"Billy Chase #39"


- I'm gasping! I'm soaring! I'm FLYING! I'm...WAY fucking beyond the word 'happy' right now! I'm like...I'm like...SHIT! They need a new word for this! Like...like....Arrrgh! How about 'sweebo-swabble'??? That's a good enough word! Hehehe! Hell yeah! That's what I'm feeling right now! 'Sweebo-swabble'!

Anyway, let me try to put this day into some kind of order here. First of all, let me tell you, one of the WORST sounds you can ever possibly wake up to...right up there with revelry bugle' and the loud shriek of a crying baby...is the sound of one of your parents throwing up in the bathroom across the hall from your bedroom! It's just....'yuck', you know? Parents aren't supposed to get sick. It's like pulling open the curtain on the Wizard of Oz...it just ruins the whole fucking illusion. Anyway, my dad evidently had a 'good time' with a couple friends of his last night, and drank a lot more than normal. The sounds of him spilling mom's dinner into the toilet was the first thing I heard this morning, and I was almost sure that it would have set the awful standard for the rest of the afternoon.

Luckily, it didn't! But I'm getting to that!

Anyway, he was hung over all morning, and while my mom gave him shit for being so 'irresponsible', as she put it, she left him to moan and curl up in bed and sleep it off. I have to admit, it made me kinda wonder what my dad would be like when he was drunk. I saw this boy, Jorge Velasquez, drunk once in English class. Him and his buddy Todd were drinking warm beer in the park during lunch. And when he was dismissed from class for snoring, he let his pants drop and walked all the way to the office with his naked ASS hanging out! Hahaha! Hmmm....now that I think about it....that seems kinda hot! Hehehe! But I can't see my dad being THAT out of it. I wonder sometimes though.

OK, so after that, Joanna calls me. And I sorta rush over to the phone and pick it up because I'm so anxious for AJ to contact me and tell me what we're gonna do today that I think it's him. She wants to hang out at the mall and everything like we usually do, but I had to decline. She asked me why I wasn't coming, and told me that I don't ever hang out anymore. Sighhh...'anymore'? Isn't that a bit overly dramatic? I mean, I missed, what....like, TWO Saturdays? That's it. Two days. And she's acting like she hasn't seen me in a decade. I just love how people assume that just because you're not right there in front of their faces, entertaining them 'specifically', that you must be twiddling your thumbs in some locked cabinet somewhere, with nothing better to do with your life than work out strategic plans avoid their company. Looking back at this book, I've been busy with stuff almost every single day of my life in one way or another. Stuff I really enjoyed. Stuff that made me happy. It's not like I wrote down, "Not doing anything but making sure to purposely ignore Joanna so her feelings will be hurt and she'll cry about it." Arggghhhh! Whatever. I just...I wanted to spend time with AJ today. I can talk to her tomorrow. And if not, I can see her on Monday. I can see her all week. If she's willing to SHARE! So I made up a story about having to stay home and do chores today, and she pardoned me from my sentence. I wished Sam and Lee and Ted well, who were both going today also. I'll go next week. Promise. If it'll make them happy. I don't wanna be a jerk, but I'm kinda wrapped up in what *I* wanna do right now. And they've gotta wait until I'm ready to come back. That's all.

And NOW...that leads me to the main event!

So, AJ calls me as SOON as he gets out of bed! I could tell, because he was all groggy and his voice was all hazy. Mmmm...he sounded so SWEET! I literally had a bad case of the wiggles just hearing him talk to me like that. I imagined his hair all messy and cute, rubbing his eyes and all. And then he tops it off by saying, "I have to get dressed first. I'm almost naked here." Hehehe!

So I say, "Really? Can I come over right NOW, then?"

And HE says, "Hehehe, HELL YEAH! You want to? I'll get even MORE naked if you promise to be here in the next ten minutes!"

I was blushing really hard when he said it, but it felt GOOD!!! I want him SO bad, you have NO idea!!! I should have said something clever in response, but my brain wouldn't work! Instead of flirting a little bit more, I just got all shy and girly and giggled until he figured I was just kidding. Which I WAS...at first...but I would have gone over there top speed if I thought he was serious. Anyway, he whispered to me through the phone, and told me that he had been thinking of me all week, and he couldn't wait to see me today, and that I should meet him at the bus station and we'd go out for a while. I happily agreed, and got my little ass out there as fast as I could.

