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- My parents had one of their notorious 'phone fights' today. It sounded pretty bad. Worse than normal.

I could only hear my mom's side of the argument, obviously...but my dad must have been giving her a pretty rough time for her to react the way she did. I try, for the life of me, to understand what they could possibly have to fight about all the time. Before the big split, they were slamming doors and rattling just seemed like they didn't want to be in the same house with one another anymore, much less the same room. But now? They're NOT in the same house. How hard is it to talk to someone on the phone and not get into some sort of heated altercation? I just don't get it anymore.

My mom ended up hanging up in his face. She was just like, "You know what? I'm not even remotely in the mood to do this with you right now! Goodbye!" And that was that.'s not like I was peeking around the corner or anything, but it's not like I couldn't hear the whole argument all over the house either. My stormed into the kitchen, and I hear the clanging of silverware and dishes, some pots and pans, and the slamming of cabinet doors. It's funny...but I almost instantly got thirsty. Probably just because I knew that the last place I wanted to be was anywhere near that kitchen. Not until she calmed down, at least.

Why can't my parents just be like normal parents? (If that concept even exists anymore.)

To be honest, it's been so long since my father's been around, I think I'd find it extremely awkward if I had to sit down at the same dinner table with the two of them at once. They used to cuddle on the couch on Christmas Eve. They used to exchange kisses every morning before work and laugh while we all watched TV. But now? Now, I can barely remember the last time they traded a civil and genuine smile between them. I'm almost willing to get myself into some kind of major trouble just to have them punish me. At least it's something that they can do together.

I'd ask how a love so sweet could go so horribly wrong...but I'd feel like a bit of a hypocrite...considering what happened with Brandon and me....

Anyway...I took it easy today. That whole thing with my parents gave me a bit of a queasy stomach for some reason. Jimmy LaPlane called twice today...but I didn't pick up the phone. I don't know why, to be honest. Was that rude of me? I mean, I'm not trying to purposely ignore him or anything....well...ok, maybe I am trying to avoid him a bit, but not for any mean reasons. It's just...I feel like I'm toying with his emotions by spending so much time with him. Even Sam is beginning to notice that we've become rather 'friendly' lately.

I've always enjoyed Jimmy's company once I got to know him. But ever since that day at AJ's house...I don't know. He's been more infatuated than ever. Damn my sexy hyde! Hehehe! Seriously though, I figure that I could always just tell Jimmy that I was taking my last day to study hard for this week's finals. He can forgive me for that, right? Who knows?

I guess I just feel bad that he's so compelled to say 'I love you', and I can't just jump right in and say, 'I love you too.' What's the point of saying it if you can't hear it back every once in a while? It just sucks.

Oh! Something good happened for Bobby Jinette today! For Bobby and Ian to be honest! Hehehe! It's times like this that I wish I had a series of spy cameras set up all around his house! That sneaky little devil!

Apparently....some 'stuff' happened over at Bobby's house this afternoon, and he could WAIT to call me up and tell me about it! He was sooooo happy! He's like, "Billy! Dude, omigod! I did it! We did it! Well, not everything, but some 'stuff' though."

Now, mind you, this was the FIRST thing that Bobby said to me once I picked up the phone. So I had NO idea what the heck he was talking about at first. I was like, "'We', who? Some 'stuff'? What the...?"

Bobby could barely sit still, and he's like, "Me and Ian! He came over today, and we to be alone for a little while. Hehehe!"

I gasped out loud and moved over to shut my bedroom door. I'm like, "No WAY! Get outta here! Dude, what happened???"

He had to hush his voice a bit, and I heard him fidgeting on the other end of the phone, but he was trying really hard to keep it together regardless. He's like, "It was sooooo hot, Billy! Oh wow, he was so perfect! He was always perfect. But this was the first time we got to be a bit know..."

I said, "NO! I don't know! Tell me!" Then I asked him, "What 'stuff' did you do?"

Bobby's all like, "Well, my mom was home all day, so that sucked. But I sorta called Ian up was just like you said. I was being really timid and nervous before, but I figured, if I could just take a little chance then maybe he might say yes. So I asked him over, and he DID! He said YES! And he was smiling when he said it, I could tell. Ian has this really cute way of giggling when he's getting ready to blush! I couldn't stand it!"

I couldn't help but to smile myself. And that's when I told Bobby, "Well, I'll be damned. I told ya it wouldn't be a big deal. See? You did all of that worrying for nothing."

Bobby was like, " gets better..." And with a bit more squirming, Bobby grins to himself and he says, "So I told my mom that we were getting in some last minute studying today. I figured she would leave us alone for the most part. But she was in a super house cleaning mood, so even when I took Ian down into the basement with me, she kept coming down to do laundry and stuff..."

I'm like, "Wait! Are you telling me that and Ian did stuff with your mom in the HOUSE!"

He whined, "I couldn't get her to leave! I couldn't even get her to stop walking around and stuff. Not without making her suspicious or anything. So I just kinda...worke with what little time I had to work with. That's all."

I said, " MUST have been horny."

Bobby was like, "Oh, Billy...I thought that maybe we could spend some time together and maybe just get some major kissing in or something, but...the second I opened that door and saw those sweet red lips and sparkling bright eyes...oh GAWD, Billy, I nearly came in my pants right then and there!" Hehehe! Bobby really had himself a ball today. But I didn't interrupt him. I wanted to hear more. Bobby said, "I was trying not to stare at him, but any time things got quiet, even for a second, I would look into his eyes, and he'd look back, and I'd get this quivering sensation in the pit of my stomach. I think he got it too, because we would both smile and look away at the same time, you know? It was so CUTE!!!"

