around the area. I met many people from around the world who were staying at the hotel for their vacations. They told me about what they did and different places of interests around the area. When evening came, Lee and I were to eat at the hotel's high-class restaurant. They told us that since Lee would work for them he should at least try a free meal there. I was just as excited about the food as he was.

            After dinner we went back to our rooms and talked for hours about our past and where our future was heading.

            "Ettie," he said, "Don't ever forget what you've learned these past few years."

            When we went to sleep, I said a prayer to my mother and father. Montega academy was only a few hours away. I honestly didn't know what to expect.

            The following day Lee gave me his work number and told me to call him as soon as I figured out my schedule. I left the hotel with my luggage and took a cab to the school. A large gate surrounded the school. The driver pressed on the intercom and told them that their student was here. When the gates finally opened, Montega Academy was in full view. It was a very big school that looked more like a vacation resort than an actual learning center. On the front steps of the school, a middle-aged woman with dark hair and glasses was waiting for me. When I stepped out of the car she approached me with her arm outstretched.

            "Hello. You must be Ethan Jackman. My name is Ms. Danvers and I'll be your student advisor."

            I shook her hand, "Hi."

            "Excuse me Mr. taxi driver. Would you kindly leave Mr. Jackman's suitcases by the front and some of our employees will place them in his assigned room. Thank you. Come on Ethan. Let me give you a tour of the school and you can tell me all about your adventure to get here."

            Ms. Danvers was a short and talkative woman. But she gave a nice tour of the Academy and told me about all the student `hot' spots. I was very impressed with the library, gymnasium, mini-mall, fitness/recreation area, cafeteria and the swimming pool. She called this place the Disney World of all schools and was very proud to be a student advisor here. As she gave me a tour she would casually greet every student we passed by. All of them were guys at different stages of adolescence. They all gave me the same look as if to say, `hey look at the new guy'.

            "And this will be your first class," Ms. Danvers pointed to a room.

            "This is Mr. Buchanan's social ethics class. It's a course that a student must take every year and is the only class with mixed grades in it. Have fun and I'll show you to your dorm room at the end of the day."

            I had been working to get into this school for over a year now and it was almost a dream come true. Before entering the class I wanted to be prepared for as much as I could and that's when I realized that I had no bag, books or even a pencil.

            "Ms. Danvers but I need some of my school stuff for..."

            "This is more of a talking class. Like a late night show but with students and G rated words."

            She smiled and left me with today's schedule.

            "Just ask around and you'll find where you need to go. You're a very handsome young man and many will be more than willing to help you." She winked.

            I turned around and opened the door. The teacher was writing something on the board when he stopped to take a look at me. In that half second that he stared at me, I felt that I was being analyzed by him. He quickly looked me up from top to bottom and then said his greeting.

            "Ah, Mr. Jackman I presume. Class, meet your new classmate. Don't be shy Ethan, say hi to everyone," he winked at Ms. Danvers as she left closing the door.

            "Hi everyone," I smiled.

            They all just stared at me for a few seconds until someone from the corner said something.

            "Yes! He's not ugly! Joe you owe me lunch bro."

            Everyone started to laugh, including the teacher.

            "Bobby please take a seat," he said the short boy in the corner.

            The taller boy he was talking to, took another look at me.

            "He's pretty hot looking." Everyone laughed some more.

            "Ok class, your embarrassing the poor guy."

            Mr. Buchanan was right. My cheeks went red.

            "Please take a seat Ethan. Right at the empty seat on the second row."

            "But sir, that's Damien's seat," said a blond kid about my age

            "Don't worry Max. I'm sure Damien won't mind while he's elsewhere."

            "What does that mean?" young Max asked.

            Joe tapped Max on the shoulder, "It means kid, that they narrowed it down to `else'."

            Another wave of giggles flooded the room. I looked quizzically at Mr. Buchanan who was oddly taking pity on bright-eyed Max.

            "Don't worry son. Damien is part of the student council here as well as the football team. Tonight is the homecoming beach party so he's just a bit busy."

