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- You wanna know the ONE thing that's better than having sex with Brandon? Having MORE sex with Brandon!

Oh dear GOD, every time I think I've gotten him out of myself, or have at least satisfied myself enough to calm the hell down whenever he's around me...we have a morning like we did today and I find myself addicted to him on a whole other level of 'crazy'! We banged each other like the future of all humanity depended on it today. My arms and my legs were weak from holding his naked badly so tight up against mine. I was dizzy in the head by the time I went to work. He definitely put a smile on MY face all day, that's for sure.

I think what I really found sexy about today was the way that everything just came so easy. was so natural, you know? We didn't even talk about sex, hehehe, if you can imagine that. It's like, Brandon called me this morning to see if I was awake and he asked what time I had to go in to work. I told him I had to be there at 2 O'clock and he said he'd hop in the shower and come on over. We'd have a few hours alone together. That's always cool. I miss my sweetheart sooooo much if I didn't at least get at least a taste of his company every day. Hehehe, I'm so hopelessly hooked now.

Anyway, Brandon came over and I opened the front door. He gave me a sweet little kiss on the lips when he walked in. Nothing overly romantic or anything. It was just this really casual kiss that seemed extremely sweet to me. Almost like a husband coming home from work for the day, you know? It was like this 'Honey, I'm home' type of thing. I don't know, the normality of the situation just made me smile. I think I know what Brandon was getting at when he said that the idea of us grocery shopping together was, like, a fantasy of his. Because when I think about it...there really is something intimate about being totally comfortable with someone you love.

Something about it relaxes you, through and through.

So Brandon and I walk back to my room, and he's just sorta talking about this and that. He's like, "It's a little chilly outside right now. I would have brought a light jacket but it's supposed to warm up later..." He's just being cute, you know? And I notice him kicking his shoes off. I didn't think much of it at first, but then he reaches for his belt buckle and starts undoing his pants. My heartbeat starts to speed up immediately, and I quickly yank my t-shirt over my head to toss to the side of the room. I'm grinning like a little kid ready to get his first taste of his own birthday cake! And what's weird is...Brandon just keeps talking about random mundane topics while getting more and more naked right in front of me. As if it was no big deal at all. No hesitation this time. No joking around. No blushes and boyish giggles between us. He was soon standing there, naked and hard. And I was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked and hard. Then...just as he was stepping towards me, he smiled and he said, "I missed you."

I'm like, "Missed you too..." And before I knew it, he was crawling on top of me and we were making out like crazy! His body weight on top of me, those long, smooth, legs rubbing against me as our erections dueled between us...both of my hands gripping that amazing ass and pulling him to me until he was almost breathless from the pressure. I swooned from the sensation of being able to suck on his warm tongue again. To have us roll over one another, legs tangled, the vibration of soft moans rumbling through us in unison. His body molded to mine so perfectly. I never tire of the connection. Brandon just feels like 'home'. He always feels like home.

There's something so sensual about feeling Brandon's body swivel around into a 69 position. The gentle parting of our sucking lips, the gleam in his eye as he lightly rubs the tip of his nose against mine and smiles. Our positions shift flawlessly. Our intense love for one another combined with a wealth of sexual practice have made the transition smooth and uncomplicated. 'Un-awkward'. His head moves further down, his lower half crawling up towards my head as he sidesteps on both knees. He's always careful to not bump me by accident. Hehehe! It always gives me goosebumps when I see his leg raise up and reach over to straddle me...his entire manhood dangling just inches over my face like forbidden fruit from Eden's tree. I can feel his extra body heat on my cheeks, kissing the insides of his thighs as he lowers himself down enough for me to lick and suck and tease and exploit whatever part of him that I choose. He willingly left it all open for me, after all. the most intimate way.

