Belgian Beaches


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Furthermore I'd like to warn ya that I'm a non-anglo European. I've had my story checked by a dear American friend but of course all glitches are my responsibility and I beg your forgiveness for any mistakes in the English language. Curious people might wanna know that I'm from Belgium and if you know where that is I'll already pass you on geography since it's so tiny. This story is fictitious, but I've borrowed some inspiration here and there in the real world.

Yeah, finally summertime, something I've really looked forward to. Not only are those damn finals or exams or whatever you want to call `em done, but we have two months of complete and utter freedom before we start our senior year in high school. This would usually be a time of complete and utter relaxation with no worries, but something had changed for me.

"Come on Steve, have another beer," Alex, one of my teammates, was insisting I got as drunk as he was, which was pretty damn drunk.

"Nah, I'm fine Alex," I said to the cute black-haired boy sitting next to me.

The volleyball team that was made up of most of my friends and me was on a trip to the Belgian coast. Partying and beach volleyball were on the menu and ... no supervision at all.  Now this all must sound great to every teenage boy on the planet and no doubt it probably is. It wasn't for me however, not now. I felt out of it. Looking at my team mates, all of them obviously having the time of their life, I wondered what was wrong with me. Whether it was the buzz of the alcohol or the high of freedom or vacation. I wished I could just let go and join them.

Tired of pretending to have a good time at our camping site, I had to get away. After giving them some lame excuse I wandered out of there, going nowhere specific. Again, the desire came to just be normal, like them, with only two goals for the summer: drinking and chasing girls. What's my problem you might think? One you might have guessed already. Chasing boys is more my interest and furthermore I'm not much of a drinker.

You might not know, but being the most sober person in a place full of drunks is like being stuck in a world where humour seems to have changed drastically. Then there's the temptation or frustration of all kinds of cute guys weak and vulnerable but still beyond your reach. It was enough to make any horny gay boy frustrated.  Before the urges strengthened by the alcohol could get the upper hand, it was best to leave.

As soon as I left the camping site, towards the beach, I started feeling better. Away from the tourist part I wandered on the crisp sand with my mind in a buzz, just enjoying the salty air that blew from the sea to tickle my nostrils. Kicking up sand and coming near the breakers I was quickly forgetting there were any troubles in this world.  After awhile I noticed all reminders of civilization were gone and only the sea, the breakers, the sand and the dunes were left. I decided to sit down in the dunes between the brush with a view of the stretching expanse of water.

After awhile just enjoying the view and relaxing, the buzz was wearing off. The breeze was picking up and I went deeper in the dunes looking for a more sheltered spot. I quickly found one and resumed my attempt to blank my mind. It wasn't working anymore and as much as I'm a solitary creature, in my mind crept this desire for a soulmate, a partner, someone to share my deepest emotions. Shaking it off, I gazed into the distance to the large cargo ships passing by probably on their way to Antwerp or Rotterdam. Shipspotting got me completely in a trance and I lost track of time.

Some sound was drawing me out of my fixation, something I couldn't place as a natural sound. Then I realised it was someone walking on the beach nearby, the first person since I sat down. My curiosity made me try to spot them and after a few seconds I found the source. A hundred yards away my eye caught a boy walking along the shore with his eyes looking down at the sand and his hands in his pockets. Walking maybe a wrong description, it was more of lounging and with each step he kicked up some sand, almost on purpose. He didn't notice me at all and remained in this position.

Suddenly he stopped and turned to the water. Just standing there his posture gave away a sense of sadness. This guy seemed about 16 and had blond hair that was brushed upright with gel in an organised, yet chaotic way. He was medium height and very well built. From the nice calves coming from under his shorts that covered his knees to the slightly defined pecs and biceps, his body seemed toned just enough to be in shape. Now that he was turned towards the sea I couldn't help but notice his nice behind. OK, I was feeling a bit awkward in spying on this guy but I wondered what his story was.

I was still sitting in my secluded spot and watched him. Now, I couldn't go and ask a complete stranger what his problem was, could I? As he didn't seem to have any intention of resuming his walk, this was getting uncomfortable. Could I just walk past him like that? This was getting weirder by the minute.

Well, I decided I couldn't sit here forever since the sun was setting, so I got up and walked towards the beach. He didn't even notice me until I was coming out of the dunes. He looked at me with a questioning look and I could see the remains of tears in his eyes even if we were about twenty feet apart. This was becoming awkward, to say the least. A bit shyly I started to speak.

"Hey, err , I was just sitting over there. Didn't mean to spy on you," I said rather lamely

"OK," was the response of the not very talkative blond boy.

