Written by: J.P.G.

{"Beneath the Mask" is pure fiction. As I am writing this story, I am above the age of 21. If you want a story with lots of sex, look elsewhere. This is a love story. Seeing, as it is a love story, sex is in there, but it is in realistic balance in the characters' lives.

Any similarity to any real events, names, or life events is purely accidental. If you are underage, (according to your state laws, a minor), if this literature is offensive to you or to anyone around your viewing area, or it is illegal for you to view such content where you are reading it, stop reading the story.

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Story Written by: J.P.G.

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Chapter 46

Carlos did not observe the scene before he rushed in. When he got into the inner restroom he saw there were five students, he thinks. For sure, three or four students look to be juniors or seniors he has seen around in the halls of the school. The fifth student he has never seen before, but looked to be maybe a freshman, no way any older than that and what they were doing to him, he couldn't believe.

The poor kid was on the floor on all fours. His shirt was all ripped up, hanging on his very skinny chest and side. His jeans were ripped as well around the knee area. What got Carlos's attention the most was the tears rolling down his face. There was no doubt that the kid was in fear for his life from these bigger and older students.

The more and more Carlos looked at the students they are obviously raping this kid. He was able to place them. They were part of the student jocks that spoke up against Jacob. To make matters worse, if that can even happen, one of the students is running against Josh for student council president. Seeing that, Carlos knew for sure they were juniors.

That was it! Carlos couldn't stand the sight before him. He yelled out "WHAT THE FUCK", grabbing their attention. The four boys looked at Carlos and the leader of the group stopped what he was doing to the poor kid. Once he did that, the kid screamed out in pain, leaving the leader of the group no other choice but to punch him on the side to shut him up. That did it. Before any of them could react, Carlos charged them.

One by one, they came at Carlos, but all fell. It was as if Carlos was in another world as these kids came at him. Because of that, none of them could harm him. They tried, but they were not even on the same level of Carlos when it came down to fighting. When the kid that was penetrating the poor kid on the floor came at Carlos, he did not make the same mistakes as his friends did. In return, on his very first punch, he connected, but that did not matter anymore.

The punch rolled off Carlos as if the kid just tapped him on the shoulders, which scared Tommy out of his mind. Carlos responded not with a punch, but a kick in the midsection, causing Tommy to double over, with his breath exploding out his lungs. That made it impossible for Tommy to scream out in pain. As Tommy tried to gather himself, he was not watching Carlos, which he soon regretted. With both of his fists, Carlos connected to the back of Tommy's neck, causing him to fall to the floor, unconscious like his friends.

The last one standing was the ringleader, Garret Buchanan. He had finally gotten his pants back around his waist and buttoned up when Carlos turned his attention to him. He looked at Carlos angrily. "What the fuck man? He's just a little faggot!" Just as the last word left Garret's mouth, Carlos was about to charge him when he pulled out a knife.

This would not be the first fight Carlos was in where the other person had pulled a knife and it probably will not be the last. He realized he was beaten if he went fist to fist with him. Seeing that Carlos did not back off, Garret knew he had no other choice but to use it. Something he did not suspect would have happened because most people would run for their lives whenever a knife or gun is pulled on them.

"Oh, can't fight me like a man huh? You gotta pull a knife, you pussy!" Carlos hissed as he slowly walked towards Garret.

"You should have just taken your turn in the faggot's ass, instead of attacking us. Now I gotta cut you up!" Garret hissed back, as he was about to lunge at Carlos, the restroom door banged opened and Principal Michaels walked in unable to believe his eyes.

There in the far corner of the restroom was the young kid that he had talked to thirty minutes ago when he registered him for his classes. Now he is sitting in the corner of the restroom, terrified of his own shadow. He was crying as he tried to hide what the others had done to him, but was unable to. His jeans and shirt was pretty much torn to shreds, along with his briefs. The young man was sitting in the corner with his knees pulled up to his chest, with his arms wrapped around them, Principal Michaels saw blood leaking from his butt into a pool beneath him.

He glanced around the rest of the restroom and saw three other boys unconscious in different areas. Carlos about five feet away from him crouched down ready to defend himself if needed from their star school basketball player, Garret Buchanan. He gathered all this information in just seconds, which seemed like hours.

Knowing that if he did not defuse this situation fast, it was going to get worse, if that could even happen with what had already transpired in here. He looked over to Garret and in a soft voice, he asked him to put the knife down. At the same time, he stretched out his arms, holding back the school security guards from getting any closer to Garret.

Garret looked at Principal Michaels with pure hatred in his eyes. "Fuck you dude. Since you can't keep the faggots out of this school, we got to do it ourselves. If you'd do your job, we wouldn't have to. This is entirely your fault!"

Wanting to end this situation without anyone else getting hurt, Principal Michaels did not see what was coming at him. Garret turned and lunged at him, knife first. In his wildest dreams did he ever think a student would go this far. Carlos did, and was ready for anything from a kid that has obliviously lost his mind.

Moving quickly, Carlos was able to move between Principal Michaels and Garret, taking the hit that was meant for the principal. Normally he would not put his life in harm's way, but this time was different. His best friend, no scratch that, his brother Alex, respected this man, which is rare, so he does as well! To those they respect, they will do anything they have to in order to keep them safe.

As he moved in front of the principal, Carlos grabbed Garret's wrist and was able to change the direction the blade was going. What was meant to hit Principal Michaels in the chest got Carlos in the shoulder. When the knife sunk in, pain exploded all over Carlos body, but he quickly pushed it down as he slammed into Garret taking them to the floor. As they hit the floor, Carlos landed on top of Garret.

Immediately, Carlos started throwing punch after punch at Garret, landing them all to the face and head of the bigger kid. Losing track of how many times he hit the bigger kid, Carlos finally got up, feeling that Garret was down for the count. Two security guards quickly moved and flipped Garret on his stomach. One of them put his knee into the boys back in order to pin him to floor so he didn't move.

The two other guards stood between Carlos and Garret with shock in their eyes as they looked at Carlos. They both knew what they should do, what they normally do in a situation of students fighting each other, but this is far than being a normal situation. So instead, they just stood there making sure nothing more happened.

