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        Now I know that you have to say that if you're not 18, DON'T READ THIS!! Or if you're offended by sex or other actions between males, don't read on....of course, then again, why would you be here reading this? So just remember, this story if for {ahem} entertainment usage only....


        "A-ten-hut!" the chief commander screamed out. The eighteen teenage boys stood at full salute in six rows facing the officer. No one dared to move while the gates to the entrance slowly slammed shut and its heavy lock was put into place by ten guards. If the boys had even sneezed, their leg would be blown out by the snipers fifteen feet above the troops. When the door finally closed, the burly man head in command finally spoke.
"Listen up, maggots! You will be here for three more weeks and I have every intention on making your final stay here as unpleasant as possible. I will make sure that your last weeks here are pure hell! Do you understand?!?" the commander barked out. In unison, the group yelled out that they did. "At ease, ladies! Just to show you how much I stand on my word, you will begin push-ups now and not stop until you pass out or the sun goes down! That gives you three hours to think about why you're even here! Begin!"

        The Wallison County Juvenile Correctional Facility was an all male, maximum security jail. Its fifty foot walls and barbed wire fencing kept even the most advanced criminal from escaping. The teenagers that were sent there were there until their sentence was up. The first release of the Scared Straight High School Program was scheduled for the first of May. Eighteen teenagers, ranging from thirteen to eighteen, were chose as participants in the program based on criminal records, attitude with school and home, and also his relationship with the local law enforcement. With parental consent, these delinquents were sent for a month to a maximum security prison to experience the full effect of what their future could end up like. Any and all punishments that the normal prisoners were subject to, these boys were also extended the welcome of getting to experience. To these boys, this place was Hell on Earth.


         The sunset made a faint glow upon the horizon.  Well, what the prisoners could see of the horizon, fifty feet above ground level.  Already, fourteen teenagers had passed out from exhaustion, and the remaining four were struggling to make one more push-up.  The sun suddenly vanished, and the remaining survivors finally collapsed.  The commander smirked and walked off into the commanders quarters.  Slowly, one small boy stirred.  He looked about fourteen, light blonde hair, and a slightly muscular figure.  He was wearing a tattered pair of jean shorts and a torn, red tank top.  His bare chest glistened in the moon light as he flipped onto all fours and attempted to get up.  His ear length hair swung down to cover his beautiful blue eyes.  He was drenched from head to toe in sweat from the day's grueling punishment.  Slowly, he pushed off of the gravel and stood on his knees.  His eyes were slowly adjusting to the darkness, with only the glimmer from the moon to light up the night.  He suddenly realized that the entire group was unconscious around him.

        A few moments later, the boy heard a whisper from across the courtyard.  He couldn't quite make out what it was saying, but he could recognize it was not a threatening tone of voice.  He scanned his still adjusting eyes over the walls towards the commanders office.  He was nowhere to be seen.  Gingerly, the boy stood up and listened intently for the voice again.  As expected, the voice whispered again, this time, the boy could make out a few of the words.

        "Psst!  Hey!  You!  C'mere!" the voice called out.  Slowly, the boy followed the call and realized that it was coming from a dark figure near the corner of the courtyard.  The figure was crouching down and seemed to be huddled into a ball.  As the boy got closer, he realized the boy was maybe sixteen or seventeen.  His jet black hair almost blended in with the shadows of the night.  His glowing green eyes penetrated the cool air and stared directly into the smaller boy's eyes.  He seemed to be muscular is physique, but his clothing was tattered.  It seems as if he's been hiding from someone.  Even the black sweat pants he was wearing were ripped up.

        "So, the final survivor of the ol' Grunts work, eh?,"  the older boy said.  He motioned for the other one to sit down beside him.  "My name's Erik."  Erik extended his hand to the boy.

        "Mine's Luke," The smaller boy said as he shook Erik's hand.

