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Being Different- Chapter 2- The Voice

The alarm went off at 7:00 like it did every morning. "Ughhh..." Jon groaned as he reached to turn it off.

He got up and went to the closet to find something to wear. The turtleneck would of course be a necessity. He laid the ensemble out on the bed, grabbed his towel and went to his bathroom. As Jon looked at his naked body he couldn't believe how many hickeys he had. It was worth it, though. He would just have to remember to wear a shirt around the house. 

Jon quickly took his shower and got dressed. When he looked at himself in the mirror he looked like he would fit in with all the trendies. He wasn't sure whether he liked that or not. 

He headed down stairs to the kitchen, poured himself some OJ and sat down at the breakfast bar. 

"What's with the wardrobe change?" his mother asked while reading the newspaper. 

"I dunno. I just thought this looked good on me." 

"Good call. Do you know what time you'll be home today?" 

"Right after school I guess. Don't really have plans." 

"When you get home can you clean the kitchen?" 

"Sure", he replied as he glanced at the clock. "It's 7:45. I gotta run." 

Jon grabbed his stuff and headed to school. When he got there he noticed he was getting a lot of looks. He decided he didn't have time to think about it and he headed to his first class, advanced choir. 

He walked into the room and noticed that a lot of the girls were whispering to each other and eyeing him like he was a piece of meat. He grabbed his music, sat down and did his best to ignore everyone like always. The choir director, Mrs. Quinn, walked in with the pianist, Mark, another student. Mark sat down at the piano and began to run scales and everyone began warming up with him. Once Mrs. Quinn was satisfied that they were thoroughly warmed up she mixed the group and got out an a cappella piece they were working on for a summer gig. She gave everyone their starting pitches, and the basses began to sing: 

"Old Abram Brown, is dead and gone,

you'll never see him more,

He used to wear a long brown coat,

That buttoned down before." 

Shortly after the basses started their second round, the tenors came in. Jon sang his part perfectly. Matching every pitch. He loved this song. It was really simple, but when everyone was singing it sounded awesome. When the tenors first round was over they kept going followed by the altos when they hit, " ...gone, you'll..." and when the altos got there the sopranos came in. Jon couldn't help but feel good as they sang together. If there was one thing in the world that made him feel good it was singing.

Choir went by far too quickly for Jon's liking. But the day wasn't gonna wait because he didn't want to go to his next class. Jon headed for his locker to get his English book. Despite the new look, Jon's mannerisms were the same. Walking with his head down trying to be invisible. He almost made it to his locker when he heard a voice in his head. 

"Look up." 

Jon jerked his head up and looked around. Then he saw Paul leaning next to his locker smiling. 

"Hey what's up?" Paul asked. 

"Nothing. Just headed to English," Jon replied. 

"Is that good or bad?

"Well I'd rather have another period of choir, but what can I do?" Jon answered with a shrug. 

At this point Anika Dell, the richest and most popular girl in school, walked up to them, "Hey hot stuff." 

Assuming she was talking to Paul, Jon busied himself with the contents of his locker. 

"Hey, Anika," Paul said to her, clearly thinking she was addressing him. 

"Oh hi, Paul" she replied as though she hadn't seen him. Then she turned to Jon, "So, what are you doing after school?" 

"Uhhh... studying for finals and looking for a job?" he replied nervously. 

"Ugh! How boooooring! You should come over to my house." 

"Don't you have a boyfriend? He asked knowing she did and he would kick his ass. 

"I broke up with him when I saw you today. You are sooo much hotter than he is," she said plainly. 

Jon heard the voice in his head again, "I'm taken."  

"I'm taken" he said to her, rather shocked with his boldness. That may not have been a good thing to say. 

"WHAT!" she was shocked. Anika always got her way. "Do you know who I am?!"

"The biggest cum guzzler this school has ever seen. Besides I'm way outta your league," he replied, following the promptings of the bodiless voice. 

Anika quickly regained her composure, "Well if you ever change your mind call me." 

"Yeah. I'll do that if I'm ever in the mood to have my dick bitten off," the voice said in his head. 

He relayed what the voice said to him. 