As Carlos clutched his shoulder that has a knife sticking out of it, Principal Michaels was getting his footing on what just unfolded. He shook his head to clear it as he turned his attention to the poor kid in the corner. He walked over to him, trying to remember his name, but by the time he kneeled beside the kid, he remembered it.

While Carlos was defending a poor, helpless freshman, Alex and the guys were out in the stadium not knowing what was going on inside the building. Alex was in his own little world with Matt. For some reason he started to feel frisky and wanted to be with his boyfriend.

They got as close as they could to the other guys so they could at least hold hands without anyone else seeing. They tried to join into the conversation that was going on, but their minds were obliviously somewhere else and the others knew that so they stopped asking them questions and just went on with the conversation they were having.

Alex kept stealing glances at Matt, hoping that Matt did not see him, but he was caught each time. Matt did not let on that he saw him each time because he likes it when Alex is being adorable. It is a side of him that rarely comes out and when it does, Matt wants to makes sure he takes complete advantage of it.

After ten or so minutes of ignoring the fact that they wanted to be alone, they finally gave in. Alex whispered in Matt's ear to follow him, but just as they made their excuse to get away from the group, the first bell rang. At the same time Alex and Matt looked at each other with disappoint in their faces. They both know that now they have to go through the entire day with hard dicks stuck away in their pants.

Grabbing at Alex's hand, Matt held it for a few seconds before letting go. This time it was not Alex, not wanting to let go but Matt. It really was not that he did not want to hold his boyfriend's hand; it was those that stared as they walked by. The sad thing is that a straight person sees a gay person weak, because of being gay. In reality, most gay guys are fitter and stronger than straight guys.

Putting that aside, Alex and Matt started their way up the stairs to the building. They looked around and saw almost the same look on everyone's faces. The looks were between scared and cautious. As they passed some of the students that were stopped on the stairs, or were going slow, they were talking about the same thing. They could not believe that they were back to school a day after there was a shooting here.

Alex understood their reluctance, but he has seen a lot more school security, police officers, and even more security agents from both the governor's group of agents and Jacob's. With so much security around, no one should worry. There is no way that anyone will be able to pull off what Ashton pulled off yesterday. If anyone even attempts to do something like that, they will not even make it a hundred yards near the school parking lot, more so a hundred yards from the school doors.

Getting lost in his thoughts, Alex did not see Kimberly walking towards him with urgency in her walk. With her yelling out his name several times, it brought Alex out of his thoughts and back to the present! The minute he looked at Kimberly he knew something was wrong. He immediately looked around for Carlos and when he did not see him, he was worried. His gut exploded, sending a shock wave of mixed feelings.

"What is going on Kimberly? Where is Carlos?"

The others in the group turned around just as Alex and Kimberly moved to the side of the hallway. Steve, Robert, and Matt walked over to see what was going on, while the others decided to get to class. As they walked away, they yelled out to Matt and the others to come and get them if they needed their help for anything. Matt turned nodding his head just as he reached Alex and Kimberly

"I don't even know where to start Alex, I don't!" Alex placed his hands on Kimberly's shoulders to try to calm her down. When she was a little calmer, she started to explain what just happened in the restroom before the bell. As she went into detail, she noticed that Alex was getting angrier and angrier. When she reached the point of the story about Carlos being stabbed, she hesitated for a second. She did not know for sure if she should tell Alex about the stabbing or wait until they were at the hospital.

Figuring that he was going to find out eventually, she threw caution to the wind. "Alex you got to promise me that you are not going to flip out on what I am going to say next." Alex shook his head, but Kimberly knew he would not be able to control his anger. "Um, as I was saying Carlos was able to fend off three of the four guys that were hurting that poor kid, but the fourth one pulled out a knife.

Just as he pulled out the knife, Principal Michaels, several security guards and I walked in. Long story short, Principal Michaels tried to talk Garret down, but was not successful. Garret went at the principal with the knife and Carlos jumped in front of it." Alex could not believe what he was hearing. He wanted to find these four characters and kick the living day lights out of them, not just for messing with his friend, but also for raping a defenseless student, half their size.

"Where is Carlos right now Kimberly? Don't make me ask you the question again."

"He, along with the kid that was being raped, has been taken to the hospital." Before Kimberly could tell Alex what Carlos requested, he started down the hallway towards the restroom where everything happened, almost running. The others quickly caught up to him. As they were making their way down the hall, the warning bell rang. That made it easier for them to get to the restroom faster since the hallways were getting empty.


When they reached the restroom, they found it blocked off by security. No matter what Alex said or did, the security guards would not let him through. As he tried to talk his way pass the security, he saw Principal Michaels going towards his office. Giving up on getting through, Alex knew the only way he was going to be able to talk with the Principal is by going around the blocked off hallway using the stairs and the floor above.

He turned around and headed up the stairs, around, and back down the stairs to catch up with the principal. As they turned the corner Alex saw him about ten feet away from his office door and out of the blocked off area of the hallway. He called out for him as he ran towards him. He looked up and when he saw who was calling for him, he stopped and waited.

"Alex I know why you are here and there isn't much I can tell you." Alex and the others either leaned against the wall or doubled over to catch their breath. "Carlos seemed fine, but is on the way to Providence hospital to get that knife removed from his shoulder. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but I know that is a lie."

Standing up straight, Alex asked how long ago Carlos left. "Just a few minutes ago Alex, but, never mind I know I will be wasting my breath asking you to go to class. I will talk with the attendance office and clear you and your friends here from class today, but by me doing that; you need to do me a favor in return."

"Anything sir, just name it!"

"Do not go after those four students that were involved in all this." Alex started shaking his head. "Come on Alex, you are doing so good right now. You are off everything, a free man. Do not screw that up for four students that will probably be where you were when this is all over. You have shown that you belong here and they showed us today they belong where you were at before you came to me."

Still seeing that he was not getting through to Alex, Principal Michaels started grasping at straws. "If you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for Matt here, your mother and all those that have stood in your corner when no one else would. Do not let them down because you want revenge. Do not let me down because you want revenge. Carlos did a number on them that they will never forget. There is no need for you to do anything more to them."

