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Between Dreams

Part 9

"Okay, listen up," Simmonds said, addressing the fair haired youth who sat beside him in the car.

"Your Aunt Jennifer's husband was a cousin to my dad and my uncle. When Uncle Julian was killed in the car accident we were all pretty devastated. My Uncle Brad who I'm named after was affected most as he was always around the estate with his girlfriend either visiting us or your aunt and her husband. When the kid who caused the accident, (he'd stolen the car and was showing off with some of his friends) got off with community service and banned from driving for three years Uncle Brad was really annoyed.

When the boy returned to the estate holding his hands above his head as if he'd won a victory Uncle Brad lost it and went to work. He beat the shit out of the kid who was eighteen at the time. The kid ended up in hospital with a busted nose and a couple of cracked ribs. Uncle Brad told him before the ambulance came to take him to hospital, "That if he ever got behind the wheel of a car again he'd break both his arms and legs."

The law was called and Uncle Brad was arrested and charged with G.B.H. when his case came up he got six years, meanwhile the kid and his family moved off the estate actually I think they left London and are living in Slough somewhere."


Brad Simmonds paused and took a packet of cigarettes out before lighting up he asked the fair haired youth. "Is it okay if I smoke?"

He got the nod from Shandy, and he proceeded to light up before he continued with his narration.


"Your aunt used to visit Uncle Brad once a month with his girlfriend but the girlfriend after a couple of months dropped him. Your aunt continued to visit but when you came to live with her she told him and they decided that she shouldn't visit anymore, but my dad said she used to write to him instead. Uncle Brad told my dad when he went to visit him that we had to lookout for you," he stopped his narration to smile at the boy and ruffle his hair.

"So my dad made it a point to let all the kids on the estate know that you were off bounds to any kind of piss taking, snide remarks or threatening behaviour.

When you were at school at first it was my brother Peter who kept an eye on you then when he left I took over the job. We really didn't have any problems as you were such a quiet kid and always on your own and you still are. I don't know why but yesterday something just made me think better watch out for Shandy and sure enough you were being given a bit of grief by them shits."

"You no my nickname?"

"I know a lot about you, how your parents left you with Aunt Jenny then taking off for Thailand, I know that your name is Jeremy Walker and that your pet name was Shandy boy then shortened to Shandy."

"I often used to wonder why the kids on the estate used to leave me alone and never gave me a hard time there or at school as quite a few of them from the estate go to the same school as I do, now I know why. But you and your brother couldn't be everywhere Simmonds."

"Didn't have to be, we had are eyes keeping an eye on you and if there had been any problems we would have known about it."

"Umm Simmonds, umm can you stop looking out for me now."

"No way, but in a couple of weeks when Uncle Brad is out ask him if he says okay then it's done till then you'll be watched. Now you had better get inside the school I'm going over by the gates to keep an eye open for a certain little person with a big mouth."



"Remember don't hurt him."

The 6ft 4ins of toned muscle that was Brad Simmonds smiled as he got out of the car saying, "Don't worry your little head about it, I'll be as sweet as pie towards him, now get in the school, I don't want him seeing you around here."

Shandy made his way into the school while Brad Simmonds walked over to the school gates to wait for John Benson.



It was only a couple of minutes later when Brad Simmonds saw John Benson walking through the gates he shouted, "Benson," and when the boy looked in his direction he said, "Follow me."

Not looking to see if the boy did so Simmonds turned on his heels and made his way to the car. When he reached it he opened the driver side door and waited till he heard footsteps without turning he said, "Get in the passenger side," then entered the car, when he was seated the other door opened and a very perturbed John Benson climbed in.

"What did you want Simmonds?" the younger boy asked his voice literally shaking with fright.

"I want for you to keep your opinions about Walker to yourself, do you understand?"


"Good because if I hear any unsavoury remarks around the school about Walker I won't stop to question the person I'll come looking for you, and when I find you, you'd wish I hadn't. Are you clear about what I've just said?"

"Yes Simmonds."

"Good you've got two choices open to you, keep your big mouth shut while you're at this school, or get your father to put you into another school. Now piss off and just hope I don't have to come looking for you again."

John Benson exited the car as quickly as he could, and for the first time realized that he'd bitten off more than he could chew when trying to get a stigma attached to his brother's friend. As he walked away from the car he looked back over his shoulder at the form of Brad Simmonds who stood silently staring at him and knew as of now he had better keep his mouth shut inside and outside the school.



The whole day Shandy had trouble concentrating on his studies the talk he'd had with Brad Simmonds kept reverberating around inside his head. He also kept seeing the picture his aunt kept in her room of her husband and the man standing next to him who he was now sure was Brad Simmonds senior the one who would be returning to the estate in the near future.