Anika looked completely abashed and left before he could ream her again. 

"Oh my god, what did I just do..." Jon whispered. 

"From the looks of it you just did what most people have only dreamt of doing," Paul replied with a smile, "What's gotten into you today anyway?" 

"I dunno..." Jon said as he decided not to tell him about the voice in his head. 

"Hey, I gotta run to chem. Thanks for helping me yesterday." Paul said with a wink. 

Jon laughed, got his English book and headed to class. English was dull today, the teacher was just going over what was going to be on the final. He jotted down a few notes here and there, but stared out the window for most of the period. The bell rang at 9:50 signaling that class was over. 

Ten minutes to get to history. Thank god today is Friday. Jon thought to himself. He was getting really tired of people staring at him. He couldn't wait for the hickeys to be gone so he could dress normal again. Jon assumed that history would just be another final prep class so he just took his notebook. He was the first person to class and took his seat in the back of the room near the window. Jon glanced around real quick to make sure he was still alone as he clasped his hands together and started to concentrate, he began to feel something forming in his hand. He opened his hands and saw an ice-snowflake. Not too bad he thought. With another quick look around he tossed the snowflake in the trash. Mr. Osborne came in and stood behind his lectern and waited for the bell to ring. The other students began to come in and take their seats, and when the final bell rang the last of them came in. Mr. Osborne had the uncanny ability to put any student to sleep within five minutes of listening to him drone. Try as he may to pay attention, Jon too fell asleep and he didn't wake until the bell rang. 

Chemistry was next and Jon needed to know what was going on in that class. Jon went to his locker for his book and stopped at a vending machine on the way for a soda. 

"Mmmmmm.... sugar" he muttered as he opened the Code Red and took a drink. He glanced at his watch and saw that he only had a few minutes left and started to head to class. On the way there he saw lots of people whispering and looking at him. He looked at the ground and started walking faster. He got to class and sat next to his lab partner, a pretty girl named Kylie. She was always really nice to Jon. They hung out once in a great while, before Paul she was the only person to talk to him.

"Hi Jon" she said giving him the once over.

"Hey Ky" he replied, oblivious to the interest she was showing, "Lab today? Or are we going over final stuff?"

"Lab. You know Ms Schneider. Studying can be done outside of class time. Fucking bitch," she said

They both laughed. Kylie pulled the lab instructions to her and started to read them to Jon. Other groups were beginning to do the same.

"Here comes the chem-nazi." Kylie whispered to him as their large chemistry teacher waddled in.

"Gud morning class." she said in her thick German accent. "Today ve vill be dooing zee expiriment I haff left on your tables. You must remember to be very careful wiss zee mixings. Ya?"

A student raised her hand and began to ask a question. "Ms Schneider, can I-"

"Nein!!!" she bellowed, "no more talk, verk!"

Jon and Kylie looked at each other and shook in silent laughter.

"Vill you pass me zee pencil?" Jon asked Kylie. She handed it to him doing her best not to laugh. They took turns mixing things up and writing the notes. At five minutes tell they began to clean up.

"What are you doing this weekend?" she asked him.

"I dunno yet. I wanna get a job so I may go look for one."

"You. Get a job? Why? It's not like you need it. Your mom has more than enough money for anything you could possibly want.

"Yea, but I don't want to have to rely on her for everything."

She pulled out a piece of paper and wrote her number on it as the bell rang, "Call me sometime."

"Uhhh... ok" he replied rather shocked She smiled at him and walked off to meet the rest of her friends.

Jon left the chem. room and stopped at a food cart before heading across campus to his car. He got in turned on the ac and the stereo. What was going on today? Today more people have paid attention to him that all throughout high school, and he would never have the balls to tell Anika Dell off like he did. He sat and listened to the radio play "How you remind me" by Nickleback. He softly sang along with it, as he reached down and pinched himself. It hurt a lot, which ruled out the possibility that it was a dream. Five minutes left before the 10 minute bell then it was off to Psychology. Jon listened to the radio for a few more minutes before heading to his locker to get his Psychology book.

