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Jamie's story part 2

When Don pulled into Jon's driveway he came out to help Ben bring his camping stuff into the house, as soon as everything was unloaded Don took Jon aside and told him what had happened to Ben at the lake.

"What Candi did to him was unforgivable and I know he was very upset by it. He says you are close and that he can talk with you about anything so I'm sure you will see that he is ok. I'm just sorry it happened and made a great weekend not perfect."

As he picked up Ben's sleeping bag and headed into the house he wondered how he would deal with this. By the time he got inside Ben had gone to take a shower. Jon quickly filled Betty in on what had happened.

"Do you think I should wait until he brings up or should I bring it up to him?" asked Jon.

"Didn't you say that Don told Ben that he was going to tell you what happened?"


"Well I guess when he gets out of the shower you should talk with him and find out how upset he is, and what we need to do about it."

Jon went to Ben's room and sat on his bed looking around at all the things that made up part of who Ben was. While he sat there he felt anger at this Candi who had tried to rape his son. Even though he had never said anything to his wife or to Ben himself, he knew that Ben was struggling with his sexuality. This might be a factor that made Ben decide that he was gay. Jon had no problem with his son being gay, but hated to think that if this girl hadn't pushed him Ben could have taken more time to find out who he really was. Ben came into the room wrapped in a towel. He looked at his dad and ran to him and threw his arms around him.

"Do you want to talk about it,"asked Jon? Ben nodded and then told Jon everything that had happened.
Dad there is something that I found out about myself this weekend, I hope you won't hate me, but I now know that I'm gay."

"I know, Ben I didn't want to push you in either direction, but I knew that you have been struggling with what your sexuality for a while now. I want you to know that your mom and I don't think of you any different . We love you just as much as we always have. I just want you to be very careful who you tell. Your mom and I will get all the info we can for you so that you are informed all about gay life and sex, not that we are going to encourage you to have sex. But, we will want you informed so that when the time is right with the right person you will know what you are doing is safe. I have a question for you, but if you don't want to answer you don't have to. Is there someone special that you like?"

Ben turned bright red, but didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then he whispered "Justin."

"How do you think he feels about you?"

"I know he likes me a lot, I think he is gay too but is afraid of admitting it out of fear of his father, but I'm not sure."

"There is one thing that I want you to remember. Justin is a very troubled boy he doesn't have a family that loves him like you do. Did you talk to your friends about being gay this weekend?"

"Not exactly I told them that I wasn't sure if I was gay or not. But, they said it didn't matter to them if I was or not."

"Good, just take things slow with Justin and if it is meant to be it will happen. Lunch will be ready in a half hour, I'm going to talk with mom, do you want to tell her or would you like me to do it?"

"Could you do it for me dad I need to be alone for a while."

"Ok bud we'll call you when lunch is ready."


Jon went downstairs and told Betty all that had happened. She began to cry, "please don't let Ben see you crying he will think that you are mad or upset with him."

"I'm not mad, only sad at the fact that Ben will have a much more difficult life than I would have wanted for him. I know that he can't help being what he is. It's not a choice like some try to say, no one would choose to live a life as a outcast and subject themselves to the anti-gay sentiments out there. But if our son is gay I want to help him to be proud of what he is and not think that he is somehow not as good as everyone else."

"He told me he has a thing for Justin, I told him to be very careful with Justin, because his life is already hell, and he doesn't need any more problems."

When Ben came downstairs Betty wrapped him in her arms and told him, "I love you and am proud of who you are."

After putting away his camping gear in the garage, Justin walked into the house. The General met him in the hall way and said, "you may have Don and Jon fooled but we know what you really are and when they find out. You won't be getting anymore hugs in fact I doubt that you will even allowed to spend time with their sons."

"Just what do you think I am that so bad?"

"You're a faggot boy and one of these days when I catch you everyone else will know too."

I'm not gay," yelled Justin.

The General slapped Justin's face, and turned around and said "get out of my site you looser."

Justin stepped back than yelled, "why can't you love me like everyone else's parents do. I'm not a bad boy it's you and mom who are bad."

Then he ran up to his room and locked his bedroom door. The General was so surprised by his son's back talk that he didn't move until after Justin was locked in his room. Justin cried for a while and then crept down stairs to get something to eat. He found that his parents had gone out, so he washed his clothes that he wore over the weekend and also his new briefs and bathing suit. Worried that his parents might be back soon he grabbed two sandwiches and a soda and carried his clothes and supper up to his room where he again locked the door.

In the morning the General was still home when he came downstairs to go to school. "You know better that back talk me, so you are grounded for the next two weeks that includes no baseball, phone calls, or friends. One

"Yes sir" Justin grabbed his backpack and rode his bike to school.


