"Billy Chase #208"


- WOW!!! I mean, like...like....WOW!!!

Ok...so, like...I kinda found out a small piece of what I missed from my party! Or...actually I DIDN'T miss it!!! But it took Simon to kind bring back a bit of a hazy memory that I had completely forgotten about! And I don't know how the FUCK I could just 'forget' something like this, but I DID! And...and....WOW!!! Omigod...WOW!

Ok...so, I've been seriously trying to FORCE my brain to remember every detail of this that it could, but I can only get a few flashes of the whole event. I mean....ARRRGGHHHH!!!! C'mon, you stupid BRAIN!!! Was I really THAT drunk???

Anyway, Simon was acting so strange again today, that when I came into the library he started gathering up his things to leave. He was blushing sooooo hard, and all I could think of was him being super embarrassed about 'something' that happened at my party! That's where all this weirdness with him began. If Simon was the one who kissed me, then at least I could get it out in the open and be DONE with it, once and for all, you know? So I kinda...'cornered' him, you know? Before he could scatter away from me like some kinda frightened mouse under the kitchen sink or something. And I'm walking down the hall after him, calling his name. And I KNOW that he hears me, but he just keeps trying to walk faster, without looking like he's trying to walk faster. (Which, by the way...makes his butt look REALLY hot! I just happened to notice that! It's really small and it's got this really cute 'little boy' shape to it. When he's walking all fast, it kinda bounces around. Mmmmm.....but, that's beside the point!)

FINALLY, I'm practically out of breath, and Simon is about as 'athletic' as your average earthworm...so I finally caught up to him. He's like, "Oh, hey Billy. I didn't...um...know you were there." He said, huffing and out of breath.

I'm like, "Right, whatever. Look, we need to talk." Which only made him even MORE nervous. And for a second there, he looked around like he was getting ready to totally bolt on me! Like actually take off running like your local shoplifter or something! Geez...it's not like I was gonna beat him up or anything. So I have to take a hold of his backpack, and drag him into the bathroom. We had to check all the stalls, and I made sure to block the door in case he tried to get past me. And I'm like, "Dude...spill it. Talk to me. I've gotta know."

He's all, "Gotta know WHAT?"

I said, "You KNOW what! Dude...you've been ducking me for a week and a half now! What's going on??? I mean...is it the party?"

His face turned a deep purple. And he was visibly trembling. "Billy...look, it was an ACCIDENT, ok? I didn't mean for...'that' to happen! I mean...it's just...your party was going really awesome, and I was having a good time...and then..." But he stopped, and I pushed him to keep talking! I mean...I was really getting EXCITED here! My heart was beating so hard that I almost couldn't hear him talking. Ever since Simon used to play video games at my house after school, I've been trying to kiss those sweet pink lips of his. It would be SO cool to know that I finally got my chance! And might be able to talk him into many more. He squirmed a bit, and then said, "...Billy, don't be mad at me, ok?"

I'm like, "Simon...dude? Why would I be MAD?"

He said, "It's just...kissing like that...I don't usually do things like that. Not ever. I mean, I've thought about it, but..." YES!!!! JACKPOT!!!!

I started to smile wide at him. "Really? I mean, like...you've thought about...doing that before the party."

Simon sighed. "Oh GOD, yes! Billy, I've thought about it a LOT! Believe me! And after making out for a while, it was like...I totally couldn't believe that it was actually happening. So...we went upstairs...and I was really...you know...'erect'..."

It was so CUTE, the way he whispered the word 'erect'. Like he was so shy about even SAYING it! I'm thinking...awww, Simon...why didn't you TELL me you had been dreaming about kissing me! You could have totally HAD me anytime you wanted me! I'm like, "Yeah....I remember. Hehehe!"

And Simon's blush got even deeper than before. And he said, "I don't want you to think that I'm...you know...'like that'. I'm really not, Billy. I swear. It's not like I wanted to take advantage of the situation or anything. But...it just felt soooo good." He said, and I was almost getting ready to plant a huge kiss on his lips right there in the bathroom. But he said something else that kinda...didn't make sense. "Honestly, Billy. It was all Melanie's idea! She just...she wanted it sooo bad...and so did I...and I never had a...'blowjob' before."

That kinda....threw me for a loop. Wait a minute. I don't think we're talking about the same thing here. I said, "Hold on...what blowjob? I'm kinda...confused here..."

Simon kinda wrinkled up his forehead a bit, and he was like, "You mean...you really don't remember?" I shook my head, and at first he tried to clam up on me again, but I wouldn't let him. Besides, he was already halfway through the story. So with a heavy sigh and a roll of his eyes, he explained a bit more. He's like, "Well...Melanie and I were making out on the steps, and we were really into it for a while. But people kept walking up and down the stairs to use the extra bathroom. And some people were staring, and Melanie told me I kiss better when nobody's watching. I mean...she's my first girlfriend, Billy. I'm not really...practiced when it comes to these things. So...at one point, I think you're friend Sam and his girlfriend Joanna started arguing about something and it got kinda loud. So people went to sorta see what was going on."

I didn't remember much of this. But I do remember Simon and Melanie making out all hot and heavy on the steps at one point. I said, "Go on."

