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- My mom left for work at 8:13 AM this morning....

I remember distinctly because I checked!


I don't know why I was up so early when I had clearly planned to sleep in originally, but I could hardly sleep anyway last night. Tossing and turning, moaning and groaning...horny beyond belief over my plans for the day. No school, no parents, no obligations of ANY kind! It's SUMMERTIME, baby!!! Hehehe!

So anyway....I waited a little bit. Maybe an hour or two. And I called my mom at her job to make sure that she was at work. (I think I asked her where she kept the 60 watt light bulbs or something. A likely excuse for a random phone call..) And then I tried to figure out the perfect time to call Jimmy. Now I know how he felt on those days when he called me so early in the morning. Waiting for what I thought might be an 'appropriate' time was a torture in itself. All I could think about was getting him over here and spending the whole day naked with him. Was I really that horny? When I think about it, it's been more than a month since I've had any sexual contact with anybody. And the last time was with...AJ and Robin. Which wasn't really an 'intimate' situation, to say the least. But, trust me, going from getting sooooo much sex to pretty much getting cut off, cold turkey...UGH! I found myself just itching to wrap my lips around SOMETHING! Even if I had to grab a banana off of the kitchen counter and play 'make-believe'.

I thought about the video that Jimmy sent me last night. I was walking around the house poking out like some kind of perverse flasher on the subway. I was really tempted to watch it again, but I wanted to wait. I didn't want to waste it until I knew for sure whether Jimmy could come over or not. But it wasn't easy. I mean, I wanted to jack off soooo bad! So I needed some self control. Watching that hot solo video again would have sent me off on a big masturbation marathon that would have put most teenage boys to shame, I'm sure of it.

GOD, I hope that nobody ever finds this book!!! I write stuff in here that I would NEVER say out loud! But I guess I need that kind of freedom. Even if it's just for me and nobody else. It's liberating, you know? Being able to speak freely without any risk of judgement or ridicule. I think everybody needs that from time to time.

By the time 10:45 rolled around, I was too anxious to control myself anymore. And I certainly didn't want Jimmy to wake up and, like...go somewhere before I got a chance to at least make him an offer. I have to admit, as I was dialing the phone...I had to think about how to even approach Jimmy with an invitation. I mean, do I just tell him I want him? Once you get past the whole making out and jack off video there really any need for me to hide my intentions anymore? Heck, if I just come right out and tell him that I was ready for us to...well, you know...he might be even more excited about getting his cute little tush over here in a flash. the same time...I thought about AJ and Robin, and that whole weirdness with basically making a date to get together. I mean, I want Jimmy, there's no doubt about that. But he's not a whore. I mean, I never saw him that way. Just because I'm hot for his body doesn't mean that I think of him as some play thing without feelings. I didn't want to give him that wicked pervert vibe either.

It sucks that I never think about these things until the very last minute.

Jimmy picks up the phone and he's happy to hear from me. I guess he was having a bowl of cereal at the moment, and it was normal enough to calm my hormones down a bit. At least long enough to have a somewhat decent conversation before finding a way to basically say, "GOD, I wanna fuck you silly today! PLEASE come over!!!"

It felt kinda silly, pretending that I called Jimmy at 11 in the morning on a Monday after watching his video the night before. But, luckily, Jimmy was the first one to smile and say, "Sooooo, what are you up to today?"

There it was again. That little tickle inside my chest. I was like, "mmm...nothing. Actually. I know...maybe you wanted to get together or something. Unless you're busy."

Jimmy giggled a little bit, and he's like, "Not me. I'm not busy."

Just to be sure, I said, " wanna come over?"

Another giggle from his side of the phone. I just knew that he was on to me, but he didn't say anything. Hehehe, he just...he was being really cute about it all. He's like, "K...I'll be over soon."

I thought that was all that had to be said. So I was like, "Cool. I'll see you soon."

But Jimmy was like, "Billy? I just want you to know...I've been waiting for this phone call my whole life. Heh...I just...I'm really glad that you called me today. K?" I didn't know how to take that, exactly. But...I said 'ok' and figured that it was just Jimmy's way of telling me that he wanted this as bad as I did.

Little did I know that he wanted it much MUCH more!

Jimmy was practically shaking in his sneakers when he came to my front door. I think I was kind of shaking a bit myself. I was actually salivating at the sight of him. He looked like he had already been blushing before I even opened the door. I was like, "Hey..."

