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Between Dreams


Part 8

Two weeks later saw Matthew and Shandy on a Monday morning going their separate ways to school. Matthew had offered to drop Shandy off at his school gates but he'd declined the offer not because he'd rather walk but not wanting John who had started at the same school the previous week to get upset.

Like he normally did Shandy had kept to himself at school. He had given John the cursory nod when he'd seen him during the breaks and at meal times, but other than that he had not invited any conversation. Although Matthew had asked him to forget about John's contribution in the assault that he had suffered Shandy inside was still unsure of John. He just couldn't understand how he could have been instrumental in his own brothers beating. Now Matthew was going to have to face the narrow minded individuals in Grange Wood Public school who were bound to make the normal derogatory remarks about homosexuals.

He just wished that he could be at Matthew's side when he entered the school so that the two of them could face the bigots together. But that was not possible so he as usual cut across the fields to his own school putting one foot in front of the other robot like without thinking, his mind concentrated on the boy he loved and how it would be for him on his first day back to school since the assault.

Nine miles away Matthew was driving through the school gates into the car park. He exited the car and made his way across the quadrangle towards the main building when he heard a voice call out "Hi ya doing Fag?"

He looked over his shoulder to see Derek Bramley with some of his friends laughing their heads off at the remark and Bramley giving Matthew a limp wrist wave.

Matthew ignored them and continued into the school where he got some enquiring looks which he expected as his face hadn't completely healed. There were still marks under both eyes, and also above the right eye which had more damage done to it.

After going to his locker and retrieving what he'd need for the morning lessons he made his way to his first class in two weeks.

Walking into the room he was greeted with enthusiasm by some of his friends which made him feel a lot better and more relaxed. Surprisingly Mr Jordan was about ten minutes late entering the classroom the moment he entered he asked for silence then said, "Everyone gather up your belongings and make your way to the main Assembly Hall and do so in silence."

They were all looking at each other and making enquiring glances. When they were out in the passage way they saw other students like themselves making towards the Assembly Hall. Once inside Matthew realized that the whole school was assembled teachers and pupils included. There was a general hum throughout the hall as pupils were trying to ascertain the reason for the meeting. Suddenly The Principal appeared on stage and there was silence without his having to say a word.

Mr Woodward looked around at the gathering causing a feeling of unease amongst pupils who had not conformed to school protocol.

"Will Derek Bramley, please join me here on stage" he looked around the hall till he saw movement and the boy he'd named made his way onto the stage.

When he was standing beside the Principal Mr Woodward addressed the assembly again.

"Nearly two weeks ago five boys from this school were expelled because of a physical attack on another pupil. I thought that my actions would have sent out a message that any sort of assault on another pupil be it physical or verbal will not be tolerated in this school, and I was under the impression that you all would have the intelligence to understand the school policy in this matter," turning to Derek Bramley he said, "Would you give the school a sample of your level of intelligence by repeating your greeting to Matthew Benson this morning that I heard from my office window."

The senior boy looked mortified and with great reluctance mumbled what he'd said earlier in the quadrangle.

"I said to repeat what you said this morning with the same volume, and the hand gesture."

Derek Bramley repeated how he'd greeted Matthew earlier loud enough for the whole assembly to hear, and finished with the limp wrist wave."

Mr Woodward looked around the assembly letting his gaze instil his dissatisfaction at the remark and actions made by the boy on stage.

When he was satisfied that the pupils of Grange Wood had got the message he cleared his throat and spoke.

"Your parents have paid a substantial amount of school fees in the hope that besides a good education we at Grange Wood will instil in you a code of behaviour that would be above that of other schools. I have every intention that their expectations will be met and any pupil who does not conform to those expectations will be punished accordingly." Pausing so the pupils could get the full effect of his words the Principal continued.

"So Mr Bramley here will be leaving the school premises forthwith and we do not wish to see his face again till next Monday. Maybe by then he might have increased his level of wit, and intelligence to a level more in keeping of a senior pupil of Grange Wood School, and not that of street drop out.

Addressing one of the teachers at the foot of the stage Mr Woodward said, "Mr Jordan will you please escort this pupil to the school gates his parents have already been informed by the school secretary and one of them will be picking him up shortly.

Again the Principal paused before continuing, "Are their anymore amongst you who thinks that he, or she, is a law unto themselves and can do or say as they please, if so come up here and voice your opinion." He gazed around the assembled pupils there wasn't a murmur or any movement.

"I though not." Assembly dismissed," and Mr Woodward strode off the stage.

The moment he was out in the corridor Matthew noticed a few glances in his direction, and the voices of pupils from all classes as they voiced their views in lowered voices. He was glad that the Principal had made it know about his sexual orientation now there would be no more rumours or suppositions and he wouldn't have to answer any of the carefully worded questions that may have been thrown at him from time to time in the future. He knew that if he'd had to make his way home by public transport or walking he would get some hassle outside the school gates, but that issue didn't come into the equation as he had his car and once inside it he would be immune to the jibes made by the hardened homophobes.

