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Between Dreams

Part 5

The following day the three of them with Matthew at the wheel drove over to the supermarket to replenish the home's food stocks and then to acquire the clothes on Shandy's list for the school's autumn term. When everything that needed buying had been purchased it being past 12.30pm they decided to grab something to eat before heading home to unpack all the shopping.

With all their purchases stored away and after a short break Matthew dialled his mother's number on his mobile phone.

After enquiring after her well being he asked her if it was alright for him to come over now to collect the rest of his belongings, she consented to his request and said, "That his father who was at home would be there to let him into the garage."

He rang off then turning to Shandy who as ever was at his side said, "Ready to go collect my stuff."


""My dad is home and will most probably be there and maybe John, do you still want to come."

"Sure Matthew, don't give a shit what they have to say."

"Okay let's go." After saying goodbye to Shandy's aunt the boys left the house jumped into the car and made their way towards the Benson house.


Matthew parked the car on the road outside the house then with Shandy at his side made their way up the driveway towards the garage where they could see Mr Benson standing by the open garage door.

When they were within hearing distance Matthew's father spoke, "Get that boy off my property. He wasn't welcome before and he certainly isn't welcome now."

Matthew turned to Shandy saying, "Go back to the car and wait for me there," handing him the keys. "I'll carry as much as I can and leave it on the pavement and while I go back for the rest of the stuff you can stash it in the car."

"Okay Matthew," and Shandy turned back heading for the car not giving Mr Benson another glance.


He walked passed his father not saying a word and into the garage to see all his possessions stacked up against one side of the wall. He picked up as much as he could then made his way over to where Shandy was standing beside the car.

Dumping them on the pavement he stood up smiled at the younger boy saying, "I'm glad you came it'll save me a bit of time, while I get some more clobber you can stash this lot in the boot."

"Okay Matthew how many more trips will you have to make."

"Two more at the least maybe three and when the boot gets full dump the rest on the back seat," then turning he went back to collect some more of his belongings.

"You know you can come back Matthew and put this all behind you if you just drop that boy." His father said as he came within earshot.

"That boy means a lot more to me than you realize dad, so unless you're willing to accept that then there's no point in me returning," and he continued on his way inside the garage.

"I could stop you if I wanted."

Matthew stopped and turned to confront his father, "And how do you propose doing that."

"Quite easily get the police involved. The boy is a minor and I'm sure they'll be interested to hear that you're sexually involved with him."

Matthew tried to calm his emotions he was really angry at what he'd just heard his father state, he took a deep breath then exhaled slowly at the same time composing his thoughts, then addressing his father he said, "Firstly you've no proof of our sexual involvement and I'm sure Shandy's aunt will back us on that point, and do you really think that threatening me with the law will make me turn my back on Shandy. So if you must then go ahead with your threat, but two can play at that game so I'm sure mum and my brother and sister would be very interested to hear about your so called business trips."

Mr Bensons face turned bright red and he stuttered, "Wh Wh What do you know about that and how did you find out?"

When I was working in the office during the Easter holidays as a work experience programme. A couple of your employees were talking they didn't know that I was the bosses son. They were discussing how you'd set up one of your ex-secretaries with a nice little pad and visited her on a regular basis. The reason the man knew about it, he just happened to be related to her and she'd told him everything."

"Oh God! Mr Benson exclaimed, "Alright take your things and I won't bother you anymore, and Matthew you won't say anything to your mother will you?"

"On all accounts I should, you're only making use of her so that you can have the best of both worlds, if it wasn't for John and Natalie I would have told her long ago. You're very luck she isn't here at the moment the way I feel I might have just told her the truth. Now I think you should start getting your act together and rectify the situation." He left his father staring after him as he went and collected some more of his belongings.

He made his way back to the car with another armful and placed the items on the pavement.

"What happened you took so long to get back?"

"I was talking with my dad he tried to exert his authority on me but we've sorted it out, what's more leave that stuff on the pavement and come with me we can get the rest of it together then I won't have to make anymore trips."

"What about your dad you know what he said earlier."

"Oh I'm sure he won't mind now, come on."

Shandy gave Matthew a puzzled look but followed him through the gate and up the drive. When Mr Benson saw them he didn't say a word just stood aside while the boys' collected the remainder of baggage and returned to the car. They loaded the rest of the stuff into the car got in and drove off glad to be away from the uninviting atmosphere of the Benson house.



John Benson was angry, no he was seething. Here he was actually using public transport to get to school.