"I hear you sir and I promise not to do anything to them. I worked too hard to let my anger come back and mess things up for me. No matter how much I want to hurt those guys, I will stay away from them. Right now, I want to make sure my friend is okay and find out why he did what he did. Just like me, a simple mistake can cause him to be locked up."

"That is something that Carlos and you don't have to worry about. Not only did he go to the aid of a kid being hurt, but mine as well. There is no way he is going to get in trouble. The police will need to talk with him, but that is all." Alex felt a lot better hearing that. "So you guys go ahead and go to the hospital and be at your friend's side. Be careful and don't be too much in a hurry Alex."

Alex promised that he would be careful as he walked towards the front doors. When they reached the parking lot, they all got into the SUV and headed over to the hospital. As in times before, Alex had a hard time finding a parking spot. He finally gave up looking and pulled into the parking lot that is not free.

After grabbing his ticket from the parking attendant, Alex quickly found a parking spot, got out, and the group made their way across the street and into the main hospital before realizing that they should have gone into the ER doors. Quickly they turned around and made their way back out and over to the ER entrance. As soon as they walked in, they walked over to the nurse's desk to find out where Carlos is.

Meanwhile while Alex and the guys try to find Carlos, a little less than eight miles from them in down town El Paso, the Sheriff's were sitting down for their morning roll call and getting their assignments. Officer's Domingo and Tovey got what all the others wanted, the transporting of Ashton from county jail to the gang prison on the outskirts of town. When they heard their names called for that assignment, they excused themselves claiming they needed to get ready.

When they walked into the locker room, they high fived each other! "Let me tell you something. That little shit is going to regret the day he was born. We'll pick him up from county, but he will not make it to his destination." Officer Domingo said as he grabbed his gun belt from his locker.

"What do you have in mind Domingo?" Officer Tovey questioned as he closed his locker door. "In order to pull anything off, you need to let me in on your plans." Officer Domingo was hesitant and Tovey saw that. "Come on we've been partners going on now six years. You know no matter what, I have your back."

"Okay you are right! Listen up, here is my plan to make sure that shit doesn't make it alive to the gang prison and we come out squeaky clean at the same time." Officer Domingo went into detail on his plans. When he finished, his partner had no problem with it. He added a few things to the plan that he felt made it more believable.

Once they agreed on every aspect of the plan, they headed out. The ride from the east side of El Paso to downtown was long, but it gave them more time to go over the plan again. By the time they reached the county jail, they were confident that nothing would go wrong with the plan. Within a couple of hours, Ashton will not be among the living.

They pulled the van into the sally port and got down. When they reached the big metal door that leads into the county jail basement, they buzzed to be let in. A few seconds later, a voice came over the intercom asking them to identify themselves as they look straight into the camera. Once they did that, the door was buzzed open.

Before they could be buzzed into the second door, they had to take off all, their weapons and lock them up in the lockers provided, which they did. The second door was buzzed open and they walked through. As they entered, they ran into trusties that were finishing cleaning the morning dishes, or beginning lunch. Neither of the officer's knew what they were doing and did not care, just as long as they stayed out of their way.

Just as they walked up to the elevator, it pinged and the door opened. They walked in not asking if the elevator was going up or down, because the only way the elevator was going is up. The third floor button was already pushed, so they just stood there in silence as the elevator made its way to the floor.

Walking off the elevator, the stench that they have gotten use to coming from this floor hit them right off the bat. They looked around at the holding tanks and saw that they were over filled and their fellow Sheriffs were talking, not caring how uncomfortable the people were in the overstuffed cells.

Since they were not coming on duty, they ignored what they normally do, the overstuffed cells left for the new shift to take care of. As they walked over to the tanks that have the people that are about to be released either to be free or to a half way house, they did not see their inmate. They turned around and walked over to the counter to see why Ashton was not ready for transport yet.

"You guys are forgetting something; he is segregated from the rest of the inmates here. That means he's down here." The officer pointed to another holding tank that is rarely in use. "We have him locked up in that holding tank alone so he doesn't get messages out to his gang or anyone else." Tovey and Domingo turned to walk over to the holding tank that was pointed out when the officer called them back. "Before you get him, why don't you get the paperwork out of the way?"

Domingo walked back to the counter and grabbed the clipboard from the other officer. He quickly filled out the areas that he needed to fill out, signing where he needed to before handing it back. The officer behind the counter quickly went over the paper work before handing Domingo the key to the holding cell.

Ashton heard the key sliding in, but did not bother to get up. "Hey asshole, get your butt out of that bunk and come over here." Ashton ignored Tovey. "I know you heard what I said, so don't make me go in there and get you up." Still Ashton refused to get up.

Both Domingo and Tovey walked in. Domingo stood a few feet behind Tovey to back him up as he walked up to Ashton. Without saying another word, he pulled Ashton up from the bed by his t-shirt, ripping it as he did, and tossing him to the ground. Before Ashton could figure out where he was, Tovey kicked him several times in the gut, knocking the wind out of him.

"Now you little shit, get your ass up." Ashton holding onto the side that Tovey kicked, got himself off the ground. "We are going to be together hopefully no more than an hour or two. In that time, you will listen to everything my partner and I say. If you don't, you will get worse than you just got, do you understand?"

Ashton did not say word or even shake his head in either direction. That did not make Tovey happy at all. In return, he slapped Ashton on the back on his head so hard, you could hear the slap echoing in the empty holding tank.

"Shit man, isn't it against the law for you guys to treat me this way." Ashton said as he started to rub the back of his head with his free hand.

"You of all people asking us what's against the law and what isn't." Domingo walked over to Ashton and slapped him once on the back of the head. "Maybe you need a couple more of these to knock some common sense into you. You do not question us what is against the law and what is not. You lost that right when you killed one of our own."

They walked out of the holding tank together, but once they were out, they slammed Ashton against the wall making him spread his legs. As he was shaking that off, Domingo patted him down. When he reached Ashton's feet, he made Ashton take off his shoes and socks. Once they checked his feet for weapons, they made him remove his pants and underwear. By this time, everyone in the other holding tanks was watching.

