A bit later than expected but better late than never.

Between Dreams


The noise of the front door closing made them break the kiss Shandy, looking a bit concerned asked?

"Is that your brother and sister back from the shops?"

"I doubt it, knowing my sister it will be another couple of hours before she gets back. It must be my dad back from the office, come on I'll introduce you to him."

"Umm you sure it's okay?"

"Yeah he doesn't bite, well not that I've noticed," and with Matthew leading the way the left the room in search of his father. They made their way out into the garden to see both of Matthew's parents there.

"Hi dad."

"Ah Matthew, umm I see you have a friend with you."

"Yes dad this is Jeremy more commonly known as Shandy."

"Well he looks as refreshing as the drink, nice to meet you Shandy, before Shandy could response to his greeting Mr Benson continued, "Uh Matthew, could you run down right away to the delicatessen that's doing the catering for Natalie's birthday party and tell them to increase the order. I've written it down on a piece of paper so just make sure they understand. I've tried calling them on the phone but there is no answer so I'm assuming the phone is out of order." I can't go down myself as I have to get ready to leave this evening to go to Birmingham, to try and drum up some more business."

"Okay dad," turning to Shandy, "Come on you can keep me company, and the two boys made their way out to Matthew's car.

The drive took about fifteen minutes and while driving Matthew asked, "You want to come to my sister's party on Saturday?"

"No not really other than you I won't know anybody else, and in any case I'm not into parties."

"Come on Shandy at least you'll have me there to talk to, and if you don't like it we can always skip out."

"Okay but what time should I come over?"

"Don't worry about it, I'll come and pick you up around 6pm."

When they reached their destination he parked the car telling Shandy to stay put that he wouldn't be long and five minutes later he was back.

"Can you drop me off at my place Matthew on the way back."

"Why, what's up?"

"Nothing but I think I better go home, I have to clean up, I left all the dirty dishes in the sink and haven't even done my bed yet."

"You want me to give you a hand."

Shandy started giggling and, Matthew with a concerned look on his face enquired, "Okay so what's so bloody funny with me giving you a hand?"

Shandy reduced his giggling then apologized, "Sorry Matthew I wasn't laughing because you offered to give me a hand but was thinking with nobody in the house how could we get the work done with my lips stuck to yours, as you put it all the time."

Matthew smiled then realizing what his younger friend had just implied started laughing as well.

"Okay I'll leave you to do the work but I'll be back later in the evening so that I can see you, and meet your aunt."

When his aunt got home Shandy couldn't wait to tell her about the events of the day and that Matthew would be around to visit later in the evening. When his aunt heard that Matthew was old enough to have a driving licence she questioned her nephew.

"Shandy isn't Matthew a bit old for to have him as a friend, you can have him as an acquaintance by all means but as a close friend I think he might be just a bit too old for you."

"Aunty I've been wanting to get friendly with Matthew from the first day I saw him which was about six months ago, he didn't even know I existed until we met in the supermarket about three weeks ago, and now it's really happened."

She saw a gleam in her nephew's eyes that she had never seen before, the boy was exuding emotions of joy and happiness just talking about his new friend.

Smiling she hugged her nephew saying "Well if you've been waiting that long to get friendly with Matthew then your patience has been rewarded. Now let's go and eat before he arrives so that we can sit and talk when he gets here."

"Aunty you won't say anything bad about me in front of him will you?"

"Oh you mean like how I have to chase you to clean your room and pick up all your dirty underwear, and if I wasn't watching you you'd skip your showers."

The boy looked mortified, she smiled, "Alright Shandy I'll give you a glowing report that will make you come out smelling of roses."

There was a look of relief on his face as he smiled saying, "Thanks aunty, I knew you wouldn't let me down."

They finished their evening meal then went through to the sitting room to await Matthew's arrival. Shandy spent most of the time watching the clock rather than the television and the moment the front doorbell rang he sprang up like he had done when first he had awaited the return of his parents.

"Shandy compose yourself," his aunt said, "Then go and open the door for all you know it might not be Matthew."

He walked to the door his insides doing all sorts of qwerky things, he opened the door and they stood looking at each other with goofy smiles on their faces."

