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They arrived at the beach about an hour before sunset. Paul looked around but didn't see anyone there yet. "We're early, lets head up to the cove for a while."

Jon nodded his head in response. They started walking side by side, their hands brushing occasionally. They had been walking for about fifteen minutes when Jon took off his shoes and walked down into the water. He closed his eyes and felt the breeze around him. He didn't know why, espically after what had happened that day, but being with Paul made him feel safe. He glanced over at Paul, he too was standing in the water. Except the water was going around him. It took Jon a moment to realize that he had made a telekenetic barrier around him.

Paul looked over at Jon and smiled. Jon blushed and moments later he was splashed by a good amount of water. He glared at Paul who was laughing.


"What?!" I didn't do anything!" Paul replied trying not to smile.

"You're lucky my powers aren't as subtle as yours."

"Bring it! No one is around."

"How do-"

"I did a scan. We're safe."

"I'll hurt you. Mom is the only one I have ever used my powers against and that is because they don't hurt her."

"I'll be ok." Paul said looking in his eyes

Jon closed his eyes and began to concentrate. His fists which were hanging near his waist were beginning to glow blue. He brought them up to his chest, then pushing them away towards Paul. When he opened his hands he released a barrage of snowballs at Paul. The first few hit him but they were going to fast for him to block. He managed to start deflecting them sending them spinning in all directions.

"Damn that hurt!" Paul exclaimed.

"It wasn't supposed to feel wonderful." Jon replied with a smirk, "Just be glad they were only snowballs."

Paul looked around and saw the ground littered with snowballs, but they had already begun to melt. He turned back to see Jon sitting near the waters edge, just staring out to sea. Paul walked over and sat behind him, and pulled him close into his chest. Paul gave him a tight hug and kissed his neck.

Jon shivered. "Paul... what if someone sees us?"

Paul turned Jon's head so he could look into his eyes, "Then I'll make them forget." He said before kissing him.

Jon broke the kiss and laid his head on Paul's chest. For 20 minutes they just sat there Paul holding Jon watching the sunset. Finally Jon spoke up, "I really hate to end this but we better head back and see if we can find anyone."

Paul leaned in and kissed his neck once more before getting up. They walked back towards the pier, figuring they would meet some of the other students there. As they walked over a dune they saw a big dodge truck headed their way. It pulled up next to them and Jon saw five teenagers in it. Once of them was Kylie, he didn't know anyone else.

"Hey when did you get here?!" Kylie yelled over the raido.

"'Bout an hour ago." Jon replied.

"Really? I didn't see your car." she screamed still trying to make herself heard over the blaring radio.

"Ugh" the driver groaned as he leaned forward and turned it down. "Now that wasn't hard to do was it?" He asked her in a condescending tone.

"Lemme out!" she said. He opened the door and she crawled over him and hopped out. "Go ahead. We'll follow" she told him.

The driver nodded in response and took off. He only drove about a hundered yards before parking and starting to unload the wood.

"Who were they?" Jon asked her.

"David was driving, Megan was next to me and Ethan and Emma were in the back. I didn't know you were coming." she said all this very quickly.

"We decided to come a little while ago. Mom let us use the expedition. That is why my car isn't here."

They looked over and saw the others still unloading the wood, "Guess we better go help them out." Paul said.

The trio walked over and said their hellos. "Are you really going to burn all this?" Jon asked gaping at the overabundance of wood.

"Yeah! We're gonna do this right!" David said.

Jon laughed at the maniacial glint in his eyes.

"What?!" David asked with a smile.

"You... are psychotic."

"Yeah, just a litthe bit though."

They all laughed and shortly after, had the truck unloaded. They made a smaller pile that they were actually going to burn cause the rangers would have a hissy fit if they burned the big pile. Once they had a fire going they just sat aroud joking and having fun.

"Did anyone bring any food stuffs?" Emma asked.

Everyone shook their heads.

"OK! Food run!" Megan shouted, "Who wants to go and who's vechicle are we taking?"

"I'll drive." Jon offered.

"I'll go too." Paul said

"I wanna go!" Megan said as she jumped up.

"Me too." Kylie yelled.

"Alright. What do we need?" Jon asked.

Everyone began shouting out requests.

"Hot Dogs!
"S'more Stuffs!"

They passed some money down to Jon for necessities.

"Well lets go." Paul said as he stood up.

The four of them walked to the parking lot and got in the SUV.

"Nice ride." Megan said as she climbed in.

"It's my moms. My car is at home."

The ride to the grocery story was uneventful, though not unentertaining. They talked and listened to the radio, Megan and Kylie belting out songs together. Jon Couldn't help but join in.

