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- You know, it could just be me, but Taylor and Garrett seem to be awfully 'buddy buddy' at work today. I don't think I've ever seen Taylor be so nice to anybody before. And I don't think I've ever seen Garrett talk so much before either. Not even to ME! I know that I wasn't the only one to notice. We actually heard them laughing today. Laughing. Occasionally, Taylor would give Garrett a playful little shove, and Garret's fragile little waifish frame would nearly fall over in the aisle. Hehehe, I swear, that boy just isn't used to that kind of social interaction. But he seemed to be adapting to the additional attention rather quickly. He's a really good guy, he just needed to come out of his shell a little bit more. Be around to talk to every day people. Expand his horizons, as one of my English teachers used to tell me. Then he won't be so shy and awkward all the time. Garrett's awesome! I'm glad he's finally starting to learn that for himself.

I worked with Robin today, but he only made minimal conversation with me today. I don't want to go all out and say that he looked sad or depressed. He didn't. But every now and again, while he's putting product back out on the shelves...I notice his eyes sorta wandering back to the front of the store, and out into the hallway. It's almost as if he's really expecting to see him standing there. You know...AJ.

I don't understand. I mean, didn't he learn his lesson? I thought he had finally seen the light. I thought he was happy to be rid of an asshole like AJ, and that'd he be looking forward to moving on to bigger and better things. And yet...I couldn't help but to remember what AJ said to me that day in the food court a few weeks ago. About Robin only having the choices of being blissfully (albeit ignorantly) happy with AJ being his pseudo boyfriend, or going back down that long dark road to being alone again. I guess I should try to be a little more understanding, seeing things from Robin's point of view, you know? I mean...didn't I go back to AJ myself a number of times before I got the right idea about what a piece of shit he was? If I was being brutally honest...would I have had the courage to break up with Jimmy if I didn't have the prospect of Brandon coming back into my life again?

Picking between Jimmy LaPlane and Brandon was somewhat easy. Picking between Jimmy LaPlane and...well...nothing? That might have been a lot more difficult. Nobody wants to be alone. Nobody.

I was like, "You doing alright today, dude?" When I saw Robin staring off into space.

He snapped out of his trance, and he's like, "Huh? Yeah. Dude, I'm fine. Just thinking."

I thought it might be embarrassing to push any further into his personal business, but the far away look in his eye pretty much said it all. He misses AJ, doesn't he? Well...not AJ specifically. I think he just misses having somebody to call his own. He misses having sex on the weekends. Or just grinning to himself and bragging about how hot and adorable his better half was. I don't know...maybe I should just leave him alone. That sounds like it's for the best.

Work was kind of slow today. Maybe it was the grey skies above and blah weather that put everybody in a dull mood. I wish Dizzy or Terrell had come in to liven things up a bit. Ollie was there, but even he seemed to be in a funk from the time he punched in until it was time for the store to close. Whatever. At least it's a pay week. I don't even know what to do with half the money I made so far. I bought some music and clothes and stuff. I went out with my friends, sure, but I had plenty left over. And now I was going to get more. I don't know....maybe I can spend some on Brandon or something this weekend. That could be cool, right? Like...maybe I can take him out on a date and stuff. Go to the movies? Get some snacks to smuggle into the theater beforehand, maybe grab some junkfood afterward? I'll ask him the next time I see him.

Hehehe, I certainly didn't have time to ask him when he came over earlier this morning!

Yeah, I know. I'm being greedy and just jumping Brandon's bones every time that I see him! But that's NOT the only thing on my mind, ok? Seriously! I love Brandon, heart, mind, body, and soul. It's just...when we get together and I see him and he's all pretty and sexy and available like he was today...something comes over me! I get lost in a trance, and my very biological make up just starts to react to him in the craziest ways! Then his biology starts to respond, and the next thing we know...we're naked and making out and trying to climb into one another's bodies like some kind of insane duo of parasites. It's so wild! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

When he called and I told him to hurry up and swing by, he seemed to be just as anxious as I was. His hair was still dark and damp from his shower, but his bike ride had air dried him in the most beautiful ways by the time he reached my doorstep. I remember the fragrance of soap surrounding him and his moist clothing when he stepped into my house. It's intoxicating, you know? Something about it really drives me crazy.

I kissed him upon entering, and Brandon, being slightly taller than me, draped his arms over my shoulders with a smile. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against mine. Our noses were touching. We were so close that Brandon's lips would brush against mine while he was talking. He's like, "Even though it feels really good being close to you again like this, Billy...I honestly didn't come over here just to have sex, you know?"

I'm like, "Uh huh..." And I let my lips kiss him softly for a moment before resting my hands on his skinny hips and letting my fingertips linger on the warmth of his body.

He's like, "Hehehe! I mean it, Billy. I'd love you just as much if we weren' involved like this."

Again, I said, "Uh huh. I know." I smiled, and wrapped my arms further around his middle to pull him closer to me.

He says, "Billy, I mean...even if we never..."

I stopped him, like, "Are you gonna get naked? Or am I going to have to start tearing clothes off of you, strip by strip?"

