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- I needed that.

I don't know how many times I've said that to myself today, but it's true. I needed that. And I don't feel bad about it at all, because despite my previous hang ups about such a was AWESOME!

So....yeah, I caved in. I thought about it for a long time first, and I really REALLY wanted to make sure that I was making this decision based on all the right things. I considered all the consequences, and thought about whether or not I was just doing it for horny hormones' sake. But when it came right down to it, I had more reasons to go than I had to stay away.

So after school....I came home...and I called AJ. And went over to Robin's house for a while. For hour and a half. Ahem....

And it was good. It was SOOOO good! Not only that, but I had so much pent up sexual frustration inside that my whole body is tingling with relief right now. Every time I breathe, it's like a soothing sigh of pure bliss. Jacking off gets rid of a little bit of stress, but being naked and tangled up with not ONE cute boy...but TWO??? Yeah, the real thing is sooooo much more relaxing.

Anyway, more on that in a second.

I had a bit of weird feeling this morning. For some odd reason, I was seriously contemplating going over to Sam's house before school today. I don't know why, but I just really missed that part of my routine. be more honest, I just miss him. I miss his little jokes and his snide remarks. I miss his teasing. I miss watching him walk around his bedroom with no shirt on and taking little sneak peaks at his butt when he wasn't looking. Those playful little exchanges meant more to me than a few sexual encounters ever did. I mean, don't get me wrong...those were HOT! The passion involved with kissing those lips alone was enough to make me dizzy in the head. But...I'd give it all back just to go back to the Hill with him again and split a soda and a bag of chips. I'd like that.

However, I chickened out. I don't know, maybe it's just too soon or something. I feel like I'd only push him further away if I started trying to fix things overnight. He'd probably think I was up to something. It's not like him saying 'hey' was a big invitation to make everything all better. It was just a 'hey'.

I know that Sam and I are used to patching up our little disputes without so much as a word of apology from either one of us....but somehow...

I don't think I'm gonna be that lucky this time.

Anyway, I saw Stevie again before 2nd period, and this time I forced myself to talk to him right out in the open where everybody could see me. 'Forced'....heh...can't believe I'm making such a big deal out of this. I mean, I'm NOT making Stevie my friend. That will never ever ever happen. But...I'd be a pretty big jerk to completely avoid him like some of the other boys in that place. He's not contaminated with radiation for crying out loud.

The funny thing is...he could still see my discomfort anyway. I guess I looked over my shoulder one time too many. I was like, "I'm sorry. I don't mean to be weird or anything."

Stevie was like, "Don't sweat it. Hehehe, I get it. I guess it'll be a bit of an adjustment for the both of us, huh?" Then he leans forward and whispers, "Besides...I don't think all the funny looks I'm getting from the boys are bad ones." He giggled a bit, saying, "Maybe having them know I'm into guys is a good thing."

It made me smile. Something about Stevie's smile always made me want to smile too. Brandon had that kind of smile. I miss him too.

I asked him, "So...are you know?"

He's like, "What?"

I said, "You know...are you still gonna tell everybody about"

He said, "Well, I hadn't planned to purchase commercial time during the Superbowl or anything, if that's what you mean. But if anybody asks me, I might as well tell them the truth. Where the word goes from there is up to them, I suppose. I hadn't really given it much thought."

I was like, "Oh. Ok. I guess that's cool."

Stevie said, "Who knows? Once the rest of these horrendous bruises heal and I'm looking my best, maybe I'll end up taking one of these cuties to prom in a few years."

I was glad that he was feeling better. Things could have been a lot worse. But, you know....sometimes the best opportunities come out of tragedy. It did for Jimmy LaPlane. I guess it worked for Stevie too.

Me? I could do without the tragedy. I'd rather get my good fortune the lazy way. :P

Speaking of good fortune, I saw Bobby Jinette and Ian in the hall today. They were standing right by Bobby's locker, and Ian was showing him some of the newest ideas in his notebook. They shared a few smiles with one another, and I noticed that Bobby would stare lovingly at Ian's hair and face while he was looking at his notes. Hehehe! It was the cutest thing. Bobby was definitely having fun just being around him, even if he was still visibly trembling in his presence. Ian felt the same way, I'm sure, but he was much more forward about making his interests known. It was a sexy part of his charm.

Those two are going to go WILD when they start having sex! Hehehe!

I could have gone over to say hello...but I didn't want to ruin their cheerful little moment, you know? I wanted to let them have it to themselves. I think they might actually be able to fly on autopilot from here. As long as Bobby doesn't screw it up!