"Is it alright if I come in?"

"Uh, Oh yeah, and Shandy stood aside so that Matthew could enter the flat then led him into the sitting room where he introduced Matthew to his aunt.

Matthew held his hand out, "Nice to meet you Mrs Adams."

Jennifer Adams looked at the tall slim boy and took the offered hand and responded with, "I'm glad to meet you Matthew I've heard a lot about you from a very reliable source."

"Umm I."

"Oh don't worry about it Matthew, they were all very complementary, now can I offer you some refreshment."

"No thanks Mrs. Adams I've just finished eating before I came here."

"Alright then I'll leave the two of you to talk and get on with some work to do with our holiday."

"Is the work very important Mrs Adams?"

"No Matthew why do you ask?"

"Well I would like to talk to you about my friendship with Shandy."

"I see, so what is it you wished to discuss."

Matthew turned to Shandy who had a shocked look on his face, "Shandy I think it best that we be open about how we feel about each other. I know it's easier for me to say being older, but I'm sure that you'll feel better about it once your aunt knows."

"Oh for heavens sake you two do you think I was born yesterday, that I hadn't guessed how the two of you feel about each other. The way Shandy came back in tears after being turned away by your brother, then his exuberance at your visit today so much so that he could hardly stop talking about it, and that he had wanted to be friendly with you six months ago."

"AUNTY," Shandy shouted.

"Aunty what, you don't want Matthew to hear how you've been going on about him since I got back from work. Shandy, Matthew wants to be honest and talk about the way you both feel toward each other, which is very commendable, now wouldn't you like it to be out in the open between us rather than the two of you having to hide your feelings. Yes outside the front door might be a different matter but in here you should be able to confront me on any issue without any fear, I've tried my best to instil that into you, so don't be afraid or ashamed about how you feel about Matthew."

He looked over at Matthew and smiled shyly, then turning to his aunt he said, "Sorry aunty, your right about not hiding things from you, but the things they say about a boy loving another boy are so gross that I was frightened that you might feel the same way."

She walked over to her nephew and wrapped her arms around him, and using the terms they used to use when the boy was a toddler she said,

"Shandy boy, when your parents left you with me it put a spark back into my life. As you thought every time the doorbell rang that your parents had returned to take you back so I prayed selfishly that it wouldn't be them. You made me want to live again, and though it was hard financially to make ends meet I would not have changed my way of life for a million pounds if you were not there to share it with me. So you don't have to worry about how I would respond to your affection for Matthew." Turning to the elder of the two boys she asked, "How old are you Matthew."

"Seventeen, and umm three months Mrs Adams."

"Oh don't be so formal call me Jenny, and don't feel embarrassed about it. Now Matthew, as you know the age of consent for a girl or boy to be sexually active is sixteen not that most children take much notice of that. Shandy is a year and two months under that age, now may I ask you both a personnel question."

"Go on aunty." The younger of the two boys responded.

"Have the two of you been sexually intimate?"


"Shandy I'm not asking just to be nosey. I need to know the facts regarding you and Matthew and advise the two of you accordingly."

Matthew cleared his throat and said, "Jenny the only intimate act between us has been kissing, nothing else not even fondling each other."

"Well that's a good start. Now Matthew, you're old enough to know the law and its implications concerning under age sex. I can't be chaperoning Shandy 24hrs of the day and I can't make you promise not to indulge in any kind of sexual activity," the two boys looked at each other and blushed, "But I can ask you to keep it to a minimum and if you are still together till Shandy comes of age, then how you conduct your sexual activities will be your decisions."

"Would it make life easier for you Jenny if I promised that I wouldn't involve Shandy in any sexual intimacy till he reached sixteen."

"Matthew do you really think you could comply with what you've just stated for another fourteen months at the same time knowing that someone else might have other ideas."

"Umm, I don't really know but I'd give it a try."

"That would last about two days at most I'd be willing to bet, especially when the two of you have the house to yourselves. No don't make any promises Matthew just try and limit your activities to a respectable level, if that is possible.