At Fox lane Comprehensive school Shandy was making his way out into the school grounds after finishing his lunch. As he strode across the square towards a bench on the far side he noticed John and about four boys that he had befriended heading in his direction. When they reached his side they surrounded him and the biggest of the boys said, "Are you a queer?"

At once Shandy's eyes went to John, then back to the boy who had broached the question, "Why do you want to know are you looking for recruits to join your merry band."

"Fuck you we're not queers."

"Then why are you questioning me."

Before the boy could respond an ominous shadow loomed over them and Brad Simmonds joined in the conversation. "So what do you guys want with Walker."

"Um nothing Brad."

"Nothing, that don't seem right, five of you around one boy and you don't want nothing, now I'll ask you one more time what's with you guys?"

"Um Benson here told us that Walker was queer so we were asking him if he was, and if he had admitted it Benson said we were to give him a hard time."

An arm shot out and grabbed John Benson by the front of his shirt and dragged him toward the bulk that was Brad Simmonds. When the boy was resting against Simmonds's body he lifted him till he was on tiptoe then pulled his right arm back to hit the boy.

"Stop, please don't hit him Simmonds."

Simmonds looked across at Shandy, "You sure about it."

"Yes please Simmonds leave him alone."

"Okay if you say so." Then releasing Benson who crumpled to the floor he told the boys, "If you guys so much as sneeze in Walkers presence I'll beat you to a pulp now piss of before I ignore Walkers wishes and get physical."

The boys scattered and Simmonds turned to Shandy, "I think they'll leave you alone in future I'll see you around." He turned and left Shandy standing there wondering what the Hell was all that about.

During the late afternoon break Shandy made his way to his locker to get a drink and saw Matthew's brother standing by it.

"Hi John what brings you around here?"

"Just wanted to thank you for saving my arse, and to ask you one more favour of you."

Shandy sighed resignedly, "Okay name it."

"Please don't tell Matthew about my setting you up."

"John you're a real low life, what's wrong with you. Matthew doesn't hold any grudge against you for what you caused, and you're still trying to get at him through me, and what's more you use others to do your dirty work."

"Enough of the holier than thou speech, will you keep quiet or not."

"Okay this time I'll keep quiet, but next time I won't tell Matthew I'll tell your father, I'm sure he'll sort you out a lot better than Matthew will."

"Thanks, by the way what's with you and Simmonds?"

"Nothing, never spoken to him before today, but if you want to know go ask him I'm sure he'd like to talk to you."

"No thanks, I'll catch you later see you around," and John Benson made his presence scarce.

"I hope not." Shandy muttered under his breath, "You're the last person I want to see in this school."

That afternoon after school as he cut across the playing fields on his way home his thoughts went back to the incident in the school with John and his cronies and the intervention of Brad Simmonds. Shandy knew that Simmonds lived on the same council estate as he did. He had seen him from time to time but they had never spoken or even acknowledged that the other even existed. So why had he come to my assistance I didn't even know that he knew my name. The more he thought about it the more puzzling it became till eventually he gave up and focused his thoughts on seeing Matthew again and finding out how school went on his first day.

The moment he saw the car parked in the parking space for their flat he broke into a run opened the front door slamming it behind him at the same time yelling.


He appeared at the end of the hallway and the boy didn't hesitate he dropped his bag and ran at him jumping just as he reached Matthew to end up in his arms. He looked into the eyes of the older boy, "Hi you."

The older boy didn't respond with words, instead he moved his head forward and brought their lips together. When they broke the kiss Matthew lowered his young lover to the floor and they walked into the sitting room.

"How did your day go," Shandy asked as they sat down together on the settee.

"Really good," and Matthew related what took place.

"Oh man that's so cool; I'd love to have seen the look on Bramley's face when he was up on stage it."

The older boy looked at the young boy sitting next to him leaning his slim body against his; as he gazed at the boy there was such a longing inside of him making him want to take the boy and crush him in an embrace and without thinking he let his emotions take over. He wrapped an arm around the younger boy and pulled him into his body at the same time encasing him with his other arm, as the boy lay crushed against him he rubbed the boys back at the same time with his jaw he nuzzled the side of Shandy's face.

The younger boy lay content in his lovers arms enjoying the feel of his hands on his back and his jaw nuzzling his face. He shifted his face turning it so that their lips could meet and they were one. As they kissed the older boy lay back on the settee pulling the younger boy on top of him.

"Love you." He said when they broke the kiss, looking down at the face that still bore the marks of the beating.

"I don't know what to say Shandy boy, I have such a yearning for you it frightens me."

"Matthew lets go to the bedroom."

"Shandy don't tempt me you know what will happen if we did."