When the bell went for end of classes he saw Brad Simmonds watching him as he made his way across the playing fields. He had never noticed before because he hadn't been aware but now he wondered if Brad watched him everyday when school finished. He smiled to himself as the thought of Matthew waiting for him at home and he quickened his pace eager to be in the presence of his lover.



They lay on the bed arms and legs entwined recovering from their lovemaking.

"What's wrong Shandy?"


"You heard, you've not been the same since you got home. I don't know what it is maybe you're having second thoughts about our relationship..."

"No," the younger boy screamed," No Matthew it's not our relationship." And the boy rolled over to lie on top of his lover. Gazing down at the face that brought so much joy to his being he lowered his head and brushed their lips together then lifting his head he said, "I've got a bodyguard."


"I've got a bodyguard," and Shandy related what had happened not leaving anything out.

"So John tried to give you a hard time?"

"Yes but forget it Matthew he and I didn't realize that he'd bitten off more than he could chew I'm sure I won't be getting anymore hassle from him in future."

The older boy looked at his young friend then knitting his eyebrows asked, "What about me."

"Nothing about you. I told Brad about us and he didn't blink, and if he tried anything I'd umm I'd..."

"You'd do what."

"I'd do something like kick him in the goolies or, or, I don't know anyway this is stupid he's there to lookout for me not hurt me."

The older boy wrapped his arms around his younger lover squeezing him into his body and seeking his lips till his thirst for the young boys lips were quenched he broke the kiss saying, "Dressing time Shandy boy, Jenny will be back shortly." He rolled the boy off him then rose from the bed and looked down at the younger boy still lying where he had been deposited on the bed. He smiled then levering his arms under the boy he lifted him into his arms carrying him to the bathroom so they could shower then dress.



It was an hour later when Jennifer Adams let herself into the house when after the initial greeting she was asked about Brad Simmonds senior.

"What do you know about Brad Simmonds?"

"Umm not much aunty but I was told that he went to prison for assaulting the person who was responsible for killing Uncle Julian."

Yes that's true and Vincent Parker got what he deserved besides killing my husband he put one of the boys who was in the car with him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. But instead of trying to show some sort of remorse he was bragging about how lightly he got off. That's why your Uncle did what he did and paid for it. But he's a good man Shandy when you get to know him you'll soon realize that you'll be able to trust him with your life."

"Did you know that he put a watch on me?"

"No, but that's the sort of thing I'd expect him to do knowing how rough some of the boys on this estate can be. Now are we going to stand here talking all night or are you going to let me get changed so I can prepare our evening meal."

"Okay aunty."

The older of the two boys called after her as she made for her room, "Give us a yell Jenny when you want a hand in the kitchen."



It was two weeks later that Shandy who hadn't gone to school because he was recovering from a cold, was lying on the settee in the sitting room watching the box. When the doorbell rang, thinking it was the postman he got up still in his nightwear and opened the front door. The fair haired man standing in front of him was enormous; he seemed to fill the whole door yet there seemed to be something familiar about him but he couldn't be sure where he'd seen the face before.

"Umm what can I do for you sir?" Shandy asked nervously.

The man smiled then in a soft voice that was surprising for a man of his size he asked, "Are you Jeremy Walker?"

"Uh umm yes,"

"I'm Brad Simmonds, I thought that I'd come around and see you. I phoned your Aunt Jenny, and she told me you hadn't gone to school today so here I am."

The image of the photograph flashed through his mind, "Uh come in Uncle," and Shandy stood to one side to let the man into the house.

Brad Simmonds waited in the passage way for Shandy to lead the way into the sitting room. Inside he was offered a seat by the boy then asked.

"Would you like a cup of tea or coffee umm Uncle?"

"No thanks Shandy I just came around to have a chat and to see how you're getting along."

"I'm okay doing pretty good, but do you mind if I go and get changed quickly, I'm still in my nightwear."

"Oh don't worry about it I won't be staying all that long I just wanted to see you. I think you were about 6 or 7 the last time I saw you when your parents brought you around on a visit. You've grown quite a bit but still as skinny as ever. "

"Uh Uncle Brad."


"Umm can you stop the watch on me; you know Umm Brad and the others."

"No, not at the moment there's no problem here on the estate, but at your school there are boys who attend who don't live on this estate and who we don't know anything about. And from what I gathered from your aunt's letters you're a very quiet boy and don't mix much, so without her knowledge I put the word out on the estate and got my nephews to keep an eye on you at school."

"Oh okay ."

"Come on Shandy boy," and he pulled the boy who was standing in front of him onto his lap as his arms enveloped the boy he almost disappeared from sight,

"It's not that bad they don't interfere in your social life they just make sure that no one gives you a hard time."

The boy laughed as he was enveloped in the arms of this gentle giant of a man, "Why me Uncle?"

The man hesitated before answering, "When the time is right I'll tell you, now how is your friend Matthew?"

"Umm uh he's okay."