He was leaving his locker when some guy he didn't even know ran up to him and said, "Dude! I heard about what you said to Anika. It's about time someone put that bitch in her place!" he gave Jon a smile and walked away.

It would seem that news of Anika's humiliation had spread like wild fire. Everywhere he looked people were giving him encouraging smiles, not knowing what to think he smiled back and hurried to class.

Mr. Montiero was sitting in his desk looking over grades. In addition to teaching psych he was also the football coach, however he was nothing like Jon imagined him to be when he found out that he would be the teacher. Jon expected him to be some stupid jock, but he ended up being the smartest guy Jon had ever met and he was really funny too. Jon walked to his desk and sat down.

"Hey Jon. How's it going." he asked him

"OK." Jon replied. Montiero was the only teacher that didn't treat him like a stupid kid, "Are you just doing prep stuff today?"

"Yeah, I heard about what you did to Anika today. That was very unlike you. Generally you avoid confrontation like the plague, unless I read you wrong." He said

"You know about that?!" he was shocked that something like this made it to a teacher.

"Of course I know. Is there anything you want to talk about?" he replied getting to the point.

"I'm ok. Just stressed about finals," he said

"You know you'll do well. Just study and get some sleep," he said with a smile

The rest of the class assembled and Montiero began to go over some things that will be on the final. Jon was happy that the day was almost over. Just algebra left then he could get the hell outta there.

The bell rang and he went to his locker before heading to his daily torture. On his way to class he saw Paul talking with someone he didn't know. "Christ he is hot!" He thought to himself. Paul looked over at Jon and smiled. Jon gave him a small smile and continued to class. Algebra came and went. Completely uneventful. Jon was able to sleep without her noticing. The bell rang at 2:20. Finally he could leave.

He went straight to his locker to drop his stuff off. No homework tonight. Jon headed to his car and was hoping to see Paul but it seems that he had already left. He had just gotten in his car when he heard the voice again.

"Help me"

"Whoa! Who are you?!" he thought

"Please just go! Turn out on Fallen Leaf Drive"

"Ok. Which-"


"This is pretty creepy," he said out loud wondering if the voice could hear him or not. He had been driving for about 4 minutes when he heard the voice again.

"Left on Broadway. Then a right on Foster."

Jon did what the voice told him to do, wonder if he should have himself committed. When he pulled onto Foster he realized where the voice was sending him. He was going to Waller Park.

"Correct now park in the first space and go to the gazebo"

Jon parked the car and got out and walked to the gazebo. When he got there he saw Paul tied up lying on the ground.

"Oh My God!" he screamed

He rushed over to Paul who appeared to be unconscious. Who ever did this handcuffed him and then duct taped his legs together and his mouth shut. Jon shook him a bit to try and wake him up. Nothing. He looked around real quick and saw that no one was around. He placed his hands on the chain between the cuffs and began to freeze it. Once when he was practicing his powers with his mother she had cuffed him and told him to freeze the chain. When the chain was completely frozen, he was able to break it. He should be able to do the same now. He sat there and froze the chain for what must have been two or three minutes. Then he grabbed each of Paul's hands and jerked them apart, and the chain shattered. Jon collapsed. He hadn't used his powers like that in a long time. He looked over at Paul and saw that he was looking at him.

"You saved me."

"Paul?" Jon thought to himself

"Yeah it was me."

"Get outta my head..." Jon said with his last breath before he fainted.


Paul watched as Jon fell to the ground. He reached up now that his hands were free and took the duct tape off his mouth. He then looked at his legs and watched the tape unwrap from his legs. He hated doing that. It always took a lot out of him. It would be a while before he had to Astral Project again, at least he hoped it would be. He looked down at Jon who was still unconscious and was really glad he was right about him. He sat next to him and waited for him to wake. As he looked him over he thought about how different he looked today. Funny how changing your wardrobe can make such a change. He traced the sides of Jon's face with his finger.

"Hmmmm..." Jon groaned

"Hey. Are you ok?" Paul asked him

"What happened?" he asked looking around him.

"You heard me calling you. Then you came and helped me..." he paused "...and then you fainted."