After the Russell's left to go home Bill, Marie, and Jamie sat in livingroom, Bill looked at Jamie and said, "I want to know exactly when Steven started having sex with you and what he did and does to you."

"The first time was when they first moved here. I was nine at the time and he was seventeen. He took me to the amusement park, when we got back it was about ten o-clock and Steven said I could spend the night with him. I was so happy I had such a good time I would have done anything he asked. He took me to his bedroom and took off all his clothes and then he took of my clothes. He started playing with me telling me it was a new game. It made me feel good so I went along with him. That night he taught me about oral sex. After that ever time he took me anywhere he would have me perform oral sex on him. By the time I was eleven he was fucking me, at first I hated it when he did it to me. But after a while I liked it and would call him to take me and do it. By the time I was thirteen I began to feel guilty about having sex with Steven. But after a while I would get the urge again and I would go with Steven again. Every time I would say it was the last time. But I always go back last week when we were supposed to go to the movies we went to his place and met a three of his friends and they all fucked me. This isn't the first time he has had friends over that he has convinced me to let them have sex with me. I guess I better tell you that I kind of liked having four guys doing me at the same time it was a real turn-on, and I know you think I am a real pervert for that too."

By this time he was wailing and his body was shaking. Ten minutes later Don called to say that Frank and a worker from child services would be interviewing Kyle and then they would interview Jamie. Bill decided he had better call his lawyer.

Fifteen minutes later John Powers returned his page, "what can I do for you Bill."

"My son molested a thirteen neighbor boy, the police and a worker from child protective services are on their way to the boys house now. It also turns out that my son has been molested since he was nine by a older cousin. This cousin has even forced Jamie to have sex with his friends as many as three at a time. Can you come over and be here to protect his rights when they interview him. He had admitted to giving Kyle beer, and forcing him to have sex with him. So that isn't an issue, keeping him out of jail is."

"Ok I will be there in a half hour."

"What did the lawyer say dad?"

"He will be here in a little while, but I want to try to understand why you would hurt Kyle, when he has always treated you with hero worship. You had to know that he would go along with anything you wanted to do so the drinking beer you knew that his defenses would be diminished and you could get what you wanted."

"Kyle is so good looking and sexy and I like him so much that I wanted t get even closer with him and to give him pleasure. When I gave him a blow job he liked it so I thought that if he just relaxed and let me have intercourse with him he would find out how good if feels and then we would be even closer than we have been before."

"Jamie, don't you understand that if you had just keep on being a good friend to Kyle that you would only have grown


"The worse thing is now Kyle will hate me and I really do love him and I sure screwed up in trying to show him how I feel about him." said Jamie.

"Son, you seem to think that love and sex are interchangeable they aren't. We love you but we don't have sex with you," said Bill.

"Dad what am I going to do?"

"Your going to be a man and take full responsible for your actions and cooperate with the authorities in everything and tell them all the names of the people that Steven has convinced you have sex with, do you understand."

"Ok but I guess I've ruined my life haven't I"

"Well not ruined it, but you have a lot of work ahead of you to get yourself straightened out."

Kyle went to his room to play on his PlayStation until Frank and the other person arrived. When they arrived Peg called for him to come into kitchen. Frank shook Kyle's hand and then introduced Kim Preston as the child protective services worker. For the next hour they interviewed Kyle.

When they had been told the whole story, Kim asked, "do you have any questions for us Kyle?"

Kyle thought a minute then said, "yea, what is going to happen to Jamie. He's really sorry for what he did. I still like him, I just want to know that he won't try that again with anyone else, and I sure don't want him to go to jail?"

"Kyle before I answer I want to give you a number to call to see a special councilor who works with boys who have been sexually abused like you. There is also a group that meets on Thursday evenings. It's made up of boys from age ten to eighteen who have been abused, there are even two boys who are in eighth grade also. I know you will know them when you see them. They will help you with some feelings that you are going to have. In a few months you will be able to put all this behind you. As far as Jamie is concerned that will be determined but first a psychological exam and the district attorney. The Dr. will examine him to determine if he is a danger to other boys in the community. If he is found not to be a danger to other boys then he will be enrolled in a local sexual abuser/victim program. If he is deemed to be a danger to other boys than he will be put in a residential program, where he will have to stay until it has been determined that he is safe to let out. If that is the case he will be labeled as a sex offender and will have a permanent criminal record. But, if he gets into a local program and does well than once his probation is over he can have his juvenile records sealed and unless he does something very bad they will stay sealed. If he is convicted he will be placed on a sexual offenders list that will follow him for the rest of his life."

