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Between Dreams

Part 4

When they reached the apartment as soon as Jennifer Adams saw their faces she asked, "So what happened."

"My siblings were their usual obnoxious selves, so we decided to leave." Matthew replied.

"Well why don't the two of you go out its still early, you don't want to be stuck in the house all evening."

"Its okay aunty, I can get my stuff together for our holiday, are we still leaving tomorrow morning?"

"Yes unless something goes wrong."

"Jenny how about I drive us down to Cornwall instead of going by train it will save us a lot of money."

"Are you sure Matthew it's quite a long drive and you've only just got back from York."

"It's okay I'm well rested and the car has just been serviced so we can drive down."

"Alright Matthew that is really very nice of you it means we won't be tied down to a timetables."

Shandy broke into the conversation stating, "Can we have something to eat aunty, I don't suppose Matthew's sister will be sending any food around for her absent brother and friend."

"Good idea with all the running around I've been doing for that party I'm feeling a bit hungry."

Jenny Adams soon organised something for the two boys. Much later after giving Shandy a hand with packing his bags and watching a bit of television Matthew said goodnight to Jenny and bade Shandy a fond farewell with a kiss at the front door.

He made his way home and on arrival heard the music blaring out from the back garden the party was still in full swing. Not bothering to make his presence known to anybody he made his way to his room and began packing his bag ready for tomorrow. When he'd finished as it was nearing 11.30pm he made his way to the bathroom to take a shower then change for bed.

He came out of the shower and on entering his room saw his father and John waiting for him. Before he could greet his father he was asked?

"Why didn't you attend your sister's party?"

"Because she asked a person who I invited to leave so I left with him. If she thinks that my friends are not good enough for her company then maybe I'm not good enough either."

"Don't be so bloody melodramatic Matthew, John has told me who the friend is, it was that boy you introduced me to the other day."


"Well firstly I don't know what you're doing associating with a boy from those awful flats that they constructed at the lower end of the road. Secondly the boy is a bit young for you to be keeping company with. John here thinks it has to do with more than just friendship."

Matthew looked at his smirking brother, "If you don't wipe that stupid look off your face John I'll do it for you," addressing his father, "And yes dad it is a bit more than just friendship."

"What do you mean a bit more than just friendship."

"Well you just insinuated what it meant so why ask me for a definition or maybe that little creep standing beside you can give you his views on it."

"They're homo's dad," John said gloatingly, "I guessed it when I first saw how they looked at each other, then when Natalie asked his friend to leave the way he went chasing after him I was more or less sure."

Mr Benson stared at his eldest son for a minute gauging his reaction to the younger brothers accusation when none was forthcoming he asked,

"Is it true Matthew?"

Looking his father in the eye he acknowledged the fact that the remarks were indeed true.

"You will have nothing further to do with that boy," Mr Benson shouted, "Do you understand."

"No I don't understand, and you can't stop me seeing Shandy again or going on holiday with him and his aunt."

"If you continue to disregard what I've just said then you can leave this house instantly."

"That suits me just fine. He quickly dressed picked up the bag that he'd packed to go on holiday then turning to his father said, "I'll return for the rest of my things later."

"You'll find them all packed and in the garage when you do, there will be no need for you to enter this house again."

Matthew without saying another word left the room. He could still hear the music blaring out from the garden as he walked down the stairs and was thankful that his mother wasn't in sight to see him leaving. Reaching the front door he opened it and without looking back walked through he reached the front gate when he heard his name called. "Matthew."

Turning he saw John framed in the doorway. "Matthew I'm sorry, come back."

"It's too late for sorry, you've got what you wanted and in a way I'm glad to be out of the house. I'm only sorry that I was able to see mum before leaving but will phone her when I get settled," turning his back on his brother he climbed into his car and Matthew left the Benson household.

Shandy had just gone to bed when the doorbell rang he heard his aunt's footsteps as she went to answer it and jumped out again when he heard her exclaim "Matthew."

He ran barefooted into the passageway to see Matthew with his case entering the house they greeted each other and after leaving his case in the hallway the three of them made their way into the sitting room. Inside the room with Shandy sitting next to him he relayed what had taken place at his home and how he had been asked to leave the premises.

"So what will you do Matthew?" Jenny Adams enquired.

"Well I was thinking after the holiday I could go and live with my grandmother in Market Harborough. It means that unless I can find a school to accept me I might have to start work."

"You can't go to Market Harborough," Shandy blurted out, "What's going to happen to the two of us?"

"I'll most probably come down at weekends so we'll still have some time together."

"No you can stay here, tell him aunty," the boy said pleadingly turning to his aunt in the hope that she would agree with his suggestion, "And he could still go to school."

"His aunt smiled as she looked at the younger boy's concerned expression on his face. She knew that he would be devastated if Matthew were to leave London, and after the trauma that the boy had gone through with his parents desertion of him she felt that Matthew's departure would not bode kindly on his young shoulders. Walking over to where the boy sat next to Matthew she ruffled his hair saying. "He stays here only if he agrees to," and looking at the older boy she smiled wickedly, "That's if he wants to share your bedroom, if it was me I wouldn't want to you're to damned untidy, and we'll also have to get rid of that double bed and put two single beds in its place."