"Come on give me some privacy and take me back there to those dressing rooms." Ashton tried to point to the dressing rooms that are used by people that are being released, but Tovey slapped his arm down.

"Do you think we are stupid or something you little shit? We are not taking you anywhere, more so in an enclosed area like that without checking you for weapons. Too many officers have had their throats slashed or an inmate has gone to town on them. I plan to go home to my wife this evening, and so does my partner."

Ashton could not help but laugh at the two officers, which got him several more hits to the back of his head. He cursed at the officers as he tried to rub his head, but once again, his hands were slapped away, towards the side of his body. Trying to show that he was not going to let the officers push him around, he tried to rub the back of his head. This time the officers did not slap his hand away, they slammed his body even closer to the wall.

"If you plan to continue acting this way, we are going to have to put you in a straight jacket for the drive up to your final home, do you want that?" Domingo asked as he put his entire weight of his body against Ashton's back, pushing him even more into the wall. Ashton felt as if his chest was being crushed. He quickly said he would behave in hopes that would be enough for Domingo to stop leaning against him.

Domingo stepped away from Ashton, but did not allow him to put his clothes back on. He joined the conversation his partner was having with the officer behind the counter. They carried on with their conversation for twenty minutes. All while Ashton stood there butt naked against the wall for the entire world to see.

A group of inmates walked passed Ashton on their way to court. Several of them actually pinched or slapped Ashton's butt, making him mad. No matter how much he wanted to turn and kick their asses, he knew he could not move if he wanted to get dressed anytime soon. Therefore, he stood there, taking the humiliation from the officers and at the same time making mental pictures of those that slapped him on the butt to get revenge later one way or another.

After another ten or so minute of talking, Tovey walked over to Ashton and kicked his clothes over to him. "Get dressed right here and don't touch anything or anyone while you do that. If you do, you will wish you were never born!"

Ashton knelt down and grabbed his underwear, slid them on, then his pants, shirt and his socks and shoes. Once he was dressed, Tovey pushed him against the wall again and started patting him down once more. Once he did that, he turned Ashton around, made him put his wrists together in order to put the handcuffs on him.

While he was handcuffing Ashton's wrists, Domingo was doing the same thing to Ashton's ankles. Once they had both areas secure, they locked a chain in place from the handcuffs around his wrist to the cuffs around the ankles, making it difficult for Ashton to walk when he was ordered to walk up to the counter.

The officer behind the counter gave Domingo and Tovey two bags containing Ashton's personal items that had when arrested. They signed the receipt that said they took possession of those items before heading to the elevator, with Ashton in the middle.

The walk felt to Ashton like it was his last walk he was ever going to take. Not because every inmate in the holding cells were looking on as he passed their holding cells. It was just a feeling he was getting in the pit of his stomach. He felt in his gut that the officers that were beside him were not good officers. Being bad most of his life gives him the ability to read in others if they are bad or not. There is no doubt in his mind that these officers are bad, that spells trouble for him, and again he knows that.

When they reached the elevator, the officers made Ashton put his nose on the wall, not allowing him to talk. Then when the elevator doors opened and they got on it, he did the same thing, except with one addition. They made Ashton walk all the way to the back of the elevator and put his face against the cold metal of the elevator.

As soon as the door opened, Domingo yelled out to Ashton to walk out and to turn to his left. Those inmates that were down in the kitchen preparing lunch for the other inmates in the county jail stopped what they were doing and looked on. They did not budge until the officers pulled Ashton through the first metal door.

After getting their guns and everything else they put in the lockers, they walked over to the door and hit the buzzer to be let out. A few seconds later, a loud buzz went off, Tovey pushed the door open, letting the bright sun rays come in. Ashton tried to cover his eyes, but due to the chain that was in place between his legs, from his wrist to his ankles, he could not move his hands past his chest, more so to his eyes.

The officers followed protocol and flanked Ashton as they led him to the van. When they reached the sliding door, Domingo unlocked it and pushed it open. Ashton struggled to get in, but did so with no help from the officers. Once Ashton was secure in the back, Domingo shut the sliding door and got in behind the driver wheel.

Within minutes, they had pulled onto North Campbell and were passing the courthouse. Ashton just looked on as they passed the local merchants on their way to I-10. The bad feeling in his stomach was getting worse by the minute. To make him feel even worse, the officers were not talking. That without a doubt in Ashton's mind is bad.

Just Ashton's luck, they got almost all green lights as they headed to the freeway. Never does he ever have all green lights downtown. Now that he wants nothing but red, he gets none. As they got on the freeway, Ashton leaned down and tried to move the cuffs around on his ankles so where they were not hurting him so much. He was not even down there more than ten seconds when Tovey turned around and pounded on the fence between them, yelling to sit up straight and stop messing with the handcuffs.

Not wanting what he got in the county jail, Ashton did not hesitate. He quickly sat back in his seat and looked forward. Tovey warned Ashton not to do anything like that again by saying the only words that he and his partner seem to know. He would regret the day he was born. This made it as the fourth or fifth time they said it, which was getting boring.

Tovey went back to the very low conversation he and his partner were having. Seeing that they were not going to budge on giving him any kind of common decency, Ashton went back to looking out the window. He got lost in his own mind when he heard Domingo telling his partner that he thinks that they have a flat.

"Are you sure Domingo? Maybe it is just the wind blowing us around the road." Tovey said playing his part in the plan. "You know these old vans. They are not well kept up."

"No it isn't the wind because there isn't any. I know what a flat feels like, and I believe we blew a tire on your side of the van." Domingo started to slow down as he pulled off to the side of the road. Ashton looked around and saw they were not outside the city yet, but they are in an area that there is nothing but dessert on both sides of the freeway.

The van came to a complete stop, and Domingo put it in park. They both got out of the van and went to the back right tire. The little that Ashton could see, both officers bent down to look at the tire. As they were down there, Ashton started fooling around with the chains to see if he could get them loser.

Just as he managed to move the cuffs to a point that they were not bothering him, the sliding door was opening. He looked over to see Tovey standing there looking at him. He did not look mad, but Ashton could not tell. He had the same look on his face that he has had ever since he walked into his holding cell.