I did catch a short glimpse of Trace near the end of the school day, but he didn't say anything to me. He looked like he was in a hurry anyway. Then again, I guess I was kind of an asshole to him last Friday. I still don't really like the idea of Trace talking to my dad about how my family basically fell apart. I mean, he's living in a house with my father and his mistress. I couldn't be more embarrassed. But...I didn't have to be a dick about it. I guess Trace pushed a button or two that I didn't know was there. Maybe tomorrow I'll stalk him in the halls between classes. Just to let him know that...I miss him too.

Geez...I'm missing a lot of people these days.

Ok, so...the main event! Hehehe...

I tried to pretend that it hadn't been on my mind all week, maybe even longer. I tried to distract myself from it as much as possible, thinking that I'd probably just forget about AJ's lewd offer and not feel the sting of it. But, to be honest, it was the last thing on my mind when I went to bed last night, and the first thing on my mind when I woke up this morning. I just rationalized it out to say to myself, 'AJ and Robin are going to get together and do it anyway. It's not like me avoiding them is going to put a stop to it. know...why not have a little fun myself?' I'm sure that's exactly what AJ wanted me to think, and I hated myself for being such a sucker for this. But I saved his phone number. It's been two weeks, and I still had it. And I wanted it. I actually got rock hard as I was dialing his number.

Something about it felt humiliating. Just letting hear my voice on the phone was like me admitting defeat in some strange way. But when he picked up, he didn't make me feel weird or strange about it at all. No 'I told you so's' or shameful remarks. Just that audible smile, and him giving me directions so I could get there as quickly as possible. He was already on his way, and he said that he had no problems starting without me.

I couldn't believe that I was actually doing this. I was soooo nervous. What would it be like, having two boys at once? What do I do? Who do I, like...'touch' first? I can't even remember the last time I saw AJ naked. And hard. And...'ready'. I was short of breath as I hopped on a bus and went to Robin's house. It was a really nice, clean, neighborhood. Green grass, big backyards....the typical suburban dream. Robin's house was bigger than I expected. I saw a lady pushing a baby stroller and walking a tiny little puppy near the sidewalk. I don't know...I felt kinda dirty, you know? Like...does that lady have any idea what's about to go on in this house? Wow...Billy Chase is about to assist in ruining the pristine image of the whole damn neighborhood today.

I rang the doorbell, and Robin came to answer it right away. He was wearing a long white t-shirt...and nothing else. Not only that, but his hardness was poking out in front...close enough for me to reach out and grab it. Unfortunately, I'm not AJ, so I'm not that bold. But if I WAS that bold, I would have dropped to my knees and sucked that boy right there in his open doorway! I mean...I had almost forgotten how fucking CUTE Robin was! Those mystical bright blue eyes hit me head on as he let me into his house, that light blond emo fringe of his setting off the color with a brilliance that you could feel in your stomach.

He's like, "Hi, Billy..." He had this really soft voice. Kinda shy. A bit on the hazy side too. He smiled at me as I mumbled a bashful hello in response. I kept my eyes down at my feet, but all I could see was his throbbing erection, it's pinkish head peeking out from under the bottom of that t-shirt. Robin reached out and touched my arm. I nearly jumped from our first contact. And he giggled in the sweetest way. He said, "Are you nervous? Awww, don't be nervous. It'll be fun. K?" Robin let his hand slowly slide down my arm, taking a hold of my wrist. And then he lifted my hand to his mouth....first kissing the back of it, and then lewdly sucking my middle finger in to the back of his throat. I nearly came from that one action alone! I mean...the sight of those lovely lips wrapped around my digit, feeling his tongue as it squirmed and rippled beneath was too much to handle. Robin let my finger slip out of his lush lips with a gentle slurp. And he said, "I told AJ, after that afternoon in the mall, that I thought you were really cute."

I'm like, "You did?" I'm surprised I was able to get the words out. I was SO very breathless at that point.

Robin nodded with a smile. And he said, "I'm really glad you came over. Come on...AJ is downstairs." He took me by the hand, and began to lead me through his house. I couldn't help but notice the sweet round glory of his ass. Like an upside down heart, the plump cheeks jiggling slightly over the backs of his thighs, the top of his sexy globes covered up by the unfortunate length that t-shirt.

He led me down some steps into a finished basement with a large screen TV, a sofa, and a pool table. Robin's parents were certainly well off. Not rich, but a sight better than anyone I knew from school. AJ was already naked and laying back on the sofa with his legs spread, holding a remote control. He's like, "Alright! The gang's all here!"

All three of us were hard to the point of a merciless ache...but I had no idea how to get involved with something like this. Those first few minutes were like the most awkward moments of my LIFE! I just sort of stood there. Too scared to move in too fast, for fear of looking like a geek. Too scared to just keep standing there...for fear of looking like a geek. I just...fidgeted over there by the steps by myself while AJ beckoned for his lover to come closer.