"Ughhh..." Jon groaned suddenly remembering what happened. He pushed himself too hard; he had never used his powers like that before. "What do you mean you called to me? You were unconscious."

"I'm telepathic."


Jon was shocked. He knew there were other people like him mom and him, but he never thought Paul was one of them.


"Just like you didn't think I was gay."

"Huh? But I didn't say anything." Jon said sounding puzzled

"But you thought it. You are practically broadcasting them." Paul replied with a smile. "I didn't mean to `hear' it but it is hard sometimes. It is like tuning an old radio, only everyone's thoughts are my static."

"No wonder you always know what to say." He said giving him a reprimanding look, "do you have any other powers?"

"Yeah." Paul replied as a stick that was lying next to Jon flew into his hand.

"Whoa! That was cool! I can just fly and freeze things."

"It was you that left that rose on by my window last night wasn't it?"

Jon blushed.

Paul closed his eyes for a moment, and then he moved forward and lightly kissed Jon's lips.

They looked at each other a moment before Jon said, "What was with closing your eyes before trying to kiss me,"

"I did a scan to make sure no one was around."

"Oh ok. Hey we better get going."

Paul nodded as they rose and headed for the car. They had been driving for about 5 minutes when Jon asked Paul how he ended up like that.

"I dunno. Last thing I remember was heading to the bathroom. I had just walked in there when I was knocked out. When I woke up I was cuffed in the park. I had to astral project to find out where I was, and then I began reaching out for you. That was the furthest I have ever communicated telepathically. It was kinda draining."

"Why me?"

"I never knew for sure that you had powers. You kept that deep inside, further back than I ever reached. A few times I did catch images when you thought about using your powers. So I took a gamble that you did have them and not an overactive imagination." Paul replied

"Good call. You aren't always looking in my head are you?"

"No" Paul replied with a grin, "Have you ever accidentally froze something you didn't mean to?"

"Yea. Every now and then when I am really stressed I still do, but mostly I have my powers under control."

"It is the same thing for me, but I can invade people's personal lives when my mind wanders. I have to really keep it in check."

"Is that what you were doing when you went to the bathroom? Keeping it in check. That seems to be the only reason that someone could have snuck up on you like that. Mom told me that it is extremely hard to sneak up on a telepath."

"Yeah, I had let it slip earlier and I picked up on some stuff that I didn't want to know. I really didn't wanna know more than that, so I put up a big block."

"Does anyone else in your family have powers?" Jon asked while thinking about his mom.

"Not that I know of. If they do, they must never think about it. I've never picked up on any thoughts from them. What about your family." He replied

"Mom is an elemental too. That is what she calls us. She has fire powers though, she is kinda like my opposite. She has helped me learn to control mine, I was lucky to have a parent that has powers too. It's cool, she can totally surround herself with flame and not get burnt, and she said I'd prolly be able to do something like that once my powers develop more. We have other relatives that have powers too, like my grandmother is a psionic, and my uncle is a feral."

"What does that mean?" Paul said rather confused.

"I'll explain later. Don't let my mom know that you know we have powers. She would flip out. We'll let her know eventually." Jon said as they pulled in the driveway.

"Is that before or after we tell her the other thing?" Paul replied with a smile.

"We'll see." Jon said as he winked at him

Right then Jon's cell rang, "Hello."

"Jon, where are you?" his mother said.

"I just got home. I went to the library."

"OK. I am gonna be late at the office, so just fix yourself whatever you want or order in for dinner. Oh! And don't forget to clean the kitchen."

"Alright, see you later."

"The parental?" Paul asked

"Yeah. C'mon lets go in." Jon said as they headed to the house, "You can hang in my room while I clean the kitchen real quick."

"I'll help."

"Thanks" Jon said as they headed towards the kitchen, "There isn't much."

With both of them working they managed to get the kitchen cleaned in about ten minutes. When that was done they grabbed something to drink and went up to Jon's room.

They had just sat down when Paul asked Jon about the other types of powers.