"Listen up, and listen well! By law we have take you out of the van so you don't burn up in here. If it was up to me, I would keep you in here the entire time it takes us to fix the tire, but I follow the law. So get off your ass, get down and stay put where I leave you. If you move an inch from where I ask you to stand, I will shoot."

Not saying a word, Ashton got down from the van and stood exactly where Tovey put him, directly under the sun. He watched Tovey walk back over to the Domingo. As they made their way to the back of the van to get the jack, Ashton got his first look at the flat tire. He could not help but start freaking out on what he was seeing.

There is no way that tire was blown. It looks like the air was purposely taken. If it were a blown tire there would be pretty much nothing left of the tread of the tire, but the entire tire is intact. Leaving only one conclusion on how the tire got that way, they took the air out of it.

He started looking around in hopes on seeing a car passing by, in either direction, but the road was dead. That surprised Ashton because it is I-10, but the more and more he looked, he realized they were not on I-10. The officers did not go on I-10; instead, they stayed on the service road near the highway.

With that, the way they were willing to treat him in the county jail and on top of those two things, the way the tire was flattened, Ashton knew this is not going to end well for him. There is only one way he was going to get out of this alive and that is escape. The only problem he sees is he still handcuffed and chained up like a dog.

The more time passed without the officers coming back with the jack, the more Ashton got anxious. Finally after a standing there for twenty odd minutes, Ashton took several steps to the left to get a better view of where the officers were at. Still unable to see anything, he took several more steps, and this is when both of the officers came out from behind the van.

"Didn't I tell you not move from the spot where I put you at?" Ashton quickly moved back to where Tovey put him at. "Too late you son-of-a-bitch, you moved. Now I am in the right to shoot you and say that you were trying to escapes while my partner and I were changing the flat tire."

Just as Ashton was about to say something, Domingo interrupted his partner. "No it must be done without any questions that he was trying to escape." He took the handcuff keys off his belt and tossed them over to Ashton. "The story is going to go like this. He came up from behind us and wrapped the handcuffs that he has around his wrist around my neck as I was bent down taking the bolts off the tire here."

Domingo pointed to the tire that was flat. "As we were wrestling, you tried to get him off of me, but because he was choking me, you backed off for fear of my life. I was over come and passed out. As I was going to the ground, he grabbed my gun and pointed down at me, threatening to kill me if you do not put yours down.

You do what he asked in order to save my life. As he bends down to get the keys from my belt to unlock the cuffs, he is not paying attention to you anymore, which you noticed. As he was taking off his handcuffs, you quickly move and pick up your gun and shoot him three times in the chest, killing him instantly."

"Fuck no, I'm not that stupid!" Ashton interrupted yelling at Domingo. "Without the handcuffs off of me and the markings around your neck as if I did try and strangle you, the story will not sell. So you have two choices here. Either you shoot me in cold blood or we fix that tire and you take me to jail and I don't breathe a word of this to anyone."

"One way or another you're not going to leave this road side alive." Domingo looked over at his partner. "I have no problem shooting you in cold blood." He walked over to his partner and took his gun from his hostler. "Then when we know you are dead, my partner and I will set up the rest of the scene to go along with the story. We will take the handcuffs off of you. Put my gun in your cold dead hands and then my partner here will strangle me. When it is all done, we will be heroes killing you, a cop killer."

"There is one thing you are overlooking here, I am standing way over here and there is no way I am going to move over there. That will blow your story out of the water since all the blood splatter and everything else is here and not all over the van."

Ashton started to laugh, thinking he had them, but he was wrong. Domingo quickly moved and got up to Ashton before he could react. He wrapped his hands around Ashton's neck and was forcefully moving him towards the van. No matter how hard Ashton struggled, he couldn't get loose or move backwards, away from the van.

The closer he got to the van, the more he struggled. Nothing worked! Domingo was able to move Ashton without much of a problem because he was a lot bigger that Ashton was. When they got to van, Domingo pushed Ashton to his knees and yelled at him to take the handcuffs off. Ashton did not move, causing Domingo to hit him with the butt of the gun.

With pain coursing up and down his face, Ashton picked up the keys from the ground and started to undo the handcuffs with shaky hands. When he got the handcuffs off his feet, he paused a minute, hoping that the officers thought of what they were doing, but he found quickly he was wrong. With another slap of the butt of the gun on the back of his neck, Ashton undid the handcuffs around his wrist.

Just as he tossed the handcuffs in the road beside him, a motorist honked his horn and stopped, grabbing both Tovey and Domingo's attention. Ashton knew if he were going to live, he would have to take advantage of this small window that is before him.

As the officers were busy trying to explain what was going on, Ashton quickly jumped up from the ground and jumped on Domingo, causing him to fall to the ground, dropping his partner's gun. The gun went sliding under the car as Ashton was whaling on Domingo. Just as Tovey went to pull Ashton off his partner, Ashton was able to pull the gun out of Domingo's hostler and point it at Tovey.

Tovey backed off, reaching for his gun, forgetting that his partner took it from him. Realizing that he did not have his weapon, he tried to talk Ashton down. Before the first word left his mouth, Ashton fired, hitting Tovey directly between the eyes. He was dead before his body hit the ground.

Turning his attention to the motorist, Ashton shot twice, hitting the innocent bystander in the chest. He was still alive and gunned his car, but because he was stunned by being shot, he could not control his car and the car veered off the road into the ditch. When it came to a complete stop, all that Ashton could hear was the horn going off.

He looked down at Domingo and smiled at him. For the first time he saw fear in Domingo's eyes and he enjoyed it! "You thought you were going to kill me, think again. I am already going to go to prison for one cop killing, a couple more will not make much of a difference." Ashton sat on Domingo's chest, pointing the gun at his face.

"You should have shot me when you had the chance. Now I have the gun and you are on the ground. There is no way I am going to make your mistake." Domingo opened his mouth to say something, but Ashton stuck the gun in it. "Pray to whatever god you believe in and ask him for forgiveness on everything you have done wrong in your life, because you are about to be visiting him in a couple of seconds."