Now, I could have just walked on but was it the mysterious look that made me pursue this or just my rising temptation to get inside this guy's mind or was it his pants?

"Em, I couldn't help but notice that something is bothering you but of course it's none of my business," I changed my mind while I spoke. What was I thinking anyway?

He looked like he was measuring my sincerity and something else. A few seconds only but enough to be noticed. Finally he spoke.

"Hey, I'm Jamie. Do you often want to share problems of strangers on the beach?" he stated with a hint of a smile.

"Not really," only cute ones I thought, "By the way I'm Steve."

"Nice to meet you Steve, so what do you when you're not hiding in the bushes?" he asked.

My face was getting a slight shade of red and I was feeling more than a little embarrassed under the astute observations of Jamie. This boy even had physical effects on me on top of the mental ones. I was getting a little nervous and hoped that I wasn't getting too obvious here.

"I'm here with my friends for some beach volleyball but they got so drunk that I decided that I preferred the company of the sea over them"

"But you're willing to listen to the problems of strangers that wander the beaches?" He asked in a lighter tone.

"You seemed like you could use someone to talk to," I hesitantly said. "I usually don't do this sort of thing, but I couldn't resist asking"

"Mmmh, I don't know," Jamie paused, " I can't really talk about it"

"Maybe telling someone will make it lighter to bear" I tried

This was a strange situation. Usually I wouldn't even have bothered but now I was drawn to Jamie. For some unknown reason, I desperately wanted to know the predicament that troubled him. It felt like someone more confident had taken over my body.

"Well it's kind of personal, I don't think you'd understand" Jamie began showing the first signs of hesitation.

"Why don't you give it a try, you might be surprised," I said feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience.

He looked straight in my eyes like he was checking whether or not I was telling the truth and whether or not he would confide in me. He had the most mesmerizing light blue eyes that I'd had ever seen.  They seemed for one reason or another very deep and gave Jamie a vulnerable look. The other thing I immediately noticed were his lips and their pale colour. This accentuated the mystery of those crystal eyes of his and I felt my knees becoming weak all of a sudden.

"If you really want to hear the whole story, we'd better sit down because it's gonna take a while," he sighed.

So we both sat down in the same spot I had been. We were sitting in the sand and facing the sea where the golden shine of the sun was being transformed in red and violet streaks along the horizon. He began to tell his story and all I did was listen not even uttering a single word for the longest time. His face looked captivating in the evening light, his tanned skin seemed to be glowing and the breeze just moved his blond hair back and forth.  Around his smooth neck was a tight necklace with earth coloured beads that just made me want to be one of them, in permanent contact with this boy's skin.

Jamie started out with telling me how much he loved his family and friends. Recently however, he was feeling alone and depressed because something had changed. Now that all his friends were chasing girls, he still only liked boys. Ever since he found out that he was physically attracted to guys, he had tried to forget it, deny it  and even dated some girls. Still it dawned him slowly that this wouldn't go away no matter how badly he wanted it to. Today he heard his friends make fun of a gay couple and the comments really hurt. It was just the last straw and as soon as he could find an excuse he blew them off and he went for walk on the beach. He had finished and turned to face me.

After the initial shock I thought about how much this story seemed like mine. Could it be, finally someone who shared the same fate? I was in deep thought; I didn't even notice Jamie had finished his story.

"You seem awfully quiet; are you wishing now I hadn't taken you up on your offer"? Jamie asked

"No, no!" I said too quickly "Nothing like that."

"So what are you thinking about then?" Jamie asked

My mind was spinning wildly, considering the options and weighing all the consequences of all possible scenario's. A few of them were not unpleasant to rehearse, but I realised I was trapped. My long silence must have been a dead giveaway because Jamie broke the silence with one his candid remarks.

"So can I also assume you also bat for the other team?" he stated a bit straightforward and again looked straight at me with a strange look in his eyes. It was like he was testing me.

Now my face got so red that I felt a severe burning sensation. I looked at my feet trying to avoid his gaze. My throat seemed blocked for one reason or another and I couldn't produce any distinct sound. I just wanted to say something, anything but it just seemed impossible to do. I knew the tables had turned on me and I had lost all control over the situation. Jamie's look softened and continued.

"Okay, I think that about answers my question."

For the first time I saw a genuine smile on his face and it got me even more nervous. I had to say something or he might think I've gone mute, was going through my mind.

"Well, err..." I said before he interrupted.

"Don't worry I would never tell a soul. Especially because you're such a sympathetic ear and articulate conversationalist," he said quickly with a teasing grin.

"Oh I wasn't worried about that," I said.

