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- I know that it's late tonight, but my mom and I just got back from taking Trace back to my dad's place. has been a bit rough around the edges. And that's putting it lightly.

I was having one of the most boring study sessions ever today, and one of the AV thingies wasn't working properly. It was like a miracle had occurred right in front of our eyes. But, unfortunately, the high school had another one to replace it. Grrrr! Anyway, the only way to get out of that room, if only for a few minutes, was to be the first to volunteer to take the broken one out of the classroom with a hall pass and grab the other one. I swear, it was the only thing keeping me awake at that point.

Anyway, so I'm coming back to class, and I see Trace kinda stumbling through the hallway. It looked weird at first, because I couldn't really figure out what the heck he was doing. I don't even think he saw me. And if he did, he didn't recognize me. Which was strange considering that we were the only two boys in the hallway.

So I get closer to him, and I'm like, "Trace?"

He looks up and gives me this obscenely huge smile. And he's like, "Billy! Heyyyyy...."

First of all, he smelled like an entire bottle of whiskey...mixed with an entire bottle of vodka! I mean, his eyes were half closed, he was slurring his words, he was a bit sweaty...I didn't know what to say. all. I've seen Trace a bit intoxicated on many occasions in the past, but he looked really sloshed today. And it was like 11 O'clock in the morning!

I was like, "Are you ok? Dude...are you DRUNK???"

Trace just snickered to himself as he leaned further back against the lockers to keep his balance. ", I might be. Who's to say?"

I'm like, "Anybody who's close enough to see or smell you, that's who!" I looked around for a second, and I helped Trace stand up straight so I could shuffle him into the first bathroom that I could find. It felt weird, but I had to pull that big AV contraption on wheels in with us, just to make sure nobody ran off with it. I have no idea how I'd explain that one! Trace leaned back against the sink with an intoxicated grin, and I was like, "DUDE! What the hell are you DOING???"

He says to me, "What? I'm going to...class. I've got to go to school now. I'm late. Hehehe!"

I said, "You CAN'T go to class like this! Are you CRAZY???"

He just giggled to himself, and he's like, "Whoah...Billy....hehehe, you've got a big fucking machine in here, man. What is that? That thing looks sick, dude!"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing at the moment. He was really gone off of his rocker! I'm surprised that school security didn't snatch him up and haul him into the Principal's office!

I asked him, "What happened? Trace...what are you doing?"

Trace just spread his arms out with a giggle, and he says, "I'm celebrating."

I'm like, "You're what???"

He says, "You know what happened last night? Huh? Hehehe...your dad...your dad made the last of his reservations for his new place out in Colorado. He's got a great big truck and everything." He laughed sloppily for a little bit, and had to hold on to the wall to keep from falling over. "Did you know that he's got all of his stuff in the basement packed up already. He's really ready to...wait...hold on..." Trace stopped for a moment, and he let out a loud belch, breaking out in another fit of giggles right after. Then he's like, "Sorry. That's the Cola. Not the Whiskey. I swear." Then he says, "He's really ready to get out of here, you know? Just...vacate the premises. Just a month and a half away. A month and a half, can you believe it? It's like...six weeks from now." I watched, and it looked like a touch of sadness began to glow dimly behind his half closed eyes. He looked down at the floor, and he says, "Six weeks......"

I'm like, "Trace..."

But he tried to give me a drunken smile anyway as he interrupted with, "Six weeks...and your awesome dad gets to...shoot off into the future and start a whole new life somewhere else. And me? Me and Mikey...we get to...go back to dear old Dad. Or...maybe dear old 'Psycho Mom'. Or wherever they decide to throw us when they decide the trash won't have us. Heh!" I couldn't help but to feel the sadness in his voice when he said it, big grin and all. And he nearly shouts, "SO...! I decided to celebrate today! To the good times...and their invegita...I mean, their inberival...hehehe, I mean...their INEVITABLE end! Because everything good comes to an end. Everything..."