"Well we can do it here if you want what's the difference I can feel what you want, and so do I."

"I promised your aunt, Shandy."

"And she said not to make any promises that we knew we couldn't keep."

He looked up at the face with the grey blue eyes and the blonde hair, he made up his mind and with a swift movement slid off the settee at the same time lifting the boy into his arms and carrying him to the bedroom. Inside he placed the boy on the bed then lay down beside him.

The younger boy rose up into a sitting position and started to remove his clothing when Matthew started to do the same the boy stopped him saying ,

"I'll do that in a minute."

When Shandy was naked he started to undress the older boy who at times had to assist him and soon they were both in the same state of undress.

Shandy still sitting beside the older boy gazed down at the bruises that were still noticeable all over Matthew's body he wanted to so much to do to those boys what they had done to Matthew but that was only wishful thinking. Instead he erased the thoughts from his mind and lay gently down on top of his lover.

Their loins were fully roused as they slowly gyrated their hips rubbing them together. Shandy now with the side of his face resting on Matthews shoulder sucked on the boy's earlobe gently nipping it from time to time. Soon the slow movements of their hips started to become quicker and more thrusting than gyratory. Now the boys wrapped their arms around each other and bucked more furiously, and as they did they moaned and called each others names and then with screams of "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, their loins exploded sending the semen gushing from their penis's at the same time giving them that brief moment of the most exquisite feelings of pleasure.

They lay exhausted both covered in sweat breathing deeply. Soon their breathing returned to something pertaining to the norm Shandy lifting his face off Matthew's shoulder gazed down at the boy of his dreams. "Hi, you," he proclaimed and smiled.

The older boy returned the smile, "Hi Shandy boy," I see you're good with what happened.

He didn't bother to answer hi lover instead the fair haired boy lowered his face and brought their lips together.

An hour and a half later Jenny Adams returned from work and as her nephew came to greet her and she saw the look in his face she guessed what had happened.

After greeting the boys she changed her clothing then announced, "Alright lets get started on the food and the two boys came into the kitchen to help her prepare the evening meal. As they made themselves busy Matthew called out "Um Jenny I need to talk to you later."

"Oh don't bother with that Matthew I told you the day you came to stay here, don't make promises that you can't keep and as far as I'm concerned it would have been a miracle if you had."

"How did you know?"

"By the look on your faces, now can we stop discussing what the two of you have been up to and get this meal ready."

Both boys with huge grins on their faces helped the woman of the house to prepare their evening meal.

The next morning Shandy who was the last to leave the house his aunt and Matthew having left earlier locked up the house then made his way to school.

As he exited Broomfield road before he could cross the main road a car screeched to a halt alongside where he stood. The driver side window rolled down and the face of Brad Simmonds stared back at him.

"Walker get in the car I'll give you a lift to school."

"Umm no thanks Simmonds I prefer to walk."

"Walker the first time was a request, now if you know what's good for you get in the car."

Shandy sighed, "Why can't people leave Matthew and him alone," he thought and out loud, "Umm if you put it like that okay," and he walked around to the passenger side and climbed into the car.

Simmonds said, "Buckle up." And before he could get his seatbelt fastened the car took off, pressing Shandy back into the seat his belt flapping uselessly.

"I told you to buckle up," Simmonds shouted above the roar of the engine.

"If you give me a bloody chance I will."

Simmonds smiled and gunned the engine more and Shandy was thrown back into his seat again. Eventually when Simmonds had to slow the car to turn into the road that led to their school Shandy was able to fasten his seatbelt.

As they approached the school Simmonds slowed the car then turned into the gates and parked the car killed the engine and turned to the boy.

"So what's with you and that Benson kid?"

"Which one?"

Simmonds turned and looked at him raising an eyebrow quizzically, "Is there more than one?"

"Yes John has an older brother."

"I want to know about junior."

Shandy was silent for a bit trying to collect his thoughts.

"What's the problem?"

"No problem, I suppose if I don't tell you now you'll find out soon enough when John decides to open his mouth."

So Shandy laid the facts of Matthew and himself, and the consequences of their feelings for one another. When he had finished his narration he looked at Brad Simmonds questioningly trying to gauge his reaction.

"How is the brother, is he up and about yet?"

"Yes he started back to school yesterday."

"So Junior doesn't give in easy, seems like he still has it in for you. I'll have to have a few choice words with him."

"You won't hit him will you?"

The older boy looked at the slim fair haired boy sitting beside him who after all that had happened he was still not willing for the person who was the cause of the trouble to be hurt. "Okay Walker I'll just talk to him but if he doesn't listen then I'll have to resort to other means."

"Simmonds what's with you, it's good you got those kids off my back yesterday by why are you doing this?"

Brad Simmonds was silent for a minute then decided he had better tell the younger boy the truth, as he was bound to find out within the next month.


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