"Well, lets see..." he said as he was trying to think up a good explanation, "as you already know there are elementals, psionics, and ferals. But there are also molecular, and mystics. Elemental people can use different elements, anything from fire, to total weather control. Mom has a cousin who can shoot lightening from his hands. You are a psionic they have advanced mental abilities. Like your own telekinesis, and telepathy, but there are others too. Then there is the molecular type, people with those powers, can do things like run at inhuman speeds, become invisible, are bullet proof, and be super strong. Superman's powers would have been molecular in nature. God I feel like I am giving a report!" Jon laughed, "After that, you have the ferals. Ferals have characteristics of a type of animal. They almost always have enhanced senses, and enhanced physical abilities are common too. Lastly there are the mystics. This type seems more magical than anything else. They can do almost anything they want, but they need an incantation or something to focus on. Sometimes both. Mom says this type is really rare."

"Wow... you really know a lot about this stuff."

"Well when almost everyone in your family has powers you pick something up. So did you hear anything about me today?"

Paul smiled at him, "everyone was shocked at your sudden change. Hell you took on Anika and managed to come out on top, which has never happened before. You look totally different. You were the high light of discussion today. It is a good way to finish the year, over the summer we'll get you out of your `shell', and by next fall we'll be able to hang out with out anyone suspecting anything."

"Well I wouldn't have taken on Anika if someone hadn't been putting words in my mouth." He said smugly

"I just gave you a little push. Don't worry about her; she has become rather diminished since this morning. Besides someone needed to do that, who better than you?"

Suddenly remembering how he found Paul, Jon asked him, "You have no idea who tied you up, doesn't that bother you?"

"Yeah it does. The only thing I can think of is some of the guys trying to be funny-"

"So the football team randomly beats each other unconscious, and then ties them up and leaves them lying somewhere?" Jon interjected sarcastically

"No. I don't know who did it, and know what? That scares me more than anything. Because if someone does know about my powers, what is to stop them from coming after my family. I don't want any of them to get hurt." He paused, "I'm sorry I snapped, but I don't know what do to and that is the worst feeling ever. Whoever did it must have had some motive. Honestly what is the point of leaving me tied up in the park."

Paul sounded really upset. Jon beat himself for being an ass. He couldn't imagine what that must have felt like to wake up somewhere and not be able to do anything.

Jon walked over to Paul and gave him a hug, "Everything will be ok don't worry."


"I hope so"

"We need to get those cuffs off you." Jon said to him looking at Paul's wrists. "Can you get them off telekinetically?"

"I dunno, it's worth a shot. I couldn't do it earlier cause I couldn't see them. I may be able to do it now."

Paul sat on Jon's bed and started to concentrate on the cuffs. They began to crumple and bend, and then expand again. Paul kept working on them in this manner for about ten minutes. The cuffs have gotten considerably weaker, but using his powers like that was taking its toll on Paul. Paul gave another tug and one of them managed to snap. He bent the metal back and handed it to Jon. Another 5 minutes and he had the second one off. Paul looked exhausted.

"I'm gonna lay down for a few minutes," He told Jon.

Jon nodded his head in response as Paul laid on the bed. Realizing that there was nothing better to do really. Jon got up and laid down with him. Jon laid his head on Paul's chest and Paul held him. They were only there a few minutes before they dozed off.


Paul woke up it was almost 6:15. He looked around for Jon, who didn't appear to be in the room, but he sensed him downstairs. He sat for a minute waiting for Jon to come back up. Jon was up in a few minutes, which allowed Paul to finish waking up.

"Hey. You get enough sleep?" Jon asked as he came in

"Yeah. Can I call my mom? I should have done that earlier, now she is gonna bitch."

"Sure. The phone is by the desk." Paul got up and Jon sat on the bed and leaned on the headboard. Jon sang softly to himself as Paul called his mom.

"Live in my house,"/"Hi mom"

"I'll be your shelter,"/"Yes I know what time it is."

"Just pay me back,"/"I'm sorry I should have called."

"With one thousand kisses,"/I'll be home later"

"Be my lover,"/"It's Friday no home work."

"And I'll cover you."/ I love you. Bye.

"Open your door. I'll be your tenant." Jon continued to sing, not realizing Paul was off the phone. "Don't got much baggage to lay at your feet-"

"But sweet kisses I've got to spare. I'll be there and I'll cover you." Paul jumped in.