For a moment, I thought Trace might actually shed a tear or two, but before that happened, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a small metal flask. Before I could stop him, he had the top off and was tilting his head back to take a healthy gulp of the warm liquid inside. I instantly reached up to snatch it away from him. He dribbled a little on his shirt, but was too drunk to really struggle with me for it.

Time was getting scarce. I'd have to be back in the classroom soon before the teacher realized that I was gone for a lot longer than necessary. So, in a slight panic, I told him, "Trace, you CANNOT go back to my dad's place like this! You CAN'T!" With no other choice, I told him, "Look, I've only got like 20 minutes left in my class. Can you just...can you STAY here for 20 minutes! DON'T leave this bathroom! Just...sit in one of the stalls and wait for me to come back for you. Ok?"

Trace gave me a strange look, like, "Hehehe! Dude, what are you talking about?"

I said, "I'm SERIOUS! Listen...I've got lunch next period. I'm...I'm taking you to my house. My mom won't be home until after I get home from school. You need to sober up in a major way! You can crash there until we figure out what to do with you."

Trace practically fell forward and hugged me around the neck, almost pulling me to the ground with his limp legged weight. He mumbled, "You know what, Billy Chase? You're a good friend. You're like...the coolest..."

I said, "Yeah, right. Whatever. Just...STAY here! Ok? Out of sight. Don't talk to ANYBODY! I'll be back as soon as I can!"

Trace giggled and said, "Alright. someone comes in here to drop a 'deuce' full of cafeteria Wednesday burritos...I'm outta here! Hehehe!" He was soooo unstable, but I had no choice but to take his word for it. God help him if he gets caught! He actually asked me, "Can I have my flask back?"

I whispered loudly, "NO!!! Just....just SIT there! And don't make a spectacle of yourself! I'm coming right back! Ok?"

I pushed him into a stall and closed the door. Trace was still snickering to himself, and I just...I had to get out of there. Thinking, 'Please oh PLEASE don't let him wander out of here. Why would he want to do something like that? Especially now? He's going to get himself into sooooo much trouble if he's not careful! I mean it!

I don't think that I've had a more stressful 20 minute stretch in my life. Was he gonna sit still? Would he go to sleep? Would a teacher randomly walk in there and suspend him on the spot? Well...if nothing else, it made the rest of the class period rather interesting. Even if it was in a bad way.

I kept my eye on the clock he entire time. Hurry hurry HURRY!!! Before Trace does something stupid! Come on! How long is 20 minutes??? Really???

When that bell rang, I bolted out of my seat like a racehorse! I was literally the FIRST one out of the classroom door. I think my teacher called after me to ask if I could take the AV equipment back, but I pretended not to hear her. Screw that. I've gotta smuggle Trace out of here before he gets himself into deep shit.

Then...I run into Jimmy LaPlane in the hallway! Arrrrgh!!!

He's all like, "Hey! Before we go out for lunch, I was thinking that I want to stop by the cafeteria for a second. I have the taste for something crunchy, you know? Some Frito's or Cheeto's or Doritoes...anything with an 'O' at the end. Hehehe! You wanna walk down with me?"

I was like, "Aww, Jimmy, I'm sorry. You know what? can't really do lunch today. I've got something that I need to take care of right now."

I think that Jimmy had gotten so used to us being bosom buddies lately, that he was highly disappointed by the idea of us not spending any quality time with one another today. I could see it on his face. I could hear it in his voice. It was almost...well...heartbreaking.

He was like, "....oh." It was, like...the most painful 'oh' that I had heard from him in a long long time. I didn't understand it. I mean, Jimmy had friends, right? He could always hang out with them or something. I'm not the ONLY person that he has to eat lunch with. I I? way.

I said, "I'm sorry, but I've really got to go. There's something that I gotta...tend to...and it's sort of an emergency, so..."

