"Billy Chase #50"


- Omigod! I JUST snuck back into the house like five minutes ago! It's like...fucking 2 AM! I can't BELIEVE that I just fucking did that! Hehehe! It feels SO cool! I'm writing by flashlight, so I hope I can read this later. I can't risk turning my light on right now, just in case my mom figures out that I'm still awake and tries to come in here. But this just couldn't wait! I HAD to write this down tonight!

Ok...let me calm down a bit and see if I can describe what happened.

AJ called me almost as soon as I got home from school today, right? And he says he's been thinking about me allllll day long. (YIPES! He's so dreamy! Hehehe!) But his mom was gonna be home all day so I couldn't really come over. And even if I COULD, it's not like we could really do anything 'fun', you know? So we just talk for a couple of minutes, and he tells me, "Awwww Billy...just hearing your voice is making me SO horny right now! Can I come over to your house maybe?" He was like...almost whining and whimpering a little bit, and it was sooo sexy. But I had to say no. There was no way that I was going to be able to work that out. My mom is way too nosey to let us be alone or be 'quiet' for too long, and my house is way too small to get away with anything kinky without somebody hearing it. Besides...I'm still kinda nervous about bringing 'boys' over around my parents. Even the closeted ones. I mean, the whole 'gay' thing...I don't want them to suspect me or anything. And on AJ....the whole gay vibe kinda 'shows'. But then he came up with something that sounded so weird, but kinda exciting too, you know? He was all like, "Well, baby....maybe you can kinda...sneak over late tonight after she goes to sleep. It sounded risky, not to mention that I could get into BIG trouble if I got caught doing it. I mean, it's safe to say that I'd pretty much be grounded forever. But...I kinda missed him, and I was horny, and....awww just hearing him squirm around on the other end of the phone, you know, like he was just ACHING to see me...I couldn't help it. So, I kinda said....'yes'. What could I do? I love him. He was really happy and we made plans to meet at like one o'clock in the morning since his mom goes to bed around 11. I was scared all night long about how I was gonna do this, but when I actually started putting my shoes on at half past midnight, all I could feel was 'excitement'. You know? It was so awesome!

Anyway, I snuck out of the house undetected, and got on my bike to head over to AJ's house. I think I got there only five minutes late. The streets are so empty at that time of night. I kinda liked the quiet and the darkness and all. It was refreshing. I soon got to AJ's house, and tapped on his window with that high tree branch like he said to do, he came down to let me in. He told me not to make a sound, and he closed the back door really slow until it clicked, then we quickly tiptoed back into his room and shut the door. You can't imagine how thrilling it was to be doing something so...so naughty! Hehehe! Anyway, he kissed me so passionately, and we were both already harder than we've ever been with each other. So he told me to take off my clothes, we got both got completely naked, and got under the covers on his bed. He whispered, "Damn, Billy...you look soooo good right now. I've been dreaming about fucking you over and over again ever since our first time. You are soooo tight...and sooooo warm. I love you so much." He was kissing me and all, and I guess I just got wrapped up in it all. I don't know why I said it, but I told him I wanted to do it with him again. To be honest, I was still a little bit scared of the pain, but...whatever. You know? I was kinda...'in the moment'.

He said he really wanted to taste me, and he got on top of me so we could 69 for a little bit. I really can't get enough of sucking on him. It tastes so SWEET, I can't describe it. It makes my mouth water so much while I'm doing it, that I'm almost slobbering from it. Plus, he's really good at it too. I have to try really hard to think about something else so I don't shoot too soon. Then, since he was on top, I felt him pull out of my lips entirely. It left my mouth wanting more, but I guess he was ready for more. This time I asked AJ if maybe....like, just one time to see what it feels like, I could fuck him instead. But he said no. He said he wasn't really into that, just being on the top. Which REALLY sucks, because I think AJ really has the cutest ass! You know, the kind that's all little and round, with those perfect little dimples in the side. Sighhhh...but I guess that's ok. Maybe he'll let me do it some other time At least I hope he does. I can be patient.

He rolled me over on my stomach and kissed the back of my neck while he tried to push his hardness into me again. It was really hard for him to get in, and I was kinda clenching up involuntarily because it was beginning to hurt again. So he got up and said, "Hold on a second..." And he opened his bedroom door, looked both ways, and snuck out of his room completely NAKED to run to the bathroom. Now THAT was hot! Hahaha! His stiffy was bouncing all around, and his cute little ass was wiggling back and forth, and the fact that his MOM was sleeping right down the hall..I dunno, it was just so sexy to me! Anyway, he came back with some Vaseline and greased himself up. Then he put some in my hole with his finger, and I took a deep breath as he climbed back on top of me to 'do his thing' again. I could feel him entering through my ring, and I clenched up again, but this time I was too slippery to stop him. If anything, I think it made the penetration feel even better for him. He shuddered on top of me once he was all the way in, and just held me for a few seconds. I felt so full, and it still kinda hurt inside, my ring stretched to the point of stinging pain. But for some reason I was still really hot for him. I just wanted to experience everything, and I'd do almost anything AJ told me to do. Especially when he whispered, "Mmmm, you're so hot Billy. You want me to fuck you? Huh? You like me being inside you? That big fat cock. Hmm? I want you so bad, baby." So I just nodded, breathing hard to keep from crying out, and he started pushing and pulling on top of me. I couldn't really stop from making little yelps and whimpers as he started to pick up speed. "Shhh! You're gonna wake up my mom!" I said I was sorry, but I think it was too late. AJ's mom called him from the hallway to see if he was ok, and he yelled back that he was fine. He pulled out of me, and it was really a relief. I don't know if I like this anymore. I wasn't even hard at this point. I got more out of kissing AJ fully clothed than I did being naked and having him hurt me. Even if it's in a 'good' way. I think she went back to bed, but things were just getting scary at that point. I got out of his bed while he was listening at the door to see if she was moving around.