It was the first day of the autumn term and his brother who had been approached by his mother whether he would still give his younger brother a lift to school had refused. So here he sat having to swallow his pride and ride with what he considered the rabble. The bus stopped and while he was looking out of the window he felt a body slump into the seat next to him, and a voice ask,

"What's up Johnny boy your brother left school?"

Turning he saw Michael Griffiths one of the seniors sitting next to him, "Nah, he left home and won't give me a lift anymore."

"Oh tough shit has he got a pad of his own."

John Benson thought for a moment and decided now he could get back at his brother. "Well actually he didn't leave home my dad threw him out."

"Man that's tough I feel sorry for him."

"No need to feel sorry for him he's a homo and tried to feel me up I told my dad and that's why he was kicked out, he's living with his new boyfriend now."

"Shit! That's really bad will you be alright now when you see him at school."

John Benson put on his best little boy lost look saying, "I don't know how he'll react when he sees me."

Michael Griffiths put an arm around the younger boy trying to comfort him, "Don't worry about it Johnny me and my mates will sort him out."

"Oh thanks Michael," and he gloated to himself and thought are you in for a surprise Matthew.


Matthew Benson was puzzled as to why he was getting sidelong glances from some of the other seniors in his year during the course of the morning lessons, but cast it from his mind as he concentrated on what the teachers had to say about the forthcoming term and what they would be studying.

With the bell sounding for lunch break he gathered his books took them to his locker then headed to the washroom to clean up before going for his meal.

The moment he walked into the room something was thrown over his head and wrapped around tight completely shutting out all light, at the same time his arms were held in vice like gripe immobilising them. Suddenly a voice that seemed familiar spoke.

"Benson you pervert for trying to abuse your brother we have decided to teach you a lesson you will never forget."

"I nev..."and his protest was cut short by a blow to his midriff which silenced him, as he doubled up from the pain so a fist crashed into his face just above the right eye snapping his head back, and then another blow straight to the jaw knocking him unconscious. He fell to the floor and didn't feel the kicks that were aimed at his head and body before his assailants decided to leave before they were discovered.

A young eighth-year pupil entering the washroom saw the figure lying on the floor with what looked like a coat covering his head. He dashed out again and rain to fetch a member of staff and within minutes Mr Jordan was removing the coat from Matthew Benson's head and sucked in his breath as he saw the swellings on the boy's face. He quickly used his mobile phone to call for an ambulance then phoned the principal Mr Woodward, to inform him what had happened and what action he'd taken. Within minutes the ambulance arrived and with boys looking out of the windows wondering what had happened as the paramedics made their way to the washroom to attend to Matthew before taking him to hospital.


Mr Woodward had spoken to Matthew's father on the phone and had informed him of the assault on his son and that if he wished he could come and pick up John and take him home or the hospital. He also asked if he wanted John to be informed about what had happened to Matthew which Mr Benson assented to.


John Benson was just finishing his meal when one of the teachers came over to him and leaning over whispered in his ear that he should go to the principal's office immediately. He rose from his seat and made his way to the Principal's office and was ushered in the moment he arrived by the secretary.

As soon as she left the office Mr Woodward asked John Benson to be seated.

"I have some disturbing news for you Benson, your brother Matthew was assaulted in the washroom quite seriously and has been taken to hospital."

For once John Benson was frightened as he realized the seriousness of his actions of accusing his brother of molesting him, he hadn't thought that the seniors would have gone to such lengths to punish Matthew, and now he was frightened that his accusations had caused so much trouble for his brother, but more so that if the truth got out he would be in serious trouble.

"Is he very bad Mr Woodward sir?"

"I don't know Benson it's to early to tell I don't suppose they've finished doing their tests on him yet."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Mr Benson was shown into the office. He shook the principal's hand then after a brief discussion about what had happened to Matthew, and was informed that Matthew had been taken to St. Mark's hospital. Thanking Mr Woodward, Mr Benson and John made there goodbyes and left the school to make their way home. Mr Benson dropped John off at the house picked up his wife and drove to the hospital.



While the Bensons were making there way home, so Mr Jordan at the principal's request was making enquiries concerning the assault on Matthew Benson.

He went into the eighth year English class and spoke softly to the teacher who in turn asked Bradshaw to leave the class and accompany Mr Jordan outside.

In the passageway turning to the young boy he asked, "When you were going towards the washroom did you see anybody along the passageway who might have come from that direction,"

"Yes sir there were five seniors all from the rugby team they came out of the room."