A my first sight of him, I was reduced to to a quivering glob of 'homo'-jelly! Hahaha! SERIOUSLY! He walked up behind me and put his hands over my eyes, making me smile. And when I turned around, he was right there in front of me, grinning. God, he was so cute when the sunlight hit him from that angle. My heart skipped, like, a BILLION beats when I felt him touch me. And thoughts of kissing him as a part of a 'normal greeting' flooded my reality until I nearly drowned in it. JUST KISS HIM!!! I kept screaming at myself to do it, but I could only blush and try to remain standing on shaky legs. And when he asked me what was up, I couldn't stop giggling! So I totally chickened out! But maybe next time I'll have the guts to do it. I don't know, he might not be that far along yet where I can start saying hello and goodbye with a kiss every weekend. But eventually...I'd like to try.

So he takes me to this little street fair block party type of thing by his house. Which was more like an entire block worth of garage sales all going on at once. Hehehe, not that I had money to buy anything, nor would I get any real kick out of rummaging through his neighbors' discarded garbage...but just being somewhere with AJ and feeling my life actually moving forward in a pleasant fashion was like....wow! You know? THEN...after about 20 minutes, he says, "That's my house over there." And he sorta takes a hold of my hand and starts dragging me over there! I'm laughing the whole time, but my stomach is turning flips because...well...this is his HOUSE! This is where he sleeps, and gets undressed...and...and SHOWERS! Oh God!

There's nobody home, and he rushes me up the stairs to his room to see it At this point, my whole body is quaking like crazy, and I feel really excited and really scared at the same time. I'm getting so stiff down below, and I'm trying to smile and NOT smile at the same time. Arrghh! I had NO idea what the hell I was doing! But...soon AJ just walks over to me with this half smile and this yummy look in his eyes. And then, he reaches out for my waist with his gentle hands...he just starts kissing me on the lips! Like REALLY kissing me! With TONGUE and everything! MUCH better than what we did in that dingy bathroom last weekend! And when we stop, he softly tells me, "Oh God...please tell me that this is ok with you. I just....I have wanted this ever since I first saw you, Billy. God, you're hot!" And he starts kissing me again before I could say anything. Everything was moving super fast, but I was keeping up pretty well, if I do say so myself. However, something weird was going on in my head. I don't know what it was, but I felt so....'naughty' for some odd reason! Like a 'criminal' or something. I was enjoying the HELL out of that kiss...but I couldn't help but feel some weird sense of guilt, like this was all wrong. Like an angel was going to suddenly materialize any second and tell me that God said to knock it off before I get my ass 'smited' or something! Does that make me a dork? I dunno. But, despite the inner warning, I think it kinda excited me a little bit.

So after we make out standing up for a while, he holds my hand, and he pulls me over to his BED! And I'm like "OMIGOD! Is this really even HAPPENING?" in my head. He sits down, and as he's leaning back, he gently pulls me on top of him, and we start kissing really hot and heavy, and rolling around for a long time. We were breathing so hard, but it didn't feel like it. You know? You could just hear it if you listened. Every time I was on top, he would grab my ass hard, and kiss me deeper. And then, when we rolled over and he was on top, he would hump me so slowly. Like...his hips would make these smooth little circles, and his weight was on top of me, and I would just moan out of nowhere. And whenever I moaned, he would moan too. And it was all just so...fucking GREAT!!!

I was pretty sure that I was gonna cum any minute! I was trying so hard to think of something else so it wouldn't be over so quickly, but I couldn't! It was like, he'd push into me, or he'd run his fingers up under my shirt, or his tongue would lick around the inside of my mouth in a special way...anything could have set me off. Especially when I heard AJ whimper in that little slightly effeminate way. You know...like this was the best kiss he had ever experienced, and that he was having tiny little orgasms every few seconds. It was SO cute to me!

But we heard his back door open downstairs, and his MOM had come home!!! So we were like, "Oh Shit!" and we started scrambling to get up and adjust our bulges and all. Which...might I just add this right here while I'm thinking about it...AJ had a pretty BIG bulge! A lot bigger than you would have expected from a skinny little gay boy like that! I was terrified and thought about jumping out of the window as soon as my boner went away, but he just whispered, "Shhh...let's see if she goes away again."

And I'm like, "What if she sees me? I don't wanna get caught."