Jimmy was like, "Well...did you need some help or something? I mean, I can come with you, if you want."

I hated to say it, but I was like, "No, not really. I've got it. I just need to run. Ok?"

Jimmy glanced up at my eyes, and he was like, "Ok. Well...if you've got to run...then...I get it. I'll see you later?"

I promised to call him later on, but it's a bit late now. And we just dropped Trace off not long ago. I hope he wasn't waiting on me. I probably could have used his help me sneak Trace out of school, but....I don't know. After his reaction to me asking him if he thought Trace was gay....? Well, he was already feeling down that I wasn't going to eat lunch with him...what was he going to think if he knew that I was taking Trace to my house? Am I being paranoid? I just think...Jimmy wouldn't have taken that well.

I'm getting all weird and complicated again, aren't I? My life always seems SO simple until different people get involved in it.

Anyway, I went back, and Trace was half asleep when I got back to the stall I left him in. Thank God! Thinking fast, I took of his shoe and one of his socks. Trace feet. You know that? I don't know why I noticed that, but he does. ANYWAY!!! I put the shoe back on, and wrapped the sock around his ankle, tying it in a knot. Then I told him to limp and put his arm over my shoulder as I led him out the front door of the school. I mean, if it just looks like a sprain or something, security can't give us too much of a hassle, right?

At least that was the best "Mission: Impossible" plan that I could come up with on such short notice.

We caught a bus to my house, and I was able to practically 'drag' him inside. I remember thinking to myself, "If Trace throws up on my bedroom floor, I'm gonna be soooo pissed!" But I just laid him down on my bed and turned on my little mini-fan so it would keep him cool. I took a few minutes to let him know where everything was, and I told him to keep quiet. And if my mom came home early by some freaky turn of hide under the bed or something until I got back.

I have to admit, from the second I left the house and closed the door behind me and started on my way back to school, I started to worry about what would be happening in my house while I was gone. I've never seen Trace this drunk. What if he goes through my things? What if he just starts rumbling through stuff in my closet, or in the kitchen? What if my mom comes home early and finds him there before he's sober enough to explain? THE I remembered that I still had his flask in my backpack! Ahhh! What if a teacher sees it? I'll be grounded FOREVER if someone at school finds it!

Then...the worst fear of my life kicked me right in the teeth...

What happens if Trace wakes up...and he finds this diary????

That thought alone almost made me get on the next bus back home and ditch for the rest of the day. But I was already late...and I was sorta hoping that Trace would just lay on my bed and stay asleep until I came back home at the end of the day. God...PLEASE don't let him find the book! PLEASE!

I trembled violently through the next three hours of my school day! It was TORTURE, I tell you! Finals are next WEEK! I can't be dealing with stuff like this right now!!!

But I made it through the last few periods of the day, and I dashed out of school, caught the bus, and when I got home, Trace was peacefully snuggled up to my pillow, laying on his side and snoring quietly as the massive amounts of alcohol, hopefully, were working their way out of his system.

My limited experience with drinking didn't really give me any clue as to how long 'getting sober' and normal again really takes. A few hours? I couldn't be sure. All I knew was that Trace still had quite a ways to go, and my mom was only about half hour from walking through that front door.

I did take a moment to just study him while he was totally unconscious! Hehehe, I know that makes me a pervert, but...Trace is sooooo cute when he's sleeping. I have to make a slight confession....I touched his butt while he was sleep. I'm SORRY!! But I did! I totally palmed his ass while he was knocked out. It was soft and warm...and I kinda rubbed it a little bit before he moved in his sleep. That's when I got scared and stopped. But...yeah...I got to touch Trace's hot ass for the first time today. Is that, like....rape or something? I hope not. That's not what I had in mind. I've just....I've been admiring his cute butt for so long that I couldn't really help myself. I liked it. I didn't get to really 'explore' it that much...but at least I got to touch him. So...that's a plus, right?