            Max nodded. Joe had a smirk on his face. I sat down and watched as class began. The teacher explained that his social ethic's class was more about communication between people. The main motif of the class is about acceptance and tolerance. We, as students of the school, must understand that not everyone can accept us for what we are but we should at least be able to tolerate others' beliefs. Throughout class, Joe and Bobby would throw wisecrack comments at each other. Joe was a tall and lanky redhead. He was in the eleventh grade and seemed very carefree. It was obvious that the teacher had separated Joe and Bobby for disturbance in the class. Bobby was a short guy who was in his first year. He had dark tanned skin and an even darker hair. Their comments usually had a sarcastic tone. Everyone else in the class just laughed along with them. I stayed quiet. Observing. Analyzing.

            When class was over Bobby and Joe came by my table.

            "Ethan right? Welcome to Montega's," Bobby shook my hand.

            "Come to homecoming. And wear something sexy," Joe laughed.

            Before I could say a word they both left together. I stayed after class for a few minutes to talk to Mr. Buchanan. When I left the classroom an average looking guy with wavy hair was waiting for me outside.

            "Hey," he called out.

            "The name's Eric."

            I smiled and said, "Ethan."

            "Nice to meet you Ethan. I guess this is kind of overwhelming for you."

            "It is. But I'll get use to it."

            "Walk with me to the cafeteria."

            I followed Eric through the massive hallways of the school. We began to talk about the school and he explained to me the reasons to why the class behaved the way they did. Apparently, there was the stereotypical school hierarchy of popularity here and everyone in class was just responding to their attention needs. Bobby and Joe were part of the `in' crowd that everyone else wanted to be a part of.

            "I'm just glad that someone here was cool enough to actually talk to me. Do guys around here not like new students?"

            "Think about it this way. This is a gay school and most of these guys are stuck on that same shame boat. They're all shy, and when someone incredibly cute comes into town they get cold feet."

            I blushed at his comment.

            "Trust me Ethan," he said as he opened the doors to the cafeteria.

            The cafeteria itself looked more like a two floor food court.

            "Do you see all these people staring at you? Its not just because you're new. There are so many students in the school that they at least haven't even met a third of each other. Everyone's talking about the new hot blond."

            I had never been more self-conscious than I was now.

            Eric looked in my direction and asked, "So what do you want to eat?"

            I decided to eat some Greek food for the day and got some chicken. I followed Eric to a balcony outside where there were more tables and chairs. He waved to a table of students and they made room for us.

            "Everyone meet Ethan."

            When I got more comfortable with the group I was sitting with, they all began to talk about homecoming.

            "Basically, homecoming is a big party that the Gold members organize every year. This year it's going to be a beach party."

            "Yea and everyone gets to go out of the school at the same time. We usually have to get an outdoor pass and sign our names and everything when we want to go out of the school. It's a hassle and there's a limit to how many people are allowed out."

            "You know what sucks guys? Brown members are the ones doing the set up and clean up."

            "Hey, I rather do that than be a `no' member. They get less privileges through out the year and never make it to gold."

            Confused, I asked, "What's a Gold and Brown member?"

            Eric was the one to answer my question, "Basically the student government is split into two parts. The Gold members are the administrative staff of the school and the Brown members are more hands on. In order to be a Gold member, one must first be a Brown member. Think of it like a popularity contest but... not like one. Bobby and Joe are both Gold members. Bobby is the only exception to the rule because he is Montega's first student DJ. Before it was a teacher but that was just too embarrassing for words to describe."

            I nodded my head, "So is there an actual school president?"

            "Yeah. His name's Lucky. He was the first president of the school and has never been beaten before. You need top grades and votes by both teachers and students. So that also means that he's actually not the most popular guy here. If we were to name the most popular it would probably be Damien. Damien is Lucky's right hand."

            "Have I met any of the Brown members," I asked.

            "You're looking at them. Well not all of us. There is a lot of Brown members and sometimes we can't keep track of who's Brown. That's why we all wear these brown ribbons on our wrists and the Gold members where gold ones."