"Wait, don't go, ok?" And then he backs me away from the door and kisses me AGAIN! With his mom in the house! And he rubs the front of my pants and whispers, "I wanna finish." Which, I'm like...MELTING over, but I'm also scared out of my mind, because there is NO way for us to explain being caught in this position if she opens that bedroom door! Well, we're waiting silently to hear if she leaves, and she's doing something in the kitchen, and then she calls out his name. Shit. There's a hesitation...and AJ looks at me for a second, and decides it's better to reply to her than to have her come looking. So he answers back, and signals with his hand for me to stay there. He gave me the most beautiful 'begging puppy' look before leaving the room. How can I possibly get the nerve to go anywhere, right? So he leaves me standing there with my heart still pounding and blood still boiling. I guess he's trying to get his mom to leave or something. He said he wanted to 'finish'. What did he mean by 'finish'? Like SEX??? Like...would we be having actual SEX??? WHOAH! At this point, I'm almost fucking panicking because I don't know if I'm really ready yet, but I really REALLY wanna be ready! GODDAMN, DO I WANT TO BE READY!!!! And I'm pacing back and forth, and figuring, "Ok...so when he comes back...I'll just...I'll just DO it." You know? I mean, this is SEX! The big mystery, the final boy-to-man frontier! Actual mouth to genital contact...maybe even MORE....and with fucking AJ!!! Really cute, really gay, AJ! I'm NOT gonna miss out on this opportunity!!!

Well, he comes back in the room, and I know his mom didn't leave yet, but he quietly closes his door anyway. He's like "Shhhh...", and he kisses me on the lips. It feels really good to have his lips against mine again, so we start making out for a minute or two, but I know his mom is there, and I'm scared. I can hear her moving around in the living room, and AJ stops to put a chair in front of the door. He puts his finger to his lips to tell me to keep quiet, and he smiles. Now...this was just....INSANE to me, right? But he slowly gets down on his knees in front of me, just like in those pictures on the internet, and he starts to unzip my jeans! I'm shaking so bad that I literally cannot stand still, and I still can't believe that this is fucking REAL!!! Then, once my pants are open, AJ pulls my boner out through my boxers. I could NOT move! I couldn't even think straight! And he just....he opened his awesomely kissable lips, and he sucked the whole thing into his mouth! I couldn't believe it! My first blowjob! EVER!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! So THIS is what it feels like to have your dick in someone's mouth??? WOW!!! OMIGOD...I made sure to remember EVERY detail of it! It was really...wet, and warm, and kinda 'slippery'. You feel like you're harder than you've ever been in your life, like your dick is actually gaining an inch through sheer willpower alone. There's nothing like it! Everything tickles and jumps and pulses like crazy...and you have NO control over the sensation, whatsoever. You just kinda have to hold on and try to keep from falling over. You don't really know what's happening, or what's gonna happen next. But it feels too good for you to stop it and figure it out.

I had this weird 'weightless' feeling in the pit of my stomach, like that feeling you get on the first drop of a really tall rollercoaster. It was SO hard to keep quiet when his head started going back and forth. I didn't know whether to keep my eyes open or closed! Whether to rest my hands on his head, or his shoulders...or whether I should be touching him at all. My body was electrified...little sparks going off every few seconds making me twitch and squirm with the sensation. Sooooo wet. You have NO IDEA how wet it was! I know I should've been enjoying the moment a bit more, and just be real 'cool' about it all so I don't come off like a TOTAL virgin. But the truth is, I was thinking way too much to just relax. I kept thinking about his mom in the other room, and how I hope I'm like...'long' enough for him to really like sucking me, and if I scrubbed hard enough in my shower to make it taste really good. Not that I know what it tastes like anyway. I kept wishing that I could sit down somewhere, because my legs were about as stable as melted licorice. And I could NOT figure out what to do with my fucking HANDS! So, finally, I just made a choice, and kinda let them rest on his shoulders. I tried hard to keep from closing my eyes. If I closed my eyes, I was SURE I'd get dizzy and fall over. But I didn't have anything else to look at, so I just kinda...looked at AJ. I watched my length going in and out of his boyishly pink lips, and I was just...'fascinated' by it. I was staring at it, and when AJ's eyes glanced up at me, I had to look away. I dunno, it was like, being embarrassed or something. It's the weirdest thing to explain, but I got nervous having him look me in the eye while he was...um...doing that. God...I AM a dork, aren't I? Hehehe! Whatever! I don't care!

