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Author's Message: Hey peeps! By the way, in case you are wondering who Billy Lancaster is and what his gift was you'll just have to read the whole story well chapter five in particular.


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Billy Lancaster's Gift

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 1

I never thought I’d ever be going to school again, but here I am at Wilmington High and here I am working my way through the maze of other students to my homeroom class. It’s still weird, strange and scary to be here a few people talk to me, but most avoid me. Well, it’s not surprising because I didn’t make a good impression coming into the school in handcuffs with me practically drug along to the office. I guess most think I’m some kind of social pariah or psychopath anyway they avoid me.

To be honest I avoid them too. Not so much because I want to but because I don’t know how to act around them and I don’t want to be hurt or rejected. I don’t really trust people so when asked questions I generally answer with the shortest possible answer. Life is funny, for the last four years I wanted nothing more than to be able to be with people my own age and to have friends and now, now I have the opportunity but I’m too frightened.

I sort of wish I’d chosen to be in the tenth grade not the twelfth. I had the choice you know and I chose to be at my academic level not my age level so everyone was at least two years older than me. Almost everyone was bigger than me. They already had their cliques and I just didn’t really fit in having been enrolled in late October. Why didn’t I choose the tenth grade? It was because I had a sense of obligation.

Today is my second day of high school and having skipped breakfast by lunchtime I was starving. I was looking for a place to sit I wasn’t sure if seating was assigned or not and I didn’t want to ask anyone because I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I just stood there – looking like a lost idiot when someone said, “Hi, you look like your lost.”

“I’m just not sure where I’m suppose to sit.”

“Follow me.”

So I followed him. Him, I had no idea who he was other than he looked like he was about my age and he was very attractive to me which sort of made me a little nervous. He led me to a table with some other people.

“Hey guys this is Ethan Lewis. Ethan, this is Mary, Elenor, Mark, Eddie and John.”

“Hi, pleased to meet you,” I said.

“Weren’t you the guy who…ow! Eddie!” Elenor snapped at Eddie. I think he kicked her.

“Yeah that was me,” I blushed, “Detective Brisco was giving me a ride to school and I saw a pair of handcuffs on the floor and I was really nervous and I just sort of snapped them onto my wrists and he didn’t have the key but I had an appointment with Mrs. Washburn and so he made me walk in with the cuffs on.”

“Are you like on parole?” asked Mark.

“No…I stay with Detective Brisco…”

“What is he your Dad?” asked Mary.


“Oh, where are your parents?” asked Elenor.


“Oh, sorry,” she said sadly.

I shrugged my shoulders and continued eating my lunch. And they began chatting about other things.

Don’t these people speak in anything else but pronouns? I still had no clue as to the name of the guy who invited me to sit with his friends.

“Ethan? How old are you?” ask Mary.

“Fifteen almost sixteen," I replied.

" What do you mean, almost 16? When is your birthday?”


"Oh, are you going to have a birthday party?"

"No,” I replied softly, “ I have to go to my next class. Thanks for the company."

"But you have 10 minutes before your next."

"Yes, I know but I'm still trying to find my way of around," I answered.

"Hey, you’ve got history next, right?" asked the mystery guy. I nodded. " I'll show you the way," he said getting up from the table.

I followed him out of the cafeteria and as we were walking I ask him, " are you in one of my classes?"

"No, uh I uh, know your class schedule and I know you're new. "


"Well, the truth is, my mom who is the principal asked me to help you out. She said you needed a friend."

I looked at him and smiled. "Can I ask you a personal question?" He nodded. " Why you want to be my friend?"

"I saw you yesterday and I wondered why you were in handcuffs, so I asked my mom and she said that it was a silly mistake and that you were really smart but very shy. And I don't know, I just decided I wanted to be your friend."

I giggled and said, " I guess if you're going to be my friend then I need to know your name. You never told me your name. "

"Oh my God, you're right. My name is Justin, Justin Washburn."

"How old are you? " I ask.

"Sixteen... are you doing anything after school? "

“I have to go to the library. Why? "

"I was thinking maybe we could hang out together. You know play computer games or something."

I really wanted to hang out with him and the only reason I said library was because that’s where I told Tony Briscoe that is where I would be. " Well, I will have to call Tony and let him know where I am so that he will know where to pick me up. "

"Wow! I can have my mom called him. This is so great."

I couldn’t help but feel his enthusiasm. My life was changing – I have a friend.

Lucky for me I have a study hall as my last class so I was able to get all my homework done. As I walked to my locker I saw Justin standing there with a big smile on his face as he saw me approaching and I couldn’t help smiling back.

“Hey!” he greeted.

“Hi.” I greeted in return as I put all my books and stuff in my locker.

“What no homework?”

“All done in study hall.”

“Lucky you I have a ton of trig to do!” he rolled his eyes in a cute sort of way.

“I loved trig, now I’m in to Calculus. Just tons of fun,” I said sarcastically, “I think I’ll take up the arts.”

He gave me a funny look and I laughed. “I’m joking you know.”