I was like, "Awww..." What else was I going to say? Really. I was still curious, sure...but the more unrestricted joy that burst forth from Bobby's 'still tingling' lips....the more that regrettable ache returned to my heart. Eating it from the inside out like a hungry worm positioned in an apple's core. I could feel it. That used to be me.

Ugh...I'm not going to get into this again. I'm sure that I've wasted enough ink on that as it is. I just...I miss being that excited about another boy like this...

THEN...Bobby tells me, " mom is kinda coming back into the room every now and then to check on the laundry, and after this one time, I waited until she finished what she was doing...and I moved over to sit right next to Ian on the big chair thingy. And I was gonna be kinda subtle and smooth about it all...but then he looked at me..." He said. "He looked at me...and he gave me this bashful smile...and he's like...'Hi...'. And then he giggled and blushed and I couldn't help myself! I fucking lunged forward and kissed him so hard that I was afraid we'd both be bruised from it! Hehehe! He didn't pull away though. So we started making out really really heavy for a while. I tried to keep an ear out for my mom, but I was sooooo into the kissing that it was hard to concentrate. I was worried that we'd get caught. Hehehe, but even THAT made things kinda sexy. I just...I wanted him so bad that I was willing to risk almost anything to get a taste of him. So that's how things started."

I said, "Ah, ok. That"

But Bobby's like, "No WAIT! Hehehe, there's more!" There was??? Bobby said, "So I waited for my mom to put in a new load, and we had to stop, but we were both kinda breathless at the time. It was so hard waiting for her to hurry the hell up and go back upstairs so I could get my lips on his again. So, FINALLY, she goes back to the kitchen, and Ian and I barely wait for her to close the door before we start making out again. And this time, the washer and dryer are both going and making noise, so we' into it, you know? Ian is moaning and stuff, and it makes me moan too. And our hands are all over each other. And then..he kinda pushes me back so he can dry hump me while he's tongue kissing me all hard and sexy like...."

Brandon used to kiss me like that...

Bobby says, "...And I made sure to look out for my mom again, but I knew that I couldn't lock the door, or she'd figure something was up and keep checking in on us. So I had to just...take a chance, you know?"

I was like, "What do you mean?"

He said, "Well...hehehe...I started to kinda...feel him up and stuff. And then, when we stopped kissing...and I pulled his zipper down....hehehehe, I mean, he didn't stop me or anything. I noticed that he looked up at the top of the steps to make sure that my mom wasn't coming down again or anything. But he didn't say anything or push my hand away. So...I kinda...reached in...and I pulled it out...and I got it fully hard...hehehe...and I got to suck him off. Like...really suck him off! I don't think I've ever had something so thick and juicy in my mouth before! Ian is..impressive. Hehehe!"

HEY! What about me? What is Bobby saying exactly? Ah, whatever. I just asked him to keep going...

Bobby lowered his voice even more, so I had to strain my ears to hear him. He was like, "I tried to get as much of him into my mouth as I could, but he's bigger than he looks. And I was licking him all over down there, and we were both worried that my mom would come back, so I was trying to be quick about it....but he tasted soooo good. I didn't want to stop."

I asked, "You guys didn't get caught, did you?"

Bobby said, "Almost! But no. I was trying to get him to unload in my mouth, and it seemed like he was really close to totally letting loose, you know? But then we heard my mom walking up to the basement door, so I ha to jump up from my knees and sit next to him! And he just kinda put a pillow in his lap and a book on top of it! Thank god that I hadn't pulled his pants all the way down, or we would have been caught red handed for sure!"

I said, "Omigod! So she didn't suspect anything?"

He's like, "Nope. I don't think so. But I was so hard that I thought that I was gonna sprain something if she didn't hurry up and go back upstairs again. The sexy thing was when she left, and Ian put his hand on the back of my neck...and he gave me this really gentle kiss before guiding me back to finish what I started. So I got even more into it the second time, and before long, his thighs kinda closed up tight around my face...and I felt him swell up in my mouth...and he came SO much! It was the hottest thing EVER! I was trying soooo hard to swallow every last drop, but I think I let him slide out of my mouth in my excitement, so some of it squirted up on the side of my face. But even that was hot, you know? I swear...I feel like I can still taste him! Like right now!"

I started to tell him that I was happy for him. And deep down, I was. But the words got caught in my throat somehow.

Suddenly, Bobby was like, " mom. Look, I've gotta go. But I'll see you at Finals tomorrow, k? I just...I wanna lay back and think about him some more. I wanna imagine what it's gonna be like to get that thing 'inside' me. Hehehe! I swear, that's gonna be the best feeling in the world. This Summer is going to be awesome. We're going to have all the time in the world, and I'm never gonna stop. Not ever!"

He was...really happy. So...congrats, Bobby. And I hope next time is ever better.

Anyway, I'm gonna go...

I think my mom went into her room for the night. I thought I might clean up the kitchen and stuff. Just to help out a bit. I didn't pick up a single book tonight, but my final exams didn't even worry me this time around. So why bother?

Am I sad? I'm not sad. Today wasn't that bad. I guess I'm just moody today.

Seeya soon.

- Billy (Really horny right now for some reason) Ps- I just KNEW that Ian was gonna be a mouthful. I just knew it....

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