"What, no you can't put two single," and Shandy stopped as he noticed the two of them smiling. "Huh very funny." And he jumped on top of Matthew and tried wrestling him down onto the settee.

"Alright that's enough Shandy boy," his aunt called, "Let Matthew up it's getting late and we have to get down to Cornwall later to day, and seeing that he's driving he'll need a good nights sleep."

The boys untangled themselves, and when Jenny had their attention said, "Shandy go and put Matthew's case in the bedroom," then turning to Matthew, "It's a long drive to Cornwall so I suggest you get a good nights sleep Matthew and don't let Shandy persuade you into staying awake, and the other thing is I think you should contact your mother right now and let her know where you are that will put her mind at rest."

"Okay Jenny I'll do it right away." He took out his mobile and dialled his mother's number and shortly after heard her voice at the other end.

"Hi mum,"

"I phoned to let you know where I'm staying."

"Oh so dad told you."

"So what's your opinion on what has happened?"

"Mum if you're not comfortable about my sexuality just say so don't stutter and ooh and ah about it."

"Okay mum if you want to talk you've got my number, bye" and Matthew broke the connection feeling a bit down he thought that his mother might have been a bit more understanding, but apparently homosexuality was not that easy to accept.

Jenny Adams seeing the despondent look on his face after the phone call went to him and put an arm around his shoulder, "Give her a bit of time Matthew and I'm sure she'll come around and accept what has happened."

He smiled trying to put on a brave face saying, "Thanks Jenny."

"No need to thank me I'm only doing the same as what I did for Shandy when he came to me. Now do you want anything to eat or drink before going to bed?"

"No thanks Jenny," he bade her "goodnight," and made his way to Shandy's bedroom."

Inside the room he saw Shandy sitting on the bed waiting for him, the moment he entered the boy walked over and wrapped his arms around him laying his head on his chest.

"I'm really sorry for what's happened Matthew."

Taking the boy's face in his hands he pecked him gently on the lips and using the family pet name he said, "Its okay Shandy boy, it really is so don't worry about it."

The younger boy apparently comforted by Matthews words quickly had a smile back on his face saying, "Well hurry up and get undressed so we can go to bed."

"Yeah well don't get your hopes up its bed and nothing else, I've got a long drive ahead of me and I really need to get a good nights rest."

"I'm not going to disturb your rest Matthew all I'm going to do is wrap my arms and legs around you and hug you really tight."

Matthew smiled at the obvious excitement on the face of the boy he had fallen in love with and his anticipation of being in the same bed as Shandy excited him just as much. He quickly changed then made is way to the bed switched the bedside light off and climbed in to lie alongside the boy. He had barely got settled when an arm and leg were thrown over him and he could feel the boy's protrusion between his legs poking into is side, and his leg resting on his own growing manhood.

"I told you sleep Shandy and nothing else."

"Its okay Matthew that always happens when I'm near you; it will go down after a while, will yours go down as well?"

He smiled to himself in the dark as he could just make out his young companions head as it lifted off the pillows to rest on his shoulder.

"Yes as soon as you stop rubbing your leg on it."

"Oops sorry," and the movement stopped.

He wrapped an arm around the boy and squeezed him gently into his body then settled down to sleep with the boy of his dreams now resting assuredly in his arms.

At just after 0800am Shandy opened his eyes and smiled as he saw the sleeping form of Matthew beside him. The older boy lay facing him; he gently placed a hand on his shoulder and exerted a bit of pressure causing Matthew to turn onto his back but still remained asleep. He lifted himself up then lowered his body onto the sleeping form there erections pressed against each other. As he started to grind his loins into Matthews so the older boy opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around the form that was assaulting his swollen manhood, and started to reciprocate with his own movements. Shandy feeling Matthew moving with him lifted his body and lowered his night shorts. Matthew noticing what the younger boy was doing pushed his night shorts down to expose his loins and then there naked flesh resumed grinding against each other, till moments later they both exploded as the semen flew from their cocks to splatter against their bodies.

They lay resting as they recovered from their exertions. The younger boy lying on top of his older companion using his shoulder to rest his head, with his eyes closed was drifting between sleep and consciousness.



"Come on we've got to get up."


"You heard, move your backside."


"Shandy if you don't move I'm going to throw you off."

"Just another five minutes."

Suddenly the younger boy felt himself being tossed onto the bed as Matthew got up. He looked up at the older boy who now stood at the side of the bed pulling up his night shorts and looking down at him.

"Come on Shandy boy we've got to move we have a long drive ahead of us, and I'm sure your aunt won't want to be kept waiting while you decide whether you want to get up or not."

Sitting up in the bed Shandy said, "Okay you go ahead and when you've finished in the shower give me a yell."