He got a giggle out of that. To hell with his supposed 'diplomatic' approach to our happy festivities for the day. Let's just DO IT already! Every second that I have to spend away from my baby is torture! The least he could do is even things up after making me wait for so long! Hehehe!

I could tell that he was definitely into us being intimate again, but he was also on high alert after getting caught in the act like last time. He was so quiet. A little tense. But I had a hot remedy for that.

I pulled him into my room and shut the door. I thought it might make him loosen up some with the added privacy. But as soon as our lips parted, he's like, "Ummm, don't you think we should leave the bedroom door open? Just in case? I mean, so we can hear somebody if they come through the front or the back door?"

It wasn't really something that I was worried about this time, but I didn't argue. Anything to keep the party going, you know?

I hurried over to open the door, and then ran right back to tongue kiss him with a passion that had been building since the last time we were able to be alone. GOD, I love kissing those pillowy soft lips of his! I just lose myself in his embrace. I'd give up oxygen just for his kiss. It was all I wanted. All I thought about. I always wanted more!

It wasn't long before my hands began to fumble awkwardly with the buckle on Brandon's belt and the button and zipper of his pants. It's quite a difficult task to undo someone else's pants like that. Where right is left, and left is right, and you have your eyes closed, and you're concentrating on your kissing, so it's hard to focus. But believe me....I was determined to figure it out! Especially when I brushed against Brandon's erection and felt it throb lustfully against the back of my hand! Ugh! How the hell do I get these pants off of him???

We eventually had to stop kissing so we could remove our own pants individually and stop clumsily trying to figure out how to do it the inefficient way. I yanked my pants and red boxer briefs down to my ankles in one quick motion. Then I started to step down on the fabric, one foot at a time, trying to get out of the clothing puddled at my feet. It took a few seconds to get free, but as soon as I did, I kicked my pants to the side and reached out for Brandon again. Our lips had been apart for way too long.

Brandon, mimicking my 'clothing foot stomp technique', was still trying to free himself from his pants legs. I looked down and saw that long, hard, throbbing shaft of warm meat sticking out in front of him, and rubbed my excited palms over his chest as I lowered myself to my knees, pushing Brandon to lean back against my bedroom dresser in front of the mirror. His legs continued to move around a bit more, and I held his pants legs down so he could get his feet free. Then he leaned back on the dresser as I moved forward. He was so hard that my mouth had to chase his shaft around for a few seconds before I could get it into my mouth. It smeared a little bit of sticky fluid on my upper lip as I guided it into my mouth. He tasted sooooooo good to me. Even better than I remember. The flavor of him intoxicated me, that heated rod of flesh as it slid in between my lips, the spongy head gliding over my tongue. I let my hands roam freely up and down the sides of his long thighs as I sucked him hard. So hard that the insides of my back molars, I believe, knicked his sensitive helmet a few time. I didn't mean to, but I needed this SO badly that it was hard to control myself. I coiled my tongue around him and vacuumed the earliest tang of his boyish juices right out of him. Not 'salty' in taste. More like...something that's almost too buttery for your tastes, and yet it's not overdone. It's just enough to notice. Just enough for the flavor to shock you, but not overwhelm you. I could feel it in my cheeks. Similar to the feeling you get from sucking on a lemon wedge, but MUCH more pleasant. A really naughty taste of warm honey, enhanced by the flood of pheromones coming from the hot scent of his groin area. How much can I suck into my mouth? I kept trying for more. And more. And MORE!

Brandon's eyes were closed, his mouth slightly opened in ecstasy. I could feel the tiny little tremors in his thighs as he tried to remain cool about the whole thing. But my lips, my tongue, my was so obvious that I was in total control. A gentle tongue swipe to the left, or maybe to the right, could affect his whole emotional state of mind. Hell, it may even throw off his ability to stand if I did it right.

Brandon did his best to hold on to the side of my dresser. I could see his long fingers gripping the edge with all their might. And that grip got eve tighter as I moved my hands inward to cup the dangling nuggets below. Holding them, rolling them, reaching fingers back to gently rub the space behind them. I felt Brandon's knees suddenly 'dip' as the surprise of being serviced so well caught him off guard. He let out this high pitched whimper, and even though he was really enjoying the blowjob, his body began to squirm and move away from me. Almost as if it was too much for him to handle. But I didn't let him go. I followed him. Pressing his butt further against that dresser and making him quietly squeal with delight as more of his sexy teen nectar leaked out onto the tip of my tongue. It was getting sweeter with each emission, and I could tell that he was close. A part of me wanted to share our orgasm, but I didn't want to stop. I couldn't. I think I had already taken him beyond the point of no return now.

My neck feels a little fatigued from moving back and forth, dragging my moist young lips back and forth along his shaft at a fevered pace, but I don't stop. Not as he raises up on his tip toes and prepares himself for one of the strongest orgasms of his life. I keep going. I grab as much of his tender ass as my hands and that bothersome dresser will allow, and I feel him getting even harder in my mouth. I feel the intense flaring of his soft mushroom head, and I use the muscles of my tongue to press it against the roof of my mouth as I eagerly wait for the hot gushes of his teen offering. His balls contract, and his hands move to my head as the inevitable crash begins to take a hold of him. Then comes those initial 'thumps' of a powerful climax. The first few contractions are dry, but after that...Brandon hosed down the insides of my mouth with his creamy release. Splash after splash of sticky boy candy shot to the back of my throat...the taste was MUCH more potent than the early leakings that I had experienced before! I heard myself moaning out loud, my cries muffled by the continuous suction I was providing him.