And Jimmy's like, "Hey..." His voice was trembling bit, but he managed to smile for me. I invited him in and we just kinda...stood there for a moment. A LONG moment. At least 30 seconds or more. He giggled a little bit, and it was so adorable that I had to fight the urge to just drag him down to the floor and screw him right there on the floor. I honestly don't know what stopped me, other than I thought it might come off as creepy and weird. Not that Jimmy wouldn't have liked it anyway.

All I knew was that Jimmy wasn't going to leave my house today without getting naked. That was for certain. And the sooner I got things started, the better.

I had no idea what to say to him, but I knew that we weren't going to get anywhere just standing there, awkwardly grinning at one another. So I led him to my room, and we both sat on the foot of my bed. There was this tension in the air that made it kinda hard to breathe, to be honest. It was like, we both knew what was coming, but neither one of us knew exactly how to get to that magical moment when everything seemed natural and fun. God, he looked cute. His eyes kept peeking at mine, as though he was waiting for me to say something. But I seemed to remain speechless. C'mon, Billy...just...POUNCE on him or something!!!

Finally, after a few bashful glances and a few more giggles, I was like, "Sooooo....what do you wanna do?"

Jimmy's blush deepened, and he said, "Hmmm, I dunno. What do you wanna do?"

It was KILLING me, having to wait! I could just come out and say it, right? I mean, it's what he's here for. I raised an eyebrow and it made Jimmy laugh. I'm like, "Hehehe, what?"

Jimmy tried to stop giggling, and he said, "You're soooo CUTE, Billy! Jesus Christ! Hehehe!"

You'd think that would be my opening, but...I still felt a bit weird about feeling this way. There was a time when just sharing my first kiss with Jimmy LaPlane seemed unthinkable. Who would have thought that we'd be minutes away from doing the nasty? Hehehe!

We were quiet for another few seconds, and I managed to say, " liked your video." Then I looked at him and said, "I liked it a lot."

Jimmy looked down at his feet as they began to tap anxiously on my bedroom floor. He's like, " watched that, huh?"

I said, "Oh yeah. I watched it. I watched it a couple of times."

Jimmy gave me a shy chuckle, and with a cute little shrug of his shoulders, he's like, " I'm glad you liked it. I was thinking of you, after all."

I moved a little closer to him on the bed. And I swear that I could feel my heart beating in the back of my throat. I smirked and said, "Really? So, like...what kinda stuff were you thinking about?"

Jimmy allowed his eyes to meet mine for a moment, and he started to tremble again. He decided to take me up on my silent dare, and he said, "I always think about...what you would feel like....on top of me. Inside me. That always makes me cum so hard. I never last long when it comes to fantasizing about you." It surprised me at first, but in a good way. I think it was just sexy to hear him talk like that all of a sudden. He was like, "I used to toss and turn at night...just wondering what you would taste like." He followed it up with another giggle and a blush...but he didn't take a word of it back. Not a word.

I was hard as a rock at this point, and while I would usually be tempted to hide that from whoever was around me...I didn't see the need this time. In fact, I leaned back on the bed, resting on my elbows, and letting Jimmy's craving eyes drink in the sight of it without any obstruction at all. I was like, "Hmmm...interesting."

Jimmy grinned at me as he licked his lips, and with a sigh, he said. "Yeah." Our eyes met again briefly, and Jimmy asked me, "So...your mom's at work today, huh?"

I nodded with a smile. And I said, "Uh huh. All day."

Jimmy was like, "Hmmmm...interesting. Hehehe!" The pressure to move forward was there, but the doubt was fading fast. Hormones were taking over, lining up like brave soldiers ready for war. And as I saw a rather impressive bulge growing in Jimmy's lap, I noticed that his hand was inching closer to my leg. Timidly, but steadily. His breathing increased, his face became was almost like he was scared to touch me. As if I wasn't really here. How awesome must it be for Jimmy to finally be sooooo close to the forbidden fruit that he had been dreaming about.

I thought Jimmy might lose his nerve if I didn't give him a sign that it was ok. So I reached out to take a hold of his hand, and I placed it on top of my thigh. We stared into each other's eyes as his fingers gripped it, and kneaded the soft muscle for a moment...each time, moving closer and closer to the treasure it was searching for. I smiled at Jimmy, and he smiled back...and long

With just the slightest amount of pressure, Jimmy's hand began to clutch at my hardness and squeeze it with his fingers. I sighed and laid all the way back, just enjoying the sensation of his touch. Jimmy was practically breathless at this point. It was happening. Really happening. It was so unreal.

Jimmy, just above a whisper, was like, "Billy...can I ask you something?"

I'm like, "What? What is it?"

He's all like, "Can I touch you?"

I grinned like, "You already are."