            I hadn't even noticed the ribbons until now. Eric and his friends continued to explain the school system. After a while we got into discussion about the latest movies and television shows. They complained about schoolwork and eventually we started a card game.

After lunch, I went to go see Ms. Danvers. She got everything settled and I got a room on the East wing. I was going to be sharing with three other students. My luggage was already sent and all I needed was the key.

"Go shower and get changed for tonight. Wear something that you'll be comfortable getting wet in."

I left her office and made my way to the other side of the school. When I got into the room the first thing I noticed was the view. There were two bedrooms with washrooms and a shared living room. There was a sliding door opposite of the entrance and it lead to a balcony. Even from the entrance I could see beyond the sliding doors, a beautiful beach and the grand ocean. I closed the door behind me and checked if my roommates were in. Nobody was there so I went into room B. I was told that I would be sharing a room with a foreign exchange student. I opened my luggage and started placing things around an empty bed.

Afterwards I grabbed a towel, shampoo and soap. I headed into the bathroom to take a shower. I looked in the mirror while I took off my clothes. My blond hair shimmered in the light. Blue eyes were shadowed. I peeled off my shirt revealing smooth skin and toned muscles. I rubbed my hands across my chest and down my abs. I unbuckled my belt. My pants dropped. I placed my fingers underneath the waistband of my boxers. I pulled down. My dick slapped against my stomach. A rich goop of precum landed on my belly button. It had been days since I last jerked off and it was showing. I turned from the mirror and walked towards the shower. I turned on the tap. I stepped into the spraying mist. Warm water caressed my body. I ran my fingers through my wet hair. Shampoo cascaded across the weaves on my head. It was bubbly and slid down my back and chest. After that I began to soap down. It was slippery and wet. My hands scrubbed my chest, back and down my abs. I continued until I reached the base of my big cock. My right hand began to stroke. Up and down. It was slippery. My left hand cupped my large balls. Rolled them around until my middle finger went further down. It found my puckered hole. I kept stroking. Faster. Harder. I plunged my middle finger in. In that small instant I felt my balls begin to boil. After several minutes of stroking and plunging something was rising within my sac. My cock expanded and I blew my load all over my stomach, chest and neck.

After my shower, I put on a white tank top and yellow swimming shorts with blue Hawaiian designs. It looked as if I wouldn't see any of my roommates until after the party. I made a phone call to the hotel. Lee was busy but I left a message. There was a knock on the door. I opened it to find Eric and his friends standing outside. They all looked me up and down. I invited them in.

"Hey guys. What are you up to?"

They all smiled gleefully.

"Ethan. Guess what? I talked to Lucky. He wants to meet you and hopefully you'll become a Brown member."

I was confused, "What?"

"Eric here is tight with Lucky and you're pretty cool."

I didn't know what to say. Eric had talked to the school president because he thought I was worthy of being part of their school. I was thankful but I was also uncomfortable. In the end I accepted the proposal and walked with them to one of the school buses that would take us to the homecoming party.

The sun was setting before we got to the beach. Loud music. Swirling colors of swimsuits. Lights everywhere. This was one homecoming that I would never forget. We walked through the large crowd of bodies. All of them were moving to the rhythm of the sounds. There were carnival-like games set up everywhere. Some people were dressed in costumes of superheroes and cartoon characters. Eric told me that all this was just the beginning. This year's theme was called "Carnival at the Beach". The Gold members and athletes would arrive in a few minutes and that would begin the celebration of another school year.

"How's everything looking Ethan?"

I laughed showing that I was impressed. Everything was incredible. He later told me that the school employees did most of the work while students were busy at school. All the planning, however, were done by the student government, including Eric and his friends. After walking around for a few minutes a bell began to ring. In the center of the entire spectacle there was a stage. It lit up. Several guys appeared on the stage including the principal and some teachers. I had met Mr. Keller before I had gotten into my dorm. He was a tall man and looked like a force of authority. Behind him were a bunch of students. I recognized two of them: Bobby and Joe. I assumed that they were Gold members. Among the students there stood two tall young men. I couldn't see them very well because they stood in the shadows. One of them was wearing the school Football jacket and was a bit taller than the other. When the principal finished addressing the crowd, the shorter of the two approached the microphone.