“Yeah, well come on then Mom gave me the keys to her car. Dad is picking her up later.”


At five Tony Brisco arrived to take be back to his apartment. We drove in silence – I guess old habits are hard to die like they say. I had hoped for something different and that Justin would have brought out the best in me that I would have felt fine about communicating with him and him with me but it was like my mind went blank and I’m really such a bore. His game playing reminded me of the twins – I missed them so much.

On our way into his apartment Tony started talking.

“So, you have a good day?”

“It was okay.”

“So, what’s Justin like?”

“He’s okay.”

“So what did you all do?”

“He played video games and I sat and watched.”

“Didn’t you play?”

“No. Look I’m tired I’d like to go to bed.” I didn’t wait for his agreement I just went to his spare bedroom. I looked around the room. It wasn’t my room and I was feeling depressed. I just didn’t fit in here or at school.

The years I had daydreamed of having a friend, a best friend and friends – people who liked me and trusted me and whom I trusted. Now here I am with the opportunity and I can’t seem to break through the barrier this self-inflicted prison of fears.

I had gotten to use to the life I had. A life where I kept to myself because of the fear of being found out and the only person I had ever come totally out to was Emily. Emily Pearson, the librarian, who after three years finally got me to talk. It had taken two and a half years for me to trust her enough. She had become my substitute mother in a way.

I thought about that fateful day when my life changed. That day that started a chain of events that ended up with me being here in this apartment and going to school.

As Emily said she could set her clocks by me since the age of eleven I had be a regular at the library arriving everyday at four o’clock and leaving precisely at eight Monday through Friday and noon to six on weekends. For two and a half years I stuck to my story that my mom was working and wanted me to stay out of trouble so I had to stay at the library until she got off work. For two and a half years I thought I was getting away with it only to find out that she never believed me for one minute. It wasn’t as though I suddenly confessed it was a gradual thing except for the showdown as she called it.

“Ethan, you’re having dinner with me tonight, it’s my birthday and I need the company,” she said in a soft yet demanding way.

“I’d love to Miss Pearson, but my mom will be picking me up at eight,” I replied.

Then she surprised the hell out of me, “Ethan, it’s very funny; I’ve heard that story almost every weekday for the last two and a half years and you no what?”

“Uhm, no.” I knew at that moment she knew there was no mom to pick me up.

“In two and a half years, you always walked back home. No mother has ever picked you up and for the two years I just thought maybe you were embarrassed to say that you came from a poor family. But six months ago I followed you home...”

I was shocked and embarrassed and most of all scared. Had she found out?

“I heard you call out to a woman who was getting out of her car. I thought maybe it was your mother and almost left, but then I heard you call her Mrs. Murphy and you helped her carry in her groceries. I decided that I really needed to meet your mother so I went into the building and looked for your name on the mail boxes and there was no name Lewis.”

At that moment I thought my life was over, I thought for sure she had or was going to turn me over to the authorities. I started to bolt for it but she was between the door and me.

She smiled at me, “Ethan Lewis, I’m not going to let you out of this room or out of my life just yet. Now sit down and don’t look so worried.”

I sat.

“Over the last three months I talked with each of the tenants of that apartment building and each one of them told me a different story about you. At first I thought it was because you had told them a different story but then I talked to Carolyn Mills. And after convincing her that I was not a social worker come to take you away she told me. You baby-sit her two children from eight-thirty in the evening to three in the morning. You pick the kids up from Mrs. Walters in 3B. At three A.M. you go to your own room – an old forgotten storage room in the basement.”

“But …”

She completed my sentence, “…nobody knows…Ethan everyone in that apartment building knows. They just don’t say anything to you or anybody else or even me. I had to find out and by using logic. I knew you wouldn’t be roaming the streets at 3am so I knew you had to live in the building. I found the storage room, all neat and tidy and clean with the picture of your parents I presume. Nicely decorated too.”

I blushed. I had never thought anyone would have found my room. My walls were decorated all right with pictures of Aaron Carter, Elijah Wood, N’Sync, BackStreet Boys, and various other very cute guys. I couldn’t look at her. I had been totally exposed.

“So, what happens now?” I mumbled as she walked over and stood in front of me.

“Now? Well, hopefully you will be my guest this evening from 7 til 9 for dinner.”

“But the …”

Again she finished my sentence, “Twins?” she smiled I nodded, “The twins are being watched by Mrs. Murphy until 9:30 when you will collect them and baby-sit them until their mom arrives at which time you’ll probably head down to your room, sleep until noon then do your other chores until you arrive back here at four o’clock as usual.”

I don’t know if it was the relief of knowing that there was one person who I didn’t have to hide my life from or whether it was that I realized that for the first time in so many years I had found someone who really seemed to care about me, but I burst into tears. As she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me to her bosom telling that everything was going to be all right and I knew that it was because she cared. She really cared. There were no police or social workers, my secrets were safe with her.

I was so engrossed in my thoughts and memories that I didn’t even realize that Tony Brisco was in my room. He was just looking at me.

