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- Today was truly a....strange and memorable experience, you know? But, then again, how could I expect anything less when hanging out with Trace on a Saturday night?

That boy never ceases to impress me. I should really consider trying my best to get that boy naked. Because....I dunno...there's something about him that makes me think that he would be the PERFECT boyfriend. You know...with a little 'training'. Hehehe!

Anyway, before I get into all that...

Ummm...should I feel guilty about this?

No. No, I shouldn't. Fuck it. It felt good! *REALLY* fucking good! So, no apologies. I felt like I needed it.

You know...again. Hehehe!

I didn't expect it, but I heard from AJ early on in the day. Just out of the blue. He's like, "Hey, Tasty Boy! Listen, Robin's got the house to himself today. Just for an hour, but I'm gonna head on over there and start my afternoon off with a smile!" Then he's like, "So am I gonna hit that solo? Or do you want to come over and make it a party?"

I'd like to say that I took some time to think it over and really weigh my options on this. I'd like to say that I questioned the risks involved with making this kind of thing a habit. But I didn't. In fact, I got rock hard the second the words left AJ's mouth. Visions of me entering Robin's tight ass and having him whimper desperately as the muscle quivers and pulsates around my erection...like...wow. Yeah, I couldn't WAIT to get over there today!

The strange thing is...as I was leaving the house, I saw Sam walk out of his house. It was just...a weird feeling, considering that I was on my way to have a hot threesome with two other boys at the moment.

We traded our usual 'hellos'. A bit restrained, but delivered with a smile. Like I said before, we were beginning to reach a point where we might be able to slip right back into our friendship again without ever mentioning what went wrong with us in the first place. It was a dance that we had done a hundred times before. Break up, get back together, break up again, get back together again...we knew the routine. But even as I hurried off (Robin only had the house for an hour...I wanted to get in as much sex as possible), I couldn't help but look forward to the day that we could talk about...um...what happened.

I can't even remember the last time I went to the Hill. I think....I don't know. Whatever. I just don't left anything to be left unsaid this time around.

So, anyway...

I get to Robin's house, and he answered the door totally naked this time! Which I thought was so hot! Hehehe! No formalities. No conversation other than, "What's up, Billy?" was needed. I just followed him to the basement and started undressing. I couldn't believe how 'easy' it was. I've had more trouble ordering a cheeseburger at the mall then I did getting Robin to wrap his heated lips around my shaft and go to town on me. It was awesome.

I find myself having less and less contact with AJ when we all have sex. I mean, Robin is an excellent middle man...but even though AJ gets in some tongue kissing and a few erotic touches here and there...I'd just as well have it be just me and Robin alone. I guess that, after my past experience with AJ breaking my heart, I was hesitant to relax enough to really enjoy having him close. I kept my guard up. I almost cringed whenever he touched me. And I HATED to have him smile at me. It's the kind of wicked smirk the Devil would use to welcome you at the gates of Hell. You know? It's like...Robin could be riding me hard and deep, his arms around my neck, his face nuzzled in the side of my neck...and even though that tight little as of his was bouncing around and giving me pleasure that I could never even hope to put into words...I'd sometimes look over Robin's shoulder and see AJ giving me that damn evil smile of his. I just hate it. That's all.

It's almost like...he 'won'. You know? He broke me down. If he wanted to make the point that, deep down, I was no better than he was...mission accomplished. I think I could enjoy myself much more if I just didn't have to look him in he face afterward. Maybe then, I wouldn't feel like I was making such a whore out of myself.

One good thing came out this visit though. I got Robin to give me his phone number. It gave me this giddy feeling inside. I almost wanted to stop sharing him at all. I mean, the sex was great, but...I kinda wanted to talk to him a bit more. I had unloaded into him from both ends numerous times, and I hardly knew anything about him. I mean, who is this boy, really? I was curious. There's got to be more to him than he's cute, gay, and likes to have sex. My curiosity is killing me.

I know, I know. The whole point was to get my rocks off and NOT have to surrender to any personal feelings or commitments. I should leave the formula alone and leave emotion out of it. But...it feels distant. Safe, sure. But distant. I can't really throw myself into the experience the way I really want to. Maybe I should try just talking to him every once in a while. For all I know, he could be really cool.