Robin lifted his t-shirt over his head, that erotically slender waist coming into view, tapering off into an ass that might even give Bobby Jinette a run for his money.

Now completely naked as well, Robin moved to the sofa and laid down on top of AJ, kissing him deeply on the list as AJ grabbed two firm handfuls of that pretty ass of his. I just saw naked flesh and writhing and tongues and hard as I was, I still didn't know what to do with myself. I was thinking, 'C'mon, Billy! Get IN there! This is what you came for!' But...I don't know, somehow I pictured things going a bit differently. I just needed to readjust my thinking a bit.

After a minute or two, AJ and Robin stopped making out and looked at me with a smile. AJ said, "Don't be shy, 'tasty boy'. Come join us."

I got even more nervous, now that I was on the spot. But I managed to use my feet to kick off my shoes. I hesitated to do much more, still trying to stop myself from shaking so badly. But that's when Robin got up and gave me a tender grin before rubbing the palm of his hand against the front of my pants. He giggled slightly, leaning in to rub his nose against mine before kissing me on the cheek.He whispered, "It's ok. Here, let me help you." Robin leaned his head on my shoulder, his warm breath lightly blowing on the nape of my neck as he unfastened my pants for me and reached inside. First stroking my hardness on the outside of my underwear...and then sliding under the elastic waistband.

I closed my eyes with a shiver, leaning my head back as Robin licked and sucked at the side of my neck. had been so long since another boy touched me this way.

I didn't even realize that AJ had snuck up behind me until I felt an extra pair of hands running up under my shirt. I leaned back into his embrace...letting go of all the hostility that I had ever harbored for that evil son of a bitch. Something deep down told me that I still hated him with every fiber of my being...but I was willing to let that go. It felt too good for me to resist now.

AJ sucked my earlobe into his mouth as Robin lowered my pants to the floor. AJ whispered, "Yeah...I missed my tasty boy. I did. You still know how to get me hot, Billy." He moaned in my ear, and he turned my head to deeply tongue kiss me on the lips. His hands ran up and down my chest rubbing his palms over my nipples as his hardness poked itself between my cheeks. Robin lowered himself to his knees, and began to lick and chew at the front of my underwear. His breath was so hot. It dampened the material covering my eager shaft. And then...his tongue circled the head through the fabric, tasting the leaking nectar that I had to offer him.

AJ pulled my shirt over my head, and sensing the weakness in my knees, both boys guided me over to the sofa to get more comfortable. All three of us slid our arms and legs around one another, my senses overwhelmed as I couldn't figure out who to kiss or touch first. body found a way to adapt to what was happening. It was doing everything itself. Although, I have to admit, I spent the entire time thinking that I was gonna cum all over myself without warning. It felt THAT good!

Then, AJ slides out of our little coupling, and he's like, "Billy...why don't you let Robin show you a little something while I get him ready for you?"

He had the wickedest smirk on his face when he said, but I had no idea what he meant by that. Robin pressed his baby soft lips against mine, and we just started kissing again. He tasted really good. Like strawberries and whipped cream. Only Sam's kiss was more erotic to me.

AJ came back with a little tube, and I recognized it right away. I think my dick jumped two or three times in anticipation for what was sure to come next.

Robin gave me a sexy grin. He said, "I just knew you were gonna be hot, Billy. I knew it." He kissed my lips again, and then slid down to the floor, spreading my thighs with his hands, and moving forward to kiss and suck on my balls for a moment before licking up the length of my shaft and sucking it into the heated warmth of that pretty pretty mouth of his. I nearly slid right off the cushion! Those sexy lips made my toes curl as he began a slow and steady bob on me, his hands, palms down on my thighs...his thumbs lightly rubbing up and down on the inside. Oh GAWD...AJ wasn't kidding! I've never had a blowjob like that before in my life. Did this boy have an extra tongue in there, or what?

All the while, as I was running my fingers through his blond hair and holding on to his slim shoulders...AJ was working a well lubed finger into his excited hole. Robin seemed to really love the sensation. It really brought the passion out of him. Not only did he suck harder, but he pushed his juicy bottom back on AJ as he slowly fingered him with a smile.

AJ's eyes locked on to mine, and he was like, "I told you he was good, didn't I?" I sort of nodded, but...I wasn't really comfortable with AJ talking to me through this. I'd rather enjoy it and just pretend that he was somebody else. Then he's like, "Wait until you try the other end. Hehehe!"

AJ put the cap on the lube and rubbed his fingers off on Robin's back. Then he moved back to the sofa, and spread his legs again, reaching for Robin's head and pulling him off of me to shove his face in his own lap. Robin didn't miss a beat, and just started sucking AJ off right in front of me. I was soooooo hard. I wish AJ had let him finish me off first.