I only get a few seconds of controlled enjoyment before I feel the warm, wet, sensation of his pretty lips wrapping themselves around my hardness and taking me in until I gasp from the weightless freefall and have to pause before I literally melt into the sheets beneath me. Have you ever felt that? Not just the sex part of it. It's different when you're in love. It's so intense that you're on the edge of a headache trying to contemplate how this one person can turn something as simple, as 'functional', as a blowjob into such a religious experience. Especially when you're doing your best to give them the same mind-blowing experience at the same time. You want them to know how you feel about them. You want to suck away any doubt, lick away any insecurity. You want to erase the past and the future by making this one moment SO fucking incredible that nothing else matters! Just here. Just now. There's no other feeling like it in the world. Love is so much better. Everything else is just 'Masturbation 2.0' in comparison.

We moan and suckle at one another for a while, sure...but I took extra notice of Brandon's pretty ass as he bent over slightly to take his pants off. And while I still say that Bobby Jinette will take home the gold medal in any 'Hot Teen Boy Ass' competition the world baby's definitely a contender. Shapely and sweet, round with subtle dimples in each side. A tan line highlighting it so the pale cheeks can display the sensual curve, from the small of his back to the tops of his thighs. I wanted it. To even lay eyes on it was to desire it beyond all self control. Thank GOD, Brandon likes it that way! It's be such a waste if he didn't. Hehehe!

Again...initiating a change of positions is wordless. I rub my hands across his smooth cheeks, and let his length slide of my moist the bubbled globes an extra squeeze. And Brandon is ready. He leaves me with just enough time to push into him before losing myself and having to start all over from scratch. We shift and shuffle around until he's laying on his stomach, grinding into the bed with anticipation, those same pert, pale, cheeks raised slightly...shamelessly presenting themselves to me as he spread his legs and stretched his back out for me.

I couldn't get lubed up and into position fast enough. I always felt a few throbs of excitement when I spread those sexy mounds to see the tight pucker within...the treasure lingering at the bottom of a deep cleft, impossibly tight, and getting even tighter as his eager passion caused it to wink and collapse in on itself. So ready for penetration. In such a hurry to be filled. Connected. Alive.

I move in. It takes time, but we both struggle through it. I lay across his back...soft kisses on his neck as our labored breathing finds a way to get in sync. And at long last...I feel his constricted muscle grip me on all sides. Brandon's body is so still on the outside...but inside? He's a churning bed of activity. I close my eyes and sigh as I feel the coiled muscle milk me with its constant motion, the heat bathing me in a warm glow, the ring clutching me at the base of my shaft. Almost as if to tell me that I wouldn't be permitted to leave until we were finished. And 'finishing' wasn't going to take me long at all. Not today.

The first withdrawal from his slippery vacuum was almost enough to bring me over the edge. The push back into his love...almost twice as hot! But I try to work up a rhythm anyway, and before long, Brandon and I are making love. Slow and easy at first...then the desperation begins.

Brandon's stifled whimpers are music to my ears. I push my arms under him and he holds my hands as he opens himself up to my pounding hips against him. His hole grips me so tight that I'm surprised that I'm able to move in and out of him at all. Dear god, the tightness of that boy. I can hear the sounds of our sex echoing off of the wall, every thrust pushing his leaking shaft into my mattress. Brandon cranes his neck up and back to kiss me deeply on the lips, and my humping gets faster. So close. Ahhhhh, TOO close!

My body convulses, and the ROUGHEST of orgasms explodes into him with a fury! I came so hard that I couldn't even yell out from the release. It got caught in the back of my throat, my legs locking up on me as my balls drew up into tiny marbles and squeezed out every last drop of liquid that they could muster, sending it up my shaft and into my lover with a torrent of heated seed. It left me so breathless. I rolled to the side and 'fell' off of him with a giant grin on my face...even with his hole trying to hold me inside as if it still hadn't had enough yet.

I laid on my back for a second to look up at the ceiling with a smile, but Brandon practically attacked me with a tongue kiss to reward me for a job well done! He's like, "GOD< I love you, Billy! Mmmmm!" Hehehe, I'm thinking he liked it.