"I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love, now I know you can rent it. A new lease, you are my love. One life, be my life." They sang together


Jon smiled, "We blended really well together. I would never have guessed that you knew Rent."


"I have the soundtrack." Paul said with a grin

Just then Jon's mom appeared at the door, "Hi boys."

"Hi Ms.- sorry, hi Jennifer."

"Hi Paul how are you?"

"Pretty good thanks. How was your day?"

"Dismal. One of my clients has an alibi but she isn't talking." She replied darkly, "So what are you two doing tonight?"

"Donno yet. I have to take Paul home later. We'll probably go to the mall or see a movie or something." Jon replied

"Oh! Jon can you run out to my car and get my briefcase I forgot it in there."

"Sure." He replied as he turned and left the room.

"Once he was out of earshot, the smile faded from her face and she turned to Paul, "I don't know who you are or what you want from him. But if you hurt him, I swear by all that is pure and holy you will burn. He has been hurt too much and is finally coming back to me, and I am not willing to let you screw that up."

Paul was shocked, "I don't want to hurt him. I could never hurt him..."

She looked into his eyes as though trying to get into his mind. He couldn't help thinking, "nice try but I am the psionic not you".

"Jon's coming up." He said to her

"I didn't hear him."

"He is at the foot of the stairs. He'll be up in a moment."

Seconds later they heard him climbing the stairs.

"How did you..." she said softly

"Just a feeling"

Seconds later Jon walked in. "Here mom" he said handing her the briefcase.

"Thank you..." she said, while keeping her eyes on Paul.

Jon couldn't help but notice how tense it was between them. "Is everything ok?" He asked shyly

`Everything is fine." They responded together

"Uhhh... ok. Did you want to catch a movie tonight Paul?" he asked hesitantly

"Sure, what do you want to see?"

"Signs just opened we can go see that." He asked


"That sounds good."


"Is that ok mom?"


"That's fine." She said, her eyes still on Paul, "just be home by midnight." And with that she left for her office.


Jon turned to Paul, "Are you sure everything is ok?"


Paul took his hand and replied, "She is just worried about you."


Jon put his arms around Paul's neck and gently kissed him. "How did you know she wasn't going to come back in?" Paul whispered in his ear.

"Because if she was, you wouldn't have held my hand," Jon whispered back at him.

Paul smiled and ran a finger along the sides of Jon's face before kissing him again. "Let go, it's Friday night and we are still sitting here!"

Jon turned and grabbed his keys and headed downstairs, and ran out the door. "Shit... hold on a sec." Jon said as he saw the Expedition parked behind his car. "I gotta get the keys to move it." Jon dashed back in the house to his mom's office.

"Can I have the keys to your car for a minute? I need to move it."

She handed him the spare key and clicker, "just take it."

"Really?! Wow thanks!" he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Be careful ok."

"I will."

"He ran outside to meet Paul. "Get in, we get to take the SUV!"


"Yup." Jon ran to his car and grabbed his CDs.

"Hhmmm... what to listen to?" Jon said as he climbed in.

"Lemme see" Paul said as the CDs floated towards him.

Jon just grinned as he pulled the car out.

"I'm feeling kind of Linkin Parksy" Paul said as he put the Linkin Park CD into the player.

"So are we going to the movies?" Jon asked him

"I don't care. We can do whatever you want."

"Well we have about 5 hours. What does everyone else usually do on Friday nights?"

"Parties, movies, beach, the few that are old enough go clubbing."

"Well I don't feel like sitting for two hours so lets do something else."

"Beach? I had heard that there was gonna be a bonfire tonight." Paul asked

"Do you think people will want me there?" Jon asked shyly

"After today? Oh yeah. Besides you are with me, it doesen't matter what anyone else thinks."

Jon smiled. As the reached a stop light, he gave a quick look around, then leaned in and kissed Paul."

"I wanna get there while there is still some light out so we can go for a walk." Paul said as he broke the kiss.

"Ok" Jon replied as the light turned green and they headed towards the beach.


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Excerpt from Rent

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