Anyway, I came home and showered really good. I was afraid that my mom would just smell the sex on me as soon as I walked through the door. I'm going to have to be a bit more careful with this sort of thing. I've come too far to get caught now.

Besides, I was hanging out with Trace tonight. Something makes me think that he'd be able to tell. He's just crafty like that.

I made sure to start badgering Simon about hanging out with us tonight way before it was time for me to meet up with him.

Naturally...Simon wasn't easy to convince.

I'm like, "Why not? Simon, come on. You need a break, dude. Seriously. Look, I don't even know what we're going to get into tonight, but even if you just find a little spot in the corner, curl up, and go to sleep...at least you'll be out of the house."

Simon was like, "Billy...did you not hear a word that I said to you the other day? Are you insane? I don't have time to just...go out and 'play'. I can't."

I told him, "You are burning out quick. You know that, don't you? By the time your finals roll around you won't have an active brain cell left in your head. The way you've been hitting the books and doing regular school work and the tutoring and all...your brain has sparked up enough electricity to power the whole neighborhood for six months straight. Come on. ONE night?"

Simon held his ground for another ten minute at LEAST. In fact, I had to totally guilt trip him just to keep him from hanging up on me. But after putting up a frustrating wall of defense, he got even more exhausted. And, finally, he's like, "I don't know why I'm even considering this..."

That was my opening. I had to take him down, and FAST! I was like, "It'll be FUN! That's why. Come on, you've already wasted a half hour just talking to me about it. You might as well blow off the rest of the night and smile for a little bit. Right?"

Simon said, "I have sooooo much stuff to do..."

I'm like, "Forget about it. Just for ONE night. Just for a few hours. Then you can go back into brainiac mode and study until you collapse....again."

Simon told me, "You are a really bad influence on me, Billy Chase."

I giggled, like, "No. If I was really a bad influence, I'd tell you to hang out with us, AND let me give you a blowjob! Can't get more relaxed than that?" Simon gasped at first, but it did make him laugh. I said, "See? You're starting to feel better already." Adding, "I'll come by and get you later, and we'll meet up with Trace and figure out the plan for the evening." Simon agreed, and I was worried that he might start thinking too much again and back out at the last minute. But, nope. When I showed up, he was ready to go. He looked tired, but he was at least giving it a try.

If anybody knows how to loosen someone up, it's Trace. Believe me.

Trace waited until the very last minute to call me. And when I answered, all he said was, "Train station! Green Street! Be there in 20 minutes!" Hehehe! What the...? I told him that I'd be a little longer than that because I had to grab Simon, but I'd give it a try. He's like, "Whatever. Just skip on over here, asap. Hehehe! Cool?"

I asked, "Are you gonna tell me what we're doing tonight?"

He said, "Nope! Seeya soon!"

Trace was just as cheerful and talkative as ever on the train ride, but he didn't mention our destination until we were a stop or two away from our platform. I noticed that Simon sorta had his head leaning up against the window. I think he was still worrying about his homework and all, but it's not like I expected him to settle all of his nerves in the first hour. I'm sure that he's much more tangled up than that. Trace and I poked a little fun at him here and there, and Simon seemed to be good natured about the whole thing...but his mind was elsewhere.

We got off of the train in the downtown area, and Trace led us all the way out to the lake. At this point, I had given up with the questions. Trace told me that it would just be a 'cool and mellow' time for all of us. Whatever that means.

So we keep walking until we get somewhere close to the big downtown Aquarium, and Trace pulls out his cell phone to make a call. Simon and I exchanged a confused look. Trace was like, "Yeah...we're coming up to the back now." Then he's like, "Cool. See ya there."

We walked to some dark door behind the building, and sure enough, some security guard opened the door for us, and looked around for a moment before hurrying us in. I know that the Aquarium must have closed about two or three hours earlier, so I have NO idea how Trace was able to get us in there!

Simon, always the goodie good boy, was looking around wide eyed. You would have thought that we had tricked him into breaking into Fort Knox! Simon whispered, "Is this illegal? We shouldn't be in here. What if we get caught?"

Suddenly, without warning, Trace gave a loud wolf howl that echoed off of the walls like a blast of thunder! Simon and I nearly jumped out of our skin when he did that. Something that made Trace and his security guard friend laugh out loud.

Despite the initial shock of having my heart leap up into my throat and getting stuck there, I have to admit that it made me giggle too. Even Simon gave me a timid smile.