The two boys looked at each other then nodded in agreement, but before anything else could be said Shandy's aunt spoke again.

"Matthew do your parents know about your umm, uh, sexual preferences."

"No Jenny, I haven't told them. I don't think they'd understand they're very sort of old fashioned in their attitudes towards homosexuals, I'll have to wait and see when it's the right time to make it known to them and by the looks of it, it may not be for a long time yet."

"Alright you two I think we've talked enough on this subject so can we find something else to talk about."

"Aunty where are we going for our holiday."

"Well I thought I'd hire a cottage in Mevagissey, it's a fishing port on the south coast of Cornwall for ten days, and actually I have to phone tomorrow to confirm the booking

"Can Matthew come with us?"

"Umm, I don't know Shandy. Firstly I'm not sure if his parents would allow him."

The boy swivelled and looked at Matthew, "They would allow you Matthew, wouldn't they," he asked expectantly, in the hope that Matthew would alleviate his doubts.

"I'm not sure Shandy, but if your aunt is alright with my accompanying you on your holiday then I'm sure I can get permission to go."

The boy turned to his aunt, "There you are aunty can he come with us."

"I don't suppose I'll get any peace unless I say yes, so alright yes only if Matthew gets permission."

"Well I had better get home; my father is leaving to go to Birmingham this evening, hopefully I can catch him before he leaves."

Matthew said his goodbyes to Shandy's aunt, and was followed to the door by Shandy, at the door he turned and lowering his head pecked the younger boy on the lips. "I'll be around tomorrow."

"Aren't you going to phone to tell us whether or not if you've got permission?"

"I don't have our phone number."

"Oh shhhhrimps sorry," and he supplied Matthew with the number.

Again he pecked the boy on the lips then left to make his way home.

Shandy returned to the sitting room to see his aunt seated on the settee, he walked over to her lay down on the unoccupied section and laid his head in his aunts lap looking up at her. Gently she ran her fingers through his hair as he revelled in her affections of him.



"If my parents happen to come back and they want to take me back, and I refuse to go would that make them hate me?"

"I don't think so Shandy, but why wouldn't you want to return to them?"

"Because I feel, I dunno how to put it but it's like you know when ever I need something or I have problems you're always there to kinda sort it out. Mum and dad were never like that."

She continued to stroke the boy's head at the same time feelings of extreme pleasure and satisfaction were coursing through her body after the statement her nephew had just made. "I'm sure they might have changed by now Shandy but I don't think they'll be coming back anytime soon."

Aunt and nephew continued watching television and chatting till their conversation was interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Raising his head from his aunt's lap he stood up and went to answer the phone.


"Hello, who did you want to speak to?"

Shandy was just about to put the phone down when a voice he recognized said, "Hi."

"Matthew, why didn't you answer straight away?"

"Wanted to listen to your voice."

"Umm you coming over again tonight."

"Do you want me to."

"Yes, I miss you."

"I would but it's getting a bit late but I'll be over tomorrow, and by the way my parents have agreed to my going on holiday with you."

"Wicked, that's bloody brilliant we can have great times together Matthew."

"Yes, well I thought I'd ring and tell you, you can pass the message on to your aunt. So I'll see you tomorrow."

"See you Matthew, night."

Matthew put the phone back on the hook and went back to his room. He watched a bit of television till he began to feel sleepy then changed into his nightwear went and climbed into his bed. He thought back to earlier when he had spoken to Shandy on the phone, and smiled as he envisaged the face that he'd fantasized about so often and which he now hoped would become a reality. For once he fell asleep without fantasizing about Shandy he knew he would be seeing the boy the next day, and with that thought in mind he slipped into unconsciousness.

He just couldn't sit still; he'd been up since 8.am in the hope that Matthew would be around first thing, but now it had gone 11am and still no Matthew.

He was just about ready to give up when the doorbell rang, he was at the front door in a flash and there he was. He didn't stand on ceremony but grabbed Matthew's hand and dragged him into the house. The moment he shut the door as Matthew turned to face him he jumped and wrapped his arms around the older boy's neck, and legs around his waist.