While he kept looking at me, he turned somewhat more towards me. He raised his hand to my face and gently stroked my cheek and chin with his fingers. This situation was rapidly developing and my hart was racing in my chest. Again my vocal abilities were cut short by emotion.

"You know Steve, you look very cute when you're frightened and lost for words," he said.

Jamie leaned in and his lips met mine in the gentlest of touches and all I could do was reciprocate and let his searching tongue in by parting my lips a bit. All these weird sensations took place in my body. It seemed to be looking for a way to counter gravity and elevate on his own. It made me lightheaded for a while. Only after a while I could answer the sweet invader in my mouth. I felt his hand on my neck and move to the back of my head where he dug his fingers in my hair to draw me even closer.

When we finally broke the kiss I saw the biggest smile on Jamie's face I'd seen all night. His crystal eyes were now positively sparkling. I needed a lifeguard since I was drowning in those blue pools. No longer able to restrain myself I moved myself on top of him and started to gently kiss his neck. Moving up I found his left earlobe and carefully sucked it. Jamie squirmed with pleasure which made me take it completely in my mouth.

My nibbling caused him to pant irregularly up till the point he flipped me over on my back. Kissing me hard on the mouth he started to unbutton my pants and I quickly started on his shirt.  In no time clothes were left and right of us and we were grinding our naked bodies into each other. Licking my nipples and chest he got me so hard it was almost painful. His tongue continued down and my abs and bellybutton were ferociously attacked. Now he was hovering over my equipment and maliciously looking into my eyes.

"Are you gonna make me beg?" I asked with a disturbed tone in my voice.

"Me?" Jamie asked with a, of course fake, innocent look and tone of voice.

Right after that response he lowered his head and licked in one slow fluid motion from my balls to the tip of my dick. I gasped in ecstasy and was coming close to climax. Only just recovered from this I felt my member engulfed by a warm, moist and tight environment. He had taken me inside his mouth and was now moving down. Experiencing his cheeks tighter around my penis while his tongue swirled around it was pushing me over the edge.

"I'm getting there" I proclaimed in an erratic voice.

This just made Jamie go quicker up and down my shaft causing me to involuntarily push myself deeper in his mouth by raising my hips. It almost made him gag. His lips kept encircling my pole and he started to suck hard on the head of my penis. That did it! I got to the point of no return and felt myself erupt in his mouth. It was the most I've ever been able to produce and he just swallowed. It kept going on and on, my mind was going blank from an overdose of pleasure and my eyes rolled completely back as I moaned.

After I recovered I looked at Jamie who was lying next to me on his side. The smile on his face was wide and I returned it gladly.

"You like?" Jamie said in his best Tarzan.

"Me like a lot!" I enthusiastically answered.

Eager to return the favour I gently pushed him onto his back.  My mouth found his smooth neck and eagerly started to suck it. I worked down to his shoulders and chest. Letting my tongue just barely flick over his nipples made him buck his hips and moan. I continued my trail of kisses to his abdominal area but much to the disappointment of Jamie I deviated from my path to his luscious equipment.

My detour consisted of those firm thighs of his. >From the left to the right and back. Working my way towards his inner thighs I planted soft little kisses ever more closer to his crown jewels. My tongue reached out and tasted the sweetness of his balls and felt the texture of the skin. Meanwhile Jamie was squirming like hell.

"Payback's a bitch ain't it?" I laughed.

"Oooohhh" Jamie managed to moan in response.

Slowly I started to circle the base of his dick. Making my way round the entire shaft, being careful not to touch anything else. This way I went upwards till I reached the head. Not delaying it any further I opened up to swallow his weapon. My lips encircled the head and I started to suck it. Moving down the shaft I kept my lips wrapped tight around his penis. He tasted so good I almost passed out. Jamie's movements became more frantic as he placed his hands on the back of my head and started again to dig his fingers in my hair. He lifted his pelvis from the ground in order to enter my mouth even deeper.

My throat wasn't prepared for that but I managed to resume my sucking activities after it relaxed a bit allowing Jamie deeper entrance. He felt that and started to fuck my face and I felt him completely in me. His pole was swelling and it became clear Jamie was very close. I moved back to take his load and taste him. Using my cheeks and lips to make the best possible fit and pressuring the sensitive head was enough to drive him over the edge. With a loud scream he let go and spurt after spurt of his lovejuice ended up on my tongue. Savouring the taste of pure boy I kept sucking until there was nothing left.

Jamie had laid his head back in the sand. He seemed even more beautiful than ever. Oh yeah, this was what I had always wanted, a boy lying next to me. I cuddled up close to his side and felt my loneliness dissolve as I had just found a soulmate.

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