"Welcome one and all to this year's homecoming at Montega's. How are you all feeling?"

The crowd cheered. Lucky was as tall as Joe. He looked much older than his age and even acted like it.

"I can't hear you!"

The crowd cheered louder.

"You all know me as Lucky, school president, but tonight you may all treat me as the party animal that I have converted into! Everybody party like its 1999!"

The crowd roared.

I was pulled by Eric in the middle of the introductions and didn't get to see the other Gold members. He told me that he needed some help and that my clothes were more than appropriate for what he had in mind. I started to laugh when he told me about what I had to do. When I finally paid attention to the stage, many of the Gold members were gone and the festivities were beginning. I followed Eric's direction and greeted some students.

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting at an edge of a tank filled with water. Beside me there was a target. Above my there was a sign that said, `Hit the new guy to see his wet body'. Eric told me that he would come back later with a different guy and then I could enjoy the show. I laughed. It was a good feeling to be needed in this kind of event. I was also quite surprised that 15 of the 20 guys that came by the tank actually hit on target. A lot of these guys were pretty athletic... or they were just really eager to see me drenched. I still had a good time. I remembered when I was little and my parents took Lee and I to a water park. My mother didn't want to get wet but my father threw her into the wave pool. Though my mother was angry at first, she was never again scared to take a chance.

Bobby and Joe called my name.

"Ethan. What's up? Getting wet already?"

I laughed, "Do new guys always get treated this way?"

Joe rubbed his skinny bare chest.

"Maybe Bobby should show you."

Little Bobby had a smirk on his face. He was wearing an extra-large shirt over his small body. The shirt even covered his swimming shorts.

"Don't worry Ethan. This is all for charity."

He threw the ball at the target. Missed.

"Aw too bad," said a voice behind them. He was taller than Joe and had a bigger frame. He was wearing the school football jacket over his bare chest and red swimming shorts. From where I was I could see his brown hair, spiked just enough to make him look presentable.

"He's starting to dry up and I can't see his nipples anymore."

Everyone around the tank laughed. There was an air about him that made everyone just pay attention. After his comment I looked down. My white tank top was beginning to dry off. Had he been watching me all this time? Joe and Bobby both gave him a high-five.

Joe had a devilish grin on his face, "Why don't you do something about that Damien?"

Bobby giggled, "Yea. It really is just for charity."

Damien stared at me. Our eyes locked for the first time. He removed his jacket and gave it to Bobby. He grabbed one of the balls. He carefully placed it in his large hands. He focused on the target. When he threw the ball I watched the ripple of muscle from his leg up to his back and into his arm. The ball connected with the target. I dropped into the cold water. I could remember the time I thought I almost drowned and my swimming coach saved me. I knew then that I wanted to be stronger.

When I reached the surface, a large hand was in view to help me up. I grabbed it. I was pulled up.

"Eric has a another kid that he's going to put up in the tank. He told me to tell you that you're free. For now."

I looked at Damien and nodded. He was definitely taller than I was. The top of my head was at the same level as his lips. He had large broad shoulders like my brother. He held his school jacket in his hand.

"That was a good throw."

He handed me a towel when I got off the tank.

"I really wanted to see you wet."

I blushed.

"So where did Joe and Bobby go?"

"To get some ice-cream. You're new right?"

The sand felt cool under my toes.


"Come with me."

He turned around and started to walk through the crowd of people. He didn't place his jacket back on. I watched him walk. His hips would sway as if adjusting to the shifting muscles of his upper body. His back was a nice sculpted V-shape.

When I finally caught up to him I asked, "So where are we going?"

He flashed me a devilish grin.

"You're very cute."

My cheeks immediately turned red.

His tone became serious, "It's a secret."