But Jimmy's like, "No, I know, but...I don't wanna rush this. I mean, this is, like...monumental for me right now. I just..." He struggled for the words, and then he says, "...I just really want to savor this. Is that weird?"

I don't know. I think it was kinda sweet. So I just said, "No. It's ok." And I just tried to relax as Jimmy scooted right up next to me and began to lightly explore my body with his shaky hands. I swear, other than my own heartbeat, the only thing that I could hear was the sound of Jimmy LaPlane's labored breathing as he reveled in the chance to touch his dream boy. The way he whimpered softly at my side, I couldn't help but to imagine that this is what it would be like if I ever got the chance to have Jamie Cross simply lay back on his own bed and give me free reign of that sexy bod from head to toe. Maybe it was an ego thing, who knows? But for those few moments...I was Jimmy's 'Jamie Cross'. Maybe even more than that. And that was a weird, but welcome, feeling. It only made me harder to know that he worshipped me that way.

Jimmy lifted up my shirt, and a little gasp escaped his lips. He's like, "Omigod...I like your stomach."

I opened my eyes and had to look down at it myself. I was like, "Really? Why?" I's not like I had a killer set of abs or anything.

Jimmy told me, "Tiny little muscles. Nice and flat. And smooth..." His finger traced over my stomach lightly, drawing little lines that eventually moved down to circle around my navel. He said, "You have a really cute belly button. Hehehe, not quite an innie, not quite an outie either. It's sexy."

I said, "I have sexier parts that youmight want to check out, ya know? Hehehe!"

Jimmy giggled, and he said, "I'm getting to that. I just...I'm so amazed that I'm getting to do this right now. Just give me a few minutes, k?" Then I felt Jimmy lean forward, and place a lingering kiss on my stomach. Followed by a few more. Then he lifted my shirt a bit higher to touch my nipples. I don't know what he was doing with his hands that was so awesome, but it seriously gave me goosebumps. Jimmy sucked on one of my nipples, and his hand slid back down to massage my lump again. And then...with just a moment of loving eye contact, Jimmy kissed me deeply on the lips, and things were officially 'in progress' from that moment on.

It was the most intimate sense of torture, waiting for the moment when Jimmy finally slid down to his knees on my bedroom floor and began to undo my pants. The anticipation was maddening. And even when he slid my pants down my legs, past my knees, and then off of each foot...he still made me wait longer. He rubbed my hardness through my boxers, his fingertips feeling the subtle wetness of the leaking fluids staining the fabric. His hands rubbed my thighs again, now sliding up under the legs of my underwear, and only briefly touching the warm erection underneath. Jimmy was actually a LOT more passionate than I ever expected him to be. It's crazy how you can know someone for so long and never really picture them in a sexual setting. How they would be in bed with you or someone else. Jimmy definitely had me all hot and bothered, and we weren't even naked yet. It was something that I don't think I had ever really experienced on this level before. Not even with Brandon.

I gasped a little as I felt Jimmy lean forward and press his nose and lips into my balls, inhaling deeply as he snuggled his face into the material of my boxers. Then I felt his lips gently chewing at them, his hands still rubbing small circles over my thighs, his heated breath creating a whole other sense of moisture. My hands instinctively reached down and began to run through Jimmy's hair, making him moan as he pushed his face even further into me. Then...he sat back on his haunches for a moment, taking a deep breath as he slid his fingers into the waistband...and waited to see what he had been longing to see ever since he first laid eyes on me all those years ago. He smiled at me, his eyes gleaming with a sense of wonder and awe, and he whispered, "Heh...butterflies..." Then he slowly slid my boxers down and off of my ankles, and stared at me as though he had found the world's biggest diamond.

I'm sure he could feel the heat of me on his cheeks. I'm sure that he could see it bouncing and throbbing with the need for release. And when he finally took hold of it in his gentle hand, lightly wrapping his fingers around it and giving it the base, and then back towards the tip, I began to feel faint with lust. Please, Jimmy...I know this is your 'show' and all...but don't make me wait too long. Please?

My legs quivered as Jimmy leaned forward and gave it a gentle kiss. Then another. And another. His hand moved down to lightly grip the sack below, and his fingers gently tickled the sensitive road beneath it. I felt Jimmy rub my hardness back and forth across his face. Jimmy's face was soooo soft. Like silk. So warm. So smooth. And whenever the head passed over his tender lips, he would give it a kiss. Or a lick. And eventually, he couldn't hold back any longer...and opened up to suck it into the soppy warmth of his mouth, those puffy lips providing a sensual cushion...his tongue, a lustful texture.