Simon fidgeted a bit more, and he's like, "So...while everybody was paying attention to them, Melanie started rubbing my...well, you know. Anyway, she was kinda sucking on my neck, and she whispers, 'let's go upstairs'. And I'm thinking that's a bad idea, but she keeps saying nobody's gonna see us. And she really wants to be with me and stuff. And I'm all hard and don't want people to come back and see me with a boner. So she takes me by the hand and she takes me upstairs. And that's when everything...you know...happened."

I'm like, "Happened? Hehehe, c'mon Simon, I deserve a little bit more than that. You mentioned a blowjob! C'mon! Tell me!" I nearly had to hide a boner myself just thinking about it. Little virginal Simon having a pair of hot lips wrapped around his meat for the first time. How HOT is that?

Simon actually giggled a little bit, and with a blush, he was like, "Well...we kinda...went up there, and we found a room. And we started...kissing..." He stopped, and I told him that this was NO time for him to start getting shy on me. So he says, "...We laid down on the bed, and we were kissing some more. And I thought....maybe she wanted me to use my fingers on her again. But instead she started sucking on my neck again. And it was all dark and we were breathing hard...and then, I felt her undoing my pants. And I almost stopped her, because...well because I never expected a girl to like...do that to me, you know? Like ever. And then she unzipped me, and took 'it' out. And she started stroking me a few times. And her hands were really soft and...God, Billy, I had never felt anything like it. We were tongue kissing while she was doing it. And then...she stopped, and she started sliding down the bed...and...she put my boner in her MOUTH! I think I screamed a little bit." Hahaha, I couldn't help but to laugh, and he did too. "Yeah, I was being a geek, I know. But it almost felt TOO good, you know? Like...I couldn't sit still. I kept squirming and biting my lip, and whimpering...I was worried that I was gonna spasm involuntarily, and accidentally knee her in the chin and she was gonna bite it off or something!"

I was like, "Hahaha! Dude, you are so NAUGHTY!!!" Then I asked, "So then what happened?" And Simon looked down at his feet, and winced a bit.

He's like, "Well...I guess that you had gotten yourself a little bit wasted. And...um..."

I widened my eyes. "What??? What did I do?"

He said, "Well, somebody kinda opened the door just I was getting ready to...ejaculate." He whispered again. And added, "And he was sorta helping you stand up and balance. I guess he was getting ready to put you to bed. So Melanie stopped, and I quickly pulled my pants up and apologized like a billion times and we ran out! I was sooooo embarrassed, Billy! I didn't want you to see that! I didn't want ANYBODY to see that! I just...I got carried away! I just...I didn't mean..."

I stopped him immediately! "WAIT!!! Are you saying that you SAW somebody putting me to bed that night????" OMIGOD!!! A witness!!! FINALLY....a witness!

He's like, "Well, yeah. Some guy was trying to lay you down before you got any worse, I guess."

I'm like, "Who was it???" Simon paused for a second. I said, "Dude...TELL me! PLEASE, Simon!!! Just tell me who put me to bed that night!"

But he just said, "Billy....it was dark. I was embarrassed and scrambling to get my pants back up. I don't really know who it was. I didn't really see who it was, I just kinda left."

I practically begged him for details! "Simon, pleeeeeaaasse....give me some kind of hint! Was he tall? Was he short? Was he blond? Did he have long hair? Short hair? Did he have dreads in his hair? Or did he...I mean...do you think it could have been Jamie Cross? Or...or maybe Brandon? Or Lee?"

Simon had to slow me down. He's like, "I'm really sorry, Billy. I'm not the most popular kid in school. I didn't know 75% of the people at that party. I couldn't tell you who they were in broad daylight...much less a dark bedroom with my head down. I was more concerned with not getting my thingy caught in my zipper as I shuffled past you two in the doorway." He shrugged his shoulders again, and couldn't give me any more info than that. I asked him if the other boy said anything, and he said, "Hmmmm...I think you started to slip a bit. And you said 'way to go, Simon'." Which...the second he said that, I instantly kinda remembered saying those exact words. I even remembered Simon racing to pull his pants up. I just wish I could remember what he looked like NAKED!!! But as much as I tried, I couldn't remember who was holding my up at the time. And then, Simon said, "Wait...I do remember asking you if you were ok. And he said, 'don't worry, I'll 'take care' of you. Come on, get in the bed. You had way too much, I should have stopped you.' That's all I remember. I'm sorry."

And that was that. It was all Simon could give me. But hey, it was SOMETHING! I'll add that to my notes. Not to mention that I can now officially cross Simon off of my list! Ok...so, yeah...I'm a little disappointed that Simon isn't my mystery man. But I'm also kinda glad. Because he already has a girlfriend. And whoever it was that kissed me like that...I wanna 'keep' him! You know? Because that was magic!

I'm gonna adjust my investigation a bit. So more on this later.

Whoever it was...they offered to 'take care' of me. Who would wanna take care of me like that? Bobby? Sam? Jimmy maybe? Then again...Brandon still loves me. At least he did before. He might have been hurt and pissed at me...but he'd never let me hurt myself. And he's tall enough to help carry me upstairs. Then again, so is Jamie Cross. Arrrgh! Ok...I definitely need more info. I'll get on it tomorrow.



The "Kiss Mystery" List


Bobby Jinette



Jamie Cross*


Jimmy LaPlane




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