"I thought you wanted to go doubles in the shower."

"I do when aunty isn't here, but she might not like seeing both of us in there together."

"Okay," and Matthew left the room.

The moment the older boy disappeared from view he flopped back onto the bed and closed his eyes and let his mind start to drift into unconsciousness. Suddenly his peace was shattered by a pair of arms lifting him off the bed and carrying him towards the bathroom.

He opened his eyes to see Matthews face grinning down at him, "You didn't think I was going to fall for that one did you?"

"It was worth a try but this is just as good, now you can wash me in the shower."

"You wish, you're going to wash yourself, there's too much to do. Your aunt wants us to be on the road by 11.00am, and he deposited his burden in the shower while he cleaned his teeth.

An hour and a half later they were on their way to spend the next ten days in Cornwall and for Matthew to leave the unpleasantness that took place at his house behind him for the time being.

Ten glorious days they spent in Cornwall with no outside intrusions on their holiday. The two boys used the time to get to know more about each other and if anything became even closer if that were possible. Jenny noticed how the boys were more or less inseparable, and at last had some kind of relief knowing that if anything should happen to her in the near future Matthew would be there for Shandy.

Because they were enjoying themselves so much time seemed to fly by and before they knew it the ten days were at an end. The three of them were emotionally subdued as they packed their cases and loaded them into the car, then stood and wistfully looked at the cottage one last time before climbing into the car and driving off.

They reached the flat on Alan Street about 3.00pm and within the space of a few minutes the car was unloaded and they were sitting down enjoying a cup of tea.

The ten days they were away his mother hadn't called once so he assumed that like his father and the rest of the family they had more or less disowned him.

Shandy sipped his tea and looked at the two most important people in his life and hoped that nothing would happen to disrupt the happiness that he now felt.

Noticing the younger boy looking at him Matthew enquired "What."


"Don't give me nothing, I know that look so tell me?"

"I was just thinking how happy I was and hoped nothing would happen to spoil it."

"Well I might spoil it because I was thinking that we live too close to my family and thought that we should move from here."

"And where do you think we should move to." Jenny Adams responded. "And with what, buttons?"

"I've got my Trust Fund that my Grandfather opened for me when I was ten. So in seven years it must have more than doubled with all the interest."

"No Matthew we don't have to run away we stay here, I'm sure your family won't bother us, especially as we live in the less affluent area of the neighbourhood, and after what you've told us about them I'm sure they wouldn't want to be seen dead in this area."

"Yes I guess you're right on that point Jenny, and tomorrow after we've done the shopping I need to go and pick up the rest of my belongings."

"Can I come with you Matthew I can give you a hand to move your stuff."

"You sure about that Shandy, they might insult you again."

"It won't bother me now; they can say what they want it'll go in one ear and out the other."

The older the boy smiled and grabbed hold of his young lover wrapping his arms around him and drawing him into his body.

"Okay Shandy boy but any trouble you get back into the car and wait for me there do you understand."

"Uh huh, but you're not expecting any trouble are you Matthew."

"Not really but there might be the odd insult hurled at us, so be prepared."

"Alright you two love birds' time to break it up and go and unpack your bags, and Shandy we'll have to make a list for what you need for school next term so have that ready when we go to the shops tomorrow."

Turning to the older boy she asked, "Matthew is there anything you need to do regards school when the autumn term starts."

"No Jenny, other than giving them my change of address I only have to be there when the new term starts."

"Alright then go and unpack and make sure that Shandy makes that list, as I'll be starting back to work next week so I need to have all his requirements purchased before I resume work."

Two hours later after unpacking and making a list of what Shandy would need for the autumn term then going into town for something to eat, found the two boys relaxing in what used to be Shandy's but now their bedroom.

They lay fully clad on the bed, Matthew on his back with his right arm encircling the younger boy who was lying on his side resting his head on Matthew's shoulder, and spooning the rest of his body into the older boy's side at the same time throwing his right leg across Matthew's loins.


"Uh huh."

"Do you miss your family?"

"Sort of, but nothing that's heart breaking."

"I missed my parents something wicked at first. If it wasn't for Aunt Jenny I think I would have become a nut case."

"Yeah but don't forget you were only ten at the time and I didn't leave home because I wanted to I was given no choice."

"If your dad asked you to come back and that you could still see me would you go home?"

He moved his head to look at the enquiring face and smiled, "What d'you think."

"Don't know, but I suppose I couldn't blame you for wanting to go back, it's a lot better than this pokey little flat."

He pulled the younger boy closer into his body then lowering his head kissed him briefly on the lips. "Do you really think I would give up lying on this bed with you in my arms, and this what you call a pokey little flat where I've never been happier for that lonely room where all I did was dream of you Shandy boy."

"Kiss me again."

"God I've never known anyone who likes to kiss like you do, not sure that it's ummmm..." and Matthews voice was silenced as a pair of lips and tongue engulfed his.

To Be Continued.

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