I was getting ready to explode, and I kept trying to hold out. Just one or two more strokes. That's all. And if I made it through those two strokes without totally cumming in his sexy mouth, then I'd try to hold out for two or three more. I never knew how much someone's tongue moved around until I had it sliding against my hardness down there. It's like...so 'alive' and stuff when it's sucking something. I didn't want to move, because if I pumped my hips or anything, I just knew I'd shoot off and it would be all over. My tip was getting really big and extremely sensitive, and my whole body was starting to tremble and shake. Wow...I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, and I just wanted to scream. Every time that I thought about the fact that I was actually getting a blowjob from a hot boy, my stomach would tighten, and I'd almost blow! I'd tighten up my ass cheeks, and stand on my tippy toes....but AJ's mouth would chase me, and he'd attack me with even more passion! It was NOT helping my sense of control here!

AJ's mom called him and asked if he wanted something to eat, which was pretty damn startling for me to hear, considering I had my dick in her young son's mouth. I practically jumped away from him when I heard her voice, and had almost forgotten that she was there. He pulled off of me for a second, licked his lips, and was like, "No thanks." And then he just starts sucking me again, as though it was no big deal! And really hard this time too. At this point, my legs get so weak that I HAVE to sit down somewhere! So I back up a little bit towards his bed, and he's actually 'following' me on his knees. Like he doesn't want to stop sucking long enough for me to even reach the bed, and when I sit down, he pushes me back and both of his hands run up under my shirt. All the way to my chest. His hands are going all over me, my nipples, my arm pits, my soft stomach, my sides...I couldn't take anymore. I didn't know if I should warn him, or if I even had time. I just didn't want him to stop But I felt my hands automatically tangle up tightly in his hair, and my hips raised off of the bed, and I was becoming soooo tense. I had masturbated before, and I remembered what it was like to feel that build up towards an strong orgasm. But this was nothing like that! It just kept building, and building, and BUILDING! And I kept wondering why I hadn't cum yet, because the feeling was getting so intense that it almost HURT! But then, AJ grabbed my butt and held me tight up against his sucking face, with all of my inches in his mouth, and his nose pressed firmly up against my pubes, and I JUST couldn't hold it in anymore. I tried to pull out at the last second, but he wouldn't let me. I spurted like a FIRE HYDRANT! I had to cover my own mouth with both hands to keep from shouting, and even then I was whimpering like crazy! God, I hope his mom doesn't hear me!

AJ swallowed everything I gave him, and he kept going even after I was done shooting. I had unloaded so much...I hope he's alright. He just smiled at me, and he says, "You taste sooo good, Billy. You really do." And he held on to me as I softened up in his fingers, and he was kissing me on the neck and stuff. I couldn't believe that this was....this was like...SEX! Like, I don't think I'm a virgin anymore. Um...I don't think. I wonder if I'm gonna start growing a 'beard' now or something. I hope not I don't want one. A moustache might be cool though. Yeah. I'll have to look at myself in the mirror before I go to bed tonight. How fast do these things usually work?

Anyway, I really wanted to suck him too! Because I wanted to know what it would be like, what it would taste like, and stuff. I was SO hot for him, I would have done anything for him at that point! But I'd have to wait, because he had to sneak me out of the house when his mom went out to the car to grab some detergent from the trunk. So, he kissed me goodbye, and told me to call him tomorrow!

I probably SKIPPED the rest of the way home! And now, here I am, writing in my journal, about my very FIRST blowjob!!! Hopefully, of many more to come! It was AWESOME!!! I kid you not, I've been smiling ever since. My CHEEKS literally hurt from it, I've been smiling so much! This is SUCH an awesome feeling! I can't even TALK about it! It's just....'sweebo-swabble'! Hehehehe!

Ok! I just...I can't write anymore! I'm gonna go jack off and think about AJ over and over and over, until I can't take anymore! Wow...and to think, I can get this feeling anytime I WANT it now! Because I've got a BOYFRIEND!!! YES!!!!!

Seeya later! And to all those 'virgins' out there in the world...I'll miss being a part of your exclusive little club! Hehehe, actually...no I won't! Not at ALL!WOO HOO!!! Later!

- Billy - A.S. (After Sex)

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