        "Nice to meet you, Luke," Erik said.  He suddenly realized that he'd been on the run for so long that his sentence was almost up, but he'd never even met his cellmates.  He had escaped Commander Grunt's reign and had been hiding in the vents and shafts of the prison until his sentence was up.  Grunt had forgotten about him and went along with the program as planned.  Never giving a second thought to Erik's disappearance.   Suddenly, a door slammed open on the other side of the yard.


         A man dressed in a dark blue uniform stepped out of the doorway.  His eyes were with rage and his chest was heaving in and out rapidly.  He scanned the courtyard as if he'd just heard a gunshot.  Erik and Luke sat huddled in the corner of the yard and were as quiet as mice.  After what seemed like an eternity, the commander stormed back in the building and slammed to door shut behind him.  Luke had suddenly realized that he'd been holding his breath and let it out slowly.  If the commander had seen Erik, Luke would be doing jumping jacks until dawn, but Erik would no longer exist.  And dawn was a good seven hours away.

        Slowly, Erik inched his way towards the barrack doors where the beds and fresh clothing were at.  Even a shower in that nasty egg smelling water had sounded good to them boys right now.  Ever so carefully, Erik reached for the door handle and opened the door.  Luke slipped in with Erik taking up the rear.  Once inside, Erik shut the door and locked it.  Siding his hands along the wall, he finally found the switch on the wall and  flipped it on.  The room was suddenly flooded with light. The barracks had no entrance to the building other than the one that the boys had come into and there were no windows in the entire dorm.  Abruptly, Luke shuddered and had realized how cold the night air actually was.  Of course, with the slight breeze from the bottom of the door, Luke's bare chest was now covered in goose bumps.  Erik went to the one bunk which was still untouched from the first day and unlocked the trunk.  He was surprised that they had even left his things there, but wasn't about to complain.  Luke, wrapping his arms around him, tip toed over the Erik's locker and peered inside.  His locker matched perfectly with his bunk;  both sheets of metal and freezing cold.  Although he thought the seat would be too cold to sit on, Luke plunked down on the bunk, exhausted.

        Hey, man, you cold?" Erik asked.  All Luke could do was nod his head as his teeth began to chatter.  He hadn't realized that with his shirt so torn, he might as well have worn none at all. The barracks were freezing and being next to naked, Luke was shivering.  Erik got up, walked over to the bathrooms, then suddenly disappeared around the corner.  A few moments later, the sound of rushing water echoed through the rectangular dorm room.  Erik peeked his head around the corner and looked directly at Luke.  "C'mere.  I turned the shower on.  that'll warm you up."

        Luke slowly walked over towards the showers.  Was Erik planning on taking a shower, too?  He didn't have any swim trunks with him and he was sure he didn't see Erik bring any with him when he walked over to the shower room.  Was Erik planning on taking one naked?  He didn't really know.  Suddenly, he felt a rush of excitement come over him like a wave.  He had never done anything like this before and he didn't really know how he should feel.  A few moments later, Luke was inside the dressing room right outside the shower room.  On either side of the room was a shelf and a single, long bench sat in the center.  Erik was standing in the center of the room removing his shoes from his sore feet.

        "What're ya gonna do?  Stand there and watch me change?"  Erik said playfully when he realized Luke was standing mere feet from him.  He couldn't help but let his eyes trail up Luke's body and linger a few seconds on his bare chest before their eyes met.  All Erik could think was how innocent Luke looked and wondered why such a small boy was sent to a hellhole like this.  He wasn't about to pry, though, figuring that would've been rude.  He just stared at the perfect figure of a boy before him.  He couldn't figure out why he was feeling this way, but he wasn't questioning what felt good to him.  Erik had shaken off his trance long enough to realize that Luke has been staring at his package for quite some time.  Aw, hell, why not give him a show, Erik thought.

        Slowly, Erik began to slip his sweat pants off.  Not really teasing, but just slow enough to make someone stare intently.  His black, cotton boxers were soaked with sweat and clung to his skin tightly, outlining his growing organ.  No sooner than his sweats fell to the floor did Erik have his shirt lifted above his head and flung it off like a rag.  All he had left was his boxers and a nice tent in the front of them.