The man felt the boy tense up when the question was asked now to put the boy at ease he said, "It's okay Shandy you don't have to be worried, I know about your relationship with him and as long as you're not harming anyone your sexual preferences are your business, and you won't find me trying to lecture you on homosexuality, so rest easy."

The boy turned his head and looked up at the face of the man, "Why did you change the subject when I asked you why me."

"You're smarter than I thought but as I said, when the time is right I'll tell you."

"Why not now Uncs."

"Huh, that's the first time I've heard that expression in a long time, you used it when I last saw you quite a few years ago."

"Come on Uncs tell me now."

The fair haired giant of a man lifted the boy off his lap then turning him so the boy stood facing him.

"Okay do you want to stand while I tell you or sit on my lap."

The boy didn't answer but moved forward and sat on the man's lap again."

"Over fifteen years ago," Brad Simmonds began his explanation, "I was in love with a woman who became pregnant with my child. But shortly afterwards she fell in love with another man and left me to get married to him, they went and lived in Blackpool which is quite a distance from London. I only saw her from time to time when she came to visit her sister in London and those were the times when I'd see my son. I agreed with the boy's mother to let the boy take her husbands surname, then when he was not quite ten I went to prison and I hadn't seen him in over seven years."

"Where is he now Uncs?"

The man wrapped his arms around the boy then lowering his mouth to the boy's ear whispered, "Sitting on my lap listening to me talking."

The boy spun around to face the man his eyes wandering over the man's face searching to see if he was lying, instead he saw a very tear filled pair of eyes and a mouth with a faint smile on it. "You're my father?" He questioned.

"Yes Shandy boy."

"What about the man I called dad."

He was your stepfather, because of the distances between where we lived I allowed him to be known as your father thinking it was in your best interest. Only when your mother and he left you and took off for Thailand that I decided that I'd tell you the truth when I came out of prison. I wouldn't let your aunt tell you before I came out of prison as I didn't want you to have the stigma of a jailbird as a father."

"You should have told me I could have come and visited you in prison."

The man looked at seriousness in the boy's face then leaning forward kissed him on the forehead, "Looking at you now I should have, it seems I keep making mistakes where you're concerned but I don't think I will in future."

He lifted the boy off his lap then stood up, "I've got to get going I have to meet your aunt during her lunch break, don't want to be late you know what she's like when she gets angry."

The boy laughed at the thought of this giant of a man being scared of his aunt as he led him to the front door. At the door the man turned swiftly for one of his size grasping the boy under the arms he lifted him as if he were feather and kissed him on the lips before putting him down he said, "See you later son."

"Okay dad, bye,"

The sound of that one word made the man's heart leap with joy as he strode off turning and waving to his son.

He watched the man disappear from sight then closed the door. He couldn't believe it he had a dad, and not the one who had gone to Thailand but a real dad who was right here, In London. The thought made his insides do all sorts of funny things that made him want to yell out as loudly as possible.


He looked at the clock on the mantelpiece in the sitting room it was just after 12.30pm he went over to the phone and dialled Matthew's number knowing that he would be on his lunch break now. He waited for a couple of rings then that voice that he would be able to distinguish anywhere in the world said, "Hi You."

"Hi You too, guess what."

"No, don't be sarky or I won't tell you."

"Right then, my dad came over to visit this morning."

"Bloody Hell! Don't shout,"

"Yeah well the one in Thailand isn't my dad. I'll tell you all about it when you get home."

"Okay bye, Love you too, bye."

He put the phone down and stood thinking, "What does Matthew have to think about. Just because he'd found out who his real dad was and he was in London shouldn't change their feelings about one another."

He made his way to the bathroom to shower and change and wait for Matthew to get home.

By 3.45pm he was at the front room window looking out waiting for Matthew's car to pull up. He'd been on pins all afternoon when Matthew had ended their telephone conversation so suddenly which kept him wondering why he had.

He moved away from the window and quickly went to the front door and opened it as he saw Matthew exiting the car. As soon as the older boy was inside the house their arm went around each other and their lips came together.

When they broke the kiss the younger boy said, "You don't know how worried you made me by ending the telephone call so suddenly."

"Sorry Shandy boy I didn't mean too. The moment you told me your dad was here I immediately thought that you would leave and go and live with him, and until you tell me more I still don't know what's going to happen." Putting an arm around the younger boy they made their way to the sitting room.

Shandy stopped in mid stride, "There's no way I'd go off and leave you, or Aunt Jenny just like that."

Matthew pulled his young lover into an embrace, looking into those grey blue eyes he said, "I'd be lost without you, you know that don't you."

"And what do you think I'd be without you beside me," the boy said looking up into his lovers eyes, "Matthew don't let's talk for now, can we go to our bedroom instead."

He smiled at his young companion whose appetite for love was insatiable; lifting the boy into his arms he carried him to their bedroom.


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