"It just takes some time,
Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride
Everything, everything will be just fine
Everything, everything will be all right, all right"

Two songs later Jon was parking the car and the foursome began their walk to the store. As they approached the door Paul screamed and fell to the ground. Both girls girls jumped away from him, looking very scared. Jon however fell to his kness by Paul's side. Paul was clutching the side of his head and kept screaming. Jon didn't know what to do. He looked around, luckily there was no one was around. Jon knew that as a psyonic, stuff like this could happen to Paul. Eventually Paul stopped screaming, and looked up at Jon with tears streaming down his face, he looked very scared.

"We need to go back to the beach now." Paul told them quietly.

No one questioned him. They dashed back to the car and drive back as fast as traffic allowed. Jon drove it onto the beach this time and parked near David's truck.

"Where is everyone?" Megan said as they got out.

The fire had burned down to next to nothing, it clearly hadn't been tended to since they left. Paul started to do a scan. He sensed David nearby and he was very scared.


"What the hell." David thought to himself.

David, where are you?"

"Who is this? Get outta my head!"

Paul suddenly saw an image of gunfire in David's mind. Emma was shot and carried away by a masked person

"How did you get away?"

"Like this." David said outloud.

Everyone turned when they heard David, and at that moment they saw him walk through the side of this truck. Megan screamed but everyone else was completely unphased by it.

"What the fuck is going on?! Where are Emma and Ethan?" Megan screamed.

"Megan... go to sleep." Paul said. She collapsed and he laid her in the truck.

"Some people attatcked us. Emma is dead and Ethan may be too by now. You're back early, why did you come back." David said as Kylie began to cry.

"I had a premoniton. I saw gunfire here. I was hoping it wasn't true..." Paul said to everyone quietly.

"This is not happening to me! I am supposed to be a normal teenager not a freak!" Kylie said inbetween sobs.

"We all have powers?" John said realizing what she just said.

"If you do too then yes." she told him bitterly, "but I hardly think this is the time to discuss our freakish talents."

"What do we do?" David asked.

Paul looked around. It must have been a SWAT team or some other elite type of group. It was very clean. No shells anywhere, and if it weren't for his premoniton and Daivid they probably would have never known what had happened.

"What are we gonna tell their parents?" Jon asked.

"They don't know they were with us. They were supposed to go to a movie." David said, "that is where I picked them up."

Kylie walked over by the fire and stared out into the dunes. She was completely lost in her thoughts, but was rudely brought back by a gunshot echoing as she was hit. "OW!!! BASTARD! Ok asshole! Where are you?!" She yelled before running into the dunes.

"Ky!!!" Jon yelled. But it was no use. She wasn't listening. Jon rose into the air and went after her.

"Jon no!!!" Paul screamed, but he didn't hear him. "C'mon." he said to David as he chased after them. He was so scared for Jon. He was the only one who couldn't take a bullet. Kylie was completely unphased by them, they would just pass through David, and he could deflect them telekinetically. He closed his eyes and began to do a search for them. Kylie was about 500 feet to his right and Jon was with her. He ran after them with David close behind. Soon he was able to see them, Kylie was looking around and Jon was hovering about four feet above her. He stopped running as he approached them, "Isn't it customary to run away from the gunfire?" he said trying to lighten the mood.

"Shhh..." Kylie told him, "listen."

The four of them stood there (or floated in Jon's case) and strained to listen. They could barely hear the sound of an engine, slowly growing louder. Jon rose a bit higher, "I can see headlights." he watched a moment longer. Suddenly the lights turned towards them and the engine grew louder. "Shit! It's coming for us! he yelled. "Run I'll slow it down."

Jon flew higher into the sky as the others ran towards the beach. He began to concentrate and his eyes began to glow blue, the more he focused his powers the brighter his eyes shone. He took his hands and pointed them towards the jeep. Jon released and the first blast hit the ground in front of it, freezing it instantly. When the jeep hit the ice and began to spin out, the driver over corrected, and ended up rolling it. As the jeep laid on his side Jon fired another blast at the engine. That wouldn't be startingup for a while. Satisfied that they now had ample time to get away, Jon headed to the beach.


"Paul where is he?!" Kylie screamed.

"Why would I know?" he said as he leaned against the SUV. "If I could have followed I would have, but I can't use my TK like that."

"What are we supposed to do?" She asked sounding scared.

"Wait for him, he had a plan. We need to trust him."

A few minutes passed but the felt like hours to Paul he was so worried but tried not to show it. David shuffled tensely. Paul kept looking towards the dunes, waiting for a sign of Jon. He looked at his watch, another minute had passed. When he looked back up at the dunes he saw Jon flying down towards them. A look of relief spread over his face when a shot rang out and Jon fell towards the ground.

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