The rest of the time we had together was just one hot orgasm after another. We were so HUNGRY for each other, today! I don't know if it was just a certain phase of the moon or what, but by the time we were done, Brandon and I were completely drained of pleasure. And I think we still had two more orgasms after that! Honestly...we couldn't share a smile without getting right back into it again. Every moment we spent together was a personal honeymoon. Every kiss was our first. Every touch was commitment to make things last forever this time around. It was more than a loving relationship. It was a fulfillment of destiny. The kind of destiny that let's you know that life is grand, and that...somehow...the universe is conspiring in your favor.

Geez...I've never been so happy. I'm actually starting to tear up a little here. Hehehe! Stupid.

As our time together was coming to an end, I watched Brandon pull up a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs, trying to cram those delicious ass cheeks back into a confining lack of material...and I sighed to myself. I said, "Brandon? Let's do something tomorrow."

He laughed out loud as he looked at me over his shoulder. He says, "Damn, babe! I can hardly balance enough to walk, now! You're gonna make a bad habit that's going to be hard to keep up with once school starts again. Hehehe!"

But I said, "No. I mean...well, yeah. Let's do THAT too! Hehehe! But I'm talking about...something else. Let's go somewhere. I get paid tomorrow. I wanna take you some place nice."

He gave me a weird look at first. Then he grinned and said, "What? Like Paris? Maybe Cancun?"

I'm like, "Well...hehehe, I might need to hit a higher pay grade to work out that level of courtship. But...for now...I'd be happy just about anywhere, as long as you were by my side. I want to do something nice for you. For us. Whaddya say?"

He's like, "Seriously?"

I nodded, like, "Uh huh..."

That's when he came closer and leaned in to kiss me on the lips. He's like, "How did you get to be such a fairy tale of a boyfriend, Billy? This isn't normal, you know?"

I said, "So does this mean you'll let me take you out somewhere?"

He's like, "Where will we go?"

I said, "I don't know. Maybe we'll go grocery shopping. Hehehe!"

With a snicker, he said, "Hey! I told you that in confidence! Don't tease me!"

I tickled his sides until his laughter caused him to fall back on the bed, and I laid on top of him another kiss on the lips, and looking into those big, lovely, eyes of his. I don't care how long those lashes were, they couldn't hide that level of gorgeous if they tried. I moaned, "I don't know what we're gonna do. I just...I want to appreciate you. I want to make you happy. It's all I care about."

Brandon sighed. Rolling his eyes in the most adorable, he said, "I guess I could be in a dating mood for a few hours on a Friday night."

I kissed him again, and said, "That doesn't mean that you're not invited to come over tomorrow morning before work though. Hehehe!"

He's like, "Hahaha! God, you're insatiable. You know that?"

I said, "Only for you, Brandon."

And he replied, "Damn straight! That's what I like to hear."

So...I guess I have a 'date' for Friday night! I don't know what we're going to do though. I'm still a teenager, so my options are pretty limited. Still, I wish I had Trace's knack for being compulsively spontaneous. I'd love to give Brandon the kind of shocking surprises that Trace has given me since I've known him, but I'm sure I'll manage. I'm going to start thinking about it right now, in fact!

I need to stop writing. I've got 24 hours to come up with something for me and Brandon to do together. And a FEW of those hours, I'm going to spend pumping one massive hot load after another into that sweet SWEET ass of his tomorrow morning! Omigod, we fucked so HARD today! Hehehe! But in a really romantic guess. I don't know. We got possessed by the moment today, I suppose. But it was good. It was SO good! Even now, I want more. A LOT more!

Why do we have to live apart? If we were married or something, we'd never leave the house! One day. I day we'll be together the way we were meant to be together. Even more so then now! I just...I can't imagine a world where we could be together all the time like this. Wow...just...what a...what an

Ok, enough for today. I'll write more later. I'm actually going to bed a little bit early tonight. Lord knows, I got my exercise for the day! Hehehe!


- Billy

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