"I am sure that he is not a danger to anyone," said Kyle.

"I hope you are right, but that is yet to be determined. Is there anything else we can do for you today Kyle?"

"Just one other question do you help boys who are being abused by their parents?"

"Kyle if you know of a boy who is being abused please tell me so we can help him too."

Don looked at Kyle and gave his head a little shake, Kyle saw what his father had done so he said "no, but I heard that some kid got hit by his dad at school and I was just wondering if you help kids with that kind of thing also."

"If you should ever find out something like that you can call our hot line without giving your name and we will investigate to see if there is anything to the tip."

"Ok I'll remember that"

At two-thirty Kim and Frank arrived at Bill and Marie's. After hearing Jamie's story Kim told them what was going to happen next.

"Based on what Kyle told us and what you have said I am not going to charge you as an adult. The first thing that is going to happen is I will take you and your lawyer down to Juvenile Court where you will be charged with sexual abuse of a minor and with reckless endangerment of a minor. You will then enter a plea, which I presume will be guilty. The Judge should then remand you to us for a psycho-sexual evaluation. You will be released to your parents custody and a restraining order will be issued that prevents you for have any contact with Kyle or from coming within one hundred feet of him. Tomorrow I want you to stay home from school I will arrange for that evaluation to be performed sometime during the day. They will give me the results immediately and then I will determine if you can stay in the community or if you must be sent to a residential program until you are deemed safe to be returned to your home. Now I need to ask you several questions. How old were you the first time Steven had sex with you?"

"I was nine."

"That was oral sex is that correct."


"Did you perform oral sex on him and did he do it to you also?"


"How old were you when he began to have anal sex with him?"


"How did you first start having group sex with Steven and his friends?"

"The first time was just after I turned fourteen. It happened because I had meet some of his friends who played softball with. One weekend when I was there, Steven got drunk and when we were having sex he told me that every couple of weeks he got together with three friends and they had an orgy. I asked him to let me be a part of the orgy. At first he said his friends were afraid to have sex with someone underage. But, I keep bugging him about letting me have fun with them. So on my birthday he called me and said he had a surprise for me next weekend. On Saturday we went to his softball game then three of his friends came back to his house. They ordered pizza when it arrived they let me drink beer with the pizza. After eating we played strip poker for about two hours, when we all were naked Steven put a gay porn video in the VCR that was an orgy. Then we all had sex for the rest of night. When he brought me home the next night my butt was sore and I was walking funny. I told my parent that I had pulled a groin muscle at the ball game the day before, so they never knew the real reason."

"Do you know the names of Steven's friends?"

"Yes, their names are Jason, Garret, and Dennis."

"Do you know their last names?"

"No, but they are all on the Springdale Tiger softball team."

"Can you describe their bodies, to prove that you have been with them in the nude?"

"Yes, but I have been to the gym with them where we all changed and showered together."

"So that they could deny everything you have just said is that right?"

"Yes, but what I told you is true."

"I need to check in with my supervisor about something I have in mind."

A few minutes later after conferring with Frank Kim said "I have something to offer you. I have talked to the Russell's and the states Attorney and if you will agree to be part of a sting to catch these men in the act of having sex with you then we will drop the child endangerment charge."

"What would I have to do?"

"You would set up another orgy and the police would wait until you gave a signal than they would raid Steven home d that would give the police all the evidence they need to convict these men with. Are you willing to do that?"

"I think we need to have a conference with his parent before we can give you an answer," said Mr. Powers. The four of them talked it over and decided that in order to make sure the adults were found guilty and to cooperate completely that they would go along with the plan.

"Ok I'll do it."

"Good, do you think you could set it up right now?"

"I can try."

Jamie dialed the phone, when Steven answered Jamie said, "hey bro what's up."

"not much, how about you?"

"I was just thinking about the other night, boy that was so far out, I'm still walking funny.

I don't have school on Thursday so do you think we all could get together on Wednesday night."

"Sounds like fun I don't see a problem I'll check with the guys and call back in a few, later dude."

Ten minutes later Steven called and said, "its all set the guys are all hot for you again. You are such a slut he, he. I got some new toys I want to try on you this time and we can make another tape, like last time, I got a thousand for it; I got your two hundred dollar waiting here for you."

"Way cool, I am getting hot just thinking about it, see you at six on Wednesday dude."

"Keep that boy pussy hot for us we will make you beg for more, ha, ha, later."

Frank and Kim had been listening on extensions and Frank had recorded the whole conversation.

"You did great now we will give you a special pen that you can click when thing start getting hot on Wednesday night and then we will bust in and catch them in the act, said Frank

"If you are ready we should go down to the court now," said Kim.