AJ's like, "What are you waiting for? Take that sexy ass of his, dude."

I'm like, "What?"

He's like, "TAKE it! Go on!"

I felt like a bit of a user all of a sudden, but I asked Robin, " that ok? I you want me to?" He gave me a muffled agreement, never taking his lips off of AJ's inches. So....with a bit of hesitation, I got on my knees as he pointed his beautiful ass in my direction.

The delicious thickness of those bubbled cheeks just kept scooting back on those sofa cushions, wiggling desperately as he waited for me to penetrate him. I just had to stare at it for a moment. Dazed by the shape of it. So hot. AJ tossed me the lube for myself, and I was careful to apply it on myself so as not to explode from anxiety alone.

Then...Robin presented himself to me in the most erotic, most submissive, way possible. Legs spread, cheeks open, tight hole fully on display without any shame or insecurity at all. So, without being able to hold myself back any further, I put my tip at his pink entrance, and I gave it a little push.

There wasn't as much resistance as I thought there would be...but once inside, his inner walls swirled up around me and gave me a constricted fit that nearly took me over the edge right away.

I wanted to wait a moment or two. Partially for Robin's comfort and partially to let the rapidly rising orgasm within me settle down so I could make this last. However, just feeling my hard shaft inside of him caused Robin to moan like crazy, and he began pushing and pulling his sexy ass against me before I could even get started. He was so hot, so WET, inside! They way his hold gripped me was absolute bliss! I took a hold of that tiny waist, and my body began to automatically thrust into him. Probably harder than I normally would. I don't know what it was, but there was something about Robin that created an insatiable lust in me. It was almost as if...his very purpose was to provide me with the pleasure I seek. I couldn't help but to think that this was it. This was the carefree, emotion free, trouble free, sex that I had been searching for all along.

So this is what it's be AJ...

Robin began to whimper as my thrusts hit a warm spot within him, and he pushed his spongy mounds even further backwards. I watched the marshmallow softness smash against my lap and become misshapen and shaky as his tight ring sucked me in even further...nursing at me. His hole was tight that my tip hurt. I leaned over his back to kiss his shoulders, reaching underneath to take hold of his steel erection and milk it for all I was worth.

AJ said, "Yeah! Ride it, baby! Ride it! That's what it's for! He likes it! You love it, don't you Robin, baby?"

Robin kept sucking and AJ ran his fingers through my hair as I kept plugging away at that incredible ass. Sweet Jesus....I tried, but I just couldn't hold it anymore. When I erupted, it was so powerful, so unrestricted, that I slipped out of Robin's hot ass and felt the long, sticky, jets of cum splash against the back of his balls. I swear...if I had cum any harder, I would have gone blind!

>From there on...the rest of the afternoon was a sexfest. AJ came twice, Robin came three times, and me? At least five times. They both went out of their way to show me a good time. Especially that one time when both of them went to town on my third boner for the afternoon. Do you have any IDEA what's like to have two pairs of lips and tongues on your shaft at the same time??? It's like the most amazing, most intense, slippery, wild, sensation in the world!

Over and over again...the sex was just like, WOW! And Robin could never get enough. I mean, I felt bad at first. I didn't really know him all that well, and I didn't want AJ taking advantage of some poor boy and making a total whore out of him. But, to my surprise...he really liked it. I mean, he offered himself to me in any and every way that I could give it to him! And something about that *REALLY* turned me on today! Just knowing that this gorgeous boy was willing to do whatever I wanted him to do. No questions asked. And if that meant sinking, balls deep, into the gooey heat of that soft, supple, ass a hundred times a day...he'd be up for it! That's a MILLION times better than masturbation! That's like having your own personal genie in a box!!!

So yeah...I did it. I didn't think I would. But I did. Crazy, right?

I was a little bashful while sitting at the dinner table with my mom tonight, knowing that I had just been rolling around naked with two gay boys all afternoon. But aside from that...I had one hell of a good time! I think I can see why Jimmy loved going over there so much. I'd go back too. Wow....

AJ told me that this didn't have to be a 'one time' thing. And...well...AJ's still high on my list of bad people to watch out for. But I don't think I could turn down another afternoon like the one I had today. Robin is one of the hottest boys that I've ever come across...and that's saying a lot, considering the awesome luck that I've had with boys in the past.

I can't believe that I'm about to write this here...but...AJ, I owe you one. For once, he delivered. BOY, did he deliver!

Anyway, I've gotta run! This has gone on for long enough! Hehehe! Most folks skip over the sex stuff anyway! (Not me though! Hehehe!)

I'll write more later. Although...I doubt that I'll find a way to top this one! I'm marking this page down as one of my all time favorites!

Seeya soon!

- Billy

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