Trace said, "Chill out, you guys. There's nobody here. A couple of guards to work the overnight shift. That's all."

I'm like, "Dude...what the hell? How did you pull this off?"

He says, "It's called being 'social'. Hehehe! Talk to a few people, make a few friends, those have friends, and their friends have friends...somewhere along the chain you find yourself with a buddy working the night shift at the Aquarium. Simple."

Simon said, "We're going to get into SO much trouble..."

But Trace put an arm over his shoulder and, with a grin, he said, "It's possible. But that's the fun part. You can thank me on Monday." It didn't help to stop Simon from visibly shaking in front of us, so Trace added, "Look...the worst thing that could happen is somebody catches sight of us in here, and they shake their fist at us while hollering, 'You damn kids!' Hehehe, if we bolt on 'em, it's not like they can catch us."

Simon said, "I have finals, Trace! I can't afford to go to JAIL!"

Trace shrugged and said, "Then don't get caught." Then he thanked his buddy for the hook up, and we were left to wander the halls of the dark Aquarium for the next hour or two. Just us. Nobody else.

How awesome is that?

Everything was shimmering with this glowing, aqua blue, tint. From turtles to jellyfish to baby sharks...we just casually strolled through the giant place and watched them all. I think the best part of the night was seeing Simon begin to unwind. Slowly. The place was so dimly lit and near silent that I think it had a bit of a soothing effect on him. Especially at one point, when Trace decided to get off of his feet for a few moments in front of the sea tank. You know Trace...he just crossed his legs and plopped down on the floor by a wall somewhere. So, I plopped down right next to him for a few quiet moments.

But not Simon.

Simon walked up to the glowing blue tank...and he just stared at it. For, like...a really long time. Like he was hypnotized by it or something.

Eventually, I called out to him, like, "Simon? Dude, what are you looking at?"

Simon was speaking really softly, but everything in that place echoed for days anyway. Just above a whisper, Simon was like, "He's floating. Just...floating." It seemed a little weird at first, but when I looked at the tank...it really did look like that seal was floating. Peacefully. Quietly. Relaxed. Not a care in the world. Something about it was so graceful. So comforting. I think it did wonders for all of us.

Simon put his hand on the glass, and I could actually see his shoulders lose some of their tension as his eyes followed the slow moving creature back and forth in the tank. I just knew that he need that.

By the time we left tonight, we ere grinning from ear to ear. It was just like Trace said it would be. Very mellow. Very cool. He knew exactly what Simon needed. Me too.

God, I wish I could make out with that boy!!!

We didn't stay out too late. I guess my dad has Trace on a pretty strict curfew, and he doesn't know what'll happen if he breaks it. Hehehe, knowing my dad? Probably nothing. But I didn't tell him that. But when we split up at the train station after riding home...Trace gave me that really cute smile of his, and it was just...stunning. It actually made me nervous inside. It was too adorable for words.

See? THAT'S what I'm missing with Robin. That's what I want from my visits to his house. If I could just take Robin's sex and passion and put it in a body with Trace's surprises and sweet, flirty, grins...I'd have the perfect guy. Just...perfect!

I wonder what Trace would say if I just came right out and asked him if he was gay? It's a good time for that, right? After Stevie's big speech in the auditorium this week, the whole school is on a 'gay-friendly' kick. Besides...I could always take it back and pretend that I was just joking. Hehehe! I should think about this some more. Because I seriously wanted to suck lips with that boy tonight. SERIOUSLY!

Anyway, to sum it up...broke into the downtown Aquarium after hours, helped Simon loosen up a bit before he snapped, spent time sharing giggles and naughty thoughts with Trace...and I got laid! I'd say that makes for a pretty good day, don't you?

Ok...my hand hurts now. I don't think I can write another word tonight. I'll add more tomorrow, but I think that I'm gonna conk out for a little while. Then...back to homework.

You know, I think I'm gonna randomly get in touch with Randall tomorrow and see if Lee is still pissed at me. I don't want to ask Lee myself, but maybe I can get Randall to give me a few hints or something. Besides, I still wouldn't mind test driving his couch again. Hehehe!

Yeah...I'm a slut sometimes. There are just too many boys around here to pick just one. At least for now. :P

Seeya later!

- Billy

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