"Oh God!" Matthew exclaimed as he clasped the boy to his body, "We're supposed to try and contain our emotions Shandy and this isn't helping.

"Yeah, well I've been containing my emotions all bloody morning what took you so long to get here."

"Had to run a couple of errands for my mother," before he could expand on his answer Matthews words were brought to an abrupt halt as a pair of lips were clamped over his.

The kiss continued till Matthew's arms began to tire, he broke the kiss and peeled his young companion off his body saying, "I need to sit down you've just about sucked all the strength out of me."

Shandy smiled, then taking Matthew by the hand led him into the sitting room where as soon as the older boy was seated Shandy jumped onto his lap bringing an,

"Oomph from him."

"Oops sorry Matthew did I hurt you."

"No you're not that heavy."

"If you want I can take a look at it to see if it needs attention."

Matthew started laughing then grabbed the boy and hugged him to his body.

"Umph, ease off Mathew you're squashing me."

Mathew complied then pecked the boy on the lips, "Your aunt was wrong I don't think I can last a couple of hours alone with you without taking your clothes off so I think I'd better head back home."

"If you do I won't let you back in again ever, anyway what's wrong with having a feel of each other."

"Having a feel would only be the beginning Shandy then it would be wanting to go the whole hog."

"No we don't, we could just you know what, with our hands."

"You mean wank each other?"

"Yeah," and the younger boy moved his position on Matthews lap and started to fondle the older boy's swollen manhood."

"Oh God! Shandy not here, and he wrapped his arms around the boy and carried him out of the room asking, "Which is your bedroom.?"

"The door at the end of the passage way."

Matthew followed Shandy's instructions, inside the room he placed the boy on the bed then looking down at him asked, "You sure Shandy?"

"As sure as I'll ever be, from the day I first saw you I've been dreaming of this moment," the younger boy said as he started to remove his trousers and underwear, and to expose his rampant member. Matthew quickly followed suit then lay down beside Shandy and took him into his arms bringing their lips together. They both lowered a hand to each others loins and started fondling the straining erections at the same time both moaning with the pleasure it brought. It didn't take long for the two of them to attain their goal, and they did in the most expressive and explosive orgasms as the ropes of cum blasted out of their cocks as they shouted with the pleasure it brought. It was only after they had recovered from their exertions that they realized the mess that the had made over each other.

"Think we need to go to the bathroom and clean up Shandy."

"No, not right away Matthew just lets lie here for a little longer I want to feel your arms around me, it's what I've been dreaming of for ages and now that it's happened I don't want it to end too soon."

He kissed the boy on the top of his head then drew him tighter into his body, "You do realize that we can do this more often it doesn't have to be a one off thing."

"Yeah, but there's nothing like the first time it's just so umm special."

He nudged the younger boy's head with his chin causing him to stop talking and look up, as he did so he lowered his lips to the boys.

They lay together for what seemed hours but in reality only twenty minute till the older boy rose from the bed and taking the younger into his arms carried him to the bathroom. Inside they showered then after drying off returned to the bedroom.

"Do we have to dress Matthew? Can't we remain naked for a bit longer."

"No, I've been waiting to tell you. I have to return home and get my car serviced ready for tomorrow. I have to drive up to York and spend the night there, and return on Friday with my cousins on my mum's side. Their parents are leaving for Europe today so they can't bring them down for the party so I've been given the job of chauffeur. The two of them will stay with us till their parents return.

"Oh shit Matthew, I won't see you till Saturday."

"It's not the end of the world and Saturday will be here before you know it, and in any case I can keep in touch with my mobile."

"Yeah well you'd better call often."

The boys when dressed made their way to the front door they kissed one last time before the older boy opened the door and made his way out watched by his young lover till he was out of sight.

He never knew time could pass so slowly. Since Matthews departure on Wednesday, the next couple of days seemed to drag on into years only broken by the phone calls from Matthew. Now on Saturday morning he was on tenterhooks, and urging his aunt to hurry up with the shopping at the supermarket so that they could get home in case Matthew should turn up early to take him to his sister's party.