“Rough day?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Tell me about it,” he said as he lay down next to me.

“I just don’t fit in…”

“Why? Because you’re gay? Too smart? What?”

I didn’t know he knew I was gay.

“All the above and more…did Emily tell you I was gay?”

“Yeah, she did. She said that’s why she wanted me to be your guardian because I would understand at least that part of you and maybe I could help you to feel good about yourself. I had a really difficult time as a teen. If she hadn’t been there for me I doubt that I would be here today.”

My tears began to flow, “I miss her so much,” I cried.

“Me too, Ethan,” he whispered and he put his arm around me. And I cried for a little while, while he held me. It was what I needed.

Tony was awesome looking dark brown eyes and brow hair and a killer smile he was pretty buff too. “I wish I was good looking like you,” I said, “You are so hot!” I giggled like some schoolgirl.

“Hey!” he said bopping me on the head, “You are so hot I have to keep reminding myself that you’re only fifteen!” He laughed.

My stomach growled. “Somebody’s hungry. How about burger and fries?”

I smiled and agreed.

During our meal he asked again about my afternoon with Justin.

“It’s was boring because I was too shy and he was too wrapped up in his video game. So, I just sat and watched him and then began thinking about the twins and Carolyn, Mrs. Murphy and Old Dan…I should be there with them – I never had to worry about fitting in because they were always happy to see me. They were my family…”

Tony shook his head and smiled, looked down and then back up at me.


“Aunt Emily was right…she told me, 'He is gorgeous, smart and if that is not enough his heart is pure gold. Tony,' she says, 'Don’t try to separate him from those people too quickly…they need to be weaned from him and he from them.' I guess I was pushing you a bit hard.”

I nodded.

“Tomorrow you can go there after school and I will pick you up at 10pm – I heard Carolyn got her shift changed. Come on let’s go.”

As we were walking out I stopped. “Tony.” H e stopped and turned I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug and kissed him on the cheek. I had never done that before. “I love you. You are the greatest…even though you are an old man”. I giggled.

“Asshole!” he laughed.

The next day…

I was totally excited the whole day looking forward to picking the twins up from their school and being back at the apartments. Lunch was great! I sat with Justin and the rest of the gang. I was surprised at how talkative I was.

“Hey, Ethan, I’ll show you where you history class is.”


“Remember, before lunch you asked me to show you again.”

“Oh, yeah…”

We walked out of the cafeteria and on to my history classroom, which I knew where it was. Justin had seemed sort of quite during lunch.

“So, wassup?” I asked.

“I, uh, I, uh…never mind.”

“Never mind? Never mind! Justin, there is no such word in my vocabulary as never mind. Now what’s up, and don’t say the sky!” I laughed. He looked really worried and serious.

“About yesterday. I was being an ass because I all but ignored you.”

“Hey! Yesterday is gone and besides I was being really quite and not really good company. I was missing my family.” I realized I had just confused him. “Well, not related family, but the people I’ve lived with for years – there are the twins Nathan and Ely and their mom, Carolyn, the Murphy’s and about a dozen others, but mainly the twins, they are like my little brothers. That’s why I’m so happy today! I get to go back to the apartment. That is after picking the twins up at their school.”

“Oh.” He forced a smile. “Cool.” I heard what he said but there was something he wasn’t saying.

“Yes, it’s way cool. I love them so much.” It’s funny I would have never said that I love someone to anyone, but I think I really like Justin and I think he likes me.

Again a forced smile of politeness but his eyes showed a sadness.

“Would you like to go with me and meet everybody?”

“I wouldn’t want to impose…”

I looked at him and I had such a strong feelings for Justin at that moment and it just seemed like the right thing to do and so I place my hands on his shoulders and looked at him in the eyes and quietly said, “You could never be an imposition and even though I was the worst company yesterday – I really enjoyed being with you…” We continued to look at each other for a few seconds. Then he said, “Okay, I’ll go.” I smiled

“See you after school then…” he smiled.

I nodded and winked as the bell rang then turn and went into class.

The reunion with the twins was almost overwhelming. Nathan was the first to see me and came running to me closely followed by Ely. Nathan ran into my open arms and I swung him around and we kissed each other all over our faces giggling and laughing.

“Nate! It’s my turn,” complained Ely.

And in the next second I was swing Ely around and we were kissing each other.

“Guys, this is Justin.”

“Justin, this is Nathan and this is Ely.”

“No, I’m Ely,” giggled Nathan.

I rolled my eyes, “Nate!” I said. He laughed. “You got to watch these two,” I laughed.

Nathan giggled. “Ethan is the only one who we can’t fool!”

“Yeah we even fool Mom!” laughed Ely.

“Ethan, are you going to read to us?”

“Well, it depends if I get all my chores done.”

“Well, Justin is going to help you right?”

“I can hardly expect Justin to do that – he’s my guest.”

“Hey, I don’t mind,” said Justin.

“Yes!” the two boys cheered.

We all set off to the apartments.


What do you think so far- Sam.