"How do you know they came out of the washroom?"

"Well besides the janitors office and the store room which is always locked sir there isn't any other place they could have come from."

"Yes I see, do you happen to know any of the names of the boys you saw."

"Yes sir," he replied and he proceeded to name all five which included Michael Griffiths.

"How can you be so sure?"

"I happen to be in the junior school rugby team sir, and I know the names of all the senior team members."

"Alright Bradshaw thank you for your help you can return to your class now."

Next Mr Jordan made his way to the chemistry lab and again a pupil was asked to accompany Mr Jordan outside the classroom.

When they were outside Mr Jordan showed the pupil 15 year-old Jenkins a name tag on the blazer he was holding, which clearly had his name marked on it.

"How did your blazer manage to find its way into the washroom Jenkins?"

"I've know idea, sir I took it off just before I went for my lunch break because it was hot and was going to hang it in my locker when Michael Griffiths grabbed it, he said he was going to borrow it and he'd return it in a few of minutes but he didn't, I was going to ask him about it at the afternoon break

"You sure it was Griffiths?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright Jenkins return to your class," and Mr Jordan his investigation finished made his way to the principals office to convey his findings.


"Thank you Peter for the information I'm truly grateful for what you've done, now would you be so kind as to have the five boys brought to my office immediately."

Peter Jordan did as the principal requested and within the space of fifteen minutes five of the senior boys were standing outside the principal's office giving questioning looks at each other. Before they could speak to one another the door opened and the secretary ushered them into the inner office.

Mr Woodward stood behind his desk fixing each boy as he walked in with a withering gaze. When they were lined up in front of his desk he stood silently for perhaps thirty seconds not uttering a word letting the silence permeate into the boys and creating an aura of unease amongst them. Then walking from behind his desk he walked around and behind the boys. Without warning with raised voice he said, "Who struck the first blow?"

There was no replies to his question Mr Woodward walked around to face the boys then fixing his eyes in Michael Griffiths asked, "Was it you Griffiths?"

"I'm not sure what you're talking about sir."

"Ah ha, the age old response, I don't know anything sir." Mr Woodward returned to his desk opened one of the drawers and produced a black blazer.

"Have you ever seen this blazer before Griffiths?" Mr Woodward asked with a slightly accusing tone.

"Uh it looks just like all the other blazers in the school sir."

"Yes it does doesn't it, but this happens to have a name tag sewn inside the back of the collar do you want me to tell you the name or will you have a guess as to what the name is inside."

Michael Griffiths realized that feigning ignorance would only prolong the inevitable. He hung his head and mumbled, "Anthony Jenkins sir."

Looking at the rest of the boys he asked, "Do you all agree with that."

He got a mumbled response from the rest of the boys that sounded like, "Yes sir."

Mr Woodward walked around to his desk sat down then addressing the five boys asked, "Could you please tell me why the five of you would take it upon yourselves to assault another senior pupil of this school so severely that he has to be taken to hospital."

There was silence from the boys, none were about to admit that it was a homophobic attack upon a pupil who at one time was liked by almost everyone of the senior pupils in the school.

"Alright if none of you are prepared to justify a reason for this attack upon Matthew Benson then I have to inform you that if you continue to hide behind a wall of silence I will have no other alternative but to hand what evidence I have to the local constabulary and let them handle the investigation."

The boys looked at each other then with a nod from the others Michael Griffiths spoke.

"Uh we didn't mean the beating to go as far as it did sir it sort of got out of hand when we started I think we all got a bit carried away. Anyway the reason we did it was because of John Benson."

"And why would John Benson cause you to assault his older brother."

"I met him on the bus this morning sir, knowing that in the past he used to come with his brother in the car I asked him if Matthew had left school. He said that Matthew had been kicked out of the house and was living with his boyfriend. He said his brother had tried to molest him, and when he'd told his father Matthew had been made to leave."

The principal looked at the five boys then turning his back on them and looking up at the picture of the schools founder he said, "I want the five of you after you've collected your belongings to leave the school premises at once, I will also be contacting your parents to advise them as to what has happened, I want all of you to return here tomorrow at 2.00pm if with not both your parents at least one. I will then discus what actions will be taken with your parents, after I have contacted the school board, Matthew Benson if he is able to talk, and his parents. Now please leave."

"The boys responded with a very nervous yes sir, and left Mr Woodward's office.


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