We began to walk away from the carnival. He didn't say much. I just kept following him. After a few minutes we started walking away from the beach itself. A part of me was scared. I didn't know this guy very well. But another part of me was excited. We reached an area with shrubs all over the place with a little pond. I noticed that the pond had a mist covering it.

"Hot springs," I whispered.

"This is the secret."

He placed his jacket and towel by the side and dipped his toe in.

"It's warm."

He came towards me. His fingers reached for my waist.

"Take off you're tank top. It'll be nicer that way."

I didn't move. He pulled my shirt up, his fingers lightly brushing my skin. He placed it beside his jacket and towel. He stepped into the water. I followed behind him. When my feet touched the water it tingled of warmth. I quickly pulled myself in and my body was encapsulated with the heat of the hot springs up to my chest. I walked across smooth rocks by my toes.

"Wow," I said astonished.

"So you like it?"

"This is really nice."

He walked around me, making waves with his arms.

"Did you know that everyone's been talking about you?"

I shrugged. I dipped my body lower till I was neck deep.

"All the Brown members won't shut up about the new sexy blond in school."

I floated on my back.

"Are you scared of competition?" I asked.

He laughed and went under water. He popped up and splashed beside me.

"I'm not scared of that. But I am curious."



I stood up and ran my fingers through my hair.

"What do you want to know? You can ask anything."

"Why haven't you flirted with anyone yet?"

I splashed some warm water on my face.

"Is that seriously what guys do around here?"

"Most of the time."

"To be honest. I don't know how to go about it."

Damien came from behind me and gently grabbed my waist.

"It's really simple."

He pulled me closer to his body. My back was against his raw flesh. I could feel his hardness all across my ass through our shorts. It was thick and very big. He hooked his fingers into my shorts and began to pull them down. I stopped him.

"Sorry. It's just..."

"Don't worry about it. You're not like other guys here..." his voice trailed off.

We were quiet for while. The stars were magnificent. I never thought that I would ever be able to come to a place this beautiful (or even afford it). I started thinking about all the people who had helped me get here... all my friends and neighbors and... so many people to be thankful for. I wondered about how they were doing and when I would be able to see them all again. I heard Damien step out of the water.

"Let's get going before anyone notices that we've been gone."

I pulled myself up as he was drying himself. At least I made another good friend. When I got of the water he was already waiting for me. He stared at me for a moment.

"Here. You're probably a bit cold."

He moved closer and wrapped the towel around my shoulders. It was a little wet from earlier. He rubbed it on my wet skin. My hands were at my sides. He really had broad shoulders and his skin was tanned all over. When I looked into his soft brown eyes he pulled me closer. From the reflection of the moon on the water I could see his entire face, from his square jaw to his nose and high cheekbones. He looked into my own face and pulled me even closer.

With almost a whisper he said, "God, you have beautiful eyes."

He bent down his head and I curled up on my toes. He was taller than I was. His face came closer to mine. Wet lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes. Using the towel he pulled me even closer. Our bodies were almost touching. He opened his mouth and bit my lower lip. It caused me to open my mouth. With a sudden move, his tongue was in my mouth. He lifted one hand and placed it by my cheek, caressing it. His other hand was around my back, pulling me closer to him. His tongue began to explore until it found my own. It licked it and then pulled out, giving my lips a small kiss before opening his mouth and putting his tongue back in. During this whole time I stood there on the tip of my toes, my hands at my side.

My first kiss was with Sarah Baker. It was the fifth grade during recess. Sarah had always been a shy girl, but that day was different. She grabbed my arm in the playground and before I could say anything her lips were right on mine. I'd be in denial if I said I didn't enjoy it. But I'd be lying if I said that it felt right.

Damien's kisses were getting more intense as he pulled me closer. His hand on my back was moving lower. His breathing was getting heavier. And then he just stopped. I felt him move back. I opened my eyes. He looked serious. He pulled me back into him to give me another kiss. This one was short. He used only his lips. He gently pushed me back and looked at the ground.

"We better head back now," Damien said in a serious tone.

I nodded. I looked towards the spiraling lights and noise at the other end of the beach. When I looked back at Damien, he had already started walking away.