True to his word, Ashton cocked the gun and fired it, blowing the back of Domingo's head off. Getting up from Domingo's chest, Ashton kicked Domingo several times in the chest as he cursed at him. Not leaving it at that, he shot Domingo in the face until the gun was empty. Even when there were no more bullets, Ashton kept shooting.

After a few minutes of shooting the empty gun, Ashton dropped the gun onto Domingo's chest and walked to the side of the road. He sat down and put his head between his hands, going over what just happened. The more he thought about it, the more it hit him.

He wants to wait here for the police to show up, but there is no doubt in his mind that they will not believe what happened. They will automatically shoot him, and ask questions later so he has no other choice but to run. Run as fast and as far away from El Paso as he can. Just then, the horn of the car that was driven into the ditch stopped blowing. Ashton looked up and saw the guy stumbling onto the road.

Getting up from where he was sitting, Ashton started his way towards the guy. As he walked over to him, he stepped on Tovey's gun. Not knowing what the guy from the car had in his hands, Ashton decided to pick up the gun for protection. After securing the gun in his waistband of his jeans, he continued walking over to the guy.

"Please get me some help, please!" The guy begged through the pain as he held his hand against his chest, trying to stop the bleeding. "I don't care what happened here. All I care about is living. If you let me live, I promise you that I will never say a word on what I saw happen when I drove up."

Ashton looked at the guy, trying to get a read on him. "I am supposed to believe what you are saying. I don't even know you. On top of that, you don't even know what actually was going on here when you drove up. All you saw was the tail end of it, which will more than likely put me on death row."

"No I swear I didn't see anything! I swear..."

"Fuck you and your swearing. I am not going to allow you to run over there to the highway, flag down someone with a car phone, and call the police. I need time to get out of here and by finishing you, gives me that time, I will." Ashton pulled the gun from his jeans and pointed it at the guy.

The guy fell to his knees, begging to let him live. Realizing that the guy had nothing to do with what just happened Ashton couldn't pull the trigger. He has killed many people recently, but if he didn't kill them first, he would be the one six feet under. Then he started thinking about the innocent people at the high school he killed or wounded. None of them was a threat to him or did him any harm, yet he killed them.

Looking over to the guy quivering on the road, Ashton fired twice, hitting the guy in head as he looked up at him. The body fell down face first onto the road, dead. After Ashton made sure the guy was no longer among the living, he dug in his pockets and took his wallet and any lose money he had.

Although he didn't want any more charges added onto the three killings he has already done, Ashton knew he needed money, more than what he got from this guy. He walked back over to the two slain officers. First he went through Tovey's pockets and got everything he had, and then he went over to Domingo, and cleared him out.

Once he got everything he could, he started to walk away. Then he stopped in his tracks when a thought came across his mind. He turned around and walked back over to the officers. Looking around making sure there were no cars coming down the old surface road he started to pull the dead bodies onto the grass.

First, he dragged Tovey's body, then Domingo's and finally the guy he shot in the middle of the road. Quickly he stripped off their clothes, down to their underwear before going to the van to get the gas can he knows all city vehicles these sizes carry just in case they run out of gas. With the gas can in hand, he made his way back to the bodies.

After tossing the gasoline on the bodies, they went up in flames very quickly. Ashton stood there for a few minutes, and then jumped into the van and drove off. Once he got to the turn around, he took it in order to get on the highway and head back towards downtown El Paso. That way he can cross the bridge into Mexico within the hour.

As he passed where he was just at, several cars pulled off to the medium of the highway, looking over at the edge of the surface road pointing at the fire that was spreading. He wanted to burn the bodies, not the entire West side of El Paso.

Seeing how fast the fire was spreading through the dead grass around the dead bodies, Ashton figured he bought himself at least a couple of hours before they discovered the bodies. Then after that, it will take them days to figure out who is who since their bodies hopefully are burnt to a crisp. By then, he knows he will be long gone from El Paso, deep down in Mexico somewhere.

While Ashton was trying to get as far away from El Paso as he could, Alex and the guys were at the hospital. They stood at Carlos side throughout the day, finding out what exactly happened in the restroom at school. Not only did they get the information about that, but a lot more than they were prepared for.

They found out that this was not the only time the poor kid David had a bad experience with a guy or group of guys. Although the first was not as bad as this one, it was still rape and no person should go through one or even two rapes.

When ten o'clock rolled around, Franseca walked in to pick up her son, Matt, Robert, and Steve. After saying their goodbyes and promises to return tomorrow, Alex and the guys that came with him left the room. As they made their way to the elevator, Franseca asked about Kimberly and found out her parents just picked her up. Nothing else was said after that, the walk to the parking lot was quiet. Everyone was in their own minds thinking about everything they were told throughout the day.

By the time they got back to the hotel, Alex had made up his mind to talk with Jacob and Al. He knew he was way over his head here, and needed help. The only ones that he knew that could give him the help that he needed were Jacob and Al. Not only has Jacob dealt with a close person to him that had been raped, but also they always have the answer to any problem that comes up.

After eating dinner, Alex went looking for Jacob and Al. He found them talking with Tony in a private room, which looked serious. He stood at the doorway until they completed their conversation. When Tony walked out of the room, Alex knocked on the door, and waited to be invited in. Once he was, he did not walk too far into the room.

"Hey Alex what's going on?" Jacob looked over at Alex, concerned. "It looks like you have the whole weight of the world on your shoulders. Tell us what's happening, maybe we can help you." Jacob looked over at his grandfather and back at Alex.

"Um, something happened at school today, I don't even know where to begin." Alex scratched his head. "Carlos, my good friend, got stabbed." That grabbed Jacob and Al's attention. "No, no it isn't what you guys think."

Alex went into detail on what happened at school earlier that day. After hearing what had happened, they both settled down and relaxed a little. When Alex saw that, he went into the other stuff he found out about David. All the while, neither Jacob nor Al knew that Gloria and Andy Sr. were at the door listening to what was being talked about.

"Is there anyone there with the poor kid?" Gloria asked as she and Andy Sr. walked into the room. "I mean besides the nurses and hospital staff. No one should be alone that has gone through what that kid has gone through today."