        Luke stood there in awe at the show he had just seen.  Erik was only a little under six feet tall, muscular, and had a nice six pack. His chest was void of any hair at all, yet he had a couple small patches of hair underneath his arms.  His arms glistened with droplets of perspiration under the fluorescent lighting..  Erik even had a tattoo of a snake on his right arm.   His long hair laid tangled on his head, yet seemed to make him even more handsome.  His deep, blue eyes shone with a glow Luke hadn't seen before.  A radiant fire seemed to burn in the furnace of his eyes and that only complemented his dimples.  His chest was heaving in a nd out in quick, short breaths.  It revealed his six pack more in detail each breath he inhaled.  Erik's strong legs were stretching back and forth to keep his blood flowing. This had to be the most handsome boy Luke had ever seen.

        "Well, aren't you gonna get ready?  The shower's gettin' cold, " Erik broke the silence.  He couldn't help but keep his eyes fixated on Luke's chest as it rose and fell in time with his own.  His nipples had hardened from the cold, making his nickle-sized nips stick straight out.  Those only complemented Luke's delicate pecs that they sat upon.  Slowly, Erik's eyes trickled their way down Luke's chest and stopped for a few moments on his stomach.  Luke didn't really have a six-pack, but nature had been very good to him.  His abs were beautifully shaped.  As Erik lowered his gave further, he could see the line of Luke's Fruit of the Looms sticking out over his jean shorts.  From what he'd seen, they looked almost skin tight.

        "Fine, why not?" Luke had said after a few moments.  He wasn't really sure if he had wanted to do this, but if Erik was doing it, he figured he might as well, too.  Luke threw off the rag that was left of his shirt.  Slowly, he slid his hands between his shorts and the top of his underwear and unbuttoned them.  He pulled the zipper down and felt a slight bulge in his briefs.  He was getting a boner!  He didn't really know why, but this was extremely exciting for him.  As he slid his shorts to the floor, he noticed a fairly large tent sticking out from his briefs.  Luke had been afraid of what Erik would say if he saw him with a boner until he realized that Erik, too, was sporting a raging hard-on.  Both boys stood their in nothing but their underwear for a few minutes, hoping the other would take off his underwear first.  Erik couldn't bear his full seven inch dick pressing against the button of his boxers any longer and dropped them to the floor.  Luke's five incher suddenly jumped to attention as he watched Erik drop his last shed of clothing.

        "Whoa!" was all that Luke could manage to choke out at the sight of this monster of a cock in front of him.  He'd never seen another guy's dick before, nevertheless one two inches larger than his. Erik's cock was perfect in every way.  A patch of black pubic hair surrounded the base of his ball sack as it hung freely in the cold air.  His dick had been circumcised and Luke could see a little bit of pre-cum forming at the tip.

        "What?  Never seen another guy's prick before?" Erik asked playfully.  Luke could only manage to shake his head as if he was in a trance and continued to stare at Erik's package.  "C'mere for a sec.  Get a closer look if you want."

        Luke walked across the room and sat next to Erik on the bench.  He couldn't help but wonder what it felt like.  Was it like his own or was it different?  Luke couldn't really tell from just the sight of it.  He also had an overwhelming urge just to play with his balls and even wondered what it tasted like.

        "Aren't you even gonna take your underwear off?  Or do you intend on letting me do that for you?" Erik joked.  But inside his head, Erik really had wanted to do it.  At the sound of this, Luke's ears perked up and he got an idea.

        "You couldn't do it if you tried!" Luke challenged.  Erik took the opportunity and lunged and Luke's frail figure.