So I'm looking for my clothes, and I'm all like, "I should go."

But he says, "Wait...let me finish. Please, baby?" I told him I'd be in trouble, but he held his hands together practically 'begging' me. "Please??? I love you sooo much, I just wanna finish. Ok? I can't get enough of my tasty boy." I don't wanna do it, but instead of pissing him off, I told him that we'd have to just hurry up so I can get home. So he's like, "That's cool. I'll be quick, ok? Here, just lean over the dresser and let me fuck you some more. You're so sexy and sweet hon. I love you. Do you love me?"

And I said, "Yes, honey. I love you, AJ." And he kissed me and it felt so good. It was a gentle kiss, you know? I liked that better. Then he turned me around to bend me over at his dresser, and I braced myself as he mashed himself against me again, invading my hole without mercy. Then he was pumping me hard and fast so he could get off quick. He was leaning back and really felt like he was going even deeper than before. It was like there was a needle at the end of his shaft or something, stabbing at my insides, and I just stood as high up on my tip toes as I could to keep it from plunging inside me so deep. It didn't help much. Then he lifted one of my legs to put it up way high on the chair next to me, and he started doing me harder, grunting from the passion of this new position. It made me open and vulnerable, and he took every advantage of it. I had to try hard to balance, and I got worried when I heard the dresser shaking a bit from the motion. I was afraid it would start banging on the wall and wake his mother up again. I'd have NO excuse for being caught in this position with her only son. No excuse at all. Then AJ lifted my leg a little higher and I had to put my knee on top of the dresser to hold myself upright. I closed my eyes tight, and he kept plugging away at my ass, which was now as wide open to his assault as it possibly could be with my legs stretched so far apart. And the whole time, he was rubbing my chest and kissing my neck, saying, "I love your ass...mmmm...you are so tight Billy, I wanna fuck you all day long. Shit! Give me that ass! Yeah!" Luckily for me, AJ didn't last too much longer, and when he exploded, he almost cried out loud himself. He hugged me really tight, and was breathing hard and kissing me on the back and all. We were both sweating and panting, it was just a cool vibe that we shared for a minute, with him kissing and licking my neck and ears. I love it when he does cute little things like that. Then he whispers, "Hey...do you want me to suck you off or something?" And I didn't even realize that I hadn't cum yet. My hole was practically 'burning' from the punishment it had taken, and I should have been excited to get some pleasure out of this whole thing. But...I dunno...in a weird way, I kinda just wanted to go home. Am I lame for that? I don't know, I'm weird sometimes. So he said fine, and he was all smiley about it, and I got dressed again. Then he kissed me for a really long time before leading me back to the back door. And then we kissed goodnight, and he said he was really glad I came over. He's really a sweetheart when he wants to be.

I didn't want to ride my bike home. I was too sore for that. Besides, my legs were kinda wobbly, and I had a bit of an upset stomach. It's better now that I'm home, but at first, I felt kinda sick inside. And I'm 'leaking' again, which is not always a good feeling. That's not the first time that's happened though, so I'm not going to really stress about it too much.

I hope AJ understands if I tell him that maybe we should only do the anal thing every once in a while. Instead of all the time. I think that's fair, right? I just hope he understands and doesn't get mad or hurt like last time. I just...I don't like it as much as I do the other stuff. And he can get off with the other stuff too. Sighhh...oh why, oh WHY, did I have to be so damn good at buttsex. I blame my ass...it's too round and tempting. I wish there was a way to flatten it out a little bit. Ah well...

My mo is still asleep, and it looks like I got away with it. They'll never even know that I was gone. There is a whole new UNIVERSE of possibilities opening up for me right now! Being able to sneak out and run the streets at night without getting caught? It's a dream come true. I only wish I had MORE reasons to do it! I'll have to make plans some time soon. That's it for now. I don't wanna push my luck by staying up even later to write in this book via flashlight. Just my luck, my mom will get up for a sandwich or something and bust me for still being awake and fully clothed. Anyway, g'night! I've only got a few hours until I have to get up in the morning!

-Billy (Late Night Escape Artist, and Part Time Ninja)

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