Brandon's knees began to shiver and shake as I nursed at his spasming shaft, and he suddenly grabbed me by the face to pull me off of him and pull me to my feet, pushing his tongue between my lips to share the flavor of his sudden eruption. As much as I drank from him, his shaft was still pushing out more semen even after we started kissing. I could feel the remaining spurts squirting against my inner thigh as he held me close, the watery syrup running down my leg, making me wish that I could have been there to swallow it all.

All paranoia had left my boyfriend's mind now, and he lightly pushed me back to the bed, sitting me down, and licking the remaining juices off of my thighs as he made his way to my sensual root and took it into the same plump lips that I had just been kissing only seconds before. There's something about looking down and seeing him suck me off that is more than my poor little body can bear. It's only moments before my own legs turn to jelly, my muscles lock up on me, and I blow a full load into his sucking mouth.

He swallows. I LOVE it when Brandon swallows!

There's so much more that I wish I could have done with Brandon today, but this was all before work, so...yeah. We definitely our fair share of fun. Hehehe, Brandon keeps trying to maintain some level of self control, but I know it's an act. He can't say no to me anymore than I can say no to him. And once I got his clothes off, it was pretty much a done deal. I think we did it FOUR times today! Hehehe, in hour and a half! And we were kissing and snuggling in my bed the whole time between rolling over and doing it again. It was SUCH a special moment for us, you know? I can't believe that I almost gave up the love of my life for something as pointless and stupid as meaningless sex! Where would I be right now if I hadn't pursued love in it's truest form? How lonely would I have been if I let this opportunity pass me by? GOD, I love that boy! I *LOVE* him soooooo fucking much!!!

I remember how sad I was to see him getting dressed again. It almost hurt. I wanted to stay there with him for the rest of the afternoon. I even contemplated calling into work to see if maybe Scott could get somebody to cover my shift for me. But, even with my body still tingling from head to toe, a BIG smile on my face from the satisfaction my boyfriend had given me before a long day at work...I decided to let it go. It's not like we won't get another chance to do it again. And again. And a hundred more times after that. Right?

Staring at him as he tied his shoe, I sighed, "I love you, Brandon..."

He smiled at me. He says, "What are you being all weird about? Hehehe!" Then he's like, "I love you too. K? Something tells me that...this how things should have always been. I can't see myself spending my life with anybody else."

I got up and lightly tackled Brandon to the floor, kissing his adorable face while he cackled with laughter and told me to get OFF of him already! Hehehe! Then I was like, "Come over tomorrow."

He's like, "Hehehe, Billy...I haven't even left today yet!"

I said, "I know, just...come over tomorrow. And Friday. And the whole weekend! I never get tired of being here with you like this. Even if we just hook up for a few minutes a day, I just...I wanna be close enough to kiss you. Touch you. I never want to be away from your love, you know?"

With a little smirk, Brandon leaned forward and kissed me lovingly on the lips. He said, "You're too good to be true. You know that?"

I'm like, "Does that mean you'll come by some more? No more worrying about my mom and stuff?"

He said, "I didn't say all that, hehehe! But...for what it's worth, I can't stand to be apart from you either." Then he says, "I'd be here with you every day of the week if I could. You know that, right?"

I said, "So come over tomorrow then! Hehehe, come on, Brandon...don't make me beg."

He said, "I don't know,'re pretty damn cute when you beg. Hehehe!" Then he rolls his eyes in this really SEXY way, and he says, "I think I come over tomorrow. You know, before work. Are you gonna make it worth the trip?"

I kissed him and giggled, "I'm SO gonna make it worth the trip! I promise!" Then he's like, "Any day except for Monday. Ok? And not when your mom is around, obviously."

I said, "What's up with Mondays?"

He said, "Nothing. I just...I do something else on Mondays. But any other day is cool. I'll be dreaming about you every single second until then. K?"

Sounded good to me! I actually had a hard time prying my lips away from his so he could go back home and I could get to work on time. But it's so good to be back together with the only boy who made me feel this amazing. Sometimes, fate brings someone into your life to let you know that love is REAL! Brandon is that boy for me. I think he always will be.

Ok, I've gotta run. I just...well, I'll be honest...all of this talk about my morning with Brandon has gotten me all hot and bothered again! So I'm going to go and take care of that, and maybe, if I get a good night's sleep, I'll be all recharged and juicy again for more nookie from my baby again tomorrow!

God, I've got to stop obsessing. It's been long enough for this kinda sensation to have worn off by now, right? Who knows? Just...I love being in love. I can't get enough of the rush it gives me. Imagine if Brandon and I could be together, really be together, for the rest of our lives? Is it possible to feel this good from now on? Like...forever? What a kickass dream that would be. :)

More later!

- Billy

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