I think Jimmy whimpered even more than I did. He was REALLY enjoying it. And, BOY, did he give it his all! At one point, I'm pretty sure that my legs went numb from the sensation. His hands were everywhere. They never stopped moving over my flesh. More goosebumps. My thighs. My flat stomach and 'cute' belly button. Over my balls and slightly below. Up to my nipples to rub them in small circles. Then down below the knees to rub up and down my calves. Every touch was amazing...and all while having his expert mouth basically milking me for all it was worth. With service like that, you would think that I would have exploded in a matter of seconds...but, believe it or not, Jimmy was sooooo into it that he came before I did! He didn't even have enough of a warning to get his pants off in time. I felt him pull off of me, and suddenly try to unbuckle his belt and unzip and all, but by the time he got there, he was shuddering with a massive orgasm and had pretty much flooded his own boxers with a full load. I mean, geez...did I really taste THAT good???

I thought for a moment that Jimmy might be embarrassed. Or that he'd want to get on his feet and go to the bathroom to clean up. But instead, he just laid on the floor and peeled the rest of his clothes off as fast as he could manage so he could get his mouth back on my inches as quickly as human possible. This time he was twice as eager to suck the flavor right off of me. I had to grip the edges of the mattress just to keep from squirming. And Jimmy had to stand up and lean over to keep me locked in his tight vacuum seal, his tongue making frantic circles around the sensitive head as his panting breezed through the silken hairs at the base. Wow! Even after his orgasm, Jimmy was still sticking out, hard as ever. Seeing him naked on a video was one thing...but seeing it in person was a totally different experience. The intimate fragrance of his nude body was simply intoxicating, and since I was already on the edge, I beckoned for Jimmy to swing around and maybe send some pleasure his way too. Maybe he's used to AJ just taking the blowjob and not really caring to reciprocate in the same way, but it always made me hot to know that I was giving as good as I got when it came to anything sexual. Half the fun is making him weak in the knees too, you know?

So I scooted back on the bed, and Jimmy lifted a leg over to straddle my face so that I could have full access to his aching erection. His mouth was back on me again before I could even position myself properly, but then I let him sink as deeply as he could into my mouth, and his warm nuggets were resting softly on my upper lip. The sticky remnants of his previous orgasm still left a sensual tang on the skin of his shaft...just slightly skinnier than my own, and I enjoyed getting as much of the taste as I could as he pushed in and out of my suction. His sweet, carnal, scent filled me up as I looked up and noticed the amazingly cute shape of Jimmy's butt, and rubbed it roughly with both hands as he humped himself into me. Jimmy really loved the attention, and a high pitched whine escaped from the back of his throat as I felt his shaft jump and pulse between my lips. I didn't think he'd be able to cum again so soon after his first misfire...but he did. And for a second eruption, it was quite a decent offering. I swallowed it down and savored the taste as Jimmy's cute little ass wiggled above me. His breathing became more ragged, and he sucked me so hard and with so much enthusiasm that I couldn't hold out for more than another few bobs of his head before I was tightening up and giving him a youthful explosion of his own.

you would have thought that Jimmy was drinking liquid candy the way he went crazy over the fact that he actually made me cum. Me...Billy 'Fucking' Chase! Hehehe! It was almost too much for me to bear. Too much for either one of us to bear.

And then...I had a moment where I wondered...what I was going to actually 'say' to him once he had swallowed it all down and nursed me for a minute or two afterward. I don't know why it even mattered, but it crossed my mind that I may be making one of my infamous 'mistakes' again, and setting myself up for another colossal 'Billy Fail' fiascos. But Jimmy didn't make a big deal out of it all. His leg lifted again, he swiveled his sexy little body around to lay on top of me, and I cupped both of his round little cheeks as he tongue kissed me deeply while waiting for us to recover. Was this really the Jimmy LaPlane that I had been missing out on all this time?

I'm not sure how long we kissed and rolled around on my bed, but Jimmy just wanted more and more of me. He was certainly taking full advantage of today's invitation. He gave himself over to me as though he would never have another sexual experience again in his LIFE! I mean, this is the kind of sex that idolized rock stars have! Not little ol' Billy Chase! You know? Still, just as soon as Jimmy was rejuvenated and ready to go again...he was back down and wrapping those sensual lips around my freshly restored hardness. He went absolutely batshit CRAZY for me! And I have to admit, there was nothing more flattering than that. Hehehe, Jimmy really wasn't kidding when he said that he had been waiting his whole life for this. It showed.

And that wasn't all, either...