Surprised by the concern, Alex turned and answered Gloria's question. "There is really no family to speak of for David. The social worker that moved him down here to keep him safe got here in the afternoon and is with him. Other than that, there is no one besides my friend Carlos at his side and he is probably out of it with drugs they have him on."

Gloria looked at her father and then over to her son. "I would like to go down there and be at the kid's side. As I said, no one deserves what he has gone through and then be all alone as he tries to recover from it, at least not in his first couple of days. Maybe after that, he will be able to be alone at night."

"Mom you do understand this kid we are talking about is like us?" Jacob got up from the bed and walked over to his mother. "Not only is he gay, he got raped for being gay. I know you are trying to change, but maybe this is a little too much, too soon for you. He needs someone that will not judge him for who he is."

"Jacob I believe I have done leaps and bounds on changing the way I think about gay people. I was wrong from the beginning when you came to me and told me you are gay. Instead of being there, supporting you, and helping you through what I now know had to be a very hard time in your life, instead I made your life even worse. For that, I am sorry, but I know no matter how many times I say that I am sorry I cannot erase what I did.

This kid needs a support group here, something again I did not give you. I would like to give that to this kid. Let me go over there and be there for him and show you guys once and for all that I have changed." Jacob looked at his mother, unable to be sure, that she was saying the truth, or just playing some kind of mind game.

"Mom you don't need my permission or anyone's for the matter. If you want to go to the hospital, and be at that kid's side, that is totally up to you. I know Alex here will call Carlos and let him know that you are heading down there. That way he or anyone in the room will not be surprised when you walk in."

"I agree with your son Gloria. It is your decision if you want to go down and stay the night at the hospital with a young man that we don't even know." Al got up and joined his grandson. "Our family is rich." Gloria looked at Al, confused on what he just said. "No I don't mean money. I mean something else more valuable than money, love, and big hearts. We all have big hearts and so much love, we cannot help ourselves when someone is hurting and needs help.

Hell, look at Andy Jr., and what he is doing right now with that kid that was arrested on his shift. It was not his fault, but he felt bad. He went out, got the kid an attorney, and got him out of jail. Once again, he did not have to do that, but he did.

Everyone in this family and associated with this family can't help themselves but to help their fellow man when they need help. So go down and stay with David. There is no need to say that you need to prove to us that you have changed, and let me tell you why. I know you have changed, because I have seen you change in the last couple of months. Go down there because in your heart that is what you want to do, and nothing else."

"In my heart dad that is what I want to do." That is all Al needed to hear. He turned and asked Alex to make the call to his friend in the hospital with David. While Alex was on the phone with Carlos, Gloria and Andy Sr. went up to their room in order to pack an overnight bag for her to take. When they returned, everything was set for her to go.

After seeing Gloria off, Alex picked up where he was when he was interrupted. When he finished telling Jacob and Al his concerns, the room went dead quiet. All of them were thinking about what was before them and knew the solution was not going to be simple.

"First we need to make sure those boys that harmed David are not going to get bail." Al broke the silence. "I will take care of that before I go to bed. Since they were hurt in all this, they are probably still at the hospital. Even if they are not, they have not gotten in front of a judge yet to get bail set. That will not happen until the morning at the earliest."

"Yes, we need to make sure Alex those kids are not going to try and take David out so that he doesn't testify about what happened. I know by the look on your face you think I am talking out of my ass, but come on, really look at it. These guys are looking at a very long time behind bars. They do not want to spend more time behind bars than they could help. So I don't put it past them to try and hurt David again."

"I think Mrs. Hughes has that taken care of. I am not one hundred percent, but pretty close. Besides making sure that those asses do not get out of jail, we need to figure out what we can do to help David out when he is released. There is no way he can go back to that group home again. They treat him like scum!"

"Let me look into all that Alex. You sprung all this on Jacob and me, so we need time to see what we can do to help you and David out. By the time you get back here tomorrow night, I'll have something for you on all your concerns." Al walked over to Alex. "Now I need to tell you something, but before I do, you'd better take a seat."

Alex looked at Al and knew by the look on his face that whatever he has to say, it is serious so he didn't argue with him, he went over to the bed that Al was sitting on and sat down. He tried to figure out what Al was going to say by reading Jacob's face, but all he got from Jacob is worry.

"As you know Ashton, the kid that shot up the school yesterday was captured and arrested thanks to you. I have not forgotten about what the cops did yesterday with you. I have handed that matter over to our attorneys. When they get back to me, I will let you know. However, that is not what I need to talk to you about.

Harold denied Ashton bail and ordered that Ashton to be transported to the new dentition facility as soon as the Sherriff's Department could get it done. They picked Ashton up from the county jail this morning, but never made it to the gang lock up unit. Since they put their most experience officers on this, they know something went wrong during the transporting of Ashton."

"Do they have any idea what it is?"

"No Alex, not one hundred percent yet, but they are working on it. To make matters worse for the Sherriff's Department, they cannot go over the route that they use to transport inmates from the county jail to the gang lock up because there is a fire burning out of control by that road. The fire is spreading so fast, the mayor has asked the residents in that area to leave their homes for their safety.

The fire is taking up a lot of the city's work force. It has pushed the search for Ashton onto the back burners for now. With that said, the Sherriff's Department told Harold and me that they believe the fire has something to do with their missing van, officers, and inmate. They really believe that somehow Ashton escaped and might have started that fire."

"But they are not for sure, are they?" Alex spoke with a worried voice. "That guy has lost it. He was willing to die as long as he was able to take me with him. If he escaped, the first place he is going to go is either the school again or here."

"When I heard the news, I thought of that. Just like you, I believe that Ashton is crazy enough to try to finish what he started yesterday. More so now if what the Sherriff's Department thinks becomes reality. There is no way their officers are still alive if Ashton that started the fire. I truly believe that if it was he, he did it to burn the bodies.

Now I do not want you to worry about yourself, your mother, brothers, Matt or any of your family. There is no way Ashton will get close to you and your family here, more so at the school. The security down there has been tightened to the point not even a cockroach can get into that building. Here at the hotel and your detail, it has been tightened as well."