I'm such a creep! Hehehe!

As far as trying to sober him up quick...I didn't know if I should wake him up, or...splash water on his face or...FUCK! I don't know! Should I make some coffee? I hear about people making coffee...

But my mom eventually came home, and even though I basically intercepted her at the wasn't long before she discovered Trace sleeping on my bed. I mean...what was I going to do??? I couldn't shoulder block my MOM and tell her not to go in there!

I was like, "Oh friend Trace wanted to come over and chill for a while. I mean...that's cool, right?"

I probably should have mentioned that he was there from the second that she walked through the door. Because the moment that she saw him asleep, she gave me the strangest look. Maybe she could smell the liquor in the air or whatever, who knows? I mean, Trace had been exhaling that alcohol stench in my bedroom for the past few how could she not know what it smelled like?

She was like, "This is Trace, huh? This is your friend?"

And I said, "He had a hard day. He fell asleep while we video games and stuff."

Yeah. That was dumb.

My mom was like, "Come here." I didn't know what she meant at first, but she pointed at the floor beneath her feet and said, "Come here, Billy."

So I nervously stepped forward, and she told me to open my mouth. Like...what??? But that's what she told me, and I did it. She smelled my breath, and thankfully...I didn't have any alcohol on it. I think that's what she was looking for. In fact, I'm almost sure of it.

She was like, "You know...your father would lose his mind if he knew what was going on here. You know that, right?"

I begged her, "PLEASE don't say anything! He just...he was messing around! But it's almost Summer time! He won't get into any more trouble, I swear! I'll keep him straight myself if I have to! Just....don't snitch on him for this one. Ok? He's got a good reason."

She said, "Billy, there is NO good reason for something like this! Your whole room smells like a brewery. This is serious. Not just for your friend, but for your father. He's supposed to be taking care of him right now. This is unacceptable..."

It was a lot of back and forth, a lot of begging and pleading, a lot of my mom trying to fix this before it gets out of hand....but eventually...we found a middle ground.

She said, "When your friend wakes up, I'll get some dinner into him. YOU call your father and tell him where he is so he doesn't worry. But you listen to me, Billy Chase...this is the one and only time that I'm going to cover for you with something like this. Do you understand. This boy needs help. Covering up his mistakes isn't going to help him. It doesn't help anybody. If he needs help, then let's get him some help. Because I'm not going to do this again. Do you hear me?"

I did hear her. And I promised that this would be the one and only time that I asked something like this of her. Although, I think she regretted doing it. In fact, I half expected her to rat me out once Trace got himself 'functional' again and got some food in his belly. She gave him a minor lecture, but I doubt that he paid much attention. I think he just nodded to get out of being read the whole riot act in all of its demeaning glory. But....yeah...we took him home tonight. And that was that.

My mom and Dad barely nodded at one another when we dropped him off. I guess they....really are done. You know? Dating, married, had me as a child...and's over. Possibly forever. I can't remember how long it has been since I've had both of them within eyesight at the same time. A family. Broken. Disconnected. Over.....

I couldn't help but to wonder if my mom and dad thought about each other the way I think about me and Brandon. What if their chance is over? What if nothing else will ever compare. I saw a look exchanged in their eyes....and then we just...dropped Trace off and drove away.

We just drove away....

Anyway...enough introspective thought tonight.

I need to go. So I'll write more later. I don't know how I feel right now, but I think I might have to apologize to Jimmy tomorrow for ditching him at lunch. He seemed to REALLY be looking forward to it...and I let him down.

I'll think of a way to make him smile again. I will. Plus, I wanna talk to Jamie Cross again. I haven't seen him much lately, but certain things have me curious about him all over again.

Don't worry! I'm not getting all wrapped up in the Jamie Cross Conspiracy all over again! I just...I like looking at his awesome FC when I'm talking to him! It's...sighhhh...hypnotic. :P

Alright, seeya soon!

- Billy

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