        "Oh, yeah?  Get over here and I'll show you who can do what!"  Erik taunted as he just slightly missed Luke's body by less than an inch.  Luke stepped back and held his hands up like he wanted to fight.  He was smiling, because his plan was working.  Suddenly, Erik caught Luke's wrist as he dove forward.  As Luke flailed his arms, Erik had already gotten Luke pinned to the floor.  Luke tried to push off, but ended up feeling Erik's chest more than anything.  They wrestled for a few more minutes and Luke let his hand graze against Erik's nude butt.  Finally, Erik slipped his hands down Luke's sides and into the elastic band of his underwear.  Luke had realized he had lost and eased up.  Erik slowly slid the briefs off, revealing Luke's five inch boner standing straight up.  As soon as he had them off of Luke's legs, he flung the undies to the far corner of the room.  Suddenly, he found his gaze fixed upon Luke's warm eyes and both boys stopped.


        Erik slid his hands over Luke's chest, pressing and pinching his nipples.  Luke giggled, but laid there, enjoying it.  Luke didn't understand why he was letting this happen.  He always thought that two guys were sick and nasty, but how could something that feels so good be so wrong?  He was enjoying the experience as Erik playfully rubbed his chest and flicked the end of his tongue over his nipples.  Suddenly, Erik stopped.

        "Hold on a second, " Erik said as he stood to his feet.  His dick as still sticking straight out as he extended his hand to Luke.  He gripped his hand and Erik pulled him to his feet.  Erik led Luke over to the running showers and pulled him into the stream of warm water.  Water rushed over their naked bodies and cleansed both boys of any sign of dirt or sweat.  Luke was amazed at how much more handsome Erik was when he wasn't covered in mud and sweat.  The glistening water was only complementing the effect, also.  Luke suddenly realized that Erik must've been thinking the same thing, because he was staring at Luke's chest as the water ran down him hairless body.

        "Luke, have you ever done anything with another guy before?" Erik asked curiously.  Luke was taken back by the comment, but soon realized that his question was opening a door Luke had wanted to explore for a while.

        "Not really.  Have you?" Luke asked innocently.  Even through the rough attitudes and razor sharp shells, there was still an innocent child inside of each boy.

        Slowly, Erik leaned over.  His hair was pressed to his head from the water beating down on it and his eyelashes gathered droplets around his awesome pools of blue.  Luke took a step forward as both boys slowly embraced the other.  Both boys felt as if they were nine years old again, playing with their dads, leaning back as he'd pull them back up with a gentle tug.  Luke could even remember the fresh scent of his mother's roses in here garden.....not the smell of disinfectant that this hellhole reeked of.  Even through this mess, Luke somehow knew that Erik cared for him; and he liked it.

        Erik pulled Luke even closer this time, staring deeply into his aqua eyes.  They were so beautiful.  Carefully, Erik slipped his hands down to Luke's smooth ass and grasped it.  Luke jumped for a second, but them came right back to normal.  He hadn't expected him to do that.  What came next hit luke like a wave of pure ecstasy.  Erik grasped the back of Luke's head as he pressed his lips against his own.  Luke was shocked.  He'd never even kissed another girl, nevertheless another guy!  It felt so good, though, and Luke never wanted it to end.  This time, Luke trailed his arms down Erik's back and laid to rest on his firm buttocks.  Erik took this opportunity and grasped the back of Luke's neck and began rubbing it slightly.

        All of a sudden, Erik broke from their passionate kiss and began kissing Luke's neck and shoulders, moving his way downward.  When he'd reached his nipples, Erik flicked his tongue over them until they had gotten hard and stuck out.  He'd noticed Luke's cock jump a few times, and even his own, as he licked Luke's bare chest.  Finally, Erik had lowered himself to his knees and was met face to face with Luke's hard dick.  He had a small patch of blonde hair above his crotch and it clung to his skin because of the water rushing down on it.  Luke didn't even expect it when suddenly he felt a warm ring engulf his entire dick.

        Erik realized that Luke hadn't expected it, but he just wanted to see what it'd be like.  Starting out slow, Erik rocked back and forth on Luke's jumping cock, letting Luke's moans of pleasure fuel his motions.  Erik began to suck as he came in and blow as he retreated from Luke's ball sack.  Luke could feel his balls tingling as he soared into pure ecstasy.  A few seconds later, Luke shot his load right into Erik's waiting lungs.  Erik almost lost his balance from the rush of sperm that suddenly filled his mouth.  But in a second he was sucking every last drop down and licking Luke's cock as it went limp.

