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Author's Message: Okay the conclusion and the chapter where you find out who Billy Lancaster is and his gift.


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Billy Lancaster's Gift

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 5

I guess I was really pissed with Justin so I decided to go ahead and have my dinner party. Anna and Robert were the last to arrive – we had already ordered our appetizers.

“Hi Ethan sorry we’re so late,” apologized Robert. The atmosphere had been sort of subdued until they arrived and after five minutes it was obvious that they were unaware of the situation.

“So, where is your boyfriend? I’m very glad you two are better now,” asked Anna.

Everyone at the table who had been talking stopped and looked at me.

“He left. He got pissed off with me. He found out I brought us a set of bracelets.”

“Uh-oh,” said Robert, “Yep that would do it. He hates getting presents especially if they are a surprise.”

“But why?”

“When Justin was twelve his very best friend Billy Lancaster died on Justin’s birthday. They were going to have such a fun day. When Billy didn’t show up at Justin called his home and no one answered, he called every half hour and finally and hour before his party Billy’s father answered. Billy had been in an accident a motorist lost control of his car and hit Billy. Billy died a few hours later,” explained Anna.

Robert continued the story, “Well, people arrived with presents I explained that the party was cancelled and so they left their presents. A week later the presents were still unopened. I told Justin he really should open them or give them back or give them to someone who didn’t have anything. He asked if he go give them to any one he wanted to. I said yes, so he put all his presents in to a couple of big shopping bags and told me to drive him someplace he would give me directions.”

“He directed me to the grave of Billy Lancaster. He told me to come back in an hour and I respected his request. When I came back he was waiting with two shopping bags full of wrapping paper, he spent the hour opening the presents with Billy and leaving them by the graveside for Billy. He never said anything, just got into the car and we went home. I called the groundskeeper the next day and he said he had seen the gifts and had picked them up and given him to a young boy who was in need. A week later I related that to Justin and Justin said that that was Billy’s wish and Billy knew that they would go to someone who really needed them.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. It got really hard to breath because I was crying. I mean how could this be. Things like this just don’t happen. I knew everyone was looking at me, so I tried to get control. Tony had gotten up and was by my side giving me a hug and trying to help me calm down, but how could I after hearing this about the one person who I loved more than anything but finally after a few minutes I managed to calm down enough to speak.

“I-I’m sorry, it-it was me. I was the boy who got the presents! I have to see Justin now! Please will someone take me to him,” I cried. Anna and Robert got up and took me. Of course the twins weren’t about to not go with me and in the end Tony stayed to pay the bill and everyone else piled into the Washburn’s van. I sat between the twins with their arms wrapped around me - it helped some but I needed Justin.

From the day that old Dan had brought me the presents I had always wondered who the boy was who had given me the presents. I had always dreamed of meeting him and being his best friend. I had even been to Billy’s grave to thank him and ask him send a message to the boy who had given the toys to me to tell him I wanted more than anything to be his best friend.

Justin was not at home. I tried to think where Justin would be. I was thinking about the things Justin had told me he liked to do and then about the gifts – my favorite had been a set of roller blades but I hadn’t been blading for a couple of years because they no longer fit me.

“I know where he is!” I shouted. “The skate park!”

“The skate park? He hasn’t been there for ages,” said Robert, but it’s worth going to have a look.”

We all pile into the van again just as Tony arrived so he followed us.

We arrived at the park around ten and I heard the song ‘Everbody’ coming from the park and I ran to have a look.

There he was with another skater skating to the music. They were awesome! But Justin was more than awesome. You could see he was so into it! There must have been twenty people watching and more and more people running over to watch. There’s a part in the song where the words are ‘as long as there is music we’ll be coming back again’ followed by a crescendo of ‘aahhhhhhhhhhh’ Justin is going down the half-pipe and up the other side and at the peak does a sort of backward flip and double twist and bam! on the word ‘everybody’ lands perfectly and then goes back into the dance with the other skater.

“Everybody cheered, applauded.”

The music continued to a slower tune. The other skater skated over to the fence while Justin skated to the slower song. He was in his world and when the song finished he signaled the young boy to play that song again. I stood watching him oblivious to others and even the words of the music. I was awestruck watching my boyfriend – I have never seen anyone do what he was doing.

The third time he played the song I could see he was really into it – he was the music – like those machines that change lights and colors in time to the music be he was different – he was not mechanical and lifeless. He was alive and creative and too incredible and all eyes were fixed on him.

He was crying and as the song ended I rushed to him as he collapsed.

I couldn’t speak because I was crying so I placed my hands on his shoulders. Fighting to get control over my own tears. He looked up and I pulled him to me. The music playing was Nsync’s This I promise you – I had sung this song to my imaginary best friend so many times since I had received the gifts. Now here he was and he was no longer just a fantasy he was real - he was my boyfriend, my lover. I whispered the words of the song to him with meaning. The song finished.

“Thank you Billy Lancaster. Thank you for bringing me to Justin…” I said quietly so that only Justin heard as we stood and left the skate park.


Postscript: Well, I hope you don't mind me posting the whole story as opposed to streaching it out...I haven't really finished with these two characters yet. Consider this the beginning of another 'Mother' like story (Nifty High School section) - you know a bit of an adventure and thriller computer story that's been knocking around in my head for a couple of years and needed these two characters to come into existence. But don't look for the story anytime real soon - this story costs me in time that I would or should be using to earn a living. Sam Lakes.