He was getting on his aunt's nerves with his constant remarks of "Where is he and why hasn't he phoned," every twenty minutes or so since they had returned from the shops, and it was now going on for 4.30pm. She was just about ready to tell him off when before she could utter a word the phone rang and Shandy was on it in a flash

"Hello who did you want to speak to?"

"Matthew, bloody hell! I've been waiting for you to call all bloody day.

"So what time are you coming round?"

He listened while Matthew spoke then said, "Six, okay I'm going to get showered and dressed and don't be late. See you later."

He put the phone down and turned to face his aunt with a big grin on his face, "Matthew's got a couple of errands to run first but he should be here by six, I'm going to get washed and changed."

"Thank God for that, at last we might get a bit of peace in this house."

"You always say that, what would you do if you didn't have me to moan at?"

She grabbed the boy before he could leave the room and wrapped her arms around him, "That's a question I can't answer and hope I'm never in a position to have to. She kissed the boy on his forehead then turning him around swatted him on the buttocks saying, "Go make yourself ready for your boyfriend."

He looked over his shoulder grinned saying, "Love you aunty." and went to get changed.

Matthew was as good as his word at precisely 6.00pm the doorbell at Jenny Adams's residence rang, and in two seconds the door was opened and the two boys stood facing each other. Grins as wide as Grand Canyon covered their faces as they surveyed each other then the younger boy taking the initiative grabbed the caller by the hand yanked him into the house slammed the door shut wrapped his arms around Matthew's neck and lifted himself into his lovers arms. Their faces came together and they devoured each others lips as if they had been separated for a hundred years rather than two days.

With their hunger somewhat satiated the kiss was broken the younger boy lowered to the ground and they made their way into the sitting room.

"Hi Jenny," Matthew proclaimed on entering the room, "What time do you want me to have Shandy back home tonight."

Giving Matthew a sign that Shandy didn't see she responded with, "Oh I think 9.00pm is more than late enough."

"WHAT," Shandy yelled, then seeing the smiles on the faces of his aunt and Matthew he broke into a grin as well.

Turning back to the older boy Jenny Adam's said, "I think I'll leave the decision to you Matthew you're old enough to decide what time Shandy should be home."

"Okay Jenny is it alright if we go now I've got some things that my mother is expecting and I still have to get washed and changed for the party."

"Right then you'd better not keep her waiting."

Shandy walked over to her gave her a peck on the cheek saying, "Bye aunty see you later." And he joined Matthew who gave a wave of his hand as the two boys made their way out to his car that was parked at the side of the road.

It took them five minutes to reach the Benson household Mathew parked his car under the car port grabbed the case of wine from the boot and the two of them made their way into the house. Inside the hallway Matthew told the younger boy to wait for him here while he went and delivered the wine to his mother out in the marquee then they could go to his room where he could change his clothing ready for the party.

Shandy stood in the hallway waiting for the return of Matthew when he heard footsteps on the staircase. Looking up he saw a girl who resembled Matthew followed by John.

She stopped on the stairs and asked, "Who are you?"

Before Shandy could answer John blurted out, "He's that low life from the council flats that Matthew is friendly with."

She looked back at Shandy asking, "So who invited you to the party?"


"Well it happens to be my party and I don't think I want the likes of you here, just make your way back to that hovel you live in."

Shandy didn't say a word he turned on his heels went to the front door opened it and left.

Matthew returned to the hallway to see his Natalie and John laughing and not seeing Shandy in sight he guessed that the two of them had caused the boy's departure.

When they saw him they stopped laughing but he just ignored them and made for the front door.

"Where are you going?" Natalie asked

"To find my friend."

"Well don't bring him back here he's not welcome at my party."

Stopping and looking at his sister and brother he snarled, "Do you really think he would want to associate with pieces of shit like you two, and I sure as Hell won't be attending your party." then turning his back on them he left the house slamming the front door behind him.

Out in the road he looked and saw the figure of Shandy making his way home and shouted, "Shandy," the figure stopped and turned "Wait up," and Matthew broke into a run to catch up with Shandy. Reaching the boy he put an arm around him saying "Let's go home."

"You can't leave the party Matthew."

"I just did," and the two boys made their way back to Shandy's apartment.