At one point, I think Jimmy could feel me getting ready to reach another climax when he stopped. Breathlessly, he was like, "Wait...where are my pants? Where are they?" At first, I thought he was going to get dressed and tell me that he had to leave or something. But...he found his pants on the floor and reached in the pocket. He fumbled around for a second or two, but...then I saw him pull out something that, at first glance, looked like a lollipop without a stick attached to it. And even though we were both sitting there naked and had pretty much just spent the last 45 minutes getting to know each other in the Biblical sense, it still made Jimmy giggle and blush to show me what it was.

He handed it to me and I took a closer look at it. I mean...I KNOW what condoms are, ok? I'm not an idiot. I've seen one in person before. Or, like...held one in my hand. That's all.

Jimmy was dead set on going 'all the way' today. Like I said, he was treating this afternoon as though I would never talk to him again afterward. Like...if he was going to get randomly struck by a bolt of lightning least Jimmy would have this ONE memory to have made his whole existence worthwhile. And Jimmy has a REALLY cute ass! So I wasn't about to turn him down. I just...I had to figure out how this condom thing works first.

Like I said, I'm NOT an idiot, ok??? I get the overall concept of protection. I know...umm...that it...well, it slips over the penis. I just...hmmm...

Well, it was flat...first of all. I mean, I had to use my teeth to open the package and all, but I think I expected it to be like...a 'sock' or something. Turns out, it's nothing like that at all. I was trying to figure this out as fast as possible. There's nothing worse than being naked and 'ready' with someone that you're trying to have hot buttered boy sex with...and having them wonder whether or not you know how to use a CONDOM! How embarrassing is that???

When I took it out of the package, I didn't expect it to'slimy'. Not in a bad way, just...I was weird. There was a little bubble thing at the end. Strange. Jimmy was sort of waiting for me to get it on, so I tried to get past my fascination with the whole thing, and I put it on 'upside down' I think. Then I found out, " rolls down. I get it." So I turned it over, and I started to roll it down down down to the base. I winced a bit, because I think I caught a hair or two in there at first, but it went on just fine after I got them out. Ok...there we go. I've got it. It's on. Sweet! It was a pretty tight fit. I could barely feel it at all. I had to stare at it for a moment. I don't know, there's just something about seeing your boner wrapped in latex for the first time that's just...COOL! Hehehe! It was almost like having a brand new toy to play with!

So, Jimmy got on his hands and knees on my bed, and he turned that sweet little tushy of his in my direction, and with a lot less effort than I thought there would be...I totally penetrated him! And more than ONCE too! I hate to admit it, but AJ was right...Jimmy is about as natural a bottom boy as any I've ever come across. Except for Robin, maybe. I'd love to see the two of them compete for the number one spot to be honest. As long as I get to be one of the judges! Let's see American Idol top THOSE ratings!

Despite Jimmy being relatively easy to enter, he's actually REALLY tight inside. the kind of ass that grips you tight enough to feel in your balls and in the pit of your stomach simultaneously. And he loved every minute of it. I felt like a full blown porn star by the time we were done. Jimmy only had two condoms left when it was close to time for my mom to come home. And I'm sure he had plenty when he got there. That was something else that sort of fascinated me about the condoms. When I orgasmed...that little tip at the end was filled up with my cum, and I just...I was looking at it. Hehehe, I'm such a dork! But seriously, I was really careful to roll the condom back off and I kinda held it up and squeezed the full tip with my fingers a few times. I don't know, Like I said...this was kinda new to me. I was actually going to throw it in my trash can when Jimmy mentioned flushing it down the toilet. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that myself, but yeah...that made sense.

So we went through another condom. And another. And ANOTHER! and soon I was getting used to putting them on and taking them off. It was like...fifteen seconds, tops. I TOTALLY could have done this with AJ and Robin when I was going over there on the weekends. Stupid! This isn't hard to do at all. Beats being scared shitless every time I come down with a cough or a fever. You know?

Anyway, my mom is home right now. And just writing about this is making me hard all over again. But I did tell Jimmy to come over again tomorrow. Which made his face light up like Christmas tree! Geez, did he really think this was a one time deal? Jimmy was freakin' AWESOME!!!! And I haven't had sex in, like...forever! I'm almost sorry that I have to start work on Thursday! Because I'd much rather spend the rest of my Summer break seeing how many times I can fuck Jimmy LaPlane's hot, tight, ass in a single day...and then working to see if I can break that record!

Anyway, he'll be back tomorrow. And I'll be ready. Ugh...if sam EVER found out about this, I'd never hear the end of it! But, whatever. Jimmy turned out to be much more than I bargained for. And if this is what he's offering? I'll take it! Oh GOD, will I ever take it!

I'll write more later. Seeya soon!

(Still with the taste of Jimmy in my mouth)

- Billy

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