"I hope the security at the school and here is as tight as you say it is. Ashton is like a cockroach in every way. That is why I chose him to run the area I asked him to run when I was in charge of the gang in my past life. The guy was able to slide in and out of areas that no one else was able to do."

Al reinsured Alex that everything was going to be okay. At the same time, he explained in order for that to happen, his and his families movements had to be restricted to the bare minimum. Alex did not like it, but understood. He promised to do whatever he was asked to do to keep himself and those he cares for safe.

By the time the fire department put out the fire, it was a little after midnight. Even then, no one except fire department personal was allowed around the area of the fire. They needed to find out how the fire got started, and the only way on getting that done is if they keep everyone and their mothers out of the area.

The Sherriff of El Paso County was sitting by the radio when the call came over that the fire marshals stumbled onto three burnt bodies. He immediately got down from the van and walked over to the command center. When he walked into the tent, the precinct commander of the west side police department was ordering several of his men to head on over to where the bodies were found.

"If you don't mind, I'd like several of my men to join your men." The Sherriff interrupted the commander. "As you are aware, we are missing two of our own and an inmate. They were transporting an inmate from the county jail to the gang unit when we lost contact with them."

"With all due respect sure, this is El Paso County, which means my department is in charge of the investigation." The precinct commander was not happy being interrupted as he was giving his orders. "By the looks of it, this fire has nothing to do with your men or that inmate. It looks like three people got down from their car and more than likely started a fire by smoking something. The fire got away from them and by the time they realized they couldn't do anything about it, they got trapped."

"With all due respect to you sir, I figure you would want us to be sure those three bodies are not my men and the inmate they were transporting." The precinct commander wanted to tell off the Sherriff, but held his breathe. "And let me tell you why, the inmate is the young man that killed one of your own. If he somehow escaped, that means he is out there without a care in the world. He will kill anyone that stands in his way.

So let us stop this bullshit about where the fire happened and who has authority here. A missing inmate may have or may not have escaped. If he did escape, that means he killed two more officers, which will make him the most wanted man in the state of Texas." Now the Sherriff is fired up on the way the precinct commander is acting.

"I see what you are saying and I agree with you. Select two of your men to go along with my men to look at the three bodies." The sheriff looked at his guys. "If there is any indication that two of those bodies are our men, radio in immediately. We got to find out if the third body is the inmate or someone else."

After getting their final instructions, the police officers walked out of the tent and were met by two sheriffs. Together they walked down to where the three bodies were found, in order to find out what they could. When they reached the bodies, they had to put something over their noses due to the smell of burnt flesh all around them.

The bodies were burnt so badly, they were all unrecognizable. The only thing they all knew for sure, they were murdered. Even though the bodies were burnt to a crisp, you can see they were shot. The only conclusion anyone in law enforcement could come to is that they were murdered before they were set on fire.

They all looked around for anything that could tell them whom the three bodies were. Just as they were about to give up, one of the sheriffs stepped on something that got his attention. When he looked down, he knew right away what it was. Before picking it up, he called over the fire marshal who was taking pictures.

After pictures were taken of the metal object and everything around it, the sheriff picked it up. Just as he thought, it was a Sherriff's badge, burnt, but it was still a badge. Immediately everyone dropped to the ground and started digging around for the second badge. Not too far from where the first one was found, they found the second one.

Once they were able to confirm their worst nightmare, that two of their own were killed, they radioed it in. The Sherriff took the radio from the precinct commander. "Let me talk with my men please." A few seconds later, one of his men came over the radio. "Take over the scene immediately! It is ours now since two of our own were murdered."

Not waiting for his man to reply, the Sherriff started to walk out of the tent, but the precinct commander yelled at him to stop. "Even though we have confirmed two of those bodies out there are your men, it happened here in El Paso County. That means the investigation is ours and I will run it without any interference from your department."

"I have been polite with you from the beginning, even though you refuse to show me the same respect. I am done being polite! Call your boss to make sure I am right, but this is not your crime scene anymore since two of those bodies out there are my men. You will hand over the crime scene to me and my department without a question or I will arrest any of your men that stand in my way, including you. Do I make myself clear?"

Once again, the Sherriff did not wait for a response. He walked out and called over the rest of his men that were standing by. As they walked over to the bodies, he briefed the men on what was going on. They were angry as hell when they heard the news and demanded justice, which the Sherriff promised they will get.


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Now I picked up how Alex and the guys were told in this chapter, that wasn't in the first chapter of "Rebirth". Being who Alex is, he took the news about what happened exactly like we all knew he would. Thankfully, Principal Michaels was able to talk him down and get him to see reason and logic. We all know he did not go and take care of those four guys since we all have read chapter one of "Rebirth", which I am glad. He is way too important to so many people; he can't screw up no matter if he is in the right or wrong.

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What about Gloria everyone? Do you all think she has changed so much that she can honestly be there for a young gay teen? I really hope so because of no other reason than Jacob. He needs his mother no matter that he is on his own. No matter how old you get, or how far you are from your parents, they are always there for support. Jacob and his brothers and sister need that from their mother.

Now let us get down to the exciting part of this chapter, Ashton. When you thought he was going to be locked up for good, he found a way to slide away. Although it wasn't by design on his side, he is now out in the free. So many people now because of that have to worry about this because he has nothing to lose anymore after what he did to get free.

Several questions though come to mind for me at the end of this chapter. Will the police and sheriff department find out the truth on how Ashton got free? If they do, will they let out, or will the blue wall come up. Will Ashton be brought in dead or alive? I truly think that now that he killed one police officer and two sheriffs, he is a man walking around with a target on his back. One final question I have, how long will he stay free? Oh, sorry I have one more, will he go after Alex, or run to Mexico like he said?

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Even though Ashton killed during the school episode, it is sad to note the police taking the law into their own hands and planning to murder Ashton. This is not the way to do it. Would I have tried to kill him if I'd been one of those two policemen? I like to think not but who knows.

Once again, I like to think that Gloria has finally seen the light and realized how wrong she has been all these years. I hope so and I hope she and the others will be able to help young Davey. All that will, I expect, be revealed when the second chapter of rebirth see's the light of day.

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