        Luke was exhausted.  This was a completely new experience to him and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He lowered himself down and sat next to Erik.  Erik was tired and laid down in the water, relaxing.  Luke suddenly straddled Erik and let his dick lay on his stomach.  His foreskin, tickling the inside of Erik's navel.  Luke kissed Erik passionately this time, not just in exploration, but in love.  Luke mimicked what Erik had done earlier, placing soft kisses all along his neck and chest.  Luke ran his fingers up and down Erik's smooth sides as he continued lowering his kisses.  Luke lingered at the tip of Erik's cock for a few moments, gathering what he knew felt good and what he had wanted Erik to experience.  A couple seconds later, Erik tensed up as Luke placed his mouth over his dick and began to suck.  It only took a few moments before Erik was sent into pure heaven and spewed forth his gift into Luke's awaiting lips.  Luke seemed to be expecting it and tried to swallow every drop of Erik's manhood.  Luke was amazed as Erik's cock kept jumping and spewing out, it was hard for him to drink it all in.  It had a kind of salty, yet sweet flavor to it.  Luke was in pure heaven.

        Erik was exhausted and leaned against the wall of the showers as Luke sucked every drop from his shrinking dick.  Erik reached his arm up to the nozzle and shut the water off.  The steam that the shower had produced hardy even rivaled the steam that him and Luke had created.

        "I'm so damned tired, man.  You ready to goto bed?" Erik asked Luke as he twirled his hand over Luke's chest.  Luke giggled  little, but still remained pleasured.  Erik slowly pushed off the floor and walked over to the dressing room.  He reached his hand up to the shelf and grabbed the only towel that the barracks allowed the prisoners have.  He dried himself off and walked back into the shower room and pulled Luke to his feet.  Slowly, Erik dried off Luke with the towel and kissed him again before leading him back to the bunks.  Both boys were still completely nude, but it didn't matter.  Erik pulled the covers of the bed down and laid on it.  But as he lowered himself down, he dragged Luke's body on top of his own.  Instantly, the boys' mouths were locked and they were searching for new crevices inside each others' mouths that they had never seen before.

        The boys kissed and fondled each other for quite some time before Luke became tired and fell asleep on Erik's chest.  Erik was beyond exhausted, but he stayed up all night, running his fingers over every part of Luke's body.  Cloud nine, hell, to Erik, it was more like cloud nine million.  He couldn't imagine his time there without Luke anymore.


        Ten years have passed since the program ended.  Oh, yes, Erik and Luke had many more experiences those last few weeks they had together while in the institution.  In fact, they became great friends.  Without each other, they both most likely would've just went about in pure hell the entire time.  As soon as the program let out, though, Erik jumped into his car and drove off faster than lightning.  Luke took the bus home, but couldn't forget what had went on at the jail.  A few years after the program, Luke was kicked out of his house for back talking.  He spent over three months on the street, then finally took it to the road.

        About two weeks from hitch hiking from place to place, Luke saw a beat-up old mustang in front of some diner.  He faintly remembered the license plate, but figured he'd stop and see who was in town.  Walking inside of the restaurant, he saw a very muscular man sitting in the booth.  As he got closer, he could see a head of jet black hair and a tattoo of a snake wrapped its way around his arm.  Erik?  Luke remembered that tattoo from anywhere and almost jumped for joy.  The man sitting at the booth glanced up, only to do a double-take at Luke.  He suddenly jumped up and almost tackled Luke to the floor.

        "Luke?  Is that really you?  God!  I haven't seen you in years!  You've grown so much!" Erik said.  The now young adults hugged each other for a long time before breaking away.  Erik scanned the boy in front of him and almost cried.  He'd grown so much.  The boys talked and caught each other up on the news.  After a few days, Erik invited Luke to move into his apartment and he accepted.  This time, the boys could start anew, with the person they were in love from in the beginning.